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  • IU + LV says, "The PP uses resources Inquisition against Pedro Martinez in the assembly of PROINVITOSA, disastrous attempt to block the accounts of the municipal company" (31/03/2009)
    They say that "notice of warning to public office by denouncing excesses with municipal heritage denotes a Municipal Government's unbridled excitement in Totana "
  • On Sunday the Eagles will be held in the first race of the PWC Spain in the form of offshore (31/03/2009)
    The pilot of Totana Antonio Costa attend the meeting, as usual, racing in the premier class PRO, formerly F1
  • The General Board approves PROINVITOSA "admonish the United Left advisor representative for their actions" (31/03/2009)
    Y calls "the opening of a commission of inquiry to find out if their actions may constitute a possible expulsion from the board"
  • The House gives green light to tertiary treatment at local sewage treatment plant (31/03/2009)
    allow water to get cleaner, higher quality
  • Municipal Service Support Standing (SEAPA) is launched from tomorrow following the unanimous approval of the full City Council (31/03/2009)
    will complement the financial support and resources for unemployed people
  • The Socialists favor in the House measures to support the unemployed (31/03/2009)
    recall from the Socialist Group "them in February led several initiatives in this regard and the PP were rejected outright without deigning even to discuss, the same way they have been rejected again today "
  • The council will encourage the Directorate General of People with Disabilities to start the process for the signing of an agreement (31/03/2009)
    That allows the financing and implementation of "Multi-Purpose Centre for People with Disabilities
  • The plenary adopted unanimously urge the Ministry of Education to launch a new Open Classroom in the locality for the next academic year 2009 - 2010 (31/03/2009)

  • To be closing the literacy workshop (Project Gelem) for people experiencing social exclusion (31/03/2009)

  • Doublet for Santa Eulalia in Veterans CC (31/03/2009)
    Pedro Rivas Pedro Jesús 1 and 2 nd up to the podium in Pozo Estrecho
  • La Peña Madridista "The Tenth" is placed within two points of leader, "the pachucos" the Amateur Football League "Play Fair " (31/03/2009)
    ... on a day characterized by bad weather
  • Starts Phase Benjamin and Inter School Sports Alevín (31/03/2009)
    ... involving five schools in the modalities of Totana football, basketball, handball, volleyball and multisport
  • New test scoring the Fourth Circuit Racing Club Athletics Totana (30/03/2009)
    took place on Saturday March 28
  • The Mayor and Councillor for Social Welfare delivered the 75 cards for members of the Senior Center "The Paretón-Cantareros" (30/03/2009)

  • Local Police performs several actions for damages caused by the storm, which left Totana 50 liters per square meter (30/03/2009)
    ... and 20 inches of snow in higher elevations of Sierra Espuña
  • La Peña de Totana Atletico Madrid organized a trip to Madrid (30/03/2009)
    want to attend the meeting Atletico Madrid CF - CF Numancia
  • Martínez Usero "Totana is the municipality of the region that has received more money proportionately Zapatero Plan" (30/03/2009)
    Socialist councilor urges companies have done the work to demand 70% pay their fair share, "rather than the City divert these funds to pay other debts "
  • The plenary will address more than a dozen proposals among which the creation of Municipal Service Support Standing (SEAPA ) (30/03/2009)
    ... to complement the resources directed to social and professional integration of unemployed people
  • It closed the talk show "The City School Parents " (30/03/2009)
    ... involving a total of 350 parents
  • International Day Against Racial Discrimination " (30/03/2009)
    social welfare Councilman involved in reading the manifesto against racism and xenophobia to commemorate this day
  • ... (30/03/2009)

  • IU says that "the mayor refused to include a UI + LV motion in Parliament to support ElPozo and workers against layoffs" (29/03/2009)
    Martínez Andreo accused of "insensitivity to the problems of over 700 families totaneras "
  • Totana socialists with the Minister of Public Administration (29/03/2009)
    A representation of the Socialist Group and the Young Socialists participated Totana Murcia on Saturday in a meeting with the Minister Elena Salgado
  • "Rally IX Region de Murcia" (28/03/2009)
    City officials receive more than fifty drivers of antique and classic vehicles that traveled Totana
  • The City and the Illustrious Cabildo Processions Superior signed the cooperation agreement (28/03/2009)
    To organize all the processions of the Semana Santa de Totana 2009
  • The Socialist Zapatero report measures to postpone the mortgage (28/03/2009)
    "The Government of Spain has approved a series of measures to alleviate the burden that many families are suffering to have been unemployed and having to meet the payment of the mortgage on your home
  • The City Council will sign the third agreement of collaboration with the Association of Young Entrepreneurs in the Region of Murcia (AJE ) (27/03/2009)
    ... to promote measures to facilitate business creation and consolidation of youth
  • The PP requires the National Government to take urgent measures "because the current pricing of electricity are hurting Totana hundreds of families." (27/03/2009)
    They say that "they have seen their savings depleted by the large increase in turnover"
  • The "I Solidarity March" will be held on Sunday 29 March at noon from the Plaza of the Constitution (27/03/2009)
    is organized by "D'Genes" and the Multiple Sclerosis Association of Lorca in collaboration with the town of Totana
  • Closure of the training activities of the Project "WORK: A step towards the employability" (27/03/2009)
    was developed by the Collective for Social Promotion "The Candle"
  • The city of Totana joins global initiative of the blackout "Earth Hour" (27/03/2009)
    will take place tomorrow, Saturday from 20:30 hours to 21:30 hours, in order to remember the importance of anti-climactic changes
  • The barbecues located in La Santa and recreational areas of Sierra de Espuña may be used to make fire for the entire month of April (27/03/2009)
    According to reports from Civil Protection
  • A total of 177 people got a job through the efforts undertaken by the Local Employment Center for women and girls during the past year (27/03/2009)

  • The SED users and professionals visit the Confraternity of the Holy Christ of the fall and rise of the Cross (27/03/2009)

  • The processional image of the Veronica released a robe this year that incorporates traditional elements (27/03/2009)
    President of the Brotherhood of Veronica, Juan Miguel Martínez Campos, announced that everyone can see the new coat of Veronica on Saturday in a blessing the new throne
  • "Zapatero sent to Totana € 328,223 to promote employment among the unemployed farm" (26/03/2009)
    The Socialists have said that Totana is the third municipality in the region favored by the funds that the Government of Spain will send for a special program help unemployed workers in the agricultural sector
  • Agenda is presented free of Easter "Being Nazarenes Totana 2009" (26/03/2009)
    It brings together for the first time, the transfer of thrones in the evening of Easter Monday
  • City officials presiding over the events organized to celebrate St. Patrick, the patron of the local police (26/03/2009)
    And they do an honorable mention to two ends for years of dedicated service to this body
  • Martínez Usero: "we propose to Parliament that the council's legal services provide advice to people who are laid off or have problems with their banks" (26/03/2009)
    says that "in these times of trouble it is necessary that the council acts in a manner protective of those neighbors who are in difficulty "
  • Agriculture allocated 2.4 million euros in expanding the treatment capacity of the sewage of the tertiary system Totana (26/03/2009)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water presented the mayor of the municipality's project to provide a plant than are required European Union
  • The Minister of Agriculture and the Mayor of Totana presented the proposed installation of tertiary treatment of municipal sewage (26/03/2009)
    ... it possible to obtain cleaner water and better quality
  • The City and the Illustrious Cabildo Processions Superior on Friday signed a cooperation agreement (26/03/2009)
    ... to organize all the processions of the Semana Santa de Totana 2009
  • The program continues the Cultural Spring "Murcia Region IX rally of vintage cars and classic" (26/03/2009)
    will pass tomorrow Totana
  • The board of PP requires the Delegate of the Government "will be paid into the municipal coffers more than 4 million local investment fund of the plan" E "Zapatero" (25/03/2009)
    "and to pay the historical debt 25 million euros that the government of the nation has with this county "
  • The Socialist Youth Totana see the bishops "regression and detachment from reality" (25/03/2009)
    state that "the church hierarchy, with their statements and actions against the use of condoms, clearly attentive to public health against the health, and against the right to choose freely whether or not to have children "
  • The PP says that "Otálora has no idea about the actions of local police" (25/03/2009)
    "And it is irresponsible to safeguard policy behind the Government Delegate, when the public safety responsibilities are yours"
  • A dozen activities that start today commemorate the International Day against racism and racial discrimination " (25/03/2009)

  • Councilwoman Markets has delivered the keys of the ten-point hitch ... (25/03/2009)
    ... electricity have been installed for the positions weekly market power
  • The session tentatively awarded a total of four projects funded with state funds for local investment, amounting to 2,125,898 euros (25/03/2009)
    lead to the recruitment of 51 new people
  • The council of Industry proposes that the full "to urge the National Government to adopt a series of measures to revive and help the automotive industry in this time of crisis" (25/03/2009)

  • The Socialists propose to the plenary to reinforce security in the market (25/03/2009)
    Otálora believe the issues of theft and insecurity of many neighbors in the market requires a strong and urgent response from the corporation, reinforcing the presence of local police
  • Municipal Center Senior Totana continues to make their travel program (25/03/2009)
  • IU: "The Municipal PROINVITOSA Society, which manages the industrial area of Totana, shows almost 100,000 euros in losses in 2008, a profit after 10 years" (24/03/2009)
    for IU, "the PP has squandered all public property, ruining the company was exemplary in the Region
  • The work on the streets of San Francisco and El Salvador later this week (24/03/2009)
    These works are part of the Works and Services Plan 2008
  • More than 700 children participate in the Days of Popular Games and Sports Alternative (24/03/2009)
    ... framed within the Week of Health and Physical Activity
  • The drinking water service is cut off tomorrow, Wednesday, March 25 from eight in the morning with a planned duration of 24 hours (24/03/2009)
    will affect some areas of the city
  • The delegate of Public Works in Murcia met with construction companies (24/03/2009)
    Otálora yesterday prompted a meeting between the Area Development Manager at the Delegation of the Government of Murcia and the Board of AEMC
  • Program for hiring temporary farm workers to carry out works and services of general interest and social " (24/03/2009)
    The trabajadore unemployed who wish to participate in the program may submit an application until 15 May
  • XXII day of the Amateur Football League "Play Fair" (24/03/2009)
    had as main feature starring surprise "Chemist Patrick Library, which defeated Layouts Javi"
  • Organize a mini-football Hall Prebenjamín (24/03/2009)
    Set in the School Sports Programme
  • Request a grant for the completion of the conditioning of public spaces in the plot Lebor Social Centre (24/03/2009)

  • The City Council signed cooperation agreements with the association "Deltrajín Theatre Company" and "Pulse Orchestra and Pua Ciudad de Totana" (24/03/2009)
    workshops to teach theater and music at the University Popular
  • Closing the celebrations of Day of Working Women " (24/03/2009)
    With a panel discussion on reconciling work and family life and attended by over 100 people
  • Athletics Club athletes participated in the race Totana popular "Festival of San Jose" (23/03/2009)
    took place on Thursday 19 March in Lorca
  • The Housewives' Association and Users "Three Hail Marys" organized a trip to Alcalá del Jucar (Albacete) (23/03/2009)
    took place on March 12 and 50 participants
  • City officials visit the Technology Center of Crafts on the tenth anniversary of this regional headquarters (23/03/2009)
    ... to learn about research projects being carried out
  • V CEIP Culture Week "Santiago" de Totana: International Year of Astronomy (23/03/2009)
    was developed during days 16 to 18 March
  • The council puts in place the main streets and squares of the town (23/03/2009)
    For events and processions of the Semana Santa 2009
  • The Internet connection speed of the computer labs distributed by the town through the project "RAITOTANA" has multiplied by eight (23/03/2009)

  • The council received a grant of 75,000 euros for the conversion to digital terrestrial television (DTT) (23/03/2009)
    In order to carry out a series of actions aimed at facilitating the switch from analog TV "
  • Neighborhood Relations Councilman reactive participation of the residents of social housing in the neighborhood "El Parral " (23/03/2009)
    ... and meets with the residents of the" Age High "to solve problems in the area
  • International Baccalaureate students of IES Juan de la Cierva, stand at the Olympics in Physics and Chemistry. (23/03/2009)
    Competed with the brightest students from all the Autonomous Community of Murcia
  • About 600 high school students benefit from the "Workshop on conflict resolution" (23/03/2009)
    Taught by the "Guidance and Counselling Service for Parents of School-Aged Children Cultural Mediation"
  • PP remind Socialists that "the real danger to the continuity of the transfer in Totana is its General Plan" (22/03/2009)
    Socialists have clearly and emphatically expressed its "resolute and unconditional support to irrigators and the Tajo-Segura"
  • Emergency aid to unemployed people, through the new Municipal Service Support Standing begin to be awarded in April (21/03/2009)

  • The four new classrooms Public School District Deitania "are already fully operational since 17 March (21/03/2009)
    welcome over 100 children
  • The Socialists meet with the board of the Neighborhood Association of the Age High (21/03/2009)
    The Municipal Socialist recientemnete met with the Board of Directors of the Association of Residents of the Era Alta, "in order to analyze the political situation the city and to review the situation of the neighborhood and its demands "
  • PP spokesman said that "the problem of the PSOE in Totana is you can not draw many flags signified not for the Tajo-Segura" (20/03/2009)
    Likewise, stepped out of Andrés García statements relating to the acquisition of a new car
  • They give prizes III drawing and writing contest and I Easter contest in clay (20/03/2009)
    E inaugurate the exhibition "So you see children Easter"
  • On Monday, opening the deadline for applications for admission of pupils in nursery schools (20/03/2009)
    The period will be open from Monday 23 March until 30 April
  • The PP requires the Government Totana's Office to "listen to the popular sentiment of the majority of the society of Murcia and irrigators" (20/03/2009)
    "returning the Castilian manchego Statute and ensuring the future of the Tajo-Segura after" the latest manifestation of Murcia
  • "Seven Pounds" (20/03/2009)
    The performing arts hall Totana screened last Sunday Will Smith film "Seven Pounds" in two passes, at five-thirty in the afternoon and eight o'clock
  • It inaugurated the course "Introduction to computers" for 50 hours (20/03/2009)
    ... directed at employed workers, self employed and unemployed workers
  • The "Bicycle Day" will be held on Sunday March 22 starting at half past nine (20/03/2009)
    ... on the side of the Pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez"
  • PSOE: "The PP totaneros lies all in relation to the grant for the purchase of the car" (20/03/2009)
    "Despite the crisis they are suffering thousands of citizens in our municipality, the mayor has no qualms about spending 40,000 euros in a car "
  • UI Totana reiterates that "the award of services to the General's Garden has been full of irregularities and is the favorite company of PP, and outlets for her favors" (19/03/2009)
    They say that "the threat of lawsuit, by the Spokesman PP, IU councilors, invite those who want and prove in court the tricks that have been carried out "
  • Totana socialists participated in the demonstration in defense of the transfer. (19/03/2009)
    The Executive of the PSOE in Totana and Municipal Socialist Group came to the rally yesterday to defend the Tajo-Segura to the claims of the draft statute Castilian-Manchego who wants to liquidate
  • More than 150 children took to the "Ludobús" last Saturday in the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja (18/03/2009)
    The Collective for Social Promotion "The Candle is making recreational and educational activities in various areas of Totana
  • Hundreds of thousands of people marched through downtown today in defense of the transfer Murcia (18/03/2009)
    Under the motto "In defense of the Tajo-Segura. Not the Statute of Autonomy of Castilla La Mancha
  • PP spokesman announced that "the council has led to legal services municipal public denunciation of IU + LV on landscaping service award" (18/03/2009)
    "case constitutes a crime of libel against the technicians'
  • The mayor announced that this year is to invest almost one million euros in public works (18/03/2009)
    ... barrier-free in the neighborhoods of Las Parras and San Jose
  • Travel Club solidarity Totana Senderista of Burkina Faso (18/03/2009)

  • Zapatero subsidize the rehabilitation of nine old facades in Totana, according to the PSOE (18/03/2009)

  • The "Bicycle Day" will be held on Sunday March 22 starting at half past nine (18/03/2009)
    ... on the side of the Pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez"
  • Press conference Lola Cano (PSOE), Law Unit (18/03/2009)

  • The renovation of the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja begin after Easter (18/03/2009)
    The celebration of the traditional events may develop normally
  • Request a grant to the Department of Public Works for the adaptation of old buildings facades of nine (18/03/2009)
    Casino These Totana
  • It puts an end to the celebrations of International Day of Working Women " (18/03/2009)
    With the conclusion of a roundtable on Monday, March 23
  • The athlete Occupational Center "José Moya, Mari Carmen Robles, became the triple gold medalist at the Regional Championships in Athletics (18/03/2009)
    Y Pedro Cánovas proclaimed champion throwing
  • Lecture-Colloquium on the Law Unit, provided by Emilio Cano Candel, accessibility commission FAMDIF (18/03/2009)
    took place on 5 March, and was framed within the Meabe Thomas Lecture Series, organized by Socialist Youth Totana
  • "The Socialist councilor José Gómez studied Valverde take legal action against you falsely accused" (17/03/2009)
    According to reports from the PSOE in a statement
  • Lprm - Paintball League Murcia (17/03/2009)
    Birth of a new league, the result of the efforts of Paintball Sport Totana in collaboration with the PBS team TOTANA
  • UI Totana denounces "brazen favoritism was the company CP Generala" (17/03/2009)
    "The council of the Coalition brought before a court award of maintenance of gardens to have changed the reports of the Committee shall"
  • XXX Half Marathon "Ciudad de Murcia" (17/03/2009)
    massive presence Athletics Club athletes Totana
  • World Forestry Day (17/03/2009)
    The Ministry of Agriculture organizes morning Espuña awareness and recruitment activities with children to celebrate World Forestry Day
  • More than 1,300 residents will move to Murcia Totana the demonstration (17/03/2009)
    of 25 buses that have chartered the Department of Water and Agriculture and Irrigation Municipality Community
  • Martínez Usero: "Zapatero takes economic measures amounting to 1000 million euros dedicated to farmers" (17/03/2009)
    insists that "while the national government for not taking action, Valcárcel and Andreo seem missing, missing out of ideas before the difficult economic situation "
  • The Town Hall and the Musical Association, the Association Deltrajín Mifito Theatre and sign cooperation agreements (17/03/2009)
    ... for extracurricular activities in local schools
  • Pedro Rivas takes the podium in Roldán (17/03/2009)
    On Sunday 15 resumed Interclub Cartagena after a week off and went to Roland where he ran Stage 7
  • A total of 222 schools participating in the day "Playing " (17/03/2009)
    ... Athletics organized by the Department of Sports, and in keeping with the School Sports Programme
  • La Santa de Totana hosts the "First Day of Orientation School Championship in the Region of Murcia where (17/03/2009)
    ... A total of 280 school children from different localities of Murcia
  • The school "Reina Sofía" gets first place in the Regional Final School duathlon held in Fuente Alamo (17/03/2009)
    ... obtaining the title of regional champion school in the juvenile category for schools
  • Council starts the process of allocating the site for the construction of the new municipal public library in the neighborhood of El Parral (17/03/2009)

  • The twenty-first day of the Amateur Football League "Play Fair" is settled with a goalless draw ... (17/03/2009)
    ... in the match between "The pachucos" and Peña Madridista "The Tenth"
  • The Murcia City will host the third place game (16/03/2009)
    On Saturday 21 at 18.30 pm in the Juan Cayuela
  • The PP Totana says that "the Government of the Nation of PSOE has become the party of records and systematic failures in this county" (16/03/2009)
    Nau Otálora regretted that "based his speech on the crisis and unemployment blame the mayor and his government team "
  • Andrés García: "Valverde and Andreo and can not hide their nervousness about their personal situation and resort to personal attacks" (16/03/2009)
    "The PP has gone beyond the limits allowed to attack the political career of the Socialist councilor Pepe Gómez
  • The association of "Los Romeros Lebor" promotes the traditions of the parish in one meal coexistence (16/03/2009)
    ... attended by over 500 people from different parts of the Region of Murcia
  • A total of 1,500 students from schools in Totana participate in the "Week of Health and Physical Activity " (16/03/2009)
    ... to be held from 22 to 27 March
  • The special service citizen service handles over five hundred complaints about the electricity bills (16/03/2009)
    ... Totana's neighbors in two weeks
  • The City Council receives a grant of 500,000 euros for the redevelopment of the Point of Care for Children "Doña Pepita " (16/03/2009)
    ... located in the neighborhood" El Parral "local
  • Students Occupational Center "José Moya" participate in the Project Book (16/03/2009)
    ... by classification and packaging of material to send to countries in Latin America through an NGO
  • The Association of Rural Women Raiguero and housewives made a meal (16/03/2009)
    ... living in the village to commemorate the International Day of Working Women "
  • The Collection Center and Companion Animal Adoption, CERECO, collected in Totana during last year 235 animals (16/03/2009)
    58 and have been sponsored by families
  • Finish in Totana the first works addressed to boost employment (14/03/2009)
    Funded by the Government of Zapatero
  • Walking through a cave caving in Sierra Espuña (14/03/2009)
    Tentenaranjo Chasm, located in the hamlet of MONTISOLA
  • The Employment and Training Service (SEF) will begin work on the new office of employment (14/03/2009)
    street was built in Calasparra, and will replace the existing Main Street Seville
  • Totana host the National Competition III Bugle and Drum Band "Ciudad de Totana" (14/03/2009)
    will take place on Saturday March 14 after 19 hours in Film Velasco and the price of admission is 5 euros
  • PSOE: "Juan Pagán and Andrea are the biggest threat is the diversion of the Tajo" (13/03/2009)
    Socialists insist that "Juan Pagan defends partisan interests before the interests of all water users"
  • The Brotherhood of Totana Veronica opens talks for the release of the other part of the image (13/03/2009)
    The Brotherhood has been in contact with the two families that own the other 50%
  • The spokesman of the government team realizes the resolutions adopted at the last Board of Governors and Councilman (13/03/2009)
    ... Services, Sergio Garcia, reports the water shortages that are occurring in some areas of our site
  • Totana Mayor meets with over one hundred members of the Community of Irrigators of the Tajo-Segura (13/03/2009)
    ... the region to support all actions that are developed prior to the conclusion of the demonstration on March 18
  • The PP says that "the socialist José Gómez council has no legitimacy to comment on the management of the pool" (13/03/2009)
    "after proving his inability to project management of construction"
  • They give the awards the "Children's Painting Competition III 2009 on Equal Opportunities and Coeducation six children " (13/03/2009)
    ... Winners
  • The association "Franciscan Youth organizes (13/03/2009)
    ... a week of activities in collaboration with the City, to commemorate the eighth anniversary of the birth of the religious movement
  • The Socialists propose to the other political groups a joint motion to celebrate the 30 anniversary of democratic councils. (13/03/2009)

  • The Association of Young Entrepreneurs held their Board Guadalentín in (13/03/2009)
    ... CLD in the presence of Councilman Industry
  • Users of the Service Day Care Center Senior Municipal visited the Convent of the Three Hail Marys (13/03/2009)
    ... to see the Christ of Medinaceli
  • Students participating in the Workshop School "House of Nuns I" are given a talk on "Prevention of HIV / AIDS ... (13/03/2009)
  • The group "The Candle" will perform on Saturday March 14 games and educational activities in the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja (13/03/2009)
    ... through "Ludobús" to recover the tradition of "playing"
  • The Socialist Party denounced "the inefficient management in the field of education by the PP" (12/03/2009)
    The Socialists claim that "the years of responsibility Roque Molina have been the worst in education since the beginning of democracy"
  • The toy library Sociocultural Center "Jail" will reopen with new gaming service (12/03/2009)
    ... from next Monday 16 March, 5:00 to 20:00
  • The City reports the water supply shut off for ten hours in the council of La Huerta (12/03/2009)
    ... during a network failure in general
  • The auditorium of the park, "Marcos Ortiz" begins to renew its image for (12/03/2009)
    ... summer with the installation of 550 seats in the upper tiers
  • COAG-IR Totana supporting the demonstration called by the Union of Irrigation (12/03/2009)
    for next Wednesday 18 March in Murcia, in defense of the Tajo-Segura
  • The activities begin on Saturday the program "Cultural Spring" with the other musical theater "by Yoko's fault" (12/03/2009)
    On the other hand, remember that the term culture to participate in the "XVII Jail Totana Literary Contest 2009" in the poetry and narrative ends tomorrow
  • The City Council is launching the service delivery and / or renewal of certificates of a large family of immediate response ... (12/03/2009)
  • The PP says that "Zapatero has been the subject of the Government of discredit, distrust and disappointment to promote a state vulnerable to the effects of the crisis" (12/03/2009)
    It stresses that "the current National Government, as in the stage of Felipe Gonzalez, has weakened the rule of law to see how damaging the rights of individuals "
  • The Zapatero government will give aid to build over 12,000 houses in the region, according to the PSOE de Totana (12/03/2009)
    "This aid is essential to recover the construction sector"
  • The Autonomous Region with a grant to the City of Totana, amounting to 121,968 euros for equipment ... (12/03/2009)
    ... Care Center for Children in the Industrial Estate of The Saladar
  • The mayor asks citizens to attend the demonstration on 18 March in Murcia (12/03/2009)
    ... in defense of maintaining the Tajo-Segura, for which the City free chartered bus
  • Organize a course on "Nutrition Education in the immigrant " (12/03/2009)
    ... that are intended to promote knowledge and use of various indigenous foods to immigrants
  • School Students Workshop "The Nun" make their first masonry (11/03/2009)
  • The PP laments that "Otálora salvapatrias wants to become the construction sector" (11/03/2009)
    "When the PSOE has been the one who has stoned the town entrepreneurs," according to Popular
  • The City Council launches the public information service by sending free text messages to mobile (11/03/2009)
    ... of all topics of interest to users upon application
  • The unemployment rate rose in Totana 1.38 percent in February compared with January (11/03/2009)
    It has been placed on stand 1762
  • The PSOE encourage a meeting between businessmen from the construction and Development Officer in the Region (11/03/2009)
    "in the line started to promote contacts and initiatives to remove as soon as the crisis Totana"
  • Work begins integral conditioning Garden Street Warehouse, located in the vicinity of Socio-Cultural Center "La Carcel" (11/03/2009)
    In response to the needs expressed by the neighbors
  • The Department of Sports organized an output of mountain bike around the beach Castillitos (11/03/2009)
    will be held on Sunday 15 March
  • The students of the "Guadalentín" of the hamlet of El Paretón-Cantareros won the competition "Growing with Europe " (11/03/2009)
    ... held at the Institute" Juan de la Cierva "
  • Consumers and users of Totana receive information about their rights and obligations through mobile information point installed in the Plaza of the Constitution (11/03/2009)
    On the occasion of the commemoration of "World Consumer Day"
  • The Brotherhood of Totana Veronica welcomes the transfer of the image of Veronica (11/03/2009)
    President, Juan Miguel Martinez Campos has been reported that the Lopez family that owns the image Guerao current owner, in an act of generosity has assigned to the Brotherhood
  • The regional NNGG President announced that the first official act after the March 27 conference will be held in Totana (10/03/2009)
    With a conference to discuss youth participation in rural areas who will attend the regional politicians and experts
  • Hall and Peña Ciclista "The Nine" held the day of February of the Municipal Sports School Cycling (10/03/2009)
    ... with the participation of local youth
  • Tomorrow and Thursday 11th March 12 will be produced water outages in the area of the Civil Guard barracks and Calle Teniente Pérez Redondo (10/03/2009)
    ... from eight o'clock until eight pm
  • The Socialist Party calls explanations sports council "to the new conditions of use of the pool" (10/03/2009)
    They say that "being announced sharp increases and changing conditions in the service"
  • Road Race Amid (10/03/2009)
    Last Saturday was a new race circuit organized by the Athletic Club Totana, one of the toughest
  • Install morning March 11 mobile information point in the Plaza de la Constitution ... (10/03/2009)
    ... to raise awareness among citizens of their rights and obligations on the occasion of "World Consumer Day"
  • Application period for companies, public and private entities and individuals under 30 years old to participate in the "Eurodyssey" (10/03/2009)

  • Municipal School Parents will give a talk on "How to explain sexuality to our children" (10/03/2009)
    will be held tomorrow, Wednesday 11 March at half past eight pm in the Socio-Cultural Center "La Prison"
  • The First Meeting of the Carnival Comparsa de Gatita Cañarí held in the town was attended by over 1,600 people (10/03/2009)
    The conclusion of this meeting was chaired by Councillor of Social Welfare and the consuls of Ecuador and Bolivia
  • "The pachucos" clearly due to the "River-Ghost Bar Baron " (10/03/2009)
    ... and overcome with a note one of their starting blocks for the title of the Amateur Football League" Play Fair "
  • End of Phase Inter School Sport with the latest football matches and basketball (10/03/2009)
    ... played against Lorca and Alhama
  • Application period during the voluntary period for payment of tax on motor vehicles of 2009 (10/03/2009)

  • The Department of Women and Equal Opportunities organized for Friday March 13 trip to attend the conference "Opening New Fields " (10/03/2009)
    ... to be held in Torre Pacheco
  • Hundred sixty-three schools participated in the Day School Sport Athletics held at the Municipal Sports Centre (10/03/2009)
    Organized by the Department of Sport and Totana Totana Athletics Club
  • The Club Ciclista Santa Eulalia involved in Immortal Caudete 2009 (10/03/2009)
    Test which is part of the circuit of Albacete Provincial MTB
  • Opening of the new stand and the presidential box the municipal stadium "Juan Cayuela" (09/03/2009)
    occasion of the derby between Atletico and Sangonera City Athletic
  • Agents Totana Local Police arrested two people in an irregular situation in the country (09/03/2009)
    After divesting itself of many computer objects, it fled and were captured after a foot chase
  • The council of Women attended the tasting of desserts and sweets prepared by the Association of Amas and Amos House "Same-da" in The Paretón (09/03/2009)
    ... held in the Social Centre "Juana Serrano" in connection with the "International Women's Day"
  • Inauguration Lebor social center in a ceremony to be attended by more than 500 people (09/03/2009)
    The building is over 700 square meters
  • Totaneras tribute to five for his career and personal (09/03/2009)
    On the occasion of "International Women's Day"
  • The prizes of children's drawing contest III 2009 on Equal Opportunities and Coeducation be delivered on Thursday March 12 (09/03/2009)
    At seven o'clock in the afternoon at the plenary hall
  • Social Welfare and Education will present a motion to the full City Council (09/03/2009)
    to urge the Ministry of Education to launch a new classroom opened in the town for the next academic year 2009 - 2010
  • ... (09/03/2009)

  • The City receives several grants from the Directorate General of Trade and Crafts for a total of 25,170 euros (07/03/2009)
    Iran intended among other things, the installation of the artisan market in the hamlet of La Santa
  • Lprm (Murcia Paintball League) (07/03/2009)
    The next Sunday, March 8 is celebrated in Totana, on the premises of Paintball Sport Totana, the first of four tests which includes the lprm
  • User: "As mayors charged in Madrid in one frame automatically resign the Totana still in his chair with the complicity of Valcárcel" (07/03/2009)
    José Martínez Usero, Socialist councilor of the City of Totana, today expressed "perplexity of group to the impassive gesture Valcárcel "
  • City Council considering starting the next academic school transport for pupils of the school, "Luis Perez Rueda " (06/03/2009)
    ... that next year will enjoy high school
  • More than one million euros to complete the excavation and research on the site Argaric La Bastide de Totana (06/03/2009)
    Murcia The Executive has approved a grant to the Autonomous University of Barcelona in the amount of 1,182,396 euros
  • Associations of the hamlet of Lebor remember the traditions of garden Totana with various activities (06/03/2009)
    will be held next Sunday at the opening of the Social Center
  • Social Skills Workshop Totana (06/03/2009)
    Since last October 2008 is being conducted at the Center for Persons with Mental Illness Workshop draft Social Skills
  • The new indoor pool users can enjoy all facilities and activities for an unlimited time for every day of the year (06/03/2009)
    After the refurbishment will be the Municipal Centre of Sports and Health
  • Special Service Citizens Advice will continue for one week by the barrage of complaints (06/03/2009)
    dealing with complaints of bills from power companies, launched by the Department of Consumer Affairs
  • Juan Cayuela Stadium debut a extra step and a box for managers and officials (06/03/2009)
    In the derby between Club Atlético Sangonera City and on Sunday from 17:30 pm
  • Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Governing Body aware of the resolutions adopted at the last Board of Governors and currently (06/03/2009)
    ... municipal
  • A total of six women will be honored for their dedication and contribution to the municipality (06/03/2009)
    ... at a public event to be held on Sunday, March 8 Socio-Cultural Center "La Prison"
  • The Socialists claim that "nothing has changed in trouble with the law of Andreo" (06/03/2009)
    Otálora has expressed "concern about the drift of the Hall, with a mayor who is accused of nine serious crimes and has lost its lead to a project to resolve the complicated situation of Totana "
  • The fourth stage of the Tour of Murcia require cut traffic morning several streets of the town (06/03/2009)
    The cuts will occur from 12:30 to 16:00
  • The nocturnal urban Crossing, part of the youth program "Area 36" will be held on Saturday March 14 (06/03/2009)
    ... in the nearby town of Alhama
  • The Development and Employment Councillor participates in seminars on "Coaching " (06/03/2009)
    ... technology that aim to advance towards full integration into society of professional women's information
  • Work begins on the first four roads funded by the Local Investment Fund (05/03/2009)
    ... out of ten that will reshape and surfaced in the city
  • The PP requires the Government of the Nation that "the money intended for propaganda posters of the" Plan E "municipal measures of social action" (05/03/2009)
    "to help Totana families who are suffering the ravages of the crisis"
  • City officials at City Hall to receive fifty teachers, technicians and farmers (05/03/2009)
    ... Germans found on site to see how agriculture
  • The Department of Sports and the City Athletic Club give away 600 tickets to students of institutes and partners Totana Senior Center (05/03/2009)
    For the Sangonera derby to be held this Sunday at the Juan Cayuela
  • Andrés García: "The PSOE de Totana defends the transfer downright Tejo (05/03/2009)
    The Socialist councilor totaneros encourages all to participate massively in the concentration of the 18th of March in Murcia in defense of the transfer of the Tajo
  • Socialist Youth of Totana organized a talk on "Law Unit" (05/03/2009)
    Set in the "Lecture Series Thomas Meabe"
  • The talk entitled "My son wants to study, what I can do?" Was attended by a dozen people (05/03/2009)

  • Students of Occupational and users Classroom Occupational Center "José Moya" participate in the "Book Project " (05/03/2009)
    ... promoted by the Department of Environment
  • The Directorate General of Emergency Management activated Murcia orange alert (05/03/2009)
    ... winds that can reach up to 90 kilometers per hour
  • Press Criminal Lawyers Franco González (04/03/2009)
    "dated March 4 has been reported that the order of the Supreme Court resolves the appeal filed by the prosecution against the provisional stay of proceedings involving our client "...
  • "Before the Order of the Supreme Court in the file that overrides the bribery of Martínez Andreo, IU urges him not to continue a day longer as mayor, if you really want the best for Totana" (04/03/2009)
    Councillors UI + The Greens Totana, believe that "Martínez Andreo should not delay his departure from City Hall and not to defend the institution ahead of all totaneros"
  • The PP Otálora question "why not take advantage of meeting in secret with the representative of Zapatero in the region to solve the real problems totaneros" (04/03/2009)
    "or just to make propaganda that shows the incompetence PSOE
  • The renovation of the Health Center, which will end in two months, correct moisture problems and damage to the facade (04/03/2009)

  • Presented the booklet "The chapel-shrine of Santa Eulalia de Mérida de Totana" prepared by Juan Cánovas and Pedro Martínez Cavero Mulero (04/03/2009)
    ... containing a synthesis of the most significant aspects of this emblematic place
  • Totana condemns gender-based violence through the silent gathering at the "White " (04/03/2009)
    ... Wednesday each month is held in front of Town Hall
  • The PSOE de Totana promotes initiatives that the Government of Spain will contribute to solving the debt of municipalities with suppliers (04/03/2009)
    The secretary general of the Socialists in Totana has been reported that soon the Council of Ministers shall adopt measures to solve the important problem of the debt of many municipalities with suppliers
  • More than a dozen hikers on Sunday made the road to Caracol (04/03/2009)
    ... in the natural park of Sierra Espuña
  • The totanero Cano Raul Vera, the school "La Milagrosa", won the regional championship at the Final Chess School (04/03/2009)
    ... held in Molina de Segura
  • Pedro Jesús Gil 3 º in the last stage of the Vega Baja Interclub (Benejúzar) (04/03/2009)

  • The Directorate General of Emergency Management activated Murcia yellow alert level (04/03/2009)
    ... winds that can reach up to 80 kilometers per hour
  • The Housewives' Association and Users "Three Hail Marys" make a living at the residence La Purisima (04/03/2009)
    ... to commemorate the March 8 "International Women's Day"
  • The Department of Sports signs collaboration agreements with nine (04/03/2009)
    ... sports clubs to carry out the modules included in the program sports school sports taught in various schools
  • They set up a "workshop style" to encourage participation and social inclusion of Roma people (04/03/2009)
    ... and others who are in socially disadvantaged
  • The PP says that "the government representative has become a sectarian figure to serve the PSOE" (03/03/2009)
    "does not respect the institutions and leading the opposition action before the municipal government's inability to Otálora"
  • The construction of storm sewers in the neighborhood Tirol Camilleri provide solutions to the historic problems of flooding (03/03/2009)
    It has been shown after raining heavily all night and part of the day
  • Meeting of the Executive CEGAB the Government Delegate in Murcia (03/03/2009)
    The meeting was held last night at the headquarters of Cebag in Totana, and was accompanied by the Speaker and other members of the Socialist Municipal Group
  • The local PP Board congratulated those responsible for the PP in Galicia and the Basque Country for the results obtained in the elections (03/03/2009)
    Y warns of "dire consequences of the covenants of government"
  • All members of the Athletic Club Totana Barcelona finish the marathon under 4 hours (03/03/2009)
    Nine members of the Club took part in the marathon in Barcelona
  • A side of Mayor calls on citizens to attend the demonstration on 18 March in Murcia in defense of maintaining the Tajo-Segura (03/03/2009)
    Free The council chartered bus
  • The Government of Spain funds 21 projects to the City of Totana, amounting to 5 million euros, which will create 385 jobs (03/03/2009)
    Totana The Socialist Group held a meeting last night with the Government Delegate in Murcia, Rafael González Tovar
  • The school sports totanero gets seven regional championships in the Regional Final held at Badminton School Towers Cotillas (03/03/2009)

  • The "River-Ghost Bar Baron regains third place in the Amateur Football League" Play Fair " (03/03/2009)
    ... the nineteenth day of competition
  • The Department of Sports, in collaboration with the City Athletic Club, will give away 600 tickets to students of institutes of Totana (03/03/2009)
    ... to see the derby with Sangonera to be held this Sunday at the Juan Cayuela
  • Students of the course "Attention and care for dependent people" participate in a workshop organized by the art of nutrition (03/03/2009)
    ... of the Department of Health
  • Announcing the creation of a bag of companies and professionals to work in the Regional Employment Service and Training (03/03/2009)
    ... in 2009
  • The concentration of "Black Wednesday" a day which is held every month to condemn the violence, will take place tomorrow, March 4 (03/03/2009)
  • The City Council has signed an agreement with the associations of artisans for the collection of sewage contamination of the pottery (02/03/2009)

  • The Lebor social center will open next Sunday, March 8 (02/03/2009)
    is a two storey building with 700 square meters, located on a plot of over 1,500 square meters
  • The City Council awarded a definitive way the public works of a total of 8 projects under the Local Investment Plan (02/03/2009)
    ... whose implementation has already begun
  • March 8 "International Women's Day" (02/03/2009)
    A dozen acts, commemorating the March 8 "International Women's Day" celebrations begin tomorrow with a walk and a talk on the Socio-Cultural Center "The Jail "
  • The city of Totana introduced the draft Computer Rooms Network "RAITOTANA" to the Directorate General Information Society of the Region of Murcia (02/03/2009)
    "as a pioneering regional and national level"
  • Users of the Service Day Care for Alzheimer made a visit to the hamlet of El Paretón (02/03/2009)
    were received by a group of members of the Senior Center this deputation totanera
  • Users and Municipal Service professionals visit the Center for Psychosocial Support of Waste Treatment in the hamlet of Glen Hermosa Murcia (02/03/2009)

  • The Socialists claim that "the PP used to divide the Tagus Diversion" (02/03/2009)
    Municipal Socialist Group is confident that "the mayor and Juan Pagan do not hesitate to advance their electoral interests before the defense unit of the Tajo-Segura , as demonstrated at the last plenary council "
  • A derby high on the Juan Cayuela (02/03/2009)
    The City, which continues to climb to second positions, receiving Sunday Sangonera
  • Injured race this weekend at La Palma (02/03/2009)
    On Saturday 27 February was held the 6 th stage of the Interclub Cartagena in the hamlet of La Palma
  • On Monday, work began to remodel the municipal pool (01/03/2009)
    ... that will transform the building into a sports center with tennis and paddle courts, spa, thermal baths, fitness room, Turkish and fitness

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