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  • The Councilor for Social Welfare meets with the parents of the 13 beneficiaries of the Aquatic Therapy Service (31/10/2018)
    To know their concerns about the operation of the service
  • 143 schoolchildren participate in the Local Stage of the School Sports Multi-sport Youngest child (31/10/2018)

  • Today the new headquarters and delegation of the Spanish Red Cross in Totana is inaugurated (31/10/2018)
    Years ago it became one of the most reference in the regional territorial network
  • Three totaneras tennis players win the Spanish Championship for Teams 3 * Absolute category (31/10/2018)

  • The Youth Council offers university volunteer projects on educational reinforcement and social intervention programs (30/10/2018)

  • The Security and Emergency device on the occasion of the "All Saints" festivity, which begins today, is made up of more than twenty Local Police and Civil Protection officers (30/10/2018)

  • The Mass for the Dead is celebrated on November 2 at the Municipal Cemetery "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" of Totana (30/10/2018)

  • The chronicler Juan Cánovas Mulero presents the Cuadernillo about the Municipal Cemetery "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" (29/10/2018)

  • Totana was present at the Regional Meeting of Housewives, held in Águilas (29/10/2018)

  • The totanero Sergio Baxter, Xterra World Champion (29/10/2018)
    The young totanero triathlete won yesterday's test in his age group of 15-19 years in Hawaii
  • From today, it will not be possible to carry out repairs inside the Municipal Cemetery "Ntra. Sra. Del Carmen" until the All Saints' Day passes (29/10/2018)

  • The flu campaign in the Region begins today under the slogan "You are going to hit it" (29/10/2018)
    To raise awareness about the importance of protection
  • The totanero Sergio Baxter, Xterra World Champion (29/10/2018)
    The young totanero triathlete won yesterday's test in his age group of 15-19 years in Hawaii
  • The Councilor for Education presents the experiences of the Totana Children's Plenary in the II Congress of Education in Active Democracy, (29/10/2018)
    It has been celebrated this weekend in Jaraba (Zaragoza)
  • Registration open to participate in the third edition of the free online self-formative course "Prevention from small" (29/10/2018)
    It is aimed at the prevention of alcohol consumption of children
  • The Peña Barcelonista de Totana organizes the VII day of sport against drugs (29/10/2018)
    It has been held in the Murcia I Prison Center
  • The CAT present in five races this weekend (28/10/2018)
    This weekend the CAT was present in five races: two Races, two Half Marathons and one Trail
  • 2nd national: Huntec Albacete 0 - 6 Totana promesas (28/10/2018)
    Table tennis.
  • It is approved to renew the agreement with the IMAS for the provision of residential care service for the elderly in the Residence "La Purisima" for 2019 (27/10/2018)

  • Winter weather this weekend (26/10/2018)
    After the pleasant last days, this weekend we will have a radical change in the weather situation
  • The Plenary Assembly agrees to modify the statutes of CEDETO to act as a private company (26/10/2018)
    and approves the institutional manifesto of the International Day against Violence against Women, among other matters
  • Improvements, conservation and conditioning of the municipal cemetery "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" are carried out (26/10/2018)
    For the Feast of All Saints
  • The archaeological site of "Las Cabezuelas", present in the II International Congress "LEGATVM 2.0" (26/10/2018)
    It is celebrated in Daimiel (Ciudad Real)
  • Ordinary Full Valuation October 2018 - Win Totana IU (26/10/2018)

  • The Municipal Library "Mateo García" is preparing for the Halloween 2018 (26/10/2018)
    With the decoration of the children's section and a selection of readings on this theme
  • This Sunday the Cuadernillo about the Municipal Cemetery "Nuestra Señora del Carmen", prepared by the chronicler Juan Cánovas Mulero, for the benefit of the two Cáritas (26/10/2018)

  • Public positions and municipal technicians of the Totana City Council participate in a Conference on Circular Economy at the local level (25/10/2018)
    Organized by the FMRM and Ecoembes
  • The "Web Analytics" Workshop starts at the Local Development Center (25/10/2018)

  • The PP will ask in plenary the impossibility that pro-independence political parties present themselves to the elections (25/10/2018)

  • They present two projects before the Ministry of Culture to undertake actions of conservation, restoration and conditioning in La Bastida (25/10/2018)

  • The mayor meets with the national president of Correos (24/10/2018)
    In order to transfer the needs and demands to improve the functioning of the service in the municipality
  • The Popular Group councilor, Francisco J. Martínez Casanova, presents his resignation to the act of councilor (24/10/2018)
    To be incorporated as general director of Attention to Diversity and Educational Quality
  • Nearly 200 students of the UMU participate in the 10th Conference on Local Economies of the Region of Murcia that are held in Totana on Local Development and Heritage (24/10/2018)

  • Win Totana IU raises to the Plenary a Motion to reject the attitude of the Supreme Court annulling the Judgment on the Legal Expenses for Mortgages, "proving to be at the Service of the Bank" (24/10/2018)
    The formation of the Left raises that the City Council provides advice to the thousands of families affected in Totana
  • The musical "The adventure of Mowgli", based on "The Jungle Book" will arrive in Totana on December 10 (24/10/2018)
    It is framed in the program of festivities of Santa Eulalia 2018
  • The plenary debate tomorrow, in the ordinary session of October, the modification of several fiscal ordinances and the repeal of another, among other matters (24/10/2018)

  • "The Parrandboleros" will perform on December 5 at the Cinema Velasco (23/10/2018)
    will be one of the great musical attractions of the program of the patron saint festivities of Santa Eulalia'2018
  • The newly created Municipal Commission for Children and Youth meets for the first time (23/10/2018)
    It is constituted as a participation body to evaluate local actions in these sectors and population areas
  • Antonio Gines Cánovas de Framusa Grasshopper 12th of the general and 4 Master 30th in the Desert of Almería (23/10/2018)

  • The Local Phase of School Sports Football will count this course with the participation of 499 schoolchildren (23/10/2018)

  • Tomorrow is the conference "Urban development of Totana in the mid-twentieth century" (23/10/2018)
    It will be in the municipal hall "Gregorio Cebrián" at 20:30 hours
  • € 7.399 is the average rebate that totaneros buyers demand when buying a house in the municipality (22/10/2018)

  • The PP denounces that the PSOE de Totana refused to see in the Plenary of September its proposal so that in Totana an INFORMATION OFFICE would be set up on the HOUSING PLAN 2018-2021 (22/10/2018)

  • The three municipal groups raise a joint motion to the October plenary to recognize November 17 as International Student Day (22/10/2018)

  • The Councilor for Education will participate in the II Congress of Education in Active Democracy from October 25 to 27 in Jaraba (Zaragoza) (22/10/2018)
    Will announce the experiences of the Children's Plenary and other municipal education programs
  • Members of the Totana Athletics Club participated in the III Race of Patiño and II Trail La Desértica (22/10/2018)

  • 2nd national: Totana Promesas 2 - Murcia Deicomur 4 (21/10/2018)
    Weekend results Club Totana TM
  • A group of friends, affected and survivors of breast cancer meet again for the World Day Against Breast Cancer (20/10/2018)
    International Breast Cancer Day was held yesterday October 19
  • Totana, the only municipality where the PSOE governing there will be primary to choose a candidate (20/10/2018)
    This new internal struggle within the Town Hall, will seriously harm municipal management, warn from the PP totanero
  • Totana Civil Protection warning that heavy rains are expected in the Region of Murcia tomorrow Saturday (19/10/2018)

  • ATTENTION !: Totana mobilizes more than fifty people in front of the cold drop warning and the complications that the torrential rains announced for this weekend may bring. (19/10/2018)
    Local Police and Civil Protection offer a series of recommendations to the neighbors to avoid unpleasant events before the alert announcement for the next days
  • It is decided to dismantle the commemorative exhibition of the Centennial of the City "Totana, in centesimo anno suo" (19/10/2018)
    To avoid damage to the works due to leaks or to the possible risk of flooding of the room as a result of the cold drop forecast
  • A round table is held on the construction of the Tajo-Segura Aqueduct in the municipality of Totana (19/10/2018)
    Within the cultural events of the Centennial of the City
  • More than 600 people have visited to date the commemorative exhibition of the Centennial of the City "Totana, in centesimo anno suo" (19/10/2018)

  • The Totana Business Incubator hosts the 10th Conference on Local Economies of the Region of Murcia on October 24 (18/10/2018)
    They are organized by the Faculty of Labor Sciences of the University of Murcia, through the Observatory of Rural Development, Local and Employment
  • The activities of the "Young October" program, scheduled for this weekend, are postponed due to the forecast of heavy rains (18/10/2018)
    All those organized outdoors are suspended, except for the graffiti that will be held at the Self-managed Social Center " The Incubator "of the urbanization" El Parral "
  • Ganar Totana will propose the modification of the Law of Financing of Local Taxes on the Tax on Mechanical Traction Vehicles (18/10/2018)
    For vehicles to pay the tax at the City Hall where they have their domicile or provide the service
  • The Gymnastics programs for the Elderly and the Disabled begin, respectively (18/10/2018)

  • A number of taxes corresponding to the year 2018 are found to be collected during the voluntary period (18/10/2018)

  • Totana, pending justification before the AIReF breach of stability law (17/10/2018)

  • The PP requires the mayor to explain where and in what has spent almost 4 million euros more in 2017 (17/10/2018)
    The Mayor continues with the "policy of the ostrich" not giving the face on the most important issues of our municipality, denounce the Popular
  • "Web Analytics" is the free E-Commerce workshop that CECARM will carry out in the Local Development Center of Totana (17/10/2018)

  • Víctor Balsas presents his pre-candidacy to the PSOE primaries (16/10/2018)

  • Situation of heavy rains in the Mediterranean starting on Thursday (16/10/2018)

  • They will propose declaring Totana as a Municipality Free from Gender Violence (16/10/2018)
    Coinciding with the commemoration of 25N, International Day against Violence against Women
  • The City Hall elaborates a side on the sport practice of colombicultura in the municipality of Totana for the season 2018/2019 (16/10/2018)

  • It is approved to renew the agreement with the IMAS for the service provision of the Dependent Senior Citizen Day Centers for the years 2019 and 2020 (16/10/2018)

  • ... (16/10/2018)

  • Victory of the Framusa Grasshopper in the 2 Kingdoms MTB Race in category couples (16/10/2018)

  • The repair works for the clogged sewer sections on Rambla de La Santa Avenue are finished (15/10/2018)

  • The Municipal Council of Equality of Totana meets to plan the program of commemorative activities against Gender Violence of next November 25 (15/10/2018)

  • Musealization of the Holy Week of Totana (15/10/2018)
    The Illustrious Superior Chapter of Processions of Totana informs of the signature of the "RESOLUTION OF CONCESSION OF HELP" of € 24,000 by the Local Action Group CAMPODER
  • "Young October" Program 2018 (14/10/2018)
    The Youth Council organizes, with the collaboration of the youth associations of the municipality, the "Young October" program next weekend of the 19th to the 21st of this month
  • 2nd national: Huntec Albacete 0 - - Totana TM 6 (14/10/2018)
    Weekend results club Totana TM
  • Members of the Infomur Plan consider a forest fire declared in the area of ​​El Rallerico in Totana to be extinct (12/10/2018)

  • 4 people are injured in a traffic accident that occurred on the A-7, at the height of Totana (11/10/2018)

  • Totana hosts the 6th Murcian Regional Ornithological Championship (11/10/2018)
    It will take place from October 26 to November 4 in the Municipal Sports Pavilion "6 de Diciembre", with more than 2,800 copies
  • For the second consecutive year, taxpayers can pay their municipal taxes for the year 2019 without interest (11/10/2018)
    In virtue of the facilities offered by the Special Payment Plan
  • The magazine "Totana Ciudad, 1918" is presented, in a facsimile edition, on the occasion of the celebration of the centennial cultural events (11/10/2018)

  • Gabri's new podium for the Grasshopper Framusa, this time in Torreaguera (11/10/2018)

  • The third edition of the Professional Training Program in auxiliary activities of nurseries and gardens starts, organized by El Candil (10/10/2018)

  • The Totana media also support people who live with Fragile X (10/10/2018)

  • Totana commemorates World Mental Health Day today with the celebration of an institutional act and awareness activities with schoolchildren in Balsa Vieja Square (10/10/2018)

  • The works of adaptation of the public toilets of the municipal park "Marcos Ortiz" begin (10/10/2018)
    They have a budget of 12,500 euros
  • The registration period to participate in the Taller de Talcuentos Semanal "Cuento con mayores" is now open (10/10/2018)

  • Totana City Council joins today the celebration of the European Day of Fragile X Syndrome (10/10/2018)
    Giving support to sick people and families
  • The Football League "Enrique Ambit Palacios" has the participation of 282 players, distributed in 13 teams (10/10/2018)

  • The Weekly Market in El Paretón goes ahead this week from Friday to Thursday to coincide with the Day of the National Holiday, festivity of Pilar (09/10/2018)

  • File is initiated to contract the insurance policy of the vehicle fleet of the Totana City Council (09/10/2018)

  • Two new offices awarded to entrepreneur entrepreneurs in the field of healthy food and five other new spaces in the Business Incubator (09/10/2018)

  • Tomorrow the magazine "Totana Ciudad, 1918" is presented, in a facsimile edition, within the cultural events of the Centennial of the City (09/10/2018)

  • Heavy rains return to the Region of Murcia (09/10/2018)
    After the scattered showers that have affected the Region of Murcia during the afternoon and Monday night, the instability will go on during today
  • The totanero José Miguel Cano participated in the II swim crossing of the ENDURANCE MAR MENOR circuit (08/10/2018)

  • The totanero Luis Cayuela Cánovas triumphs in the Regional Road Bike Cycling Championship (08/10/2018)

  • A minor under 13 years of age disappears in Totana (08/10/2018)

  • The City Council signs a collaboration agreement with the D'Genes Association (08/10/2018)
    For the promotion of quality in the care of people diagnosed with rare diseases
  • Cyclists from the Santa Eulalia Cycling Club participated in the OBM of Totana, which took place yesterday (08/10/2018)

  • They organize a Basic Life Support Course (SVB) with Defibrillator Management that will be held on October 20 and 21 (08/10/2018)
    The training action will take place at the Municipal Civil Protection Center
  • ... (08/10/2018)

  • The 6th French Workshop is organized, from October 22 to December 14, free of charge (08/10/2018)

  • Around three hundred people attended the 6th AELIP Awards Gala (07/10/2018)

  • The Plaza de la Constitución de Totana hosted the II Solidarity Court of Ham, for the benefit of D'Genes and AELIP (07/10/2018)

  • Emergency services transfer 3 injured people to hospitals, one of them seriously, after a traffic accident in Totana (07/10/2018)
    The driver of the tourism, who was injured, has fled on foot
  • The UAB has justified the extraordinary municipal subsidy of 6,500 euros, admitted last May (05/10/2018)

  • The PP will celebrate a Eucharist in memory of its deceased members and supporters (05/10/2018)
    It will be celebrated this Sunday, October 7, at 11 o'clock.
  • The Totana City Council performs an institutional recognition to totanero tennis player, Pedro Cánovas, recent senior European champion +35 with the Murcia Tennis Club (04/10/2018)
    The totanero was proclaimed at the end of September champion in the European club tournament played at The Hyatt of La Manga
  • It was approved to start the contracting of the improvement works for the sewage network in Callejón of Valle del Guadalentín and Extremadura, respectively (04/10/2018)

  • Totana celebrates World Mental Health Day on October 10 with several commemorative awareness events (04/10/2018)

  • They give a new Course of "Training for Treatments with Phytosanitary Pesticides of Qualified Level", in the Center of Local Development (04/10/2018)

  • It is agreed to establish the working day of municipal employees at a rate of 35 hours per week in annual computation (03/10/2018)

  • The exhibition "Totana, in centesimo anno suo", commemorative exhibition for the Centennial of the City, opens tomorrow (03/10/2018)

  • They promote measures of awareness and prevention against juvenile gambling in Totana, treating it as an addiction more (03/10/2018)

  • "Luce tú bandera" (02/10/2018)
    The PP of Totana will carry out a campaign of distribution of flags of Spain so that the next October 12 wave on the balconies of the municipality
  • New podium for the Grasshopper Framusa in María (02/10/2018)

  • The 1st Solidarity Trade Fair is celebrated from this Thursday until Sunday in the Plaza de la Constitución (02/10/2018)
    In addition, on Saturday, the II Solidarity Ham Court is held to benefit AELIP and D'Genes
  • They find the neighbor of Totana disappeared at the end of August, María Ignacia Carreira The mayor has made an institutional thanks to all the Security Forces and to all the people of Totana who participated in the search device. one month (02/10/2018)

  • It is approved to initiate the contract file for the works of covering of the sports track and complementary works of the CEIP "San José" (02/10/2018)

  • "Luce tú bandera" (01/10/2018)
    The PP of Totana will carry out a campaign of distribution of flags of Spain so that the next October 12 wave on the balconies of the municipality
  • The plenary approves the proposal to win Totana to urge the Regional Government to increase the Budget of IMIDA (01/10/2018)
    and guarantee their job stability
  • The City Council approves an educational cooperation agreement with the Complutense University (01/10/2018)
    For the realization of non-work external university internships
  • The exhibition "Totana, in centesimo anno suo", commemorative show for the Centennial of the City, opens this Thursday (01/10/2018)
    It will take place in the municipal hall "Gregorio Cebrián"
  • The City Council congratulates the Automobile Club Totana for the impeccable organization and public success in the 33rd Ride to La Santa, (01/10/2018)
    Upon its return as a scoring event for the National Mountain
  • Juan Francisco García of the Totana Athletics Club takes the podium in María's trail (01/10/2018)


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