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  • Appliance Park begins the summer with the launch of its new website (30/06/2013)
    Need to renew or buy appliances?
  • Performance theater students from IES Prado Mayor Geriatric Center "La Purisima" (30/06/2013)

  • IU rejects claims that the PP in the full City Council a motion to restore the house of General Aznar (29/06/2013)
    Remember that "popular election campaign promised"
  • Agents of the local police reported the council to the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (28/06/2013)
    They claim that "personal data recorded in the file of the Department of Human Resources, were found during a house search performed by an alleged crime against public health Drug Trafficking in a house in Totana "
  • Health reports that The Medical Clinic will not close in summer Paretón (28/06/2013)
    And the programming assistance of Totana Health Center will be transferred to the morning
  • The House agreed to the Ministry of Interior to require the provision of the services of a National Police Station in Totana (28/06/2013)

  • More than 200,000 euros for 19 parking day center for people with mental illness in Totana (28/06/2013)

  • The Brotherhood of Jesus and the Samaritan organizes the "Feasts of the Holy Christ of the Blood" (27/06/2013)
    will take place on Saturday June 29
  • The mayor requests to the Government a delegation of National Police Commissioner (27/06/2013)
    and address other issues in public safety
  • Musical performances, competitions and sports activities for children and monopolize the program Lébor parties (27/06/2013)
    kick off tomorrow Friday
  • Ten Totana school awards are made with Security Grows 2013 (27/06/2013)

  • Totana I host the international symposium lipodystrophy (26/06/2013)
    be held in the framework of the Sixth National Conference on Rare Diseases 18, 19 and October 20, 2013 in the city of Murcia
  • Removed a swarm Civil Protection in the kitchen of a house in Avenida Juan Carlos I (26/06/2013)

  • It's open enrollment period for those artisans who want to participate in the Market of Santiago for the festivities (26/06/2013)

  • The morning plenary discussion the proposal of Councillor of Finance to amend the tax ordinance (26/06/2013)

  • La Peña The Nine in Bearded (26/06/2013)

  • The council of the city of Totana appeal the judgment of the Supreme Court, by an appeal to the 4th Chamber of the Supreme Court (25/06/2013)
    By not agree with the motivation that has led to the failure of the judgment
  • They start a campaign to collect used toner and mobile (25/06/2013)
    From D'AELIP genes and has started a campaign to collect used mobile phones and toner cartridges for printers, regardless of model or brand
  • The parties Era Alta neighborhood in honor of Santa Isabel being held this coming weekend (25/06/2013)

  • Cerdá Councilor and Mayor inaugurated this Thursday the 2nd phase of sanitation collector deputation of Lebor (25/06/2013)

  • Alfonso Giménez Legaz is elected president of the Brotherhood of Jesus on Calvary and sacrament (25/06/2013)
    Zamarreño replaces Juan María López after 16 years in office
  • IU Totana mourns the death of Venancio José Rosa Butler, who was municipal councilor in Totana in the 1987 elections (25/06/2013)
    After a long illness, died yesterday in Caravaca and his funeral will take place today in Totana, at 19 am in the Church of Santiago el Mayor of Totana
  • Mireia Montavez, former Idol contestant 1 collaborates with D'genes and aelip (25/06/2013)

  • The School of Music begins auditions cycle students in theater cultural center "Jail" (25/06/2013)

  • 10 Totana Cycling Club members participated last weekend in march cyclist "Vulture 2013" held in Sabinyanigo (24/06/2013)
    This march cyclist is the most important and massive to be held in Spain
  • Good results for the CC Santa Eulalia in the two races held in Valladolises and Valdelaganga (24/06/2013)

  • The Department of Sports congratulates the club "soccer Capuchin Cade" (24/06/2013)
    to achieve national drink in first weekend at the "Plastics Romero FS" (4-3)
  • Summer Course Digital Photography, organized by sonIMAGINA (24/06/2013)
    Latest vacancies for the Digital Photography course, which will run from 1 to 24 July in Sociocultural Center Jail
  • Effective from Infomur off an outbreak of wildfire in the Way of the Jaboneros (24/06/2013)
    Along with urbanization "The Pond"
  • Effective from Infomur put out a forest fire is about Pond (Totana) (24/06/2013)

  • ... (24/06/2013)

  • IU-Green: "The Ministry of Finance tomb Adjustment Plan of the City of Totana with the same arguments used by IU in the House" (23/06/2013)

  • Closed down during 2012/13 remedial education program "Occupational Classroom" Sociocultural Center "Jail" (23/06/2013)

  • IU-Greens Councillors Totana attended the Demonstration in support of workers of El Pozo Food (23/06/2013)
    "Thousands of totaneros are part of the template and IU Alhama Factory is with workers who are part of the company and influence in the economy totanera "
  • Discover the new website Boutique Ana (22/06/2013)
    Ana Superweb has chosen for its new website, which she has been able to create a quick and easy
  • This Sunday Festival Dance School in the auditorium Canovas Manoli Marcos Ortiz (22/06/2013)
    The show will begin at 22:30 pm and admission is free
  • It is the Association of Football Referees Totana (21/06/2013)

  • The Social Chamber of the Supreme Court sentencing council favorable to the ERE promoted this term (21/06/2013)
    Aafectaba to 35 municipal workers
  • Civil Guard and local police dismantled a point Totana drug sales (21/06/2013)
    It has arrested a person on charges of drug trafficking
  • Totana this weekend hosts the finals of the Cup of futsal in First National B (21/06/2013)
    With the Capuchin CADE FS as host team
  • The School of Music of Totana organizes six auditions end of the 2012/13 during the next week (21/06/2013)
    will take place in "Jail"
  • The Popular Party stands a motion in Parliament in June on finding solutions to the problem of food waste (21/06/2013)

  • Basketball Camp Totana 2013 (21/06/2013)
    Directed by CBTotana players and coaches, will take place during July and August
  • The council agrees that the works of CEIP "Regional-Deitania" are completed for the beginning school year 2013/14 (20/06/2013)

  • JST: "85,000 students lose the scholarship because of Wert and the Popular Party" (19/06/2013)

  • City officials attend the opening of the new premises and taking possession of the board of the local board of the AECC (19/06/2013)
    Pedro Marín relieves Julia de la Peña as president of the Local Board
  • COATO has won the Regional Award for his collection ECOGOURMETS Crafts (19/06/2013)
    Two of the four winners were companies of Totana
  • The Employment Development Department continues with specialized training to farmers with safe driving course tractor (19/06/2013)

  • The Dep Assoc Peña III The Nine Marathon Btt the Ruta del Sol (19/06/2013)

  • About thirty people involved in the course of Crop Protection Manifpulador (19/06/2013)
    is being conducted at the Centre for Local Development
  • The Department of Sports and Aikido club closed down the season 2012/13 with exams aspiring black belt first dan (19/06/2013)

  • A year will be the traditional burning of the bonfire of San Juan (19/06/2013)
    On June 24 at 00:00 in front of the Kabuki
  • The Department of Public Safety and Emergency Closing the Driver Education course 2012/13 (19/06/2013)
    have involved more than 2,400 students and Primary Education
  • The block parties Olympic-Pears-Station-Triptolemos held 21 to June 23 (18/06/2013)
    Next to the courtyard of the School Room
  • The Hospitality of Our Lady of Lourdes began its traditional pilgrimage on Friday (18/06/2013)
    65 participate totaneros
  • The council closing the educational effort (18/06/2013)
    Seven students from the University of Murcia have helped in the study of 35 children in disadvantaged sociocultural
  • Organize a Summer School on "Copi-Coy" in Puerto de Mazarrón (18/06/2013)
    Opened the registration period for summer school, which will totaneros monitors
  • City officials meet with the Board of Higher Illustrious Cabildo Processions (18/06/2013)
    To take stock of the Week Santa'2013 and assess other future projects
  • Totana Local Police detained a person suspected of a crime of robbery, and recover the stolen object (18/06/2013)

  • The Santa Eulalia CC was represented in the test by Yeste mountain bike and the mountain bike route of Sol III in Lorca (18/06/2013)

  • IU rises to Parliament an initiative to request the CHS developing new guidelines for social and sustainable use of groundwater in the Valley Guadalentin (18/06/2013)
    "The change in the regulations, as regulated in other basins, would be a economic recovery "
  • The totanero José Miguel Cano participated in the championship of Spain summer swim master, in Report Olayitas (Fuenteventura). (17/06/2013)

  • The association of housewives, consumers and users of the "Three Hail Marys" finish the course (17/06/2013)
    with a living food
  • Baeza: "Central government measures begin to bear fruit in Totana" (17/06/2013)
    "because in a single month has risen indefinite hiring 145 percent"
  • Journey to the Sierra del Segura Totana Hikers Club (17/06/2013)
    During the past weekend, the club Totana hiker, has traveled to the upper reaches of the river Segura and has made several routes in this environment
  • The local police arrested in recent days to three people for alleged crimes against road safety (17/06/2013)

  • The Municipal Socialist Mayoress Question when will explain the findings of the Law Council concerning the convention Raiguero (17/06/2013)

  • IU Valcárcel requires you to pay the money committed to the City for the purchase and rehabilitation of the house of General Aznar (17/06/2013)
    has presented a motion to the House June to request Training Workshops are unemployed and young people in the Rehabilitation of Building
  • Felix Paul Cayuela assumes Activity Licensing Department to centralize its management with Industry (17/06/2013)

  • IU complaint "shoddy workmanship" that the PP government is carrying on Rural Roads (16/06/2013)
    "After several years without maintenance abandoned, consents Works Councilwoman one sloppy and uncontrolled patch to the anger of local residents and farmers"
  • Camp Manoli school dance Canovas in The Stables on September 3-4-5 (15/06/2013)
    children may attend / as of 8 to 14 years
  • The Sewer Socialists totaneros participating in the Day of the Rose (15/06/2013)
    The Museum Sewer Huerta hosts the celebration of the Rose, with the presence of patx Lopez
  • The City Council and Caritas Educational Community unite to launch a Bank Textbook Exchange (14/06/2013)
    for the school year 2013/2014
  • The Socialist Group requires the Mayor to provide answers and to complete the work of the Regional-Deitania (14/06/2013)
    "The situation is due to the neglect of the PP that ignores the welfare of the students of the school District Deitania, despite the smiles that the Councillor Education exhibits at the closing ceremony of the school's courses "
  • The coupon ONCE distributes more than 1.7 million in Totana (14/06/2013)
    At the draw of June 13
  • The swimming summer season is now open since last June 8 (14/06/2013)

  • Work begins patching Comprehensive Plan in over 70 streets of the town of Totana (14/06/2013)

  • The feast of San Juan neighborhood in Las Lomas de The Paretón held from 22 to 24 June (14/06/2013)

  • The Holy Sanctuary welcomes Totana coexistence of sororities and fraternities Veronica groups of the Diocese of Cartagena this Sunday (14/06/2013)
    The meeting is sponsored by the Brotherhood of Veronica Totana and brothers will gather more than one groupings thirty Region
  • UI calls "summer and smoke rants without substance" the Mayor's proposal to request a police station in Totana (13/06/2013)
    Canovas, requires the mayor to "finish the bridge and demand Kabuki Law Unit which has cut the PP government to unsustainable levels and fantasies stop "
  • Installs a portable paddle tennis this weekend at the Plaza Vieja Balsa to publicize and disseminate this sport (13/06/2013)

  • The brotherhood of Jesus on Calvary and Holy Supper celebrated a journey of coexistence Guadalest and Algar Fountains (13/06/2013)

  • The council signed an agreement with an outplacement firm and training (13/06/2013)
    To implement actions to facilitate labor insertion and employment promotion in Totana
  • The mayor raised a motion to require the Home Office funding a National Police Station (13/06/2013)
    as to strengthen and improve the quality of services in public safety
  • Complete works of the second phase of sanitation collector deputation of Lebor (13/06/2013)

  • Several podium for CAT Executive Sport athletes in recent weeks (12/06/2013)
    have been present in several tests both within and outside the Region
  • The Director General of Telecommunications and the Mayor of Totana inaugurated the training course "How to build your business on-line" (12/06/2013)
    Contributors over 80 people
  • They rush the proceedings of the comprehensive plan patch on the streets and country roads of the Paretón-Cantareros (12/06/2013)

  • Proinvitosa started construction of four industrial buildings in Phase IV of the Industrial for sale or rent with option to buy (12/06/2013)

  • The 24-hour tournament futsal "Totana City" takes place on 6 and 7 July at the Sports Pavilion "Manolo Ibañez" (12/06/2013)

  • The Department of Training and Employment organized a free course on "How to start a business on-line" (12/06/2013)
    During the day today, participants will also be advised on the implementation of its e-business
  • The Real Murcia XII clinch second Children's Football Tournament "Ciudad de Totana" (11/06/2013)
    to beat Valencia CF in the final (2-0)
  • Totana hosts this Sunday, June 16, the II Regional Figure Skating Gala (11/06/2013)
    be held in the Sports Pavilion "Manolo Ibañez"
  • The European student mobility programs IES "Prado Mayor" allow four French students do their practical training in municipal (11/06/2013)

  • About 180 members of the Senior Municipal Center receive their diplomas training course of the season 2012/13 (11/06/2013)

  • The Socialist Municipal Group proposes to the plenary Mayoress leading to the annulment of the agreement of the Raiguero "as stated according to the CJRM" (11/06/2013)
    For socialists "is urgent to solve the processing in plenary and know all the details of this matter by the severe economic impact it can have for the City "
  • Vespa meeting Totana 2013 by sonIMAGINA (11/06/2013)
    On Saturday June 15 will be held the 2nd Meeting and Scooters & Bikes Road Classic "Vespa meeting Totana 2013"
  • Young Socialists Totana claims that the PP has raised rates for the entrance examination to the University (11/06/2013)
    "Every second degree student must pay a minimum of 140 euros, which is discrimination against those living in households with less resources, and a new attack on students "
  • City officials meet with neighbors of the Era Alta to understand their needs and demands (10/06/2013)

  • ... (10/06/2013)

  • CC Riders played Santa Eulalia Road Regional Championship, the Open de Murcia and Albacete MTB circuit (10/06/2013)

  • Antonio Gandia Costa will compete in next Sunday in the second round of the Championship of Spain Motonáutica (10/06/2013)

  • PSOE: "The Mayor should explain what happens with the agreement of the Raiguero" (09/06/2013)
    Municipal Socialist Group claims PP responses to an issue that "the government team has remained in complete darkness and hanging over the city with a number could exceed four million "
  • The College District Deitania AMPA requires the council the completion of the works of four classrooms for the start of school year 2013-2014 (07/06/2013)
    were to be completed a year ago
  • The King and Queen of Day Care Service are crowned in a ceremony scheduled at the Festival of the Elderly 2013 (07/06/2013)
    in the presence of municipal authorities
  • Stopping three people of Totana for drug trafficking as part of "Operation Michelangelo" (07/06/2013)

  • Vals Ann Garcia is elected as the new Queen of Senior Municipal Center in festejos'2013 program (07/06/2013)

  • Totana hosts this Sunday June 9 the end of the eighteenth Route Mototurística "For Life" (07/06/2013)
    It will bring together a large number of bikers in the Region of Murcia
  • The City Hall "Manolo Ibañez" hosts this weekend Tennis Regional Championship Committee of the Region of Murcia (06/06/2013)

  • There are still places for the course of plant protection products manipulator starts next Monday June 10 (06/06/2013)

  • The PP does not understand why Totana PSOE and IU did not support changing the ordinance to support the sector of the hoteliers (06/06/2013)

  • Totana Local Police continues to work on the eradication of illegal transportation of passengers in the municipality (06/06/2013)

  • The Child XII Soccer Tournament "Ciudad de Totana" takes place this weekend (06/06/2013)
    FB participate Lorca, Real Murcia, Elche CF, FC Cartagena, Valencia CF and EF host Totana
  • The Celia encephalopathy: a new disease (05/06/2013)
    A group of Spanish researchers has discovered a new neurodegenerative syndrome child, known as Celia's encephalopathy, in memory of Celia Carrion Perez de Tudela
  • Kick off the festivities of Older Persons 2013 with traditional lemonade (05/06/2013)
    users have participated Senior Center, Day Care Service, José Moya Trilla and Psychosocial Support
  • The Holy Sanctuary welcomes Totana Coexistence of Fraternities, Brotherhoods and Veronica Groupings of the Diocese of Cartagena on June 16 (05/06/2013)
    The meeting is sponsored by the Brotherhood of Veronica Totana and brothers will gather more than thirty groups of the Region
  • Totana today welcomed the V International Continuing Education Course in Hemophilia (05/06/2013)
    It brings together medical professionals in Spain
  • The new ordinance regulating street terraces eliminates administrative barriers to help hoteliers (05/06/2013)
    The City maintains in 2013 the reduction of 50% to the hoteliers for the installation of terraces in public as "compensatory measures" to the "smoking ban"
  • The city of Totana adheres to commemorate the World Environment Day is celebrated today, June 5 (05/06/2013)

  • The Department of Sports reported that the swimming summer season opens on Saturday, June 8 (05/06/2013)

  • Investigator totanero Pedro Martinez Gomez participated in the World Congress Organization Almond and Pistachio as Scientific Secretary (04/06/2013)

  • Talk discussion: "The dangers of fracking to groundwater in the basin of the Segura and Guadalentin Valley" (04/06/2013)
    will take place on Thursday, June 6 at 20.30 hours in the Cultural Center and Workers Totana
  • The club organized Totana hiker on Sunday June 2 fell on the river Segura in Rafting (04/06/2013)

  • Shock treatment begins annual insect and rat removal in sewage records of the town and rural areas (04/06/2013)

  • The Dep Assoc Peña The Nine on March II Mtb The Wild (03/06/2013)
    On Sunday night June 2 held in Velez Rubio Mtb The Wild March II, a test of 90 kms.
  • PSOE: "The Mayor should clarify the ownership of the Ciudad Deportiva" (03/06/2013)
    The Socialist Party believes that "the government team either lying or does not know who is"
  • Maris Sport CLAB organizes a female paddle tournament to benefit D'Genes (03/06/2013)
    It will take place on 8 and 9 June in Torre Pacheco
  • The local police arrested a man for 52 years for an alleged case of domestic violence (03/06/2013)

  • Regional Employment Commission (03/06/2013)
    The Regional Employment Commission of Upper and Lower Guadalentin moves to the members of the Committee on Employment of the Regional Assembly the need to develop joint actions in this area
  • City officials meet with residents of the council of La Sierra to meet their needs and demands (03/06/2013)

  • The parties Municipal Center Senior Totana held this week, from 5 to 10 June (03/06/2013)
    They have a wide and varied program of activities
  • Martin gets podium after a great performance Churra team Santa Eulalia CC Bike-Planet (03/06/2013)

  • "Totana Local Police makes a visit to the municipal plenary" (02/06/2013)
    Press release submitted by stewards Totana Local Police
  • Structures Eurotana change your old website Superweb to give it one more chance (02/06/2013)
    With Superweb will have a complete administration panel to update its contents
  • Exits league season 2012/2013 (02/06/2013)
    This weekend leagues have finished this season with good results for club teams Totana TM
  • 1 Aperibici, Cultural and Gastronomic Walking cycling in Totana (01/06/2013)
    It took place on Saturday June 1, departing from the Constitution Square
  • The School of Dance festival celebrates Canovas Manoli prom next June 23 (01/06/2013)
    Admission to the show is free

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