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  • The Contest II Bugles and Drums Solidarity managed to raise € 2,310 for the fight against cancer (30/04/2012)

  • The Craft Fair of the Terrisa (Tarragona) celebrated the Day of the Region of Murcia (30/04/2012)
    a dozen potters participate Murcia.
  • The IES "Prado Mayor" host briefings on the project "Agrégate" within youth correspondents program (30/04/2012)

  • Results sports weekend from 26 to 29 April 2012 (30/04/2012)

  • They carry out work repainting road markings and Street Maintenance General Aznar (30/04/2012)

  • Bar-Pinatar Pacote FS 0 to 5 CFS Capuchin (30/04/2012)
    Partidazo and convincing win of the fry
  • ... (30/04/2012)

  • The totanero José Miguel Cano participated in the Third Crossing solidarity of the Holy Face in Alicante, 8 km (29/04/2012)

  • State Fair of Tarragona Terrisa held tomorrow on the day of the Murcia region involving a dozen potters Murcia (29/04/2012)

  • AF Dental Clinic Totana already have a web page (27/04/2012)
    Dental AF has opted for "Superweb" to create your own website
  • The corporate give green light to the proposal that urges the Ministry of Finance to compel the government to pay for services exclusive competence (27/04/2012)
    And that municipalities no longer afford costs of inappropriate skills
  • The House approved the City Sports Totana be called "Valverde Queen" (27/04/2012)
    in recognition memory of the late former councilor of sports and who died in March
  • The artisan market of the Holy held again this Sunday April 29 (27/04/2012)

  • Totana Local Police recovered a moped that had been stolen from a resident of the hamlet of San Ginés Murcia few days ago (27/04/2012)

  • They rush to remodel the pavement performance and arrangement of trees in the Square of the Three Hail Marys Convent (27/04/2012)

  • "Superweb" and NACEX sign a cooperation agreement to offer significant discounts on parcel delivery (26/04/2012)
    companies that hire a Superweb Online Store can save over 20% in the parcel shipping
  • The Aesthetic PCPCI Auxiliary Services of the Department of Employment conducts workshops for Occupational Health and Safety (26/04/2012)

  • III Route Fortresses (26/04/2012)
    CAT Athletes participated last Saturday the 21 in the third edition of the Route of the Strengths, in Cartagena
  • Unemployed youth make gardening practices in municipal areas in the framework of the "Labor" (26/04/2012)
    What promotes the Collective for Social Promotion "The Candle"
  • More than 600 students from all schools in the area involved in the day and Popular Alternative Sports Games (25/04/2012)
    was carried out at the fairgrounds
  • Sports Calendar April 26 to May 1, 2012 (25/04/2012)

  • City officials are aware of the cultural week activities of the IES "Prado Mayor" entitled "Memory and remembrance" (25/04/2012)
    is celebrated this week
  • Totana potters representing the Region of Murcia in the largest exhibition of ceramic nationally (25/04/2012)
    takes place this weekend at the Galley (Tarragona)
  • The Queen Sofía College celebrates its Cultural Week "Book Day" from 23 to 27 April with a broad program of activities (25/04/2012)
    The Cultural Week focuses this year on "The Discoverers"
  • Local Police and Guardia Civil put in place a tracking device and search for the author of fires taking place in recent months (25/04/2012)
    Since January this year, has recorded over twenty fire incidents in relation to container or awnings
  • The Department of Sports organized a day of mountain biking with a route through the landscape of Malvariche (25/04/2012)
    will take place on Sunday, April 29
  • Success in both Storytelling sessions organized in public libraries Totana occasion of World Book Day activities (25/04/2012)

  • The April regular plenary session addresses almost twenty proposals (25/04/2012)
    among which is the modification of the municipal ordinance regulating the parking card for disabled people
  • The Department of Sports organized tomorrow, Wednesday April 25th a day of popular and alternative sports games at the fairgrounds (24/04/2012)
    over 600 students participate in all schools in the town
  • The municipality covers part of the services provided on the pool deck during the duration of the award to a new concessionaire of service (24/04/2012)

  • The Secretary General of the Government Office and the Mayor of Totana ask farmers, ranchers and headman who report the theft on their property (24/04/2012)
    to articulate an optimal rural safety plan
  • The Department of Culture takes to the streets 40 books in the second edition of the "Book Review" (24/04/2012)

  • The local police arrested an individual for an alleged threats with a knife and causing injury to the inhabitants of a house (24/04/2012)

  • On Sunday there was a Mass Rociera in the cab of the Romeros Lebor (23/04/2012)
    also saw the awarding medals to the new members of the Association of the Romeros Lebor
  • Success of public initiative "Your trade in the square" (23/04/2012)
    Totana shops selling exhibitors set up yesterday in the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja to boost this sector
  • Now available the website of "Superweb", a project developed by Totana.com (23/04/2012)

  • Storyteller, Book Review, book presentations and other activities commemorating World Book Day which is celebrated today (23/04/2012)

  • Results sports weekend 21 and 22 April 2012 (23/04/2012)

  • Chronicles weekend CFS CAPUCHIN (23/04/2012)

  • The schedule of Citizen Service on Wednesday, April 25, will be 9 to 13 hours (23/04/2012)
    coinciding with the feast of San Marcos
  • ... (21/04/2012)

  • Browse the new website Pool Megarsa (21/04/2012)
    Totana.com has developed the new website Megarsa Pools with 'Superweb': a tool to both create new websites to improve an existing website
  • Nearly 200 students from schools in the region of Guadalentín participate in the XXIII Olympiad Mathematics hosted by the CEIP "Tierno Galvan" (21/04/2012)
    were subjected to five problems for two hours
  • The Prado Mayor IES organized Cultural Week under the title "Memory and the memory" with a wide range of activities (20/04/2012)
    will take place from 23 to 27 April 2012
  • Rugby Club tonight Totana presents its 1st gear (20/04/2012)
    Tonight, at 21.00 in the Plaza of the Constitution, the Rugby Club will present the first kit Totana to compete in that league
  • The Day Centre "José Moya Trilla" participates in the Regional Championships in Athletics (20/04/2012)
    was held in Murcia
  • They rush repair work and maintenance of major ornamental elements listed in the House of General Aznar (20/04/2012)

  • The Association of the Romeros Lebor participate in various activities of the April Fair (19/04/2012)
    will take place from 20 to 22 April in the exhibition of Totana
  • Tomorrow is the deadline to join the Provider Payment Plan of the City of Totana (19/04/2012)

  • The City Council and the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Gualdalentín signed a cooperation agreement (19/04/2012)
    To encourage the establishment of companies by persons under 40 years
  • Totana Local Police arrested two people who had an accident in the RM-3 in a car they had stolen (19/04/2012)
    And they were located in the hamlet of El Paretón
  • The 44th pilgrimage to Lourdes takes place from 22 to 27 July (18/04/2012)
    Those interested in attending may register from next Tuesday
  • The mayor will propose at the next plenary ordinary Sports City "Espuña" Totana be renamed "Valverde Queen" (18/04/2012)
    In tribute to former councilor died last month sports
  • Agenda sports weekend 21 and 22 April 2012 (18/04/2012)

  • The Police Canine Unit Local Totana VI participates in the course of Guide Dogs Drug Detector Dog (18/04/2012)
    was held in the city of Alicante
  • A total of 165 students from schools in the region of Guadalentín participate Saturday in the XXIII Olympiad Mathematics (18/04/2012)
    be held at the CEIP "Tierno Galvan" Totana
  • The council recepciona part of the archive's official chronicler of Totana (18/04/2012)
    on the local news have been published in the regional media in the last 20 years
  • Starts this Sunday, April 22, the initiative "Your Trade on the Square" (17/04/2012)
    Totana Several shops set up booths at the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja to boost this sector
  • The neighborhood parties Tirol-Camilleri in honor of San Marcos held from 27 to 29 April with a broad program of activities (17/04/2012)
    It is organized by the new local board
  • Totana Local Police recovered a stolen car that caused an accident with no injuries to drive the vehicle back down (17/04/2012)

  • From tomorrow the central building of the City closed three evenings a week (16/04/2012)
    how to measure that aims to save about 50,000 euros a year
  • More than thirty people involved in the trekking route mines Mazarrón (16/04/2012)

  • The People's Party will ask the Ministry of Finance to compel the government to pay for services exclusive jurisdiction (16/04/2012)
    And that municipalities no longer afford costs of inappropriate skills
  • VII athletic league "Sports Mill" (16/04/2012)
    Quedada-entremamiento "The carob" (7 th day)
  • ... (16/04/2012)

  • Tomorrow there will be the talk "Going to the Institute: a new stage, a new challenge," framed by the Municipal School Parent (16/04/2012)
    At 20:00 hours on the Socio-Cultural Center "The Jail"
  • I Walk Espuña Cycling (15/04/2012)
    On the morning of Sunday 15 Totana was played in March I Espuña Cyclist, organized by the Cycling Club Santa Eulalia
  • Agenda sports weekend 14 and 15 April 2012 (13/04/2012)

  • Totaneros Young entrepreneurs learn to create their business blog through the Young Entrepreneurs Association of Guadalentín (13/04/2012)

  • Still open enrollment within graphic design course and laughter therapy workshop (13/04/2012)

  • Ends Easter Tournament Tennis Tennis Club Totana (13/04/2012)

  • The Local Government Board approves the cooperation agreement with AJE-Guadalentín (12/04/2012)
    through which entrepreneurs under 40 get municipal subsidies
  • Finalize technical courses of active job search and information developed by the Collective "The Candle" (12/04/2012)

  • The Local Board of the AECC Totana euros in 2883 collected alms on Palm Sunday last (11/04/2012)
    The Second Contest solidarity Bugles and Drums will be held Saturday April 21
  • The group of Songs and Dances "City of Totana" promoted again to the city of Totana in the Bando de la Huerta (11/04/2012)

  • He cuts off water service in much of the town without locating a fault in the main artery of supply to the city (11/04/2012)

  • Exhibition period voluntary payment of tax on motor vehicles of 2012 (11/04/2012)

  • The Totana Rugby Club hosts its first Rugby Clinic (10/04/2012)
    The Clinic, aimed at both senior and junior level to be taught by Dutch coach Perry Klos
  • ... (10/04/2012)

  • The mayor reported that the main building of City Hall will close three afternoons a week to save 50,000 per year (10/04/2012)
    Sanchez Ruiz has indicated that step is achieving optimal savings internally to not spend more than you need
  • The group of Songs and Dances "City of Totana" participate today in the Bando de la Huerta de Murcia 2012 (10/04/2012)
    adding to the great international promotion of Murcia
  • There are still places available for the free workshop to be held on Thursday 12 April on "Creating my own company blog" (10/04/2012)

  • Still open registration period for the day of hiking planned for Sunday April 15 for mine de Mazarron (10/04/2012)

  • On Sunday April 15 held the "1st gear cyclist Sierra eEpuña" (09/04/2012)
    We bring together more than 300 athletes from different parts of Spain
  • The Mayor congratulated the Illustrious Cabildo Totana of processions and all the fraternities (09/04/2012)
    for the good organization of the acts and processions of Holy Week 2012
  • ... (08/04/2012)

  • Back to Espuña IV (05/04/2012)
    On Saturday 31 March was held the 4th turn Espuña organized by the club Totana hiker
  • Constructions Palomares received the award for best VPO housing development in the Region of Murcia (05/04/2012)
    Residential CROMA also received in 2011 the fourth Sustainable Development Award in the category of eco-efficiency
  • Choose the bag, add travel or item you want from the online catalog that includes the new website of the store Bolsacs (04/04/2012)
    Totana.com created with 'Superweb' Bolsacs's website: a Totana store with a huge variety of items including
  • The totaneros residing outside the municipality can see live output collection and processions (04/04/2012)
    webcam through the council of New Technologies offered through the council website
  • The mayor estimated at 1.2 million euros in annual savings that will stop afford the maintenance costs of schools (04/04/2012)

  • A score of children participating in the "First Conference of Minitenis-Bilingual" (04/04/2012)
    have been developed in the Municipal Sports Center "December 6" on the occasion of the celebrations of Holy Week
  • Championship Downhill Mountain Bike of the community of Valencia (04/04/2012)
    The totanero Jose Sanchez Canovas (HELIOSUR-VICMA-BIKERS) achieved first place in DH Titaguas (Valencia)
  • The band's musical group Totana offers Easter concert in the parish of Santiago (03/04/2012)

  • You can pick up the guide Easter "BE Cofrades" in the Office of Tourism Totana (03/04/2012)
    Edit Lorca Radio Cadena Dial Cadena Ser and Guadalentín
  • Tomorrow will be a cut in the drinking water for several hours in the morning in various parts of the town (03/04/2012)
    To make the junction to the overall service network in the new school "La Cruz"
  • AJE Guadalentín provided on 12 April in Totana a free workshop on "Creating my own company blog" (03/04/2012)

  • "Guidelines and recommendations established by the Illustrious Cabildo Superior processions for the proper development of our Easter" (02/04/2012)
    News of the Illustrious Cabildo processions Senior Totana
  • Users of Psychosocial Support Services visit the headquarters of the Illustrious Cabildo Superior Processions (02/04/2012)
    To see first hand the activities carried out towards the Holy Week
  • Results sports weekend March 31 and April 1, 2012 (02/04/2012)

  • On Good Friday there was a mass in the chapel of Calvary (02/04/2012)
    It was organized by the HDAD.
  • Users who want to communicate with the local police in Totana and can, again, through the usual 092 or phone 968/418181 (02/04/2012)


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