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  • PP: "PSOE and Ganar Totana-IU vote against supporting and defending the permanent prison reviewable" (31/01/2018)

  • A promotional video edited by the parish of Santiago presents the architectural and historical peculiarities of the Church's Tower (31/01/2018)
    And invites you to visit it in the guided tours offered
  • The mayor invites the president of the Autonomous Community to visit the site of La Bastida (31/01/2018)
    In order to know firsthand the project and the financing needs of the archaeological complex
  • ... (31/01/2018)

  • The Department of Archaeological Sites advocates to project a permanent museum collection of La Bastida in the former headquarters of the Craft Center to improve local tourism (30/01/2018)
    It aims to diversify tourism activity by expanding the offer to visitors and having as its main axis this park archaeological
  • The Hairdressing Service of the Municipal Old People's Center of the Old Balsa is extended for two years (30/01/2018)

  • The councilors of Youth and Citizen Participation meet with the new youth collective "Algarrobo Kolectiv" and "Ministers of the Air" (30/01/2018)
    With the purpose of knowing their projects of young dynamism
  • The Sociocultural Center "La Cárcel" in Totana hosts the 4th Forum on Education and Emotion on March 3, with the participation of prestigious experts in the field (29/01/2018)

  • A 34-year-old man was transferred to Rafael Méndez hospital after suffering a work accident in Totana (29/01/2018)

  • The private security service in the Argaric archaeological site "La Bastida" is awarded for one year from the formalization of the contract (29/01/2018)

  • Framusa Grasshopper Bike Team at the Domingo Pelegrín Memorial (29/01/2018)

  • The City Council signs an agreement with the Autonomous Community to co-participate in the single file to expedite the procedures for users in the field of Social Services (29/01/2018)
    The municipal technicians and the IMASs will share the procedures of dependence, assessment of disability and basic income of insertion
  • Precipitation collected in the municipality of Totana and surroundings between 10:00 p.m. on the 27th and today 28 January 2018 (28/01/2018)

  • The 12th Domingo Pelegrín Memorial (Circuit XCM Región de Murcia 2018) was held today in Totana (La Santa) (28/01/2018)

  • The councilor of Yacimientos denounces that lies, half-truths and attacks (low blows and "stabbings in the back") work shamelessly on the subject of La Bastida (28/01/2018)
    "The lies and half-truths of the Platform for Good Name of the UAB, apostilled by the Socialist Spokesperson on TV "(Part 1)
  • CD Murcia 2 - Totana TM 4. (28/01/2018)
    Weekend results club Totana TM.
  • The councilor of Yacimientos denounces that lies, half-truths and attacks (low blows and "stabbings in the back") work shamelessly on the subject of La Bastida (28/01/2018)
    "The lies and half-truths of the Platform for Good Name of the UAB, apostilled by the Socialist Spokesperson on TV "(Part 1)
  • Reading before the January plenary of the brief of the Platform in Defense of the Bastida Project - UAB (27/01/2018)

  • The City Council and the Federation of Peñas del Carnaval sign an agreement amounting to 7,200 euros (27/01/2018)
    To collaborate in the organization of the program of activities of the Carnival'2018
  • The Canovas del Castillo street is open to traffic this weekend after the important improvement works (27/01/2018)
    The Cañada Zamora are already starting
  • The councilor for Equality, Lali Moreno, offered a press conference on recent statements by Mariano Rajoy ("Let's not get involved in that") (27/01/2018)
    He also commented on the matter through social networks
  • D'Genes celebrates its 10th anniversary with inflatables, animation characters and a balloon release (27/01/2018)

  • The plenary ratifies to promote the celebration of a program of social and cultural activities to commemorate the Centennial of the Concession of the Title of City to Totana (26/01/2018)
    The green light is given to the list of events in which the Department of Culture works, hand in hand of a commission of specialists, and the new corporate image of this significant event
  • The Department of the Environment will manage the permits for the owners who must necessarily use the Vía Verde to access their farms (25/01/2018)

  • Associations of women from Totana and Lorca meet at City Hall to unify criteria and coordinate joint actions on equality (25/01/2018)

  • A total of 114 students participated in the Local Phase of School Sports Orientation (25/01/2018)
    It was organized by the Department of Sports and the Guidance Club
  • D'Genes will celebrate his tenth anniversary today with a lively afternoon at the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja (25/01/2018)

  • Carrillo will ask in January plenary explanations about the breach of the transparency law and the commitment acquired by the Municipal Government (24/01/2018)

  • A 4th year ESO student of the Reina Sofía School granted a scholarship by the Amancio Ortega Foundation (24/01/2018)

  • Representatives of the Neighborhood Platform "Plaza del Pueblo" hold a meeting with the Government of the Region of Murcia (24/01/2018)

  • The City Council organizes a wide and open program of activities on the occasion of the celebration of the Centenary of the granting of the Title of the City to Totana (1918-2018) (24/01/2018)
    It will continue throughout the year
  • The PP of Totana will ask to support and defend the permanent prison reviewable during the celebration of the Plenary (24/01/2018)

  • "Coca-Cola" organizes in Totana on February 7 and 8 the workshop "Find your route" within the program "Women's Tour" (24/01/2018)
    It will take place at the Local Development Center
  • Emergency services locate in a good state a marriage of German nationality that had been lost in Sierra Espuña (23/01/2018)

  • The TOTANA TRIATHLON club was present at the beginning of the duathlon season of the Triathlon Federation of the Region of Murcia (23/01/2018)

  • They require the SMS that the implementation of the Self-Protection and Emergency Plans does not fall into the hands of unqualified personnel (23/01/2018)

  • The Kuore Tennis Club beats Club Murciano El Limonar (23/01/2018)

  • The first plenary session of the year 2018 includes the motions that could not be debated in the ordinary session of December (23/01/2018)
    And others such as the Centennial program of the granting of the City Title to Totana
  • Ends of the Local Phase of Multideporte and Futsal School Sports, with the award of trophies to the best classified centers (23/01/2018)

  • The PSOE requires the regional government to allocate funds from the archaeological heritage heading of the 2018 budgets to advance the work of La Bastida (22/01/2018)
    The parliamentary spokesman Joaquín López Pagán recognizes the great work being done by the Autonomous University of Barcelona for the valorization of this argárico deposit with 4,000 years of history
  • 26 stay of the group of friends of the mountain "Kasi Ná Trail" (22/01/2018)

  • Framusa Garden Grasshopper Bike Team in the III March MTB Aledo (22/01/2018)

  • 2nd national group 8. Defeat of the Totana Promises (21/01/2018)
    Weekend results Club Totana TM
  • The XCM 2018 Region of Murcia mountain bike circuit has been inaugurated in Aledo with a great success of participation and organization (21/01/2018)
    The Santa Eulalia Cycling Club of Totana has organized this event
  • The Carnival activities program of 2018 is presented, which lasts from this weekend until the end of February, with more than twenty festive, cultural and social events (21/01/2018)
    The program was presented last night, for the first time, during the Gala Dinner in which La Musa and Don Carnal performed, and the annual commemorative poster of this party
  • The mayor of Totana congratulates the Nazarene of Honor and Town Crier of the Holy Week of 2018, Francisco Imbernón and Juan Francisco Otálora (20/01/2018)

  • It opens its doors "Armaryco Interiorismo" (19/01/2018)
    The new store-exhibition is located in Calle Alhama, 2
  • Francisco José García, new president of New Generations in the Region of Murcia (19/01/2018)
    The totanero Daniel José Rodríguez is part of the new Board of Directors holding the position of Secretary of Associationism
  • Students from the Occupational Classroom make a visit to the IES Prado Mayor (19/01/2018)

  • They entrust to the mercantile "CEDETO, SL" the management of the municipal services of Counseling, Notifications and others until February of the year 2019 (19/01/2018)

  • The Department of Economic Development receives subsidies from the SEF for a total amount of 120,000 euros (19/01/2018)
    for the hiring of long-term unemployed
  • The Department of the Treasury offers a tax payment plan "à la carte" (18/01/2018)
    Allowing taxpayers to split without interest and with periodic charges on account
  • Totana presents its tourist offer in FITUR within the exhibition of the Commonwealth of Tourism of Sierra Espuña, (18/01/2018)
    Offering visits to the La Bastida site, the Tower of Santiago and La Santa
  • Culture raises a motion to the Plenary to promote the celebration of a program of activities on the occasion of the Centennial of the Concession of the Title of City to Totana (17/01/2018)

  • They undertake works of substitution of the pavement of the School Room in the parish of El Paretón-Cantareros (17/01/2018)
    In order to improve this sports facility and prepare it for the practice of multisport
  • They complain that the Ministry of Agriculture, one year later, still does not respond to the damages caused by the snowfall of January 2017 in Totana (17/01/2018)

  • The change of valves in the San José-Los Secanos water tank may cause pressure problems in the supply service to users this morning (17/01/2018)

  • Councilman Carrillo: "A great Pilgrimage and a great Patroness of Totana who have never run the danger of coming to less" (16/01/2018)

  • Completion of the renovation works of the "Buero Vallejo" Garden, in the Tirol-Camilleri district (16/01/2018)
    In addition, more trees are being planted and the parterres of the "Tío Juan Rita" Garden are being refurbished
  • The City Council informs of the grants of the "La Caixa" Youth Employment Program (16/01/2018)
    aimed at the hiring of young beneficiaries of the Youth Guarantee
  • The next 4th of February will take place the VIII Solidarity Route for the Rare Diseases between Totana and María (15/01/2018)

  • The access to Collado Bermejo from Las Alquerías, in Sierra Espuña, is cut to traffic due to the ice sheets on the road (15/01/2018)

  • The Framusa Garden Grasshopper premieres the season in Jumilla (15/01/2018)

  • An Epic Cyclocross Spain Championship for the CC Santa Eulalia runner Fernando "pénix" (14/01/2018)
    "has been an experience, since one can not remember such a hard edition"
  • 2nd national: group 9: Totana TM 5 --- CD Huetor Vega 1 (14/01/2018)

  • The oil portrait of HM King Felipe VI arrives in the City of Totana (13/01/2018)
    Its author, the Murcia don Antonio Navarro Menchon, is a worthy specialist in military portraits
  • Firefighters put out the house fire in Totana (12/01/2018)
    One person has been affected
  • Weather forecast for tomorrow, Saturday, January 13, day of the pilgrimage to climb La Santa (12/01/2018)

  • The Gala Dinner Gala D'Genes Dinner will take place next February 3rd (12/01/2018)

  • More than 50 troops will integrate the security device of the pilgrimage back from La Santa de Totana this Saturday, January 13 (12/01/2018)

  • The residents of Totana have until this next January 16 to request public aid for the rehabilitation of their homes (11/01/2018)
    For a maximum amount of 15,000 euros
  • The Automobile Club Totana organizes the "I gala dinner", which will take place on Sunday, January 21 (11/01/2018)

  • Sports puts an end to the Local Phase of Multisport and Futsal for School Sports, with finals and trophies (10/01/2018)
    It will be next Friday, January 12
  • On January 21 and 28, the first two cycling events of the regional MTB and BTT calendar will be held, with Sierra Espuña as the protagonist (10/01/2018)
    300 runners are expected to participate in each cycling event
  • The Cánovas del Castillo street will be opened to traffic from the week of January 22, as soon as the asphalting works are finished (09/01/2018)
    And then those of the Cañada Zamora will begin
  • The City Council remits to the Ministry of Finance and Public Function the extension of the current municipal budget for the year 2018 (09/01/2018)

  • It authorizes, with limitations and following the recommendations, the ignition of gaseous and vegetable fuel fires, the latter exclusively in fixed infrastructures (08/01/2018)
    coinciding with the pilgrimage of La Santa on January 13
  • A totanero performs today on January 8 the pilgrimage of ascent to La Santa, "because it is when he plays" (08/01/2018)

  • The obligation with the Commonwealth of Tourist Services of Sierra Espuña corresponding to the 2016 and 2017 fiscal years is recognized (08/01/2018)
    They were pending payment
  • The first snow falls this year in Sierra Espuña (07/01/2018)
    Friends of the Santa Eulalia Cycling Club have captured these beautiful photos
  • Five people attended by inhalation of smoke in the fire of a house in Totana (06/01/2018)

  • The Plenary unanimously approves the proposal of the Municipal Socialist Group to equalize salaries among the different police forces (05/01/2018)

  • Civil Protection of Totana informs of the winter weather that we will have during the next days (05/01/2018)

  • The PSOE proposes to the Plenary to promote the photovoltaic energy installations for self consumption (05/01/2018)
    The socialist proposal was approved unanimously by all the municipal groups in the last full month of December
  • More than 500 people participate tomorrow in the Cabaloma de Reyes Magos de Totana (04/01/2018)
    It will distribute more than 70,000 sweets
  • The Diocese of Cartagena remembers the date change for the pilgrimage of Santa Eulalia in Totana (03/01/2018)
    This year will be Saturday, January 13
  • Contract for hosting services of the municipal corporate website www.totana.es (03/01/2018)

  • SSMM the Three Kings of the East will receive the letters from the boys and girls of Totana tomorrow in the Municipal Park Auditorium "Marcos Ortiz" (03/01/2018)

  • La PB Totana, in collaboration with AELIP and D'Genes, develops the "Illusion of solidarity" project in the "Virgen de la Arrixaca" hospital in Murcia (02/01/2018)

  • Regional representatives of the Spanish Red Cross in the Region work to restore the functioning of the Local Assembly in Totana (02/01/2018)

  • They reseed the soccer field of the municipal stadium "Juan Cayuela" to guarantee its conservation and maintenance until the end of the season (02/01/2018)

  • CAT athletes participated in the I Correvieja Totanera, San Silvestre de Albox and San Silvestre de Murcia (01/01/2018)


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