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  • A man died after receiving a blow on the head with a rock (30/06/2012)
    The incident occurred on the 7.58 pm in Lorca Avenue
  • This evening there will be the closure of the Municipal School of Dance and Dance (29/06/2012)
    will be held in the auditorium of the city park "Marcos Ortiz" with free entry from 22:00
  • 20 unemployed workers hired by the SEF complete the program for excavation and archaeological cleaning in the Oilfield Argárica of La Bastida (29/06/2012)

  • Students of the Workshop on Education for Municipal Health Psychosocial Support Service received a talk on alcohol and drugs (29/06/2012)

  • The Department of Sports Closing Municipal School Gymnastics Sports (29/06/2012)
    50 students have participated, aged between 5 and 12 years
  • The House approved a package of measures on staff will save the city coffers of 2.2 million euros (28/06/2012)
    to comply with Adjustment Plan to be forwarded to the Ministry of Finance
  • The House approved the proposal to urge the Ministry of Finance and FEMP to fix by law the salaries of elected officials in local authorities (28/06/2012)
    and set a framework of senior salary based on technical criteria
  • The party was in the neighborhood of Alta, in honor of Santa Isabel, held this coming weekend (28/06/2012)

  • The SAC of the City of Totana open from 9:00 to 13:30 during the months of July and August, respectively (28/06/2012)

  • The PP Totana Murcia explains "the truth of the reforms being undertaken by the Government of Rajoy" (27/06/2012)
    "to revive the economy and strengthening the foundations of the country"
  • The council signed cooperation agreements with 10 companies (27/06/2012)
    for students to Initial Vocational Training Program "Auxiliary Services" Esthetics do their internship
  • Start a free training course for farmers (27/06/2012)
    "The prevention of occupational hazards in the workplace: safe operation of forklifts and pallet"
  • Full address tomorrow than twenty proposals (27/06/2012)
    most notably changing the statutes of the Municipal Agricultural Advisory Council and Cattle
  • About 50 children and youth participate this week in Football I Campus "Ball Point" coordinating Isaac Jové (26/06/2012)
    is held in municipal sports facilities
  • + Broccoli morning Totana analyzes the results of campaigns to promote the consumption in the Third General Assembly (26/06/2012)

  • The José Miguel Cano totanero this June participated in several championships, achieving good results (26/06/2012)

  • Musical performances, competitions, sports and children monopolize this weekend the festival program in the hamlet of Lebor (26/06/2012)

  • Representatives of the Canine Unit of the local police attend the Annual Congress of the Spanish Association of Local Police Canine Guide (26/06/2012)
    Held in Rivas Vaciamadrid
  • On July 5 is the deadline for collecting the fords during the voluntary period permanent hunting, stop vehicles and kiosks in public places (26/06/2012)

  • Sports Pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez" hosts this weekend the tournament "24 hours Indoor Football Totana City" (26/06/2012)
    Registration can be formalized until Thursday 28th June at 13:30
  • A total of eleven young students finish their course in the Classroom Occupational (26/06/2012)
    will continue their studies in initial vocational qualification programs
  • The Brotherhood of Our Lady of Sorrows Totana III organizes its dinner (26/06/2012)
    will take place on Friday June 29 at the Tennis Club Totana
  • Finalize two courses on gardening and kitchen assistant developed in Totana (26/06/2012)

  • Pedro Canovas in the French league tennis (26/06/2012)
    Player and Director of Tennis School Tennis Club has participated Totana Pedro Canovas another year in the French National Championship Team
  • More than two hundred people participated in the Fiesta del Sol "Inti Raymi" (25/06/2012)

  • Antonio García Martínez returns to chair the carnival totanero (25/06/2012)
    The Federation of Peñas Totana Carnival re-elected as president Antonio
  • The artisan market of La Santa, which is held in the atrium of the sanctuary every month, says goodbye to September (25/06/2012)

  • Antonio Cerda and Manuel Duran morning show Tuesday at the headquarters of the information campaign Totana "The truth of the reforms" (25/06/2012)

  • He closes the Municipal Sports School Dance The Paretón (25/06/2012)
    have had this season with the participation of 30 young people from the hamlet totanera
  • A total of 24 establishments involved in the path "of tapas and cocktails Totana" to be held from June 28 to July 15 (25/06/2012)
    The path is adapted to new technologies with the launch of a website and inclusion in social networks
  • Verano'2012 School has its last seats available, whose registration remains open until 27 June (25/06/2012)

  • The Athletic Club is working with the Acualtón Totana "Get wet for Multiple Sclerosis" " (25/06/2012)
    will take place on Sunday July 8 in Playa de Las Delicias (Eagles)
  • UI claim "the abandonment, neglect and danger to the neighbors found the site of" The Yesera " (24/06/2012)
    " in which the Mayor promised to build the barracks of the Guardia Civil "
  • The PP will urge the Ministry of Public Administration and FEMP to establish by law the salaries for elected office in local government (24/06/2012)

  • COATO President participates in the Sustainable Development Summit Rio +20 (22/06/2012)
    Part of the delegation of Spanish companies in the side events at the Summit
  • City officials attending the party to the Infant School course "Clara Campoamor" (22/06/2012)

  • Authorized the contract for the work of the collector general sanitation in Totana Lebor (22/06/2012)
    The Governing Council has given its approval to the hiring and spending of the project works 'Collector Lebor general sanitation' in the municipality Totana, with a budget of 1.3 million
  • The path to the top and opens Totana cocktail website (22/06/2012)
    The fourth edition of the path to the top and Totana cocktail and you can find on the Internet, thanks to its new website: detapasportotana.com, set up ' Superweb '
  • The Department of Agriculture and Water ask that you keep the Autonomous Community subsidies for insurance contract agarios (22/06/2012)

  • The mayor meets with the new president of the Segura basin (22/06/2012)
    to address some issues of concern to Totana as the resumption of the works of the "Kabuki", that will be bid again in July
  • The Municipal School Board addresses many common issues (22/06/2012)
    that affect schools and the educational community of Totana at its last session of the course 2011/12
  • The Mayor of Totana announces immediate cut their pay wages 20 percent in local saving measures in personnel (21/06/2012)
    It saves about 8,400 euros a year
  • ... (21/06/2012)

  • Discordia progress toward his sixth studio album (21/06/2012)

  • The CEIP La Cruz held on Saturday 23 a farewell party from 21:00 pm (21/06/2012)
    66 years ago this school was opened in Totana
  • A total of 45 pilgrims participate in the pilgrimage from Totana XLIV to Lourdes (21/06/2012)
    The chorus 'Under the Skin' sing the traditional rosary in honor of Our Lady of Lourdes before you leave
  • Intensify the garbage collection service on the outskirts of the town and the districts from next week (21/06/2012)
    coinciding with the summer
  • The Olympic neighborhood parties, Pears, and Triptolemos Station in honor of San Juan and San Pedro, start tomorrow, Friday (21/06/2012)
    musical performances, sports and leisure
  • ... (21/06/2012)

  • Ends Local League Athletics "Sports Mill" (20/06/2012)

  • The National Geographic Institute strengthens the seismic data in the territory of the Region of Murcia (20/06/2012)
    with the placement of an accelerometer in the City of Totana
  • The government delegate Totana assists in the installation of an accelerometer to strengthen the network of seismic detection of the failure of Alhama (20/06/2012)
    The mayor of the town, Isabel Maria Sanchez, and the Director of Development Area of ​​the Government Office Moses Lazarus, accompanied Joaquin Bascuñana in the act of submission
  • The Department of Education initiated the campaign "Sharpen your school supplies" (20/06/2012)
    Through which collect educational material
  • Agenda sports from 23 to 26 June 2012 (20/06/2012)

  • The Local Government awarded the maintenance of the Wastewater Treatment Station of the Holy (20/06/2012)
    To avoid the poor situation of the treatment system
  • Inaugurated the training course for phytosanitary treatments with pesticides baseline (20/06/2012)

  • The People's Party has Totana Tuesday day 26 at its headquarters the information campaign "The truth of the reforms" (20/06/2012)

  • "Art Café" is hosting an exhibition in aid of Caritas called "Art solidarity" (19/06/2012)
    You can buy works of art at an affordable price until 15 July
  • City officials participate in the graduation of students in vocational training and high school students from IES "Prado Mayor" (19/06/2012)
    was held at the cultural center "Jail"
  • The delegate of the Government attends morning Totana the installation of an accelerometer as a reinforcement of the seismic information system (19/06/2012)

  • The pavilion hosts Manolo Ibáñez on June 30 and July 1 of the tournament "24 hours Indoor Football Totana City" (19/06/2012)

  • A total of 15 young people participate in umpire training course organized by the Department of Sports (19/06/2012)

  • The Citizen Participation units have a new schedule in order to save costs in the daily maintenance of the building (19/06/2012)

  • The Mayor visits the health center "Totana-south" (19/06/2012)
    We will resume this summer after winning the previous entry into bankruptcy
  • The Department of Sports closed the amateur football league "play nice 2011/2012" (19/06/2012)

  • The Association of Parents of Mentally Handicapped Totana "PADISITO" organizes a benefit concert (18/06/2012)
    will take place on Saturday June 30 at the city park "Marcos Ortiz"
  • The association FAE and the Coordinator of the People in Spain Cañarí held next June 23 in Totana the Fiesta del Sol "Inti Raymi" (18/06/2012)

  • More than 600 users enjoyed the municipal pools during the last weekend (18/06/2012)
    after its official opening for the new summer season
  • The Mayor visits the CEIP "Regional-Deitania" (18/06/2012)
    to know the status of the works of the two new classrooms to be built this summer so they are completed by the beginning of the school year 2012/13
  • The exhibition "Color, taste, odor and other things" includes the painting and restoration of furniture made by students of the UP (18/06/2012)

  • Results sports weekend 16 and 17 June 2012 (18/06/2012)

  • Ends the season with the II Open Autonomic (18/06/2012)
    Finished the official calendar of the Table Tennis Federation of the Region of Murcia with the II Open Autonomy
  • A incedio destroys a ship recycling in the industrial oil "The Saladar" Totana (17/06/2012)

  • IU: "The Closing of the City Council in August is a patch, is not even a hundredth part of the problem, the PB does not undertake" (17/06/2012)

  • "Robert Moto" premieres Superweb crafted web page (15/06/2012)
    Discover the wide range of products - bicycles, motorcycles and electric cars - thanks to its new "Superweb"
  • MANOLI CÁNOVAS surprise this weekend with a spectacular Festival of Dance (15/06/2012)
    This Saturday June 16th at 22:30 will take place the traditional appointment with the best dance school Totana
  • 12 Totana and Ariadne invite you to discover your new website, created with "Superweb" (15/06/2012)
    have organized the event "The Fresh Summer," which will take place from 19:00 on James Street, with major Discount
  • The sports center pools "December 6" and the Sports Complex "Guadalentín" opened its doors officially (15/06/2012)
    for the swimming season during the summer
  • The council offices closed in August in order to optimize the work of municipal staff and save € 50,000 (15/06/2012)

  • New generations are added to the blood petition campaign to mark the international day of donor blood (15/06/2012)

  • The Socialists held tomorrow in Totana the party of the "Day of the Rose" with the presence of Elena Valenciano (15/06/2012)
    Lola Cano held a press conference to report this and other matters of current politics
  • UI categorically rejects the evening closure of the Health Center (14/06/2012)
    lament that "the Councillor of Health is limited to be a messenger's Party, without fighting the cut of this basic service"
  • The Health Center will be closed Totana in evening hours, from July 1 to August 31 (14/06/2012)
    "Because of the austerity measures and savings in current expenditure, so that all queries reunificarán care primary in the morning "
  • The Ministers Association Air opens tomorrow the painting exhibition "Color, taste, odor and other things" (14/06/2012)
    Living Room Cebrián Gregory
  • This weekend will take place on Child XI Soccer Tournament "Ciudad de Totana" (14/06/2012)
    Participate Real Madrid, Villarreal, Malaga, Real Murcia, Cartagena FC and EF Totana
  • The council is conducting an energy audit of street lighting (14/06/2012)
    to achieve environmental benefits, energy and reduce the economic cost
  • The timing of the summer festivals in neighborhoods and districts of Totana begin in late June with the festival of Olympic-Pears (14/06/2012)
    In last until October with the district of San Francisco
  • Agenda sports weekend 16 and 17 June 2012 (13/06/2012)

  • Vigorous activity tests for athletes Totana CAT (13/06/2012)

  • Open Registration period for summer camps "Classrooms of Nature" (13/06/2012)
    will be conducted from 2 to July 8 and 10 to 16 July in the nature reserve of Sierra Espuña in "The Stables"
  • Totana working on getting the distinction of "Entrepreneur of the Municipality of Murcia" (13/06/2012)
    to promote business initiatives that create jobs in the city
  • The PP will submit a motion to the House June (13/06/2012)
    To urge the Commonwealth Taibilla Channels to not raise water rates by the increase in spending power
  • The Municipal People presented a motion to the full June (12/06/2012)
    To urge the Council of Ministers to articulate mechanisms for repayment of charges and interest rates are assumed by banks in financial restructuring
  • Vitogas Totana chooses to celebrate its fifth anniversary in Spain (12/06/2012)
    The company reinforces its commitment to plant Totana as the hub of business in the southeast peninsula
  • The Department of Urban processed in the last year a total of 550 building permits and 294 minor major works (12/06/2012)
    An increase favored "largely" by the General Plan in the town center
  • SAP users run several visits within the framework of the program that helps them socialize with their surroundings (12/06/2012)
    Totana.com visited the facilities and the exhibition "Memories Child"
  • On Tuesday 19 June will take place at the Convent of the Three Hail Marys during the concert to the school choir of Santa Eulalia College (12/06/2012)

  • On Thursday, day 14, the deadline to register for the course for the training of football referees and soccer 7 that (12/06/2012)
    be held in the training room of the pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez
  • They rush repair work and maintenance of major ornamental elements listed in the home of General Aznar (11/06/2012)

  • Results sports weekend 9 and 10 June 2012 (11/06/2012)

  • The football team "Cora Vedruna" and "Plastics Romero" have respectively proclaimed Youth Cup champions and regional preferential (11/06/2012)

  • The mayor calls on providers that have not been received in a timely manner to the payment plan (11/06/2012)
    to perform the steps and adhere before next June 22
  • Opens today the registration deadline for Summer Camp, swimming courses and sports activities in the municipal swimming pools (11/06/2012)

  • He puts out a bush fire in the way of the New Gardens, towards the industrial estate (11/06/2012)
    Next to one of the bridges on the North Ring
  • ... (11/06/2012)

  • UI as a "nonsense" the Plan of Municipal Heritage sale to pay debt (09/06/2012)
    Remember that "the law only allows dispose of municipal assets to fund investments, not to pay debt and current expenditure"
  • More than 120 high school students from IES "Juan de la Cierva and Codorniú" receive their scholarships (09/06/2012)

  • Children's Flooring has chosen 'Superweb' to create your new website (09/06/2012)
    The website with online shop was created Flooring Children with 'Superweb', a powerful tool developed by Totana.com
  • PP Totana The Mayor thanked the efforts to keep it open 24 hours every day, the service headquarters of the Guardia Civil (09/06/2012)
    The Mayor of Totana was the first municipal councilor publicly denounced the topic
  • The Department of Youth announces the contest XI Young Municipal Crearte 2012 (09/06/2012)
    In order to promote artistic creation and cultural development of young people
  • The City Council initiates proceedings for the sale of a portfolio of municipal heritage property (08/06/2012)
    to reduce long-term financial debt
  • The service doors Civil Guard headquarters will remain open during the summer season 24 hours a day, Monday to Sunday (08/06/2012)

  • Teams "Uclident", "Drugstore Patrick Library," "Florist Katy" and "aluminum Carri" are classified for the semifinals of the FIFA Fair Play Football Amateur (08/06/2012)
    is organized by the Department of Sports
  • The opening hours of the professional public CAVI changes during the summer months (08/06/2012)

  • Totana Socialists elected as the new Secretary General Andres Garcia Canovas (08/06/2012)

  • The Civil Guard leads to prison JMC (07/06/2012)
    The prisoner has now appeared voluntarily before the agents responsible for his transfer to prison
  • "Social effects of the economic crisis and collective responses" (07/06/2012)
    Colloquium Lecture in the Cultural Center and Workers, on Friday 8 June at 20.30 hours
  • About a hundred of teachers participating in the Regional Conference of Rural Schools (07/06/2012)
    are held in the Santa and are organized by the CPR of Lorca
  • The Local Government Board awarded the contract to support the drafting of the General Municipal Plan of Management Totana (07/06/2012)
    To expedite the exclusive services of delineation and environmental processing of the document
  • The mayor presents his candidacy on work done during the first year in office (07/06/2012)
    Exercise has been branded by the "incessant work, honest and transparent in order to do more with less spending"
  • Students of the Centre for Intellectual Disability Day "José Moya Trilla" visit the reading center "José María Munuera and Abbey" (07/06/2012)

  • They are charged in permanent fords during the voluntary period, hunting, stop vehicles and kiosks on the street for the year 2012 (07/06/2012)

  • The Department of Sport working intensively to develop the municipal swimming pools (07/06/2012)
    will open to the public on Friday June 15
  • Otálora shows its absolute and unconditional support for Juan Carrión in his bid for the presidency of the ERDF (07/06/2012)
    Juan Fco Otalora is Secretary General of the PSOE in Totana
  • II school days of tennis at the Tennis Club Totana (06/06/2012)
    More than 400 kids
  • Kick off the festivities of the Municipal Center on Aging (06/06/2012)
    with an open day, the coronation of King and Queen of Day Care Service and the taste of lemonade
  • The council endorsed the candidacy of Juan Carrion totanero for president of the board of ERDF (06/06/2012)

  • The PP Totana endorse the candidacy led by Juan Carrión in charge of ERDF (06/06/2012)

  • The Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Guadalentín celebrates its board in the facilities of the Local Development Totana (06/06/2012)

  • It is an open program of more than ten free courses for training of farmers and farmers (06/06/2012)

  • The mayor and the Association of Residents of the Vineyards-Carivete meet (06/06/2012)
    to review the status of some projects and infrastructure that affect this council
  • Students of the Municipal School of Music Totana perform a piano audition to ongoing activity (06/06/2012)

  • Agenda sports weekend 9 and 10 June 2012 (06/06/2012)

  • Civil Protection Volunteers Totana participate in a training-course on intervention in traffic accidents (06/06/2012)
    were held in Mojacar
  • A total of 334 people involved in the training activities developed by the area of ​​Participation and Intercultural (05/06/2012)

  • Totana I Campus will host the "Ball Point" (05/06/2012)
    will be held from 25 to 30 June in various sports facilities
  • The Department of Youth launches summer camps "Classrooms of Nature" (05/06/2012)
    will be held from 2 to 8 July 10 to July 16 in the natural setting of mountains espuña on "the farms"
  • Ends the training program of the Municipal School of Parents (05/06/2012)
    There have been eight talks about equality, prevention of occupational hazards, internet, studies and drugs
  • A wins pachequero IV Regional Competition Stories and Drawings "Choose Life Fitness" (04/06/2012)

  • The "Summer Polideportivo'2012" maintains its supply of water activities and sports (04/06/2012)
    With the new extended hours of child care and sports
  • The Girls Rugby Club Totana III Championship debut at the Rugby School (04/06/2012)

  • Great success of two former Capuchin CFS players make the leap to the First National Division (04/06/2012)
    Melina Ortega and Laura Canovas exjugadoras celestial achieve promotion to the top flight of women's indoor football
  • Results sports weekend 2 and 3 June 2012 (04/06/2012)

  • More than 780 students from different schools participated in school sports ground (04/06/2012)
    The closing was held on Friday
  • The Santa Eulalia CC was present in the Regional Championship of Highway M-30 (04/06/2012)
    And the test of mtb marathon of Yecla
  • Excellent weekend for the second and third team Table Tennis Club Totana (04/06/2012)
    Although results have not joined on 1 st Autonomic also completed a good acting school kids
  • The Cultural Association "Seed Fund" honors with a poetry reading by local writer Francisco Barceló (04/06/2012)

  • The Capuchin CFS puts the finishing touch to the 2011-12 season (04/06/2012)
    Closes the season celebrating the closing day of school sports and traditional food-gala
  • Official ceremony is held on the nomination of the new track Poliderportiva of Lebor (04/06/2012)
    a memorial to the neighbor Juan José Martínez González "El Navarro"
  • The Mayor of Totana supports the implementation of the project Paramount (04/06/2012)
    will mean more than 22,000 jobs and receive a year over three million visitors
  • The Mayor of Totana supports the implementation of the project Paramount (03/06/2012)
    will mean more than 22,000 jobs and receive a year over three million visitors
  • Totana Campus will host the First Fran Murcia from 25 to 30 June (03/06/2012)
    bilingual campus is aimed at children aged 7 to 15 years
  • The Department of Youth launches for July 2012 Summer School (02/06/2012)
    of the hand of the Collective for Social Promotion "The Candle"
  • The parties of the Municipal Center on Aging will be held from 6 to 10 June (02/06/2012)
    with a broad program of social, religious, cultural and training
  • City officials visit the school Santa Eulalia (01/06/2012)
    coinciding with the development of the cultural week dedicated to the Middle Ages
  • The House approves request the postponement of the debt to the Treasury of the Social Security (01/06/2012)
    amounting to over two billion euros over ten years
  • The House approves request the National Government in the funding mechanism for payment to providers of local authorities to establish a fixed rate not exceeding 1% (01/06/2012)

  • Antonio Gandia Costa third in the 2nd round of the championship of Spain jet ski (01/06/2012)


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