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  • The Ministry of the Interior enables new functionality in the AlertCops mobile application (30/04/2020)

  • The voluntary collection period for the payment of the Tax on Mechanical Traction Vehicles remains until June 5, which was extended by one month due to the context of the health crisis (30/04/2020)

  • The mayor requests social discipline for the May 1 bridge (30/04/2020)

  • The Local Police of Totana detains the driver of a vehicle that had skipped a control in the neighboring municipality of Alhama de Murcia (30/04/2020)

  • Cebag calls for exemptions or reductions in local taxes and fees for companies and freelancers whose activity has been affected by the coronavirus (30/04/2020)

  • The Government of Spain limits the exit of children, reducing the fringes; and establishes schedules for walks and physical activity (30/04/2020)

  • "Hope breaks through" (29/04/2020)

  • The mayor meets with union representatives to evaluate the reinstatement of municipal staff to their workplaces gradually and progressively (29/04/2020)

  • INFO enables an urgent line of aid to support companies that have suffered the effects of COVID-19 (29/04/2020)

  • They carry out revision and cleaning works of the scuppers that catch the rainwater in order to avoid the collapse of the sewerage network (29/04/2020)

  • Businesses that may request moratoriums of six months, without interest, in the payment of contributions to the Social Security contribution (29/04/2020)

  • This Sunday, May 3, is a holiday that can be opened exclusively for authorized merchants in the context of the state of alarm (29/04/2020)

  • Totana remains a full week without adding coronavirus infections, registering the figure of 16 since the crisis began (29/04/2020)

  • This is the training offer that AJE Region of Murcia offers on matters of interest related to the current economic scenario (28/04/2020)

  • All the parks and gardens of the municipality are still closed to the public so as not to favor the spread of the epidemic (28/04/2020)

  • Proposals prepared by the Totana PSOE to alleviate the effects derived from Covid-19 in the municipality (28/04/2020)

  • The delivery of books and school supplies in the different schools of Totana ends to face the third quarter of the school year at home (28/04/2020)

  • The Local Police prepare a document with the basic advice that guarantees the safety and protection of children during their outings to the street (28/04/2020)

  • The PP urges the municipal government to declare official mourning in the municipality as a sign of mourning and respect for the deceased of Covid-19 (28/04/2020)

  • Tomorrow the Board of Spokespersons will be held in order to study the proposals presented by the municipal political groups to address the health crisis in this municipality (28/04/2020)

  • "Trust kills man" (27/04/2020)

  • People over 65 can request two surgical masks with their electronic prescription from the Region's pharmacies starting today Monday (27/04/2020)

  • The City Council collaborates with "Intergenerational Solidarity" in its project "Good morning !, How are you?" (27/04/2020)

  • The mayor holds a telematic meeting with the heads of the veterinary clinics in Totana (27/04/2020)

  • The maximum price measures come into force to guarantee the population's access to health protection material for the prevention of infections by COVID-19 (27/04/2020)

  • It will ensure the correct compliance with the measure that allows children to leave since yesterday (27/04/2020)

  • Totana citizens propose a Shock Plan to alleviate the consequences of COVID-19 in the municipality (27/04/2020)

  • Totana does not count more cases of coronavirus keeping the 16 registered in the middle of last week, of which 8 already have medical discharge (27/04/2020)

  • Attention to storms this afternoon in the interior of the Region of Murcia (26/04/2020)

  • Local Police appeal to common sense and civic responsibility of parents coinciding with children's first exits after confinement (26/04/2020)

  • Professionals from the Virgen de la Arrixaca Hospital thank Hdad. inside. Father Jesús de Totana donating medical supplies (26/04/2020)

  • The Peña Barcelonista de Totana collaborates with individuals and families at risk of social exclusion on the occasion of COVID 19 (25/04/2020)

  • "The swifts populate the sky of our square" (25/04/2020)

  • The price of housing in Totana falls by -8.88% in 2019 (24/04/2020)

  • The Government approves the exemption from the payment of VAT for the supply of medical supplies to public institutions (24/04/2020)

  • The Totana City Council receives subsidies for the orientation, activation and accompaniment of the young population (24/04/2020)

  • The mayor underlines "the enormous social and solidarity work" that the Primary Sector of Totana is carrying out during this health crisis (24/04/2020)

  • The mayor asks the Ministry of Finance to suspend the rules of the spending rule (24/04/2020)

  • Notes from the mayor of Totana at the weekly meeting of the region's mayors with the Community (24/04/2020)

  • Totana does not count more cases of coronavirus keeping the 16 registered in the middle of this week (24/04/2020)

  • Day Centers for People with Disabilities maintain a Personalized Care Program for their users during confinement (23/04/2020)

  • They appeal to citizen responsibility with the deposit of urban solid waste in containers (23/04/2020)

  • The Mayor's Office issues a resolution updating the minimum essential municipal services (23/04/2020)

  • Education and Civil Protection volunteers coordinate the delivery of books and school supplies for the third quarter of the school year (23/04/2020)

  • They will provide books to the Municipal Library at home while the confinement lasts (23/04/2020)

  • The Hdad. of Our Father Jesus deliver 550 professional masks and more than 140 liters of hydroalcoholic gel to Civil Protection for distribution (23/04/2020)

  • Public employees receive specific mandatory training on protection measures (22/04/2020)

  • They publish a Guide of Good Practices that includes prevention measures against COVID-19 for commercial establishments and their workers (22/04/2020)

  • The CDL enables telematic tools to provide advice and guidance to self-employed workers and companies due to the crisis caused by COVID-19 (22/04/2020)

  • The "Local Police-Civil Protection for a day" program proposes the second activity on cooking (22/04/2020)

  • The mayor sends a message to the Muslim community coinciding with the celebration of Ramadan, due to the COVID-19 crisis (22/04/2020)

  • In Totana there have been 16 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection as of April 22, 2 more than on Monday (22/04/2020)

  • Totana registers two more cases in the last two days, accounting for a total of 16 since the beginning of the crisis (22/04/2020)

  • The City Council installs protective partitions at points where attention is given to the public to avoid contact and possible contagion due to coronavirus (21/04/2020)

  • Sports carries out various maintenance and internal management works in the sports facilities of the municipality coinciding with the suspension of services (21/04/2020)

  • Social Services manages the transfer of 11 “homeless” people: 8 to shelters in the Region and 3 trips outside the autonomous community since the crisis began (21/04/2020)

  • Declaration responsible for the justified movement of animal care or attention (21/04/2020)

  • PADISITO sends a message of encouragement and hope to all its users, families and society in general (21/04/2020)

  • Mayor's side. MOTHER'S DAY 2020 (21/04/2020)

  • "Before the start of the de-escalation" (20/04/2020)

  • Local Police arrest a man for a crime against road safety in compliance with what is regulated in the Royal Decree of the state of alarm (20/04/2020)

  • The Hunting Society of El Paretón donates 2,000 liters of bleach to disinfect urban spaces in this district (20/04/2020)

  • The Ministry of Education facilitates the presentation of instances for the student admission process for the 2020/21 academic year (20/04/2020)

  • Florists are authorized access to the municipal cemetery of Totana and the parish church of El Paretón-Cantareros (20/04/2020)

  • What should you do to know the state of your unemployment benefit application (20/04/2020)

  • Totana remains in the figures of almost a week ago with 14 cases infected by coronavirus, of which six patients have already been discharged (20/04/2020)

  • Self-employed workers affected by the closing of businesses or a drop in their invoicing can now avail themselves of the aid arbitrated by the Government of Spain (18/04/2020)

  • The Mobel Sierra Espuña 2020 Cycling March canceled (18/04/2020)

  • About a hundred boys and girls from Totana receive their accreditation diplomas processed by Ratoncito Pérez during confinement (18/04/2020)

  • The possibility of heavy rains returns tomorrow Sunday (18/04/2020)

  • The totanera Sofía Martínez reinvents her art galleries in Murcia during confinement (18/04/2020)

  • "#TotanaDesdeCasa" Program (17/04/2020)

  • The "Local Police-Civil Protection for a day" program proposes the first activity (17/04/2020)

  • 92 dining room scholarships are awarded to guarantee the basic right to food for schoolchildren in vulnerable situations affected by the closure of educational centers (17/04/2020)

  • The mayor regrets the unequal distribution of aid to cover basic needs (17/04/2020)

  • In Totana, 14 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection have been registered until today, April 17 (17/04/2020)

  • The municipality of Totana does not increase the 14 cases of contagion by coronavirus already registered last Wednesday (17/04/2020)

  • Pilates Method with ´Sport at Home, do not miss a beat´ (16/04/2020)

  • Extraordinary measures on leases for use of habitual residence due to the state of alarm (16/04/2020)

  • The Local Police arrest two residents of Totana for driving under the influence of alcohol and lacking a driving license, respectively (16/04/2020)

  • The main extraordinary agreements established by the Ministry and the CCCAA to maintain the duration of the school year until June (16/04/2020)

  • The voluntary collection period for the Tax on Mechanical Traction Vehicles, which ended on May 5, is extended until June 5 (16/04/2020)

  • The Municipal Socialist Group continues its meetings with the Mayor, at its own request (16/04/2020)

  • Hoteliers in Totana propose a series of measures in order to reactivate their activity after the serious crisis that we are all experiencing (16/04/2020)

  • The PP regrets the inaction by the mayor (16/04/2020)

  • The Department of Sports cancels the XXIV Climb to La Santa (15/04/2020)
    It was scheduled for this April 19 within the schedule of Popular Races Running Challenge´2020
  • Significant increase in animal feces in the streets of Totana during confinement (15/04/2020)
    The City Council appeals to the civility of pet owners
  • The CAVI offers telephone service, from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (15/04/2020)

  • It is recommended not to deposit clothes, shoes or toys in the containers authorized by the Abraham Project Association during confinement by COVID-19 (15/04/2020)

  • Cartagena Antiaircraft Artillery military are deployed, again, in Totana to reinforce controls on vehicles and the movement of people (15/04/2020)

  • In Totana, 14 confirmed cases of COVID19 infection have been registered until today, April 15 (15/04/2020)
    In the Region of Murcia, 1520 cases have been registered so far
  • Totana increases to 14 the number of cases of contagion by coronavirus, one more compared to those registered ten days ago (15/04/2020)

  • A neighbor from Totana disappears (14/04/2020)
    According to reports, his family suffers from senile dementia, is totally dependent and needs medication
  • A man from Totana, with senile dementia, who left his home late last night disappears (14/04/2020)

  • The Department of Equality condemns the third act of gender violence in the confinement (14/04/2020)
    And remember that in Totana the services for the care of victims are operational
  • The deadlines for the student admission process for the 2020/21 academic year remain interrupted (14/04/2020)

  • URGENT CARE‼ They find the missing man last night in Totana (14/04/2020)

  • The disinfection work planned for today in urban areas, the “La Charca” and “Nueva Espuña” and Lébor developments are postponed (14/04/2020)

  • The mayor thanks and congratulates the coordination of the Corps and Security and Emergency Forces in the appearance of the man who disappeared last night in Totana (14/04/2020)

  • AEMET activates the yellow warning for rains in the Guadalentín Valley (14/04/2020)

  • Totana City Council will receive € 130,729 from the Government of Spain to cover urgent social needs before Covid19 (13/04/2020)

  • Objective: "do not let your guard down" (13/04/2020)
    Juan José Cánovas, mayor of Totana
  • Lorca Health Area III, which includes Totana, is the least affected by Covid-19 in the Region (13/04/2020)
    With 34 cases of coronavirus for every 100,000 inhabitants since the epidemic began
  • Totana Civil Protection distributes 10,000 masks thanks to solidarity (13/04/2020)

  • During the last days, volunteer farmers carry out disinfection work in the busiest areas of El Paretón-Cantareros and El Raiguero (13/04/2020)
    Tomorrow, Tuesday, work will be resumed in areas of the urban area, the “La Charca” and “Nueva Espuña” urbanizations and Lébor
  • Urgent measures approved by the Government of Spain to favor the temporary hiring of workers in the agricultural sector (13/04/2020)

  • Technicians from the Local Development Center continue to provide service on any demand related to employment and aid (13/04/2020)

  • The mayor urges Totana's businessmen to implement, as far as possible, the intensive working day (13/04/2020)
    To avoid the circulation of people on public roads
  • The distribution of the 8,000 masks for workers assigned to Totana begins (13/04/2020)
    They are distributed in industrial areas and strategic points of work activity
  • Totana maintains the 13 cases of contagion by coronavirus registered for more than a week (13/04/2020)

  • Today is Easter Sunday and the Brotherhood of the Risen Jesus dresses in his best clothes (12/04/2020)

  • La Dolorosa Orchestra records the march "Sighs of a mother" from home (12/04/2020)

  • Tomorrow non-essential work activities will be resumed (12/04/2020)
    Therefore, it is necessary to continue taking precautions to stop the spread of the coronavirus
  • Totana receives 4,000 masks for workers who join their work activity, assigned by the Government of Spain to promote hygiene and healthy habits (12/04/2020)
    The Local Police has collected the units delivered by the Government Delegation that will be distributed from this Monday to workers who return to their jobs and users of public transport
  • The Local Police identifies more than 3,000 people and vehicles on public roads, opening 239 sanctioning files since the state of alarm began (11/04/2020)

  • VOX Totana requests the local government to take measures to alleviate the current health crisis (11/04/2020)

  • The mayor takes stock of the evolution of the coronavirus epidemic in Totana (11/04/2020)

  • "Local Police-Civil Protection for a day" (11/04/2020)
    Promote the initiative "Local Police-Civil Protection for a day" to encourage the creativity, imagination and entertainment of children during confinement
  • The Peña Barcelonista de Totana develops 15 solidarity initiatives in the Murcia I Penitentiary Center in 2019 (10/04/2020)

  • "El Calvario" launches a new video on Good Friday morning, within the framework of the #elcalvarioencasa challenge (10/04/2020)
    The members of his band, from their homes, interpret the work “Al pie de la Cruz”.
  • Local Police and Civil Protection of Totana launch the "Celebrate it at home" initiative, aimed at the "little ones" (10/04/2020)

  • There is no further case of contagion in the municipality of Totana during the last week (10/04/2020)
    Remaining at the 13 counted seven days ago
  • "El Calvario" dedicates the "Nazareno" march to the deceased of his brotherhood and to all the deceased Nazarenes affected by COVID-19 (10/04/2020)
    The members of his band, from their homes, interpret this march that has been edited in post-production so it sounds just like it does on this Good Friday night
  • A Totana neighbor arrested in Alhama for selling drugs at home (09/04/2020)

  • "Day of fraternal love of solidarity and optimism" (09/04/2020)
    "The data glimpses flashes of light at the end of the tunnel," says the mayor of Totana, Juan José Cánovas
  • The image of Santa María Cleofé was scheduled to parade on Holy Thursday night in an exceptional way (09/04/2020)

  • The Totana City Council receives 130,729 euros from the Government of Spain to help cover the social needs caused by the coronavius (09/04/2020)
    This subsidy will be used to grant aid of urgent need;
  • King's heart #elcalvarioencasa (09/04/2020)

  • The PSOE launches a campaign to collect computer material to reduce the technological gap (09/04/2020)

  • The City's chronicler, Juan Cánovas Mulero, invites you to deepen your knowledge of the historical evolution and the intrinsic roots of Easter (08/04/2020)

  • Municipal officials and Cáritas evaluate the granting of benefits in kind to individuals and families in a situation of economic precariousness aggravated by the COVID-19 crisis (08/04/2020)

  • More than fifteen vehicles disinfected last night the usual areas most attended by people as a reinforcement to the street cleaning work against the coronavirus (08/04/2020)

  • The PP asks the mayor for the immediate approval of the 2020 Budget so that it can accept economic proposals for aid to Totana's neighbors, companies and self-employed workers (08/04/2020)
  • The Local Police intensifies the controls coinciding with the start of Easter (08/04/2020)
    They identify more than 600 people on public roads in the last 48 hours
  • Cartagena Antiaircraft Artillery military are deployed in Totana to strengthen controls on vehicles and the movement of people (08/04/2020)

  • The Mayor's Office dictates a side on the opening of shops and hours during the days of Holy Week in Totana (08/04/2020)
    In conclusion, the commercial conditions are Holy Thursday (opening holiday), Good Friday and Easter Sunday (holidays) and Saturday of Glory (working)
  • In Totana there have been 13 confirmed cases of COVID19 infection until April 7 (08/04/2020)
    In the Region of Murcia, to date, there have been 1,326 confirmed cases of COVID19 infection
  • Holy Wednesday Totana 2020 (08/04/2020)

  • No further contagion case has been recorded in the municipality of Totana in recent days, remaining at 13 to date (08/04/2020)

  • Guaranteed the supply and supply of drinking water service in Totana with the same guarantees with which it has been provided until now (07/04/2020)
    The main sources of drinking water stop working to avoid contact areas for the coronavirus
  • Coordination Meeting Social Services 04/07/2020 (07/04/2020)

  • COAG collaborates with the Totana City Council in the disinfection of the streets (07/04/2020)
    Coag Totana tractor drivers as well as other entities will disinterestedly participate tonight in the disinfection of the vast majority of the streets of our municipality
  • Equality condemns the second case of gender violence since home confinement began (07/04/2020)
    Recalls that the victim care services continue to operate in Totana
  • NEW COMMUNIQUÉ "XII Tour of Sierra Espuña" (07/04/2020)
    We inform you that for various reasons the “XII Tour of Sierra Espuña” will NOT take place on October 10, 2020, as we indicated in the last statement
  • Thirty online queries have been attended since the telematic service for job counseling and guidance on essential activities and services was launched (07/04/2020)

  • The Socialist Group at its own request, holds a telematic meeting with the Mayor (07/04/2020)
    To whom they thank for their good predisposition, to show their support and collaboration so that Totana recovers normality, as soon as possible
  • Totana requests aid from the state and regional governments to alleviate the economic consequences of the health crisis on the cut flower and ornamental plant sector (07/04/2020)

  • Holy Tuesday, an important day in Totanera Easter (07/04/2020)

  • "Passion Week, police services and fumigation" (06/04/2020)
    Juan José Cánovas, mayor of Totana
  • "Los Huertos de Totana. The testimony of a passion" (06/04/2020)
    The city's chronicler, Juan Cánovas Mulero, offers a historical and visual account of "Los Huertos de Totana. The testimony of a passion"
  • Civil Protection Technicians in Totana participate in a training session on interior and exterior disinfection, taught by the UME (06/04/2020)

  • Travel to second homes this Easter will have serious administrative and criminal consequences (06/04/2020)

  • Education reminds schools and institutes of the interruption of distance classes for Easter school holidays (06/04/2020)

  • The band of San Juan Evangelista releases a video of a musical piece recorded by each component from their home (06/04/2020)

  • Musicians from the Musical Association of Totana record a video in honor of Santa María Magdalena from their homes (06/04/2020)

  • "El Calvario" launches the #elcalvarioencasa challenge with the launch of a video recorded by his band from their homes (06/04/2020)
    The video was released last Friday by Dolores
  • Local Police identifies 556 people on public roads during the past weekend (06/04/2020)
    And processes 43 sanctions for violating the Law on Protection of Citizen Security
  • Municipalities also exist (06/04/2020)

  • In Totana there have been 13 confirmed cases of COVID19 infection until April 5 (06/04/2020)
    In the Region of Murcia to date, there have been 1,259 confirmed cases of COVID19 infection
  • Salutation to Our Lady of Sorrows 2020 (05/04/2020)

  • ... (05/04/2020)

  • Heroes and heroines! (05/04/2020)

  • The Brotherhood of La Verónica welcomes the complete transfer of the titular image to the brotherhood (05/04/2020)

  • Forest firefighters are already in Totana to carry out cleaning and disinfection work at strategic points in the municipality (04/04/2020)

  • Totanero historian Pedro Cánovas offers an exhibition of the Way of the Cross erected by the sculptor Anastasio in the vicinity of the site of La Santa (04/04/2020)

  • They organize the 1st Virtual Solidarity March "United we will overcome COVID-19" (04/04/2020)
    It will take place on Sunday, April 12 at 11: 00
  • The Forest Fire Defense Unit performs cleaning and disinfection work in strategic areas of Totana and El Paretón (04/04/2020)

  • "The hands of my grandfather, Miguel Hernández and Galeano" (04/04/2020)

  • They enable the School Room as an interim and exceptional resource for people "without a roof" during the time that home confinement lasts (04/04/2020)

  • Brigades of forest firefighters and environmental agents from the Autonomous Community carry out cleaning and disinfection work in strategic places in Totana and El Paretón (04/04/2020)

  • ... (03/04/2020)

  • "Friday of Sorrows for optimism" (03/04/2020)
    Juan José Cánovas, mayor of Totana
  • The Autonomous Community opens a line of advances of 10 million euros this April 6 to compensate the municipalities (03/04/2020)
    It has postponed until July the collection in the voluntary period of up to 37 municipal taxes
  • The PP advocates a series of measures to alleviate the economic pressure on the residents of Totana (03/04/2020)
    Juan Pagán: "It is time to make decisions to facilitate the lives of families, companies and the self-employed in order to alleviate this health crisis as best we can, social and economic "
  • In Totana, victim care services, essential to maintain their protection, continue to operate (03/04/2020)

  • ... (03/04/2020)

  • Environmental agents will carry out cleaning and disinfection work tomorrow at strategic points in Totana to stop contagion due to coronavirus (03/04/2020)

  • In Totana, 11 confirmed cases of COVID19 infection have been registered until April 2 (03/04/2020)
    In the Region of Murcia, 1145 cases have been registered so far
  • ... (02/04/2020)

  • The Local Police collaborate in the investigation of homes and citizens to avoid chains of contagion and ensure confinement in families at risk of social exclusion (02/04/2020)
    In the last 48 hours, 234 people have been identified to guarantee the measures of the state of alarm in the public way
  • 147 gestures of solidarity (02/04/2020)
    The totaneros donate 147 snorkeling Easybreath mask masks for use in mild patients with coronavirus
  • The PP from Totanero proposes that the flags be flown at half-staff in the municipal buildings (02/04/2020)
    In solidarity and mourning for the deceased due to the pandemic that affects us
  • Civil Protection delivers 147 masks to the UPCT for their transformation as respirators, and their subsequent donation to Murcian hospitals (02/04/2020)

  • "Critical moments, strengthening morale and calm" (01/04/2020)
    Juan José Cánovas, mayor of Totana
  • The Musical Association of Totana promotes the activity "Sound Balconies" (01/04/2020)
    Within the cultural program "Totana from home"
  • The Local Police is forced to increase controls to enforce the movement of workers from non-essential activities after the tightening of the state of alarm measures (01/04/2020)

  • The historian Javier Crespo makes a broad historical visual review of different monuments and places of interest in Totana (01/04/2020)

  • The mayor sends a diploma processed by the Ratoncito Pérez to the children who lose a tooth after authorizing the rodent to leave the streets of Totana exceptionally (01/04/2020)

  • The Spanish Army reinforces the vigilance of circulation to the different neighborhoods, rural roads of the suburbs, districts and Sierra Espuña (01/04/2020)

  • High probability of locally strong and hail storms (01/04/2020)

  • In Totana, 10 confirmed cases of COVID19 infection have been registered until April 1 (01/04/2020)
    In the Region of Murcia, up to the date of the report, 1041 cases have been registered
  • The Ministry of Health counts, to date, a total of 10 cases of coronavirus in Totana since the epidemic began in the Region of Murcia (01/04/2020)


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