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  • Morning ZUMBA pluck 2014/15 courses organized by sonImagina (30/09/2014)
    They will be taught in Totana and Paretón by TOÑI, Authorized Instructor Zin
  • The Municipal Library program several activities for children and adults to encourage the habit of reading in the locality (30/09/2014)

  • The Balsa Vieja Square hosts the Sunday 12 October, the fourth "Solidarity Square" (30/09/2014)
    It will provide a space in which they can sell, buy and trade items in order to self-finance
  • On Wednesday a drop in pressure in the water network occurs widely throughout the village (30/09/2014)
    Due to the works of the roundabout at the Kabuki
  • Thirteen students participate in the Occupational Classroom program whereby youth permanence in the education system favors (30/09/2014)

  • The People's Party celebrates traditional Totana funeral Mass this Sunday, October 5 at 12:30 pm at Holy (30/09/2014)

  • Andrés García Cánovas presents PSOE primaries to run for mayoral Totana (29/09/2014)
    The secretary general and spokesman of the Socialists believed that "change is possible and necessary"
  • The Department of Sports Car Club congratulates Totana Totana and pilots for the organization and participation in the Rally 29th ascent of St. (29/09/2014)

  • Lidia Fernández Martínez Open Bike Marathon Runners of the Region of Murcia (29/09/2014)

  • They give COATO Eco-produces the award for lifetime achievement as organic products processing industry (29/09/2014)
    Delivery will take place next Thursday 2nd in an institutional dinner under the National Organic Congress organized by the EEAS
  • Returned rugby, returned the CRT: The Guadalentin CUP coming home (29/09/2014)
    With Marcelo Garcia in the XV de Totana and Paul Hughes directing from the bench, the Rugby Club Totana get the win against Rugby Club Lorca Guadalentin Cup in
  • PREVIEW: Councilwoman Bethlehem Muñiz questions about the Law 53/1984 of incompatibilities staff serving government (28/09/2014)

  • The Institute of Social Action Murciano spends more than a million euros for elderly care in the town of Totana (28/09/2014)
    In total 116 seats are offered in various services for older people, such as access to a residence center day or telecare service
  • The Local Group C's Citizens Totana intervened before the regular September plenary (28/09/2014)

  • Citizen Forum Totana intervened before the regular September plenary (28/09/2014)

  • Bethlehem Muñiz says that "the PP of Totana is the least likely to instruct when was the first to take the plunge workers and public services such as kindergartens" (27/09/2014)
    "Good practice requires a councilor to be absent from the vote and when the debate is subject to the same "
  • The sister city of Totana and held an official event Mérida in Extremadura capital celebrate the Santa Eulalia Trecenario (27/09/2014)
    In the municipalities and institutions that promote eulaliense cult involved in both locations
  • About 500 people this course of Integral Project for People with Rare Diseases will benefit (26/09/2014)
    It develops in the Multidisciplinary Center "Celia Pérez Carrión de Tudela"
  • Bethlehem Muñiz: "I will go to court before the impotence of political dialogue" (26/09/2014)
    "My thanks to PSOE and IU by its opposition to my failure and the deepest respect for workers CEDETO"
  • VII Congress on Rare Diseases is presented in the Ministry of Health (26/09/2014)
    S held in Totana from 24 to 26 October
  • The "Polideportiva School" program in schools in Totana begins next Oct. 1 (26/09/2014)
    has a wide range of different sports in the afternoons
  • The House approved the ordinance regulating the provision of support for children in or at risk of poverty or social exclusion in the city (26/09/2014)

  • The mayor asked the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment support and commitment to solve the record of consolidated risks in Totana (26/09/2014)

  • The UCAM collaborates with D'Genes and AELIP (26/09/2014)
    he will donate part of the proceeds of the match will face on Sunday at Catholic University of Murcia CF with Cádiz CF
  • Activities and events from 26 to 30 September 2014 (25/09/2014)
    Information provided by the Informajoven - Youth Council
  • The image of the new King Philip VI and chairs the hall of the city of Totana (25/09/2014)

  • Procedimieno tender and the award of the service contract vehicle towing-street starts (24/09/2014)
    and disposal of abandoned vehicles, such as municipal solid rediduos
  • The San Fracisco neighborhood parties are held from 3 to 5 October (24/09/2014)
    Closes the summer calendar of festivities in neighborhoods and districts of Totana
  • The plenary will address the ordinance regulating the provision of support for children in or at risk of poverty or social exclusion (24/09/2014)

  • The PSOE Totana opens the deadline for applications for primary (23/09/2014)
    The PSOE Totana has since launched Monday its primary process to elect a candidate for the mayor of the city of Totana and Municipal Elections Autonomic 2015
  • The Holy Totana Foundation organizes this weekend pilgrimage to the sister city of Mérida (23/09/2014)
    The trip includes visits to the historic cities of Toledo and Cáceres
  • Fun for charity (23/09/2014)
    On Saturday September 27 will take place on II Benefit Concert El Refugio del Viento in the City Park "Marcos Ortiz"
  • The Nine AD Peña was present in 4 tests this weekend (23/09/2014)

  • The Municipal School Board agrees to celebrate the official launch of the 2014/15 School Year in Totana next October 16 (23/09/2014)
    The Sociocultural Center "Jail"
  • On Friday, the 26th, is the deadline for registration of teams in the Football League "Play Fair (23/09/2014)
    The League will begin on October 4
  • October 1 training day in the Municipal Day Centre for People with Mental Illness Totana is organized on the 10th (23/09/2014)
    To commemorate the International Day of Mental Health
  • Muñiz recalls that "the neighbors do not understand that free speech is reprove" (23/09/2014)
    Bethlehem Councilwoman Muñiz has issued a statement before the vote of disapproval that will lead the People's Party to the next full
  • Councilwoman Bethlehem Muñiz has issued a statement in response to issued by the PSOE (22/09/2014)

  • Period open enrollment courses Photography, Photoshop, and Computer sonImagina association. (22/09/2014)

  • The PP has a motion of support for workers and for the maintenance of the work, purpose and social and economic role being made in Totana PROINVITOSA municipal corporations and CEDETO (22/09/2014)

  • ... (22/09/2014)

  • The artisan market of La Santa brings large crowd last Sunday (22/09/2014)

  • About forty people involved in the two free courses (22/09/2014)
    Offered at the Center for Local Development to undertake in the areas of hospitality and new technologies
  • THADERCONSUMO organized a talk held on 15 September in Lorca (22/09/2014)
    From Totana a free bus departed
  • They are voluntary period to collect the payment of property taxes and urban nature for the 2014 paperback (22/09/2014)

  • The departments of Health and Social Care projects seeking financial support for initiatives that develop socio entities shares with the needy in Totana (22/09/2014)

  • Today is the deadline for enrollment in the various specialties of the School of Music for the academic year 2014/15 Totana (22/09/2014)

  • ... (21/09/2014)

  • The Socialist Party of Totana and Municipal Group has issued a statement regarding the Bethlehem councilman Muñiz (20/09/2014)

  • Continued controversy Ringtone to Courtship of Our Lady of Solitude (19/09/2014)
    The Hdad.
  • More than 40 drivers from all Spain next weekend at the 29th edition will "Rise to The Holy" (19/09/2014)
    Test Championship scoring Murcia Mountain
  • Reading Club Municipal Library resumes activity with reading and discussion of the play "Love, curiosity prozac and doubt," Lucia Etxebarría (19/09/2014)

  • The Municipal Water comes to cleaning scuppers (19/09/2014)
    To prevent atranques in the street by rainfall events
  • Muñiz: "The neighbors do not understand that free speech is reprove" (18/09/2014)
    The Socialist councilor Bethlehem Muñiz has issued a statement before the vote of disapproval that aims to bring the People's Party to the next full
  • Due to the leak detection campaign in the urban case it is possible that a sensitive pressure drop is noticed at some points (18/09/2014)

  • Start new political course 2014/2015 (18/09/2014)
    Mayor fixed employment, improving infrastructure of basic services and aid to the needy as the priorities for the new political course 2014/2015
  • Popular Group ensures that the action of the municipal government in the last year in office will focus on continuing the fight against the crisis (18/09/2014)
    And working to create jobs
  • La Peña Totana Atletico Madrid organized a trip for the match in the league between Atletico Madrid and Sevilla (18/09/2014)
    It will take place on Saturday September 27
  • On Tuesday September 23 remaining seats for all courses of the Official Language School from 2014 to 2015 will be awarded (18/09/2014)

  • On Saturday September 27 will take place on El Refugio II Benefit Concert Wind (17/09/2014)
    Alfaradio and is organized by the Association of Wind Shelter
  • The Basketball Club Totana organizes the lecture "The grandstand play mothers and fathers of the sport." (17/09/2014)
    On Saturday, the 27th, will be held at the cultural center "Jail" (18:00)
  • Employment Promotion four free workshops on planning policy emprendedoras- skills, business models and business projects (17/09/2014)

  • WE Totana organized a talk entitled "Water: a human right, not a commodity." (17/09/2014)
    Will take place tomorrow, Thursday, at 20.00 pm in the Social Premises of the Neighborhood Association of the District of San Francisco
  • La Peña "Eclipse" accept the challenge set by "The Pistonazo" and gets wet for a good cause (16/09/2014)
    The totaneras involved in Ice Bucket Challenge and challenge 3 other clubs Carnival Totana
  • The Referees Association organizes Totana II soccer league, which will begin on October 6 (16/09/2014)
    Now this open enrollment period until the next day October 2
  • Local Police rescue the driver of a vehicle that had rushed to the shipping channel (16/09/2014)

  • Open until September 26 the deadline for applications to all traders who want to participate in Totana V Fair Outlet (16/09/2014)
    be held from 2 to 5 October in the Plaza de la Constitution
  • A total of 1,498 students and 410 Secondary Education High School started the course in 2014/15 schools in Totana (16/09/2014)

  • The craft market will be held this Sunday, September 21, near the sanctuary of Santa Eulalia (16/09/2014)

  • Start the walking program organized by the Sports Department with a route through the town of Fortuna (16/09/2014)

  • The Walker Group Sale Rat participated in the "La Sagra Sky Race" (16/09/2014)
    It took place last weekend, 13 and 14 September
  • ... (15/09/2014)

  • The "Vespa Club Totale" held this Saturday, the 20th, a tourist route that will serve for formal presentation (15/09/2014)

  • ... (15/09/2014)

  • The "Vespa Club Totale" held this Saturday, the 20th, a tourist route that will serve for formal presentation (15/09/2014)

  • More than 1,500 children from all schools in the municipality participate in the 2014-2015 School Sports Program (15/09/2014)

  • The feast of "Saint Leocadia" It starts this Friday September 19 (15/09/2014)
    will feature musical performances, competition-crumbs and festive fun activities
  • City officials attend the inauguration of the painting exhibition "Freedom of Color" (15/09/2014)
    From "Cons-T" Cultural Association
  • 8 Totana TM Club representatives participated in the Open City Lorca (15/09/2014)
    In general, good results for participants totaneros
  • Numbers Totana Athletics Club athletes participated in the XXII edition Carrera Nonduermas Popular (14/09/2014)

  • 250 bikers participating in the memorial Sunday Pelegrin mtb VIII (14/09/2014)

  • The School of Dance "Manoli Canovas" opens new facilities and expanding its activities for the new course (13/09/2014)
    Pilates classes and prepare for access to the conservatory are some of the major developments of the course, the registration period is now open
  • The council calls for those interested in developing tourism initiatives in the town (12/09/2014)
    to attend a meeting on Tuesday with officials from the Ministry of Tourism
  • The School of Music will host more than 350 students during course 2014-2015 (12/09/2014)
    The registration period is open until September 22
  • The X commemorating the Solidarity Gathering of Friends and Patients with Alzheimer's will be held from 16 to 21 September (12/09/2014)
    They are organized by the association "La Carrasca of La Santa"
  • Activities and events from 12 to 14 September 2014 (11/09/2014)
    Information provided by the Informajoven - Youth Council
  • The cultural association "Con-Fret" opens tomorrow Friday Gregorio Cebrian exhibit his show "Freedom of Color" (11/09/2014)

  • The Municipal Water rushes restoration works on a section of pipe sanitation Street San Antonio (11/09/2014)
    had caused significant blockages in the network in the area
  • The V Fair Outlet Totana 25 exhibitors gather in the Plaza of the Constitution (10/09/2014)
    It will take place from 2 to 5 October
  • The Immaculate Eggs team, "An egg of solidarity" (10/09/2014)
    totanera The company also wanted to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge in an original way
  • The Civil Guard detained in a young offender Totana dedicated to commit burglary (10/09/2014)
    It caused a fire in your building that forced his evacuation
  • Lorca hosts during the month of September, "Egypt, Art and Culture" exhibition totanero potter Francisco Javier Tudela (10/09/2014)

  • The Popular Party presented a motion to support farmers and producers affected by the veto of Russia to export (10/09/2014)

  • THADERCONSUMO organizes a talk to be held on Monday September 15 at 21: 00h in Lorca (09/09/2014)
    From Totana a free bus will depart
  • Very good reception in Cartagena multisport day (09/09/2014)
    It was to benefit the Association of Rare Disease Genes D'
  • The city of Totana is exposed to the public the list of potential candidates for membership of juries for the biennium 2015/2016 (09/09/2014)

  • Totana adds to the special campaign on seat belt and child restraint systems active until September 14 (09/09/2014)

  • The broker AD Peña Nine Regional Championship Runners-Bike Marathon Murcia (08/09/2014)

  • Andrés Santa Eulalia CC Sleeps up to the podium at the Regional Championships MTB Marathon (08/09/2014)

  • The municipality improves accessibility to the hermitage of La Huerta with the construction of a walkway (08/09/2014)

  • The Minister of Education and the Mayor visited the Colegio de San José (08/09/2014)
    Coinciding with the start of classes in Totana to more than 3,500 students join
  • Follow the open enrollment period in the two free courses to take in catering and new technologies that will start on 22 September (08/09/2014)
    These training courses, which have 210 hours each, are aimed at under 30
  • ... (08/09/2014)

  • CC Riders of Santa Eulalia, very combative in Spain Master Championships UCI Road. (08/09/2014)

  • Statement of the Board of PROINVITOSA after allegations of socialist councilor, Bethlehem Muñiz (08/09/2014)

  • The Department of Sports presents the program Gymnastics Maintenance for adults, seniors and disabled (05/09/2014)
    is developed throughout the course 2014-2015
  • They claim that the local road-Totana Mazarron is a secondary route of the most dangerous (05/09/2014)
    On the traffic load, pavement condition, dirt in the gutters and dangerous slopes
  • Open enrollment for the course of Basic Training Administrative Services (05/09/2014)
    Placement from the Education Center Lower Guadalentin
  • Currently running the website of VII National Congress of Rare Diseases (04/09/2014)
    Through the website, which has been developed by Totana.com with Superweb, you can make entries
  • The mayor of La Huerta pedánea invites neighbors Totana to participate in the festivities this weekend celebrating (04/09/2014)

  • City and CARM sign an agreement to continue with the basic features of social services primary care (04/09/2014)

  • Muñiz: "The PP should explain the serious problems of Totana and not attack my work as a smokescreen" (03/09/2014)
    Respueta Procurement Information Belen Muniz at CP
  • The neighbors of the council of La Huerta held this weekend traditional festivals (03/09/2014)

  • Totana Aikido Club members participate in the filming of Adventures of Moriana (03/09/2014)
    This is a film that is being shot on the nearby town of Alhama
  • Muñiz: "At all times I have acted responsibly in the exercise of my political responsibility" (03/09/2014)
    "At all times I have done it from exercising my independence and freedom of expression"
  • Black Label is organizing a course on "Social Protocol and How to Be the Perfect Host" (03/09/2014)
    It will be taught by Angélica Jiménez Galera.
  • The Brotherhood of "Denial" organized trip to Zaragoza-Teruel (03/09/2014)
    will take place on 18 and 19 October
  • The PP requires the local PSOE clarify whether delusional and inconsistent statements Ms. Summer. Muñiz are attributable to their egos and personal "interest" or party "that supposedly represents" (03/09/2014)

  • Statement of the Board of CEDETO to accusations of socialist councilor, Bethlehem Muñiz (03/09/2014)

  • The summer movie ends with a screening of the children's film "Kumbha, zebra without stripes" (03/09/2014)
    will have a special price of 2 euros
  • On 20 September is celebrated the "XIV edition of the Big Pond: Great Panzamelba Award" (02/09/2014)
    This year is renewed to include a march to walk 8 kilometers parallel
  • ... (02/09/2014)

  • ... (02/09/2014)

  • Totana host the 29th edition of the Ascent to the Holy Shrine of the next 26, 27 and 28 September (01/09/2014)
    Totana The double date will be the fourth event of the Championship of Murcia Mountain
  • Muñiz: "We have to review the ineffectiveness of municipal corporations that cost money for the neighbors' (01/09/2014)
    " The silence is consent "but the neighbors do not deserve silences" because there is no gag us or blackmail, "said the Socialist councilor
  • Good performance of cyclists in Santa Eulalia CC Regional Championships 2014 Senior-Master (01/09/2014)

  • Seven players Totana TM Club traveled to Baza to play this tournament Granada town (01/09/2014)


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