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  • The council spends around € 300,000 in the Municipal Cemetery "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" this year (31/10/2010)
    Y performs a series of actions to make it look its best coincide with the feast of All Saints
  • Companies in the Industrial Park "The Saladar" already have ADSL services (31/10/2010)

  • The council makes delivery to the Agricultural and Commercial Circle Totana of special honors and Noble Leal Ciudad de Totana (30/10/2010)

  • City officials offered a reception at the Spanish institutional Women's Soccer-Room (30/10/2010)
    He's doing a concentration in Totana for the world championship December
  • Opens Totana Cemetery website, developed by Avatar Internet (30/10/2010)
    Totana.com has given about 900 photographs of his photographic archive
  • The new PP councilor, Juan Antonio Ambit, took up his new post in the municipal corporation (29/10/2010)
    During the regular plenary session for the month of October
  • The full council approves Totana mark the start of an economic aid package (29/10/2010)
    For those who acquire social residences in the city
  • Press conference with the PSOE, assessment plenary in October 2010 (29/10/2010)

  • IU: "The withdrawal, before the opening plenary of the proposal for the people to pay the lawyers for the accused public office for Justice is a clear triumph of democracy and citizen pressure" (29/10/2010)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the "illegal water cut Urbaser many neighbors" (29/10/2010)
    They say "Urbaser has suspended the supply to a number of families for nonpayment"
  • Arrested in Malaga and Almeria a scam in selling mobile (29/10/2010)
    The Guardia Civil has charged four more done in the towns of Torrevieja, Totana, Zafarraya and Velez Malaga
  • The House approved the award of Gold Shield of the Loyal and Noble Ciudad de Totana the Reina Sofía School Music Association and Totana (29/10/2010)
    By incurring these qualities and merits that make them receive this honor
  • It remains open the register at the regional conference II "Educating Vs equal gender violence" (29/10/2010)
    will be held on Friday 5 November in The Santa
  • Cultural programming in November (28/10/2010)
    The night comedy "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" will be performed at the Cinema on Friday May Velasco at 22:30
  • Fifty of effective integrated emergency device, security and cleaning (28/10/2010)
    coincide with the Day of All Saints in the Municipal Cemetery "Nuestra Señora del Carmen"
  • The Spanish National Team female-Sala has launched its concentration in Totana (28/10/2010)
    , and preparatory training at the Municipal Hall "Manolo Ibáñez" for the championship of the World
  • The fall looks to "The Artisan Market Santa" with typical products on Sunday October 31 (28/10/2010)
    With activities for children and demonstrations of working with esparto
  • The Performing Arts Hall Totana planned for this bridge in Los Santos movie "Híncame the tooth" and "Lope" (28/10/2010)

  • The Socialists demanded "the immediate withdrawal of the proposal to pay the mayor's attorneys with public money" (28/10/2010)
    Totana Otálora ensures that there are "real outrage"
  • From 2 to 5 November will be installed in the Plaza of the Constitution, the mobile classroom "Internet to your needs" (28/10/2010)
    To make advanced computer courses for women
  • Assessment Governing Board of the Espuña (27/10/2010)
    Mayor of Totana and president of the Association of Owners Espuña Environment
  • Regional Park will host Espuña 'II Olympiad of nature " (27/10/2010)
    will be developed during days 6, 7, 13 and 14 November on new homes Gebas, watercress and the Sanctuary of Santa
  • Juan Antonio Ambit will take up his position as councilman morning during the celebration of October plenary session (27/10/2010)
    You can discuss a proposed twenty
  • The CEIP Santiago launches website (27/10/2010)
    The main objective with this website is intended to increase the channels of communication between members of the Educational Community
  • Establishing the main priorities for the presentation of the archaeological project in La Bastide Fitur 2011 (27/10/2010)

  • The Department of Sports organized a mountain bike route in the Calanques de Mazarrón (27/10/2010)
    will take place on Sunday 31 October
  • On Thursday there will be a cut that will affect water supply for 14 hours to several areas of the hamlet of Paretón-Cantareros (27/10/2010)

  • Poetry reading tribute to Miguel Hernandez in the centenary of his birth (27/10/2010)
    will be held on Friday, October 29 at 20:30 pm in the Cultural Center and Labor
  • The Mayor and the Director General of Public Safety and Emergency inaugurate the course "Attestations and investigation of traffic accidents" (26/10/2010)
    going to participate 50 Local Police
  • The council presented arguments to the Environmental Impact Statement General Plan (26/10/2010)
    order to safeguard the general interests of the residents of Totana
  • Futsal Friendly match between the Spanish Women and Murcia (26/10/2010)
    will be held at City Hall "Manolo Ibáñez" on Saturday October 30 at 17:30
  • The Department of Social Welfare urge the Government to increase funding for social programs (26/10/2010)
    And to provide financial resources to councils to urgently help the neediest families
  • Culture will raise in Parliament the Golden Shield Award from the loyal and noble city of Totana Totana Music Group (26/10/2010)

  • Organize workshops for personal growth and family, breastfeeding and sexuality and health habits (26/10/2010)

  • II Congress Federico García Lorca (26/10/2010)
    IES de Lorca and Totana analyze the work of Federico García Lorca in Congress and the Second High School, on 9, 10 and 11 November
  • "The PGOM of Totana could cause a change that reclassifies more than 60 million meters of undeveloped land" (25/10/2010)
    APESE COAG and have called on farmers and landowners to a meeting Tuesday morning in the headquarters of Cebag
  • The works of the new bar double row of the urbanization of La Ramblica begin in a month (25/10/2010)
    It is an infrastructure of three buildings that will have 18 classrooms and two sports courts
  • VI campaign grows in security " (25/10/2010)
    Town Hall and the Institute of Occupational Safety initiated the campaign to establish prevention habits that will benefit over 400 children in the city
  • The House approved the award of the Gold Shield of the Loyal and Noble Ciudad de Totana the Reina Sofía School (25/10/2010)
    By engaging in this organization qualities and merits that make it worthy of this distinction
  • The Department of Women calls the "poster contest IV against gender violence" (25/10/2010)
    On the occasion of International Day of Violence against Women, held on 25 November
  • El Club de Totana Senderista rises to peak Sagra (25/10/2010)
    took place on Sunday 24 October
  • IU considered "immoral and scandalous that citizens pay their taxes, the council's lawyers accused the Justice" (25/10/2010)
    "I could run to hundreds of thousands of euros"
  • Deadline for registration to participate in shooting competitions and music contest "Young Crearte 2010" (25/10/2010)
    will remain open until November 2
  • C.R.M. Aspe 4 - P. Barcelonista Totana 2 (24/10/2010)
    No pudo la Peña Barcelonista de Totana conseguir su segunda victoria en su visita a Aspe y acabó perdiendo 4-2 ante el equipo Alicantino
  • About 90 families, many of the municipality will benefit from individual grants to pay the city property tax bill of 2010 (24/10/2010)

  • The "Third National Meeting of rare diseases" will be held this weekend in Totana (23/10/2010)
    has gathered many medical researchers and families of people with such conditions
  • Problems with DTT (22/10/2010)
    The House will urge the General Directorate of Telecommunication and Information Society to develop appropriate actions quickly as possible to troubleshoot the issue of DTT
  • The PP will urge the Ministry of Finance for inclusion in the General State Budget for 2011 of a game (22/10/2010)
    To the start of the regeneration works Portman Bay
  • Youth is launching a program of youth activities for the weekends (22/10/2010)
    includes music workshops, graffiti, photography, short films, championship games and movie nights
  • Press conference on political news PSOE Totana municipal and board of spokesmen (22/10/2010)

  • The city of Totana Autonomous Community receives a grant of 11,662.72 euros (22/10/2010)
    for promoting sports activities such as school sport or Municipal Sports
  • There are still places to participate in the course "cold kitchen, semi-cold and warm" (22/10/2010)
    will begin the month of December
  • More than forty young people involved in the project "Integration of children and youth rehabilitative or at risk of social exclusion" (22/10/2010)

  • IU press conference today valuation Totana municipal policy (21/10/2010)
    Y submitting motions to the next session of October
  • New draft treaty on European Union imports hortofrutíco Morocco (21/10/2010)
    The Municipal People's Party introduced a motion in Parliament to prevent the European Parliament ratifies the project
  • The Socialists demanded the immediate resignation of the Councillor for Sports (21/10/2010)

  • Consumption propose to the House urge the government not apply the third consecutive rise in 2010 in electricity rates (21/10/2010)
    A consumers and SMEs
  • Still open registration period for the initial qualification program (21/10/2010)
    through which 15 young people may specialize in "ancillary aesthetics"
  • A total of 25 youth in the municipality took part in the ongoing planning and organizing summer schools (21/10/2010)
    Powered by the Department of Youth
  • The programming of the film continues this weekend (21/10/2010)
    With the screening of the movie "Cats & Dogs" and "Source"
  • The city of Totana announces a selection process to expand the job market for sports coaches (21/10/2010)

  • A group of people with disabilities, from Italy, made a living with students of the Vocational Centre "José Moya" (21/10/2010)

  • Exposure of the opening of school in Burkina Faso (20/10/2010)
    will take place tomorrow, Thursday 21 October, from 21pm.
  • Councilwoman Women and Equal Opportunities, visit the new premises of the Association of Housewives and Users the Three Hail Marys " (20/10/2010)
    At the beginning of the academic year 2010/2011
  • The JCP Athletics Club athletes continue with its intense activity (20/10/2010)
    have worn the colors of the club by several Levantine geographical locations
  • Totana II organizes regional conference "Educating Vs equal gender violence" (20/10/2010)
    will be held on Friday 5 November in The Santa
  • The Department of Sports Launches Amateur Football League Play Fair 2010-2011 (20/10/2010)
    With the participation of 19 teams and about 400 players
  • Social Welfare Council member attending the coronation of Queen's Service Day Care for Alzheimer's (20/10/2010)

  • Continue travel program developed for the Elderly with two trips to San Pedro del Pinatar and Cantabria (20/10/2010)

  • The PSOE proposes to carry out the administrative procedures on the Internet (20/10/2010)
    also requests the House to create a Special Commission to study advertising spending has been the council over this legislative
  • On Monday October 25 will begin the work of replacing the sewer mains and providing the Calle Salitre (20/10/2010)
    In the neighborhood of the Age High
  • Corporate reception to the students of IES Juan de la Cierva and institutes in the province of Rome (Italy) (19/10/2010)

  • Work begins on the adequacy of the spaces of the Shrine of the Holy to improve accessibility to the temple (19/10/2010)

  • The Department of Women participates in regional workshops organized in San Pedro del Pinatar (19/10/2010)
    On the occasion of International Day of Rural Women
  • The Department of Sports organized a hiking out on the beaches of Aguilas and San Juan de los Terreros (Almeria) (19/10/2010)

  • Complete works of rehabilitation of the facades of Main Street Triana (19/10/2010)
    Aided by the Directorate General of Housing
  • García Cánovas, "the council has never had a councilor so inept, arrogant and cocky as Mr. Valverde" (19/10/2010)

  • Students Aikido Club refined martial art techniques (19/10/2010)
    With the handling of "Bokken" and "Jo" with the teacher Fernando Valero, 5 dan in aikido.
  • The "Third National Meeting of rare diseases will be held from 22 to 24 October in Totana (18/10/2010)
    will bring together many medical researchers and families of people with such conditions
  • The council regrets the announcement Sports Lorca Deportiva SAD disappearance of economic problems and its board of directors (18/10/2010)
    Valverde Reina Lorca notes that the team has fulfilled all its commitments with the City and the Olympic Club Totana.
  • ... (18/10/2010)

  • Audiovisual organize a workshop on "Waste and Recycling" (18/10/2010)
    order to enable women to maintain social relationships appropriate to different contexts
  • Forty drivers have played this weekend's regional championship mountain 2010 "XXV Subida a La Santa" (18/10/2010)

  • The Socialists denounced "the brutal increase in water consumption in the Polideportivo Municipal" (18/10/2010)
    assert that "has increased by 33% over last year between the months of May and September"
  • The Local Police of Totana stops, thanks to the cooperation of citizens, a snatchers who stole from elderly (17/10/2010)

  • ... (17/10/2010)

  • According to IU in Totana, "the imminent demise of Lorca Deportiva, highlights the failure of the Councillor for Sports" (17/10/2010)

  • Local and regional authorities inaugurate the "II Fair field, agriculture and livestock" (16/10/2010)
    Involving over twenty exhibitors from companies, agencies and associations related to the sector
  • Hundreds of students have participated in field offices as shearing and milking (15/10/2010)
    The activity has been framed in the II show the field of agriculture and livestock
  • City officials accompany students of the School Workshop at International Meeting Cector Construction (Construmurcia) (15/10/2010)
    Where are installed Totana companies
  • More than 50 establishments of the Association of Business and Professional Women of Totana "launch" Get your free money here " (15/10/2010)
    With the aim to revitalize the retail
  • The cultural events "Uncle Pencho" continue with the 4th Open Paddle and Domino Tournament (15/10/2010)
    will take place the last two weekends of October
  • The Socialists call for the mayor to launch and sheltered housing (15/10/2010)
    For the PSOE's electoral promise that PP seems to be left out "
  • ... (15/10/2010)

  • On Sunday 17 the new Campus Universitario de lorca hold an open house (15/10/2010)
    For educational facilities
  • The PP claims that "the PSOE and have proposed closing Otálora Sports City" (15/10/2010)

  • The "First child folk festival will take place this Saturday October 16th at the Performing Arts Hall Totana (15/10/2010)

  • On January 1, 2011 will become operational by the Special Employment Centre and Services Totana (CEDETES) (15/10/2010)
    As the mayor said those responsible for the Special Employment Centre MIFITO
  • JCP Athletic Club remain third in the Regional Cup Mountain Races (14/10/2010)

  • Municipal emergency services attend to a seriously injured in an accident resulting in the intersection of Mallorca with the Prison (14/10/2010)

  • The rise in car to La Santa celebrated this weekend its 25 anniversary with the participation of 42 pilots (14/10/2010)

  • The movie "the great rescue bell" will be screened on Sunday October 17 (14/10/2010)
    In the Hall of Performing Arts Totana
  • The PSOE de Totana says, "Sports City is not municipal property" (14/10/2010)

  • The term is still open to join the course on "Equality, coeducation and responsibility" (14/10/2010)
    It lasts 30 hours and is aimed at young people
  • The Department of Alternative Energy will file a motion to avoid cuts in premiums to renewable energy companies (14/10/2010)
    order to encourage the development of these energy sources
  • IU alert "at the end of 2011 may have more than 1400 unemployed in the town of Totana without receiving subsidy" (14/10/2010)
    "if not extended the benefit of 436 euros per month which ends in February"
  • Nuria Fergó give a concert with "Alma Llanera" in Totana (13/10/2010)
    will take place on December 4 at the Hall of Performing Arts (Film Velasco)
  • Rating regular plenary session, in September 2010 (13/10/2010)
    The Municipal People's Party spokesman, Josefa María Sánchez Méndez, recently gave a press conference to take stock of the regular plenary session of September
  • The city of Totana and the social collective association "Dragonfly" sign an agreement (13/10/2010)
    for extracurricular activities aimed at reconciling work and family life education in the town loscentros
  • The Department of Housing reported on the aid program of rehabilitation of buildings driven by regional and state plan (13/10/2010)
    Through the fund that can reach up to 75 percent of the cost of the work
  • Hundreds of schoolchildren know firsthand the agricultural and livestock products Totana (13/10/2010)
    Engage in field offices as the sheared and milked in the Fair of Agriculture
  • Tonight at 21:00 pm Juan Cayuela Municipal Stadium hosts the final of the FA Cup (13/10/2010)
    From the Caravaca CF and FC Cartagena
  • Football Federation of Murcia choose Juan Cayuela Municipal Stadium for the final of the FA Cup (13/10/2010)
    The meeting will take place Oct. 13 from Caravaca CF and FC Cartagena
  • Closure of Schools Cycling season (12/10/2010)
    Highlighting the good season the young rider Jose Angel Camachoa totanero, who finished fourth in the regional championship in its category
  • Tribute to the Spanish flag on the occasion of the festival of Pilar (12/10/2010)

  • "VI Encuentro Solidarity and Alzheimer Friends" to commemorate World Alzheimer's Day (11/10/2010)
    The events start with a lunch organized totanero
  • The Social Welfare council meets with the families of students in the Occupational Center "José Moya" (11/10/2010)
    For informal lines of work to be undertaken during the academic year 2010/2011
  • The PP Totana complaint that "the State Budget cuts reflected major social democracy" (11/10/2010)
    And "are 128 million less than last year"
  • More than 40 couples participated in the inaugural Open School Paddle Club "Paddle Tennis vs. evolution" (11/10/2010)

  • The Department of Sports organizes a weekend trip to Albacete walking on the bridge of All Saints (11/10/2010)

  • V Anniversary Gala Dinner Classic Car Association of Totana (10/10/2010)
    will be held on October 23 and will be accompanied by "Points"
  • The homage to the Spanish flag will be held Oct. 12 at the Plaza of the Constitution (10/10/2010)
    Coinciding with the feast day of Pilar
  • The city of Totana organizes from 15 to 17 October the Country Fair II Agriculture (08/10/2010)
    going to involve more than 20 associations and cooperatives
  • Presentation of the prizes of "II Short Story Contest for Equality 2010" (08/10/2010)

  • Development and Employment offer an initial qualification program through which 15 young people will specialize in "Ancillary aesthetics" (08/10/2010)

  • Students of 4 of the Totana that participate in the writing contest II "Future of the Region of Murcia in the framework of the EU" (08/10/2010)
    Framed cultural days "Uncle Pencho"
  • Socialist Youth said that "the PP mask is removed and we know why there have been no housing for young people in Totana" (08/10/2010)

  • The Polyphonic Choir Vox Totana Musicalis swept the National Choral Festival IV Infiesto (Asturias) (07/10/2010)
    In addition to win the 1st prize of the contest, did the two acting awards for the works required and Folklore
  • XXV edition of the Subida al Santuario de la Santa (07/10/2010)
    take place the next 16 to 17 October
  • Paddle School, driven by the "Club Paddle Tennis Vs Evolution", starts this weekend (07/10/2010)
    With the conclusion of the inaugural Open
  • The cultural program continues this Friday, Oct. 8 (07/10/2010)
    With the launch of "The reflection of the life of the author totanera María Sánchez García
  • The Tax rejoins PROINVITOSA € 260,000 for a VAT refund of 2009 (07/10/2010)

  • Martínez Usero: "The council acknowledges a debt to the generality of 10 million euros" (07/10/2010)
    Alderman says "nothing but interest for unpaid bills will pay € 755,776"
  • La Peña Totana Atletico Madrid organized a trip to Madrid to attend the match Atletico Madrid CF - Getafe CF (07/10/2010)

  • Martínez Usero: "The municipal government hides its incompetence by blaming others" (07/10/2010)

  • Free course for carers of people dependent on 50 hours (07/10/2010)
    is organized by the Department of Women and Society "Intergenerational Solidarity"
  • Still open within the voluntary period for collection of receipts on property of urban and economic activities (07/10/2010)
    for the year 2010
  • The PP Totana complaint that "the State Budget Totana again marginalize" (06/10/2010)
    "Forget the big investment and strangle the pockets of totaneros"
  • The hearing impaired can now contact the local police to send a message to your mobile 682282092 (06/10/2010)

  • The Department of Youth Totana awarded "Program of the Year" (06/10/2010)
    Framed in the awards' Youth on the move, driven by the City Council's Youth Lorca
  • Local and regional authorities officially inaugurate tomorrow the school year in the city (06/10/2010)
    With an act that takes place at the school "La Cruz"
  • The council promotes the creation of a Municipal Commission of Truancy and Dropout (06/10/2010)
    To ensure the education of students
  • For the young people a course on "Equality, coeducation and responsibility" (06/10/2010)
    has a duration of 30 hours
  • Deadline for registration to participate in photo contests and local music contest "Young Crearte 2010" (06/10/2010)
    stay open until 2 November
  • "The Fall" de Totana participate in the second national meeting of Jesus brotherhoods Fallen (05/10/2010)
    take place the next 22, 23 and 24 October in the city of Murcia
  • The PP Totana requires the PSOE Zapatero responsibilities prompted by rising water (05/10/2010)
    "as the applicable municipal government which ordered the Ministry"
  • Occupational Center facilities "José Moya" and the future Center for Disability Polivante premiere installation of air conditioning (05/10/2010)

  • The Department of Services conducts a thorough reorganization plan more than a dozen roads (05/10/2010)
    Across the 52 persons who, being unemployed, have been contracted by the SEF
  • The "VI meeting in solidarity with friends and Alzheimer's patients will be held from 11 to 17 October (05/10/2010)
    With the aim of promoting volunteering with various educational activities, social and entertainment
  • Martínez Usero: "The PP we back up the water" (05/10/2010)
    says the socialist, "The PP has raised the water in 6 months by 40% and the collection of the receipts will be every two months"
  • Organize a trip for attending to the conference "Great challenges of today's rural women and the creation of innovative companies in their environment" (05/10/2010)
    is celebrated on October 15 in San Pedro del Pinatar
  • The mayor attends the opening of University Campus Lorca (04/10/2010)
    In Totana that students will enroll in a center OSNAP the closest city
  • City officials attending the events that have commemorated the International Day of Older Persons (04/10/2010)

  • The barbecues located in La Santa and recreational areas Espuña and can be used to make fire (04/10/2010)

  • The socialist voters in primaries and elect Begoña García Retegui as a candidate for regional elections of 2011 (04/10/2010)
    The participation of the socialist grouping Totana was the highest in the entire region reached 74.4%
  • IU states that "the council has reduced by 90% of investments in the Plans of Works and Services 2011" (04/10/2010)
    "Martínez Andreo has reduced the municipal contribution of 266,772 euros in 2010 to a meager 23,463 euros for 2011"
  • ... (03/10/2010)

  • Mass to mark the International Day of Older Persons (02/10/2010)
    was held at the Santuario de Santa Eulalia
  • Totana Socialists strongly condemned the attempted coup in Ecuador (02/10/2010)

  • The municipality will undertake renovations to streets and roads worth over 230,000 euros (01/10/2010)
    Through the Works and Services Plan 2010
  • The session promotes employment of women and people with employment difficulties (01/10/2010)
    With the development of the course "geriatric care for dependent persons in social institutions" promoted by the project "Activa Murcia Rural Employment"
  • Elderly people in Totana celebrate International Day today with a General Assembly of the members of the Municipal Center and a chocolate (01/10/2010)
    continue tomorrow with a Mass and a gathering in La Santa
  • The House authorizes the council to purchase the Special Employment Centre Totana "Mifito" (01/10/2010)
    After three years of negotiations and procedures
  • The House gives green light to the property tax exemption from Hardy (01/10/2010)
    the development of a youth support program for obtaining driving license, and implementation of a plan for revitalization of retailing, among other proposals
  • The House agreed unanimously to support the creation and implementation of a Reference Center (01/10/2010)
    for the Study and Treatment of Rare Diseases
  • Press conference with the PSOE, assessment plenary in September 2010 (01/10/2010)

  • The Murcia Region 7 issued tomorrow, from 13:45 to 14.30 hours, a report on the proposed Reservoir musealization Argárica of La Bastida (01/10/2010)
    In its "sea land"
  • Amaro Ferreiro live this Friday at Latino (01/10/2010)
    The Galician artist comes to Totana to present his latest solo work
  • The parties in the neighborhood of San Francisco tear Friday October 1 (01/10/2010)
    With carnival rides, performances by bands and sports
  • Pilgrimage to Caravaca de Brotherhoods of Semana Santa (01/10/2010)
    will be held on October 17 to mark the Jubilee Year of Caravaca de la Cruz
  • 5th City Totana solidarity march organized by the Club de Totana Senderista (01/10/2010)
    Next Sunday October 3rd beginning at 10 am will be held at the fairgrounds deTotana, the 5th Edition of the Solidarity March
  • The sainfoin present their first album on Friday October 1 (01/10/2010)
    The presentation will take place at 21:00 in the Socio-Cultural Center "La Prison"

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