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  • Totana City Council receives a subsidy of 7,500 euros from the Directorate General for Cultural Promotion (31/10/2008)
    ... for the organization of the XXIX Totana Habaneras Contest 2009
  • Carrión meets with family practitioners and Psychosocial Support Service (31/10/2008)
    To report work being done to improve the quality of life of these people
  • New employment offices in the municipalities of Alhama de Murcia and Totana (31/10/2008)
    The Employment and Training Service (SEF) has strengthened its services in recent months, with 85 technical experts in career counseling
  • Ruenda press spokesman of the government team (31/10/2008)
    José Antonio Valverde Queen informed of the resolutions adopted at the last meeting of government, regular full October and current affairs
  • Grant of the Ministry of Education, Training and Employment (31/10/2008)
    amount of 484,403 euros to finance the project ejecuicón basic and the redevelopment of the classrooms of CP Tierno Galván
  • The students of the carpentry shop Occupational Center "José Moya" made paper bags (31/10/2008)
    reusable materials for retailers
  • The mayor meets with the new board the Illustrious Cabildo Processions Senior Totana (31/10/2008)
    for, inter alia, promote the record of the Declaration of Regional Tourist Interest Easter Totana
  • City officials meet with local and regional representatives of the Spanish Red Cross (31/10/2008)
    Programs To analyze this association has been developing in the town and fix the lines of work for 2009
  • More than thirty effective local police, Red Cross and Civil Protection ensure the safety of thousands of people who go to the municipal cemetery (31/10/2008)
    ... occasion of the feast of All Saints
  • The government council gives its approval to the assignment to the SEF's local "building chilllida" (31/10/2008)
    Totana property of the municipality, to be earmarked for the new office of employment, which will replace the existing Main Street Seville
  • Presentation of the "Croma Residential", the building company Palomares Brothers " (31/10/2008)

  • Socialist Youth of Totana shows their contempt and condemnation by the "cowardly" attack by ETA at the University of Navarra (31/10/2008)

  • Totana host the Classic Car Concentration IV (31/10/2008)
    Next December 6, 2008
  • The 7 councilors of the previous socialist legislature issued a statement (31/10/2008)
    The Murcia Provincial Court acquitted the former aldermen convicted of defaming socialist Morales
  • The totanero Juan Cánovas Miras get the gold medal (30/10/2008)
    world champion of the Spanish fishing
  • The project RAITOTANA currently taught in more than 20 computer science courses throughout the municipality and districts (30/10/2008)

  • The Spanish-Italian joint subcommittee, which is located in the town, visit the offices of the Local Development Center (30/10/2008)
    to know the employment programs carried out
  • The City Council will sign several agreements with agricultural and livestock organizations in the town for the defense of their interests (30/10/2008)
    ... and in order to encourage and promote these sectors
  • The City Council and the Association of Young Entrepreneurs Under Guadalentín initiate procedures to locate a permanent office (30/10/2008)
    ... to promote entrepreneurship among young people and encourage entrepreneurial initiatives in the area
  • The City Council received a grant of 4,644 euros to finance the reform of the Market Square (30/10/2008)
    ... in order to promote local business sector
  • The mayor acknowledged the work done by the association "PADISITO" in the town (30/10/2008)
    ... and encourages its managers to continue working on the same line
  • PSOE: "García Cánovas shows that is not involved in any crime socioeconomic" (30/10/2008)
    Socialist councilor Andrés García Cánovas denied the information furnished by the PP about his involvement in an alleged crime socioeconomic and concealment of information
  • The Department of Social Welfare organized a trip to Granada (29/10/2008)
    to promote intercultural understanding and meeting the artistic heritage of this city, which was attended by a total of 55 persons
  • The full council requests the Central Government to include in the general construction of the Rambla de Lebor (29/10/2008)
    On the other hand, was approved for a feasibility study to bring the promenade of the Holy as a parking
  • The Youth Council will facilitate the shift to team members, who wish to participate in an activity called "an adventure Triaventura '08 Eagles Youth Team" (29/10/2008)
    will be held Sunday November 2 at Eagles
  • The House gives green light to the establishment of a stock for the acquisition of land for economic activities in some selected areas of the town of Totana (29/10/2008)

  • The kindergarten del Parral is called "Point of childcare Doña Pepita Lopez Gandia" (29/10/2008)
    school teacher and wife of the first official historian of Totana
  • IU + LV says that "the PP prevents discuss an urgent motion on the route of the AVE in its path of Totana, threatening the future Station Goods and strangles the growth in the South" (29/10/2008)

  • The Socialist Municipal Group takes stock of the Whole October Ordinary (29/10/2008)
    "It addressed issues that would not be specifically covered by the plenary, but that should be brought here to give the impression that some content, that is working," according Otálora
  • The session will ask the Commonwealth Taibilla Channel assignment of the "Casa del Guarda" (29/10/2008)
    located in the place of laces, to rehabilitate and to use it for environmental and leisure
  • The traditional dinner is organized for the Spanish Association Against Cancer (29/10/2008)
    will be held on Friday 7 November
  • Young Socialists held last Thursday, 23 October, a talk on the European Higher Education (28/10/2008)

  • "Mondrian Furniture" and "The pachucos" are positioned as leaders of the amateur football league "Play Fair" (28/10/2008)
    being the only two groups that have won every game
  • The "Municipal School Parents" will give a talk on "The importance of involving parents in school as " (28/10/2008)
    ... to be held on Thursday 30 October in the Socio-Cultural Center" La Carcel "at eight thirty in the afternoon
  • The Department of Women organized the "Second Poster Competition Against Violence Against Women 2008 in Totana " (28/10/2008)
    ... to encourage young people an active part in the fight against gender violence
  • PSOE: "The school of Ramblica takes 5 years of delay" (28/10/2008)
    "The councilor Roque Molina, should not presume it is going to recruit school in 2008, but apologize to the educational community is not already in operation "
  • They begin to install vending service bicycle hire (28/10/2008)
    will be located in Block "Manolo Ibanez" in the Plaza of the Constitution and the Intermodal Station
  • The Local Government Committee approved the signing of agreements with local cultural associations (28/10/2008)
    ... to provide music and drama workshops during the last quarter of the year
  • Propose to the full City Council to urge the Ministry and the Ministry of Health to improve the public health and social services related to mental health and psychosocial rehabilitation (28/10/2008)

  • Visit School Tennis Club Totana the Madrid Masters Series (28/10/2008)

  • The totaneros Antonio Costa and Francisco Sanchez traveled to the island of Gran Canaria to compete in one of the toughest tests of their athletic careers (27/10/2008)
    The next weekend day of November there will be the last round of the championship and Cup of Spain HM the King in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
  • The poet totanero Francisco Barceló presented his latest book "Desiderata " (27/10/2008)
    ... the interpretation of the sonnets of the labor members of the association" Seed Fund "
  • The pairing of Carlos Cambronero and David Martin won the second edition of the tournament paddle "Uncle Pencho" (27/10/2008)

  • Fixtures and costumes from the region of Murcia project in an exhibition and cultural traditions of earlier centuries (27/10/2008)

  • The "Sunday Pelegrín II memorial march" will be held on Sunday November 9 in "The Holy" (27/10/2008)
    is organized by the cycling club "Santa Eulalia"
  • Social Welfare presents the implementation of activities aimed at human growth and family welfare (27/10/2008)
    ... through intercultural projects "have, give and grow", aimed at parents, and "Youth Initiative's grow together" aimed at children and young people
  • According IU + LV, "the draft AVE passing through Totana, strangles the future City Transport and supersedes the Draft Rail Freight Terminal, from the Industrial Park" (27/10/2008)
    Express filed a motion in Parliament to demand Ministry of Development the burial of the AVE tracks to ensure the future employment and avoid further problems in the slums
  • Full address more than a fortnight ago for proposals (27/10/2008)
    will be held at seven pm
  • The Department of Women in collaboration with the Women's Institute organizes courses and seminars on co-education, self-esteem, information and equal opportunities , (27/10/2008)
    ... to begin teaching in November
  • Totana is added for the second consecutive year the "Olympic Solidarity Study VI, an initiative which will run from November 5 to December 5 (27/10/2008)
    ... to raise awareness among young people in cooperation Development
  • The Craft Technology Center was present in the delivery of the National Crafts Awards 2008 (27/10/2008)
    The company accompanied the CTA Ziggurat, which was a finalist, and the representation of regional government.
  • Professor Pedro Segura is convinced that the economic crisis may have dimensions similar to that of 1929 (26/10/2008)
    The Doctor in Economics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a researcher at National Research Council, gave a talk at the Cultural Center and Obrero de Totana
  • IU lead to the plenary on Tuesday, the request for Commonwealth Taibilla Channels Consistory yield to the lodge, located on the Place of Laces (26/10/2008)
    Left Councillors proposed the rehabilitation of this housing, on the borders of Sierra Espuña for municipal use in environmental activities and sports
  • Zamora, the Club Ciclista Santa Eulalia, 3rd in Mula (26/10/2008)
    On Sunday 26 October 3rd memorial dispute the Leon Sanchez of MTB in the town of Mula.
  • High officials, councilors and several municipalities of Roma participate in professional exchange (25/10/2008)
    ... Totana to promote youth employment insertion in relation to the environment and sustainable development
  • The "First National Conference on Rare Diseases" starts with the participation of about 300 people (25/10/2008)
    The meeting will begin drafting the first bill of rights of the affected
  • The City Council signed an agreement with the Foundation Cibervoluntarios " (24/10/2008)
    for the development of recruitment and training program for rural Cybervolunteer for dynamic call center
  • The film "Mamma Mia!" Will be screened on Sunday October 26th at six and eight o'clock in the afternoon (24/10/2008)
    At the Movies Velasco
  • Press Municipal Socialist Group to the Board of Spokesmen called by the mayor (24/10/2008)

  • The spokesman of the government team realizes the last Board of Governors (24/10/2008)
    and responds to media questions concerning the political
  • Totana has a new ambulance in the emergency department of Primary (24/10/2008)
    ... equipped with the latest technological advances led both health and car
  • The "Project Nexus: a workshop for parents," "The Candle" developed for the third consecutive year, begins tonight (23/10/2008)
    ... with the active participation of over 100 families enrolled
  • It will start a training workshop and reinforcement in the Spanish language, Spanish classes for the immigrant population of Totana (23/10/2008)
    In addition to the reinforcement in the Spanish language classes alternate with computer workshops, social skills and education Health
  • The Town Hall and the Musical Association of Totana, the association Deltrajín Mifito Theatre and signed a collaboration agreement (23/10/2008)
    ... for extracurricular activities in local schools
  • The City Council awarded the execution of the work of installing an elevator in the CP "Santa Eulalia " (23/10/2008)
    ... to remove architectural barriers and facilitate access to it
  • The project of rainwater harvesting in the Rambla del Cementerio will in 2009 with funding from the Ministry of Agriculture and Water (23/10/2008)
    This is one of the main agreements they have reached the mayor of Totana and the Minister of Agriculture and Water
  • Upyd-Guadalentín spoke at the last plenary session of Totana held on October 23 (23/10/2008)
    In his speech, Miguel Baños left UPyD express rejection of the status of CyLM as "invading powers should be held by the state"
  • The Board of Spokesmen advocates "towards normalization of institutional relations between political groups in the hall" (23/10/2008)
    municipal sources said
  • The Department of Sports and Cycling Club "Nine" set up a children's program Mountainbike (23/10/2008)
    Aimed at young people aged between 9 and 15 years
  • The PSOE de Totana requires Valcárcel to apologize to the council members accused of favoring Juan Morales militants PP (23/10/2008)
    The Provincial Court finds no breach of the right to honor the mayor and the aldermen acted only "for a encouragement of political criticism "
  • The government team regrets that "the government delegate to the Socialist party received before that the mayor of Totana despite having formally requested on two occasions" (22/10/2008)
    reiterates that "the prohibition order to the Civil Guard in the act of Flag Day Pilar responds more to an attitude of "political commissar" than of a government representative of the Nation in Murcia
  • The People's Party submitted a motion in Parliament to urge the National Government to the construction of the dam project Lebor (22/10/2008)
    ... "be included" in the state budget, 2009
  • The Municipal Corporation debartirá in an extraordinary plenary session a motion on the defense of the Tajo-Segura (22/10/2008)
    will be held tomorrow at 8:30 am
  • The project "European Voluntary Service (EVS) to obtain authorization for sending and hosting EVS volunteers (22/10/2008)

  • "The Candle" starts the social skills training workshop aimed at people who want to find a job (22/10/2008)
    ... with the participation of twenty students
  • Social Welfare starts the psychosocial rehabilitation programs for criminal offenders in domestic attitudes (22/10/2008)
    ... which aims to promote positive relationship skills and values as well as alternatives to aggression
  • The City Council and the Association of Employers of the Construction of Low Guadalentín (AEMC) (22/10/2008)
    ... sign an agreement for the installation of an information on housing in general
  • The second activity framed in the Adventure Program, organized by the Department of Sports, will take place this Sunday (22/10/2008)
    ... with canyoning in "Chorreras" by the River Basin Cabriel
  • The new school of "Ramblica" will be tender before the end of the year (22/10/2008)
    ... by the Autonomous Community has included in the BUDGET of 2008 and not in 2009, as expected
  • Socialist Youth of Totana organized a talk on the Treaty of Bologna (22/10/2008)
    will take place this Thursday 23 October at 21:00 in the Casa del Pueblo, site of the PSOE
  • The Workers' Cultural Center and will host this Thursday, October 23, the talk, "Agriculture and industry productive Totana to the international crisis" (22/10/2008)
    A 20.30 at the premises located in the C / Doctor Lopez Ibor, 1 against Health Center.
  • The Murcia Provincial Court acquits former socialist mayor convicted of defaming Morales (22/10/2008)
    Justice convicted the former mayor of Totana to pay costs to each of the councilors, absolve them and revoke the previous ruling
  • It is a Platform for Public School Totana (21/10/2008)
    In a large assembly, teachers from seven public schools in Totana, accompanied by representatives of trade unions, political parties and AMPAS decided to form the platform
  • Fifth round of the amateur football league "Play Fair" (21/10/2008)
    Notes with the equipment thrashings "The pachucos" and "the Tenth Peña Madridista"
  • The Socialist Municipal Group strongly supports the Platform for the defense of public schools in Totana. (21/10/2008)
    Totaneros Socialists believe that now is the time for citizens' groups and professionals take a leading role in the defense of public school
  • Organize a trip to Granada to promote intercultural understanding and meeting the artistic heritage of this city (21/10/2008)

  • Kick-off of basic computer workshops organized by the Municipal Immigration Service Totana (21/10/2008)
    with the participation of a dozen people
  • A successful participation and intercultural musical encounters (21/10/2008)

  • Forty-five people are formed in three courses of occupational risk prevention, advanced English and advanced infromática (21/10/2008)
    ... taught at the Centre for Local Development
  • City officials at City Hall to receive fifty users and professionals Municipal Senior Center in the town of Campos del Río (21/10/2008)
    This visit is part of the cultural program that is undertaken by the Centre throughout the year
  • French newspaper L'Indépendant published an interview with the mayor of Totana (21/10/2008)
    ... to promote the campaign "Totaneros in the World" gala at the region of Narbonne
  • Local Police Officers and members of the group of Civil Protection of Totana involved in the work of monitoring and warning to local residents before the storm hit Espuña water (21/10/2008)

  • The Department of Industry will present a proposal to the plenary (21/10/2008)
    ... proceed to the establishment of a stock for the acquisition of land for economic activities
  • The PP says that "2008 is going to invest 80,000 euros in development cooperation" (21/10/2008)
    "Faced with the 72,000 it spent in the PSOE in 2000 BUDGET"
  • Councillor of Education states that "the local government supports public education" (21/10/2008)
    and suspects that "the creation of the platform is a move of political manipulation of the United Left"
  • The Ministry of Social Policy devoted almost 400,000 euros to Totana for (21/10/2008)
    ... immigration programs and the improvement and expansion of the services of the Early Care and Occupational
  • Izquierda Unida de Totana says that "the proof of the failure of Roque Molina as a councilor of education is that teachers of Totana neighbors and had to be a Platform for the Defence of Public Education (21/10/2008)

  • The government delegate had a meeting with the socialist municipal group Totana (21/10/2008)
    At the meeting, which took place at the Government Office on Tuesday 21 October, addressed current issues
  • José Andreo, the Club Ciclista Santa Eulalia, third in Moratalla (20/10/2008)
    With this third place is consolidated in the second place overall in the master category 40
  • The PSOE said that "the city of Totana is 33 million euros to suppliers" (20/10/2008)
    According to García Cánovas "when these providers try to collect, many bills do not appear"
  • The equipment of the Club de Tenis Totana regional championships begin with wins (20/10/2008)
    Both the senior team as the veterans beat the last weekend of their respective meetings
  • Totana's handicrafts attended Construmurcia 2008 (20/10/2008)
    The Technology Center of Crafts presented in a stand as the major advances achieved by craft companies
  • The mayor invited civic groups in the conclusion of the Board of Spokesmen, to participate in the preparation of municipal budgets for 2009 (20/10/2008)
    During the working day will address some of the most important issues to be discussed at the regular full for the month of October
  • Users of the Municipal Center Senior general meeting of members (20/10/2008)
    ... chaired by the municipal authorities for the opening of the course of activities
  • The Olympic Totana template makes the traditional floral offering to Santa Eulalia (20/10/2008)

  • According to the PSOE, "Juan Carrion reduction by almost 50% of the council's contribution to development cooperation" (20/10/2008)
    On the contrary, socialists claim that "the council has spent on advertising and propaganda so far nearly 600,000 legislature euros "
  • The Department of Youth and about a dozen local youth associations participating in the IX Regional Youth Participation Fair "Zona Joven 2008 " (20/10/2008)
    ... held in the Plaza de Toros de Lorca
  • The Consistory totanero create a special unit designed (20/10/2008)
    ... Local Police to the support and care for victims of domestic violence
  • The council of Finance reiterated that "the PSOE council handled debt in order to cause alarm to Suppliers" (20/10/2008)
    and asserts that "these should be 18 million euros and not 33"
  • D'Genes publicly thank the staff of FC Barcelona's basketball 2008-09 "sensitivity shown to pose in the shirt of this entity" (20/10/2008)

  • Katy Parra delights attending the presentation of his book "Eat Idyllic "... (20/10/2008)
    ... with a dramatization of the texts for which he won the International Poetry Prize" Miguel Hernández "
  • Totana Mayor welcomes and appreciates the work carried out by Civil Defence Volunteers and Local Police in the town (20/10/2008)
    search for a missing neighbor who was found with success
  • Totana Mayor believes that all political parties to participate actively in the admisnitración and local politics (20/10/2008)
    for which there is a more participatory system
  • Four couples qualify for the Open II Paddle (20/10/2008)
    will be held next weekend at the Club de Tenis de Totana
  • UPyD-Guadalentín met with José Martínez Andreo (19/10/2008)
    Three representatives of the Election Committee totaneros Guadalentín UPyD held on Friday October 17 a meeting with José Martínez Andreo, Mayor of Totana
  • The Minister of Agriculture and Water and the mayor signed an agreement for the upgrading of 3.4 km of roads (18/10/2008)
    The roads affected by this agreement are those of Cañada Hermosa, Viper and Turbinto Stone
  • Propose to Parliament that the nursery of Parral be called "Point of Care for Children Dona Pepita López Gandía" (18/10/2008)
    Dona Pepita López Gandía, wife of Matt Garcia, was a teacher of Primary Education in Totana
  • The City Council approved the technical project for the implementation of the pavement strengthening works of the Milky Way New (18/10/2008)
    ... in the section between the bridge and River Road Wastewater Treatment Plant, Included in the POS 2008
  • Katy Parra presented tomorrow Saturday at the Cultural Center "La Carcel" his book "Eat Idyllic" (17/10/2008)
    who has won the International Poetry Prize "Miguel Hernández"
  • The V edition of the awards "Totaneros year, promoted by" Local Line ", will present the awards to entities or persons in the municipality which have outstanding talent (17/10/2008)
    on 21 November at a charity dinner for Cruz Red
  • The "Meeting of Cultures" will be held on Sunday October 18th at the plaza of the old raft throughout the morning (17/10/2008)
    And in the evening, will take place on "Folklore Interacultural Music Encounter" in the city park "Marcos Ortiz"
  • The film WAL.E Cleaning Battalion "will be screened on Sunday at five and seven-thirty pm at the Cinema Velasco (17/10/2008)

  • Totana Socialists elect new Secretary General Juan Fco Otálora (17/10/2008)
    Totana The Socialist group yesterday renewed local leadership and elected its new Secretary General, he assumed responsibility Tudela Juan Fco Otálora
  • Totana Local Police seizes several marijuana plants, weighing about three kilos (17/10/2008)
    and arrested four people for an alleged crime against public health
  • The City Council and the Institute of Occupational Safety initiated a campaign to set (17/10/2008)
    ... prevention habits that will benefit more than 700 teenagers from the town to participate in the V Campaign grows Totana security "
  • Present the launch of the "Municipal School Parents " (17/10/2008)
    ... addressed to all families concerned and aware of the task of educating children
  • The spokesperson for the municipal government team realizes the resolutions adopted by the Governing Board (17/10/2008)
    and takes stock of the political
  • ... (17/10/2008)

  • II Campus Fitness Totana 2008 (17/10/2008)
    Luis Vidal was the star guest of the 2 nd Fitness Campus, which was held at the Natural Fitness facilities in Totana
  • The mayor urges business organizations and information professionals to participate in the preparation of municipal budgets for 2009 (17/10/2008)

  • They offer a series of recommendations and tips to make ends meet this month (16/10/2008)
    to raise public awareness of the need to moderate their consumption to the current crisis
  • The cultural center "Jail" will host the concert series "A loud" (16/10/2008)
    with the interpretation of "The Bossa Nova and Guitar", to be held on Friday Oct. 17 beginning at half past eight p.m.
  • The City Council and the Ministry of Social Policy, Women and Immigration signed several agreements of cooperation (16/10/2008)
    for the care of older people in the residence "La Purisima"
  • They are charged in the voluntary period receipts on property of urban and economic activities for the year 2008 (16/10/2008)

  • The program of municipal sports schools and sports activities for adults start the 2008/09 season (16/10/2008)
    with the participation of nearly 800 users of all ages
  • According to the PSOE, "Martínez Andreo is doing nothing to defend the Tajo-Segura" (16/10/2008)
    Socialist councilor Usero Martinez says that "while there is a regional union of the two major parties, Martínez Andreo shows that the transfer Tejo cares little or nothing "
  • La Peña Totana Atletico Madrid has a new site (16/10/2008)
    On Saturday October 18 to 20 hours will make a open house
  • Users and partners of the municipal center for the elderly organizing a day of coexistence (16/10/2008)
    will be held on Saturday October 18th at The Saint, on the occasion of the opening of the course of activities
  • The City publishes the basis for the competition call the school senior management workshop "Casa de las Monjas" (16/10/2008)
    which the deadline for submitting applications will remain open until 30 October
  • The Mayor and Council for the Promotion of Industry and exhibitors visit employers in the construction of Totana (16/10/2008)
    ... installed in the exhibition and related construction in IFEPA, Torre Pacheco
  • Agents Totana Local Police arrest an individual, a native of Nigeria (16/10/2008)
    as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of counterfeiting currency and stamps at the weekly market
  • The council of Agriculture says that the only party that has defended seamless and always with the same criteria the Tajo-Segura is PP (16/10/2008)
    Usero and criticizes the PSOE did not attend the agricultural advisory council which agreed to a proposal transfer defense
  • The Youth Resource Center "Young Space" will be a reality in late 2010 (16/10/2008)
    ... under an agreement with the Institute of Youth in the Region of Murcia
  • ... (16/10/2008)

  • Ten executive commissioners represent the local People's Party in the XIV Congress totanero Regional (15/10/2008)
    to be held on Saturday 18 October
  • Glen Street Zamora on Thursday will be cut from eight in the morning (15/10/2008)
    to fix a fault in the overall network of water at the street level Barco
  • I organize the photo contest "All we" (15/10/2008)
    It is intended to encourage greater acceptance of ethnic and cultural diversity
  • The City Council hires the final award of the supply and installation of bikes loan system for urban trekking electronic identification card in Totana (15/10/2008)

  • The PSOE complained that "the mayor wants to take the leading role in the day of the Guardia Civil" (15/10/2008)
    The Socialists claim that "the mayor is invented events with the sole purpose of a photo opportunity"
  • La Peña Madridista "The Tenth" was proclaimed the new leader of amateur football league "Play Fair" (15/10/2008)
    After his easy victory against the team "Brothers Periago"
  • Totana host from 24 to 26 October, the "First National Conference on Rare Diseases " (15/10/2008)
    ... where you begin to develop the first declaration of rights of the affected
  • A dozen local women participating in the conference "Rural women: New opportunities and challenges, held in Puerto Lumbreras " (15/10/2008)
    ... the occasion of World Rural Women
  • ICT Awards 2008 (15/10/2008)
    The Ministry of Education, Training and Employment, made public the list of the 20 winning entrants in the edition of the Call for ICT Awards 2008
  • Izquierda Unida in Totana considered "a blatant use of symbols, the controversy created by Martínez Andreo and flag-raising ceremony" (15/10/2008)
    Left Training recommends the Mayor to "be devoted to govern, not worry about the problems Totana's neighbors and do not mix with the Civil Guard Municipal Institution "
  • The Ministry of Health gives green light for the imminent construction of the new health center Totana South, located in "The scale " (14/10/2008)
    ... whose works will start early next year
  • The CD Capcuhinos is finalizing preparations for the inception of the local league football next room (14/10/2008)
    The football league will be played Monday through Friday Totana School Board and the Municipal Sports Pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez"
  • The Intercultural October starts today with the launch of the workshop "Dancing " (14/10/2008)
    ... world that will run until Nov. 13 at the Community Center neighborhood Tirol Camilleri
  • The final report of the Municipal Office of Consumer Information reveals that most consumer complaints have been motivated by fixed and mobile telephony and the Internet (14/10/2008)
    The number of inquiries, complaints, grievances and complaints handled in the first nine months of the year through this municipal service is close to the 400
  • Youth charter a free bus to visit the IX Regional Youth Participation Fair "Youth Zone" (14/10/2008)
    will be on Saturday October 18th at the plaza de toros de Lorca and will involve local partnerships
  • The PP regrets the "dictatorial attitude of the government delegate to ban the Civil Guard troops Totana their participation in the official ceremony to mark Flag Day Pilar, the feast of the body" (14/10/2008)

  • The sports council attended the training in the "Juan Cayuela" players of the Swiss Under-21 (14/10/2008)
    ... they will face tonight with the Spanish team in the "Artes Carrasco" Lorca
  • The Ministry of Works, Housing and Transport financed entirely by the recruitment of the wording of the proposed renovation of the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja (13/10/2008)
    ... under a collaboration agreement with the town of Totana, amounting to 24,592 euros
  • The Governing Board awarded ten local mass and niche in the municipal cemetery worth about 15,000 euros (11/10/2008)
    Councilman and Comprehensive Maintenance Services reported that it is conducting a deep cleaning in anticipation of the cemetery celebration of Día de Los Santos "
  • The mayor takes contact with union representatives (11/10/2008)
    ... City Council to establish a constant and permanent diáologo with social
  • The Mayor opens the course of the Association of Housewives, Consumers and Users of the Three Hail Marys (10/10/2008)
    ... coinciding with the commemoration of International Day of the housewives'
  • The "dedocracia" party and its consequences in the town of Totana (10/10/2008)
    view article Bathrooms Miguel Martínez, Coordinator of the Election Committee of UPyD Guadalentín
  • The mayor meets with the director general of sports (10/10/2008)
    for collaborative arrangements, plan to move sports policy and the basic needs of the locality in sports
  • Andreo presented to the village headman of the Paretón-Cantareros the renovation project of the voyage (10/10/2008)
    and reports on planning projects for the year 2009
  • The Open II Paddle "Uncle Pencho" regional level was held in the town between 17 and 26 October (10/10/2008)

  • It is the new Agricultural Advisory Council (10/10/2008)
    defense unanimously approves the draft of the Tajo-Segura and decides that the first "Fair of Agriculture" of the municipality will be held in September next year
  • Totana joins the commemoration of World Day of mental health under the theme "Making mental health a global priority " (10/10/2008)
    ... through the reading of a manifesto and in the presence of municipal authorities
  • Finance Councilman Garcia asked the question, if you know both municipal economic and financial policy "why is accused of a crime when he was president socioeconomic PADISITO" (09/10/2008)

  • IU militants in Totana elect 7 delegates to participate in the Assembly of this training, the next 25 in Molina de Segura. (09/10/2008)
    's Bid, led by Leonor Muñoz and which is the Municipal spokesperson, Peter Martinez, won the unanimous vote of the Assembly Local
  • The company's "Zero" staged the play "The Marriage of force" by Molière (09/10/2008)
    Will this Friday at eight thirty in the afternoon in the Socio-Cultural Center "La Prison"
  • Water activities have started in the first quarter of the 2008/09 municipal indoor pool (09/10/2008)
    ... with the participation of 1,500 people registered
  • The Social Welfare council meets with the Advisory Council of Vocational Centre "José Moya " (09/10/2008)
    ... to report the proceedings of the City Council on Disability
  • The Volunteers Platform Murcia presented today at the Sociocultural "Jail" the project "Peace is possible Caravan" (09/10/2008)
    is an activity aimed at raising awareness and spreading the values of peace
  • PSOE: "Every day that passes, the city has to pay only interest to the banks 4740.26 euros, including Saturdays and Sundays" (09/10/2008)
    Socialist Councilman Andrés García Cánovas has said in press conference that "the mayor lying when municipal debt talk "
  • The PP spokesman in Totana says that "the general state budget crisis will cause more and more unemployment in Spain" (09/10/2008)
    "and so obvious damage to the region of Murcia
  • González Tovar highlights the best quality of electrical supply to the region (09/10/2008)
  • Athletes Athletic Club in the XI Totana Media participaronb marathon Huércal-Overa Villa " (09/10/2008)
    Bill Hume went back up to the top of the podium
  • The Craft Technology Center presented at the First Iberian Meeting of Craft Centres original model their management (08/10/2008)
    This is the only research and innovation that developed the R + D + i for companies in the crafts sector Spain
  • Totana Athletic Club Athletes participated in the 35 edition of the Berlin Marathon (08/10/2008)
    On the other hand, athletes from the same club participated in the Third Half Marathon Alpina "Al-Mudayna"
  • More than a hundred children and young people participate in the project Edutec "Social Revitalization of neighborhoods " (08/10/2008)
    ... conducted by The Candle in collaboration with the Department of Youth
  • The team Layouts Javi "is positioned as the leader of amateur football league" Playfair " (08/10/2008)
    ... after the second day of competition held last weekend
  • The PSOE de Totana calls an extraordinary plenary session to defend the Tagus-Segura (08/10/2008)
    The Socialist councilor Usero Martinez says that "only the union of all Murcia can avoid the statute of Castilla La Mancha end the diversion of the Tejo
  • Set up a PIM in the Plaza of the Constitution to inform citizens of municipal resources for migrant (08/10/2008)
    ... and disseminate the activities under the "October Intercultural
  • Work on the new clubhouse located in Navas street in the neighborhood of "The Pottery" will be completed in the first quarter of next year (08/10/2008)
    The place has a total area of 151 square meters and 138 sq meters with storage, courtyard and toilets
  • The homage to the Spanish flag will be held on October 12, coinciding with Columbus Day in the Plaza of the Constitution (08/10/2008)
    During this event, a flag will be raised throughout the year will remain permanently
  • The mayor meets with representatives of local and regional union UGT and CCOO (08/10/2008)
    ... to publicize the measures implemented by the Consistory to mitigate the effects of the economic crisis in the City
  • Tennis Club will host Totana southern Murcia School Tennis Federation (07/10/2008)
    The best players in the southeast of our region will train in Totana
  • Opened the computer course "Word Processor Word and Excel spreadsheet " (07/10/2008)
    ... taught at the ALA Development Centre Local
  • The second mountain bike route ran along the road and Lentiscos Taibilla (07/10/2008)
    The route was attended by more than a dozen cyclists
  • Courses and seminars are organized for women on coeducation, self-esteem, information and equal opportunities (07/10/2008)
    Admission to the courses shall be by order of registration to complete the quota and the deadline will remain open until 17 October
  • The City and the Autonomous Community will sign a multi-year agreement to fund the construction of adjacent areas to the Chapel of the Holy (07/10/2008)
    The amount of the agreement is estimated at 214,505 euros
  • The City Council requested a grant to the Autonomous Region for the second phase of work extending the Point of Care for Children "El Parral" (07/10/2008)
    Work on the first phase have enabled the education of a total of 60 children
  • The posts weekly market power have more than ten points (07/10/2008)
    ... power to prevent the use of generators and the discomfort of the neighbors
  • Diego Sanchez Pascual takes up his new position as village headman of the deputation of the Sierra (07/10/2008)
    In the first headman Board held in the city of Totana last September, Diego Sánchez Pascual took up his new position as village headman of the deputation of La Sierra
  • Popular Parliamentary Group in the Regional Assembly proposes the creation of separate records for rare diseases and low prevalence in the Region of Murcia (07/10/2008)

  • "D'Genes" and is a member of the European Platform for Rare Diseases "Eurordis" (07/10/2008)
    Applications to join the association sent to associate membership of Eurordis has been formally accepted by the Board of Directors
  • The regional PSOE recalls that the PP approach your regional conference with more than 30 suspects in various crimes " (07/10/2008)
    Jara considered" particularly bloody "the situation of Totana.
  • Four podium last weekend (06/10/2008)
    Great weekend for the Club Ciclista Santa Eulalia
  • Inauguration course of Women's Socio-Cultural Association Totanera (06/10/2008)

  • Submission program for greatest Municipal Center Senior (06/10/2008)
    This program includes offerings such as training new generations trbajo workshop and the workshop of new technologies
  • The "intercultural October, organized by the municipal immigration (06/10/2008)
    ... start next week with the workshop" Dances of the World "
  • End of work on the street Moratín (06/10/2008)
    These works have been aimed at solving the problems of water pressure in 23 houses in this street
  • Local authorities visit the site for the construction of storm sewers and sanitation in the district Tirol-Camilleri (06/10/2008)
    ... to be renewed the water in the wadi and avoid the historic floods
  • Local authorities attending the Mass and memorial to the dead of the Association of Families and People with Alzheimer "The Carrasca of the Holy" (06/10/2008)
    This was followed by a meal with family, friends, members, volunteers and caregivers in the Restaurant for Sale Rat "
  • The Ministry of Agriculture conditioned 3.4 kilometers of rural service roads in Totana (05/10/2008)
    The works will be on the roads of Piedra Cañada Hermosa and Viper, as well as the first part of the way Turbinto, with an investment of 200,000 euros , 50 per cent funded by the Department and the city of Totana
  • DISCORD close their 2008 tour in Totana, on 5 December in the festivities of Santa Eulalia (05/10/2008)
    The tour includes 20 concerts
  • The barbecues located in La Santa and recreational areas Espuña and can be used to make fire (04/10/2008)
    According to reports from Civil Protection
  • Eucharist and tribute in memory of deceased members of the Association of Families and People with Alzheimer "The Carrasca de Totana" (04/10/2008)
    will be held on Sunday October 5th at La Santa
  • The city and AEMC will sign an agreement for the installation of a housing information about protected (04/10/2008)

  • They start the program of project activities "Totana de Noche" (03/10/2008)
    over the weekend for the season from October to December 2008
  • The "Solidarity March III Totana City" will be held on Sunday October 5 (03/10/2008)
    The benefits will go to the Spanish Association against Cancer
  • Valverde Queen takes stock of the Governing Board of yesterday and last plenary session on Tuesday (03/10/2008)
    In addition, states that "unemployment is down by 5% during the last month of September, according to statistics provided by the Service Regional Employment and Training "
  • IX Motoalmuerzo Totana City (03/10/2008)
    The "Moto Almuezo IX" will be held on Oct. 12 at the fairgrounds and raffles and an exhibition of classic motorcycles
  • The PP critical Totana "wasteful central government in crisis" (03/10/2008)
    According to the popular "economic crisis in the socialist government spends about three and a half million euros to deliver desalinated water bottles"
  • Chartered buses to attend the conference on "New Opportunities and Challenges" (03/10/2008)
    will be held in Puerto Lumbreras on 14 October to commemorate the International Day of Rural Women "
  • Program Fall Cultural Totana 2008 (03/10/2008)
    About 25 activities in music, theater, folklore, poetry and exhibitions are part of the program, which takes place during the months of October and November
  • Pedro Saura announces that "the regional PSOE presented a package of measures in the Assembly to eradicate corruption in Totana" (03/10/2008)
    Pedro Saura yesterday held a meeting in Totana with the local PSOE Executive Committee, which reviewed the status of the town
  • The Minister of Employment, Training and Education and the Mayor of Totana held a working meeting (03/10/2008)
    of which has led to the relocation of the offices of the SEF to "El Parral" and the construction of new school in La Ramblica "
  • "The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (Mummy 3) adventure" (03/10/2008)
    On Sunday 5 at five and seven-thirty in the afternoon they planned on performing arts hall
  • The School of Music held a hearing on "The Prison" as the beginning of the academic year 2008/2009 (02/10/2008)
    More than 200 students receive their training in this course
  • The Mayor of Totana and CEO of Centers inaugurate the school year 2008/2009 in the Public School San Jose (02/10/2008)
    coincide with its 25 anniversary
  • Relatives of Occupational Centre users "Jose Moya" and practitioners meet this service (02/10/2008)
    to discuss the proposals and activities for the year 2008/09
  • Agents that make up the special surveillance device proceed to the arrest of a natural person of Algeria (02/10/2008)
    for stealing inside a car
  • Conduct a feasibility study to create a program management and inventory of existing municipal heritage (02/10/2008)

  • The San Francisco neighborhood parties dismiss the summer festivals of neighborhoods and districts of the town (02/10/2008)
    being held this weekend at the 3rd, 4th and 5th October
  • To the socialists of Totana, "the plenary session in September is another missed opportunity for the mayor to take action before the crisis" (02/10/2008)
    Juan Francisco Otálora said that "it is unfortunate the attitude of pure survival and flushing time, is using the mayor and his administration "
  • The activities of the "IV Encuentro Solidarity of Friends and People with Alzheimer's will start Thursday (02/10/2008)
    with the holding of a meeting and conference at the cultural center" Jail "
  • Approved unanimously a total of seven projects for the regeneration of streets, sidewalks and replacement of general services within POS'2009 (01/10/2008)
    with a total budget of 579,000 euros
  • The House paid tribute to the local police officer who died recently (01/10/2008)
    Y agrees that the new premises of the barracks to be named "Cape Alfonso Murcia
  • Full Regional urge the Government to implement a comprehensive care plan for rare diseases within the Health Plan of the Autonomous Community (01/10/2008)
    among other things, pays public tribute to the work of cooperating
  • Campaign dissemination and awareness of volunteerism in secondary schools (01/10/2008)
    The campaign will start from this October at the centers "Juan de la Cierva", "Prado Mayor", "Reina Sofia" and "La Milagrosa"
  • Program to support family education at early ages carried out in the CEIP Santiago (01/10/2008)
    The registration period will be open from 6 until 17 October
  • MIFITO organized the "Draft respite care for disabled dependents" (01/10/2008)
    The project is diridigo Dependent Disabled Persons town of Totana and its region
  • The council will require the Government of Spain for urgent reform of local finance (01/10/2008)
    On the other hand, will create a commission of inquiry into the authorship of the false allegations to the General Plan
  • The House gives green light to the proposed change in the mode of care management services and maintenance of gardens, parks and green areas of the Municipality of Totana (01/10/2008)

  • It is held the first gathering of "white " (01/10/2008)
    ... Wednesday a day that will be held every month and which condemn violence against women
  • The session takes the first step in the construction of 190 housing units for young (01/10/2008)
    will be built in the grounds of the former sausage factory Escamusa
  • The organized Totana PB II Regional Sports Meet for Persons with Disabilities (01/10/2008)
    will be held on Wednesday October 15, 2008
  • According to IU, "the House of Totana, with the votes of the PP, opens the door to tax rises and privatization, highlighting the paralysis of the Municipal Government" (01/10/2008)
    assert that "the Mayor has had to increase the cost of protocol while saving measures announced no concrete "

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