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  • Resounding success of the third edition of Rock Charity Concert in aid of the Association PADISITO (30/06/2014)

  • The studio room, Sociocultural Center "Jail", will remain open throughout the month of July (30/06/2014)
    And the library will reduce its schedule to mornings
  • 24 hours Futsal this coming weekend held at the Sports Pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez" (30/06/2014)
    It is organized by the Association of Arbitrators of Totana
  • The elderly enjoy nine trips inside the "Come to the Beach" program (30/06/2014)
    Starts on Tuesday July 8 at the beach of Cala del Pino, La Manga del Mar Menor
  • The Holy Artisan Market congregated inmedicaciones large audience in the court of the sanctuary in a festiv day (30/06/2014)
    will resume in September
  • Agustin Lopez Valenzuela new president of the Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of the Fall and Elevation of the Cross (29/06/2014)

  • Since the VI is running route from the top, cocktails and desserts Totana (28/06/2014)
    Get all the details on the web detapasportotana.com created Superweb
  • A large audience is interested in the archaeological remains found in the town of Totana (28/06/2014)
    Talk-lecture was given by two archaeologists totaneros
  • Miralles highlights the work of the Association "The Candle" in Totana with people at risk of exclusion (27/06/2014)
    The Director General of Pensions, Assessment and Inclusion Programs Murciano Institute of Social Action delivers the certificates to the course participants made by the association
  • More than 130 people participated this year in the "work is a step toward employability" getting over 40 jobs (27/06/2014)

  • The kalathos Association organizes two activities under the "Summer 2014 Totana" (27/06/2014)
    This is a Children's Workshop of Archaeology and a trip to La Union
  • Activities and Events 27 June to 3 July 2014 (27/06/2014)
    Information provided by the Informajoven - Youth Council
  • Totana City Council gave the parcel on which the new health center is located (27/06/2014)
    The regional government has agreed to accept the free transfer in favor of the Community, a plot of 3.039,39 square meters, located in the town of Totana
  • The House approved urge the Ministry of Agriculture to approve the Segura Basin Plan as soon as possible (27/06/2014)
    To enable the regularization of consolidated record of irrigation in Totana
  • Today begins the path of the top parties Santiago 2014 (27/06/2014)
    With 23 proposals tapas, cocktails and desserts with interesting prizes for participants
  • A score of women participate in the gymnastics course for seniors that has developed throughout the year in The Paretón (27/06/2014)

  • The mayor intends to grant the title of Son Don Antonio Garrido Angel Martinez, known as "Antonio Union" (27/06/2014)
    By their behavior and service delivery to residents throughout his career in this town
  • Starting next Tuesday, July 1, and public pools open every day of the week during the summer (27/06/2014)

  • I edited June workshops and party Moorish oven POTTERY RYH Totana (26/06/2014)
    Organized by the FUN-ON and PACHAMAMA associations with RYH POTTERY
  • The Holy Sanctuary returns to the stage this Sunday Celebration Artisan Market (26/06/2014)

  • Bonfires of San Juan 2014 (26/06/2014)
    Once again the traditional burning of the bonfire of San Juan, took place on June 24 at 00:00
  • Exits auditions with the 2013/2014 course of the Municipal School of Music in Totana closes (26/06/2014)

  • Free and guided to the site of La Bastida argárico visits become a special ingredient in the programming of the festival of Santiago (26/06/2014)

  • Totana parties continues neighborhoods and districts with the Lebor holding, was High and San Juan El Paretón (26/06/2014)
    will take place this weekend
  • More than sixty activities make up the program of the festival of Santiago 2014 (25/06/2014)
    Highlights night in the auditorium, children's activities, music, plays and concerts
  • A total of 23 institutions are united in the "VI route from the top, and the dessert cocktail" of Totana (25/06/2014)
    Starts Friday June 27
  • Ordinary Plenary June includes the approval of the two local festivals 2015 (25/06/2014)
    It will take place on Thursday
  • After the deadline for market share "Craftsman-creative" (25/06/2014)
    will be installed in the city park from 24 to 26 July as part of the celebrations of Santiago
  • The Adult Center "Under Guadalentin" Totana offer a free initial English course for course 2014/2015 (25/06/2014)

  • Fourteen students participate in remedial education program "Occupational Classroom" (25/06/2014)
    It was closed last week at the cultural center "Jail"
  • CCOO concentrated before the Courthouse Totana (24/06/2014)
    It is the 26th concentration being developed against the privatization of Vital Records and the reform of the Organic Law of the Judiciary
  • 90 municipal people involved in this year's pilgrimage to Lourdes XLVI (24/06/2014)
    The delegation of Our Lady of Lourdes Totana is participating in numerous activities in the days leading
  • The feast of the parish Lebor this weekend held from 27 to 29 June (24/06/2014)
    In honor of San Pedro
  • Neighborhood parties Era Alta this weekend held Presented (24/06/2014)
    Will have dance festival of the best dancers of the "! Fame's Dance"
  • The ending July 7 period for voluntary payment of taxes permanent fords, hunting, stop vehicles and kiosks in public (24/06/2014)

  • Weekend with excellent results Peña Nine AD (23/06/2014)
    Last weekend the Rock Nine Sports Association was represented in 3 large trials
  • Totana Athletes Athletics Club took part in the popular Carrera de San Juan - Vine neighborhood - Lorca (23/06/2014)

  • CCOO morning before concentrate Courthouse Totana (23/06/2014)
    It is the 26th concentration being developed against the privatization of Vital Records and the reform of the Organic Law of the Judiciary
  • The mayors of Industry and Employment Promotion meet with consultants and agencies of the municipality- (23/06/2014)
    For the launch two projects that foster entrepreneurship in Totana
  • The totanero Aaron Lopez Jimenez, a promising young basketball (23/06/2014)
    Born in September 1997 and 1.92 m in height, began playing basketball with 8 years in the CB Totana
  • Continued open the application deadline of the proposed training activities for the period October 2014 - June 2015 (23/06/2014)
    Until June 30,
  • The People's Party introduced a motion to urge the Ministry of Agriculture to approve the Segura Basin Plan as soon as possible (23/06/2014)
    To enable the regularization of consolidated record of irrigation in the town of Totana
  • The schedule Citizen Service (SAC) will be from 9:00 to 13:30 from 1 July to 31 August (23/06/2014)

  • The Local Police Totana hits 169 controls in the special campaign on BAC and drug use (23/06/2014)
    were counted four reported (2.37%)
  • The feast of San Juan neighborhood of El Paretón this weekend held from 27 to 29 June (23/06/2014)

  • Magnificent role of juvenile Totana TM club team in the Championships of Spain (22/06/2014)
    are being held in the city of Antequera Malaga
  • WE CAN organizes a public meeting and act in Totana (22/06/2014)
    It will take place on Saturday June 28th at 11:00 am in "Jail", with the participation of Lola Sanchez, Juan Carlos Guerrero and Jimmy Wallet
  • The Cultural Association "Canico" organizes a day to enjoy white-water rafting on the River Segura (20/06/2014)
    will take place on July 20
  • I Trail "quebrantamúsculos" Castril (Granada) (20/06/2014)
    Walker attended numerous members of the Rat Group Sale in modalities and Trail hiking route
  • Totana adheres to a national strategy to encourage entrepreneurship and youth employment (20/06/2014)
    In order to reduce the rate of youth unemployment in the town
  • FRAN LONDON RIOS "Timeless Collection 2015" Brides (20/06/2014)
    The totanera designer Francisca Rios dazzled in Marbella
  • They promote a campaign for the most advantageous acquisition of textbooks and school supplies for the course 2014/15 (20/06/2014)

  • The CLD held on July 1 free workshop (20/06/2014)
    keys will be given to the development of e-commerce projects
  • Tomorrow, Saturday open to public pools Sports Complex "Guadalentin Valley" of El Pareton (20/06/2014)

  • Spain Championships in Antequera (Málaga) (19/06/2014)
    Totana will be representing the club in the UEFA TM Spain this coming Saturday starting at 21 in Antequera
  • Activities and events from 19 to 25 June 2014 (19/06/2014)
    Information provided by the Informajoven - Youth Council
  • Eight volunteers and college students participating in the program of educational support for schools in Totana receive their certificates (19/06/2014)
    to offset their academic credits
  • Approved including roads "Laces" and "Serrana" in the Regional Plan for Rural Roads Paving (19/06/2014)

  • The Association "Our Lady Salus Infirmorum" received the title of special recognition for 25 years of business (18/06/2014)
    In recognition of its record of social and health service in Totana
  • Excellent results of AD Peña Nine in Madrid and El Sabinar (18/06/2014)

  • The Municipal Water will rush tonight and tomorrow night maintenance works on the drinking water in the district of San José (18/06/2014)
    What entail a cut in supply and decrease in pressure
  • The "Jara and Fishing Line", the 2 program broadcast a program on arrui Espuña and small game in the county of Totana (18/06/2014)

  • The House approved local festivals for next year in Totana (18/06/2014)
    Designating January 7 and December 10
  • Associations of Raiguero "Let's walk" and "rural women" participated in a Workshop on Prevention of Domestic Violence (18/06/2014)

  • Important to the residents of El Raiguero notice (17/06/2014)
    There was a break in the general pipe potable water outages occur within hours
  • V Championship of Spain Master Open Water (17/06/2014)
    The championship meant a new experience for the swimmer totanero José Miguel Cano
  • The feast of the Olympic neighborhoods, Pears, Triptolemos Station congregate and activities for all ages (17/06/2014)
    this weekend are held
  • Promotion of Employment reports the steps for those who want to work in the period of French vintage (17/06/2014)

  • The local executive of PP takes stock of the outcome of the European elections in the town of Totana (17/06/2014)
    Y approves hold the regular local congress for Fall 2014
  • About 200 members of the Senior Center Municipal Pza Balsa Vieja participated in eight training workshops offered during the 2013/14 course (17/06/2014)

  • Totana Veterinary champion soccer tournament benefit PADISITO 7 (17/06/2014)

  • The mayor intends to devote a public space in the name Totana natural missionary from Paretón, Paco Andreo (16/06/2014)

  • "Antiquity" published as the core research findings on the site of La Bastida argárico (16/06/2014)
    "Antiquity" is one of the world's most prestigious journals in the field of archeology
  • La Macarena González totanera participate in the championship of Spain Soccer Kids Room Women (16/06/2014)
    It will take place next weekend in Torre Pacheco
  • Andrés Plazas and Juan Antonio Sánchez get third in races held this weekend in the Sabine and Riopar (16/06/2014)

  • Top 8 regional TM (16/06/2014)
    The Hall Institute of San Javier Mar Menor have played this weekend Tops August autonomic all categories
  • Summer Stage July 2014 in Totana Tennis Club (13/06/2014)
    photos made the last trip to Madrid Tennis School to see the Mutua Madrid Open
  • The Mayor of Totana subscribe an agreement with various entities for the creation and development of the Business Incubator (13/06/2014)
    with funding of 230,000 euros
  • Civil Protection, the Cancer Association and the Basketball Club return to campaign for bone marrow donor recruitment (13/06/2014)
    It will take place on Thursday June 19
  • The Secretary General of the PSOE in Totana, Andrés García, regrets that the PP does not support a National Drought Decree to ensure aid to farmers (13/06/2014)
    Andrés García Cánovas explained that the PSOE did support in the assembly to move to European institutions, the situation of "extreme drought" in the region to be put in place mechanisms for aid from EU funds
  • Activities and events from 12 to 18 June 2014 (12/06/2014)
    Information provided by the Informajoven - Youth Council
  • School of Totana Ten awards are made with Security Grows 2014 (12/06/2014)
    After participating in the contest drawing by which have known occupational risk prevention in
  • Mari Carmen Robles, a student Occupational Center "José Moya" runners-up Spain proclaimed in 100 and 200 meter dash (12/06/2014)
    in the championship of Disabled Sports Federations Intellectuals
  • Works carried repainting road markings in the main streets of the city center (12/06/2014)

  • Tonight works of maintenance and leak detection will be undertaken (12/06/2014)
    will entail a cut in the supply of drinking water and decreasing the pressure in the service streets of San Jose
  • Tomorrow, Friday, June 13, the pool of the sports center "December 6" of Totana open (12/06/2014)

  • The Associated Country Women of Raiguero meets with the president of the CHS (11/06/2014)
    The meeting has discussed the consolidated irrigation area Raiguero
  • The counselor meets with Manuel Campos VP Etosa (11/06/2014)

  • Neighbors Tyrolean-Camilleri neighborhood this weekend celebrating their festivals (11/06/2014)
    playgrounds, tender crumb, humorous, musical performances and sports
  • Open Enrolment of "Summer School" 2014 (11/06/2014)
    This year extends its hours for parents to reconcile work and family life
  • Students of occupational classroom Totana end their further education (11/06/2014)
    By visiting an equestrian center and participation in workshops, music, photography and graffiti
  • Complete works of the two toilets in the new classrooms of the Bar "Regional-Deitania" (11/06/2014)

  • Summer School Assoc SonImagina Stock (10/06/2014)
    will be developed during the next July
  • ... (10/06/2014)

  • Success in solidarity theater to benefit D'Genes (10/06/2014)

  • A total of 18 celebrations make up the program of festivals in neighborhoods and districts 2014 (10/06/2014)
    kick off this weekend with Tyrolean-Camilleri
  • Tonight will be the Super Football Fan "Play Fair" at 21:00 in the "Juan Cayuela" (10/06/2014)

  • End of magnificent week for AD Peña Nine (09/06/2014)
    Last weekend the Association participated in 2 events in different modalities Mtb
  • Valencia CF, winner of the Children XIII Football Tournament "Ciudad de Totana" (09/06/2014)

  • Totana hosts this Sunday 15 June, the comedy show "The humor Kapikua" (09/06/2014)

  • European Leader Funds awarded grant for fitness and suitability of the site Argárico La Bastida (07/06/2014)
    With a value of over 84,000 euros
  • The municipality, put the AMPAS and Caritas launched the "Textbook Bank" project (06/06/2014)
    for the 2014/15 school year
  • The company totanera Coach Martinez is awarded in the XII edition of the awards FROET (06/06/2014)

  • INFO gives the council the Arts Technology Center (06/06/2014)
    It will be aimed at promoting tourism in Totana and the momentum of activities related to crafts
  • The users will be the ones to decide if they want to stay with your general practitioner or move to your nearest health center, coinciding with the opening of the center "Totana sur". (06/06/2014)
    The center, located in the La Scales, will open in September
  • Out to tender the contract of service "bar-bar" at the Sports Complex "Guadalentin Valley" (06/06/2014)
    In the hamlet of the Paretón-Cantareros
  • Municipal Agenda from 6 to 12 June 2014 (05/06/2014)
    Information provided by the Informajoven - Youth Council
  • Over 200 pupils take part in an educational gymkhana (05/06/2014)
    On World Environment Day
  • The council awarded the new contract for servicing the municipal cemetery "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" (05/06/2014)
    For the next four years
  • IU-Green delivered a letter to President Alberto Garre (04/06/2014)
    Here we present some of the problems that IU-Green considers should be taken into account by the Autonomous Community
  • Local Police take advantage of the visit of the President to expose "the labor dispute that the government team has with this group" (04/06/2014)

  • The Autonomous Community will finance the project with 110,000 euros for start value argárico tourist site of La Bastida (04/06/2014)

  • Registrations can be made from June 10 (04/06/2014)
    [the "Summer Polideportivo'2014" which includes bilingual school and summer activities for adults is presented]
  • IV Sincromayos Alhama Synchronized Swimming 2014 (04/06/2014)
    School of Totana participated Synchronized Dance 15
  • Andrés Santa Eulalia CC Sleeps up to the podium again in "The Wild" from Velez Rubio (04/06/2014)

  • Workshops, courses, trips, camps and summer schools monopolize the "Totana summer 2014" (03/06/2014)
    It is organized by the Youth Council
  • Closure of the Multisport School Move (03/06/2014)
    On Friday May 30 the Closing of the Multisport School held at the Sports Center Move
  • The totanero José Miguel Cano participated in the regional championship of Valencia held in Torrevieja Swimming (03/06/2014)

  • The Department of Tourism offers a free visit for Totana from the Tower of Santiago (03/06/2014)
    It will take place this Saturday, June 7
  • Move organized a "Crossfit" on the outside of your facility (02/06/2014)
    Move carries out this activity under the name Xtreme Functional
  • Good results for ADP on V Nine Open City Eagles and Wild Velez Rubio (02/06/2014)

  • The Department of Sports hosted the awards ceremony of the local soccer league "Play Fair" and amateur football cup (02/06/2014)

  • City officials attending the closing ceremony of the second year of high school IES "Juan de la Cierva" (02/06/2014)
    last Friday was held
  • Education opens the deadline for applying for aid for the 2014-2015 school canteen course (02/06/2014)

  • Totana hosted the Regional Championship Individual All Categories Table Tennis (01/06/2014)

  • Taste the tea and coffee that gives you the Green Coffee (01/06/2014)
    Green Coffee has introduced its web site, developed with Superweb

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