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  • Start the Amateur Football League "Play Fair" (30/09/2008)
    With a new historic record 16 teams
  • Grants of the Ministry of Social Policy, Women and Immigration to promote women entrepreneurship (30/09/2008)
    The deadline for submission is October 9
  • The deadline for registration to participate in the 12 courses in the program of activities of the "Universidad Popular de Totana" will remain open until Thursday, October 2 (30/09/2008)

  • Start the "Project Book" (30/09/2008)
    With the aim of collecting the maximum amount of Spanish-language used books for donation to developing countries that lack resources to purchase educational and training materials
  • Tomorrow there will be the first gathering of the "Black Wednesday" (30/09/2008)
    A Day to be held every month and which condemn violence against women
  • The PSOE de Totana proposed a motion to the plenary session in September to "promote transparency in the accounts of the City" (30/09/2008)
    The proposal involves the Socialist Web publishing council of the consolidated budget, quarterly and annual settlement of the budget and general account of the City
  • The Municipal Immigration Service offers educational workshops and educational talks for immigrants (30/09/2008)
    These activities will be developed until December
  • Organized first season of "Fall Cultural Film" with a screening of the latest film directed all public (30/09/2008)
    The first screening will be Sunday October 5 with "The Mummy 3"
  • San Francisco Party Programme 2008 (30/09/2008)
    The festivities will take place next weekend, from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th October
  • Pujante says "gives the impression that Martínez Andreo has been pardoned by the regional government" (30/09/2008)
    On the other hand, the PP Pujante of Totana branded as "selfish political" and IU + LV in the region of interest is not anything Totana , and just be blinded by keeping the serial "Totem"
  • Have been cut down trees in the driveway of the Municipal Cemetery (30/09/2008)
    because they were causing serious damage to the historically protected vaults
  • New Generations in Totana complaint that "youth unemployment is triggered by more than 35% over the same period last year" (30/09/2008)
    "and we are at the forefront of youth unemployment, youth unemployment losing daily 800"
  • Begin sports activities for students in the Occupational Center "José Moya" (29/09/2008)
    with the participation in "School XXI Games Special"
  • The mayor and local authorities inaugurated the first phase of works to adapt the way of "Purgatory" of the council of La Sierra (29/09/2008)
    ... coinciding with the festivities in honor of Santa Leocadia
  • The Works and Services Plan for 2009 includes a total of seven projects for the regeneration of streets, replacement of sidewalks and general services (29/09/2008)
    ... with a total budget of 579,000 euros
  • Promote an information campaign and training "outside Lice, lice away" (29/09/2008)
    to prevent infection and spread of lice in schools in the locality
  • "I Art Contest for Equality, Totana 2008" (29/09/2008)
    will be held on 25 November to mark the International Day of gender violence
  • To be proposed to the Plenary the adoption of the collaboration with the Ministry of Public Works to fund the "Restoration of the Casa del General Aznar" (29/09/2008)
    The rehabilitation project has a performance contract amount of 583,000 euros, which will be financed 50% by the Autonomous Community and the city of Totana
  • The PP file a motion to urge the Ministry of Health to implement the recommendations of the Senate on rare diseases (29/09/2008)

  • The "Race XII Subida a La Santa" was attended by a total of 300 athletes (29/09/2008)
    ... from different Spanish geographical locations
  • Full address tomorrow more than two dozen proposals (29/09/2008)
    among which the approval of the agreement to finance the general house rehabilitaición Aznar, the new name of the police building and plan of works and services of 200
  • They give prizes "Crearte Joven 2008" (27/09/2008)
    Y opens to exposure to be found in all the works entered in the competition
  • The construction of rain collectors and sanitation in the district of Tirol-Totana Camilleri begin on Monday September 29 (27/09/2008)
    to solve the old problem of water and sewerage network
  • They hire the wording of the proposed renovation of the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja (27/09/2008)
    Under a grant amounting to 24,592 euros and a lead time of three months
  • The "Second City Totana Solidarity March" will be held on Sunday October 5 (27/09/2008)
    will the benefit of the Spanish Association against Cancer
  • Socialist Youth of Totana: "The PP and engaged NNGG smokescreens put the failure in housing the regional government of Valcárcel" (26/09/2008)
    Totana Socialist Youth, said that both the PP and NNGG Murcia Region engaged in "throwing smoke screens" in housing in our region.
  • The City Council Equal Opportunities created a logo for your corporate image (26/09/2008)
    Y held every month on "Black Wednesday", a concentration in protest at the deaths caused by domestic violence
  • They offer a total of 12 courses of the program of activities of the "Universidad Popular de Totana" (26/09/2008)
    The registration period will be open from September 29 to October 2
  • Agents of the Local Police and Civil Guard arrested a man on suspicion of a crime against public health (26/09/2008)

  • The Department of Alternative Energy shall submit to Parliament a proposal to give the green light to bike hire (26/09/2008)
    what is installed in the Plaza of the Constitution, and Intermodal Station Pavilion "Manolo Ibanez"
  • According to the PSOE de Totana, "the disastrous economic management and government waste of PP are leaving the City of Totana in a disastrous situation" (26/09/2008)

  • Balance of the Governing Board held yesterday, September 25 (26/09/2008)
    The Government team spokesman, José Antonio Valverde Queen, among other things spoke of several grants awarded to the City from various ministries
  • City officials are in the town hall users and service professionals Alzheimer's Day Care Totana (26/09/2008)
    This visit is part of the cultural program performed by the center itself over the year
  • The PP laments that "the Socialist Party continues to say that services have been privatized residence" (26/09/2008)
    "When that is done is a change in management the same way they did in their legislature," according to popular
  • The mayor and municipal political parties meet to discuss the economic-financial and municipal debt in the Special Accounts Committee (26/09/2008)
    And to address the emergency measures to alleviate the crisis
  • City officials visiting artisans from Totana exhibitors participating in the Craft Fair XXV of the Region of Murcia (Feramur ) (26/09/2008)
    ... lorca held in 25 to 27 September
  • Socialist Youth of Totana states that the Ministry of Housing is now more necessary than ever " (25/09/2008)
    Totana Socialist Youth reminds Josefa María Sánchez Méndez minister shortly present a new housing plan.
  • The Socialist Party says that "privatize social services undermines the welfare state and does not improve its management" (25/09/2008)
    Is Lola Cano "The municipal government has been in private hands the management of the Residence of the Immaculate"
  • The adventure program will start next Sunday, September 28 (25/09/2008)
    With the development of a day of rafting and canoeing, taking place on the river Cabriel in Cuenca
  • Rotunda at the intersection of Avenida Juan Carlos I and the Rambla de La Santa (25/09/2008)
    The session engages the drafting of various studies needed for execution of works in this roundabout construction project
  • The council of Agriculture and Pedanías visit the rural municipality affected by the rainstorm (25/09/2008)
    In order to meet damage
  • The Consistory receives from the Ministry of Social / Political, Women and Immigration (25/09/2008)
    ... 61,000 euros for the care of women victims of abuse and the promotion of equality of opportunity
  • The Association of Artisans of Totana receives 6,000 euros to encourage the promotion and development of the sector (25/09/2008)
    The City Council undertakes to carry out technical studies and enable a better understanding of the situation of the local craft sector, to sensitize, inform and disseminate craft supply ...
  • The City Council renewed the agreement with the Regional Technology Center Craft (25/09/2008)
    ... Totana to boost innovation activities, research, development and promotion of handicrafts
  • The deadline to apply for monthly assistance "Pequecheque" ends September 30 (24/09/2008)
    This aid is intended to cover family expenses resulting from services provided to children under 3 years in care centers for children
  • Work begins on local adaptation of the social set in the streets and Santa Eulalia Navas (24/09/2008)
    The amount of this work amounts to 80,323 euros and the lead time is six months
  • Invest 18,000 euros for the maintenance of the International Baccalaureate which is offered in the IES Juan de la Cierva (24/09/2008)
    This can attend high school in four different modes such as science and engineering, health sciences, humanities and social sciences
  • The first phase of the refurbishment of the way of "Purgatory" will open on Saturday (24/09/2008)
    ... coinciding with the festivities in the council of La Sierra
  • New Generations in Totana complaint that "the ministry of housing is a farce" (24/09/2008)
    And he criticizes "the lack of support that young totaneros have to buy their first home despite the expectations raised by the socialist government"
  • The Mayor and the General Secretary of the Treasury plan to the investment plan of the autonomous region for the coming year persupuestario this county's 2009 (24/09/2008)
    The Mayor announced that this new political course is to reduce current expenditure and the Council staff in more than 35 percent
  • The City Council ask the Regional Government to the creation of a comprehensive care plan for people with rare diseases (24/09/2008)
    ... and the establishment of a Medical Genetics Unit references found on the Arrixaca
  • The program started with the walking route along the Sierra de la Puerta had more than fifty walkers (23/09/2008)
    This program is part of the activities organized by the Sports Council for 2008/09
  • Set out the paintings and photographs presented in the municipal contest Crearte Joven 2008 (23/09/2008)
    At the municipal hall "Gregorio Cebrián" on Friday September 26 from nine in the night
  • "D'genes" request to the Ministry of Health developing a regional plan of care specific to people diagnosed with rare diseases (23/09/2008)

  • The deadline for the XII to Apply for Career Ascent to "Santa" will remain open until tomorrow, Wednesday September 24 (23/09/2008)
    will be held this Sunday
  • The "IV Encuentro Solidarity and Alzheimer Friends" will be held, 2, 3 and 5 October (23/09/2008)
    ... with different learning activities, social and entertainment in the Socio-Cultural Center "La Prison"
  • More than fifty people unemployed and have started working on sanitation and cleanliness of roads munincipio (23/09/2008)

  • The PP file a motion to create a commission of inquiry "to clarify the authorship of the false allegations to the general urban development plan" (23/09/2008)
    As announced by the Municipal spokesperson, José Antonio Valverde Reina
  • A motion Totana socialist group asked the House to send the data from the Republicans killed Totana Judge Garzon (23/09/2008)
    Usero Martínez believes that "it is the right time, capitalizing on the request of Judge Garzon, so that people know the truth what happened in Totana and that the council work with the Justice "
  • Concentration silent in front of the Consistory and condemned the attack on ETA (23/09/2008)
    ... that caused the death of Brigadier Luis Conde Santoña
  • Juan Antonio Sánchez, second in Albox (22/09/2008)
    The last weekend was held in Albox outgoing rise in road bike
  • The mayor laments that the opposition groups did not attend the Board of Spokesmen (22/09/2008)
    "Refusing to standardize institutional relations" and called for "the stagnation of the administration to the crisis"
  • The PP says that the PSOE and IU is not concerned nor the crisis, the problems of the residents of Totana (22/09/2008)
    But "only the maintenance of the operation" totem "and radicalizing the political and social environment"
  • "The Socialists will not be complicit in the dealings of the mayor, and not go to the Board of Spokesmen" (22/09/2008)
    Socialist municipal spokesman said his group declined participation in the "new media maneuver organized by the mayor, to make believe all that exists normally in the city "
  • Izquierda Unida, Martínez Andreo invited to "decouple their problems with the Municipal Court of the institution and the name of Totana" (22/09/2008)
    Left Councillors are not considered at war with anyone, and urge the Mayor to resume relations Groups that "only he broke with his vindictive action"
  • The local consistory shows its revulsion at the murder of Brigadier Luis Conde Santoña by the terrorist band ETA (22/09/2008)
    Y encourages residents to take part tomorrow in a silent demonstration in front of City Hall
  • Totana today joins the celebration of the day "Day without cars Europeras" to promote sustainable urban development close to the downtown traffic (22/09/2008)
    To foster citizen behavior consistent with sustainable urban development
  • The City Council and the Association of Business and Professional Women of Totana (22/09/2008)
    ... signed a second agreement to promote actions in the business of the local female
  • The social policy advisor meets with the mayor of Totana and Councilman (22/09/2008)
    ... social welfare and is committed to continue funding and focusing on the services the Council offers to the needy
  • The Board of Spokesmen will meet next Monday to "relaunch the institutional relationships and address the measures to address the economic situation", according to municipal sources (20/09/2008)
    + IU spokesman Greens will not attend the meeting to consider his call spokespersons "Mayor's propaganda," according to coalition sources said
  • "The circle is closing insulation around Martínez Andreo" (20/09/2008)
    So believes the PSOE de Totana "after the failure of the meeting between the mayor and the very low turnout of entrepreneurs"
  • Pushing a plan to the revision and the current status of horizontal road signs of the industrial estate "The Saladar" (19/09/2008)

  • Totana promote awareness of the environment through adherence to the campaign "Clean Up the World" (19/09/2008)
    In addition, on September 22 marks the European Day without Cars "
  • It is a work platform with empesariales and professional organizations to address the crisis (19/09/2008)
    This platform will meet every month in the Consistory to establish measures against crisis
  • The social welfare council ensures that the NGO to manage the residence "La Purisima" is a serious (19/09/2008)
    ... carrying the service three residences and day fifteen centers in the Region of Murcia
  • Closing the course of the Universidad del Mar, "Translation and cultural mediation: the translator / interpreter in the public sector and private" (19/09/2008)
    In this course has involved about 40 students
  • + IU spokesman Greens will not attend the meeting to consider its spokesmen call "a propaganda of the Mayor" (19/09/2008)
    Mayor accused of having broken unilaterally, the commitments made by all
  • Presented the "First National Meeting of Families, professionals and people diagnosed with rare diseases" (19/09/2008)
    The meeting, which aims to create spaces for communication and exchange among professionals, families and patients, will be held in Totana 24, 25 and 26 October
  • The spokesman of the government team talking about the resolutions adopted by the Board of Governors yesterday (19/09/2008)
    José Antonio Valverde Queen also commented on the statements of the PSOE in the last days
  • The dance school Miralles Loles act for the benefit of the partnership D'Genes (18/09/2008)
    will be on Friday September 26 to 21 hours in the cinema Velasco and admission is 5 euros
  • The Immigration Hall is launching a workshop on intercultural cuisine (18/09/2008)
    This workshop is offered every Thursday in the Socio-Cultural Center "La Prison"
  • Walking program begins with the route will pass through the breathtaking landscapes of the Sierra de la Puerta, in Moratalla (18/09/2008)
    The first route will take place this Sunday 21 September
  • The City Council and the Association "Local Assembly of Totana Spanish Red Cross" sign an agreement (18/09/2008)
    The agreement is aimed at the development of activities of social participation and social integration and promotion
  • The City Council is committed to building public housing and provide a point of information to make known to the neighbors the benefits of this type of housing (18/09/2008)

  • The period of pre-inscription of the School of Dance "Manoli Canovas" for the 2008-2009 academic year begins on Friday September 26 (18/09/2008)
    The start of classes will be 1 October
  • Totana will join the activities of the "Area 36" (18/09/2008)
    By holding music workshops and exhibitions taking place in the "Village Associations 2009" and the participation of young people from other municipalities in the "Young Crearte"
  • The PSOE ensures that the Residence of the Immaculate will be managed by an NGO of the "Far Right" (18/09/2008)
    Socialists voice their opposition to the privatization of the Residence of the Immaculate, to be managed "Messengers of Peace," by ineffectiveness of PP
  • Masters of Totana, Alhama and Puerto Lumbreras in Educared (18/09/2008)
    The "Group Albaida" Innovative Teachers group, had been "Teacher of the Month" in September
  • Start the mountain bike program organized by the Sports Department with the departure of the Ramblas of Oxen (17/09/2008)
    This march was attended rider a score of cyclists on a tour with a total of 16 km of low difficulty
  • The mayor will hold a meeting tomorrow with business organizations and the municipality to assess the crisis (17/09/2008)

  • Awarding the work to adapt to the social center of Barrio San Roque (17/09/2008)
    Located at Calle Calvario
  • "I Industrial Revitalization Plan" (17/09/2008)
    is launched the Business Incubator and industrial buildings are offered in the Industrial Estate "The Saladar"
  • They make an investment of 880,951 euros for works ejeución adequacy of facilities, maintenance of roads and paving of sidewalks in Totana (17/09/2008)

  • Natural Fitness is 4 years (17/09/2008)
    Organize the CAMPUS FITNESS II will consist of a seminar by the great champion bodybuilder and professional athlete WABBA Luis Vidal
  • The PSOE presented to Full Council 6 measures to alleviate the crisis in Totana (17/09/2008)
    The first step is to "depart from governance all public positions and / or officials who are defendants in cases of political corruption in order to restore confidence employers and citizens
  • "I Congress before" (17/09/2008)
    Health Volunteers and relief program of the local assembly of the Spanish Red Cross attended the congress Totana
  • Amateur Football League "Play Fair" (16/09/2008)
    The deadline to register for the new 2008-2009 season will remain open until Monday 22 September
  • Request the cooperation of citizens to start for the second year of the "Sharpen your school supplies" (16/09/2008)
    To meet the needs of pupils of municipal recycling educational materials used
  • Organize a workshop on "Graphic Design" for youth (16/09/2008)
    will be provided during the months of October and November in the cultural center "Jail"
  • The mayor and council of livestock attend the inauguration of the National Week of Pigs Lorca (16/09/2008)
    ... to grasp new ideas and to carry out the "I crop and livestock fair Totana" to be held in the spring of 2009
  • "Unemployment has risen in Totana a 58.87%, 40 points higher than the national average and 10 points higher than the regional" (16/09/2008)
    So says the Socialist councilor Usero Martinez, who also says he "must go and Andreo a councilor of the PP, not charged and will not be charged, assume the responsibility of government "
  • The city will pay tribute to Alfonso Murcia, after local police recently deceased (16/09/2008)
    putting your name to the new premises of the Local Police
  • The career XII "Up to The Holy" will be held on Sunday September 28 (15/09/2008)
    This time the race will take a shorter route
  • The program of "2008/09 School Sport" bid from October 1 free activities throughout the year (15/09/2008)
    This program offers free sports a wide range of sports activities, aimed at school children aged between 6 and 17
  • Pedro José Zamora, champion in MTB gear Espuña V (15/09/2008)
    Last Saturday was held up MTB V Espuña organized by the cycling club Espuña de Alhama
  • Municipal Service Psychosocial Support Course resume activity after the summer break 2008/09 (15/09/2008)
    With the assistance of a total of 16 users supported
  • Infant schools "Clara Campoamor" and "Carmen Baró" and new classes of Parral Infant School have started today the school year (15/09/2008)
    In total 280 children of the locality have been enrolled in these schools
  • About 40 students participate in the course of the Universidad Internacional de Mar "Translation and cultural mediation: the translator / interpreter in the public sector and private" (15/09/2008)
    This course is held in Totana until 19 September
  • UI + Councillors Greens in Totana, lead to the plenary a proposal that residents can access the Internet in gardens, municipal facilities and places (15/09/2008)
    "The use of wireless waves, will be used to provide free access the network in public spaces and urban districts of the municipality totanero "
  • The Tourist Information Office of Totana and the Information Point in La Santa have received nearly three thousand hits (13/09/2008)
    During the months of June-August
  • They set up a prevention plan and action in the scuppers and storm recepctores (13/09/2008)
    To prevent heavy rains cause flooding problems in the locality
  • The extremes of the local police surveillance to prevent the neighbors take out the garbage outside the set time or dirty road (13/09/2008)
    Also watch your pets to avoid defecating in public
  • "D'Genes" meets with the CEO of ERDF in Andalusia (12/09/2008)
    Gene D'informed of all activities of the association
  • New computer courses to teach in different municipalities (12/09/2008)
    The courses, which are completely free, are aimed at workers, unemployed, self-employed and SMEs.
  • Local Government Agreements 09/08/1911 Press conference on the resolutions adopted yesterday in the Local Government (12/09/2008)

  • On Monday, Sept. 15 start of training activities in 2008/09 Occupational Center "José Moya" (12/09/2008)

  • Grant 150,000 euros to the City to finance the work of management of adjacent areas to the chapel of the Shrine of the Holy (12/09/2008)
    This amount will be delivered to the Consistory totanero in two installments: 60,000 euros in 2008 and 90,000 euros in the annuity 2009
  • The Municipal School Board has agreed that the December 9, on April 14 and May 4 are non-school days in a local primary school (12/09/2008)
    The official opening of the school year will be held at Public School St. José "to mark its 25 anniversary
  • Official Language School will reopen the registration period for spaces that are free for this course from 22 to 23 September (12/09/2008)
    for registration need only be 16 years and pay the fees established by the Official School Language
  • The Socialist Municipal Group asks "how can the education councilor Roque Molina Legaz see the educational situation of the municipality so positively" (12/09/2008)
    El PSOE de Totana analyzed 2.008/09 beginning of the school and Primary Education
  • The executive Totana PP analyzed the economic measures that will implement the municipal government to address the crisis (12/09/2008)
    Y prepares its participation in the XIV Congress Party Regional
  • The Socialist Party calls on Andreo Totana and the PP to "stop totaneros confuse and assume their responsibilities" (12/09/2008)
    state that "Valcárcel should assert its authority and Totana and not allow the PP and its 12 council members support Andreo "
  • The Sports Council congratulates the members of the Club de Totana Senderista recently reached the Kilimanjaro (11/09/2008)
    Totana.com also congratulated the members of the Club de Totana Senderista
  • Grant in the amount of 15,227.99 euros for promotional activities and dissemination of sport (11/09/2008)
    With this grant, the Department of Sports will launch a series of initiatives to promote the extension, dissemination and practice physical activity and sport
  • About 4,000 schoolchildren in the municipality have been trained in Traffic School Local Police (11/09/2008)
    The Police Local de Totana have invested 452 hours in the training of school
  • The Mayor and the Minister of Tourism and Consumer Affairs signed a cooperation agreement (11/09/2008)
    To carry out the promotion of consumer protection policies, through the municipal office of consumer information (omic)
  • The Commonwealth Tourism Services Espuña run from October with three technicians specialized in tourism (11/09/2008)
    will be recruited through a grant from the Regional Employment Service and Training
  • Awarded the contract for replacement of sidewalks and general services in several streets (10/09/2008)
    Contemplated in the Works and Services Plan 2008
  • According to Totana Young Socialists, "thanks to the reform of vocational training millions of workers improve their job prospects will be recognized and their knowledge and experience" (10/09/2008)
    Meanwhile, NNGG Murcia Region complaint that "Zapatero no 30,371 students Murcia "
  • The deadline to register for the workshop "Sign Language" will remain open until Monday (10/09/2008)

  • They are charged in the voluntary period receipts on property of urban and economic activities (10/09/2008)
    for the year 2008
  • The city of Totana offers residents the lists of candidates for members of the Jury Court (10/09/2008)
    For the biennium 2009-2010
  • Awarded the contract settlement and paving the way of the former airfield, in the hamlet of Lebor (10/09/2008)
    And the ways of the hornico and mortolitos
  • A thirty students attend the course "Palliative care at the end of Life" (10/09/2008)
    is framed as training offered by the Ninth Meeting of Volunteer Totanero
  • The 2008/09 school year starts today (10/09/2008)
    With the addition of 3,325 students in the classrooms of kindergarten and primary education, increasing by 115 students over last year
  • The PSOE de Totana insists that "the first step before the crisis and the new course is that Andre is gone" (10/09/2008)
    Otálora said that "many entrepreneurs and investors do not trust the mayor and they will not get fooled again with poisoned candy "
  • The PP asks the PSOE and IU "measures and solutions which contribute to the economic crisis in the city apart from demanding the resignation of mayor and councilmen of municipal government" (10/09/2008)
    "and base their work in maintaining local serial the "
  • More than 300 people come to the facilities of the Municipal Sports Pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez "... (09/09/2008)
    ... for registrations, the water activities of the pool cover
  • The School of Music opens the registration period for students tomorrow, 10 (09/09/2008)
    and end on September 26
  • The new 2008-2009 season of the Amateur Football League "Play Fair" opens for registration (09/09/2008)
    The registration period starts Tuesday and runs until 22 September
  • Establishment of working groups for the development of Local Strategic Plan "grows Totana 2013 (09/09/2008)
    Citizens who wish to participate in them may conclude the registration until 17 September
  • The City Council and the board of the UD Paretón favor of continuing its second season with the club teams based in the hamlet (09/09/2008)
    In this way, children of the parish can enjoy one of the most sought after sporting activities between the school
  • About a thousand seniors have participated in the travel program "Come to the beach!" (08/09/2008)
    During the summer months
  • The municipality will pay a public tribute to the figure of cooperating (08/09/2008)
    In full for the month of September
  • The municipality awarded the contract to adapt the premises located on Navarro Street and Santa Eulalia (08/09/2008)
    For a sum of 80,323 euros and a lead time of six months
  • Education reported monthly aid "pequecheque" (08/09/2008)
    to finance family expenses resulting from services provided to children under 3 years in care centers for children
  • UI + Councillors in Totana Greens held a press conference (08/09/2008)
    occasion of the beginning of the political
  • The Club de Tenis Totana improving their school facilities for tennis (08/09/2008)
    On Monday, September 15 begins a new course tennis.
  • Local authorities inaugurated the extension of the exhibition grounds of the hermitage of La Huerta coincide with events honoring the Virgin (07/09/2008)
    The project has required an investment of EUR 33205.27
  • Positive results of the special campaign of public safety (06/09/2008)
    Held in the grape harvest areas of the town during the summer
  • Proinvitosa offer to small and medium enterprises 12 modular industrial buildings in the fourth phase of the industrial estate "The Saladar" (06/09/2008)
    The construction of these 12 ships will begin to run in the coming days and will be completed before the end of 2008 , as reported from Proinvitosa
  • Traditional festivals of the district and the San José de la Huerta totanera council (05/09/2008)
    will be in charge of providing entertainment, folklore and fun throughout the weekend
  • Registration for the new season of indoor municipal swimming pool will begin on Monday, September 8 (05/09/2008)
    will be at the Municipal Sports Pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez, at half past eight
  • According to the PSOE, "the first step to overcome the economic crisis in Totana, is the resignation of Martínez Andreo" (05/09/2008)
    El PSOE de Totana, referring to the meeting that the construction companies had to Martínez Andreo AEMC ...
  • Totana along with 16 other municipalities in the region receive over 1.6 million euros (05/09/2008)
    To meet the needs related to the action plan for the elderly
  • The PSOE said that "Valverde must recognize that they're lousy managers when they are forced to privatize" (05/09/2008)
    secure from the PSOE that "Valverde remains unclear how companies are awarded the grant pool and the residence will be able to generate profits when the management of the PP lost only generate "
  • The mayor announced the launch of an emergency plan with a dozen measures to address the economic crisis (05/09/2008)
    In addition, reports that the salaries of senior fall by ten percent for cost containment and that municipal has reduced by 1.5 million current spending over last year
  • UI + Councillors Greens will not meet with the Mayor "while encouraging the insults continue in full to Opposition Groups" (05/09/2008)
    "After the dismal failure of his economic plan, Martínez Andreo should heed the Government Spokesman De Heras, and redress the political situation in Totana, ceasing its attacks on the opposition and small businesses "
  • World Meeting Peñas del FC Barcelona (04/09/2008)
    The struggle for the defense of persons with rare diseases and disorders of development, represented by "D'Genes", will be in solidarity
  • Organize several free computer courses (04/09/2008)
    be taught from September 15
  • The mayor meets with the Association of Employers of the Construction of Low Guadalentín (AEMC) (04/09/2008)
    "To raise and support measures to promote the social housing"
  • Granted SEF grants to hire 160 people unemployed (04/09/2008)
    About 160 local unemployed people will be hired by the local consistory under several grants from the SEF
  • The PP has to privatize the pool deck and Nursing Home for their mismanagement, say from the PSOE (04/09/2008)
    "The PP to his apparent inability to manage well the money from the totaneros, in recent days and taking advantage of the summer as is his style, is dedicated to privatizing services "
  • Next twinning of Totana and the French town of Uchaud (04/09/2008)
    Uchaud is in the French region of Languedoc-Roussillon, located on the outskirts of the city of Nîmes
  • The renovation of the pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez" completed in less than a month (04/09/2008)
    Work has received a grant of 120,000 euros
  • The PP claims policy "alarmist and ominous" the PSOE to privatization of services (04/09/2008)
    According to the popular, "the privatization of public swimming pool and the residence of La Purisima only bring benefits to users"
  • The Mayor of Totana is contacted with about 1,000 living abroad totaneros (03/09/2008)
    collectible to send a printed sheet of the most emblematic of the town
  • PROINVITOSA offer to small and medium enterprises 12 modular industrial buildings in the fourth phase of the polygon "The Saladar" (03/09/2008)
    An application may be submitted during the month of September
  • Next Saturday will open the grounds of the Hermitage parties of the Garden (03/09/2008)
    The next day, September 6 at seven at seven pm
  • Presentation of the workshop "Sign Language" (03/09/2008)
    The deadline to register for this workshop, which will be conducted by the Association of the Deaf "The Unicorn", will remain open until 15 September
  • The renovation and adaptation of the schools in the municipality has a total investment of around 2.7 million euros (03/09/2008)
    90 per cent has been paid by the Ministry of Education
  • The Socialist Party announced that "denounce the PP of Totana by accusing them of falsifying claims PGOU" (03/09/2008)
    Municipal Socialist Group will go to court to sue the popular "by these false allegations"
  • Socialist Youth of Totana supports the investigation by Garzon (03/09/2008)
    Y claims the right of families to honor their dead, and the entire society to know the truth
  • Motion UI on reduction in the financing of municipalities (02/09/2008)

  • The summer film exceeds expectations with a total attendance exceeding 4,000 spectators (02/09/2008)
    and an average attendance of 500 people film
  • The celebration of La Huerta will take place on 6 and 7 September (02/09/2008)
    The celebration of festivals rooted in the hamlet totanera of the garden will take place this weekend during the 6th and 7th September
  • Synchronized swimming and adventure sports, news, sports programming of the 2008/2009 season (02/09/2008)
    The Department of Sports recommends all users of the activities carried out a medical examination Espuña Center, which is a free service
  • The parties in the neighborhood of San Jose starting on Friday September 5 (01/09/2008)
    offer activities throughout the weekend
  • ... (01/09/2008)

  • The Social Welfare council meets with relatives of nursing home residents "La Purisima" (01/09/2008)
    To address the immediate needs of users of the Centre
  • Graham Baxter, bronze medalist in World Championship (01/09/2008)
    Graham Baxter, an Englishman and lives in Totana (Murcia)
  • IU Juan Carrión urged to "be left empty photo or propaganda and solve the many problems facing the nursing home" (01/09/2008)
    consider that "the deputy mayor is obsessed with hoarding charge, while the departments are managed by the worst work in the city of Totana "

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