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  • Theatre of solidarity for the benefit of the partnership D'Genes (31/03/2010)
    The Group Theatre of Friends "of Santomera held a charity collection devoting full Genes D'Association Murcia
  • The French newspaper L'Independent echoes the grandeur of the Easter totanera in a report that was recently published (31/03/2010)

  • Complete the refurbishment and transformation of the Avenida Paseo de la Rambla de La Santa (31/03/2010)

  • Totana is ready to welcome one of the most important religious and cultural calendar (31/03/2010)
    totanera Easter 2010
  • The Department of Economic Development reports of aid under the program "We undertake the Region of Murcia" (31/03/2010)
    They want to encourage the creation and strengthening commissioning and start-ups
  • PSOE: "The accounts of the council are in the hands of undocumented" (31/03/2010)
    "If the mayor says she is satisfied with the accounts of the council has no other way but to resign"
  • "The municipal budget council closes its financial year, for the first time in over ten years, with positive results" (30/03/2010)
    According to the mayor and council of Finance
  • The PSOE claims the "Holy Tuesday plenary evidence of the terrible economic situation of the municipality" (30/03/2010)

  • IU says that "the City Sanitation Plan fails and gives a negative remainder 2,227,829.34 cash on the 2009 Budget" (30/03/2010)

  • On Friday March 26 there was a solidarity of the film pass "extraordinary measures" in Murcia. (30/03/2010)

  • The Senior Center Municipal begin with the activities under the Program Spring 2010 (30/03/2010)

  • The Department of Economic Development reports of the aid program to the achievement of business plans (30/03/2010)
    Convened by the Institute of Development in the Region of Murcia
  • The Socialists considered "a mockery of the totaneros the announcement that the mayor was 10% lower wages" (29/03/2010)

  • Diego Martin visited the local office of the Association (29/03/2010)

  • The Mayor of Totana lawyers claim that "witnesses in the case acknowledge that they knew Totem of free school works San Jose" (29/03/2010)
    In other matters, also said today the then counsel for the City of Totana, Javier Cegarra
  • IU dismissed as "milongas ads on downs Mayor of Totana salary or retrenchment" (29/03/2010)
    "trying to blow smoke on the disastrous economic performance in 2009
  • The Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus of Nazareth and the Holy Sepulchre presents its website (29/03/2010)
    through which you can know all the history, present and future of the Brotherhood
  • The Department of Economic Development and Industry reports the grant program to promote training contracts for 2010 (29/03/2010)
    Targeted to small and medium enterprises
  • The Department of Social Welfare is a subsidy (29/03/2010)
    To finance the "Project for intervention with families in special situations with special attention to families with children at risk"
  • Closing the workshop was "Pado" parenting skills development for the division of responsibilities (29/03/2010)

  • Program begins Holy Week activities in the Day Care Service (SED) of the Municipal Center for the Elderly (29/03/2010)
    With the screening of the film "Jesus of Nazareth"
  • The mayor announced the third fall in the wages of the government team, department heads and senior council with 6 per cent (29/03/2010)
    represents the reduction of these payroll by 10 percent since the start of the legislature
  • I begin the school day of tennis at the Club de Tenis Totana (29/03/2010)
    The College of Santa Eulalia and CE Lebor have been the first to go to club
  • Postponed Totana CADE's game against Calasparra. (29/03/2010)
    At the request of the House of Calasparra Best team not played the game originally planned for last Saturday 27
  • The PSOE said that "the sale of the football field will be paying the debt with General ' (29/03/2010)

  • IU says, "The mayor continues to waste, to spend more of 132000 euros per year for an ambulance service that does not work" (29/03/2010)
    "while Red Cross volunteers are several months without ambulance to provide its humanitarian services in the Municipal
  • The weekend of the Bridge of San Jose was the most active athletes Totana Athletics Club (26/03/2010)

  • Inkeys tonight at The Jam evasion (26/03/2010)
    Inkeys interview on Canal 6 Murcia program, hosted by Jam Albarracín
  • The Task of Government tightens its belt to the running costs of the hall " (26/03/2010)
    " With the reduction of 50 percent of mobile phone use and the removal of protocol expenses, allowances and advertising "
  • The session starts up a special emergency, street cleaning and security (26/03/2010)
    On the occasion of the celebration of Holy Week 2010
  • They have the aid program "Info 2010" for entrepreneurs in the CLD (26/03/2010)

  • The Cultural Association "Seed Fund" in collaboration with the city of Totana pays tribute to "Antonio Machado and the roots totaneras" (26/03/2010)
    With a lecture and poetry reading in the Centro Sociocultural "Jail"
  • The Governing Council of the Region of Murcia Infomur approving the Plan to prevent and fight forest fires (26/03/2010)
    For the 2010-2011 season
  • Totana collaborates and participates in actions framed within the initiative "Milestones 2020" (26/03/2010)
    through which to establish projects that will drive momentum of the regional economy
  • IU considered "very serious end of two Municipal Interveners in less than a year" (26/03/2010)

  • The autonomous region has earmarked more than € 300,000 for member associations Murciana Federation of Families and Persons with Mental Illness (26/03/2010)
    Between the Afemto found Totana
  • The well-known comedian, co-host of Buenafuente of laSexta, reaches Totana (25/03/2010)
    With its hit show "The Apotheosis of Venice"
  • ... (25/03/2010)

  • IU says that "planning agreements signed by Juan Morales in Totana, start a stampede" (25/03/2010)
    "to give several neighbors and advocates for the delay in approving the General Plan"
  • The House approved the agreement for the provision of medical transportation and public health center (25/03/2010)
    To get a complete and adequate health care to the votes for the PP and PSOE and IU against + Greens
  • The corporate unanimously approved the Municipal Plan for the Prevention of Drug Addiction in the city (25/03/2010)
    The City Council will encourage the Ministry of Health to create a reference Medical Genetics Unit at the Hospital Universitario Virgen de Murcia Arrixaca
  • Holy Week in Latin (25/03/2010)
    "Open every single day from 15 hours"
  • End of XVI Regional Chess Championship held in Totana ages 7, 14 and 21 March (25/03/2010)
    has gathered more than 150 chess players in the Region of Murcia
  • Users Occupational Center "José Moya" made several trips around the mountains and the surroundings of La Santa (25/03/2010)
    In order to know the local natural environment
  • The Department of Sport Totana organized interschool competition of rhythmic gymnastics (25/03/2010)
    counted with the participation of 200 gymnasts from Alhama, Lorca and Totana
  • From IU as "very strange Subsidiary Rules Change" (25/03/2010)
    "could be linked to liquidation of the Municipal football stadium," Juan Cayuela, giving ownership to The General "as IU
  • The AMPAS of schools in Totana in collaboration with the municipality organized a giant tortilla joint fundraising (25/03/2010)
    Iran for the construction of three classrooms in a public school in Burkina Faso
  • JJSS of Totana states that "the emancipation new online office will try to avoid a boycott of the regional government to state aid" (25/03/2010)

  • Today is hosting a talk on reforming the pension system (25/03/2010)
    At 20:30 in the Cultural Center and Workers Totana
  • The Mayor and Councillor for Social Welfare are the members of the Association of integration and delivery of services to the community of immigrants from the region of Murcia " (24/03/2010)
    The association has undertaken a study on the collective Totana
  • The PP says is absolutely false that the stadium will be offered to General to settle the debts " (24/03/2010)

  • Diego Martin supports Rare Diseases (24/03/2010)
    Tomorrow, Thursday March 25, about 18:00 h.
  • The Mayor of Totana Madrid signing the agreement for the project which won national biodiversity (24/03/2010)
    "The restoration and management of the Rambla de Lebor as ecological connector between the Mountains of the tertiary and Rio Espuña Guadalentín"
  • The morning plenary address fifteen proposals (24/03/2010)
    among which the approval of the Municipal Plan for the Prevention of Drug Addiction and the agreement for public assistance medical transport Health Center
  • More than 200 families of Totana receive about two million euros in social assistance (24/03/2010)
    Through the efforts undertaken by the city of Totana in 2009
  • Totana perform a tribute to "Antonio Machado and the roots totaneras" (24/03/2010)
    With a poetry reading that will be borne by the cultural association "Seed Fund" on Thursday 25 March at 20:30 in the Socio-Cultural Center "The Jail "
  • The team "Hamburger Tara" starring the surprise of the twenty-third day of the Amateur Football League "Play Fair" (24/03/2010)
    Defeated "Peña Madridista The Tenth"
  • About 40 schools in Totana participate in the first day of orientation Regional School Sport (24/03/2010)
    was held in Santomera
  • The Socialists say they "will not allow the mayor to deliver the football field to the General to repay its debt" (24/03/2010)

  • IU demand a campaign to control the noise and exhaust-free in the town of Totana (24/03/2010)

  • All totaneros and visitors can pick up your agenda and be Nazarenes Totana 2010 (23/03/2010)
    was presented today at a special Guadalentín Cadena Dial
  • The Municipal People's Party submitted a motion in Parliament in which they request the National Government the implementation of 20 measures to support the tourism industry (23/03/2010)
    "because it is one of the productive sectors of the national economy that is undergoing the worst moment in its history "
  • The Mayor and Councillor for Economic Development will meet with employers in the construction of the town (23/03/2010)
    order to experience first hand the public works projects promoted by the council to be companies that are performed totaneras
  • Tortilla partnership for Burkina Faso (23/03/2010)
    will take place on Palm Sunday on Calle Calvo Sotelo de Totana
  • More than 220 people participated in the successful pilgrimage to Caravaca de la Cruz (23/03/2010)
    It was organized by the Department of Sports
  • Complete works of paving roads of Mazarron, Ayes and Chambers (23/03/2010)
    POS framed in 2009, for a total of 272,069 euros
  • Municipalities of Totana and Aledo, the Technology Center of Crafts, and presented INFO aid program "Info 2010" on employers (23/03/2010)
    On Thursday 25 March at eight o'clock in the afternoon at the Centre for Local Development
  • The Department of Health submitted a proposal to the House to approve the agreement of collaboration with the Health Service of Murcia (23/03/2010)
    For the provision of public assistance in primary care medical transport
  • The Socialists claim that "the mayor lied and manipulated the members of the Council" (23/03/2010)

  • IU accused of "lying to the mayor when he said that opposition groups wanted to eliminate subsidies for Holy Week (23/03/2010)

  • The Department of Economic Development reports the program "Support to companies in Murcia to attend international tenders" (23/03/2010)
    Implemented by the Chamber of Commerce
  • End phase of inter-school sport with the fifth seminar held in Lorca (23/03/2010)
    schools participated totaneros IES "Juan de la Cierva" and the IES Prado Mayor "
  • Totana commemorates the International Day against racism and racial discrimination "with the reading of a manifesto (22/03/2010)
    and the installation of a Point of Information on the activities and services that promote respect for human rights
  • UI + Councillors Greens submitted a motion in Parliament March to replace the pavements and roads infrastructure in the village to support more traffic (22/03/2010)
    Y that are badly damaged
  • Inkeys are proclaimed winners of the competition Talent SOS 4.8 (22/03/2010)
    The totaneros, along with Varry Brava (Orihuela), were winners from more than 100 groups submitted
  • City officials attending the conference organized coexistence Pora's new board of the Association of Residents of barrio San José (22/03/2010)
    To mark the day of its patron
  • The deadline for submitting applications for admission of pupils in infant schools for next year 2010/11 permenecerá open from Monday March 22 (22/03/2010)
    Until 30 April
  • The town of Totana analog broadcasting will be no tomorrow, Tuesday, March 23 (22/03/2010)

  • The Department of Economic Development reported grants for 2010 convened by the INFO (22/03/2010)
    For the technologically advanced support investments in strategic sectors, including tourism
  • CC Doublet Santa Eulalia in the ninth race MTB "Without fear of witch" in Velez Blanco (22/03/2010)

  • More than 25 people participate daily in a literacy workshop (22/03/2010)
    is framed in the "Gelem-Gelem: Community activities in Totana social housing"
  • 2-4 for the CADE Totana in the match held at Mazarrón Sports Hall last Saturday on 20 before the CD Mazarrón. (22/03/2010)

  • UI shows its rejection of the relocation of the Centre for Adult Education, from its location in the Old Institute (22/03/2010)
    Y shows its support for professionals
  • The III National Meeting on Rare Diseases final development 22, 23 and 24 October (22/03/2010)
    The Third Edition of Rare Diseases National Congress will be held on Sunday 24 October
  • Special Sweepstakes ONCE Father's Day leaves 18.7 million euros in Totana (20/03/2010)
    A neighbor of Totana earns 15 million and a salary of 6,000 euros per month for 25 years
  • The City and the Illustrious Cabildo Processions Superior signed a cooperation agreement (19/03/2010)
    to work with the organization of events and processions of the Semana Santa de Totana 2010
  • The senior team of Totana Tennis Club won third place in the category of regional paddle silver, (18/03/2010)
    After the dispute Regional Championship this past weekend at Club Dos Mares in La Manga del Mar Menor
  • On Monday, March 22 open enrollment within the second round on Sierra Espuña (18/03/2010)
    club is organized by the Sendero de Totana
  • Work on the Avenida Paseo de la Rambla de La Santa will be completed before the celebration of Holy Week (18/03/2010)

  • The Mayor and Councillor for Economic Development and Industry met with the businessmen of the Range Conservation Authority (18/03/2010)
    To revitalize and promote activities that foster entrepreneurial drive
  • Members of Civil Protection and Local Police of totana made an emergency drill in a fertilizer company (18/03/2010)
    In the industrial "The Saladar"
  • IU says, "The mayor has had to backtrack on its claims of cutting rights and wages to staff" (18/03/2010)
    "Being illegal, as reported by the Municipal Group in a legal report"
  • The PSOE criticizes the "waste of public accounts PP Hall" (18/03/2010)
    The Socialists claim that "continuing waste and shoot with gunpowder king, after hearing Councilman Juan Pagán and the Minister of Agriculture, who want to spend in the cleanup of wastewater Lebor "
  • The Youth Council will organize the next April 17 a day in which participatory and youth associations put on the table their concerns and needs (18/03/2010)
    With this day will outline the outcome of the Municipal Youth Plan
  • The film "Niko the reindeer who wanted to fly" and "The Wolf Man" will be screened this weekend at the movies Velasco (18/03/2010)

  • Councilwoman Women and Equal Opportunities attending a storytelling equality (18/03/2010)
    Sociocultural organized by the Association of Women in the planning of activities to commemorate International Women's Day
  • Press conference Lola Cano PSOE Totana (17/03/2010)
    Report on the motions of the Municipal Socialist Group in Parliament presented March
  • The PP says that "while the government team returned € 360,000 with the freeze and lower taxes, the Zapatero government wrung totaneros the pockets of the VAT hike" (17/03/2010)
    "The VAT rise will mean for each families an extra cost of 600 euros, "said Nau
  • The Socialists denounced "the incoherence of the mayor to keep eight councilors released" (17/03/2010)
    Otálora says, "is costing the totaneros more than 60 million pesetas"
  • IU complaint "PROINVITOSA accounts for 2009 once again shed a negative balance of more than 1 million euros" (17/03/2010)

  • The Ministry of Regional Policy gives the nod to the 25 projects submitted by the city of Totana (17/03/2010)
    will be funded by the State Fund for Employment and Sustainability with an amount of EUR 3,132,518
  • The bus information of DTT visit the town to inform residents of steps that must continue to adapt your analog TV to digital (17/03/2010)
    As the outage will occur on 23 March
  • The Totana Aikido Club Aikido attend a course taught by one of the major benchmarks of this martial art, Yasunari Kitaura (17/03/2010)
    It was developed in Valencia
  • Consumers and users of Totana receive information about their rights and obligations through the Mobile Information Point (17/03/2010)
    On the occasion of the commemoration of "World Consumer Day"
  • The Department of Sports remembers ending deadlines for enrolling to the different ways to make the pilgrimage to Caravaca (17/03/2010)
    will be held during this weekend
  • Women Councilwoman attend the talk on the current status of the housewife (17/03/2010)
    Organized by the Association of Housewives, Consumers and Users "Three Hail Mary" in Totana
  • The council advises the PSOE finance "read the press releases that make before publishing" (17/03/2010)

  • A total of 40 students of municipal schools gymnastics sport of Totana and the Paretón participate in interschool competition (17/03/2010)
    was held in Lorca
  • The Socialists claim that "the new law of attraction science will train and work as a scientist in Spain" (16/03/2010)

  • The Brotherhood of Santa María Salomé and Ecce Homo released this year new banner (16/03/2010)
    is bless on Saturday March 20 at the Mass at 7 pm in the Parish of Santiago
  • ... (16/03/2010)

  • Pallarés: "The new model designed by the council tax benefit totaneras family economies" (16/03/2010)
    "Since it will pay a total of 360,000 euros thanks to the freezing and lowering taxes for 2010"
  • IU calls "quips and statements Councilman Graciet on the New Model PP Attorney Totana" (16/03/2010)
    Pallarés Recommend to explain "the new tax pools with which threatens neighbors by thousands of letters"
  • Totana commemorate the International Day against racism and racial discrimination "with the reading of a manifesto (16/03/2010)
    and the installation of an information on the activities and services that promote respect for human rights
  • The Department of Sports successfully complete theoretical and practical course for beginners tennis (16/03/2010)
    was held this weekend at the Sports "December 6"
  • More than thirty Totana Athletic Club athletes participated in the Half Marathon "Ciudad de Murcia" (16/03/2010)

  • The Region of Murcia SER Cadena SER held Saturday at the headquarters of Cebag (16/03/2010)
    is devoted exclusively to analyze the situation of agriculture in the Valley and Region Guadalentín
  • The Department of Industry, Economic Development and Employment Promotion Grant reports for the "Development of stable and quality employment and self-employment 2010" (16/03/2010)
    Convened by the Regional Employment Service and Training
  • Continue Walking Program organized by the Department of Sports (16/03/2010)
    On the road that ran by the Eagles Talayón Chueca
  • The Department of Consumer morning install Mobile Information Point in the Plaza of the Constitution (16/03/2010)
    To raise public awareness of their rights and obligations on the occasion of "World Consumer Day"
  • PSOE: "The Popular Party leadership despises irrigators Murcia" (16/03/2010)

  • Weekend in Córdoba Club de Totana Senderista (15/03/2010)

  • The Department of Citizenship starts the computer literacy course (15/03/2010)
    The registration period is open until Tuesday 16 March
  • The PP says that "works of the two plans and to be financed with the proceeds of the VAT increase will apply from July" (15/03/2010)
    "It shows that programs have been propaganda," according to PP
  • The PSOE de Totana denounces "the abandonment of the Ministry and the municipality to farmers" (15/03/2010)
    The Socialists claim that "never before felt so abandoned and neglected by both local government and the regional"
  • The Department of Sport Totana organizing a day of playing school sports athletics (15/03/2010)
    counted with the participation of 180 students from local schools
  • The council of Women attended the tasting of desserts and sweets prepared by the Association of Amas and Amos House "Same-Da" by The Paretón (15/03/2010)
    took place in the Social Centre "Juana Serrano" to mark the International Day Women "
  • The Socio-Cultural Center Theatre "The Prison" became too small for the reception of the play "Three" (15/03/2010)
    Starring Manver Kivi, Nuria González, Aurora Sánchez and Octavi Pujades
  • The Department of Sport gymnast totanera congratulates Maria Jose Martinez Carrasco (15/03/2010)
    by these excellent results in the International Championship of Rhythmic Gymnastics Washington
  • CAVI has served 107 women who have suffered any act of violence since its commissioning in 2008 (13/03/2010)

  • The Socialist Party denounced "the passivity of Juan Pagan from the actions of the autonomous against the interests of producers of grapes totaneros" (13/03/2010)

  • IU considered "scandalous" that "the mayor paid to lawyers, finger hiring their services with money from the totaneros" (13/03/2010)

  • Opening of the refurbishment of the Plaza Vieja in Totana Balsa (13/03/2010)

  • The City and the three unions agreed to a series of measures (12/03/2010)
    to reduce staff costs in the budget of 2010
  • The reform council almost entirely the Market Square (12/03/2010)
    In an effort to promote local business sector
  • Users and SAP professionals perform a scheduled departure of the fire station in Alhama-Totana (12/03/2010)

  • The PP says that "the PSOE medal hangs in the school works Santa Eulalia" (12/03/2010)
    "after they voted against his execution and the rest of the projects proposed in the Local Investment Fund"
  • Municipalities of Totana, Alhama and Aledo and Technology Center for Crafts and the INFO present the aid program "Info 2010" on employers (12/03/2010)
    On 25 March at the Centre for Local Development
  • Martínez Usero: "In the bench has become clear that the mayor did not want to touch his salary and that of his council" (12/03/2010)
    Councilman says that "as the PSOE representative feels cheated"
  • IU as "a fiasco the results of the Bureau of Labor, among unions, PP and PSOE, created by the Mayor" (12/03/2010)
    "and have settled this morning"
  • Grants for 2010 convened by the retail trade led INFO (12/03/2010)

  • The PSOE de Totana present "concrete proposals to save more than five million in the municipal budget" (12/03/2010)

  • The movie "Rain of Meatballs" and "fourth phase" will be screened this weekend at the movies Velasco (12/03/2010)

  • IU claims that "the mayor of the municipal coffers paid € 18,000 to a private attorney in the case Totem drafting a complaint against Totaneros Forum" (12/03/2010)
    "Ignoring the legal procedure," said IU
  • Latin Fiesta 90's (12/03/2010)
    Saturday noventero in Latin.
  • Good start of the Regional Cup racing team Mountain Athletic Club Totana (12/03/2010)

  • The Old Balsa Square will be opened on Saturday March 13 (11/03/2010)
    coincide with the Day of the Nazarene Music
  • The theater program at the Cultural Center "The Jail" continues tomorrow, Friday, March 12 (11/03/2010)
    With the staging of the comedy "Three"
  • The council shall conduct a study to improve signage on rural roads in passing cattle sheep and goats (11/03/2010)
    The Mayor and Council of Institutional Relations and demands collected Livestock farmers in the General Assembly Health Protection Association of Cattle "Santa Eulalia"
  • PSOE: "I claim the council more than 200,000 euros for late payment of invoices" (11/03/2010)
    "The Ecomed company has filed suit in court asking the council to pay default interest" to segutan
  • Local Development Center offers business people, entrepreneurs and consulting reference material relevant to the development and smooth running of your business (11/03/2010)
    As well as anyone interested in general
  • The four new ropes Totana Local Police receive from the hands of the Minister of Presidency of the Autonomous Community of diplomas certifying their credentials (11/03/2010)
    The ceremony took place at the Palacio de San Esteban, Murcia
  • Totana Local Police stopped three people, two of them wanted by the National Police Lorca (10/03/2010)
    for allegedly committing crimes of violence, damage and gender
  • The deadline to attend the "tennis introduction course, which will be held this weekend, will end tomorrow, Thursday, March 11 (10/03/2010)

  • New Generation will celebrate its local Congress during the third week of April (10/03/2010)
    The members elect the new Board of Directors
  • The Government of Spain will finance the construction of a building in the Public School of Santa Eulalia (10/03/2010)
    This project is part of the central government's E Plan for 2010 in Totana
  • The council will work with the Royal Academy "Alfonso X El Sabio" in co-publishing the book "Historical Analysis epigraphic the church of Santa Eulalia de Totana (XIII-XVII centuries)" (10/03/2010)
    With the contribution of 1,000 euros
  • City officials attending the conference on "Financial contributions to the preservation and enhancement of rural heritage in the districts" included in the Programme Leader (10/03/2010)
    In the local development center
  • Tomorrow, Thursday, March 11, from 8:00 am will be a water cut of about four hours will affect the neighborhood of San Francisco (10/03/2010)

  • Five women of Totana are honored at the International Women's Day for his professional and personal (10/03/2010)
    was held on 8 March
  • Awards are given "IV Children's Painting Competition on Equal Opportunities and Coeducation" (10/03/2010)

  • The team of "Furniture Mondrian" achieved an important victory in the Amateur Football League "Play Fair", after winning the team, "El Zagal" (10/03/2010)
    This victory allows you to stay near the lead
  • The Socialists satisfied ZP measures by extending aid to assist people at risk of social exclusion (09/03/2010)

  • Good role of Totana Athletics Club athletes in the half marathon XVII Cartagena (09/03/2010)

  • La Semana Santa de Totana is open to the world with a more attractive and dynamic promotion, through the new website semanasantadetotana.com " (09/03/2010)

  • Rare Diseases Caravaca pilgrimage to mark the Jubilee Year 2010 (09/03/2010)

  • The road to The Stables at the Collado Bermejo remains closed to traffic by snow and ice sheets that have occurred this evening (09/03/2010)

  • Many neighbors showed their devotion to Christ of Medinaceli (09/03/2010)
    The image of the convent was visited by many residents on Friday, March 5
  • The Department of New Technologies to improve Internet access and the municipal library Informajoven (09/03/2010)

  • The Government of Spain contributed to the town of Totana 600,000 euros for social spending (09/03/2010)
    The Socialists say that through the Plan E projects may be funded social nature of our town with a value of 599.959,67 €
  • Good results for Santa Eulalia CC MTB race Tobarra (provincial circuit of Albacete) (09/03/2010)

  • The public may meet tomorrow at the Information Point located in the Plaza of the Constitution which are the steps you must follow to adapt your analog TV to digital (09/03/2010)
    As the outage will occur on 23 March
  • The Association of Residents of the Gardens is actively involved in publicizing the Housing Rehabilitation Plan (09/03/2010)
    to destine them to houses
  • The mayor of Social Welfare and Immigration receives the co-development project managers Cañar-Murcia (09/03/2010)
    In the city of totana works to strengthen ties between Ecuador and the city
  • To be held on the first day Totana Regional Championship Chess ages (09/03/2010)
    It brought together 158 participants
  • The Socialists claim that "the totaneros can not wait another year, the PP has to put another mayor in front of city hall" (08/03/2010)

  • The canine unit police narcotics Local de Totana is strengthened with the addition of a female labrador (08/03/2010)
    Courtesy of the FCI Spanish
  • Civil Protection Totana assists in the rescue of a hiker who had broken his leg in Chico Peppers (08/03/2010)
    At 1,500 meters above sea
  • The proceedings of the International Women's Day, celebrated March 8 today, continue this afternoon (08/03/2010)
    With the delivery of prizes and drawing competition for children with a tribute to the five women totaneras
  • La Peña Atletico de Madrid de Totana attended a Gala held in Almeria Athletic Peñas (08/03/2010)

  • The totanera Ayala Maria Angeles Moreno, with only 13 years, playing the piano played in the Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia (08/03/2010)
    Addressing more than 1,500 spectators
  • The Socio-Cultural Center theater "Jail" has begun its journey in the professional circuit performing arts and music in the Region of Murcia (08/03/2010)
    With the performance of the play "The Lozana Andaluza"
  • Tomorrow, March 9, from 8:00 am will be a water cut of about five hours to affect the neighborhood of San Francisco (08/03/2010)

  • End of Pledges Open Tennis X City Totana, Vip Grand Prix Tennis (08/03/2010)
    Equipped with more than 2000 € in prizes and nearly 250 participants, an additional year Open organized by the Tennis Club has become one of the most important of all lift
  • CADE Totana 5-1 for the match played in Hall Manolo Ibáñez de Totana last Saturday Day 6 at the Smurfit Kappa de Mazarrón (08/03/2010)
    is clearly dominated the game despite the physical problems of Sunday as Victor Vincent and the pulled ahead with solvency
  • PSOE: "Valverde is forced to correct their lies about unemployment in Totana" (08/03/2010)
    The Socialists claim that "bad intention Valverde to manipulate the data on unemployment in Totana has been removed"
  • The new Health Center-Totana South "will have 17 GP practices, 5 in pediatrics, women's care, hospital room, extractions, among other agencies (06/03/2010)
    will be attended by 40 health professionals
  • Union delegates, politicians and neighbors UI Totana, Murcia attend the demonstration to defend pensions and social rights of workers (06/03/2010)
    More than 10,000 Murcia, marched from the roundabout to the Government Delegation, headed by secretary of the UGT and CCOO, Candido Mendez and Fernandez Toxo
  • UPyD Guadalentín report the financial situation in the city of Totana (06/03/2010)
    UPyD in Guadalentín considered "untenable situation that the current government team led finance in Totana"
  • IU + The deputies of the Greens, described as "small change, that does not solve anything, the grant of 560,000 euros, in the autonomous region, announced by the Mayor" (05/03/2010)
    They say "come from cuts in the Plan of Works 2010 to Totana services "
  • The autonomous region is three times the subsidy to the City Council of Totana to afford to pay current expenses (05/03/2010)
    With an amount close to 600,000 euros
  • Today website presents the Distinguished Senior Cabildo Processions of Totana (05/03/2010)
    The website, which has been carried out by Totana.com, will be presented today at 20:30 at the headquarters of the Cabildo (Calle Castillo 4)
  • Inkeys, talent finalist SOS 4.8 (05/03/2010)
    Besides Varry Brava, Yer Soul, The last swimmers and Newpacket
  • The Department of Social Welfare began a series of actions for the development of a Municipal Accessibility Plan (05/03/2010)
    In order to achieve greater personal autonomy of the disabled
  • Study skills workshop (05/03/2010)
    Users of the project "Integrating socio child and youth at risk of social exclusion or" participate in a study skills workshop
  • Totana hosted the regional final of badminton school sports, organized by the Directorate General of Sports (05/03/2010)
    123 athletes participated in the Region of Murcia
  • The PSOE complained that "the council paid for the defense of the PP council charged with forgery in the works of the Avenida Juan Carlos I" (05/03/2010)
    "The SL Bar Cabinet Cegarra billed the council a draft of 11,136 euros
  • The Local Government Board approves the bases governing the participation of choirs in the Contest XXX Habaneras'2010 (05/03/2010)
    will be held on 17 and 18 July, with a budget of € 6,300 in prizes
  • UI Totana highlighted "inconsistencies and contradictions of the government team in personnel policy of the City" (05/03/2010)

  • The voluntary payment period imposed on motor vehicles of 2010, which began on March 1, ends on May 5 (05/03/2010)

  • "The number of unemployed in Totana in 2009 only increased by 27.2 percent from the 50.6 percent rise recorded in 2008" (05/03/2010)

  • PSOE: "Totana unemployment increased by 474 people last year" (05/03/2010)
    For the PSOE "this is a consequence of the absence of employment-generating policies of the regional government"
  • UI Totana calls "hoax claims PP Spokesman ensuring that unemployment is down, 119 people in 2009" (05/03/2010)
    "The official figures put at 1101-nearly 100% increase-workers who have entered unemployment in Totana since January 2008 ", say from IU
  • The number of unemployed fell by 119 people Totana in 2009, compared with 2008 (04/03/2010)
    placing himself in 483 unemployed in 2008 and 2009 in 364
  • Pedro Romero Moya, the school "La Milagrosa", was regional champion chess school sports (04/03/2010)
    In the final held in Yecla by the General Directorate of Sports in the Region of Murcia
  • Work begins installation of the sewage treatment plant in La Santa to prevent odors and water reuse for irrigation at this site (04/03/2010)
    will be completed by mid-April
  • This afternoon at 20:00 at the Centre for Local Development will be informed of important financial contributions for the preservation and enhancement of rural heritage in the districts, including the Leader (04/03/2010)
    One of the grants is aimed at improving Patrician rural
  • Totana Civil Protection provides a talk to the users of the Association of Housewives of the Three Hail Marys " (04/03/2010)
    About safety and security measures to be taken before the earthquake risk
  • The fourth round of the inter-school sports stage faced the education of Totana and Eagles (04/03/2010)
    In the sports of IES "Juan de la Cierva" and the school "Reina Sofía"
  • The PP says that "the VAT hike will be a further brake on economic and financial situation of municipalities" (04/03/2010)
    And denounce the reduction of 11% of State taxes to the municipality totanero
  • PSOE: "The regional government intends to create 20 digital classrooms after resigning from the school program 700 2.0" (04/03/2010)

  • The Department of Public Works and Employment opened the registration period to participate in the course "cold kitchen, semi-cold and warm" (04/03/2010)
    will be delivered in April
  • Totana have almost one hundred per cent of treated water with the construction of sewage collector-Lebor Totana South and the expansion of the sewage (03/03/2010)
    Two projects with an investment of almost 10 million euros
  • The Municipal People's require the central government to "not make the fare increase of light that have been agreed for 2010" (03/03/2010)
    And it made reading the real light and not estimated
  • The X Meeting of the School Council of the Region of Murcia presented under the theme "Education, Family and Technology" starts tomorrow, Thursday, March 4 with a round table (03/03/2010)
    will be held at 19:00 hours in the exhibition hall "Gregorio Cebrián "Totana
  • The racing team Mountain Athletic Club League starts Totana regional (03/03/2010)

  • The Socialist Group calls Totana do an audit of municipal accounts by the Court of Accounts (03/03/2010)
    "to implement more effective measures to take to bankrupt the council"
  • The town of Totana analog broadcasting will free the next day March 23 (03/03/2010)
    The Department of New Technologies intensifies the information campaign to date which will occur this analogue switch
  • The Department of Sports successfully complete theoretical and practical course for beginners paddle (03/03/2010)
    was held this weekend at the Sports City
  • Start the travel program and outputs, organized by the Municipal Senior of the square of the raft, with the trip to Seville (03/03/2010)
    Users visited the estate of Jose Ortega Cano Yerbabuena
  • Press City Group IU + Greens, at the second bargaining table (03/03/2010)

  • Varry Brava, this weekend in Latin (03/03/2010)
    Latino concert series continues on Friday March 5 at 23 hours.
  • Jose Carlos Gonzalez stands with the victory on the third day of V racetrack Totana Athletics Club (02/03/2010)

  • The work of the General Páramo street address gaps in access to housing (02/03/2010)
    Y deleted Barrier
  • More than 700 schools participating in the new school sports program water (02/03/2010)

  • The works of the round of "Kabuki" in the Avenida Juan Carlos I, have already begun (02/03/2010)
    The road will be set as the main communication point to the center of town
  • Rare Diseases debate (02/03/2010)
    On the other hand, Alejandro Valverde joins the pack in the race for Rare Diseases
  • Social Welfare and Citizenship organize the second annual training course on "Development of social projects" (02/03/2010)
    The registration period will remain open until 10 March
  • The theater program at the Cultural Center "The Prison" begins this Friday, March 5 (02/03/2010)
    With the staging of "The Lozana Andaluza", a fun adaptation of the classic Renaissance
  • Ends the first round of the Amateur Football League "Play Fair" (02/03/2010)
    With a team of "The pachucos" as leader of the competition
  • Martínez Usero: "Politicians have to set an example to the economic situation of the municipality" (02/03/2010)
    suggested that public officials and political groups do not charge
  • Totana Tennis Club celebrates the "12 hours of tennis" in a great festive atmosphere (02/03/2010)

  • The Communist Youth Totana mobilization calls for demonstrations for the day March 5 (02/03/2010)
    The demonstrations are scheduled on March 5 in Murcia and Cartagena
  • More than 40 professionals will join the staff of the new health center Totana-South " (01/03/2010)
    In whose works, it just started working more than 60 people who were unemployed
  • Totana hosting the Regional Championship Chess ages starting this Sunday (01/03/2010)
    will bring together more than 150 chess players in the Region of Murcia
  • On Thursday 4 March the town hosts a round table framed in the X Meeting of the School Council of the Region of Murcia (01/03/2010)
    The Department of Education calls for the educational community to participate in the conference to be held in the Exhibition Hall Gregory Cebrián
  • The councils of Women and Gender and Education organized the workshop on "Skills for sharing parental family responsibilities" (01/03/2010)
    Aimed at parents and teens
  • The city of Totana support the creation of a museum of bees (01/03/2010)
    With the aim of promoting tourism development, economic and environmental aspects of city
  • The Socialists criticize "the refusal of the PP to give more money to municipalities" (01/03/2010)
    The Socialist Party believes that "there are glaring contradictions in the Nau and company incurred while their bosses say it is time to give more money to corporations "
  • The male youth team IES "Juan de la Cierva" proclaimed runner-up in the regional final of table tennis School Sport (01/03/2010)
    Held at Molina de Segura
  • Victorian home in San Javier (01/03/2010)
    1-5 for totaneros was the final outcome of the meeting between San Javier and CD Totana CADE
  • IU criticized the demolition of sidewalks in the Avenida de la Rambla and described as "absurd result of a government with new money mentality" (01/03/2010)


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