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  • The council endorses the initiative to boost INFO named "Network of Business Incubators for the Region of Murcia (30/11/2010)

  • Martínez Usero: "We demand Valverde to explain the bill of the company that requires a payment of € 139,950 for the works of the Head" (30/11/2010)

  • Meeting between totaneros (30/11/2010)
    The city encourages people who have relatives and friends residing outside the municipality and all totaneros to participate in living to be held on December 11
  • Students of the institute "Prado Mayor" participate in a workshop to learn about the services and resources provided by the CDL (30/11/2010)

  • The deadline for course registration Monitor "football" will remain open until Friday, December 3 (30/11/2010)
    is organized by the Department of Sports
  • Juan Francisco Garcia of the JPC, takes the podium in the Half Marathon "Ciudad de Lorca" (30/11/2010)
    At Sun City moved a large group of athletes Totana Athletics Club
  • 1 post of John Daniel of the Club Ciclista Santa Eulalia in category I promise in the Yeti-Trail Espuña btt (30/11/2010)

  • IU requires the Mayor of Totana to "abandon the draft Regional TV, not spending a penny more image campaigns" (29/11/2010)

  • More than 800 people took part yesterday in the traditional "Bicycle Day" (29/11/2010)

  • The city of Totana and the Area III Murciano Health Service signed an agreement (29/11/2010)

  • The snow has begun to congeal from the Collado del Pilon height and area 13, Espuña EVA (29/11/2010)

  • The council of Women visited the students in the course of "geriatric care for dependent persons in social institutions" (29/11/2010)

  • MIFITO participated in the rally in St. Stephen against the cuts in subsidies from the region " (29/11/2010)

  • Results sporting weekend 27 and 28 November 2010 (29/11/2010)

  • The High honors Raiguero neighbors who pushed the sale of the land where they built the church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán (29/11/2010)

  • The Socialist Party says that "the PP of Totana is obsessed with Zapatero" (29/11/2010)

  • Talk about the needs of victims of gender violence (29/11/2010)
    took place in the Socio-Cultural Center Jail
  • The Centre for Local Development will be held on December 2 broadcast a program (29/11/2010)
    of the provision for cessation of activity of self-employed and social responsibility in SMEs
  • ... (29/11/2010)

  • Top of environmental project work, worth over 200,000 euros (28/11/2010)
    prevent forest fires and increase the diversity of flora and fauna in the place of the sanctuary of the Holy
  • Totana immersed in the fourteenth century relive the past with the Medieval Market. (27/11/2010)
    Has given the go-ahead to the celebrations in honor of Santa Eulalia
  • The Mayor and Speaker of the government team made an assessment of the Whole (26/11/2010)
    In approving the Plan of Youth, urging the lowering of the water bill by 25 percent, among other proposals
  • Canovas: "The City Council amended the budget by EUR 686,000 to increase current spending" (26/11/2010)
    "and eliminating social aid, employment, students or businessmen"
  • Lola Cano: "The council will borrow 3 million euros and a half" (26/11/2010)
    Socialists believe that "the PP with the mayor at the forefront yesterday gave its dismal picture"
  • Proinvitosa president accused the PSOE of disloyalty to the town of Totana and the municipal land (26/11/2010)
    "urbanization as" The Head "was paid in July 2008"
  • The Medieval Market celebration this weekend and musical performances open the program of activities (26/11/2010)
    organized during the Festival in honor of Santa Eulalia
  • The corporate give green light to the appointment of instructors from the records of grants of Adopted Son Dr. Moreno (26/11/2010)
    And the recognition by the 25 th anniversary of the Housewives' Association and the Three Hail Marys Users
  • The House approves grant to Care Center for Handicapped Dependents and the name "Princess Letizia" (26/11/2010)

  • Sports activities presented under the title "Do sport, make health" organized during the party starts this weekend (26/11/2010)
    the table tennis tournament and bicycle day
  • Concert and photo exhibition of young totaneros to start the holidays (26/11/2010)
    will be on Friday 3 December in what has been called the Great NeoVERBENA multicultural, with concerts Inkeys and The Jukebox
  • COAG-IR AND APESE held an informational meeting on PGOM (26/11/2010)
    COAG President invited the meeting to the council of the villages and Planning
  • The workshop on "Breastfeeding" will be held on 30 November (26/11/2010)
    was organized by the Department of Social Welfare and Citizenship in collaboration with the Association Mamaespuña "
  • Inauguration of the expansion of CAI "Pepita López Gandía" (25/11/2010)

  • Totana joins the fight against gender violence, with a concentration silent (25/11/2010)
    in which we have proceeded to read a manifesto that has been recalled to the 64 fatalities, 2010
  • MIFITO closing the course of healthy lifestyles and appropriate health care (25/11/2010)

  • Retegui: "Only the PSOE can get Totana Murcia and the difficult situation that is" (25/11/2010)
    PSOE's candidate for President of the Autonomous Community of Murcia, Begoña García Retegui was yesterday Totana "to see first hand the problems of the municipality"
  • The Artisan Market is close to Christmas activities for children and demonstrations (25/11/2010)
    will take place this Sunday 28 at La Santa
  • There will be film screenings in the room Totana Performing Arts on the occasion of the activities of the festivities until 19 December (25/11/2010)

  • More than 140 school-age children participating in project activities "Búrlalas" (25/11/2010)
    for the prevention of drug addiction
  • The Neighborhood Association The Gardens held tomorrow its General Assembly (25/11/2010)
    will cover topics of interest, as the price of water spots on the vials and the General Urban Plan
  • The PP Totana states that "the visit of García Retegui to Totana is a political sarcasm" (25/11/2010)
    "after the local socialist group support to Navarro in the primaries"
  • Aaron Sáez live this Friday at Latino (24/11/2010)
    Aaron Sáez, a member of Varry Brava, return to the tour Eleganza, in which he presents his new solo album
  • IU complaint hole 335,942 euros spent without budget provision (24/11/2010)
    "intends to adopt the PP in the November plenary session, via the File Settlement"
  • New Technologies closing second half of 2010 the project RAITOTANA presented diplomas to the students (24/11/2010)
    It has trained over 200 people in more than 20 courses
  • 300 people will get the medal and a diploma Santa Eulalia pilgrim (24/11/2010)
    if they participate in the inauguration of the eco-tourism trail linking the center of Totana to the Sanctuary of Santa
  • The morning plenary session will address two dozen proposals (24/11/2010)
    among which the approval of the Municipal Youth Plan 2011 - 2014
  • More than 1,000 schoolchildren from all schools participated in the "XIX Children's Theatre Week" (24/11/2010)
    was held in the Socio-Cultural Center "La Prison"
  • A total of 15 people taking the course "The cold kitchen, semi-cold and warm" (24/11/2010)
    is organized by the Department of Public Works and Employment in collaboration with UCOMUR
  • Sports Weekend Agenda 27 and November 28, 2010 (24/11/2010)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • The Foundation The Santa opens exhibition of works by drawing and writing on the patron Santa Eulalia (23/11/2010)
    have done students of different schools of Totana
  • The Festivities in honor of Santa Eulalia 2010 will be proclaimed by Nuria Fergó (23/11/2010)
    include children's activities, cultural, sporting, religious and "Meeting between totaneros"
  • 75 schoolchildren participated in the Badminton Tournament School Sport (23/11/2010)
    was held on Saturday 20 November at the School Board and was organized by the Department of Sports
  • The association participated in Galileo Workshop Day activities on the Rights of the Child (23/11/2010)

  • Surrender Contest Awards "Art for Equal Totana 2010" (23/11/2010)
    Winners were Andrew David Duran, painting, and Carlos Montero, sculpture
  • Totana Local Police arrested an individual for a crime of failing to provide assistance and grievous bodily harm (23/11/2010)
    after fleeing the scene in an accident last Friday
  • PSOE: "The council released PP maintains 8" (23/11/2010)
    "represent the largest expenditure in history in office"
  • A number of activities commemorating the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (23/11/2010)
    kick off on Thursday 25 with the reading of a manifesto
  • The plenary adopted the Municipal Youth Plan (23/11/2010)
    aspires to give a quality answer as many needs and concerns expressed by young people of Totana
  • MIFITO participated in the rally in support of the associative movement of people with physical and organic (23/11/2010)
    took place yesterday at the Ministry of Public Works
  • The Second Festival of Choirs and Rondallas will take place on Saturday 27 November (22/11/2010)
    with 9 Groups
  • The town of Totana succumb to the family of music (22/11/2010)
    to give the Golden Shield of the City to the Band Music
  • The program of sporting events "Fiestas Santa Eulalia" includes a thirty activities for all tastes (22/11/2010)
    is held from November 29 to December 19
  • The PP Totana claims that self-employed workers pay the tax after collecting the bills (22/11/2010)

  • Martínez Usero: "Carrion should explain where we're going to get 3,000 million pesetas" (22/11/2010)
    "to return them to those who paid for the conventions"
  • Environment held a talk on recycling drama "Green I want you green" on Thursday 25 (22/11/2010)
    after which attendees will be the new 40-liter container yellow
  • Many children participated in activities organized to mark the International Day for the Rights of the Child (22/11/2010)

  • Continuing activity Athletics Club athletes Totana (22/11/2010)

  • Submit a motion in Parliament to urge the Government to draft a comprehensive law to support and protect the family (22/11/2010)

  • Weekend Sports Scores 20 and 21 November 2010 (22/11/2010)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • The city of Totana performs an institutional reception of FC Barcelona president, Sandro Rosell (22/11/2010)
    On the occasion of his first visit to the Region of Murcia in conjunction with his attendance at a charity event "D'Genes"
  • Organize a workshop on "Communication in the family" (22/11/2010)
    will be provided on 25 November at the Paretón
  • MIFITO participated in activities organized on the occasion of the Rights of the Child (22/11/2010)

  • Totana Local Police arrested an individual for crimes of robbery with violence and intimidation (22/11/2010)
    after threatening a neighbor with a gun in the neck
  • The VI concentration Totana classic vehicle will be held on December 6 (21/11/2010)
    is organized by the Classic Car of Totana
  • A group of totaneros participated in the demonstration in favor of Sahara (21/11/2010)
    On Saturday 13 November in Madrid held a demonstration "in support of the dire situation facing the people saharau"
  • Nine arrested for a massive fight at the gates of local drinks in Totana (20/11/2010)
    Totana Local Police and Civil Guard have arrested at dawn on Saturday to nine people who participated in a massive fight at the gates of a local canopy, as reported by local sources in a statement
  • Press conference on Caritas (19/11/2010)
    Mayor, the team of senior Government and reduce his salary by 30 percent and earmarked the new lowered to help those most in need with the increase in funding to Caritas
  • International Day of the Rights of the Child 2010 (19/11/2010)

  • The religious activities of the festivities in honor of Santa Eulalia this year will be marked by joining forces (19/11/2010)
    to help those most in need
  • Four children 4 th and 5 th grade of primary school won the "VII drawing competition on children's rights" (19/11/2010)
    Work is set out in the Socio-Cultural Center "La Prison"
  • The council thanked publicly Sports Club Futsal Totana Capuchin collaboration (19/11/2010)
    in the organization of international matches held in the city
  • Kick-off activities organized to mark the feast of Santa Cecilia 2010 with a concert (19/11/2010)
    will continue tomorrow with the presentation of Gold Shield of the City to the Musical Association
  • IU: "The mayor of Totana tries to make another long-term loan of 3,445,000 euros" (19/11/2010)
    "When is the most indebted City Region and Spain's second largest, surpassed only by that of Madrid
  • Sports organized the hiking trail "Trail of Water" (19/11/2010)
    As part of the activities of the II Sustainable Naturolimpiada Espuña
  • Lola Cano: "Carrion has become a benefactor of Social Services" (19/11/2010)
    "instead of acting as a council of all"
  • Padisito Naturolimpiada II participates in the Sierra Espuña (19/11/2010)
    The organization of this Second Naturolimpiada (Olympics nature) in Sierra Espuña allows the association to live a day under the Environment
  • According to the PSOE, "development works" The Head "are unpaid" (19/11/2010)
    "which plots the council now wants to sell"
  • The mayor signs the agreement with the Secretary of State for Housing and the Autonomous Community (18/11/2010)
    protected order to build 157 houses on the grounds of the former factory "Escamusa" in the neighborhood of the Age High
  • Martínez Andreo: "The council continues to work to maintain excellence in municipal services" (18/11/2010)
    "looking for funding to deal with the same
  • The French press echoed the "Meeting between totaneros" (18/11/2010)
    will take place on Dec. 11 in Totana, coinciding with the festivities
  • The City rehabilitates the chapel of the parish of Raiguero Low (18/11/2010)
    The works will be inaugurated next January to coincide with the feast of San Fulgencio
  • IU press conference today Totana on municipal policy and proposals for the November plenary (18/11/2010)

  • The term of the voluntary period for collection of receipts ends on November 30 (18/11/2010)
    on property of urban and economic activities for the year 2010
  • The play "The Orinoco Queens" will take place tomorrow (18/11/2010)
    The film "Wall Street: Money never sleeps" will be screened on Sunday and Monday
  • Project Sponsor a child in Peru " (17/11/2010)
    Young people from the parish of Santiago joined the Caritas Project, organizing a solidarity in La Santa
  • Reply to Juan Carrión Socialist councilor statements Martínez Usero (17/11/2010)

  • The Association organizes Phone Esperanza, at the hands of Social Welfare, the First Conference Listen to the Elderly (17/11/2010)
    will take place on 22 and 25 November
  • The Socialists claim that "Andreo remains challenging and humiliating Valcárcel" (17/11/2010)

  • Sanchez: "The government team will reduce their pay" (17/11/2010)
    "establishing a drop of 30% since the beginning of the term"
  • Martínez Usero: "Juan Carrión is the head of the disaster of the General Plan" (17/11/2010)

  • Works Extension Center Child Care "Pepita López Gandía" (17/11/2010)
    will open on Thursday 25 November by the Chief Executive Member Policy
  • Sports Weekend Agenda 20 and November 21, 2010 (17/11/2010)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • Starts tomorrow the activities organized to mark the International Day for the Rights of the Child (17/11/2010)
    which takes place on Friday 20 November
  • On Sunday November 21 will be a tour of the Rambla de los Molinos (17/11/2010)
    club is organized by the Sendero de Totana
  • More than 100 members and supporters of PP involved in the act "+ employment, + welfare" (16/11/2010)
    diputaos led by national, Alberto Garrido, and regional, Martin Quiñonero
  • A photo of Totana.com illustrated the poster for the acts of the 30th anniversary of the musical group of Totana (16/11/2010)
    The Musical Group receives on Saturday 20 November the honorary title of Gold Shield of the Loyal and Noble Ciudad de Totana
  • The school is close to the headquarters Espuña Air (EVA 13) through an exhibition and seminars (16/11/2010)
    have been opened by the president of the Commonwealth Tourism Espuña
  • The Department of Environment launches environmental awareness talks on separate collection of waste (16/11/2010)
    in which they will be given a yellow recycling bin
  • The display its sports hall with a display (16/11/2010)
    The Second Exhibition Hall I Sport and Physical Activity and Sport to be held in Torre Pacheco from 28 to 30 January
  • Sports City hosts 27th November to 12th December, I Open de Tenis "CD Espuña" (16/11/2010)
    is framed in the festival program of Santa Eulalia
  • The Socialists are demanding that the PP of Totana to "abandon victimhood" (16/11/2010)
    "and solve the problems of the residents"
  • ... (16/11/2010)

  • City officials made an official reception at the Spanish National Team, Room U-21 (15/11/2010)
    On the occasion of the international friendly match will face tomorrow in the Hall "Manolo Ibáñez" to Italy
  • Weekend Sports Scores 13 and 14 November 2010 (15/11/2010)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • More than 6,000 euros are collected at the charity dinner organized for the fight against cancer (15/11/2010)
    meeting was attended by municipal authorities and more than 440 people
  • The PCB present in the marathon in Athens (15/11/2010)
    As usual, members of the Athletic Club Totana not cease to be present and take the shield of the club every weekend, both outside and within our own borders.
  • Project Work: A step towards the employability (15/11/2010)
    Continuing offering basic training to unemployed people in their journey towards job placement
  • First victory of Totana CADE table tennis in their second league game of the second group of the division of regional honor. (15/11/2010)
    Party without history, as does the result of 6-0, in which players Totana were much higher than those of Beniel.
  • The Spanish Under-21 football is already in Totana and tomorrow there will be an official reception at City Hall (14/11/2010)
    play on Tuesday against Italy, at 20.30 h.
  • Begin work on adequacy and cleanliness of the land on which soon will start work on the new dual-line school (13/11/2010)
    will be located in the urbanization of Ramblica
  • Great Feast of the "Chestnut" 2010 (13/11/2010)
    Children of the municipal school children "Carmen Baró" celebrate the arrival of autumn
  • A spectacular staging of the play "La casa de Bernarda Alba" closes the Second Congress "Federico García Lorca" (13/11/2010)

  • Rosell is with the rocks of Barca in Totana (12/11/2010)
    The president of FC Barcelona will on 19 November his first official visit to the Region of Murcia, in solidarity dinner "Go for the goal to rare diseases"
  • The novel "The Red Moon Siberia", the totanero JMLópez, is already on sale in FNAC (12/11/2010)
    is the first novel by an author totanero available at FNAC
  • Work begins installation of fiber optic interconnect the town hall with other municipal (12/11/2010)

  • On 17 November, will give a workshop on "sexuality and healthy habits" (12/11/2010)

  • The deadline for participation in the music contest "Young Crearte 2010" is open until Monday, November 15 (12/11/2010)
    It is aimed at young people aged 15 to 30 years
  • Garre and Martín Alberto Quiñonero Totana attend on Monday at an event organized within the campaign "+ employment, + welfare" (12/11/2010)
    will be from 20:30 pm
  • The PSOE de Totana Peñalver requires that "get to work" (12/11/2010)
    "and not into the dynamics to lie and confuse the neighbors
  • Latin: Rock a lot this weekend (12/11/2010)
    Latino held this Saturday, "Rock a lot", a musical retrospective review the best of rock in recent years
  • More than 140 neighbors of San Roque, Las Parras can benefit from new funding to rehabilitate their homes (11/11/2010)

  • The Municipal Popular de Totana claims that the National Government to implement VAT super tourist products (11/11/2010)
    to revive the sector battered by the crisis
  • The socialist claims that "the PP fails to meet the agreements of the Plenary to not give the municipality of Wi-Fi zones" (11/11/2010)

  • The city of Totana SEF received a grant to hire seven unemployed (11/11/2010)
    on the implementation of the program to reconcile work and family life in schools
  • The programming of the film continues this weekend with the screening of the film "Salt" (11/11/2010)
    starring Angelina Jolie
  • Finalize in a few days the work of regeneration services, sewerage and drinking water Calle Virgen del Castillo (11/11/2010)
    will answer the demands raised by the neighbors
  • Presentation of the book "Julice", written by Juana Serrano totanera (11/11/2010)
    The Seed Fund Cultural Association held a poetry reading
  • MIFITO are cautioned not doing anything to collect signatures and asking for donations (10/11/2010)
    As MIFITO, "two individuals are collecting signatures and calling for a minimum donation of 5 euros" can be misleading
  • They begin today on the National Conference of pepper for paprika industry in the auditorium of Cebag (10/11/2010)
    Representatives of Extremadura, France, Mallorca and Murcia
  • The PP Totana calendar of events outlines the sectoral (10/11/2010)
    and design joint strategies to develop and flourish in the coming months until the municipal election campaign of mayo'2011
  • Totana host the first phase of territorial youth national teams and football cadet from 27 to 29 December (10/11/2010)

  • The mayor shows the institutional and economic support to the president of the Illustrious Cabildo Processions Senior Totana (10/11/2010)
    For the development of Holy Week next year
  • The Sanctuary of Santa welcomes this weekend several of the activities of the II Naturolimpiada (10/11/2010)

  • A successful youth participation in workshops and digital photography graffiti (10/11/2010)
    is being conducted through the revitalization project "Imagine +"
  • "Meeting between totaneros" (10/11/2010)
    The Department of Institutional Relations encourages those who have relatives and friends residing outside the district to invite them to participate in living to be held on December 11
  • New units of the Association of Women Sociocultural Totanera (09/11/2010)
    Totana Mayor and City Council of Women and Equal Opportunities, have made a visit
  • The Totana PP participates in the defense establishment of the observatory in the food industry (09/11/2010)
    front of the new agreement between the EU and Morocco
  • Still open within the voluntary period for collection of receipts on property of urban (09/11/2010)
    and economic activities for the year 2010
  • City officials on Thursday closed down the Second Congress on 11 Federico García Lorca (09/11/2010)
    students have participated baccalaureate 2 of IES Prado Mayor
  • The CDL will conduct the Dec. 2 broadcast a program providing for cessation of activity of self-employed (09/11/2010)
    and social responsibility in SMEs
  • The municipality informs immigrants to vote in municipal elections of 2011 (09/11/2010)
    what is the legal process to make use of their right to vote
  • The Collective "THE CANDIL" signs collaboration agreements with companies that provide training for the unemployed (09/11/2010)

  • New route of Totana Senderista Club by the landscape of the Stables (09/11/2010)
    took place on Sunday November 7
  • The Minister of Environment, Rosa Aguilar, delivered on Thursday night, the Food of Spain Award Coates (08/11/2010)
    Antonio Garrigues Walker, COATO Honorary Advisor, accompanied the broad representation of the cooperative who participated in the act
  • The PP held a ceremony on the 15th November (08/11/2010)
    To report on the Budget in Totana Estado'2011 within the campaign "+ Employment + Welfare"
  • The mobile unit to detect breast cancer, the AECC is located opposite the Health Centre (08/11/2010)
    until Wednesday 10 November
  • Totana is positioned below the regional average in relation to occupational accidents in 2009 (08/11/2010)

  • The draft City of Mediterranean Food (CIAMEN) is presented in the II conference on local economies of the Region of Murcia (08/11/2010)
    Masters Placed in the Local Development Officer
  • The Local Board AECC traditional dinner organized for the benefit of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (08/11/2010)

  • Occupational Center "José Moya" starts the 2010/11 football season of "special school games XXIII" (08/11/2010)
    with participation in the regional championship basketball
  • Defeat the computer at home Barcelonista Peña de Totana to the team from El Palmar, which took the victory 4-2 in a good game (08/11/2010)
    played for the team totanero Vicente Carreño, Domingo and Santiago Mendez Aledo.
  • Murcia Welcomes again begins its information and advisory service and the kinds of socio-educational reinforcement and Castilian (08/11/2010)
    Thanks to the collaboration of volunteers
  • The IES Juan de la Cierva of Totana participated with a booth at the X Week of Science and Technology Region (07/11/2010)
    More than 100,000 visitors, which include about 7,000 students in 125 schools in the region, enjoyed science at the Malecon Garden
  • Totaneros in the world - Meeting between totaneros (05/11/2010)
    will take place on 11th December
  • II Regional Conference "Education in Violence Vs Gender Equality" (05/11/2010)
    have involved more than 150 professionals, associations and municipal authorities in various parts of the region of Murcia
  • Youth extended until November 15 the deadline for registering to participate in the fair competition of Music City "Crearte Joven 2010" (05/11/2010)
    is aimed at young people aged 15 to 30 years
  • Martinez Usero: "Socialists have always been right with regard to the General Plan" (05/11/2010)
    Socialist councilor has offered a press conference to assess the Day
  • Councilwoman Women and Equal Opportunity visit the mobile classroom "Internet to your needs" (05/11/2010)
    Where they have been doing advanced computer courses for women
  • The council carries out the rehabilitation works of the "Temple of the Holy Christ" (04/11/2010)
    To prevent damage to the monument located in the historic center of town
  • The Department of Sports launches web site (04/11/2010)
    through which know all the latest sports Amateur Football League "Play Fair"
  • Cánovas says "the Moderate Perez Auto clarifies the case Totem, clarifying concepts needed by citizens" (04/11/2010)
    "to know the truth and the alleged abuses"
  • COATO collect the 'Premio Foods from Spain to Organic Production' awarded each year MARM (04/11/2010)
    The European company with the largest area devoted to organic farming
  • The Department of Culture offers film this weekend, presenting the book of John Serrano and poetry reading night comedy (04/11/2010)

  • More than a dozen walkers enjoyed during the last weekend of several routes in the Sierra del Agua (Albacete) (04/11/2010)

  • The Department of Comprehensive Maintenance of the City undertakes improvements and replace the street sign in Cáceres (04/11/2010)
    In the development of The Pond
  • Over one hundred professionals and women will gather tomorrow at the II Regional Conference "Education Vs equal gender violence" (04/11/2010)

  • The section Totana Mountain Athletic Club stands in third place in the regional cup races mountain (03/11/2010)

  • The Minister Rosa Aguilar morning delivery "Spain Food Awards 2009" (03/11/2010)
    The Organic Production fell to COATO
  • IU claims that "while providers do not charge the City for months, the mayor released increases confidence manger" (03/11/2010)
    They say "Andre has plugged a finger at the president of an association, which charges more than public subsidies both local Caritas organizations together "
  • MIFITO organizes the course "Course of healthy lifestyles and appropriate health care" (03/11/2010)

  • Tomorrow, Thursday November 4 will proceed to cut off water supply in the streets Salitre and Virgen del Castillo of works (03/11/2010)

  • City officials attending the traditional Mass at the municipal cemetery Souls "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" (03/11/2010)
    They gathered about 2,000 people
  • The "XIX Children's Theatre Week will be held from 16 to 24 November in Socio-Cultural Center" La Carcel " (03/11/2010)
    will be attended by about 2,000 students
  • The English Edutec "Tallinn Space celebrates Halloween (03/11/2010)

  • The Socialists ask for the urgent convening of a committee on "water shortages illegal" (03/11/2010)

  • Great number of people in the "Artisan Market of the Holy" (03/11/2010)
    was held near the shrine with the theme of the fall
  • The practice paddle in the center of sport and health is cheaper (03/11/2010)
    "thanks to the agreement chosen by the Department of Sport and the concessionaire"
  • IV open paddle "Uncle Pencho" (02/11/2010)

  • The exhibition hall hosts Gregory Cebrián paint sample "Challenge of the Years" (02/11/2010)
    from the author totanera, Juana Serrano
  • Traditional floral offering to the patron saint of Totana, Santa Eulalia (02/11/2010)
    The Mayor and Councillor for Sports accompany more than 200 children and the coaching staff and manager of the Municipal School of Soccer
  • The Olympic Club Totana holds its traditional floral offering to the patron saint of the municipality (02/11/2010)
    At the start of their season that will celebrate the 50 anniversary of the Club
  • A total of 18 players participated TM Totana Club this past weekend at the First Regional Open (02/11/2010)
    of the three to be held throughout the 2010-2011 season
  • The Community completes the removal of architectural barriers in the historic center of Totana (01/11/2010)
    The refurbishment works have included the placement of access ramps and stairs to the pavement, guardrails and pavement skid
  • The city of Totana says "will not raise taxes for the year 2011" (01/11/2010)
    "and even frozen and will keep lowering rates has been made this year"

  • UNE-EN ISO 9001:2000 - ER-0131/2006 Región de Murcia
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