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  • Press conference with the mayor of Totana and her attorney (30/04/2010)
    took place today in Murcia
  • López Andreo required to submit proof of his allegations "and will need to add more to an offense that already has accused" (30/04/2010)
    For its part, the PSOE de Totana claim "victimhood and attempts to manipulate the mayor"
  • The councilman of Social Welfare participated in the opening day of the regional "university education, volunteering and multiculturalism" (30/04/2010)
    It was organized by the Federation of Immigrants in the Region of Murcia
  • The Platform of the Good Name of Totana states that "the order of the Supreme Court confirms that could have prevented the injustice and harassment of media that were committed on the image of this city at the national level" (30/04/2010)
    "And that caused considerable disrepute all levels "
  • Lopez says that "the CP is set very low to criticize corruption in Totana" (30/04/2010)
    PSRM spokesman requires the PP to "stop looking the other way and assume responsibility once its policy regarding alleged in the Totem case "
  • IU Valcárcel urges the PP and to apologize to the people of Totana (30/04/2010)
    "for damage inflicted by his deputy, Juan Morales, 15 years president of the PP and 8 mayor, who now deny, to divert its political responsibilities"
  • The movie "Clash of the Titans" will be screened on Sunday and Monday at the Movies Velasco (30/04/2010)

  • The voluntary payment period imposed on motor vehicles in 2010 will end on Wednesday May 5 (30/04/2010)
    first time this year has seen a drop
  • The exhibition of cartoons and drawings by Salvador Sobejano totanero remain in the exhibition hall "Gregorio Cebrian" from 3 to 6 May (30/04/2010)

  • ... (29/04/2010)

  • The PP Totana shows his great satisfaction with "the judicial decision that the mayor did not go to trial operation Totem" (29/04/2010)
    Y regrets that "it remained two months in prison for a crime, now shown, not had committed "
  • The Socialist Party says, "The mayor is charged with ten crimes, including bribery, in the courts of Totana" (29/04/2010)

  • IU denounces "the amnesia of PP when ignores the existence of main accused in the case Totem, Juan Morales" (29/04/2010)

  • The General Board of PROINVITOSA approves the annual accounts for 2009 (29/04/2010)

  • The Mayor of Totana and the councilman of Social Welfare pay an emotional tribute to the centennial Ana Díaz Castro (29/04/2010)
    On the occasion of his 100th birthday
  • The House unanimously approved to implement a new service (29/04/2010)
    to improve the coverage and attention to emergency situations with people suffering from hearing problems
  • The House approved the foundation of the "first edition of the Lifetime Achievement Award for Family Business" (29/04/2010)
    In order to determine its path through several generations
  • The educational community CEIB "Guadalentín" totanera the hamlet of El Paretón-week celebrates cultural Cantareros (29/04/2010)
    Under the theme "the sea of books"
  • The student athletes Occupational Center "José Moya" participate in the Regional Championship Football 7 (29/04/2010)
    Framed in the XXII Special School Games held in Molina de Segura
  • Martínez Usero: "Valverde claimed more than 40,000 euros a year" (28/04/2010)
    The councilman said that "the PP proinvitosa approve of two things alone, the negative and Sueldazo accounts for Valverde"
  • The totanero Pedro José López Campos was one of the winners of the Fellowship of music called by the Government of Aragon and Ibercaja (28/04/2010)
    receive 5,000 euros and will offer a concert tomorrow Thursday, April 29 at Ibercaja Actur (Zaragoza)
  • The Foundation "Create Business", in collaboration with the municipality, has formed ten immigrants to become entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs (28/04/2010)
    have received their diplomas from the hand of the director general of Immigration and the mayor
  • The PP Totana criticized the "shameful" the spokesman PSRM, Joaquín López (28/04/2010)
    "that hides from his new post that has been the promoter and adviser to the plaintiffs in the case Totem"
  • Martínez Usero: "Following recent tests on the PP councilors who support Andreo they run out of time" (28/04/2010)

  • Eight totaneros of the Parish of the Three Hail Marys attended the "Easter" (28/04/2010)
    took place last weekend
  • 2 second exposure of the first photo competition "barriers" of the association MIFITO (28/04/2010)
    take place at the Centro Comercial de Murcia THADER
  • IU Valcárcel requires that "stop looking the other way and tackle corruption" (28/04/2010)
    Valcárcel wonder how "you can continue looking the other hand, agrees that some defendants on charges of corruption try to extort money from those who in their days reported these alleged crimes "
  • Violence Against Women Professionals are committed to interagency communication to improve care to victims (28/04/2010)
    A protocol setting out the findings of the technical conference concluded today in Totana
  • The morning plenary session will address two dozen proposals promoted by the various areas of municipal management (28/04/2010)
    most notably one led the group with hearing and language problems
  • Start the theater schedule for this quarter with the work "Obsession Street" (28/04/2010)
    It will run on Friday April 30 at 21:30 pm in the theater of Socio-Cultural Center "La Prison"
  • Pagan: "The PP was the only party that has courageously faced the injustice that was going to commit to the 'death' of the Tajo-Segura" (28/04/2010)
    "And that would have meant the end of the economy Region of Murcia
  • City officials attending the General Assembly of the employers CECLOR (28/04/2010)
    is called for to make a political effort that enables the recovery of economic growth and job creation
  • Lee: "What else has to happen in Totana to take action Valcárcel?" (28/04/2010)
    The PSRM requires Valcárcel and House "ask forgiveness for the shamelessness which we live today," because they placed Andreo and Morales at City Hall and Assembly
  • The mayor joins bid for survival of the municipalities and the demands of policy makers in the Congress of Deputies (28/04/2010)

  • Cultural Program continues this Friday, April 30 with the tour of Song of the Mayos of the hand of Coro Santa Cecilia (28/04/2010)
    Visit the altars and crosses the town
  • The Department of Social Welfare, Public Participation and New Technologies will present to Parliament a motion (28/04/2010)
    To improve coverage and attention to emergency situations with people suffering from hearing the city
  • IU requires the resignation of the Mayor and Speaker of the People's Party (28/04/2010)
    "his clear involvement in the repugnant acts of extortion against a witness who is being published in the press
  • Continue the activities of the "I sociocultural half of older people" with the healthy walk around the area of the orchards (28/04/2010)
    was attended by fifty members
  • New Generation will celebrate its local Congress on Friday after 21 hours (27/04/2010)
    The members elect the new Executive
  • The mayor in the municipality receives a group of children who are part of the Junior Movement (27/04/2010)
    Y involved with the mayor in a debate to better understand the current economic situation
  • The Senior Center City of the Paretón - Cantareros have the "program of activities of the 2nd semester of Spring 2010" (27/04/2010)
    will be held from April 29 to June 20
  • The CP begins with the campaign against "plus VAT" (27/04/2010)
    intends to oppose the increases which the Government intends to apply from July Zapatero
  • New V race circuit organized by the Athletic Club Totana (27/04/2010)
    took place on Saturday April 24
  • The school community San José Public cultural week culminates Pirates in the School " (27/04/2010)
    With the conclusion of a gathering in the center
  • The Local Government Board awarded the contract for the provision of sewerage and discharge of wastewater in the area of the Sale of the Rat (27/04/2010)
    Solve the historical problems of waste water from neighbors
  • Development and Employment reports the opening of the submission of applications to participate in the program to promote rural employment "County Councils employment 2010" (27/04/2010)
    will remain open until 20 May
  • The PSOE complained that "there are municipal workers two months without charge" (27/04/2010)
    Specifically, dependent workers Special Employment Center
  • The Social Welfare council meets with the residents of social housing in the street Argentina (27/04/2010)
    To address such issues Community
  • Members of the local board of Totana the Spanish Cancer Association attended the regional meeting (27/04/2010)
    On 18 April took place in Molina de Segura 40th Regional Assembly of the Spanish Association Against Cancer
  • First Test Championship in Spain and last the watercraft Murciano Regional (27/04/2010)
    Totana Jets pilots completed the test successfully
  • Cursed Records Discord and have "fever" (27/04/2010)
    Discordia presented in May its fifth album "Fever."
  • IU says that "dozens of landowners who signed agreements with the City, on Highway Totana, Mazarron, desist" (26/04/2010)
    "and claim the money were not paid for 5 years, with the promise of Juan Morales Martínez Andreo, they would compensate him in lots and rezoning millionaire "
  • The PP asks for explanations to the Government "to cover only a policeman square in the Region of Murcia" (26/04/2010)
    "as opposed to the autonomous communities governed by the PSOE"
  • The Mayor and Councillor for Social Welfare attending the inauguration of the exhibition "Entreculturas 2010" (26/04/2010)
    Totana city council has participated with a display
  • Councilwoman Women and Equal Opportunities is involved in children's activities on the occasion of World Book Day (26/04/2010)
    were developed in the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja with the aim of encouraging reading
  • The cultural association honors Seed Fund, during a poetry reading, a better writer Juana Serrano as totanera 2010 (26/04/2010)

  • The Councillor for Education attended the closing of the "X School Board Meeting of the Region of Murcia" held in Molina (26/04/2010)
    findings were presented roundtables conducted in twelve municipalities of the Region
  • Easy away win of the CADE Totana in Cartagena. (25/04/2010)
    Easier than expected was the victory of Totana CADE to the Alsa City Cartagena presented a team of circumstances.
  • More than thousand students from schools in Totana participate in the "Week of Health and Physical Activity" (25/04/2010)
    Start the day tomorrow with alternative sports
  • The totaneros revived the tradition of "sanmarquear" (25/04/2010)
    Like every April 25th, the day of San Marcos, many residents enjoy the typical "garabazo"
  • Second day of cycling in the schools of Murcia Region (24/04/2010)
    The totanero José Ángel Camacho has returned to the podium, reaching the finish line in 3 rd position
  • Complete works of General Street Páramo (24/04/2010)
    have remedied the deficiencies of accessibility to housing and architectural barriers have been removed
  • UI warning of "possible dismissal of more than 50 workers in the company of Refuse Collection and Cleaning, as stated by the Mayor" (24/04/2010)

  • The Mayor and Councillor for Education inaugurated the eighth week of the school Cultural and Solidarity "La Milagrosa" (23/04/2010)
    It is about the life and work of Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac
  • Presentation totanero team will participate in the Regional Championship, National, European and Copa del Rey jet ski (23/04/2010)

  • Deitana College Students visit the Club de Tenis Totana (23/04/2010)
    Within School Tennis Conference organized by the club
  • The mayor asks the Government Delegate a meeting to increase support of public safety (23/04/2010)
    With the increase of crimes of concern experienced by the city in recent weeks
  • The Department of Comprehensive Maintenance of the City will be undergoing replacement of asphalt and sewerage network in several streets (23/04/2010)
    Between them, the C / Carmen Conde, within the neighborhood improvement plan Tirol Camilleri
  • The Department of Women and Equal Opportunities, organized children's activities on the occasion of World Book Day (23/04/2010)
    will be developed on Saturday April 24 from 18:00 to 21:00 hours in the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja with the aim of promoting Reading
  • The students of 4 º ESO institute "Prado Mayor" present their business plan to the Mayor of Totana and the Economic Development Councillor (22/04/2010)
    Participants in the "Empresa Joven Europea"
  • Course "care and proper treatment in the elderly" (22/04/2010)
    was closed by the Volunteer Director General, Totana Mayor and Councillor for Social Welfare
  • The mayor expressed his satisfaction because they run out of threats to the expiration of the Tajo-Segura (22/04/2010)
    Y congratulated the Totana irrigators to realize their demands
  • Sánchez Ruiz: "The opposition should focus on proposals in Parliament to help neighbors" (22/04/2010)
    "as does the PP to support consumers by requiring the State to not raise the VAT
  • IU says that "The General calls for 12.5 million euros to the city of Totana and the accumulated debt" (22/04/2010)
    "according to the letter of termination Garbage Service"
  • The PSOE described as "unworkable" the economic situation in the City "after the flight of The General" (22/04/2010)

  • Start the second consecutive year the "Spring Artisan Market in La Santa" (22/04/2010)
    is held in conjunction with the festival of "San Marcos" on Sunday, April 25
  • The councilman of Water and Agriculture irrigators accompanying the Congress of Deputies (22/04/2010)
    And it shows his relief at the withdrawal of the text of the Statute Manchego guarantee the stability of the Tagus-Segura
  • Councilman proposes Sports clubs and sports in general, to observe a minute of silence (22/04/2010)
    As a sign of mourning and remembrance to the figure of honor recently deceased president of the International Olympic Committee, Juan Antonio Samaranch
  • Spanish Pop Festival and "The Wolf's alibi" in Latin (22/04/2010)
    will take place this Friday and Saturday
  • The Socialist Party says that "it was the mayor who negotiated the final route of the AVE" (22/04/2010)

  • Closing of the course "User Information" (22/04/2010)
    The last day was held March 31 in the closing MIFITO Association Course "Computer User"
  • Chorus Santa Cecilia held on the evening of April 30 to May 1 the "Song of the Mayos' (22/04/2010)

  • The municipality will participate with a booth at the "III games for the integration of immigrants Murcia-Entreculturas" (22/04/2010)
    will be held this weekend, from 23 to 25 April
  • Continue the activities of "cultural program" with the recital in honor of Miguel Hernández (22/04/2010)
    shall be the responsibility of the Cultural Association of Seed Fund in the Socio-Cultural Center Theatre "The Jail" on Friday April 23
  • IU recommended to the President of the PP "in the campaign to collect signatures against the VAT hike, the tax cuts included in Totana" (21/04/2010)
    "and the elimination of the new, created by its leader, Martínez Andreo"
  • The Regional Assembly unanimously approved the motion submitted by the PP parliamentary group and led by the mayors of the region (21/04/2010)
    To build the third lane of the A-7 from Alhama to port lights
  • They have published books for the winning stories of I Short Story Competition for Equality, Totana 2009 " (21/04/2010)

  • Careers undertakes road works in the climb to La Santa to avoid black spots (21/04/2010)
    After Totana Mayor's commitment to the locals of The Gardens and Pond
  • LATINO INITIATIVE I introduced the Photo Contest (21/04/2010)
    Premier's finest collection of 100 € in addition to selecting the top 16 artists to exhibit their work for a month
  • Users Occupational Center "José Moya" resume start-up activities to swimming in the indoor pool (21/04/2010)

  • Kick-off activities, the "I sociocultural half of older people" with the lecture on electronic ID (21/04/2010)
    And the conference on "Totana between memory and nostalgia," by Matthew Garcia
  • The current "Plan, develop and evaluate your own work" aims to initiate participants to the social projects within the context of associative (21/04/2010)
    The deadline for the course, which will take place during the month of May, will remain open until 30 April
  • "II cultural week. A place for all" (21/04/2010)
    Education Council member has visited the various activities and workshops organized by the CEIP "Santa Eulalia"
  • The councilman of Water and Agriculture and Irrigation Community Totana attend the demonstration in defense of the Tajo-Segura (21/04/2010)
    Y against the Statute of Autonomy of Castilla-La Mancha
  • The Athletics Club was present at Tabernas Totana, Murcia, Puerto Lumbreras (21/04/2010)

  • Next weekend starts the Championship of Spain of personal watercraft (21/04/2010)
    have the participation of pilots of Jet Club Totana
  • The council accepted the resignation of the service solid waste collection and street cleaning and interior of the "General Group" (20/04/2010)
    It has been providing since 2007
  • The Brotherhood of Jesus on Calvary and Holy Communion is twinned with bells and drums section of the Brotherhood of the Blessed Christ of Calvary Almassora (20/04/2010)
    The event will take place this Saturday, April 24
  • The socialist mayor demands "of the face and explain away why the general is de Totana" (20/04/2010)

  • IU states that "the abandonment of the Council's general leaves more than 100 workers in the disparadero" (20/04/2010)
    assert that "the debt exceeds 10 billion euros"
  • The Department of Sports will sign cooperation agreements with sports clubs (20/04/2010)
    To conduct sports framed modules in the School Sports Programme taught in various schools
  • The Local Government Committee approved the draft of the works for 2010 for the construction of the municipal building for the municipal school parents (20/04/2010)
    Located near the school Santa Eulalia
  • Youth reported the opening of the term to participate in camps and labor camps (20/04/2010)
    The Institute organizes the Youth of the Region of Murcia in the campaign "Summer Youth 2010" during July and August
  • The parties in the neighborhood give Tirol-Camilleri kick off celebrations in the neighborhoods and districts in the spring and summer (20/04/2010)

  • The PP will join in Totana and promote the campaign "No more VAT" (20/04/2010)
    "intends to oppose the increases, which plans to implement the executive from July Zapatero," according to PP
  • The Socialists call for the mayor to "take it seriously and budgets to the next full" (20/04/2010)

  • The IES Prado Mayor celebrates "book week" with various activities (20/04/2010)
    19 to April 23
  • Open Now you can register at the "Pilgrimage to Lourdes 2010 see XLII diocesan pilgrimage ..." (20/04/2010)
    will take place from 25 to 30 June 2010 and will be chaired by the Bishop
  • The television channel "TV Murcia People" issue a report on the industrial resources of the town of Totana (19/04/2010)
    will tomorrow, Tuesday April 20, at 23:00 pm
  • More than 1,000 students from schools in Totana participate in the "Week of Health and Physical Activity" (19/04/2010)
    is run from the 26th until April 30
  • Kick-off activities to commemorate the International Day of the Book ", framed in cultural programming (19/04/2010)
    was carried out from Monday 19 to Saturday 24 April
  • The "Day participatory municipal youth plan" brought together fifty representatives from local youth groups (19/04/2010)
    was held at the Sociocultural "Jail"
  • CADE won 5-1 against Eliocroca Totana Lorca (19/04/2010)
    Another victory this time against Eliocroca CADE of Lorca in the penultimate league game of the 3 rd national division
  • Presentation of schools of cycling in the Region of Murcia (18/04/2010)
    This Sunday April 18 took place in Cartagena schools the presentation of cycling in the Region of Murcia, with a total of 160 runners in different categories, including a totanero
  • Totana point will have a permanent exhibition and sale of representative samples of traditional crafts and local pottery (18/04/2010)
    In the area of La Santa
  • The Classic Vehicle Association attended the party Totana Totana rociera (17/04/2010)

  • Activities of the second quarter of the "Cultural Program" (16/04/2010)
    Dan kick off with the staging of the play "Tartuffe, Moliere's" Friday April 16 at 21:30 pm in the cultural center "Jail"
  • More than fifty affected by the route of the AVE have met with the mayor, aldermen and a specialized company (16/04/2010)
    To learn more about the procedures they must follow to process their claims
  • The Mayor reported that on Wednesday the Assembly will discuss the motion to carry out the work on the third lane of the A-7 from Alhama to Puerto Lumbreras (16/04/2010)
    Thanks to the efforts undertaken by the mayors of the region
  • Nau, "The Socialist Party argues that the presumption of innocence applies only to the people" (16/04/2010)
    "while they ask for Nobel prizes, stoned the mayor without being convicted"
  • Civil Defence Volunteers, Guardia Civil and Local Police of Totana, suffocate in less than an hour an outbreak of fire (16/04/2010)
    Near the Heart of Jesus, in the place of the Espuña
  • The voluntary payment period imposed on motor vehicles of 2010 ending next May 5 (16/04/2010)

  • The day of afforestation with over 500 native plants will be held on Sunday April 18 on one hectare of the site of Mount of the Holy (16/04/2010)
    is organized by the Department of Environment
  • The latest fantasy film Tim Borton, "Alice in Wonderland" opens today at Cinema Velasco (16/04/2010)
    Y will be screened throughout the weekend
  • IU claims that "the City turns to collecting mortis causa surplus to further increase the tax burden on families totaneras" (15/04/2010)
    "while almost 400,000 euros to forgive promoters of a planning agreement"
  • City officials visited the works in the round of "Kabuki" in the Avenida Juan Carlos I (15/04/2010)
    The road will be set as the main communication point to the center of town easing road traffic
  • The PSOE de Totana proposed to other local groups that defend the transfer motion is joint (15/04/2010)

  • The mayor and the director of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health delivered drawing contest prizes "Security Grows" (15/04/2010)
    Ten students of the "San Jose" and "Tierno Galván"
  • The PP says that "Otálora has made his carelessness, neglect and lack the flag of the Socialist Group" (15/04/2010)
    "copying from IU + Greens radicalization"
  • The Department of Culture and Women and Equal Opportunities, a program of activities organized to mark the International Day of the Book " (15/04/2010)
    be held from 19 to 24 April
  • The City Council and the Ministry of Social Policy signed an agreement for 114,847 euros (15/04/2010)
    With regard to equality of opportunity, care for women victims of domestic violence and operation of the Local Employment Center
  • The Department of Environment encourages people to buy reusable bag solidarity "LE SAC" with reducing the environmental impact (15/04/2010)
    It's totally free
  • The two students of the IES Juan de la Cierva return with medals after participating in the National phase of the Physics Olympiad (14/04/2010)

  • City officials attending the inauguration of the College World Congress "John Paul the Great" (14/04/2010)
    In tribute to the late Pope at Catholic University San Antonio
  • The "Participatory Day Municipal Youth Plan" will be held in the Socio-Cultural Center "La Carcel" (14/04/2010)
    will take place throughout the morning of Saturday 17 April
  • Meeting affected by the route of the AVE (14/04/2010)
    The mayor and a company specializing in the defense of people affected by the expropriation of government will meet with those affected by the route of the AVE as it passes through the town on Thursday at 20:30 hours in the plenary hall
  • The City Council of Totana and the Ministry of Health signed a partnership agreement (14/04/2010)
    To give continuity to the proceedings of the Municipal Plan for the Prevention of Drug Addiction 2010
  • Young Socialists denounced "the paltry budget for youth associations in Totana" (14/04/2010)
    assert that "the 2009 budget for all youth associations, the amount was around 600 € that, on 31 December of that year, had not yet been paid "
  • The Basketball Federation of the Region of Murcia, Totana BC and the Department of Sports organized a coaching course class (14/04/2010)
    will be provided from May 1
  • The Congress of New Generations of Totana PP will be held on April 30 (13/04/2010)
    will elect the new executive and president
  • The Weekly Market stalls again Totana relocate their place of origin from tomorrow, Wednesday (13/04/2010)
    After completion of the refurbishment of the Avenida Rambla de La Santa
  • Continuing the intense activity of Totana Athletics Club (13/04/2010)
    took part Sunday in the Half Marathon "Ciudad de Elche"
  • Stimulation Program Reopens in neighborhoods with a schedule full of activities (13/04/2010)
    is developed by "The Candle" in conjunction with the Department of Youth
  • The session provisionally awarded the work of installing the air conditioning in Occupational Center "José Moya" (13/04/2010)

  • The activities planned for the "Fiesta Rociera" will kick off this Friday, April 16 (13/04/2010)
    With the celebration of Mass rociera and the opening of the booths at the fair
  • The theater schedule for this quarter ends with the play "Tartuffe Moliere" (13/04/2010)
    will take place this Friday 16 April at 21:30 hours in the theater of Socio-Cultural Center "La Prison"
  • Socialites claim that "the PP continues to manipulate the awarding of contracts and services" (13/04/2010)

  • The Department of Sports Organia the "introductory course to racquetball" (13/04/2010)
    were held on Saturday May 8 and Sunday 9 May at the Polideportivo Municipal "December 6"
  • Tournament opening of the new paddle tennis Tennis Club Totana (13/04/2010)
    About twelve hours of paddle trail officially opened on Saturday April 17
  • The Socialists claim that "the city of Totana violates the Economic Sanitation Plan" (12/04/2010)

  • The PP Totana group of gypsies congratulated for the celebration of International Day (12/04/2010)
    This celebration serves as a model for reflecting on the present and future of the same
  • The council has launched a special service to inform those affected by the expropriations of the AVE (12/04/2010)

  • The Department of Environment organized a reforestation with over 500 native plants in one hectare in the landscape of Mount of the Holy (12/04/2010)
    Located in the Parque Regional Sierra Espuña
  • The council renewed the cooperation agreement with the Association of Taxi Totana (12/04/2010)
    To advance this public transportation to citizens
  • The deadline to register for the pilgrimage to mountain biking Caravaca end on Wednesday April 14 (12/04/2010)
    is organized by the Sports Council in collaboration with the Sports Association "Rock Nine"
  • Totana Socialists nominate Garzon Nobel Peace (12/04/2010)

  • ... (12/04/2010)

  • The municipality will host the "First Fair Trade Outlet in Totana" to support and stimulate the commercial sector to the plight (12/04/2010)
    The Department of Crafts and Trade receives a grant of 6,000 Euros for the implementation of this initiative
  • The PP totanero file a motion in Parliament "against the closure of the Tajo-Segura" (12/04/2010)
    Y "will support all actions undertaken by the Regional Government"
  • IU is pleased with the total replacement of pavement in the path of Mazarron, "after the botched report carried in the works of POS 2009" (12/04/2010)

  • The Socialist Party believes that the popular mayor should clarify whether the PP is expelled, or continues directing (12/04/2010)

  • The PP remembers Juan José Cánovas that "entrepreneurs totaneros were the first to be informed of the work of Plan E" (09/04/2010)
    "to be those whom carry out"
  • The PP of Totana is mourning the loss of a significant local party member, Juan Sánchez Hernández (09/04/2010)
    Stream sympathy and condolences to his family, friends and activists
  • Hotel occupancy at Easter was over 90 percent between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday (09/04/2010)
    With the arrival of thousands of visitors to the site
  • The Municipal Information Office Youth Housing receives about 150 inquiries during the first quarter of 2010 (09/04/2010)
    A 17 percent more than last year
  • The Socio-Cultural Center Theatre "The Jail" welcomed the staging of the comic play "I hate those closets" (09/04/2010)
    Set in the cultural program
  • The city of Totana involved in the development of state guidelines (09/04/2010)
    For the implementation of local plans to raise awareness against racial or ethnic discrimination
  • The Socialists denounced "the brutal increase in municipal debt with the banks in 2009" (09/04/2010)

  • IU states that "the real debt of the City of Totana has increased more than 20 million in the year 2009" (09/04/2010)
    "is the fourth municipality in bank debt, second only to Murcia, Cartagena and Lorca"
  • The movies "Invictus" and "Arthur and the Minimoys 2" will be screened this weekend at the Cine Velasco (09/04/2010)

  • IU complaint "obscurantism and discrimination in bidding for works of Plan E 2010" (08/04/2010)
    "The invitations to bid on construction sites are remote control and do not have Totana companies, as the case of CADE-"
  • Totana Athletic Club Athletes participated in the 1 st edition of TrailMountain "Villa de Mazarrón" (08/04/2010)

  • The PP believes "disturbing and unfair inaction and lack of motivation of the Socialist Party" (08/04/2010)
    "in matters of general interest and concern affecting totana neighbors"
  • Absenteeism municipal services, Equality, CAVI, Commerce, Consumer and Housing change location (08/04/2010)
    As a result of actions taken to contain current spending
  • Begin the refurbishment of the promenade of Avenida de la Rambla de La Santa, included in the POS 2009 (08/04/2010)
    With a lead time of 2 months and a budget of 136,000 euros
  • About a hundred of the neediest families in the locality will benefit program support urgent basic needs (08/04/2010)
    Under an agreement signed between the municipality and several shops in Totana
  • The cultural association of painters "with" junk "fifty works exhibited in the exhibition" Water " (08/04/2010)
    is open tomorrow, Friday 9 April at the municipal exhibition" Gregorio Cebrián "
  • The pilgrimage to Caravaca mountain biking will take place on Sunday April 18 (08/04/2010)
    It is organized by the Department of Science in collaboration with the Sports Association "Rock Nine"
  • The Department of Sports organized a day of hiking, to be held on Sunday April 11 (08/04/2010)
    route will go through the different landscapes of Librilla Source
  • The Socialists are demanding that the PP of Totana to "explain where he got the money to fund the excesses of his election campaign in 2007" (08/04/2010)

  • The staging of the play "I hate cabinets, framed in the cultural program will be held Thursday (08/04/2010)
    At 21:30 in the cultural center" jail "
  • The Department of Citizenship brings up again the course "Computer Literacy" (07/04/2010)
    The deadline for entries is Friday 9 April
  • The Senior Center City of La Balsa Plaza Vieja organizes "I Fortnight Sociocultural of the Elderly" (07/04/2010)
    will be held from 14 to 29 April with various activities
  • The City Council of Totana on DTT for the elderly and disabled with the delivery of 127 receiving digital terrestrial (07/04/2010)
    The initiative is part of the information campaign launched by the municipality to facilitate the implementation of DTT the city
  • The Department of Roads reports that the deficiencies have been remedied Mazarron Road with the firm repavimetación (07/04/2010)
    The company, which repaired the hole day, is conducting tests to analyze the causes of the damage
  • The new sewage treatment plant of La Santa multiplied by 10 the capacity of existing equipment (07/04/2010)
    allow the use of treated water for irrigation of landscaped areas
  • The students of the course "Early Childhood Education Assistant" made a visit to the Municipal School Teaching Children "Carmen Baró" (07/04/2010)
    In order to implement foreground
  • The Department of Economic Development reports of aid under the "Programme for the promotion of business cooperation" (07/04/2010)
    seeking to encourage collaborative culture of companies in the Region
  • The PSOE de Totana requires popular "of accountability among its members accused of corruption" (07/04/2010)

  • Start the second consecutive year the "monthly craft market" in Santa (06/04/2010)
    The artisan market will again be held the last Sunday of each month in the environment of the Sanctuary and will start on April 25
  • The team "Céser Sánchez The Cubs' Kick it to forecast" Transportes El Lobo " (06/04/2010)
    In the twenty-fifth day of the Amateur Football League" Play Fair "
  • The Department of Sports organized a day of basketball Benjamin School Sport (06/04/2010)
    With the participation of primary schools in the village
  • The totanero José Sánchez Cánovas participated in the Open of Spain Guak Downhill MTB (06/04/2010)
    was held at the Vall d'Uixó (Castellón)
  • The mayor congratulated the council and all fraternities for the good organization of all meetings and processions of Holy Week (05/04/2010)
    also thanked the efforts of emergency services and cleaning the work
  • The Folk Group "Santiago" and the Choir "Santa Cecilia" Totana tomorrow represent the Bando de la Huerta de Murcia (05/04/2010)
    For the fourth consecutive year
  • Students of the Municipal Sports School Totana Judo federation participate in competitions held in Bacons Bridge (05/04/2010)

  • The council has now made from a special service to inform those affected by the expropriations of the AVE (05/04/2010)

  • Meetings framed in "the intercultural meeting place, a forum for exchange and dialogue on immigration issues" resume (05/04/2010)
    with a monthly
  • The Socialist Party says that "the council has no funds to invest" (05/04/2010)
    "The bulk of investment is funding the government of Spain"
  • "Youth" is a subsidy of 45,500 euros (05/04/2010)
    For the realization of dynamic activities and provision of youth information and advice for young people in employment and housing
  • The Department of Industry and Economic Development, reports of aid, convened by the Institute of Development in the Region of Murcia (05/04/2010)
    for microcredit financing aimed at entrepreneurs
  • IU claim "shoddy work in the Works and Services Plan 2009" (05/04/2010)
    "The Way of Mazarron pavement at a cost of 73,585 euros to the neighbors, reels off a month after its completion to the anger of neighbors and farmers "
  • Inkeys in the spring festivals of Murcia (05/04/2010)
    The totaneros playing in the Festival Plaza Estrella, emerged from a grassroots initiative in the social network facebook
  • La Semana Santa de Totana be within two years the image of a coupon Eleven Holy Thursday (03/04/2010)
    Will the April 5, 2012

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