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  • ... (31/12/2019)

  • ... (30/12/2019)

  • An agreement will be signed with the Illustrious Superior Council of Processions to finance the resulting amount for the realization and implementation of the Museum of Holy Week (30/12/2019)

  • Initially approve the draft Municipal Ordinance Regulating Ambulant Sale or Non-Sedentary in the municipality of Totana (30/12/2019)

  • Success of the theatrical visit "A ghost in La Cárcel" (29/12/2019)

  • "Government pact versus non-government pact or blockade" (28/12/2019)
    Juan José Cánovas, mayor of Totana
  • The mayor of Totana, Juan José Cánovas, currently occupies the third position in the ranking of transparent councilors of the Region of Murcia (28/12/2019)

  • A worker in serious condition after suffering a fall in height in a company of the Industrial Estate El Saladar de Totana (27/12/2019)

  • A total of 17 people participate in the Christmas Senderista Route in the El Paretón Dam and its surroundings (27/12/2019)

  • Tomorrow the celebration of the Eucharist in honor of San Juan will take place in the Parish of Santiago el Mayor (26/12/2019)
    In addition there will be a relic of San Juan donated by the totanero priest D. Alfonso Pérez Guarinos
  • Next Friday the "Roscón de Reyes Solidario" will take place in the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja (25/12/2019)
    This year will be for the benefit of the Association ELA Region of Murcia
  • The Basketball Club of Totana promotes a solidarity collection of toys for the benefit of the Spanish Red Cross (25/12/2019)
    It will take place on December 28 and 29, in Balsa Vieja Square
  • The Totana hiker club organized the Tree Day one more year (24/12/2019)
    It consisted of repopulation of native trees and shrubs in La Santa
  • The mayor calls for not forgetting the most vulnerable nearby people (24/12/2019)
    And urges to open a good-thinking reflection newspaper for next year
  • Good weather during the Christmas holidays (23/12/2019)
    The Civil Protection Meteorology Unit of Totana informs about the time we will enjoy on these dates
  • The students of the Choir and the Music Band of the IES Juan de la Cierva and Codorníu offered several Christmas concerts (23/12/2019)

  • The Christmas School begins, a work and family reconciliation program promoted by "El Candil" (23/12/2019)
    It is developed from today until January 3, with a total of 100 seats
  • Win Totana will request the establishment of the headquarters of the Ministry of Water, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries in the Guadalentín Region (23/12/2019)

  • Participation of the CAT in the San Silvestre Bruja de Alcantarilla (23/12/2019)

  • The golden eagle nesting zone in Sierra Espuña is closed between January and June 2020 (23/12/2019)
    To guarantee the conservation of this protected species
  • They request a grant to implement energy improvement measures for energy efficiency in the lighting system of the Sports Pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez" (23/12/2019)

  • National 2nd: La Torreta TM 4 - 3 Framusa Totana TM (23/12/2019)

  • The Lottery Administration "Doña Petra" sells part of a fifth prize of the Christmas Lottery (22/12/2019)

  • Tomorrow will be the XI Choral Christmas Festival "City of Totana" (21/12/2019)
    It will be held at the Parish of the Three Hail Marys at 7:30 pm with the participation of three choirs
  • They grant a grant of 3,000 euros to cover part of the expenses of the Leisure and Leisure Time program for People with Intellectual Disability of PADISITO (20/12/2019)

  • They agree to initiate the pertinent procedures for the enhancement of the abandoned municipal building in the area attached to the San José Garden (20/12/2019)

  • They request a subsidy for the replacement of the existing elevator in the Municipal Center for the Elderly (20/12/2019)

  • The municipal Plenary celebrates its last ordinary session of the year with a total of twenty points on the agenda (20/12/2019)

  • Elsa storms will affect the Region of Murcia from tomorrow Friday (19/12/2019)

  • The Housewives Association of the Three Hail Marys of Totana celebrated their traditional Christmas meal (19/12/2019)

  • Angustín Gonzalo makes a "very positive" balance of his new areas of government (19/12/2019)
    "Although there will always be criticism of resentment and buttocks freezing"
  • A 20-year-old motorcyclist dies in a motorcycle circuit in Totana (19/12/2019)

  • Present the new CEIP Santiago Choir (19/12/2019)
    It will begin its journey with the concert on Sunday December 22 in the parish of Santiago
  • They request CAMPODER a subsidy to implement improvements and enhance the value of the Cantareros Social Hall (19/12/2019)

  • They grant a subsidy to hire a counselor to provide services for sustainable integration in the labor market of young people (19/12/2019)
    The amount is 19,344 euros
  • They approve to sign a collaboration agreement with the Association of Neighbors El Paretón-Cantareros for the realization of the Car of the Magi on January 6 (19/12/2019)
    Whose amount is 1,500 euros
  • Shops on Calle La Fuente organize activities on December 23 to boost business life and encourage Christmas shopping (19/12/2019)

  • Hairdressing and Aesthetics Choni Ruiz, Floristería Riquelme and Pierrot Floristas win the V Christmas Showcase Contest, organized by the Department of Culture (19/12/2019)
    A total of 13 commercial establishments from Totana participated in the fifth edition of the contest
  • The City Council will be practically up to date in the payment of the MCT debt at the end of the year 2019 with the corresponding interest savings (19/12/2019)
    "The Council of the Commonwealth of Channels of Taibilla recognizes Totana in a special way for the great effort made, fruit of a serious and responsible economic management ", stand out from Ganar Totana
  • Three Kings Parade 5th January (19/12/2019)

  • Totana rejects the ministerial decision not to transfer water for irrigation (18/12/2019)
    The mayor summons a Board of Spokespersons that agrees to raise a joint motion to the plenary session in December expressing the institutional rejection of the ministerial decision not to transfer water for irrigation
  • The City Council will not have to return the 2.4 million euros received by the urban development agreement promoted by the Galician businessman Núñez Arias (18/12/2019)

  • The mayor attends the annual Board of Directors of the Mancomunidad de Canales del Taibilla (18/12/2019)
    "Far from the times when it was embarrassing to represent Totana because of the immense and irresponsible debt"
  • The Musical Group celebrates this year the traditional Christmas Concert in the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja (18/12/2019)
    It will be this Sunday, December 22
  • "Buying in Totana, we win everyone" (18/12/2019)
    The City Council promotes a campaign aimed at promoting Christmas and Kings purchases in the commercial establishments of Totana
  • The contract for the service of removal of vehicles from public roads and disposal of abandoned as solid urban waste is awarded (18/12/2019)

  • Authorization is requested from the Ministry of Finance and Public Function for the extension of the 2020 municipal budget with the adjustments made (18/12/2019)

  • Users and workers of the Elderly Day Center of the Balsa Vieja square celebrate the Christmas Festival 2019 (17/12/2019)

  • The Christmas School, work and family reconciliation program promoted by "El Candil", will be held from December 23 to January 3, with a total of 100 seats (17/12/2019)

  • Dance Classes (17/12/2019)

  • The VIII Christmas Trade and Gift Fair on Avenida de Lorca is held this weekend (17/12/2019)
    December 20-22
  • The "Mateo García" Municipal Library modifies its schedule on the occasion of the Christmas holidays and Kings (17/12/2019)
    It will be restored from January 8
  • It is agreed to grant the Totana Youth Platform the use of the "José María Munuera y Abadía" Reading Center (17/12/2019)
    For the development of various activities
  • The Benjamin team of the Hockey Club Skates of Totana, in the League of the Valencian Federation (16/12/2019)

  • Cánovas: "Justice returns ahead of Christmas, gives us oxygen and saves us more than 4 million euros" (16/12/2019)
    The mayor of Totana reports on social networks the ruling of the Contentious Administrative Court number 3 of Murcia in relation to the agreement of the Sports City
  • The totanero Gabino Martínez selected to become a promise of haute cuisine (16/12/2019)
    The 50 shortlisted students from centers all over Spain will choose to win a scholarship to study at the Haute Cuisine School valued at more than € 23,000
  • Wednesday's weekly markets are advanced over the next two weeks to Tuesday to coincide with Christmas holidays (16/12/2019)

  • The Citizen Attention Service (SAC) enables a special schedule for the Christmas Holidays (16/12/2019)

  • Winning Totana requires the immediate repeal of article 52d of the Workers' Statute of Law 3/2012 of July 6 (16/12/2019)
    "For going against the rights of workers"
  • Totana Hill Climb (16/12/2019)

  • Another weekend with a lot of activity for Club Totana TM (15/12/2019)
    2nd National: Framusa Totana TM 6 0 Globalcaja Sotm
  • School children collect garbage in the area of ​​La Santa (15/12/2019)
    On Saturday December 14, students, teachers and families of the Educational Space Alma Montessori of Cartagena made a garbage collection in the place of La Santa de Totana
  • The mayor will ask Correos for the provision of more human resources to provide adequate and quality service in the Totana office (15/12/2019)
    To avoid the progressive deterioration of the office
  • Water service is restored in the urban area of ​​Totana (14/12/2019)

  • A breakdown in the drinking water network affects the urban area of ​​Totana (14/12/2019)

  • The Christmas and Kings program this year brings together 41 activities to be held from December 14 to January 6 (14/12/2019)
    Among the new features of the program are the one hour advance of the Three Kings' Cavalcade and the celebration of the Magi Car in El Paretón
  • Transparency "Neither is, nor expected" (13/12/2019)
    Totana Action labeled "presumed prevalent and useless and parasites without" alleged "worth", the current Mayor and Secretary and the previous
  • The bases of the football and futsal clubs of Totana promote in their sportswear the site of La Bastida (13/12/2019)
    To give visibility to the archaeological park
  • Antonio Murcia totanero is rewarded for his academic work "Structural intervention of the building of the former Post Office of Murcia" (13/12/2019)
    The Official Association of Surveyors, Technical Architects and Building Engineers of the Region of Murcia presents its annual awards 2019
  • The DGT offers a new instruction to the city councils on the use of electric scooters (13/12/2019)
    Clarifies the regulations for personal mobility vehicles (VMP)
  • They agree to grant two subsidies amounting to 7,500 euros each to the Parish Caritas of Santiago and the Three Hail Marys (13/12/2019)

  • They grant a subsidy of 17,300 euros to finance personnel expenses that provide support and guidance services to the youth population (13/12/2019)

  • They draw the winner of the contest "Think with the lungs" (12/12/2019)
    During the next few days, the campaign technicians will contact the person of the selected ballot
  • Grant to the Illustrious Superior Council of Processions of Totana a subsidy of 10,000 euros (12/12/2019)
    To cover part of the expenses of the Holy Week of the year 2019
  • The Hiking Trail "Christmas in the Paretón Dam", promoted by Professor Antonio Martínez Cano, will take place on December 21 (12/12/2019)

  • Users of the Disability Day Centers give the Merchants Association the Christmas details (12/12/2019)
    With which they will decorate their commercial establishments
  • The Municipal Bethlehem opens this Saturday, December 14 (11/12/2019)

  • Local Police agents help the inhabitants of a house that had suffered a fire (11/12/2019)

  • Cheese Pa (11/12/2019)

  • The Corvette Captain, the totanero Diego Cánovas Cánovas, attends the visit of HM King Felipe VI at the Headquarters within the Atalanta Operation of the European Union in Somalia (11/12/2019)
    Diego Cánovas left Totana to enlist in the Spanish Navy early of 1980, with 16 years.
  • Pedro José Sánchez has been awarded for an architectural project by the College of Architects of the Region of Murcia (10/12/2019)
    Sánchez is Councilor for Urban Planning and Infrastructure of the City of Totana
  • Winning Totana proposes the recovery of the Municipal building next to the abandoned San José neighborhood park since 2007 (09/12/2019)
    "It is essential to join efforts to ensure that the enclosure, which is semi-built, can be completed and begin serving the neighbors "
  • new judgments arrive condemning thousands of euros to the people of Totana, according to the mayor (09/12/2019)

  • Move Sports Centre (09/12/2019)

  • National qualifying tournament results (09/12/2019)
    Seven were the Totana Club players displaced to play this tournament
  • The CAT was present at the 5km regional championship held in Totana and the Almeria Ultramarathon (09/12/2019)

  • La Despensa de Tani (Coffee shop) (09/12/2019)

  • The Troy of Murcia, La Bastida (08/12/2019)

  • Several thousand people accompany the image of Santa Eulalia in its traditional pilgrimage down to Totana. (08/12/2019)

  • Terra Sport (08/12/2019)

  • Cycling Tours / Bike Hire (08/12/2019)

  • The Popular Race "5K Constitution Day" hosts the Regional Road Championship for the first time (07/12/2019)

  • The safety and emergency device of the Santa Eulalia descent pilgrimage 2019 will be integrated by fifty troops (07/12/2019)
    The MU-502 road, which connects Totana and Aledo, will be cut off to traffic from six in the morning
  • Casa María (07/12/2019)

  • Totana decided on regional 5K titles on the Road (06/12/2019)
    Totana hosted the XXXII Popular Race “Constitution Day” on Friday, also witnessing a Regional that had Iván Hernández and Almudena García as fastest athletes
  • The Totana Youth Platform launches a video on the occasion of Constitution Day, recalling article 48 (06/12/2019)
    "The public authorities shall promote the conditions for the free and effective participation of youth in political, social, economic and cultural development "
  • City Council and Federation of Peñas del Carnaval will sign an agreement for the organization of the Cavalcade and the delivery of letters to the Magi 2020 (05/12/2019)

  • The Local Police joins the Special Campaign on Control of the Alcohol and Drug Rate (05/12/2019)
    It will be held from December 9 to 15
  • Extend the deadline for submitting applications for the election of pediatric mayors in La Huerta, Viñas-Carivete and La Sierra (05/12/2019)

  • Award of the Armsless Surveillance service of the La Bastida archaeological site for the next eight months (05/12/2019)

  • Animal Welfare launches a campaign to encourage adoption of pets and responsible ownership of these animals (05/12/2019)
    Coinciding with Christmas shopping time
  • The Civil Guard stops an elusive criminal for the robbery of a food trade in Totana (05/12/2019)

  • Tomorrow Friday, December 6, the Bethlehem of La Verónica, preamble of Christmas opens (05/12/2019)
    It will be at 12:00 hours
  • La Torreta (04/12/2019)

  • CEIP Santa Eulalia celebrates Constitution Day (04/12/2019)

  • Lola (04/12/2019)

  • A "definitive and alternative solution" to the layout of the AVE (04/12/2019)
    The mayor proposes to the Government delegate the convenience of expediting by the Ministry of Development and Adif a "definitive and alternative solution" to the layout of the AVE as it passes through Totana
  • Municipal workers elect their union representatives for the 2019/2023 legislature in the Company Committee and the Personnel Board, respectively (04/12/2019)
    Public employees designate the 9 representatives of the Company Committee and the Personnel Board, respectively
  • ... (04/12/2019)

  • Approve to sign a collaboration agreement with the International University Isabel I of Castilla (04/12/2019)
    For the realization of external academic practices
  • Authorize to recognize the expense of 60,000 euros of the City Council in the Commonwealth of Tourist Services of Sierra Espuña (04/12/2019)

  • The SIME wins the elections to the Company Committee and Personnel Board in the City of Totana (04/12/2019)

  • La Cantera Gastrobar (04/12/2019)

  • Spanish Wine (04/12/2019)
    Of course sir, here’s our wine menu...
  • The Association of Brothers of Santa Eulalia celebrated the welcome Eucharist of the new members of the Association (03/12/2019)

  • Breastfeeding Support Association Mama Espuña is reactivated (03/12/2019)
    After a "sleeping" time, the association begins a new stage, with the aim of resuming its activity
  • Winning Totana asks that the office of the Civil Registry of Totana be maintained (03/12/2019)
    "It is very necessary that the provision of this service that is used by hundreds of neighbors be guaranteed"
  • Local Police detain four people during the past weekend for alleged crimes against road safety (03/12/2019)

  • The Local Phase of School Sports Chess was attended by 48 students (03/12/2019)
    It took place in the Sports Pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez"
  • Tomorrow ends the registration period for the Popular Race "5K Constitution Day" (03/12/2019)

  • Trasiego Bar (03/12/2019)

  • Public employees of the City of Totana today elect their union representatives for this 2019/2023 legislature (03/12/2019)

  • Present the project "Eduteca Imperdible Concilia", which includes services of Eduteca and Vacation Schools (03/12/2019)

  • D'Tablas (03/12/2019)

  • Juan José Cánovas rates the economic balance at the end of the year 2019 as positive (02/12/2019)
    "Little by little we see how the Government Team consolidates"
  • Mi'a Pilates Studio (02/12/2019)

  • I celebration of the learning "Project the human body" (02/12/2019)
    It took place last Friday, November 22 at the Reina Sofía School where families, teachers and students met
  • Last Saturday, the second edition of the Totana City Cross Cycle took place (02/12/2019)

  • Totana today celebrates the International Day of Persons with Disabilities in an institutional event in which local authorities, users and professionals of the Day Centers participate (02/12/2019)

  • Tourism Spain (02/12/2019)

  • The world's most spoken language. (02/12/2019)

  • Olive oil (02/12/2019)
    The world's largest producer of olive oil
  • Is cannabis legal? (02/12/2019)

  • Weather forecast update and warnings (02/12/2019)
    The AEMET has updated warnings for this situation
  • Tomorrow concludes the contest of the citizen environmental awareness campaign on waste recycling "Think with the lungs" (02/12/2019)
    It is awarded a one-night stay in a spa
  • Feature Stories (02/12/2019)

  • Restaurants and Bars (02/12/2019)

  • Cinema Velasco (02/12/2019)

  • Things to do (02/12/2019)

  • Festivals/Fiestas (02/12/2019)

  • They agree to begin the procedure for awarding the contract for Professional Services and Legal Defense of the City of Totana (02/12/2019)

  • 8,874 documents scanned in the framework of the tenth phase of the Crimson Project are delivered to the City Council of Totana: 8,006 19th century capitular records and 868 census (02/12/2019)
    The Community digitizes more than 1.2 million historical documents belonging to seven centuries of history the Region
  • D´Genes and AeroTotana present the initiative "Wings for an angel" (02/12/2019)
    It will allow to offer air rides for children with rare diseases, without diagnosis or disability
  • Edu Lucas of the CAT received recognition at the CorrePorMurcia gala (02/12/2019)
    In addition, the CAT was present at the Valencia City International Marathon
  • Full weekend of victories for the totaneros teams of Club Totana TM (01/12/2019)

  • Important rain and wind episode in the southeast in the coming days (01/12/2019)

  • Gallardo and Lucena succeed in the Autotross of Totana (01/12/2019)

  • The president of the Community closes the events on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Irrigation Community of the Tajo-Segura Transfer of Totana (01/12/2019)


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