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  • More than 30 businesses engaged in R Totana Outlet and Crafts Fair of the municipality (30/09/2010)
    Director General of Trade and Crafts opens this exhibition where you can buy top brand products at deep discounts
  • They enter the final straight of the works of underground medium-voltage line in the Polygon (30/09/2010)
    Solve electrical problems for companies in the Industrial Park "The Saladar" and ensure that future developments in the park
  • The PP Totana says that "after the general strike, has shown that what the Spanish want is out of the crisis and work" (30/09/2010)

  • The Senior Municipal Center organizes trips and outings program and educational activities for this course (30/09/2010)

  • The Department of Sports and Sports Duet agree to the installation of the first semi-automatic defibrillator (30/09/2010)
    At the Center for Sport in Totana
  • The School of Music held a hearing on the Socio-Cultural Center "La Carcel" (30/09/2010)
    how to start the 2010/2011 academic year during which more than 300 students receive their training
  • Agricultural and Livestock Council agreed to hold the second fair of Agriculture and Livestock (30/09/2010)
    will be on 15, 16 and 17 October at the fairgrounds
  • The House debated tomorrow more than two dozen proposals (29/09/2010)
    "among which the property tax rebate Rustic, an aid program for young people to get the license and developing a plan for revitalization of retailing," according to municipal sources
  • The cultural program of October opens next Friday, October 1 (29/09/2010)
    With the presentation of the album inspired by the Santa Eulalia serenade gang "sainfoin"
  • Tomorrow is the deadline for advance registration to the XIV Subida a La Santa (29/09/2010)

  • CC.OO.: "The main productive sectors of Totana, paralyzed" (29/09/2010)
    "such as garbage collection services and street cleaning and suspended the weekly market in the early hours of the General Strike"
  • Continuing the intense activity of the Athletics Club athletes Totana (28/09/2010)

  • The council will reclaim the rustic IBI (28/09/2010)
    With what we save 200,000 euros into the pockets of local residents and farmers
  • More than 2,000 users of the Senior Center tear the 2010/2011 academic year (28/09/2010)
    With the events commemorating the International Day
  • Civil Protection Totana teaches a course in first aid (28/09/2010)
    has had the participation of about thirty people from all over the region
  • Official Language School of Totana open for new registrations within the first year of intermediate level English (28/09/2010)

  • The Local Police of Totana stops for a control to prevent the theft of an individual grape with 50 kilos of copper cable and 10 kilos of grapes (28/09/2010)

  • The PP Totana believes that "Spain does not need general strikes" (28/09/2010)
    "But rather the call for general elections emergency"
  • Totana hosts on 2 October, the first edition of the National Technical Conference of Ceramics (27/09/2010)
    It will bring together more than 30 cities potters and ceramists from all RSPAN
  • Birth of the new club "Club Paddle Tennis Vs Evolution" (27/09/2010)
    have set up a school paddle, which began classes on October 4
  • Program "2010/11 School Sports" presented by the Department of Sports (27/09/2010)
    Offers from October 4 free activities throughout the year to students aged 4 to 18 years
  • Mountaineers Athletic Club were in Totana Botamarges II, 63 km race of real mountains. (27/09/2010)

  • UI Totana calls to support the strike Genera, "in defense of workers rights and in defense of pensions" (27/09/2010)
    Las Huelgas, as citizens and civic movements have achieved the highest social progress through History
  • CFS Capuchin MOES-6-5 Lift-Dominican FS (27/09/2010)
    The MOES-Capuchin achieved a major victory
  • Civil Protection, Fire, Forest and Police Agents Local de Totana participate in the work of extinguishing a fire (27/09/2010)
    occurred in the way of local Dryland
  • The city of Totana resolution dictated by the minimum services to be provided during the day of general strike (27/09/2010)
    will take place on September 29
  • The municipality has invested in the deputation of the Sierra more than 100,000 euros (24/09/2010)
    With the installation work of the grid in the hostel of Santa Leocadia and arrangement Purgatory Road
  • The municipality will undertake the renovation and rehabilitation of the "Temple of the Christ" (24/09/2010)
    In order to address the deteriro of this monument
  • Recommendations for the citizen to know the rights you have when hiring a distance learning (24/09/2010)

  • IU rejected, so sharp, "the sale of the historic football stadium has been proposed Municipal Councillor for Sports" (24/09/2010)

  • City officials attending the inauguration of the exhibition "fotoespuña 2009" (24/09/2010)
    Pick the winning photos of this event, and is in Alhama de Murcia
  • The day political and coexistence of PP with which to start the political course in this county is being held this coming Sunday, 26 (24/09/2010)

  • The Department of Sports offer the program "Mountain Bike" (24/09/2010)
    will run from Oct. 24 until Jan. 16, including several trips through the mountains
  • The exhibition hall hosts Cebrián Gregorio from tomorrow's first "Local Ceramics Exhibition" (23/09/2010)
    have involved more than a dozen master potters of Totana
  • On the occasion of the general strike on September 29 will advance the weekly market on Tuesday (23/09/2010)

  • The Department of Sports will propose to the House ask the Highways Agency's road sign of the Holy (23/09/2010)
    Directed to pedestrians, cyclists and drivers
  • Students take training project and revitalization of local computer rooms with 13 courses (23/09/2010)
    coming months will be developed
  • The Socialists claim that "the government of Spain will invest in the Rambla de las pears worth € 58,507.47" (23/09/2010)
    "The government of Spain returns to make another investment in Totana, now to avoid potential problems with gout Cold
  • The council will undertake the construction of access road of Yesares, which will be conditioned to the path of the strip of canvas (23/09/2010)
    conditions have to improve road safety and accessibility of this route
  • The council of Education welcomes students of IES Juan de la Cierva and Herreera IES Juan de El Escorial (Madrid) (23/09/2010)
    work together on the project "Our library services researchers make us"
  • The dates of the school year 2010-11 School of Music is now open Paretón (22/09/2010)
    Any student interested can register from September 22 to 30 of the month
  • Totana Athletics Club placed third in the regional cup races mountain (22/09/2010)

  • The Department of Real Madrid Sports offers sports facilities (22/09/2010)
    to perform their concentration after the game that will take on Real Murcia next month
  • Totana today joins the celebration of the day "The city without my car, move with intelligence and better living" (22/09/2010)
    To promote sustainable urban development close to the downtown traffic
  • The screening test for especalista technical course in infant schools will be held Friday September 24 (22/09/2010)
    At 11:00 pm in the Centre for Local Development
  • The official opening of the school year 2010/2011 will be held on 7 October in the Public School "La Cruz" (22/09/2010)
    starting at 20:00 pm
  • More than one half of walkers participated in the first path of the sports program organized by the Department of Sports (22/09/2010)
    It was developed in Moratalla
  • The Department of Women and the association "Intergenerational Solidarity" organized by the free course for carers of dependent persons (22/09/2010)

  • The mayor and the president of the Local Assembly of the Spanish Red Cross signed a cooperation agreement (21/09/2010)
    For the acquisition of basic life support ambulance and improving the infrastructure of the site
  • The conclusion of the monthly market craftsman of the Holy resumed on Sunday September 26 (21/09/2010)
    With the harvest activities
  • Proinvitosa announces the list of conditions for tendering of the works of what will be the parking of trucks and jet fuel (21/09/2010)
    be installed in the Industrial Park "The Saladar"
  • The Deputy García Retegui chatted in Totana with socialist activists about his candidacy (21/09/2010)
    In the open primary process by the PSOE, the would-be candidate for president of the Region had a meeting at the Casa del Pueblo de Totana
  • Tomorrow, Wednesday 22 September, takes place in Murcia a public event in support of the General Strike (21/09/2010)
    From Totana leave a bus for those interested in attending
  • Municipal authorities inaugurate electrified Hostel Santa Leocadia coinciding with celebrations (21/09/2010)
    kick off on Friday 24 September with a tender crumb
  • The deadline for enrolling children in the program to reconcile work and family life ends next Thursday, September 23 (21/09/2010)
    It develops in the infant schools and primary
  • The XIV career Rise to Santa "will be held on Sunday October 3 with a distance of 7.4 kilometers (20/09/2010)
    is organized by the Department of Sports
  • Totana is joining the initiative "The city without my car" under the slogan "Move with intelligence and live better." (20/09/2010)

  • Partners and collaborators of the association MIFITO enjoyed a festive day at the fair of Albacete (20/09/2010)
    The trip took place on 11th of September
  • The Collective for Social Promotion "The candle" by the hand of the council, takes up the project courses Labor (20/09/2010)
    through which trains people who have difficulty entering the labor market
  • The registration period for courses of the program of the "Universidad Popular de Totana" opens today (20/09/2010)
    and ends on Thursday 23 September
  • ... (20/09/2010)

  • Seriously injured after being hit by a passenger in Totana (19/09/2010)
    Multiple calls to 112 to 11:15 am this morning indicated that a passenger had run over a young man in the Avenida Juan Carlos I de Totana
  • The Local Police of Totana is engaged in vehicle control ten plants of marijuana (18/09/2010)
    The substance on the market has passed the 4,000 euros
  • The Mayor and the Vice Chancellor of University Extension of the UMU closed down the course of the Universidad Internacional del Mar (17/09/2010)
    It has been developed in Totana
  • "The strike will be massive in Totana," the Valley Regional Secretary Guadalentín CCOO (17/09/2010)
    "The major companies are planning to stop Totana September 29"
  • The city of Totana establishing a special preventive plan to prevent flooding from the possible drop cold (17/09/2010)

  • Former mayor, Antonio Pérez Ferez, will kick off the opening match of the natural turf of the "December 6" (17/09/2010)
    veterans will face Real Murcia with Olympic veterans Totana
  • The walking program, offered by the Department of Sports this season, including a total of seven outputs (17/09/2010)
    was held from September 19 to 23
  • The deadline for registration to participate in photo contests and music of "young Crearte 2010" will remain open until November 2 (17/09/2010)
    is aimed at young people between 15 and 35
  • The PP believes that "the central government will ruin the local authorities not to endorse the payment to suppliers through funds ICO (17/09/2010)

  • The Socialist Party argues that "popular government wasting time instead of removing Totana hole which led to" (17/09/2010)

  • Peñalver reports on the day of coexistence to be held the next day 26 in the Santa (17/09/2010)

  • Totana Socialists in Parliament will support the Roma and the rejection of the "xenophobic French policy" (17/09/2010)

  • The five Edutec the municipality re-opened every afternoon with fun activities and educational support (17/09/2010)
    Between them the "Tallinn space" whose activities are in English
  • Sports Councilman visit good works covering the municipal sports center track "December 6" (16/09/2010)
    which will be used by sports clubs
  • The Social Welfare council meets with parents of children receiving care at the Child Development Center and Primary Care (16/09/2010)
    To explain what the operation of municipal service
  • Initiating the course "Technical specialist nurseries" 200-hour (16/09/2010)
    starting next October
  • The PP believes Totana is a grotesque and ridiculous that the PSOE required to hold an urgent special planning committee to know the Day of PGOM " (16/09/2010)
    " and then do not even attend "
  • The PSOE de Totana analyzes the beginning of the school in nursery and primary (16/09/2010)
    criticize "the statements of the Councillor for Education on the good start this school year in early childhood education centers and primary city of Totana"
  • The totanero Andrés David Ros of Totana Table Tennis Club has been convened by category Alevín Table Tennis Federation of the Region (16/09/2010)

  • The security forces shielded five areas of the municipality against the wave of robberies that are occurring in crops of table grapes (15/09/2010)
    Totana Mayor, Councillor for Citizen Security and Councilman Pedanías Agriculture and farmers visited and areas where guards patrol the countryside, the Local Police and Civil Guard
  • The municipality powers more than a dozen free training courses socio (15/09/2010)
    Among the highlights that care for children, the dependents, psychosocial support workshops and reading, writing or computing
  • The Councillor for Education inaugurated the course "Philosophy as practical knowledge, paideia and art of thinking" of the Universidad Internacional del Mar (15/09/2010)

  • The registration period for the 2010/11 academic year the School of Music will remain open until 24 September (15/09/2010)

  • The Socialists congratulate the Civil Guard arrests made (15/09/2010)
    "It was a successful performance of this security has been successful in less than 48 hours after the launch of the expansion of allocations"
  • At the beginning of the political, IU in Totana "very urgent dialogue between the parties and society" (15/09/2010)
    "to overcome the six-year starring black Martínez Andreo and Juan Morales in the City"
  • Enrique Gonzalez, Valley district secretary of the Workers' Commissions Guadalentín Totana visit on Thursday, 16 (15/09/2010)
    To promote the general strike on September 29 in the city
  • The Department of Education will open its primary schools at 8:00 am during the school year 2010/2011 (15/09/2010)
    Start tomorrow, Thursday
  • The School of Dance "Manoli Canovas" takes up the classes after the summer holidays (15/09/2010)
    Pre-registration opens on Thursday, September 16
  • Inkeys presents his new video this Friday with a concert in Latino (15/09/2010)

  • Culture offer a total of 8 courses of the program of activities of the "Universidad Popular de Totana" (15/09/2010)
    The registration period will remain open from 20th to 23rd September
  • Totana held from 30 to 3 October at the Plaza of the Constitution's First Fair Trade "Outlet" (15/09/2010)
    for more than 30 traders in the town will come their products at low price
  • UI Totana states that "the proposed installation of the Paramount is the cousin of Mediterranean Food City" (14/09/2010)
    "that never heard"
  • The Mayor of Totana takes possession of the Commonwealth Tourism Services Espuña (14/09/2010)
    calling for the development of the Paramount project in the region of Guadalentín
  • The Socialist Party held a press conference to mark the start of the political (14/09/2010)

  • The council is launching a plan to disinfect the plague of mosquitoes caused by stagnant water in the river Guadalentín (14/09/2010)

  • The City and the Association of Family and Elderly rural sign an agreement (14/09/2010)
    To perform actions aimed at the inclusion of older people and their families in the information society and access to social assistance
  • More than sixty cyclists totaneros get the Jubilee after making the pilgrimage to Caravaca de la Cruz bikes (14/09/2010)

  • The Board of Directors of the Neighborhood Association met the gardens at the new social (14/09/2010)

  • The session Totana driving the transformation of a sustainable city (13/09/2010)
    With the installation of photovoltaic panels on all municipal buildings
  • About 3,500 children have now started the school year 2010/2011 primary and secondary education in the classrooms of the twelve centers in the municipality (13/09/2010)

  • Dozens of activities complete the sports program 2010-2011, driven by the Department of Sports (13/09/2010)
    The most important are municipal schools for adults and gymnastics training courses
  • Totana Mayor takes office tomorrow as the new president of the Association of Tourism Services Sierra de Espuña (13/09/2010)
    Up to the end of this term
  • Eighth Juanan position in the escalation of the rooster 2010 (13/09/2010)
    Sunday September 12 took place in Murcia Climbing the now legendary Cresta del Gallo in XXVI edition with the presence of a corridor of the Cycling Club Santa Eulalia
  • The Brotherhood of "Denial" celebrates the day of the Exaltation of the Cross with a dinner-coexistence (13/09/2010)
    will take place on Saturday September 18
  • Totana local police set up a special device to prevent the illegal outlets stolen fruit in the markets (12/09/2010)

  • Guardia Civil, Local Police and vigilant surveillance in extreme rural areas of table grape cultivation in Totana (11/09/2010)
    With the wave of robberies that are occurring in the city
  • The Socialists report that "the Civil Guard today reinforces the same with" reserve unit "security in the field totanero" (10/09/2010)

  • Local Police and Civil Protection of Totana involved in a traffic accident (10/09/2010)
    with a collision between a van and a car on the way John, Theresa, with a balance of six injured
  • The council has promoted the revitalization of Barrio San José (10/09/2010)
    Across Street regenración works and the extension of the College of San Jose through two projects amounted to 700,000 euros
  • The mayor gives a proclamation offering technical advice on the treatment of plantations of Palermo to the blight of "cochineal" (10/09/2010)

  • The board of PP agreed to open the political year with the festive day of living II memorial "Ginés Lucerga" in Santa (10/09/2010)
    Y approved the creation of new committees to draw up the electoral program
  • PSOE: "The works of the round in the Rambla de La Santa are paralyzed by the awkwardness of Councilman Works" (10/09/2010)

  • IU calls "absurd bravado of the mayor's announcement, stating that the City will provide services within the Central Government" (10/09/2010)

  • The PSOE complained that "the city of Totana is the fourth most indebted of Spain" (10/09/2010)

  • The new political year 2010-2011 will be marked by cost cutting, support to productive sectors, promoting employment, infrastructure (09/09/2010)
    and implementation of revitalization plans to boost economy
  • The mayor announced that due to lack of Central Government funding the council will provide services that are not within its competence (09/09/2010)
    and, for lack of revenue, are being paid by the municipality totanero
  • The Municipal People's based its political action until the end of legislature in the fight against the crisis and employment generation (09/09/2010)
  • IU Martínez Andreo requires that "explain the truth to the people on the abandonment of the works of Bridge kabuki" (09/09/2010)
    "and take action on the channel of the Rambla de La Santa to avoid the serious danger in case of flood"
  • The PP claims that "IU + LV just want to cause alarm to the tender of waste collection service and clean interiors" (09/09/2010)
    "to destabilize the template and ensure that companies do not bet on Totana"
  • Reported numerous thefts of grapes in Totana (09/09/2010)

  • ... (09/09/2010)

  • The council granted a business license truck parking and fuel pump at the request of PROINVITOSA (09/09/2010)

  • The new football field's natural turf sports "December 6" will open on 18 (09/09/2010)
    With meetings between local youth sports and Olympic veterans and the club Real Murcia
  • More than 1,500 users play sports in the "sport and health center duet sport Totana" (08/09/2010)
    winter season starts with new offerings and programs and water aerobics
  • IU: "Not one company has submitted during the tender period, contests garbage collection, street cleaning and Building" (08/09/2010)
    IU warns of "the situation of the workers concerned"
  • Develop a Plan Retail Revitalisation of the town of Totana (08/09/2010)
    To promote and stimulate the activity of this sector
  • The Department of Public Works and Employment launches from 2 to 23 November, the course "cold kitchen, semi-cold and warm" (08/09/2010)
    is aimed primarily at employees
  • Club Deportivo Sierra Espuña closed on Aug. 31 its Comprehensive Course Tennis (08/09/2010)
    was held during the months of July and August at the tennis courts of the Sports City and the municipal sports center "December 6"
  • The programming of the summer movie ends with the screening of the film "Sorcerer's Apprentice" (08/09/2010)
    will be during this weekend in the auditorium of the municipal park "Marcos Ortiz" at ten in the night
  • PSOE: "The incompetence of the council of Works will cause the College of Santa Eulalia students begin the course with all the works in progress" (08/09/2010)

  • The Department of Education is launching the campaign "Sharpen your school supplies" (08/09/2010)
    To raise public awareness of the need for educational material recycling
  • IU calls "crumbs" investments POS (07/09/2010)
    "have been cut by 60% by Valcárcel, with the approval of the PP in Totana, as denounced by the leftist coalition
  • The PP says that the only intention of the PSOE is to paralyze the General Plan " (07/09/2010)
    " to keep out investment in the city "
  • The city tentatively awarded within the POS 2010, a total of five projects (07/09/2010)
    have a budget of EUR 450,935.77
  • The neighborhood of San Jose starts the program of their traditional celebrations on Friday, September 10 (07/09/2010)
    At 21:00 hours with the chupinazo
  • On Wednesday, September 1 began a new course in the School of Tennis at the Club de Tenis de Totana (07/09/2010)

  • Open registration period to participate in the Program of Support for Family Literacy in Early Ages " (07/09/2010)
    Held at the CEIP Santiago
  • Summer full of podiums for Totana Athletics Club athletes (07/09/2010)

  • Exhibition of drawings, paintings and photography of young totanera Virginia Martínez (07/09/2010)
    10 to 19 September in the municipal exhibition "Gregorio Cebrián"
  • The course of the Universidad del Mar Int "Philosophy as practical knowledge, paideia and art of thinking" will be held from 15 to 17 September (07/09/2010)

  • The deadline to register for the pilgrimage mountain biking Caravaca de la Cruz is still open until tomorrow, September 8 (07/09/2010)
    will be held on Sunday 12
  • The Socialists ask for a special briefing committee (07/09/2010)
    "for the mayor to provide them mediambiental Impact Study of the General Plan of Totana"
  • The seventeenth day of Schools Cycling took place in Mula on Sunday September 5 (07/09/2010)
    The totanero José Angel came into the finish line in third place in its category
  • The new 2010-11 season of the Amateur Football League "Play Fair" today opened its registration period (06/09/2010)
    until 24 September for teams that want to participate
  • The municipality and the Ministry of Agriculture intensified joint action to eradicate the infestation of cochineal (06/09/2010)
    Affects drainers and is causing a plague of mosquitoes
  • Support for young people to obtain driver's license (06/09/2010)

  • Ya know the winners of the second photo contest "Barriers" (06/09/2010)
    was organized by the Mifito
  • On Tuesday, 7 this month will be held in the Health Center to donate blood samples and work with the charitable work (06/09/2010)
    Y 14, 21 and 28
  • The summer movie continues Monday with a screening of the movie "Centurion" (06/09/2010)
    will be in the auditorium of the municipal park "Marcos Ortiz" at ten in the night
  • The Socialist Party says that "maintaining the new soccer field cost the council € 60,000 per year" (06/09/2010)

  • Antonio Costa after the last two tests in Badajoz Jet Rally is the third in the championship of Spain (05/09/2010)

  • The Department of Public Works encourages the comprehensive rehabilitation of the Plaza de la Ermita de San Roque in Totana (05/09/2010)
    Director General of Land and Housing, adding that "is an eighteenth century baroque building that stands as a singular piece of regional architectural heritage "
  • The people of Totana D dismiss Francisco Fructuoso, pastor of St. James the Great, who was named Episcopal Vicar Lorca Area (04/09/2010)
    After spending ten years in Totana
  • Sports councilor said that "it exposes the ignorance of the PSOE and IU + LV over what happens and you need the sport of Totana" (03/09/2010)
    "and who can only distort reality"
  • The council has implemented adequate social infrastructure and rural roads of La Huerta (03/09/2010)
    communications have improved the hamlet with the village
  • The city of Totana signs a cooperation agreement with the Lorca Deportiva CF (03/09/2010)
    For a sum of 5,000 euros for the transfer of use of municipal sports facilities
  • "The IU + LV strategy of blaming the mayor for the delay in payments to workers in the Special Employment Centre is further evidence of his cynicism and political hypocrisy" (03/09/2010)
    According to them from the Popular Party
  • IU complaint that "the sports clubs and associations of Totana, bringing together more than 1000 base-athletes, spent two years without pay subsidies Hall" (03/09/2010)
    "by the negligence and irresponsibility of the Councillor for Sports"
  • Coag-Go claims that "numerous thefts are occurring grape in the town of Totana" (03/09/2010)
    the union calls to suppliers or not to buy grapes orchards of dubious origin and without proper health certificates
  • The city of Totana support the claims of the Transport Association this location (03/09/2010)
    Rejecting the introduction of toll Eurovignette
  • New Technologies Councilman attributes the problems that may exist in the DVB-T reception only to facilities of each city (03/09/2010)
    As the improvement works on the antenna have been completed Carrascoy
  • The fourth place in Mountain Bike Pelegrín Memorial Sunday "will be held on Sunday September 5 (03/09/2010)
    is organized by the Club Ciclista Santa Eulalia" in collaboration with the Department of Sports
  • Socialist Youth of Totana accuses the PP of "alarmist" (03/09/2010)
    "and not worry about young people who can not afford a home"
  • IU claims that "the 60 workers with disabilities Special Employment Center, employees of the City, accumulate 3 months without charge" (03/09/2010)
    "by default the Mayor"
  • The Brotherhood of Our Lady of Sorrows Tournament organized Paddle II "La Dolorosa" (03/09/2010)
    will take place on September 11
  • The Socialist Party says, "Valverde is stifling the sport Totana base" (02/09/2010)
    Otálora collects "the indignation of sports clubs that are stranded by the city"
  • "Against the feast of blood and pain" (02/09/2010)
    Totana Communist Youth reports that on Sunday 12 September will be a rally in front of the Plaza de Toros de Murcia
  • Valverde Queen: "The natural turf sports center" December 6 "has generated more than € 16,000 of income for the town" (02/09/2010)
    "in just one month of operation"
  • The PP Totana held on September 26 a holiday for coexistence with militants and sympathizers in the Santa (02/09/2010)
    It will officially open the political course
  • Latino reopens its doors this weekend (02/09/2010)
    This weekend starts the 2010-2011 season in Latino
  • Three runners Santa Eulalia Cycling Club participated in the march 17 cyclist Pedro Delgado in Segovia (02/09/2010)

  • The CP IU + branded as the Greens of "carrying out a destructive policy that pre-election bonus" the anything goes "" (02/09/2010)
    " to discredit the actions taken by the government team "
  • The council has launched a network of social infrastructure, valued at more than 1,700,000 euros (02/09/2010)
    have given new impetus to neighborhood groups and improved municipal services
  • Activities of the project "Integration of children and youth rehabilitative or at risk of social exclusion" (02/09/2010)
    will start on September 15
  • The summer film continues this weekend with the screening of films "Centurion" and "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" (02/09/2010)
    In the auditorium of the municipal park "Marcos Ortiz" at ten in the night
  • IU alert "the intentions of the Mayor to award a contract to toe the company € 18,000 GRANITE" (02/09/2010)
    "owned by former City Auditor"
  • They set up a special cleaning to prevent flooding by the provision of the cold drop in September (01/09/2010)
    is being carried out by the Department of Facility Management Services and the City
  • NNGG of Totana criticism that "the National Government now requires young people the repayment of the aid for rental housing" (01/09/2010)

  • Totana host the course on "Philosophy as practical knowledge, paideia and art of thinking" of the Universidad Internacional del Mar (01/09/2010)
    will be held from 15 to 17 September
  • Organize a free course aimed at immigrant women, to disseminate values of tolerance and equality (01/09/2010)
    is organized by the departments of Citizenship and Women and Equal Opportunities, together with the Federation of Women of the Region of Murcia
  • Today September 1 opens within the voluntary period for collection of receipts (01/09/2010)
    About real property of urban and economic activities for the year 2010
  • The Socialists denounced "the inaction of the mayor to the demands of the residents of The Pond" (01/09/2010)
    They say "Andreo allows a husband to his secretary a stable of horses in the city center"
  • IU denounces the neglect and the deception that has undergone-Martínez Andreo and PP-to the residents of Barrio de San José " (01/09/2010)

  • The municipality implements the `SOS SMS service ' (01/09/2010)
    In order that people with oral communication problems can make emergency calls to the Police Local

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