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  • As of tomorrow it is strictly forbidden to carry out fires in the barbecues set up in the Sierra Espuña Regional Park (31/05/2018)
    They will be sealed to avoid incidents
  • The City Council of Totana joins the awareness campaign on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day held today (31/05/2018)
    Focusing on the consequences of cardiovascular risk on health
  • The registration period for the admission process of the 2018/19 course in the Official School of Languages ​​delegation is from June 15 to 25 (31/05/2018)

  • The award of trophies of the Football League "Enrique Ambit Palacios" will take place next Saturday (31/05/2018)

  • The Local Police rescue a man from a fire after pulling the grille of an uninhabited dwelling on Paseo de Las Ollerías (30/05/2018)

  • The calendar of parties in neighborhoods and districts will last from the beginning of June to the beginning of next October (30/05/2018)
    With a total of 18 celebrations
  • The Local Stage of Minivoley alevín of School Sports has the participation of 126 schoolchildren (30/05/2018)

  • The Municipal Equality Council continues to work on updating the future Equal Opportunities Plan (30/05/2018)

  • The Councilor of Archaeological Sites advocates for integral tourist actions sustained in promotional visits to La Bastida (30/05/2018)
    That promote in a transversal way professional sectors such as the hotel trade and commerce
  • A group of IES students "Prado Mayor" are in Rimini (Italy) as part of the ERASMUS + project (29/05/2018)

  • They end different training activities developed by the Collective "El Candil" for the employment of people in situations of social vulnerability in this municipality (29/05/2018)
    A total of 35 unemployed people end two training actions in the municipalities of Totana and Alhama
  • This weekend starts the program of parties in neighborhoods and districts in 2018 with the VI Fiesta del Mojito organized by the Brotherhood Kiss of Judas (29/05/2018)

  • The Plenary will debate this Thursday a joint motion of support to the Community of Irrigators of Totana (29/05/2018)
    For the concession of 700,000 m3 of reclaimed water coming from the WWTP of this municipality
  • The technical project is approved to cover the sports track and complementary works in the CEIP "San José (29/05/2018)

  • The storms reach the Region of Murcia (29/05/2018)
    Until now, the Region of Murcia had been left out of the strong storms that affect much of Spain, but today the probability will increase in our area
  • A new contract of assignment of use of spaces in the Business Income to an entrepreneur is subscribed (28/05/2018)
    destined to the provision of services of graphic arts and communication in general
  • The supply of drinking water will be cut tomorrow in the neighborhoods of San José and Era Alta, for the works on Sucre Street (28/05/2018)
    From 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • The City Council and AELIP are promoting tomorrow May 29 (11:00 am), at the fairgrounds, the PAEA Acrobatic Jump on the occasion of World Lipodystrophy Day (28/05/2018)

  • PADISITO held a workshop "Curriculum and job interview" (28/05/2018)

  • The Commonwealth of Canales del Taibilla will undertake repair and maintenance work (28/05/2018)
    They may affect the municipal supply service from tomorrow night
  • Agenda of the Local Government Board held on May 24 (28/05/2018)

  • CAT athletes participated in the III Sierro Trail and in the VII Villa de Alguazas Race (27/05/2018)

  • ... (27/05/2018)

  • Social graduates and economists participate in Argaric culture workshops in the La Bastida field (27/05/2018)

  • The delegation of Lourdes de Totana together with the parish of Santiago pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Fuensanta in Murcia (26/05/2018)
    It took place on May 14 and had the participation of a group of 57 people
  • The mayor asks by letter to Rajoy to allocate the funds committed to fight against sexist violence (26/05/2018)
    And the State Pact against Gender Violence materializes
  • Inaugurated the exhibition "Mirada Juvenil a Centenario (1918-2018)" in the municipal hall "Gregorio Cebrián", to be held from May 24 to June 6 (25/05/2018)

  • Raise a joint motion to support the Community of Irrigators for the concession of 700,000 m3 of reclaimed water from the WWTP (25/05/2018)

  • The Sports Pavilion of the "Reina Sofía" School will host the annual forum of Sicarm 2018 (25/05/2018)
    From May 31 to June 3
  • Two groups of young people from the "Labor 2.0: Youth Guarantee" project carry out hairdressing and cafeteria, pastry and confectionery training (24/05/2018)
    Through the "El Candil" Collective
  • The Plaza de la Balsa Vieja hosts the Spring Fair of the Totana Trade, from May 31 to June 3 (24/05/2018)

  • The mayor calls the working group approved by the Plenary on the new layout of the AVE and the High Voltage Line of the Catenary, to coordinate joint lines of action (24/05/2018)
    It will take place next Tuesday, May 29
  • The paving works on Moratalla Street, in the neighborhood of San Francisco, included in the POS of 2017 are completed (24/05/2018)

  • Win Totana IU requests the Mayor to convene a Citizen Assembly to explain the results of the meeting with ADIF in Madrid (23/05/2018)
    And coordinate the actions to be carried out in the coming days
  • The Popular Party of Totana and the non-attached Councilman denounce the censorship that the Mayor is imposing on them on the subject of the AVE route. (23/05/2018)

  • The new San José neighborhood park will be fully operational as of next August (23/05/2018)
    It will have an area of ​​750 square meters, of which 150 correspond to the playground area
  • The City Council adheres to the socio-health coordination protocol in the care of people with severe mental illness or drug addiction (23/05/2018)

  • ... (23/05/2018)

  • The City Council and AELIP are organizing the Acrobatic Leap of the PAPEA Patrol on May 29th on the occasion of World Lipodystrophy Day (23/05/2018)
    It will take place at 11:00 am at the fairgrounds
  • The School La Cruz was proclaimed regional champion of the Alevín Femenino Futsal for School Sports (23/05/2018)
    The final was held in San Javier
  • The Local Phase of the School Sports Alevín Handball is ended (23/05/2018)
    The Santa Eulalia and La Cruz schools have been the champions in the mixed and feminine modalities
  • The Senior Center of Totana celebrations are held from June 11 to 18, with a wide and varied range of activities (22/05/2018)

  • Good results of Amador Nevado in the International Climb to Fito (21/05/2018)
    The pilot of the Automobile Club Totana participated in the European Mountain Championship
  • Last Friday, the "Música para el Apóstol Santiago" Music Concert took place (21/05/2018)
    The Gregorian Schola of Murcia and the ECOS Ensemble of Sierra Espuña performed
  • The City Council of Totana hosts a meeting of mayors of the Guadalentín region with the company committees of Adif and Renfe (21/05/2018)
    To know their demands and needs
  • Win Totana IU registered on May 15 an initiative to the Plenary to request the support of the City Council to the mobilizations called by the Trade Unions of the RENFE-ADIF Committee against the deterioration of Cercanías in the Region (21/05/2018)
    "While ADIF and Fomento continue with the deterioration and the lack of investment in the Cercanías Lines and the Conventional Railroad, invests millions of dollars in the project of the AVE that destroys towns and families "
  • The works of the new park in the neighborhood of San José, framed in POS 2017, began last week (21/05/2018)

  • Reina Sofía School participated in the Regional End of School Sports Athletics (21/05/2018)
    Held in Yecla
  • Municipal authorities conclude the Joint Employment and Training Program for Social and Health Care for Dependents in Social Institutions (21/05/2018)
    It has been held during the last year
  • Totana will host the "I 3x3 Associative Basket" (21/05/2018)
    The basketball tournament will take place during the morning of Sunday, June 24 at the Manolo Ibáñez Sports Pavilion
  • ... (20/05/2018)

  • On Saturday, May 19, the XIX Almansa Half Marathon (Albacete) and the Popular Race of Antas (Almería) were contested (20/05/2018)
    In both tests there was presence of CAT athletes
  • The supply of drinking water will be cut tomorrow in the neighborhoods of San José and Era Alta, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., for works on Sucre Street (20/05/2018)

  • The Local Police presents a solidarity campaign to schools for the collection of used bicycles and school materials for the Third World (19/05/2018)

  • Totana will host the Spanish Championship of ulm (ultralight aviation) (18/05/2018)
    It will be held for the first time in the Murcia region and will take place on the 26th and 27th of May
  • The mayor announces that the Consistory will go to the Courts of Justice to denounce the modification of the route of the AVE proposed by Adif (18/05/2018)
    Following thus the unanimous mandate of the plenary
  • Students of the IES "Prado Mayor" of "Hairdressing and Hair Cosmetics" show their knowledge in the Residence "La Purisima" (18/05/2018)

  • The prizes of the II Drawing Contest "Paint your creativity" are delivered. (18/05/2018)
    It is organized by the Association for High Capacity Upcoming
  • The municipal park "Marcos Ortiz" welcomes next June 1 the lingerie and swimwear solidarity parade to benefit Afacmur (18/05/2018)
    (Association of Relatives of Children with Cancer of the Region of Murcia)
  • Adif AV shows the benefits of the new layout of the Mediterranean Corridor in Totana (17/05/2018)
    "Adif AV has always been transparent in the alternatives for the layout, which has been shared and analyzed not only with this municipality but with all the localities in the area"
  • Municipal authorities inaugurate several training actions that are being developed these weeks in the Local Development Center (17/05/2018)

  • The Totana delegation is currently meeting with Adif executives to demand a change in the layout of the AVE upon its arrival in this municipality (17/05/2018)

  • Francisco José Miras Martínez new Steward of the Santa (17/05/2018)
    Replaces Rafael Hostench Arnao
  • The informative campaign on basic norms of the pedestrian and cyclist by the urban and interurban roads addressed to schoolchildren will be resumed (17/05/2018)

  • The old Center for the Elderly "Santa Bárbara" will be enabled as a Study Room during the weekends from May 19 to June 24 (17/05/2018)

  • On Tuesday, May 22, on the occasion of the feast of Santa Rita, the municipal services and dependencies will remain closed (17/05/2018)

  • The Vox Musicalis Choir will offer the "Membra Jesu nostri" concert next Saturday, May 19th (16/05/2018)
    It will be at 8:45 p.m. in the Parish of Santiago el Mayor de Totana
  • The neighbor Ana María Muñoz Andreo celebrated her centenary accompanied by family and friends (16/05/2018)

  • The mayor criticizes the government delegate visiting the EVA-13 in Totana today and not being notified by the highest representative of the neighbors (16/05/2018)
    "Turning his back and despising more than 32,000 totaneros"
  • Scam alert (16/05/2018)
    The City of Totana informs that it is not requesting economic collaboration to Totana shops for any guide of shops, bars and restaurants or similar
  • The enrollment period for the entire training offer is opened at the Adult Education Center "Bajo Guadalentín" for the academic year 2018/2019 (16/05/2018)

  • Grasshopper Framusa in the Sagra MTB Race (16/05/2018)

  • Next Friday, the Local Phase of School Sports Handball with finals and trophy delivery ends (15/05/2018)

  • The collaboration agreement with the Autonomous Community for the provision of the service and extinction of forest fires of the Infomur'2018 Plan is approved (15/05/2018)

  • Totana does not appear in the first positions of the report of Airef on entities with serious problems of sustainability (14/05/2018)
    "Thanks to the measures adopted and included in the Adjustment Plan", stand out from Ganar Totana
  • The Local Government Board agrees to liquidate quarterly the list of expenses corresponding to the Group of Volunteers of Civil Protection of Totana (14/05/2018)

  • The PSOE demands the immediate withdrawal of the new project of the AVE as it passes through the municipality of Totana (14/05/2018)
    The deputy spokesman Alfonso Martínez Baños denounces that ADIF has not had the City Council or the opinion of the neighbors to modify the initial project and the new is a real threat to the municipality
  • ... (13/05/2018)

  • Totana TRIATHLON participated in the 29th edition of the Triathlon villa of Fuente Álamo, Triathlon of triathletes (13/05/2018)

  • The Local Police adhere to the awareness campaign to improve the safety of pedestrians on the urban road (13/05/2018)
    It will take place next week
  • The mayor deeply regrets that the government delegate canceled the appointment he had made with the delegation of politicians and affected by the route of the AVE (11/05/2018)

  • Totana commemorates the International Day of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, with the reading of a manifesto and awareness actions in the Mobile Information Point (11/05/2018)

  • Nearly twenty cultural activities make up the Centennial of the City (1918-2018) for the quarter from May to July (11/05/2018)

  • The City Council receives the file of compulsory expropriation of the airline from the Totana substation to the Adif's traction station (11/05/2018)
    It has an exposure period of 15 days
  • Totana will host the Ninth Folklore Festival and Costumbrista Parade "Güertero" on June 9 (11/05/2018)
    Coinciding with the Day of the Region of Murcia
  • Ministers of Air delivers a € 1,000 donation to the Cazalla Intercultural Association of Lorca (11/05/2018)

  • The Civil Guard detained two people when they stole several lambs in a farm in Totana (10/05/2018)

  • Award ceremony of the 2nd Palomo flight contest "Cuco Lorquino" (10/05/2018)

  • The Civil Protection Beekeeping Unit activates the bee swarm collection device, coinciding with spring flowering (10/05/2018)

  • A delegation from Totana will meet next week with the Government delegate (Monday) and with the people in charge of Adif (Thursday) (10/05/2018)
    To demand the change of the route of the AVE
  • The City Council will offer an institutional reception next Sunday to the Olympic Club of Totana for its recent promotion to the Third Division (10/05/2018)

  • The IU deputy in Parliament, Ricardo Sixto, challenges the Government of the Nation for the change of the AVE layout as it passes through Totana (09/05/2018)
    Demanding explanations about the reasons for changing a Project that did not affect housing
  • The Civil Guard clarifies a violent robbery in an establishment in Totana (09/05/2018)
    A minor has been arrested as an alleged perpetrator of robbery with violence and intimidation
  • The Civil Guard clarifies a violent robbery in an establishment in Totana (09/05/2018)
    A minor has been arrested as an alleged perpetrator of robbery with violence and intimidation
  • The paving works on Moratalla Street (San Francisco) end this week (09/05/2018)
    And the renovation of the supply and sanitation networks on Sucre Street (Era Alta) will last two months
  • Over 100 FP students competed in "MurciaSkills" (09/05/2018)
    Three IES students "Prado Mayor" achieved second and third place
  • It is approved to authorize repair works on the roof of the municipal heated pool during this month of July (09/05/2018)

  • The service provision of the "Verano Polideportivo" program for the year 2018 is extended (09/05/2018)

  • A project of the IES Prado Mayor selected to participate in a program of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports (08/05/2018)
    The program takes place in Granadilla (Cáceres), from May 6 to 12
  • A cyclist from Totana passes away in a traffic accident hit by a tourist who lost control of the vehicle invading the opposite lane, just outside the urban area (08/05/2018)

  • Emergency services confirm the death of an injured cyclist in Totana (08/05/2018)

  • Framusa Grasshopper in the Faster Cup of Alumbres (08/05/2018)
    Last Sunday the fifth scoring round of the Faster Mountain Bike Cup was held in Alumbres, a competition that Gabri and Isma are contesting, and to which both runners moved.
  • The City Council will improve the system of exchange of data and documentation with the IMAS (08/05/2018)
    under an agreement for the management of the information system of users of Social Services
  • They organize a visit set to the La Bastida site on Saturday, May 12 (08/05/2018)
    On the occasion of the International Museum Day
  • A new Course-Certificate of Free Professionalism is opened on "Cleaning in open spaces and industrial facilities" (08/05/2018)

  • Good performance of the drivers of the Automobile Club Totana in the Subida a Mazarrón (07/05/2018)
    The 3 pilots who took part in the mazarronera test achieved podiums in their respective classes
  • The paving works on Moratalla Street begin this week and the renovation of the supply and sanitation networks on Sucre Street (07/05/2018)

  • The general director of Youth meets with the youth associations of Totana (07/05/2018)
    To know his proposals to the "Plan of Youth of the Region of Murcia 2019/2023"
  • The agreement for the development of the training module of vocational training courses in work centers between the Ministry of Education and the City of Totana is approved (07/05/2018)

  • Totana presents a total of seven projects, for the moment, to the Leader call through the local action group "Campoder" for 2017/2021 (07/05/2018)

  • The Athletics Club Totana participated in the XXXVIII Pedestrian race of Ceuta, in the XV Trail of Almanzora and in the VI Race by Mountain of Aledo (07/05/2018)

  • The TOTANA TRIATHLON was present at the COPA DEL REY DE TRIATLON held this Saturday in Águilas (06/05/2018)

  • Promotion phase to 1st National (06/05/2018)
    Club Totana TM.
  • The PSOE of Totana requires the Government Delegate in Murcia and the Development Counselor, to receive the Mayor of Totana Andrés García (05/05/2018)
    As maximum representative of the residents of Totana
  • Archaeological Sites will request that the archaeological pieces stolen in La Bastida, in the framework of the operation "Idolillo", return to Totana (05/05/2018)
    For its exhibition in the future local museum
  • The City Council will present a unique claim to the project of the new route of the AVE (05/05/2018)
    Arguing technical assessments of replacement of infrastructures and environmental criteria
  • The National Deputy of Citizens, Miguel Garaulet, visited Totana today to be interested in various issues affecting the municipality (04/05/2018)
    Consolidated irrigation, new layout of the AVE and High Voltage Line have been some of the issues discussed with neighbors
  • Emotional and colorful day of La Cruz in the CEIP La Cruz de Totana (04/05/2018)

  • They dismiss the demand for administrative appeal filed by ASBA against the municipal public tender on the management of site visits (04/05/2018)

  • They grant a subsidy of 17,300 euros to hire a youth counselor (04/05/2018)
    that facilitates the integration of the young population into the labor market during the year 2018
  • The schools "La Cruz", "Santiago" and "Tierno Galván" participated in the regional quarterfinals of Team Sports (04/05/2018)
    Corresponding to the School Sports program, in the categories youngest and youngest
  • The Local Phase of School Sports Athletics had the participation of 60 schoolchildren belonging to the categories juvenile, cadet and juvenile (04/05/2018)

  • The corporate image of the Centennial of the City is placed in 6 taxis and 35 municipal vehicles to promote this historic and cultural event (03/05/2018)

  • The IES "Juan de la Cierva y Codorníu" grants the title of Bachelor of Honor 2018 to poet Katy Parra (03/05/2018)
    Tomorrow Friday the award will be presented at an academic event that will take place at the Institute
  • Award the integrated pest control service for the next two years in this municipality (03/05/2018)

  • The Plenary agreed to accept the donation of the document printed in 1734 of the Ordinances of Good Government of the Council of Totana (03/05/2018)
    Carried out by the heirs of José María Munuera and Abadía
  • The avenue of Lorca space is approved as a healthy urban itinerary in the municipality of Totana (03/05/2018)

  • Good performance of the Grasshopper Framusa in Totana (02/05/2018)

  • Ganar Totana requests the convocation of an extraordinary plenary session to demand ADIF and the Ministry to stop the Process in the New Draft of the AVE (02/05/2018)
    And the Constitution of a Special Commission with the presence of the Municipal Groups, the Platform and affected by the High Voltage Line that would serve the Catenary
  • The councilor of the Treasury informs about the liquidation of the 2017 budget and the new agreement on cadastral management, agreed by the municipal plenary (02/05/2018)

  • The Department of Equality congratulates the CEIP "Tierno Galván" (02/05/2018)
    For the thematic choice of its Cultural Week on learning the domestic chores of the home
  • Agenda of the ordinary session of the Local Government Board held on April 26 (02/05/2018)

  • The mayor thanked the AVE Totana-Fuerza Ciudadana platform for its involvement in informing and advising those affected about the new layout proposed by Adif (01/05/2018)


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