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  • The "Summer Sports" end their sports activities in the second half of July (31/07/2009)
    These activities have involved more than 400 children by the hand of a dozen monitors
  • Concentration silent in front of the Consistory and condemned the attack on ETA in Mallorca (31/07/2009)
    The attack killed two police officers
  • The PP Totana expresses its abhorrence and condemnation over the attack of the terrorist group ETA has taken place in Mallorca (31/07/2009)
    The president of the executive of the local PP, Isabelle Nau, conveys its sympathy and affection to the families of the victims
  • IU rejects the closure of the Office of ONCE in Totana "without the infrastructure that will more than 40 vendors" (31/07/2009)
    "and only obeys commercial criteria"
  • Balance of regular plenary session in July by IU + LV (31/07/2009)

  • Effective Fire-Totana Alhama, in collaboration with Civil Defense, suffocate in less than two hours three bushfires (31/07/2009)
    These fires were caused by poorly extinguished cigarette butts
  • Mazarrón offers many leisure for this weekend (31/07/2009)
    Theme beaches, historic routes and trails, flea markets and the Interpretation Centre Phoenician ships are some of the tourist events for this time
  • The library and study hall will be closed tomorrow, Saturday (31/07/2009)
    On the occasion of the celebration of the festival of "Jail", organized by the Brotherhood of Prayer in the Garden and Our Lady of Charity
  • The Department of Health report of recommendations to prevent the possible spread of influenza A (31/07/2009)
    And what are the measures that the Ministry is launching
  • The Socialists totaneros express their absolute rejection by the cowardly attacks of the terrorist group ETA (31/07/2009)
    The Socialist Group wants to move to colleagues, friends and relatives of civilians killed by ETA guards all the support, understanding and sympathy at this time bereavement
  • The spokesperson for the municipal government team reviews the regular plenary session for the month of July (31/07/2009)
    also takes stock of the resolutions adopted at the last Board of Governors
  • It closes summer workshop MIFITO conducted during the month of July (31/07/2009)
    This workshop is carried out every year at the initiative of the association MIFITO
  • Initiate a feasibility study to support the development of the refurbishment of the Avenida de la Rambla de la Santa (31/07/2009)
  • Start the hiring process works for the Center Musealisation Interpretation and Reservoir Museographic Argárica "La Bastida " (31/07/2009)
  • The parking service will be exempt from the payment ORA starting tomorrow August 1 to September (31/07/2009)

  • The young totanero Club Ciclista Santa Eulalia, José Angel Camacho, up to the third podium position in Totana (30/07/2009)
    On Saturday July 25th saw the school eleventh round cycling in the Region of Murcia, organized by the club Totana cycling
  • According to IU, "the PP tried to throw a smoke screen by using the UI proposal on Civil Baptism" (30/07/2009)
    "To cover the increasing debt and tax increase that was approved this morning in the House"
  • The Socialists claim that "the Mayor only wants to make quick cash with irregular expansion of water services concession" (30/07/2009)
    Socialist spokesman took stock of the regular plenary session of July
  • The plenary adopted ordinances regulating the internal government of the Municipal Cemetery (30/07/2009)
    And the energy efficiency and light pollution
  • The Bar Restaurant "Plaza" is done with the top prize for the best representative of the cuisine of Totana (30/07/2009)
    ... through the route "From Tapas to Totana" in which hundreds of people have participated
  • The People Group precludes "the attempt to establish UI Otálora and civil baptisms at City Hall as an alternative to the religious" (30/07/2009)
    Popular believe that "the proposal responded to a single-minded progressive taxation rather than social demand"
  • The City will subsidize the rustic property tax receipts in 2009 (30/07/2009)
    will also establish a bonus of up to 50% for construction, installation or works relating to housing and support VPO wine industry
  • The party of "Jail" will be held this weekend near the Cultural Center (30/07/2009)
    are organized by the Brotherhood of Prayer in the Garden and Our Lady of Charity
  • The Technology Center of Crafts will move to an industrial park "The Saladar" (30/07/2009)
    The building currently occupied by the CTA will be converted by the City in a "museum city" which will have great leadership and crafts pottery tradition of city
  • The performance of the play "Can not be keeping a woman" by Agustin Moreto together more than 250 people (30/07/2009)
    Took place yesterday
  • ... (30/07/2009)

  • The PSOE regrets "the alarm messages created by the PP with respect to the juvenile criminal law" (29/07/2009)
    Socialists point out that "it is the autonomous region, ruled by the PP, the children responsible for complying with court decisions "
  • The mayor and council of Water maintains a working meeting with representatives of the Platform in Defence of the Tajo-Segura (29/07/2009)
    To mobilize the institutional structure of Totana and getting the signatures in the city
  • Warn on revisions to the butane gas to domicialiarias visits offering individuals on behalf of the council (29/07/2009)

  • The morning plenary session will address the adoption of the ordinance on energy efficiency and light pollution (29/07/2009)
    will also address the ordinance regulating the internal government of the Municipal Cemetery, among other issues
  • The City Council will encourage the Highways Agency to build two roundabouts (29/07/2009)
    The Prince of Asturias Avenue in the hamlet of El Paretón
  • Propose to the House to grant the "Golden Shield in the city of Totana" Coral to Santiago de Totana (29/07/2009)
    By attending this institution all the qualities and merits that make it worthy of this honor and distinction
  • Propose to fully subsidize the IBI receipts rustica of 2009 (29/07/2009)
    With the aim of helping farmers to cover amounts
  • The performance of the play "Murderers Anonymous" Ark Theatre Company brought together about 250 people (29/07/2009)
    Took place yesterday in the cultural cycle of the Week XXV Theatre
  • A very busy summer for members of Totana Athletics Club (28/07/2009)

  • The Picnic The Angel organizes a benefit concert for the Spanish Association Against Cancer (28/07/2009)
    will take place on Friday 31 July, from ten at night
  • More than 190 children between 3 and 12 years have participated in summer schools were taught in three schools (28/07/2009)
    In these schools, children have enjoyed many fun and educational activities
  • The book "The fridge, the knife and the lighter" opened last night in the auditorium "Marcos Ortiz" the week of theater Totana (28/07/2009)
    This year celebrates its 25 anniversary
  • Propose to the House to give the name of "Library and study room José María Munuera and Abbey" to the new library being built in El Parral (28/07/2009)

  • A total of 106 unemployed persons have been hired by the city to work in sanitation and cleaning of roads (28/07/2009)

  • Two people arrested for alleged drug trafficking crime (28/07/2009)

  • The City Council requested several grants to the Ministry of the Presidency for a total of 59,621.39 euros (27/07/2009)
    To the equipment adquisisón the new local headquarters building and a vehicle designed to this police
  • The monthly aid "Pequecheque" may be requested until August 4 (27/07/2009)
    The "Pequecheque" aims to encourage and support the reconciliation of family life and working life
  • The government team has given the green light for investments made to the municipality for an amount in excess of 3,300,000 euros (27/07/2009)
    Among those are the procurement of the works of the Second Health Center South Totana "
  • Martínez Usero "Andreo proclaims the death of the Colegio de La Cruz, but when he was running for mayor promised otherwise" (27/07/2009)
    Socialist councilor has shown evidence that "Andreo said something in 2007 and now says otherwise," in reference to the Colegio de La Cruz, by ensuring "Andre is lying to totaneros"
  • A total of 25 young people from different nationalities of the conservation activities of the natural environment of the Espuña (24/07/2009)
    All in the "XII International environmental work camp" in The Stables
  • A total of 55 hemophiliacs participating in the "XX haemophilia training days for children and youth ages 8 to 12 years" (24/07/2009)
    This conference has been developed in the Hemophilia Training Center of "The Pond" local
  • Younger enjoyed the "Evening Party" with dance workshops, makeup, balloon twisting and children's shows (24/07/2009)
    were developed in the city park "Marcos Ortiz"
  • The Emergency Department of the Region of Murcia active red alert by the heat wave (24/07/2009)
    affect throughout the day Friday July 24th with temperatures reaching 43 degrees
  • Assessment of the Economic and Financial Plan II Hall - Government Team (23/07/2009)

  • Assessment of the Economic and Financial Plan II Hall - PSOE (23/07/2009)

  • Assessment of the Economic and Financial Plan II Hall - IU (23/07/2009)

  • Return the Komokieras Festival (23/07/2009)
    After the absence of last year, returns with a vengeance of the most attractive events of the summer holiday in Totana.
  • Some streets of the town remain closed to traffic from Thursday through Sunday (23/07/2009)
    ... to celebrate the musical and religious activities organized during the Fiestas de Santiago
  • Completed, including the Local Investment Plan, on the street Santomera (23/07/2009)
    grilles have been placed for the collection of rainwater and paved the firm
  • Many children have fun with children's activities and inflatable (23/07/2009)
    Organized on the occasion of the fiestas in honor of Santiago
  • PB Totana The works in the 9 th edition of the athletic-Big Pond "Grand Prize Panzamelba" (22/07/2009)
    Totana The PB works with the donation of shirts for all participants and trophies to the winners of each category
  • Tomorrow Thursday held an extraordinary plenary session to discuss the measures of the Second Economic and Financial Plan of the City (22/07/2009)

  • Hold a competition of ideas aimed at creating the corporate image of agriculture and livestock in Totana (22/07/2009)
    The deadline for submission is August 7
  • Closing the course on customer service desk and service companies ", 200-hour (22/07/2009)
    It has been attended by fifteen people
  • Fiesta rociera and performance of the musical group "always so" (22/07/2009)
    The concert program of "Festivities in honor of James" starts on Friday 24 July with the party rociera and free performance of the musical group "and always" in the Plaza of the Constitution
  • The Department of Youth is organizing a "Reading activities and creative writing" (22/07/2009)
    aims to develop creativity and imagination through books and will be conducted during the months of September and October
  • According to IU, "the mayor violates the Finance Plan before approving it, despite the serious economic situation of the City" (21/07/2009)
    assert that "the hiring of a sergeant of police in Services Committee, planned spending increases"
  • The FC Barcelona player Andres Iniesta visit Totana (21/07/2009)
    has participated in a moving ceremony to support the fight against rare diseases
  • The school "Luis Pérez Rueda taught bilingual education in English from the month of September (21/07/2009)

  • The Low Raiguero celebrates its patron saint in honor of Santiago and Santa Ana this weekend (21/07/2009)
    will be over 25 and July 26 and will feature an extensive program of activities
  • The "XII Festival of Bands" featured a performance of two musical groups of Totana and the Paretón (21/07/2009)

  • Technical municipal Social Welfare council meet with the residents of social housing in the Parral (21/07/2009)
    To address issues concerning the organization of common spaces
  • The deadline for registration to participate in photo contests and music of "young Crearte 2009" will remain open until 31 July (21/07/2009)

  • According to IU, "the mayor eliminates the presence of the Opposition Groups in the Bureau of Contract" (20/07/2009)
    They say that is "so that no award would audit the process works and services" and remember their "Councillors have been reported in Recently arbitrary awards, reporting changes, etc. "
  • The choir "Ars Nova" de Cieza won the July 18 first prize at the XXIX National Contest of Habanera de Totana (20/07/2009)

  • Craftsmen Association pays tribute to Tina Mariano Totana Cánovas day in the traditional "Santa Justa and Santa Rufina (20/07/2009)

  • Sign an agreement to continue the development of training offered by the Centre for Adult Continuing Education (20/07/2009)

  • The Socialists propose to urgently solve the water problem in the area of La Huerta (20/07/2009)
    Maintain a motion in Parliament next week that is undertaken on an urgent renovation and expansion of water infrastructure in the area La Huerta
  • The team "Murcia painters" it proclaims winner of the "12 hours of football 7" (20/07/2009)
    was held this weekend in the sports city "Espuña"
  • Start the process to proceed to the second phase of the work of replacing the sewer system in two streets of the Age High (20/07/2009)
    In particular, it deals with Panama and Venezuela streets
  • The General Directorate of Emergency active Murcia orange alert for tomorrow heatwave (20/07/2009)

  • The Club de Tenis Totana, regional champion junior team (19/07/2009)
    After winning the final against Murcia Country Club in the double critical
  • The Association of Rare Diseases Genes D'Totana recognizes the work of the PB Totana (19/07/2009)

  • IX edition of the local competition and popular music of Havana "So sings Totana" (19/07/2009)
    three local choirs participated
  • The CP IU + LV reminded that "for the coalition of leftist sold plots on the estate and in the center of town at cost " (17/07/2009)
  • Kick off the cultural activities of the parties in Santiago with "So sings Totana", the event of Havana and the festival of bands (17/07/2009)
    All these activities will be held this weekend in the auditorium of the Municipal Park "Marcos Ortiz"
  • Yesterday began the "Tapas in Totana" (17/07/2009)
    will be extended until 25 July
  • End of work on the streets in El Salvador and San Francisco (17/07/2009)
    These works have replaced the sidewalks and paved the firm in addition to the consolidation of general services
  • Many people attended the traditional Mass in honor of "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" (17/07/2009)
    took place on Municipal Cemetery
  • The Government team spokesman, José Antonio Valverde Queen has taken account of the resolutions adopted at a meeting of Government (17/07/2009)

  • They start a new project "Integration of children and youth rehabilitative or at risk of social exclusion" (17/07/2009)
    purpose is to encourage and compensate for the learning process of children between 12 and 16 years
  • IU says that "the auction of the former plot has been unsuccessful drain" (17/07/2009)
    "although the City Council at a bargain price tendered for the budget expenditure of 2009
  • According Bedia "85 percent of the work for the Works and Services Plan 2009 has been awarded to companies Totana" (16/07/2009)
    Project POS 2009 amounts to a total of 579,000 euros
  • Inauguration of public lighting works carried out in the Way of the deputation Yesares Morti (16/07/2009)

  • It has been fully restored water service in the area of the pond, the gardens and Drylands (16/07/2009)

  • The XXV Theatre Week will be held from 27 to 30 July at the Municipal Auditorium "Marcos Ortiz" (16/07/2009)
    Offer staging four plays of companies in the Region
  • Aid for SMEs to adopt plans to promote equal opportunities between women and men in its organization (16/07/2009)

  • The Socialists denounced "the risk of pedestrians who use the sports facilities" (15/07/2009)
    assert that "every day put their lives on the neighbors, jogging or strolling, head for the City Sports or the Sports Centre"
  • The XXIX Habaneras Contest will be held this Saturday 18 July at the Municipal Park "Marcos Ortiz" (15/07/2009)
    will be attended by a total of six choral groups
  • On Tuesday 21 July, the international soccer player Andres Iniesta visit Totana to support people with rare diseases (15/07/2009)

  • Tomorrow, Thursday July 16 will be a water cut in the neighborhood of San Jose (15/07/2009)
    From 8:00 am until 11:30 am
  • Totana Mayor meets with representatives of political groups, unions and workers (15/07/2009)
    To expose the main lines of work of the Second Economic and Financial Plan Town Hall
  • Grants and subsidies called "Pequecheque" (15/07/2009)
    may be requested until 31 July
  • On Thursday there will be the traditional Mass to be celebrated in honor of the Patroness of the Cemetery "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" (15/07/2009)

  • The eighth edition of the local competition "So sings Totana" will feature performances of three groups totaneros (15/07/2009)
    will be held on Friday July 17th at ten pm in the auditorium of the municipal park "Marcos Ortiz"
  • PSOE: "the water tank of the Sierra is still not in operation six years after its construction" (14/07/2009)
    The Socialists claim that "this is another of the evidences of neglect and inability to whom we managed the last six years "
  • Inauguration Oven rehabilitation Moruno (14/07/2009)
    In addition, today announced the launch of the Promotion Plan of the Las Ollerías
  • Presentation of the festivity in honor of Santiago 2009 (14/07/2009)
    The festivities will be held from 16 to 30 July
  • The PP says Totana "Otálora is concerned only in torpedoing the major projects for Totana" (14/07/2009)
    Y complaint "is putting obstacles to building the new school of" Ramblica "
  • Tomorrow will be opened for public lighting works carried out in the "Way of the Yesares" (14/07/2009)
    In the deputation of Morti totanera
  • The deadline for entry of teams into the league of Summer "12 Hours-7 Football" ends on Thursday July 16 (14/07/2009)
    It will be held on Saturday July 18 at the Sports City "Espuña"
  • 45 youths of the town enjoy a week of the second round of the camps, "Classrooms of Nature" (13/07/2009)
    is being carried out in the "Stables" in the heart of Sierra Espuña
  • Occupational Center "José Moya" said goodbye to the month of September with a closing party end of year (13/07/2009)

  • The local police made the arrest of a total of 6 people and recorded a total of 18 complaints during this weekend (13/07/2009)

  • The Socialists claim that "the mayor lied to the residents of San Roque on the school of the Cross" (13/07/2009)
    assert that "the governing council of the autonomous region has revealed to Andrew, last Friday by approving the construction of a new school in La Ramblica to replace the current of the Cross "
  • It closed the first half of 2009 RAITOTANA Project with the awarding of diplomas to the students (13/07/2009)
    In this project we have trained nearly 300 people in more than 40 courses
  • The tournament I Paddle "Fiestas de Santiago" was attended by seventeen partners (13/07/2009)

  • Complete the refurbishment of the Health Center (12/07/2009)
    have solved the problems of moisture and the damage to the facade
  • IU dismissed as "compulsive liar" to the President of PP in Totana (10/07/2009)
    state that the former President of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive PROINVITOSA PP and the President of the General Board, Juan Morales and the "commission" are accused by the Supreme Court in Operation Kappa
  • Begin rehabilitation of the "Casa de las Monjas", in which 32 students are working in the Training Workshop (10/07/2009)
    This property will lead to an interpretation center of nature
  • Propose to build new water reservoirs in the orchards to eliminate water shortages (10/07/2009)
    The Socialists believe that "the government's abandonment Andreo on infrastructure in the area of orchards is the duty court"
  • Regional and local authorities closed down the "V Jornadas Andersen affected hemophilia with inhibitor" (10/07/2009)
    This conference has been developed at the Center for Continuing Education Day and Haemophilia in "The Pond"
  • Caritas receives more than 250 kilos of food and over 150 liters of milk, oil and hygiene products (10/07/2009)
  • The City Council ONCE asked not to close the open delegation is in Totana (10/07/2009)
    This delegation is benefiting more than 40 families of various municipalities that would have to travel to Murcia or Lorca
  • The council asked ONCE to close a delegation that has opened in Totana (10/07/2009)
    benefit from it more than 40 families of various municipalities that would have to travel to Murcia or Lorca
  • The party in Las Viñas Carivete and Las Lomas de La Cruz del Paretón-Cantareros tear this weekend (10/07/2009)

  • Film "Brain Drain" (10/07/2009)
    summer cinema continues on Friday July 10 with a screening of the movie "Brain Drain" in the Auditorium of City Park "Marcos Ortiz" at ten in the night
  • The Department of Sports distributes various municipal and neighborhood spaces machines hitherto in the gym of Hall (10/07/2009)
    order to provide more and better service to its users and
  • A total of 60 members of the delegation of Totana of Hospitality have made pilgrimages to Lourdes in the French city with 7 patients (09/07/2009)
    The passages of the patients have been funded jointly by the Hospitality and the City
  • The Psychosocial Support Municipal Service bids farewell to his students during the summer months (09/07/2009)
    During the closing ceremony proceeded with the presentation of certificates to its users, in the presence of relatives and Councilman Social Welfare
  • Nau, "The Supreme Court raises a final objection to all directors of the PP in the case PROINVITOSA" (09/07/2009)
    Executive President of the local PP says that the Board of the Supreme Court made clear in his letter that there is no evidence of crime and that "only about two opposing political views"
  • They claim that "the residents of the gardens and pond water shortages suffered daily by the incompetence and ineffectiveness of government Andreo" (09/07/2009)
    According to the socialist "deficiencies in the supply to these areas in summer are due to lack of investment for 6 years "
  • Denunican that "the City settled the 2008 budget with a deficit of 13 million euros" (09/07/2009)
    "Managing Martínez Andreo and Juan Morales has brought ruin to the Consistory totanero, with a debt that can be over 100 million" as Izquierda Unida de Totana
  • A total of 125 new students for the extension of the Official Language School of Totana elected this afternoon schedules for 2009-2010 (09/07/2009)

  • "De Tapas Totana" presents itself as the gourmet snack of the Fiestas de Santiago 2009 (09/07/2009)
    The totaneros and visitors can select the best spike from a total of 14 establishments
  • The Mobile Classroom Computing of the Institute for Women remain in Totana until Friday morning (09/07/2009)

  • PSOE: "The mayor is committed to education in Totana" (08/07/2009)
    Socialists report that "Martínez Andreo not supported in the last full motion on extending the Colegio Santa Eulalia"
  • The deputy director general of Department and the Councillor for Education Institute visit the Prado Mayor (08/07/2009)
    To see first hand the needs of the center
  • The Ministry of Education provides a Bilingual Program at IES Prado Joint Staff for the next school year (08/07/2009)

  • On Tuesday it will inaugurate the rehabilitation of Moorish oven next to the Technology Center for Crafts (08/07/2009)

  • The pensioners, large families and the unemployed, among others, can benefit from the "Social Bono" electricity (08/07/2009)

  • The party in Las Lomas de la Cruz (Paretón) in honor of Our Lady of Carmen, begins on Friday 10 July (08/07/2009)

  • The deadline for registration to participate in the tournament I Paddle "Fiestas de Totana" ends on Thursday, July 9 (07/07/2009)

  • The best hockey player in 2008, Pol Amat, visit the facilities of the Ciudad Deportiva "Espuña" (07/07/2009)

  • On July 31 the deadline to apply for aid from the "Pequecheque" (07/07/2009)
    This aid is intended to cover family expenses resulting from services provided to children under 3 years in care centers for children
  • Begin procedures to provide furniture for the new premises of the local police in Totana (07/07/2009)
    are located in the building of the Market Square
  • The village headman of Totana transferred to policy makers' needs and demands of each of the districts (07/07/2009)

  • The celebration of the Vines-Carivete tear this weekend (07/07/2009)
    With music for all ages, celebrating Mass in the chapel orchard and their traditional procession
  • About 500 users participating in different sports activities of the "Summer Sports 2009" (07/07/2009)
    In the first fortnight of July
  • A man dies after being hit by a car in the Raiguero (06/07/2009)
    The accident happened on the road to the Raiguero Paretón, about five miles from Raiguero
  • Propose for the 2 nd Economic and Financial Plan changes in staff selection processes in the concessionaires (06/07/2009)
    And reducing salaries of civil servants not to exceed € 3,000 gross per month
  • The general director of Housing is committed to the regeneration of facades in the town (06/07/2009)
    ... by grants awarded by the Autonomous Community to the owners of the same
  • The 12 Hours of Football 7 will be played on Saturday 18 July at the Sports City (06/07/2009)

  • Workers in the City promote a campaign to collect food joint will go to Caritas (06/07/2009)

  • The Mobile Computer Classroom visit the town from today until 10 July (06/07/2009)

  • The summer movie continues today, Monday July 6 with the showing of "Ice Age 3" (06/07/2009)
    will be held in the auditorium of the Municipal Park "Marcos Ortiz" at ten in the night
  • A total of 23 teams participating in the "24 hours of football" in Totana (06/07/2009)
    local team "Alucasa" final champion
  • José Ángel Camacho, the Club Ciclista Santa Eulalia, the third consecutive rise on the podium at schools cycling (06/07/2009)

  • PSOE: "The report of the regional government of the PP is devastating against the barrier of the Rambla de Lebor" (04/07/2009)
    They say that "Juan Pagan, in his capacity as president of all the irrigators should tell the truth to totaneros"
  • The Agricultural and Livestock Advisory Council agreed to establish a working committee to develop the project "Farmer's House" A (04/07/2009)
    In addition, it has agreed to hold a design competition to create a corporate image that identifies trade and agriculture Totana livestock
  • From 27 to June 30 was held in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Spain 5th Benjamin Championship Table Tennis (04/07/2009)
    With this came Andrés David Ros to participate in the individual, and building the team C.
  • A total of 300 children and youth participate in summer schools, camps, trips and various activities (03/07/2009)
    Placed in the program "Youth summer 2009
  • "The Health Council passes Totana problems" as the Socialists (03/07/2009)
    Otálora said "the wonder of your group with the passivity of the Minister of Health to address the serious problems that have not been built the Center Totana Health Sur
  • 100,000 euros to rehabilitate the sports 'Manolo Ibáñez' of Totana (03/07/2009)
    The objective of this assistance is to provide an adequate infrastructure to enable public access to sports
  • Grant a subsidy for installing safety barriers in different ways in the town (03/07/2009)
  • The neighborhood festivals was Alta, in honor of St. Elizabeth, opened today Friday, July 3 with the chupinazo (03/07/2009)

  • In the foreign office of Murcia is scheduled to visit Nigeria's police on 13 and 14 July (03/07/2009)
    To issue certificates on the absence of criminal record
  • The "24 hours of football" will be held this weekend during the 4th and 5th of July in the flag "Manolo Ibáñez" (03/07/2009)
    This activity kicks out the activities carried out in the summer sports
  • Grants to promote women entrepreneurship (03/07/2009)
    The deadline will remain open until 17 July
  • Organize trips Riopar Natural Park and Port Aventura in Albacete (03/07/2009)
    The inscricpicón times will remain open until 6 and 7 July, respectively
  • Activities recent MIFITO (02/07/2009)
    There is especially a computer course, a theater workshop and the closing of the Special Professional Initiation Program (PIPE)
  • Guardia Civil, Local Police and vigilantes combed rural areas of table grape cultivation (02/07/2009)
    ... to prevent theft of the summer collection
  • Tonight and tomorrow night, from 23:00 am to 7:00 tomorrow, it will cut the water supply in the area of the orchards (02/07/2009)

  • Popular group believes that "the Socialist councilor Andrés García know the real situation on the record of the dam Lebor" (02/07/2009)
    Y believes "is intoxicating to disguise and justify the excesses of the Government of Argentina to the town of Totana"
  • Carrión and the consuls of Ecuador and Bolivia inaugurated the "information workshops on Social Affairs and Immigration for Immigrants" (02/07/2009)
    were developed in the Social Center of Tyrol Camilleri
  • The Salinas brothers show support for D'Genes and Diseases Rare (02/07/2009)
    In addition, the Associations for Rare Disorders are in luck because Andres Iniesta speaker used to combat these diseases
  • The Police Canine Unit Local de Totana awarded a third prize in search of narcotics (02/07/2009)
    In the "First Championship of Spain Interpolicial Canine Guide" held in Móstoles
  • The draft Neighborhood Social Revitalization of the group "The candle" Closing the course (02/07/2009)
    With a summer farewell party was held in the different municipality Edutec
  • The Socialists hope that "the CP stop blocking the house of the farmer and the negotiation of electricity tariffs for the SAT" (02/07/2009)
    Socialists will attend today's meeting of the Agricultural Advisory Board
  • The Phase 09 days Technology: "Technology in the service of SMEs, sales and organization" were attended by a dozen people (02/07/2009)

  • The Regional Television, 7RM, held a casting call to find talent in Totana (02/07/2009)
    To the "The Magnificent 7" which will start in September
  • Provisionally awarded the construction of 44 graves in the Municipal Cemetery "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" (02/07/2009)
    With an implementation period of forty-five days
  • Closing of the Special Professional Initiation Program (PIPE) "Office Assistant", organized by MIFITO (01/07/2009)
    In this event were handed diplomas to eight students in the presence of municipal authorities
  • The director general of People with Disabilities of IMAS visit municipal offices to help groups of disabled (01/07/2009)
    also visited the new multipurpose center, which will begin serving the end of the year
  • Inauguration of the public lighting of the "Road of the Jaboneros" (01/07/2009)
    This road is located in the deputation of Morti
  • The mayor and council of Agriculture opened the conference to raise awareness of the benefits of organic farming (01/07/2009)
    producers participated in these workshops throughout the region of Guadalentín
  • Andrés García: "If the dam is not built Lebor is the responsibility of the PP" (01/07/2009)
    says that "a negative report of the autonomous region prevents the construction of the dam"
  • The Club Senderista of Totana made an exit to the Sierra de María (01/07/2009)
    took place on Sunday 28 June
  • Tomorrow, Thursday, July 2 will be a water cut from eight in the morning (01/07/2009)
    affect the Rambla de La Santa to the neighborhood Tirol-Camilleri
  • Schools are closed Municipal Sports judo, table tennis, dance and rhythmic gymnastics (01/07/2009)
    have had the participation of 250 students
  • The municipality awarded the works of fitness of the ships of the local development center, located in the industrial park "The Rann" (01/07/2009)
    For a sum of 93,960 euros and a lead time of two months
  • The Feast of Santiago III Autocross will be held on Sunday, July 5 (01/07/2009)
    begin after 9 am in the industrial area of Totana The Saladar

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