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  • Activity "Old Tomorrow" was held at Balsa Vieja Square for the first time (31/12/2015)
    With a successful attendance and a very good Christmas atmosphere of children's entertainment to welcome the year 2016
  • The PP denuncial that "the government team refuses to remove the document from the General Plan of drawers with roller" (31/12/2015)
    "and preferred to keep the urban paralysis in Totana harming the general interests of many professional sectors"
  • The House approved eliminate 900 series cadastral documents that are kept in the Central Administrative Archive (30/12/2015)

  • La Peña Totana Barcelonista Fuentealbilla (30/12/2015)
    The trip took place last December 26, and Andres Iniesta were visited Bodegas
  • The Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of Agony welcomes HM King Philip VI and brother of honor (29/12/2015)
    On December 3 the King's House announced the acceptance by the monarch of belonging to the Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of Agony Totana
  • Firefighters extinguished the fire in a house in Totana (29/12/2015)
    There is only property damage
  • "Floreal Accessories" wins the contest I of Totana Escaparatismo (29/12/2015)
    was organized in order to stimulate, encourage and promote trade purchases of Totana
  • Totana suffer an invasion of zombies next January 16 (29/12/2015)
    Night Zombie is a Real Game, developed in a real scenario
  • Totana suffer an invasion of zombies next January 16 (29/12/2015)
    Night Zombie is a Real Game, developed in a real scenario
  • 1,085 euros were collected at the "King cake Solidarity" (29/12/2015)
    Organized by the Association of Artisans Confectioners benefit Totana "D'Genes"
  • The Plenary accept the donation of numerous historical documents by the writer Rosa Ginés, the Historical Archive of the City (29/12/2015)

  • ... (29/12/2015)

  • The child musical "Sing Dance: The Gang Drilo" will be held tomorrow (29/12/2015)

  • The program "Christmas and Kings" presents this year, for the celebration of the "Old Tomorrow" (29/12/2015)

  • The third joint breakfast to benefit Caritas will take place on Sunday January 3 (28/12/2015)
    be in Café Martin's, 10-12
  • The San Silvestre III Pistachera organized by "Kasi Na Trail", will take place on December 31 (28/12/2015)

  • The Popular Party submitted two motions to full December (28/12/2015)

  • 25 children can benefit from the School Christmas "Holidays 3.0" (28/12/2015)
    is held in the CEIP "Santiago" coinciding with the Christmas holiday
  • The municipal government will ask the Ministry of Education to develop a record of Totana schools that have asbestos among building elements (28/12/2015)

  • The City Council debates the elimination of cadastral documents are kept in Totana Administrative Central Archive (28/12/2015)

  • The plenary debate tomorrow the elimination of cadastral documents are kept in the Central Administrative Archive of Totana (28/12/2015)

  • Students remedial education program "Occupational Classroom" this semester involved in numerous complementary training activities (28/12/2015)

  • The local police arrested seven people for crimes against road safety during the festivities of Santa Eulalia (28/12/2015)

  • New podium for Totana Athletics Club in San Silvestre de Lorca (28/12/2015)

  • ... (26/12/2015)

  • The Coral Santiago sang Christmas Mass, December 25 (26/12/2015)

  • The mayor moved his best wishes of happiness and brotherhood in these days of Christmas (24/12/2015)
    Waiting for the New Year improve the overall situation of Totana and its neighbors
  • The educational community of the Children Municipal School "Clara Campoamor" celebrates the traditional celebration of Christmas and visit of the Magi (24/12/2015)

  • Students of the Municipal School of Music starring two concerts of carols (24/12/2015)
    In the Socio-Cultural Center "Jail" on the occasion of Christmas
  • Poetry readings in honor of Santa Eulalia (24/12/2015)
    took place on Saturday 19 December in the parish church of Santiago
  • Exits school classes with Kuore tennis championship at the Sports Christmas December 6 (24/12/2015)

  • Mass will be held at the Chapel of La Huerta on 25 December and 1 January (23/12/2015)

  • Move holds various events to assist the Magi (23/12/2015)

  • The ceremony is held diplomas promote the IX International Baccalaureate students from IES "Juan de la Cierva" (23/12/2015)
    have graduated a total of 16 students
  • Safety device of the "Safe Shopping" is launched (23/12/2015)
    To prevent crime in the most commercial areas coinciding with the Christmas shopping
  • ... (23/12/2015)

  • The users of the Day Centre for Mentally Ill represent a Living Nativity occasion of his Christmas holiday (23/12/2015)

  • Offer a series of recommendations for toy purchases ahead of the Christmas season and Epiphany this year (23/12/2015)

  • Slap the clarinet quartet is presented (23/12/2015)
    It took place on Friday December 18th in the chapel of La Milagrosa
  • The House approved 17 loans refinancing and the execution of final judgments 9 (22/12/2015)
    connection with the resolution of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration Fund Management from 2015
  • "The Adventures of Moriana", the Murcia film history, will be screened in Totana on 15 January (22/12/2015)
    Magdalena, star of the film, cheering on a spot totaneros to go see
  • Concert of the musical group of Totana to benefit Caritas (22/12/2015)
    be held on December 26 at 20:30 in the church of the Three Ave Marias Totana
  • The Mayor of Totana tomorrow will attend the reconvening of the "Council of Mayors" (22/12/2015)
    take place at the Palacio de San Esteban
  • Dozens of children leave their letters to Santa Claus visit Totana in a great party atmosphere and excitement in the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja (22/12/2015)

  • Successful participants in the Second Christmas Fair held last Sunday in the Plaza of the Constitution (22/12/2015)

  • Users Occupational Center "José Moya Trilla" visited the Bethlehem municipality in order to get closer to the traditions of Totana (22/12/2015)
    Students from other schools in Totana are also visiting him during these days before the end of the first quarter of the school year
  • Primary school students of all schools participating in the program "School Concerts" (22/12/2015)

  • A total of 133 children participating in the "Royal Box" (21/12/2015)
    It will allow the 15 selected in the lottery to participate in the toy float of the Three Kings Day on January 5
  • Orientation Club Totana thanked José Pablo Costa their dedication for 25 years at the club (21/12/2015)

  • Election Day unfolds as normal in Totana, in which a share of 70.93% was recorded (20/12/2015)
    (PP 42.22% 20.89% PSOE; C's-Party of the Citizenship 14.82 % WE CAN 12.81% and Unidad Popular-UI 6.43%)
  • ... (20/12/2015)

  • ... (20/12/2015)

  • A total of 16 exhibitors organized Sunday morning II Christmas Fair in the Plaza of the Constitution (19/12/2015)
    It is organized by the Association of Dealers in Totana
  • The Department of Culture appreciates the participation to participating merchants in Window Dressing Competition I of Totana (19/12/2015)
    And wish you luck
  • The brotherhoods spend € 1,400 on the purchase of medical needs for Caritas city (19/12/2015)

  • The Collective has not deprive yourself of act of conciliation prior to possible criminal complaint against Don Jose Luis Mendoza, president of the UCAM (18/12/2015)
    "For the homophobic comments made at the opening of the academic year 2015"
  • The mayor is silent on the controversy caused by "an unfortunate and reprehensible comments" posted on Facebook after the attack on Rajoy (18/12/2015)

  • Carmen Romero Ballester, winner of the III Contest "Recycle and Win" (18/12/2015)
    It is done within the awareness campaign for separation at source "Let's separate fine, recycle better"
  • They take possession of the new mayors-headman for the legislature 2015/19 (18/12/2015)

  • The "Interact Christmas" campaign proposed by the Municipal Library "Matthew Smith" will start on December 21 (18/12/2015)

  • Municipal authorities Christmas greetings users and professionals Residence for the Elderly "La Purisima" (18/12/2015)

  • The Socialist Party held tomorrow its act finale (17/12/2015)
    It will take place at 20:30 in the Auditorium of the Center on Aging
  • More than 2,500 people congregate in the Constitution Square to say no to the construction of the power line in the towns of Totana and Aledo (17/12/2015)
    a meeting with the Board of Spokesmen of the Regional Assembly to pass Announced joint motion of unanimous rejection
  • The City Council awards prizes to the three winners of the school drawing contest "In recycling, you paint a lot" (17/12/2015)
    Within the campaign "Let's separate fine, recycle better"
  • Maria Jose Romero apologizes for his comments on Facebook (17/12/2015)
    Also condemns the attack on Rajoy
  • Popular Unity-Left United states today, the real priority is the fight against unemployment and insecurity (17/12/2015)

  • The City Council gave a classroom and two offices of the former Institute for the implementation and management of a School of Fine Arts (17/12/2015)

  • Iniesta: "The PP requires the PSOE and IU to prevent Maria Jose Romero Garcia takes office as headman of Totana" (17/12/2015)
    "We appeal to the responsibility of the government team of Totana, by the statements made in social networks on aggression to President Rajoy "
  • This coming Saturday, December 19, it will hold the guided tour "Meet Totana from the Tower of Santiago" (17/12/2015)

  • The Municipal Library "Matthew Smith" makes a selection of children's reading and is adorned on the occasion of the Christmas season (17/12/2015)

  • The People Walk held on Sunday December 13 closes the sports program under the festivities of Santa Eulalia'2015 (17/12/2015)

  • Juanfran Esparza The singer presented his latest album "The indomitable traveler" (16/12/2015)
    took place last December 10
  • Accident happened in the Bajo de Totana Raiguero (16/12/2015)
    Health transferred six wounded people, whose personal details were not disclosed, the Rafael Méndez Hospital in Lorca
  • The PP Totana held a convivial dinner to celebrate next Christmas (16/12/2015)
    No shortage of traditional carols
  • Music, exhibitions, nativity scenes and Christmas markets are some of the highlights of the program "Christmas and Epiphany" in Totana for this year (16/12/2015)
    The Magi receive letters this year in the auditorium of the municipal park and will be the "Old Tomorrow "a children's party to say goodbye to 2015 with musical and animation Balsa Vieja Square
  • Health care for several people injured in a traffic accident occurred in the Bajo de Totana Raiguero (16/12/2015)
    In the accident are involved a van and a car
  • The cutting-edge mobile technology reaches Totana (16/12/2015)
    Phone House opens tomorrow its first store in Totana
  • The Platform organizes a concentration against the High Voltage Line, tomorrow at 20:00 pm in the Plaza of the Constitution (16/12/2015)
    Band Marzipan has composed a joke in protest against the line.
  • The inauguration ceremony of the eight new mayors-pedáneos be tomorrow (16/12/2015)

  • A total of 19,199 residents of Totana are called to the polls in the general election on Sunday, 20d (16/12/2015)

  • The Department of Education to schools offering the program "School Concert" in collaboration with the School of Music Group (16/12/2015)
    On 17 and 18 December in "Jail"
  • About 3,000 students from eleven schools participating this year 2015/16 Totana in driver education program coordinated by the local police (15/12/2015)

  • The mayor meets with the Minister of Family and Equal Opportunity (15/12/2015)
    To address the financing method and system of social services in this municipality
  • The Local Government Board approves an agreement with the Federation of Peñas del Carnaval (15/12/2015)
    for the organization of the traditional Cavalcade of the Magi, 2016
  • The members of the polling stations of the announcement of 20-D are invited to a morning training session on establishment and operation of these (15/12/2015)

  • Today is the deadline for registration for businesses wishing to participate in the contest I of Totana Christmas Window Dressing (15/12/2015)

  • The Municipal Government meets with the Board of the School of Music Paretón-Cantareros (15/12/2015)
    To coordinate working mechanisms that can respond to their demands
  • Excellent participation in the Third route: "Totana today to its origins" (15/12/2015)
    conference on "Cabezuelas" Postponed
  • Thirty walkers participated in the Popular March, part of the festivities of Santa Eulalia (14/12/2015)
    It took place on Sunday
  • Youth and "The Candle" Christmas School organized "Hodidays 3.0" (14/12/2015)
    will take place from December 23 to January 5
  • The Sports Council organized the Local Phase Chess School Sports in the Sports Pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez" (14/12/2015)
    featured the participation of 31 school
  • Christmas Food PADISITO (14/12/2015)
    also participated in the wreath to Santa Eulalia
  • PP held tomorrow December 15 dinner coexistence with their members and supporters (14/12/2015)

  • Request the collaboration of 300 volunteers to have a follow sampling allows to know if they are carriers of the neurodegenerative disorder "Celia encephalopathy" (14/12/2015)

  • La Peña Totana Barcelonista I organized the Christmas lunch Solidarity (14/12/2015)
    will take place on Sunday 27 December, Bodegas Andres Iniesta in fuentealvilla
  • The children's film "The Journey of Arlo" is planned on 28 and 29 December in the Socio-Cultural Center "Jail" (14/12/2015)

  • The City is working with "D'Genes" and "AELIP" in the collection and recycling of toner (14/12/2015)
    For the maintenance of both entities
  • The Day Centre for Persons with Mental Illness organizes a guided tour to the archaeological site of "La Bastida" (14/12/2015)

  • ... (13/12/2015)

  • The Same-da Paretón Association celebrated its Christmas Dinner 2015 (12/12/2015)
    took place last Friday attended by over 300 people
  • More than 1,000 members attending the General Assembly COATO (12/12/2015)
    not rule Andalusia move some of its activities, if the environment does not in the coming months the conversion of its energy installations powered by renewable energy
  • The Socialist Party claims that Pedro Antonio Sánchez used in an "indecent" the festival of La Santa for electoral propaganda (11/12/2015)
    Deputy Alfonso Martinez Bathrooms considered that it was neither the right time nor the right place to campaign
  • The Sports Council organizes this Saturday December 12 Phase Local Chess School Sports (11/12/2015)
    In the Sports Pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez"
  • D'Genes and AELIP organize the V Gala Inocentes (10/12/2015)
    will take place on December 27 in "Jail"
  • The procession of the feast of Santa Eulalia by the weather is suspended (10/12/2015)
    postponed until Sunday, the day of the wreath
  • The Bishop of the Diocese of Cartagena presides Mass on the feast of the patron saint of Totana (10/12/2015)

  • The Kalathos Association organizes a new route to the archaeological site of cones (09/12/2015)

  • Denounce vandalism on electoral propaganda posters PP (09/12/2015)
    are torn every night, as denounced by the PP spokesman in Totana
  • Citizens claimed in Totana greater transparency in institutions and support the pottery industry (09/12/2015)
    Miguel Sanchez holds a meeting with officials from the platform against a power line, an issue that the parliamentary group of C's lead to Plenary Regional Assembly
  • Carry the statue of Santa Eulalia from the chapel of San Roque to the parish of Santiago (09/12/2015)
    where he remained until January 7
  • "The Naked Truth" (09/12/2015)
    The mayor reports this morning that the council has received a notification of Contentious Court No. 7 in which reported the execution of a sentence
  • Citizens claimed in Totana greater transparency in institutions and support the pottery industry (09/12/2015)
    Miguel Sanchez holds a meeting with officials from the platform against a power line, an issue that the parliamentary group of C's lead to Plenary Regional Assembly
  • Municipal Archives received documents donated by the heirs of the illustrious historian José María Munuera and Abbey, adopted son of Totana (09/12/2015)

  • Na Kasi KNT Trail celebrated its first anniversary (09/12/2015)

  • ... (09/12/2015)

  • More than 14,000 people accompany the patron saint of Totana in his pilgrimage down from his sanctuary in the town (08/12/2015)

  • President of the Community assists the hosting of Santa Eulalia de Merida (08/12/2015)

  • More than 14,000 people accompany the patron saint of Totana in his pilgrimage down from his sanctuary in the town (08/12/2015)

  • Stable weather for tomorrow, Tuesday, the day of the Pilgrimage of Santa Eulalia (07/12/2015)

  • Comineza the Christmas Championship Tennis Club Kuore (07/12/2015)

  • Stable weather for tomorrow, Tuesday, the day of the Pilgrimage of Santa Eulalia (07/12/2015)

  • The Cross of the Constitution became a year at a party for athletics (07/12/2015)
    highlighted the large participation of children and podium Totana Athletics Club
  • A total of 180 vehicles are meeting in the Classic Car Concentration XI (07/12/2015)

  • The safety of the pilgrimage down Santa Eulalia'15 tomorrow will comprise more than 40 personnel (07/12/2015)
    The RM-502 road will be closed to traffic from five o'clock
  • Sports clubs and associations contribute Totana these days a celebration of sports in the program of the festivities (06/12/2015)
    This weekend was held the "Friendship Trophy II" Figure Skating and Zumba Master organized in the square Balsa Vieja
  • Juanfran Esparza The singer presents his latest album "The indomitable traveler" (06/12/2015)
    will take place on December 10, the feast of Santa Eulalia
  • The researcher and writer Ginés totanero Rosa presents his latest book "Tales of a film village" (06/12/2015)

  • Emergency Services worker serving 20 years who has suffered an electric shock in Totana (05/12/2015)

  • The customs and traditions of Totana, this Saturday night in the "People Like You" program, the "7 TV Murcia" (05/12/2015)

  • Totana honors the artisan Francisco Javier Tudela of "Alfar Tudela" National Award Ceramic (05/12/2015)

  • The "Children's Day" brings together hundreds of children (05/12/2015)
    at the official opening of the attractions at the fairground in Totana
  • Totana honors the artisan Francisco Javier Tudela of "Alfar Tudela" National Award Ceramic (05/12/2015)
    On the occasion of the exhibition "Totana, art in clay" installed next to the municipal Bethlehem
  • The Music Group concert celebrates the "Fiestas de Santa Eulalia" (05/12/2015)

  • The "Bethlehem City" opens Totana (05/12/2015)
    remain in the Exhibition Hall "Gregorio Cebrian" during all the festivities and Christmas
  • Great audience at the beginning of the activities of the Fair Day in the Plaza of the Constitution (05/12/2015)

  • Perform maintenance work on the flowerbeds, damaged green areas and the source of the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja (05/12/2015)

  • The Youth Council and the Collective for Social Promotion "The Candle" open enrollment period for Christmas School 2015/2016 (04/12/2015)
    This activity is part of the "Holidays 3.0" project in order to provide a resource reconciling work and family life
  • Favorable weather conditions sunshine, maximum around 20 for the first weekend of the festival of Santa Eulalia'15 days (04/12/2015)

  • Totana honors the artisan Francisco Javier Tudela, National Ceramics Award (04/12/2015)
    Director of Trade and Consumer Protection attend the tribute this afternoon after which the exhibition "Art in mud 'will open
  • AELIP is present today in the II university volunteer days UCAM (04/12/2015)

  • The educational communities of schools "Santa Eulalia" and "Queen Sofia" School held their traditional pilgrimages (04/12/2015)

  • The Department of Services pruning the trees in the square of the Constitution (04/12/2015)
    by the application of professional groups in the area and following technical criteria
  • "The Adventures of Moriana", the Murcia film history, began a tour through the municipalities of Murcia, starting at Totana on 15 January (04/12/2015)
    The movie will be screened at the Socio-Cultural Center "La Jail "with two passes: at 18.00 and 21.00
  • Municipal Archives receive documents donated by the heirs of the historian José María Munuera and Abbey, adopted son of Totana (04/12/2015)
    The event will take place on December 9, at 13:00 pm, in the plenary hall
  • Made by users of the Municipal Day Centre for Persons with Mental Illness (04/12/2015)
    [the Christmas ornament that will look at trades totaneros during the holidays is presented]
  • Service collection of municipal solid waste is not provided the nights of 7 to 8 and 9 to 10 December for the festival of Santa Eulalia (04/12/2015)

  • The Sports Council organizes the Sunday 6 December the People's Race "Constitution Day" (04/12/2015)
    With a record of participation, a total of 1143 athletes registered
  • Six Totana TM Club players will participate in the national qualifying tournament in Alcobendas (04/12/2015)

  • Totana held an official event to mark the International Day of Disabled (03/12/2015)
    involving schoolchildren, groups, associations and users of municipal centers for the handicapped
  • The Department of City Services reports pruning work being carried out in the center of the municipality (03/12/2015)
    The PP spokesman accused pruning "their way" trees of the square "on a whim of some Councillor "
  • ... (03/12/2015)

  • Activities and events from 4 to December 10, 2015 (03/12/2015)

  • Paqui Knight was elected new mayor-headman of the Paretón-Cantareros (03/12/2015)

  • The Merchants Association Totana decorating the Christmas season begins shops associated with a nice Christmas detail (03/12/2015)

  • The Department of Environment and Environmental Education continue the public awareness campaign for proper recycling selective (03/12/2015)
    The initiative within comprehensive recycling campaign that takes place in the municipality "Let's separate fine, recycle better"
  • Totana lives this weekend the largest concentration of different kinds of activities of the program of the festivities of Santa Eulalia'2015 (03/12/2015)
    These are the days when as many cultural, musical, sporting and social events are held celebrations La Santa
  • The Fair Day, installed this year on the side of the church of Santiago, opens tomorrow from noon (03/12/2015)

  • The mayor meets with the Consul of Ecuador in Murcia (03/12/2015)
    In order to address the social reality of the immigrant population of this nationality in Totana
  • Caritas launches three Hail Mary's "Pharmacy Solidarity" campaign (03/12/2015)

  • MOVE organizes a Zumba Masterclass on the occasion of the Feast of Santa Eulalia 2015 (03/12/2015)
    It will take place on Saturday December 5 at Balsa Vieja
  • COATO award to the defense and promotion of organic farming Spanish (02/12/2015)
    It was delivered on Sunday 29 in Baena (Córdoba) for the company ECOVALIA and Nunez de Prado
  • Emergency services catering to the driver of a passenger who has suffered an accident on the A7 motorway in Totana (02/12/2015)

  • Totana hosts a session of "CañaEmprendedora" program (02/12/2015)
    This is an initiative promoted by the INFO, with which entrepreneurs and business experiences are exchanged in setting up projects
  • The Bethlehem City opens this Friday, December 4 (02/12/2015)
    In the Municipal Exhibition Hall "Gregorio Cebrian"
  • The Local Government Board approves the implementation of the seventh program of Youth Correspondents for the school year 2015/16 (02/12/2015)
    in the IES "Juan de la Cierva y Codorniu" and "Prado Mayor"
  • The extension of agreements were approved with IMAS to finance during the 2016 seats in the services day center for elderly dependents and Residential (02/12/2015)

  • Civil Protection provides a theoretical sessions on first aid to domestic accidents to pupils in schools "San Jose" and "The Cross" (02/12/2015)

  • You can make entries for the Workshop Reading Promotion "Doctor cuentitis" (02/12/2015)
    It will take place on December 14 with the reading of the story "The Brave Little Tailor"
  • The City Council will ask the Autonomous installing an MOT in the industrial park "The Saladar" (02/12/2015)

  • The PP claims the discharge of waste waters uncontrollably into the channel of the Rambla de La Santa for several weeks (02/12/2015)

  • On Wednesday the supply of drinking water in the Raiguero be cut for tank cleaning in this district (01/12/2015)

  • Francisco Martinez Martinez (better known as Paco "The Parties") will be the harbinger of the carnivals of Totana 2016 (01/12/2015)
    The proclamation will take place on Saturday January 30, 2016
  • The mayor announces an official letter from the Ministry of Finance dated 2012 (01/12/2015)
    Where required the council to set aside, within a maximum period of one month of concerted refinancing operation with a bank
  • The elections of mayor-headman in the Paretón-Cantareros be tomorrow (01/12/2015)
    From 19:30 to 21:00 pm in the "Juana Serrano" Social Centre
  • ACUDE adheres to the Civic Platform against the high voltage line passing through Totana and Aledo (01/12/2015)
    ACUDE (The Association for Land Stewardship and Sustainable Development)
  • The municipal taxi door Totana City Council moves while installing and holding the Fair Day occurs (01/12/2015)

  • The First Christmas Window Dressing Competition "Totana'2015" is summoned (01/12/2015)
    To stimulate and encourage shopping trade Totana
  • End a training course to improve employability (01/12/2015)

  • 57 schools participated in Phase Local Table Tennis School Sports (01/12/2015)
    was organized by the Department of Sports
  • 27 participants gathered at the 4th day program Hiking in the Sierra de la Fausilla, on the coast of Cartagena given (01/12/2015)

  • Totana Local Police starts a campaign to control school transportation in the city promoted by the DGT (01/12/2015)

  • The Musical Association of Totana give a concert "Fiestas de Santa Eulalia" Friday (01/12/2015)
    It was finally held at 21:00 hours and not at 20:00 as initially collected the festival program

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