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  • The Socialist Party says that "the PP has lost the political embarrassment when they say they have cut taxes" (31/10/2009)
    Totana Socialists accuse the mayor of "lying to the neighbors and try to confuse the public with half truths"
  • On the occasion of development works to reorganize the traffic on the N-340 pedestrians usual steps had to be cut (30/10/2009)
    order to safeguard pedestrian safety
  • The priest Cristóbal Guerrero totanero Ros has been appointed preacher of the upcoming Easter Archena (30/10/2009)

  • The spokesman of the government team realizes the resolutions adopted at a meeting of government and takes stock of the Whole (30/10/2009)
    Valverde Queen was accompanied by the Councillor of Finance
  • PP de Totana Representatives attending the Provincial Board who presided Cartagena PP Mariano Rajoy (30/10/2009)

  • The Socialists claim that "Aznar has called for the resignation of José Martínez Andreo" (30/10/2009)
    "Former prime minister has demanded that the politicians charged with corruption to resign and no further discrediting the policy"
  • MIFITO develop the Initial Vocational Training Program in the form of Special Professional Initiation (30/10/2009)
    This year they intend to do within the professional family of Informatics and Communications
  • The Mayor will ask the neighbors on one side to join the claims of agriculture (30/10/2009)
    ... that promote the general strike for November 20 and attending the demonstration in Madrid on Saturday 21
  • The elderly residence 'La Purisima' will have nine seats more (30/10/2009)

  • The urban bus line expands its services to the cemetery (30/10/2009)
    A bus from the center of town to the cemetery every 20 minutes
  • The deadline for registering for the training course on "Practical aspects of volunteerism" will remain open until Nov. 6 (30/10/2009)
    The course is taught in the "Aula citizen"
  • Students and professionals in Occupational Center "José Moya" attend a regional meeting (30/10/2009)
    On the meeting was attended by over 120 people with disabilities from different municipalities of Alhama de Murcia, Fortuna, La Union and Mazarrón
  • The children's film "Vicky the Viking" and the new film from Quentin Tarantino's "Inglourious Basterds" in the film this weekend Velasco (30/10/2009)

  • Next 7 and 8 November Totana be held in the 24th edition of the Subida a Santa (30/10/2009)

  • Neuman Concert and Halloween, this weekend at the Latino (30/10/2009)
    Neuman, one of the highlights of the regional music has its next EP in Totana this Friday, as an appetizer for Halloween
  • José Gómez: "A heart for the PP raise taxes on totaneros" (29/10/2009)
    Socialist Councilman José Gómez took stock of the plenary session on Thursday at City Hall
  • IU: "The PP increased by 20% in Totana urban tax in 2010 on a clear contradiction to the messages Rajoy" (29/10/2009)
    IU Councilman Juan José Cánovas, gave a press conference to make an assessment of the Whole October
  • The House unanimously approved the Plan Territorial Civil Protection (29/10/2009)
    With the purpose of responding to all possible risks that might be affected municipality of totana
  • The House approved, within the Tax Plan 2010, a freeze on municipal taxes such as solid waste collection (29/10/2009)
    And the lowering of tax motor vehicles
  • PSOE: "the PP alone Totana taxes shoot up the urban contribution more than 20%" (29/10/2009)
    Socialists announced that "this morning at the October full PP alone has approved a dramatic increase in the IBI"
  • The House unanimously claimed the National Government to pay the historical debt to the municipality amounting to 25 million euros (29/10/2009)

  • The corporate give green light to municipal aid will cover the basic needs of families with lower incomes (29/10/2009)
    Do not have any benefits and they are going through genuine economic difficulties
  • 800 young high school students participate in workshops to raise awareness of volunteering (29/10/2009)

  • "Socialists Valcárcel evident contradictions as far as corruption is concerned" (29/10/2009)
    Following statements by the president of the PP Murciano regional press, the PSOE de Totana says "Valcárcel or memory is very weak or incurs in serious contradictions to keep a mayor charged in office "
  • Members of the Communist Youth of Totana (JCT) attended the V Festival PCRM Revolution against crisis " (29/10/2009)

  • MIFITO Association and the Science Club "Workshop on Galileo" X visited the Regional Youth Participation Fair "Youth Zone 2009" (29/10/2009)
    was held in Archena
  • More than two hundred children and young people enjoy daily from Edutec in neighborhoods and in the hamlet of El Paretón (29/10/2009)
    This service starts from the Youth Council in collaboration with the group for social promotion "The Candle"
  • Start the new season of mountain biking, organized by the Department of Sports, with the participation of over thirty riders (29/10/2009)

  • Presented a book by Juan Cánovas Mulero on the municipal cemetery "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" (28/10/2009)

  • The City designing a tax model that "will benefit the family economy and the productive sectors and economic Totana" (28/10/2009)
    And this through the "freeze and lower taxes for 2010"
  • More than thirty effective under the safety and emergencies that will be launched in the cemetery (28/10/2009)
    ... to celebrate the feast of All Saints
  • The regular plenary session for the month of October, scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, will address more than a dozen proposals (28/10/2009)
    The proposals include amendments to the bylaws, and the adoption of the Territorial Plan of Civil Protection and commissioning economic aid "RACI"
  • I Conteporáneo Film Series, organized by the artistic and cultural "Ministers of the Air" (28/10/2009)
    This Thursday at 22:00 will be screened "Boys Do not Cry" in the Latino
  • PSOE: "the government reduced by 60% Valcarcel aid to the municipality for investment and grants Zapatero Totana another 3 million by 2010" (28/10/2009)
    El PSOE de Totana says that "during the past year the Zapatero government has sent Totana extraordinary aid amounting to 13 million euros "
  • A total of 56 families of low-income municipality will benefit from individual grants to pay the city property tax bill (28/10/2009)

  • The City Council opened a Notice of meeting to update the current job market for sports coaches (28/10/2009)
    Those interested may submit their request until 16 November
  • The Sports Department offers its users the opportunity to play table tennis in the Municipal Pavilion of Sports "Manolo Ibáñez" (28/10/2009)
    Interested individuals must pay a fee of 2 euros per hour
  • Totana Athletics Club members continue to reap great results (28/10/2009)
    Both inside and outside the region
  • The City Council signed an agreement with the Parish Council Cemetery Paretón-Cantareros (27/10/2009)
    The agreement's objective is to undertake rehabilitation works amounting to 12,000 euros
  • The City Council will launch the "compensatory income to support social inclusion" (RACI) (27/10/2009)
    The purpose of this assistance is to meet the basic needs of lower income families who are struggling and are not entitled to any benefits
  • The City Council will extend the bonus ICIO for the construction of subsidized housing to 90 percent (27/10/2009)
    The purpose of this measure is to facilitate access to housing in the town and help the construction industry
  • It meets the technical joint committee of the General Urban Plan Municipal (27/10/2009)
    The purpose of the meeting was to coordinate the correction of deficiencies and to finalize the environmental impact statement prior to approval
  • On Sunday October 25 was held on the slopes of the western slope of Sierra Espuña Regional Park, a walking route (27/10/2009)
    was organized by the Club de Totana Senderista
  • Lola Cano, "the PP critical of tax increases and the state budget while the mayor went up over all taxes and municipal taxes" (27/10/2009)
    On the other hand, Martínez Andreo asked to "give explanations for their interest in the Special Center Employment, dependent until MIFITO "
  • They start school games, with the first day Alevín Futsal (27/10/2009)

  • Propose that the House establish a Commission on Gender Violence (27/10/2009)
    And the approval of the protocol for this type of cases in the town of Totana
  • The CC team takes a carrerón Santa Eulalia in the 'Trophy Sakura Motor' Bacons Bridge (27/10/2009)

  • Fifth round of the Amateur Football League "Play Fair" (27/10/2009)
    Teams "Antonio Fuentes Mendez" and "Furniture Mondrian" hold the pace of the leader of the competition, "the pachucos"
  • Francisco José Cuesta excelled in track and field last three disputed (26/10/2009)
    The young athlete totanero D'Genes Association spreads its successes and participation at the national level dissemination and awareness campaign, 2009 "Rare diseases are full of life"
  • Users of the Service Day Care Alzheimer's activities begin on the second anniversary of the center with a typical lunch (26/10/2009)
    ... totanero
  • The PP Totana believes that "the draft State Budget was sloppy accounting lethal middle classes and workers" (26/10/2009)
    "And thoroughly marginalized citizens of the region of Murcia
  • The city tentatively awarded the redevelopment of the Point of Care for Children (EPI) of El Parral (26/10/2009)
    For the price of EUR 536,293.61 and a lead time of ten months
  • The PSOE wants to know "how the mayor spent the money collected in the water bill to invest in improving the network" (26/10/2009)
    assert that "in November 2007, the mayor authorized a loan to the company Urbaser up to 1,856,000 euros "
  • La Junta Local de Totana traditional dinner organized for the benefit of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (26/10/2009)
    will take place on Saturday, November 7
  • Poetry recital in honor of Dr. Antonio Martínez Hernández in charge of the association "Seed Fund" (26/10/2009)
    took place last Friday in the Sociocultural Centre "Jail"
  • On Friday October 30 will be in the clinic blood samples (26/10/2009)
    For donation and help this charitable work
  • Victoria Cartagena Totana CADE (26/10/2009)
    2-4 was the final outcome of the meeting that the Board faced in Table Tennis Specific Cartagena local team and the CADE RENTALS GALINDO TOTANA
  • Users of the program "Integration of children and youth rehabilitative or at risk of social exclusion" made a technical workshop group cooperation (26/10/2009)

  • Course for active workers' basic office automation in SMEs: spreadsheet and database " (26/10/2009)
    on Tuesday was conducted from October 27 through December
  • Costa and Antonio Cánovas Ginés alhameño climbed the podium in the last round of the championship in Spain in Nerja (26/10/2009)

  • The work of replacement of sidewalks and general services Bolnuevo Street begin to run on Monday, October 26 (25/10/2009)
    The road will remain closed to traffic until the completion of the same
  • The Classic Car Association of Totana and a member of the Spanish Federation of Classic Vehicles (25/10/2009)

  • UI has serious doubts about Martínez Andreo meeting with the Minister of Public Works (24/10/2009)
    argue that "did not contemplate Ballesta, 20 October, the interview at his official agenda has not been published photos of the event"
  • The PSOE complained that "the mayor wants to absorb the special employment center to keep plugging MIFITO more people" (24/10/2009)

  • The walk from the Avenida Rambla de la Santa begins to transform his image as a result of renovations that are running (24/10/2009)
    The total budget for the work amounts to 775,000 euros
  • Martínez Usero: "The regional government reported unfavorably dam of Lebor" (23/10/2009)
    "There are two reports of the Ministry of Environment-negative dam"
  • A total of 7 totaneros participate in the "The Magnificent 7", done by the regional television, 7RM (23/10/2009)
    The show airs Friday October 23 at the half past nine p.m.
  • The Department of Public Safety proposes to the Plenary the adoption of the Territorial Plan of civil protection or emergency in the municipality of Totana (23/10/2009)

  • The Department of Sport awards a prize to the school Reina Sofia (23/10/2009)
    This is for their excellent participation in school sports program, sponsored by the Department of Sport and the Autonomous Community
  • City Hall, Regional Government, and Integra Foundation signed an agreement for the implementation and promotion of network Walas of Murcia (23/10/2009)

  • "Up" and "Men Who Hate Women" (23/10/2009)
    were screened at the Performing Arts Board of the town for this weekend
  • IU blames the complaint of Mayor Juan José Cánovas as "yet another flight forward a cornered politician, failed and challenged by their own council" (22/10/2009)
    "Personal insults hurled Juan José Cánovas, show that Martínez Andreo comes very large corporate office "
  • Members of the PP have a non-legislative proposal for the Government to engage the barrier of Lebor (22/10/2009)
    recall that was a work issued in 2001 and PHN by modifying the project disappeared PSOE
  • Totana Mayor announced that demand for libel Councilman UI + Greens, Juan José Cánovas (22/10/2009)
    "for his statements regarding the General Plan," which are intended only to harm the institutional figure of the first mayor to the document and the general interests of the municipality "
  • The school "Tierno Galván" opens the new downtown library recalling Don Quixote de La Mancha (22/10/2009)

  • The III open paddle "Uncle Pencho" regional, will be held in the town between 30 October and 15 November (22/10/2009)
    On the other hand, students of 2 º ESO will participate in the "Why Murcia letters we eat when we talk? "
  • Fall overlooking the artisan market with their products The Holy typical Sunday October 25 (22/10/2009)
    There will be a free tasting of chestnuts mistela
  • The autonomous informed next week of the improvements required to obtain the environmental impact statement PGOU (22/10/2009)

  • Social Welfare Council member attends the meeting of the Advisory Board and Occupational Center family "José Moya" (22/10/2009)
    At the meeting discussed issues related to the operation of the center and the new for this year
  • The Socialists believe that "the Health Center is isolated to the new location of Market" (22/10/2009)

  • For the PSOE, "the mayor has no respect for the environment and climate change" (21/10/2009)
    Socialists assert that "with his attitude, Andreo yaa council members that keep the climate change and the deterioration of the layer Ozone cares unless Rajoy's cousin "
  • The PP claims that "the new tax increase approved by the National Government is a clear attack on families totaneras" (21/10/2009)
    And he criticizes "totana discrimination in state budgets for 2010"
  • On 30 September ended the collaboration agreement between the Social Work Foundation and the Association CAIXA MIFITO (21/10/2009)
    Through this agreement has made the draft respite care for disabled dependents of the town of Totana and its region
  • The city tentatively awarded the siting of safety barriers in various ways (21/10/2009)
    And the evacuation of runoff water in the way of Pastry
  • Opens a new classroom block at school Guadalentín El Paretón (21/10/2009)
    The budget for the classrooms over 400,000 euros
  • A total of 14 young people participate in a workshop on educational and occupational guidance (21/10/2009)
    Young people are assigned to the project of integration and socio child or youth at risk of social exclusion
  • Called the "Poster Competition III against gender violence" (21/10/2009)
    The occasion is the commemoration of International Day of violence against women, held on 25 November
  • The Senior Center Municipal initiate local organized program of activities for 2009-2010 (21/10/2009)
    With a day of coexistence held in Santa
  • Pedro Antonio and Juan made a great career and get on the podium at the Memorial Leon Sanchez Gil de Mula (20/10/2009)
    On Sunday 18 three riders of Santa Eulalia CC moved up to play the Memorial Mula Leon Sanchez Gil organized by the Cycling Club Mülenen 'Luis Leon Sanchez'
  • The City Council tentatively awarded the works of the reservoir musealization Argaric "La Bastida" (20/10/2009)
    The company has been awarded the company totanera Hermanos Construcciones SA Palomares
  • Totana Local Police arrested five individuals for alleged crimes against public health (20/10/2009)
    As part of "Operation Milu"
  • The Municipal People's urge the Government of Argentina to equate investment in the Region of Murcia to the national average (20/10/2009)
    For the general state budget, 2010
  • "The pachucos" is proclaimed as the new sole leader of the Amateur Football League "Play Fair" (20/10/2009)
    After thrashing the team Mazarron of "Flower Kati"
  • IU asked the House the establishment of a special commission "to study the plight of the Corporation" (20/10/2009)
    "and raise economic development programs of Totana"
  • Members of the Senior Municipal Center held the annual general shareholders (20/10/2009)
    For information about activities and services will offer this year
  • The rehabilitation works Mall Avenida de la Rambla de La Santa forced to relocate weekly market stalls (20/10/2009)

  • Satisfaction among the Socialists from participation in the conference, Municipal Policy (19/10/2009)
    The work session attended by activists, supporters and social partners, has provided "a meeting of people concerned about what is happening in Totana"
  • The PP believes that "the PSOE political conference has only served to demonstrate that this party has no other political project for Totana wear than the municipal government operation Totem "" (19/10/2009)
    " and reaffirm the commitment pact between the PSOE and IU + LV for the next legislature "
  • ... (19/10/2009)

  • More than 80 families participating in the 4 th edition of the School of Parents (19/10/2009)
    is framed in the project "NEXUS: A new learning experience"
  • The Department of Sport provides a grant to implement the third phase of the refurbishment of the Sports Pavilion (19/10/2009)
    On the amount of 100,000 €
  • The group "The Candle" launches the Edutec loaded with a program of free activities for children and youth (19/10/2009)
    ... of different neighborhoods and the hamlet of El Paretón
  • Bright Weekend athletes Totana Athletics Club (19/10/2009)
    race took part in the popular "Path of Norias" in Abarán and the Half Marathon XXII "Ciudad de Hellin"
  • Political leaders of the PP in Totana come to the demonstration "For Life", held this Saturday in Madrid (19/10/2009)
    "In which gathered nearly two million people"
  • Resounding success kick-started the program the "Cultural Fall 2009" to play "Piano Piano" (19/10/2009)
    More than 200 people attended the performance of the play
  • The Department of New Technologies develops a database application to streamline management of the Municipal School of Music and the University (19/10/2009)
    ... Popular
  • The USER of the Service Day Care Center Senior Municipal celebrated, as every year, the day of Pilar (19/10/2009)

  • Denounced "the grave danger that provide the paths crossing the Rambla de Lebor, destroyed by the rains, nearly a month" (18/10/2009)
    "The indignation of the residents and farmers have come to the Selectmen of the Left, to the Team neglect PP government, which ignored the claims, "said IU + LV
  • ... (18/10/2009)

  • The Local Government granted planning permission Proinvitosa more to promote the construction of 5 houses on the street VPO Colombia (18/10/2009)

  • The PP criticized the PSOE does not leave its political line "and continues with its" serial " (16/10/2009)
    " When planning a conference in which only one is to speak of Operation Totem, "according to Popular
  • The autonomous region allocated the amount of 80,000 euros to restore the coffered ceiling of the chapel of the Holy (16/10/2009)
    ... featuring the return of cultural interest
  • The City Council established new lines of collaboration with those responsible for tax advisory and management firms in the municipality (16/10/2009)
    ... to help freelancers and entrepreneurs
  • More than one hundred students from several schools participating in the talk-tasting organic products (16/10/2009)
    And it coincides with World Food Day is celebrated today
  • The spokesperson for the municipal government team, José Antonio Valverde, aware of the resolutions adopted at a meeting of Government (16/10/2009)
    And he answers questions from the media about the current political and other issues
  • Starts film programming autumn-winter season with a screening of the Walt Disney film "G-Force" (16/10/2009)
    The film was screened at the Performing Arts Hall for this weekend
  • Opens the third edition of "Self-employment Support and Business Creation" addressed to the immigrant community (16/10/2009)
    This program includes the participation of about thirty people
  • The residence for the elderly "La Purisima" launches a program of talks to family (16/10/2009)
    In collaboration with the Department of Social Welfare
  • Martínez Usero "in Totana we spend on local police chiefs of more than 20 million pesetas per year" (15/10/2009)
    The councilman said he did not understand "as three years after appointing a local police chief, this has been replaced by a sub-inspector with the consequent increase in spending for all totaneros "
  • Successful start of the English Edutec (15/10/2009)
    The Collective "The Candle" launched several activities for children and youth in the Barrio de San Roque
  • The Mayor of Totana and the Minister of Universities, Business and Research held a working meeting (15/10/2009)
    have established guidelines to promote productive and economic sectors of Totana
  • Organize a course on "adaptation to the new General Accounting Plan", 40 hours, led to active workers (15/10/2009)

  • The municipality prepares a Municipal Ordinance and the basis for a single call subsidies (15/10/2009)
    bring together these grants which are given from each of the municipal areas
  • Municipal Technical Immigration Service to the Department of Social Welfare are involved in a briefing with the consul of Bolivia (15/10/2009)
    was attended by 40 people
  • IU + LV presented at the October plenary session a motion to require the Government Finance Local model (15/10/2009)
    And the increased resources to councils
  • The Socialists are in addition to the recognition that the Guardia Civil has made the judge and prosecutor of the "plot Totem" (14/10/2009)
    For Otálora "the award of the Cross of Merit of the Guardia Civil with the White is a boost to independence judicial power "
  • Two totaneros qualified for the World Cup 2010 in Portugal fishing (14/10/2009)
    In addition, silver medal and bronze Guzmán María Josefa Ana Martinez in the Championship of Spain by autonomous selections
  • Totana Mayor and City Council Development and Employment attend the V Annual Meeting of the Regional Network "PuntoPyme" (14/10/2009)
    was held in Lorca
  • John Daniel Costa was proclaimed champion of the Open U-23 MTB Marathon Murcia in a great performance by CC Santa Eulalia (14/10/2009)
    Jose Angel Camacho wins exhibition MTB school
  • The PSOE de Totana organizes the Second Municipal Policy Conference titled "Strategies to Win" (14/10/2009)
    Organizing Secretary presented the event to be held on Saturday October 17, Sociocultural Center Jail
  • City officials meet with neighborhood residents, Camilleri Tirol (14/10/2009)
    To see first hand the needs and problems of the residents of this area
  • The Department of Sports is launching the School Sports Programme in primary schools Totana (14/10/2009)
    With 733 students enrolled, aged between 4 and 11 years
  • The new Regional Housing Plan 2009-12 will allow citizens to request rental assistance, housing acquisition and rehabilitation (14/10/2009)
    was approved by the Governing Council of the Autonomous Community
  • More than a score of walkers participating in the second day of hiking 2009-2010 (14/10/2009)
    Organized by the Department of Sports
  • The team "Antonio Fuentes Mendez" is placed as the new leader of the Amateur Football League Play Fair (14/10/2009)
    After a spectacular rout the team "Brothers Periago"
  • They claim that "the Regional Employment Service and Training denied a grant of 667,331 euros, the City" (13/10/2009)
    "It will start the Training Workshop on Employment of the Unemployed, aged 25, who had been employed and trained 30 unemployed, "said IU + LV
  • Jose Luis Rios, Santa Cycling Club, dispute the sprint and climb the podium in the race for the holidays Bacons Bridge 2009 (13/10/2009)

  • The councilman of Culture opened the exhibition and sale of crafts mission of the Comboni Missionary Sisters (13/10/2009)
    The exhibition and sale of craft takes place in the exhibition hall "Gregorio Cebrián" and will remain open until 19 October
  • Theatre, exhibitions, music, concerts, films and other programming congregate in the "cultural autumn" (13/10/2009)

  • On Wednesday there will be a 14 day water cut in parts of the neighborhood of Las Parras, was High and San Jose (13/10/2009)

  • Totana Local Police arrested four individuals for theft of grapes (13/10/2009)
    were subtracting agricultural equipment and grapes worth over 400 euros
  • Begin "XXII Special School Games" for the regional championship basketball (13/10/2009)
    And the participation of athletes Occupational Center "José Moya"
  • The council made an offer to Olympic Totana to create a task force that drives the actions of the 50 anniversary of the club (13/10/2009)

  • The XIII race track "Rise to The Santa" became a successful turnout with 345 athletes (13/10/2009)

  • Civilian and military authorities preside over the ceremony of homage to the flag of Spain for the festival of Pilar, patroness of the Guardia Civil (13/10/2009)
    deaths were reminded of the different bodies
  • Go Totana COAG report a wave of robberies in the vines of table grapes (13/10/2009)
    show their concern about "the large number of farmers who are directed to the organization to report the theft in the vines"
  • Antonio Costa and his two fellow Jets Totana Club will compete in Nerja (11/10/2009)
    In the 5 th and final test Offhsore Raid mode and the 4 th and final race in the Championship mode Rallyjet Spain
  • The exhibition and sale of handicrafts Mission "of the Comboni Missionary Sisters will open on Tuesday October 13 (11/10/2009)
    At the municipal exhibition" Gregorio Cebrián "
  • Award the service to perform a geotechnical study of the land where they built the new school of La Ramblica (10/10/2009)
    And for the extension of the school "District Deitania" Totana
  • The project carried out at the site of La Bastida reveals what life was the first city in Western Europe (10/10/2009)
    The Minister of Culture and Tourism said that La Bastida "will become major tourist attractions and cultural Region
  • Present the draft Research and Outreach Musealisation the archaeological site of La Bastida de Totana (09/10/2009)
    will become a tourist attraction at the regional and national
  • The "The Magnificent 7" broadcast the program live with seven contestants competing in skills totaneros on 23 October (09/10/2009)

  • The Socialist councilor Lola Cano gave a press conference to address issues of current policy (09/10/2009)

  • Proinvitosa offer four modular buildings in the industrial park "The Saladar" (09/10/2009)
    Employers wishing to settle in one of these ships, they may do so under lease-purchase
  • Totana joins the commemoration of World Day of Mental Health "under the slogan" Mental health for everyone " (09/10/2009)
    Through the reading of a manifesto
  • The Socialists claim that "the difficult situation being experienced by employers and workers is not resolved with insults" (09/10/2009)
    El PSOE de Totana is convinced that "employers and workers need responsible and effective leaders that truly solve problems"
  • The "Festival of dance and folklore" brings together a large audience of different nationalities and localities in the region of Murcia (09/10/2009)

  • Totana host the trophy "Ciudad de Totana" orientation, framed in the national league and national championship valid for the fire (09/10/2009)
    The competition will be held this weekend
  • The Association of Young Entrepreneurs Under Guadalentín celebrates its board of directors in Totana (08/10/2009)

  • Headman Board initiates proceedings for the award of a cafeteria in the Social Center of Lebor (08/10/2009)

  • The deadline to attend the conference "Looking for new areas: the empowerment of rural women, ended Friday October 9 (08/10/2009)
    The Archena conference will be held on the 15th of October
  • The humor and play "Piano Piano" will take place on Friday 16 October in the Socio-Cultural Center "La Carcel" (08/10/2009)

  • IU deplores "the crude jokes and inanities with which the Municipal Government of PP is trying to justify the outrageous increase in unemployment" (07/10/2009)
    "is the result of his disastrous management," said IU
  • The work of replacement of sidewalks, paving and restoration of services being carried out on the streets Father Bernardino, Estrella and Tinajerías are in the final stages of implementation (07/10/2009)

  • The council hires the services for a study of the land where geoténico carry out the extension of the CP "District Deitania" (07/10/2009)

  • The council received a grant to carry out the execution of the works of POS'2009 comeplementarias (07/10/2009)
    For a sum of nearly 72,000 euros
  • Martínez Usero "Records of the office of tourism are an invention of the PP" (07/10/2009)
    says the council that "in a society like today seems incomprehensible to collect data at hand as the report states that have had access "
  • This afternoon at 20:00 pm beginning the third edition of Self-Employment Support Programme and Entrepreneurship led the group of immigrants (07/10/2009)

  • Social workers reported a total of 70 professionals and neighbors on the Law of Personal Autonomy (07/10/2009)
    During the development of the "First Day of Information, Training and Advisory Law Unit in the Region of Murcia
  • The Social Welfare council opens the new season of "Sewing Workshop" (07/10/2009)
    will be provided until December of this year's Secondary School Main
  • The PP says that "thanks to the political strategy of the PSOE and IU + LV disparage, discredit and prosecute individual companies totaneras, these workers are the ones leading the unemployment rolls in the town" (07/10/2009)

  • The XIII race track "Rise to The Santa" will be held on Sunday October 11 (07/10/2009)
    It had to be suspended by bad weather
  • The council hires unemployed 14 (06/10/2009)
    For the implementation of a program Reconciling Work and Family Life in schools in Totana
  • The council will conduct a ground geoténico which aims to build the new school of La Ramblica (06/10/2009)

  • Grant a subsidy of 30,000 euros to the municipality in terms of social services for people at risk or socially excluded (06/10/2009)

  • The PP claims that "the State Budget of 2010 back to marginalize Totana" (06/10/2009)
    Y complains that "the investments of the Government of the Nation in this county will inferiones the average of Spain"
  • The Socialist Party says that "unemployment rises more in Totana" (06/10/2009)
    According to data from INEM, in September people were jobless in Totana 2101
  • Second round of the Amateur Football League "Play Fair" (06/10/2009)
    Teams "Peña Madridista The Tenth", "The pachucos" and "Antonio Fuentes Mendez, co-leaders of the competition
  • The Department of Sports launches the Municipal Sports and Sports Activities for Adults (06/10/2009)
    With more than 500 entries in the start of this season
  • Municipal Service users psychosocial support adds to the recycling campaign "Tribolsa" (06/10/2009)

  • The Popular Party believes that "voting against IU + LV POS'2010 highlights the destructive politics of confrontation and Cánovas" (06/10/2009)
    "advocates more by partisan interest by the general Totana," according to Popular
  • A successful participation of the 4 th city of Totana solidarity march (05/10/2009)

  • City officials held a reception institutional representatives of associations of housewives in the Region of Murcia (05/10/2009)
    To celebrate the Silver Jubilee of the Association of Housewives, Consumers and Users "Three Hail Marys" of Totana
  • Many visitors are moved to the artisan market of the Holy (05/10/2009)
    were able to enjoy the traditional harvest and modeling activities around
  • More than 200 people participated in the day of coexistence of Totana PP (05/10/2009)
    It marked the beginning of the political course "full of new ideas and renewed projects"
  • CP IU Totana accused of endorsing a proposal on setting up wireless networks in public spaces (05/10/2009)
    According to IU, "rejected the proposal a year ago in the House and now copy the initiative, demonstrating their lack of ethics and imagination "
  • The municipality and the Ministry of Health signed a partnership agreement (05/10/2009)
    To give continuity to the activities developed within the Municipal Plan for Prevention of Drug Addiction
  • The establishment of the UD Paretón performs traditional floral offering to Our Lady of the Rosary (05/10/2009)

  • The Socialist Group has an agreement to move forward with a General Plan "sound and viable" (05/10/2009)
    "Faced with the possibility that the CARM reject the General Plan Municipal de Totana Socialist Group offers a compact local government to agree its content , looking for viable solutions "
  • A vulture in Totana (05/10/2009)
    On the afternoon of Friday, an unexpected visitor made his appearance in the neighborhood of El Parral, arousing the curiosity of many residents who came to gaze
  • Begin activities in the Illustrious Cabildo Processions of Totana Higher (05/10/2009)

  • The "First Day of Information, Training and Advisory Law Unit in the Region of Murcia" will be held this afternoon (05/10/2009)
    take place at the Centro Sociocultural "Prison" from 16:00 to 18:00
  • ... (05/10/2009)

  • The city starts the first phase of installation of a wave in the town wi fi (04/10/2009)
    coverage will offer free Internet access in five public places in the town before the end of the year
  • The city of Totana receives a grant to carry out consumer protection policies (03/10/2009)
    And for the maintenance of the Municipal Office of Consumer and User Information
  • John Daniel got a 2 nd in U-23 and Juan Antonio a 4 th in elite in the fourth round of the Open MTB Marathon (02/10/2009)
    Brokers CC Santa Eulalia participated in the VI Marathon Extreme Zig-Zag (in Cieza)
  • The states that PP PSOE wants to manipulate and control the designation of origin "Grapes of Espuña" (02/10/2009)
    Socialist councilor Andrés García Cánovas says that "the worst thing that ever happened to agriculture totanera and Murcia is having a counselor as Cerdá "
  • IU: "The increase in unemployment in September Totana rises by 5.5% to over 2,100 unemployed (109 more than the month of August)" (02/10/2009)
    In the Region of Murcia, unemployment rose by 2.32% in September, according to figures released today by the Ministry of Labour and Immigration
  • The Reina Sofía School hosted the official opening ceremony of the 2009-10 school year to coincide with its 25 anniversary (02/10/2009)

  • ... (02/10/2009)

  • The Government team spokesman, José Antonio Valverde Queen, reported on the resolutions adopted by the Governing Board and current policy (02/10/2009)

  • The session starts the proceedings for the award of the work placement of safety barriers on several roads in the town (02/10/2009)

  • The Local Government gives green light after the construction of 43 homes of OPV, premises, garages and storage in the C / Republic of Argentina (02/10/2009)
    order to promote access to housing for young people in the city
  • The PP Totana held on Sunday, the festive day of living in the Santa (02/10/2009)
    It will officially open the political course and with the participation of the PP politicians at regional and national
  • Act of volunteer outreach in rare diseases in the IES Juan de la Cierva (02/10/2009)
    were given certificates to the volunteers during 2008-09
  • The Local Development Centre expands their dependencies on the adaptation of two craft (02/10/2009)
    will be used for training by the council for the promotion and employment
  • Project "Integration of children and youth rehabilitative or at risk of social exclusion" (02/10/2009)
    A total of 15 users of the project conducted a study skills workshop
  • The Department of New Technologies will conduct a study to identify the problems of reception of DTT in the municipality (02/10/2009)

  • IU alert "Andreo pressures to the Minister of Agriculture to" guide "Environmental Reporting Covenants affecting Urban" (01/10/2009)
    Left Coalition calls for "respect the views of technical and non-re-released it Zerrichera happened in "
  • The PP Totana states that "tax increases approved by Zapatero will result in an added expense to families totaneras" (01/10/2009)
    "more than sixty impuesos euros per household per month"
  • Martínez Usero "Martínez Andreo is not the solution to the serious problems of Totana, he is the problem" (01/10/2009)
    Ensure the council that "as it did last year in September, the mayor has initiated the political year with lots of promises that never meet "
  • The celebration of neighborhoods and districts of the year 2009 ended with the parties in the neighborhood of San Francisco, taking place this weekend (01/10/2009)

  • The School of Music held a hearing on the Socio-Cultural Center "La Carcel" (01/10/2009)
    And this as the beginning of 2009/2010 academic year during which more than 300 students receive musical training
  • The City Council will undertake a total of seven works of regeneration projects of streets, sidewalks and replacement of general services (01/10/2009)
    The works are part of the Works and Services Plan 2010 and has a budget of 477,839 euros
  • The Association of Housewives, Consumers and Users of the Three Hail Mary's celebrates its 25th anniversary with an extensive program of activities (01/10/2009)
    is held this Sunday, October 4th
  • The "First Day of Information, Training and Advisory Law Unit in the Region of Murcia" will be held on Monday, October 5 (01/10/2009)
    Sociocultural Centre will be in the "Jail"
  • The "Monthly Market Artisan of the Holy", dedicated to vintage, will be held on Sunday October 4 (01/10/2009)
    With live demonstrations, regional folk dances and songs and activities modeled around

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