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  • Tre Sorelle (30/11/2019)

  • Salsa Dancing (30/11/2019)

  • The mayor urges the Ministry of Development for the third lane planned on the A7 from Crevillente to Alhama de Murcia, continue to Puerto Lumbreras (30/11/2019)
    Improving communications Guadalentín
  • Red Cross will celebrate the Day of the Banderita on December 8, coinciding with the pilgrimage of La Santa (29/11/2019)
    In order to raise funds to maintain the programs to help children
  • Santa Eulalia patron celebrations mayor greets 2019 (29/11/2019)
    Time flies by and we are already at the gates of our parties in honor of Santa Eulalia de Mérida
  • The project of the Regulatory Municipal Ordinance of Regular Urban Public Transport of Special Use in Totana is approved initially (29/11/2019)

  • El Candil (29/11/2019)

  • This Saturday is celebrated in Totana the VIII championship of rugby schools "City of Totana" (29/11/2019)
    The Championship will take place in the Sports Center "December 6" of Totana as an activity promoted by the Rugby Club of Totana due to the Patron Saint Festivities of Santa Eulalia
  • Completion of the renovation works of the San Ramón street and sanitation network section (29/11/2019)
    They have been extended for almost two months
  • Parking (29/11/2019)

  • CAVAX technicians train the volunteers who will serve at the Violeta Point during the Santa Eulalia Patron Saint festivities (29/11/2019)
    The violet information points will be installed by means of a permanent tent on December 7, 8 and 10 coinciding with the celebration of the Day Fair in the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja
  • Santa Eulalia Festival Program 2019 (29/11/2019)

  • Santa Eulalia Festival Program 2019 (29/11/2019)

  • Remember the recommendations and prohibition that exists for the practice of burning of agricultural waste (29/11/2019)
    As well as the exceptional cases allowed
  • Delivery of documents expelled from the Municipal Archive of Totana (28/11/2019)

  • Rozalén congratulates CEIP La Cruz for the mural "The Violet Door" held on the occasion of the Day against gender violence (28/11/2019)

  • The City Council eliminates today the plastic bottles in the Plenary as a simple symbolic gesture in the fight against climate change (28/11/2019)
    Recyclable glass bottles and individualized ceramic cups are acquired as a measure of support for the artisanal sector of Totana
  • The groups "Cuerdas y Voces de Totana" and "Coral Santiago", protagonists of the Musical Evening (28/11/2019)
    It will take place this Saturday November 30 in the parish of the Three Hail Marys (20:15 hours)
  • Renew one more year the transfer of the Social Local of the neighborhood of San Roque to "El Candil" for its management and revitalization (28/11/2019)

  • Holidays and Sundays open during the month of December (28/11/2019)

  • The School Hall hosted the Local Phase of School Sports Badminton (28/11/2019)
    It was organized by the Department of Sports
  • The mayor of Totana attends the act in which the Federation of Municipalities of the Region of Murcia (FMRM) honors the mayors of 79 (28/11/2019)
    To celebrate the 40 years of local democracy
  • Admitted all applications of the Christmas School 2019, when the limit of 100 registrations is not exceeded (28/11/2019)
    It has been established from November 29 to December 3 to present the missing documents to the submitted registrations
  • Representatives of gangs and musical groups of Totana meet with the Board of Trustees of the La Santa Foundation (28/11/2019)

  • Badminton Club (27/11/2019)

  • Prices (27/11/2019)

  • Totana runs out of new basketball court (27/11/2019)
    Murcia wins the challenge "Encesta glass, we all win"
  • The "ABBA Tribute" concert on December 5 will be for the benefit of Padisito (27/11/2019)
    This is one of the great musical attractions of the patron saint festivities of Santa Eulalia
  • Christmas (27/11/2019)

  • Fiestas de San Roque (27/11/2019)

  • Festivals in honour of Patron Saint James the Apostle (27/11/2019)

  • Easter (27/11/2019)

  • Saint Mark (27/11/2019)

  • Carnival (27/11/2019)

  • Festivals in honour of Saint Eulalia (27/11/2019)

  • The VI "Morerica Galán" Literary Contest is convened (27/11/2019)
    It is aimed at primary school and ESO schoolchildren in story and poetry modalities, respectively
  • The Citizen Attention Service (SAC) will have a special schedule on the occasion of the Christmas and Christmas Festivities (27/11/2019)

  • Next Saturday, November 30 will take place the Local Phase of School Sports Chess (27/11/2019)

  • A group of women participate in the first session of the Master Class of Women's Self Defense (27/11/2019)

  • Citizens Totana asks for the equalization of widowhood pensions for de facto couples (26/11/2019)
    They will request in plenary that the Government approve a Law of Couples of Fact that eliminates any discrimination regarding civil marriages
  • They present the extensive program of activities of the patron celebrations of Santa Eulalia 2019 (26/11/2019)
    They are celebrated from November 29 to December 15
  • JST and the PSOE of Totana read a manifesto on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (26/11/2019)
    It took place in the House of the People and was assisted by Alejandro Vives, Secretary of the Socialist Youth Organization of the Region of Murcia
  • The Popular Municipal Group once again requests in plenary the start-up of the operation of the bar-cafeteria service of the municipal park (26/11/2019)

  • Celebrate the Local Citizen Security Board (26/11/2019)
    To coordinate the security and emergency device of the pilgrimages and festivities of Santa Eulalia 2019
  • The reports issued in relation to the follow-up of the various Adjustment Plans will be reported in the Plenary of November (26/11/2019)
    It is held this Thursday at 7:00 pm
  • Writers and fans of Totana literature read texts by writers (26/11/2019)
    Coinciding with the celebration of the Day against the Elimination of Machista Violence
  • The Storyteller is celebrated on the occasion of the International Day against Gender Violence (26/11/2019)

  • Ordinary Plenary Agenda of November 2019 of the City of Totana (26/11/2019)
    It will take place this Thursday, November 28 at 7:00 p.m.
  • The Socialists propose a fair day for children with ASD (26/11/2019)

  • Totana, ready for the Regional of 5K in Individual Route and by Clubs (25/11/2019)
    On Friday, December 6, the competition will take place, within the framework of the XXXII Popular Race "Constitution Day", with departure and finish in the Pavilion of Sports "Manolo Ibáñez"
  • Successfully held the 7th Annual AELIP Awards Gala (25/11/2019)
    It was attended by about 400 people
  • They place a permanent signage in the SAC to persuade against Gender Violence (25/11/2019)

  • El Bocao (25/11/2019)

  • They agree to the approval of an agreement with sports clubs and associations of Totana for the use of municipal sports facilities (25/11/2019)

  • Until December 5, taxes on urban and rustic nature, special features and economic activities of 2019 are collected on a voluntary basis (25/11/2019)

  • The mayor meets with executives of the Association D´Genes (25/11/2019)
    To coordinate joint actions for the future that continue to place this municipality as a reference in the attention to these pathologies
  • The Totana Athletics Club celebrates its II March against gender violence (25/11/2019)

  • Totanera youth joins against gender violence (25/11/2019)
    The Totana Youth Platform presents a video made in collaboration Aula K-nect @ e Imperdible Social
  • National 2nd: AD Eliocroca Lorca 0 - 6 Framusa Totana TM (24/11/2019)

  • Águeda Muñoz Tudela new President of the Brotherhood of Veronica (24/11/2019)

  • IES Juan de la Cierva participated in the Program of Scientific, Artistic and Literary Routes in Language Immersion in English (24/11/2019)
    It is organized by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training.
  • Isabel Franco supports the International Association of Relatives and People with Lipodystrophies (24/11/2019)

  • The CAVI of Totana carries out 1,102 interventions with 217 women until October of this year, of which 76 are new cases (24/11/2019)

  • Small school concerts at CEIP La Cruz on the occasion of Santa Cecilila, patron saint of Music (22/11/2019)

  • They place the commemorative banner for the International Day against Gender Violence on the façade of the Town Hall (22/11/2019)
    The young people of the Secondary Education institutes will read this year the institutional manifesto against Gender Violence that will take place on Monday 25-N
  • The program of religious and liturgical acts of the patron celebrations of Santa Eulalia de Mérida 2019 is presented (22/11/2019)

  • The yellow warning is triggered by strong winds in the Region of Murcia (22/11/2019)

  • City Council and Autonomous Community sign an agreement for the maintenance of the Totana Early Care Center (22/11/2019)
    The Center serves children from 0 to 6 years old
  • The PP denounces that "the mayor and his minority government team work from obscurantism to the opposition and neighbors" (22/11/2019)

  • Approve to sign an agreement with the Association of Merchants of Totana for 2019 for 1,500 euros (22/11/2019)
    To encourage the promotion of small businesses
  • The Autonomous Community grants a subsidy of 3,640 euros for the improvement of actions of the Center of Social Services of Primary Care (22/11/2019)

  • The VI Education and Emotion Forum will take place next Saturday, February 8, 2020 (21/11/2019)
    It will be, like last year, at the Hotel "Jardines de la Santa" in Totana
  • The Socialist Municipal Group denounces that it remains only in the fight against Violence against women (21/11/2019)

  • ... (21/11/2019)

  • Organizing a storytelling activity on the occasion of 25-N, International Day to Combat Gender Violence (21/11/2019)

  • Next Saturday, November 23 will take place the Local Phase of School Sports Badminton (21/11/2019)

  • The environmental awareness campaign on waste recycling "Think with the lungs" begins (21/11/2019)
    Whose prize is a stay in a resort in the Region
  • Totana Local Police agents recover a stolen vehicle in a hamlet in Murcia and detain the alleged perpetrator of the crime (21/11/2019)

  • The TSJ revokes the sentence that forced the City Council to reintegrate the Galician developer of the urban development agreement of El Raiguero almost 2.5 million euros (21/11/2019)
    The Court of Contentious-Administrative Number 4 of Murcia had given, in July 2018, the reason to the promoter of Inmonuar, urging the Consistory to reimburse the money that he gave, contrary to the criteria of the Legal Council
  • VOX Totana: "Everyone has their price. Why?" (20/11/2019)

  • The SCHOOL SUPPORT program, which is being developed at the Red Cross, is already helping 17 students (20/11/2019)

  • They organize on November 23 the activity "Shine for your rights" to commemorate the International Day for the Rights of Children, celebrated today (20/11/2019)

  • The Municipal Commission for Children and Youth is held for the first time in this term (20/11/2019)
    In which the need to create spaces for meeting and youth reflection is addressed
  • The "Manolo Ibáñez" Sports Pavilion hosts the Local Phase of School Sports Table Tennis (20/11/2019)

  • They present candidatures to pediatric mayors in all the councils, with the exception of Las Viñas-Carivete, La Huerta and La Sierra (20/11/2019)

  • First victory for the youngsters of the Totana Skates Hockey Club (19/11/2019)

  • The "5K Constitution Day" is celebrated on December 6 (19/11/2019)
    It is scoring test, for the first time, for the Regional Championship of 5 kilometers in Route, of the Murcian Athletics Federation
  • The assembly works of the Municipal Bethlehem begin, which will be made by the Association of Friends of Bethlehem Association Los Pinos Sale (19/11/2019)
    The works will be exhibited from December 9 to January 6, 2020
  • The Department of Social Welfare receives a grant of 60,442.85 euros (19/11/2019)
    For the realization of three social projects to support the Family and Children
  • The mayor of Totana participates in the meeting of mayors of municipalities of Guadalentín, organized by Ceclor (18/11/2019)
    Advocates for solving the problems of financing local entities
  • It is agreed to sign a collaboration agreement with the Olympic Club of Totana for the use of the municipal field "Juan Cayuela" (18/11/2019)

  • Celebrate the last session of the third children's plenary “Totana, towards a more sustainable city” (18/11/2019)
    Schoolchildren make proposals for a cleaner and healthier city
  • Today is the deadline for the presentation of candidates for the elections of pediatric mayors for this 2019/2023 legislature (18/11/2019)
    Interested neighbors must communicate their intention to present themselves today through the Citizen Attention Service (SAC)
  • The "Communist Mayor" of Totana thanks Vox for their publicity (17/11/2019)

  • Vox Totana: "The communist mayor" (16/11/2019)
    "We have enjoyed a program on the Cuatro network in which our mayor, the communist Juan José Cánovas, briefly intervened"
  • Boutique Ana (15/11/2019)

  • Santo Baron (15/11/2019)

  • Pacuco (15/11/2019)

  • A Totanero working in the Premiership (15/11/2019)

  • The mayor signs the loan of loans for the financing of a large part of the municipal debt for the next 20 years (15/11/2019)
    It will allow to plan its reduction and the possibility of stabilizing finances in the future
  • The Musical Group celebrates the I Young Soloists Contest (15/11/2019)
    The final of the contest will be held on November 29 in the auditorium of the La Milagrosa School, for the benefit of AFACMUR
  • January Santa Eulalia Celebrations (15/11/2019)

  • Platea Burger Club (15/11/2019)

  • Amazon set to open in Murcia (15/11/2019)

  • Killer whales seen close to Cartagena (15/11/2019)

  • V Contest of Christmas Showcases 2019 (15/11/2019)
    The Department of Culture organizes the V Contest of Christmas Showcases 2019, whose registrations must take place from November 18 to December 12 at the Socio-Cultural Center "La Cárcel"
  • Replacing the machines and outdoor sports equipment of the Municipal Sports Center "December 6" (15/11/2019)

  • Begin the procedure to hire the service of removal of vehicles from public roads and abandoned vehicles (15/11/2019)

  • The 8th edition of the "Autocross City of Totana" will take place on December 1 (14/11/2019)

  • The VIII FAMDIF Physical and Organic Disability Training Conference for university students arrives (14/11/2019)
    They will take place at the Permanent Training Center of La Charca de Totana
  • The program to commemorate the International Day for the Fight against Gender Violence includes more than a dozen social awareness activities (14/11/2019)

  • They grant a grant of 21,695.99 euros to the City Council for the development of actions aimed at the fight against Gender Violence in 2019 (14/11/2019)

  • They approve a feasibility study for the concession of the "Summer Sports" service in the municipal swimming pools of the sports complexes of Totana (14/11/2019)

  • They reward the study of the totanero José Ángel Zabala that analyzes the contribution of agriculture to well-being in the Region of Murcia (14/11/2019)

  • Winning Totana will raise to the plenary a motion to adhere to the Spanish Network of Healthy Cities (14/11/2019)
    "We have always defended a sustainable and human urban development, where people and their quality of life are at the center of planning as a city."
  • A deep storm will cause strong or very strong winds in the southeast (13/11/2019)
    Civil Protection Totana asks for a lot of caution tomorrow
  • The Socialist GM regrets that the municipal government continues to turn its back on citizenship (13/11/2019)
    For the Socialists, the action of the mayor and his councilors demonstrates the void capacity for dialogue and reveals the authoritarian character of the municipal government
  • The Provincial Court dismisses the appeal filed by the Association Libertas sui Iuris (13/11/2019)
    It thus confirms the dismissal and filing of the case by repainting the crosswalks with the rainbow flag
  • CEIP "San José" organizes the III Interscholastic Orientation Day (13/11/2019)
    It will be held on November 23 in the vicinity of the school within the framework of a cross-cutting and interdisciplinary educational project
  • Award of the minor contract for the drafting of the public domain occupation inventory for high voltage, gas and water facilities (13/11/2019)

  • The conditions of the "Royal Mailbox" draw to participate in the Kings Cavalcade 2020 are approved (13/11/2019)
    It will take place from November 25 to December 12
  • The CHS analyzes the path of the connection between the desalination plants of Águilas and Valdelentisco with Totana's irrigators (12/11/2019)

  • The City Council signs a collaboration agreement with the Eurofirms Foundation (12/11/2019)
    To promote the employment of people with disabilities in this municipality
  • The Local Phase of School Sports Table Tennis will be held next Saturday, November 16 (12/11/2019)

  • The Local Police joins the campaign to monitor vehicle conditions (12/11/2019)
    It takes place from yesterday until next Sunday, November 17
  • The renovation works of the potable water and sewerage networks in Galicia Street are underway (12/11/2019)
    They will last a month and a half
  • The Government Board of the Tourist Association of Sierra Espuña is held, in which the promotional video "Espusendas" was presented (12/11/2019)
    A select proposal of five natural routes
  • The CAT has been present this weekend in the Marathon of Greece, Half Marathon of Mojácar and Ascent to the Castle of Lorca (12/11/2019)

  • Held in Totana, the 27th annual edition of the Solidarity Market in favor of the Comboni Missionaries (11/11/2019)

  • The electoral day takes place with total normality in Totana, in which a total participation of 65.06% is registered (10/11/2019)
    (VOX 30.60%; PP 25.97%; PSOE 22.85%; United We can 9, 74%; and C´s 6.87%)
  • The participation of voters in Totana in the generals amounts to 54.07%, at 6:00 pm (Second Official Progress of Participation) (10/11/2019)

  • In group 8 of the second national luck shooting for both teams totaneros (10/11/2019)
    Weekend results Club Totana Table Tennis
  • The participation of voters in Totana in the generals amounts to 35.78%, at 14:00 hours (First Official Advance Participation) (10/11/2019)
    The participation of voters in Totana in the generals in April 2019 last election date in the general at the same time- amounted to 42.64%, at 14:00 hours
  • The municipal park "Marcos Ortiz" closes today Sunday to avoid accidents as a result of the effects of the strong wind (10/11/2019)

  • The storm that affects Spain will leave us strong winds tomorrow (09/11/2019)
    From Civil Protection of Totana ask for caution
  • The mayor advocates consigning territorialized budget items for districts and neighborhood groups in the 2020 budgets (09/11/2019)

  • The Local Police, with the transversal collaboration of several councilors, launch the project "Classroom Konect @" (08/11/2019)
    As an alternative model of healthy leisure for children
  • The mayor of Totana to the tail in the Ranking that evaluates the transparency of the mayors and mayors of the Region of Murcia prepared by Dyntra (08/11/2019)

  • They agree to sign the new agreement for the provision of the services of the Day Center for People with Mental Illness in a situation of dependency from 2020 to 2023 (08/11/2019)

  • Award of the renewal contract for several sections of the sewer network in Obdulio Miralles, Mexico, Murillo and Maestro Aguja streets (08/11/2019)

  • The establishment of productivity supplements for municipal employees is agreed upon by the exercise of Service Headquarters, Service Coordination and Service Responsibility (08/11/2019)

  • This week starts the first shift of the Agricultural Employment Promotion Program in Totana (07/11/2019)
    With the initial hiring of 66 unemployed until January 31
  • The City Council of Totana agrees to create a study room 24 hours in one of the two already existing (07/11/2019)
    To respond to student demand
  • The contracting of the Christmas Holiday Conciliation Service 2019 begins (07/11/2019)
    It will take place from December 23 to January 3
  • The Municipal Equality Council meets for the first time this term (07/11/2019)
    In order to schedule the activities of the next 25-N
  • The Board of Pedáneos dismisses the pediatric mayors of the previous legislature (05/11/2019)
    A recognition was made of the work done by Esperanza Martínez Meseguer as pediatric mayor of La Costera- Ñorica
  • The municipal Plenary Session of Totana is committed to promoting a package of measures that will allow the current situation of progressive deterioration of the Mar Menor to be reversed (05/11/2019)

  • Approve to sign the new agreement for the provision of the services of the Day Center for People with Intellectual Disability from 2020 to 2023 (05/11/2019)

  • Another coordination meeting is held with entities that manage employment opportunities with people at risk or social exclusion (05/11/2019)

  • A contract is signed with a new entrepreneur in the Business Nursery (05/11/2019)
    It will provide technical engineering services and other activities related to advice to agriculture
  • This week work is underway to renovate the potable water and sewerage networks, and the restoration of sidewalks on Galicia Street (05/11/2019)

  • The PSOE denounces that Win Totana IU and VOX join their votes to leave their motion on the adequacy of the José María Munuera and Abadía study room bass in a youth center on the table (04/11/2019)

  • Results Club Totana TM zonal tournament Almendralejo (04/11/2019)

  • The number of new companies installed in the polygon in the last four years is estimated at 36 (02/11/2019)
    While the Business Incubator is consolidated as a site for new entrepreneurs

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