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  • La Peña de Carnaval "Gertrudis" held on Saturday, July 4, the "totaneros Sanfarmines" with the activity "That catches us the bull !!!!" (30/06/2015)

  • VII Top Road, desserts and cocktails Totana (30/06/2015)

  • The Study Room of the Socio-Cultural Center "Jail" will remain open throughout the month of July. (30/06/2015)
    And the Municipal Library "Matthew Smith" will reduce its schedule morning
  • Local police carried out a total of 85 controls and 11 complaints formalized within the special campaign on control and surveillance of two-wheeled vehicles (30/06/2015)

  • VII Top Road, desserts and cocktails Totana (30/06/2015)

  • The PSOE presented a motion in the Regional Assembly for the urgent settlement of the road between Las Viñas-Totana Carivete and La Bastida (29/06/2015)
    It is located for years in a state of lamentable conservation
  • Weekend very moved to the Rock Nine Totana Association (29/06/2015)

  • Civil Protection rescues a cyclist who broke his ankle in the path of Alburnez (29/06/2015)
    At the boundary between the terms of Totana and Alhama
  • It continues the calendar of festivities in neighborhoods and districts of Totana scheduled for this summer (29/06/2015)
    It runs until early October
  • Athletics Club athletes Totana participated in the 4th edition of the Cortina Trail in Italy (29/06/2015)

  • José Andreo, the CC Santa Eulalia, rises again on the podium in Alcalá del Jucar (29/06/2015)

  • From historic they may qualify the results of the players of Club Totana TM Championships in Spain (28/06/2015)
    It has been held in the Malaga town of Antequera from the past 19 to 28 June
  • The Associated Country Women of Raiguero organized an open meeting attended by Aragon Gonzalo Morales, head of the management area of ​​the public domain of the CHS (27/06/2015)
    Will take place on Tuesday, June 30 at 11:00 at the Municipal Center Aging
  • A total of 42 children participate in the Summer Camp II Real Murcia CF (26/06/2015)
    is being held at The Stables, with the assistance of the City
  • Officially closes the course 2014/15 of the Municipal School of Music of Totana with hearing students Musical Language (26/06/2015)

  • Hours of Service Citizen of the City will be from July 1 to August 31, from 9:00 to 13:30 (26/06/2015)
    Summer hours at the Municipal Office of Citizen in the Paretón also modified
  • The Delegation of Lourdes de Totana returns from the 47 pilgrimage to Lourdes with his mission accomplished (26/06/2015)

  • Alevín B Olympic Totana, Alhama tournament champion juvenile 2015 (25/06/2015)
    The Alevin A finally finished third Olympic championship
  • Activities and events from 25 to June 30, 2015 (25/06/2015)

  • The Merchants Association organizes third trade gala-dinner on Friday July 3 (25/06/2015)
    a deserved recognition of traders and entrepreneurs will be made Totana
  • Next week begins the sporting activities for young people and adults within the program "Summer Polideportivo'2015" (25/06/2015)

  • The Ministry of Public Works authorized the future deployment of the RM-609 road from the A7 motorway to the village (25/06/2015)
    Without affecting adjacent buildings this way
  • This Sunday, June 28, is celebrated, again, the traditional Artisan Market in La Santa (25/06/2015)

  • Civil Protection captures a sizable snake inside a house in a garden next to the area of ​​the transfer (24/06/2015)

  • The Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus of Nazareth and the Holy Sepulchre has new Board (24/06/2015)
    Andreo Alfonso Sanchez is the new President
  • The two members of the Socialist Group in the constituency number 1 Guadalentín offered to work with the city government (24/06/2015)
    To defend the interests of Totana in the Regional Assembly
  • Totana Local Police attaches special campaign to control and surveillance of two-wheelers (24/06/2015)
    It takes place from 23 to 25 June
  • Juan Pedro Sanchez, bronze in the juvenile category (24/06/2015)
    ​​ Championships of Spain TM.
  • Starts Summer 2015 Campus Sports Center Move (23/06/2015)
    still time to sign up as there are some available seats
  • Construcciones Hermanos Palomares received the Associate Award of Honor for his exemplary record (22/06/2015)
    The Association of Real Estate of the Region of Murcia (Apirm) Construcciones Palomares honors "for his long and exemplary record of the company and its contribution to the real estate sector"
  • Once again there will be the traditional burning of the bonfire of San Juan in Totana (22/06/2015)
    Organizers of the bonfire of San Juan del Tirol-Camilleri neighborhood want to remind us that his fire is located across from the Kabuki and will stick to fire on June 24 at 00: 00
  • Football Tournament to benefit PADISITO (22/06/2015)
    This past weekend was held the II Football Tournament 7 to benefit the Association of Parents of Persons with Intellectual Disability Totana, PADISITO
  • Begins the first round of sports program "Summer Polideportivo'2015" (22/06/2015)

  • The celebrations of San Juan neighborhood of Las Lomas Paretón be held on 24 and from 26 to 28 June (22/06/2015)

  • La Peña Totana Barcelonista held its eighteenth anniversary and the achievement of the triplet (21/06/2015)
    The event took place yesterday, on a farm in New Road, in Totana
  • La Peña Totana Barcelonista Naca congratulated for having received the medal of the Order of Civil Merit (21/06/2015)

  • The strike was called off in the garbage collection service and street cleaning (20/06/2015)
    This was announced by the mayor, Juan José Canovas, in their Facebook
  • Begin Strike in the garbage collection service and street cleaning (20/06/2015)
    The mayor, Juan José Canovas, has posted on his Facebook post about
  • IES Prado Mayor celebrated World Environment Day 2015 (20/06/2015)

  • The totanera Naca Eulalia Perez de Tudela Canovas receives the medal of the Order of Civil Merit (19/06/2015)
    Their Majesties presided over the ceremony of laying on of this recognition, which took place today at the Royal Palace of Madrid
  • The PP congratulates E. Naca Perez de Tudela by the award of the Order of Civil Merit received from King Philip VI (19/06/2015)

  • The School of Dance MANOLI CÁNOVAS Dance Festival celebrates its Prom on Sunday June 21 (19/06/2015)
    The tap will be the novelty and entry is free as usual
  • Students from the Municipal Nursery School "Clara Campoamor" held their end of year party (19/06/2015)

  • The Municipal Water Service reports the outage of drinking water in the town of Totana for Monday, day 22 (19/06/2015)
    From 7:00 to 13:00
  • The School of Music is holding auditions 2014/15 end of year during this and next week (19/06/2015)
    They thrive in the Socio-Cultural Center "Jail"
  • Excellent results of the AD Peña Totana nine last weekend (18/06/2015)

  • The totanera Naca Eulalia Perez de Tudela Canovas receive the medal of the Order of Civil Merit (18/06/2015)
    The ceremony will be tomorrow, June 19, at the Royal Palace of Madrid
  • Activities and events from 18 to June 24, 2015 (18/06/2015)

  • Minimum services with the strike called in the services of Municipal Solid Waste Collection and Street Cleaning operator (18/06/2015)
    for 19, 21 and 23 June
  • Municipal authorities say goodbye to the morning totanera delegation on pilgrimage to the shrines of Lourdes (18/06/2015)

  • The II-7 Football Tournament "PADISITO" takes place this weekend at the Sports Complex "Guadalentín Valley" of the Paretón (18/06/2015)

  • The pools Sports Complex "Guadalentín" in the Paretón-Cantareros open this Saturday, June 20, for the new season (18/06/2015)

  • Six teams participate this weekend in the XIV Youth Football Tournament "Ciudad de Totana" (18/06/2015)
    To be held at the municipal stadium "Juan Cayuela"
  • ... (18/06/2015)

  • The Mayor meets with spokesmen for local groups (17/06/2015)
    to establish the functioning of the City and the development of institutional relations in the new legislature
  • Words after the official ceremony of constitution of the new Municipal Corporation of the City of Totana for the legislature 2015/19 (17/06/2015)

  • The Municipal Nursery School "Clara Campoamor" held this Thursday, day 18, the end of year party (17/06/2015)
    take place in the auditorium of the municipal park "Marcos Ortiz"
  • The parties will be held Lébor 26 to June 28 in honor of San Pedro (17/06/2015)
    They're organized by the Association of Residents of this council
  • The PB Totana held its eighteenth anniversary and achieving the treble this Saturday (17/06/2015)
    The celebration will take place in the field of Chato (New Way) from 12 h
  • Follow the open enrollment period for Summer Campus "MOVE'2015" (17/06/2015)
    offers numerous sports and news Leisure
  • The Delegation of Lourdes de Totana celebrates its traditional Rosario tonight at 22:00 in San Roque (16/06/2015)
    is an act prior to the pilgrimage to Lourdes
  • CFS Capuchin Cup Champion 2014-2015 (15/06/2015)
    This past weekend was raced in El Palmar the Final Four Cup championship soccer fans in the club totanero senior team won the championship
  • Local police carried out 237 tests in the special campaign on controlling the rate of alcohol and drug presence conductor, promoted by the DGT last week (15/06/2015)

  • The Municipal School of Music held the auditions 2014/15 end of year for the next two weeks (15/06/2015)
    Will the Socio-Cultural Center "Jail"
  • Interescuelas Totana Tennis Club - Sports Association La Alberca (15/06/2015)
    On Saturday June 13 took place at the premises of CTTotana a friendly tie between the students of the School of Totana CT and Sports Association of La Alberca Murcia
  • Fire in Visanfer (15/06/2015)
    Firefighters quelled the fire last night, which caused no injuries being empty for a Sunday shop
  • The Brotherhood of "The Fall" organizes dinner with a cold beer tasting (15/06/2015)
    It will take place on Saturday June 20 at the Tennis Club
  • Andrés Plazas, CC Santa Eulalia, the podium as second in the MTB "The Wild" - Velez Rubio (14/06/2015)

  • This weekend was raced in the Top 12 Single Totana Murcia (14/06/2015)

  • The new Municipal Corporation of Totana It is for the legislature 2015/19 (13/06/2015)
    chaired the first two years Juan Jose Canovas (Win Totana-IU) and the last two Andrés García (PSOE)
  • Murcia Dance and School of Dance Manoli Canovas organize intensive salsa and bachata in Totana (13/06/2015)
    Will be led by Luis San Juan de Murciabaila, Monday June 29 to Thursday July 2
  • The Sports Pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez" welcomes the 4th and July 5th 24 hours Soccer-Sala (12/06/2015)
    is organized Referees Association Totana
  • The Constitution of the City Council for the 2015/2019 term will take place on Saturday June 13, at the Centro Sociocultural "Jail" (12/06/2015)
    At 11:00
  • Awarded to totanera commercial "Avatar Internet" service redesign and maintenance of municipal portals (12/06/2015)

  • Eight volunteers from the UMU University have participated in the program "Strengthening education" (12/06/2015)
    to help school Totana sociocultural situation of disadvantage
  • Tender to govern the award of the contract bar-restaurant in the sports center "December 6" and cantina at the Sports Complex "Guadalentín Valley" was adopted (12/06/2015)

  • Totana Athletics Club organizes a meal on the occasion of its 25th anniversary (12/06/2015)
    It will take place on Sunday June 21
  • Ana Martínez Fuertes is proclaimed new queen of Municipal Center Senior Plaza Balsa Vieja (12/06/2015)

  • Many totaneros participated in the Trail Quebrantamúsculo (12/06/2015)
    It took place on Saturday June 6 in the Sierra de Castril
  • CEIP Deitania celebrates Environment Day with a day of "Open Huertas" (12/06/2015)

  • The PP wants to clarify that the public complaint made condemning scope referred exclusively to elected PSOE deputy and former mayor, aAlfonso Martinez Baths, and in any case the candidate Andres Garcia (11/06/2015)

  • Awarded to totanera commercial "Avatar Internet" service redesign and maintenance of municipal portals (11/06/2015)

  • Big Results Nine Sports Association Peña recent weeks (11/06/2015)

  • The Second Summer Campus "MOVE'2015" is organized in three fortnights (11/06/2015)
    offers numerous sports and news Leisure
  • The indoor pool Totana hosts this Saturday, the 13th, the I Championship Synchronized Swimming Schools in the Region of Murcia (11/06/2015)

  • WIN IU TOTANA public makes their election campaign accounts, which has spent 8580.05 euros (10/06/2015)
    The residents of Totana have collaborated with 7,450 euros, with small contributions
  • Sanchez Ruiz asks if there is agreement, that is "a pact to build and not destroy" (10/06/2015)
    Popular said that "the PP had not a single accused in their lists, unlike the PSOE and IU, whose nominations They have been sentenced led firm "
  • Start with the distribution of water-lemon between partners the program of activities of the Festival for the Elderly at the Centre de la Balsa Vieja (10/06/2015)
    will last until June 14
  • The pools of the sports center "December 6" of Totana yesterday officially opened form (10/06/2015)

  • The City Council held the last full and informative commissions of the legislature to approve the minutes of the last session (10/06/2015)

  • Some of the improvement works scheduled by the Municipal Water Service already completed and others in its final (10/06/2015)

  • Totanera Participation in the V Serragrosa Trail (Alicante) (08/06/2015)
    The Athlete Athletic Club Totana Antonio Jose Martinez de la Hidalga took the podium
  • Good results with two new podiums for Santa Eulalia DC this past weekend (08/06/2015)

  • The pools of the sports center "December 6" opening tomorrow, 9th, on the occasion of the Feast Day of the Region of Murcia (08/06/2015)

  • Individual Autonomico Table Tennis Championship Region of Murcia (08/06/2015)
    This past weekend were played at the Pavilion Manolo Ibáñez de Totana individual regional championships Murcia
  • The School of Dance Manoli Canovas open enrollment period for the course 2015-16 (06/06/2015)
    His identity signs remain quality teaching and a wide range of styles
  • A cyclist seriously injured after colliding with a vehicle in Totana on the road up to Santa (06/06/2015)

  • Totana City Council will close on Monday, June 8, in compensation on May 22, the feast of Santa Rita, who was working (06/06/2015)

  • The Constitution of the City Council for the 2015/2019 term will be Saturday, June 13, at the Centro Sociocultural "Jail" (05/06/2015)
    At 11:00
  • The II-7 Football Tournament "PADISITO" will be held on 20 and 21 June at the Sports Complex "Guadalentín Valley" of the Paretón (05/06/2015)

  • Totana City Council welcomes two young people from the "Eurydice" program to carry out training work practices (05/06/2015)

  • Socialist councilor-elect Victor Balsas sends a letter to the Finance Minister Cristobal Montoro (04/06/2015)

  • Activities and events from 5 to June 10, 2015 (04/06/2015)
    Information provided by the Informajoven - Department of Youth
  • Socialist councilor-elect Victor Balsas sends a letter to the Finance Minister Cristobal Montoro (04/06/2015)

  • Outage is performed in the La Cruz on the occasion of the improvement works of the water supply (04/06/2015)
    from 11:00 hours until 14:00 hours today morning
  • The IXX festival dance school Totana Mari Loli be integral with AELIP (04/06/2015)
    It will take place this coming Saturday, June 6
  • Many people visit the artisan market which is held every last Sunday of the month at the Shrine of the Holy (04/06/2015)

  • A total of 37 people participated in the first meeting point under the Project Amistad Therapy (04/06/2015)

  • The Association of Chiefs of Police Local Murcia meets in Totana (04/06/2015)
    To address issues of concern affecting this professional group
  • The Day Centre for Persons with Mental Illness has organized special activities (04/06/2015)
    A through which the autonomy, integration and healthy use of leisure time is encouraged
  • The renovation and paving of the road behind the Center "José Moya Trilla" is awarded (03/06/2015)
    Facilitate access to the CEIP "Luis Perez Rueda"
  • The parties Tirol-Camilleri neighborhood is celebrating this weekend, from 5 to June 7, with an extensive program of activities (03/06/2015)

  • The film "Jurassic World" projects in the Socio-Cultural Center "Jail" on 20 and June 21 (03/06/2015)

  • WIN TOTANA UNITED LEFT displays the first 20 measures that take place in the first month, to be responsible in the Municipal Government (02/06/2015)

  • Sixth departure organized by the group of friends Kasi Na Mountain Trail (02/06/2015)

  • Race "Dragon Challenge" will be held on June 14 in the regional park of Sierra Espuña (02/06/2015)
    It is organized by the EVA-13 and the Athletics Federation of Murcia, to the benefit of D'Genes and AELIP
  • Offer a reward of € 300 to find the missing cat in the area of ​​La Ramblica (02/06/2015)

  • The Santa Eulalia School Multisport regional champion Benjamin School Sports proclaimed, in the regional final held in Eagles (02/06/2015)

  • Local Police attaches special campaign to control the rate of alcohol and drug presence in drivers (02/06/2015)
    In the last campaign, developed in December, 6877 controls were made and there were 78 reported
  • The PB Totana celebrates the achievement of the Copa del Rey (01/06/2015)
    both at the headquarters of the PB Totana and live in the Camp Nou
  • AELIP consolidates its international office in Brazil (01/06/2015)

  • The City Council congratulates the Olympic Totana for its recent upgrade to the Third Division (01/06/2015)

  • THE Totana Athletics Club participated in several tests this weekend (01/06/2015)

  • La Peña Totana Barcelonista helps Rocio Salas (01/06/2015)
    Rocio Salas a girl of Cartagena, have serious rare disease

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