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  • Totana Promesas 6 --- Totana TM 0 (30/09/2018)
    2nd div.
  • Rubén Cerezo triumphs in the return of La Santa to the mountain national (30/09/2018)

  • The Councilor of Crafts attends the inauguration of the XXXV Handicraft Fair of the Region of Murcia (FERAMUR), in Lorca (28/09/2018)
    The Handicraft Fair is celebrated until this Sunday, the 30th, where the totanero craftsmen exhibit "Alfar Tudela" , "El Poveo" and "Bambalina"
  • The City Council strongly condemns and shows its rejection by the seven last cases of male violence registered this week in Spain (28/09/2018)

  • They undertake works to replace the security barrier on a steep curve of the RM-502, known as La Santa highway (28/09/2018)

  • Financial assistance for accompanying young people enrolled in the National Youth Guarantee System (27/09/2018)

  • They renew all the doors of the CEIP "Santiago" that were to be adapted to the new regulations (27/09/2018)

  • Next Saturday, October 6, the II Solidarity Court of Ham will take place in Totana for the benefit of D'Genes and AELIP (27/09/2018)

  • The Popular Municipal Group proposes that the Ministry of Culture study whether the Mudejar coffering of the Church of Santiago is the longest in the said art in Spain (27/09/2018)

  • "El Candil" takes over after the holiday period the Labor Project: "A step towards employability" and Labor 2.0 "Youth guarantee" (27/09/2018)

  • The rehabilitation works of the Juan de Uzeta Fountain begin, which will last until mid-November (27/09/2018)

  • The program of activities and innovative services of the Sport, Health and Leisure Center "MOVE" for the new season 2018/19 is presented (26/09/2018)

  • Municipal authorities and volunteers of Civil Protection in Totana participate in the act of the twentieth anniversary of 112 (26/09/2018)

  • The Citizen Service will have a special schedule on Wednesday, October 3, by staff training (26/09/2018)
    It will be from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • A driver is injured in a traffic accident on RM-3, near El Paretón (26/09/2018)

  • It is approved to create a waiting list or job bank of Musical Language teacher of the Totana City Council (26/09/2018)

  • They approve the recruitment file for the rehabilitation of the "Ginés Rosa" Theater of the Sociocultural Center "La Cárcel" (26/09/2018)

  • The PP denounces that "another plenary is subject to our motions to the censure of Mr. Mayor" (26/09/2018)

  • The activity of the new political course 2018/19 begins with the celebration this Thursday of the September plenary session (25/09/2018)
    It includes 15 points on the agenda, among which the general budget of 2018 stands out
  • The San Francisco neighborhood parties are held from October 5 to 7 (25/09/2018)
    They will be the last of this summer in neighborhoods and districts of Totana
  • The contract for maintenance and repair of elevators and automatic doors existing in buildings owned or used by the municipality is extended (25/09/2018)

  • The program "Reading Club 2018/19" begins with the analysis and reading of a work every month until June (25/09/2018)

  • The PP denounces that the mayor and his left-wing partner team "cheat" the Ministry of Finance (25/09/2018)
    "by spending close to 4 million euros more on operating expenses"
  • The School Sports program for the 2018/19 season will start shortly (25/09/2018)
    Entries must be made in the schools, through the Physical Education teachers, on the website, until Thursday 11 October
  • Framusa Grasshopper in the IV Assault Matahombres MTB of the Faster Cup (25/09/2018)

  • The plenary debate in the ordinary session of September the approval of the municipal general budget for the year 2018 (24/09/2018)
    It amounts to 31.9 million euros
  • The public educational service contract in the Municipal Early Childhood Centers is extended one more year (24/09/2018)

  • Totana will again celebrate on October 12 the institutional act of homage to the Flag of Spain (23/09/2018)

  • The Music Association and the City Council give the name of Ceferino Ayala García to the facilities of the Municipal School of Music, in the Sociocultural Center "La Cárcel" (22/09/2018)
    The event will take place today Saturday, at 8:30 p.m.
  • Pedro Cánovas senior European champion with the Murcia Tennis Club (22/09/2018)
    The totanero Pedro Cánovas has been proclaimed European Senior Champion +35 in the European Club Championship played at The Hyatt in La Manga
  • Regional and local authorities visit the farms and processing and marketing facilities of the Pimentón Pepper Producers' Association "Valle del Guadalentín" of Totana (21/09/2018)
    The Region produces 22 percent of the pepper peppers destined for paprika in Spain
  • They will propose to the plenary to modify and update the Municipal Commission of Celebrations and its operating guidelines (20/09/2018)

  • The Musical Association "With Forza" celebrates tomorrow the show "Cuadro flamenco" in the inner courtyard of the Hotel de La Santa (20/09/2018)

  • They will propose to extend the term of the actions regarding the Tax on the Increase of Value of the Urban Land of Nature agreed in full in March of last year (20/09/2018)

  • Endesa begins works on the largest solar park in Spain, in Totana (20/09/2018)
    It is expected that the Totana solar park with a capacity of 84.7 MW will be operational in the third quarter of 2019 and, once it is fully operational, will have the capacity to generate 150 GWh per year
  • They present the concert by Ginés Martínez Vera & Orquesta Con Forza, which will be held on October 19 at the Cine Velasco (20/09/2018)

  • The "La Cárcel" Sociocultural Center hosts the play "Madame Verdoux" on Friday, October 5 (19/09/2018)
    It will be performed by the University Association "Rector Sabater" of the UMU
  • The bidding process to contract the civil and patrimonial liability insurance policy of the Totana City Council begins (19/09/2018)

  • More than 50 works are being prepared in streets, rural roads, parks and gardens (19/09/2018)
    Under the program of Regional Employment Councils for the 2018/19 convocation, which will start in November
  • Framusa Grasshopper gets two fourth places and one fifth in the final general classification of the MTB Marathon Open Region of Murcia (18/09/2018)

  • The Association of Relatives and Alzheimer's Patients "La Carrasca de La Santa" organizes the XIII Solidarity Meeting from September 21 to 23 (18/09/2018)
    On the occasion of World Alzheimer's Day
  • The SEF is asked for a subsidy for the start-up of the training activity "Auxiliary operations of administrative and general services" (18/09/2018)

  • Citizens manage to carry out the renovation of the potable water supply pipe of La Ñorica in Totana (18/09/2018)
    The orange training allocated 400,000 euros from the regional budgets of 2017 to undertake the improvement in the potable water distribution system of the municipality
  • The mayor accuses of "institutional disloyalty" the gesture of the general director of Water to visit the works of renovation of the La Ñorica deposit pipe and not to communicate it to this Mayor's office or to the municipal officials (18/09/2018)
    On the contrary, deputies did attend regional parties of the PP and Citizens in the regional Assembly;
  • The mayor of Totana attends the act of presentation of the aid of the Housing Plan 2018/21 in the Ministry of Development and Infrastructure (18/09/2018)

  • VII Peñarrubia Trail and XXVI Carrera de Nonduermas (17/09/2018)

  • ... (17/09/2018)

  • One more year, the Shared Reader Success Project (Exilecom) is launched to help children with difficulties or reading delays (17/09/2018)

  • The Local Police adhere to the special traffic campaign to avoid distractions at the wheel (17/09/2018)
    It will be active from today until next Sunday
  • They execute punctual repairs in two sections of sewer in the Avda. Rambla de La Santa that were causing inconveniences to the neighbors (17/09/2018)

  • Ganar Totana will submit a motion to the plenary to request that the Sierra Espuña Regional Park be cataloged as a National Park (17/09/2018)

  • The Ministry of Water renews the supply pipe to the deposit of La Ñorica (17/09/2018)

  • The PP urges the Government Team to carry out serious work in the face of the imminent call for aid included in the Housing Plan 2018-2021 (16/09/2018)

  • They request that Totana be included in the aid to table grape farmers for the episode of rain and hail on August 16 (15/09/2018)

  • More than a dozen activities complete the program of cultural and social events to culminate the last four-month period of the Centennial of the City 1918-2018 (14/09/2018)

  • The Legal Council of the Region of Murcia supports the City of Totana in the resolution of the contract with the company that prepared the inventory (14/09/2018)

  • Start the maintenance gymnastics program for the 2018/19 season in the Municipal Gym "La Cárcel" (14/09/2018)

  • The Manoli Cánovas Dance School opens the enrollment period for the 2018/19 academic year (14/09/2018)
    Quality education will always be your identity sign
  • Civil Protection of Totana warning that we have a very unstable weekend ahead of us (14/09/2018)
    But even at this hour the uncertainty is very high
  • Citizens reiterates their support for the preservation and enhancement of our heritage during their visit to the archaeological site of La Bastida in Totana (14/09/2018)
    The training recalls the million euros that it introduced in the budget for these excavations and those carried out in La Almoloya or Monteagudo
  • The Mayor thanks and congratulates the Secretary of State for Infrastructures and the President of Adif for his "generous sensitivity" to the demands of those affected by the Mediterranean Corridor passing through Totana (13/09/2018)
    Modifying the planned route
  • The PP of Totana returns to propose to the plenary session of the city council that the act of homage to the flag of Spain be celebrated on October 12 (13/09/2018)

  • The course begins tomorrow at the Adult Education Center, whose teachings are taught in the old IES of the avenue of Lorca (12/09/2018)

  • You can not make any kind of fire in the barbecues enabled in Sierra Espuña or use camping-gas to cook in the mountains until October (12/09/2018)

  • Good results of Grasshopper Framusa in different competitions (11/09/2018)

  • Results Open City of Lorca (09/09/2018)
    Table tennis club Totana tm
  • Juan Francisco García, from the Totana Athletics Club, participated in Vera's popular career (09/09/2018)

  • A total of 3,552 students of Early Childhood and Primary Education today start the school year 2018/19 with normality in eleven Totana schools (07/09/2018)

  • Juan XXIII Street is definitely open to traffic after the important refurbishment and improvement of the sidewalks in this commercial way (07/09/2018)

  • The athletics event "XVIII Big Pond-Panzamelba Grand Prize" is presented (07/09/2018)
    It will be held on September 22
  • The VII Padisito Festival and the II Totana Metal Fest will be held on the weekend of September 14 and 15, respectively (07/09/2018)

  • Parties are suspended in the deputation of La Huerta planned for this coming weekend in anticipation of rain (07/09/2018)

  • "Enough of politicking!" From the Plataforma Ciudadana Ahora Totana congratulate those affected by the AVE route but insist on debugging political responsibilities (07/09/2018)

  • The City Council requests a grant to the Ministry of Education for the prevention, monitoring and control of school absenteeism for the year 2018/2019 (06/09/2018)

  • The School Sports program for the 2018/19 academic year will be launched in the local schools on Friday, October 5 (06/09/2018)

  • Diego Conesa announces a modification of the layout of the Mediterranean Corridor in Totana to minimize the impact on residents Adif will shortly approve the project between Sangonera and Lorca and draft a new proposal for this section with the inten (06/09/2018)

  • Civil Protection of Totana informs that for the moment the search of Maria Ignacia will be suspended until further notice (05/09/2018)
    In case it is necessary to resume the search, it will be informed through social networks
  • They request a subsidy to the SEF to implement, again, a mixed program of Employment-Training (05/09/2018)
    "Socio-health Care for Dependents in Social Institutions"
  • Totana requires the regional government to ensure its share of responsibility in the financial adequacy of local entities (05/09/2018)

  • Civil Protection of Totana informs that for the moment the search of Maria Ignacia will be suspended until further notice (05/09/2018)
    In case it is necessary to resume the search, it will be informed through social networks
  • A subsidy is granted to the City Council of more than 21,000 euros for the preparation of a catalog of roads (04/09/2018)
    Under the line of aid presented by Campoder-Association for Rural Development
  • Tourist programs "Meet Totana from the Tower of Santiago" and "In the heart of Sierra Espuña, lives the Santa" (04/09/2018)

  • The Municipal School of Music of Totana opens the registration period for the 2017/2018 academic year, from September 10 to 21 (04/09/2018)

  • Juan Francisco García, from CAT, participated in Carrera Popular de Tíjola (03/09/2018)

  • The reception unit of the Municipal Social Services Center has made a total of 7,471 attentions during the first semester of this year (03/09/2018)
    The sector that has demanded the most attention has been family and childhood with 44%, followed by the of elderly people that has been 22%
  • The registration deadline for the Leisure and Free Time Monitor Course ends on September 25, with a duration of 250 hours (03/09/2018)

  • Registration for the Football League "Enrique Ambit Palacios" 2018/19 may be held from September 10 to 28 (03/09/2018)

  • Framusa Garden Grasshopper returns to the competition after the summer (01/09/2018)

  • Citizens support the arrival of water for 970 farmers of three districts totaneras from the desalination plant of Águilas (01/09/2018)


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