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  • The municipal authorities deliver extraordinary salaries for December to Caritas and other NGOs (30/12/2012)
    to purchase food
  • Two totaneros XX participated in the Christmas Crossing swim in Alicante (29/12/2012)

  • Strong December for the Athletics Club Totana (29/12/2012)
    have been present in large amount of evidence and closed as is tradition with its participation in several San Wild
  • The municipal budget for 2013 calls for balance and fiscal consolidation which requires the Fiscal Stability Law (28/12/2012)
    Y commitment to support the productive sectors and social policies
  • PSOE: "The worst budgets for 2013" (28/12/2012)
    "A debt of over one hundred million euros that the Mayor is unable to cope and totaneros pay in taxes, fees and fines"
  • The Young Socialists Totana join the journey of kings (28/12/2012)
    The JST, in a gesture of solidarity, have joined the campaign "Kings Crossing" that organized the Ermita de Burgos Athletics Club in collaboration with the Red Cross and the city of Murcia Totana
  • Young people turn their digital experience in an intergenerational learning under the program "Help, I want to be digital!" (28/12/2012)
    To promote the safe and responsible Internet
  • Total success of children's show "Cantabaila" (28/12/2012)
    It was held at the Center Theater Sociocultural "Jail" to benefit the victims of the earthquake in Lorca
  • The family wishes you G'Genes a merry Christmas and a prosperous 2013 (27/12/2012)
    The Family D'Genes held on Saturday December 22 an act of Christmas, which was held in the garden of Totana Camacho Ramos
  • The House approves the municipal budget for the year 2013 (27/12/2012)
    Upgrade to 27.3 million euros, representing an increase of six over the year to repay the See by municipal water and sewer
  • On Saturday the 29th, at 12 noon, there will be a new show "Cantabaila" Sociocultural Center "Jail" (27/12/2012)
    to the huge buzz created in the meeting scheduled for today
  • The Local Police participates in awareness workshops and training on specialized care for women victims of domestic violence (27/12/2012)

  • Held last departure trekking program organized by the Department of Sports, which takes place in Mula and Bullas (27/12/2012)

  • The Center for Child Development and Early Totana serves 130 children in 2012 (27/12/2012)

  • The environmental awareness campaign on waste recycling begins in Totana cocienciar citizens for the good use of the containers (26/12/2012)

  • On Friday January 4 no service will be provided to citizens (SAC) in the hamlet of El Paretón-Cantareros (26/12/2012)

  • The last regular plenary session of the year approaches the approval of the General Budget for the year 2013 (26/12/2012)

  • The City Council granted a total of 69 grants in 2012 (26/12/2012)
    Programs for Social Emergency Compensatory Income Support and Social Inclusion Training for Social Inclusion Assistance Grants
  • The Santa Eulalia school held its traditional Christmas party (23/12/2012)
    It took place on Friday 21 December
  • Club Totana TM results I open season autonomic Single (23/12/2012)
    Numerous Totana TM club participation in the First Open Autonomy of the season this weekend held at the premises of the CAR Infanta Cristina de Los Narejos
  • Act graducación promoting the sixth International Baccalaureate students (23/12/2012)

  • Christmas Message 2012 (23/12/2012)
    Isabel Maria Sanchez Ruiz.
  • Young Socialists Totana: "the real problems of youth are the People's Party attacks" (22/12/2012)
    From JST want to remember the PP "to indoctrinate the masses for social and educational reforms are Wert Minister"
  • Musical Language students of the Municipal School of Music star in a Christmas Carol Concert (22/12/2012)
    It took place in the theater Sociocultural Center "Jail"
  • Santa Claus will visit tomorrow Totana (21/12/2012)
    Tomorrow Saturday 22 December from 19:00 awaiting the arrival of Santa to Totana for younger children can leave their cards
  • The mayor issues a proclamation (21/12/2012)
    for owners of agricultural farms or who have undertaken works for any damage as a result of torrential rains September ICIO request the bonus
  • The SAC reports that next Monday 24 and December 31 muncipal registration may be made at the local police (21/12/2012)

  • The Association "D'genes" organizes Gala Christmas II "Innocents" by Rare Diseases (21/12/2012)
    will take place on December 28 in the Hall Performing Arts-Film Velasco
  • Christmas City officials congratulated users and teachers Occupational Center "José Moya" and Psychosocial Support Service (21/12/2012)

  • The Choir School CEIP "Santa Eulalia" held a Christmas concert in the parish of "The Three Hail Marys" (21/12/2012)

  • ... (20/12/2012)

  • The Socialist Party denounced "another deception of the mayor's neighbors" (20/12/2012)
    "After the promises of the government team, works against the College of St. Joseph continue to endanger schoolchildren"
  • The Brotherhood Santa Maria Salome and Ecce Homo held a solidarity campaign of collecting food and toys (20/12/2012)
    It will take place on Saturday 22 December
  • The mayor and City Council Social Care compliment the Easter holiday seniors (20/12/2012)

  • Students of musical initiation of the Municipal School of Music present their work to parents and relatives interpretive (20/12/2012)

  • The city is adorned with christmas decorations and floral decorations for Christmas and Reyes (20/12/2012)
    Y suppresses the Christmas street lighting and Reyes
  • The Youth Council launched for Christmas Holidays Winter School 2012 (20/12/2012)
    This initiative goes hand in hand with Collective for Social Promotion "The Candle"
  • Local Stage School Sports Chess (19/12/2012)
    A total of 58 students participated in the local phase Chess School Sports organized by the Department of Sports and Chess Club Totana
  • Social Puzzle Internet sees the light with "SUPERWEB" by Totana.com (19/12/2012)
    "Our mission is to assist and provide services and solutions to people who need it"
  • Exhibition Registration for the hiking route that will take place this Sunday 23 Pliego to Bullas (19/12/2012)

  • The council web becomes a fundamental tool for freelancers and companies to be able to create a business from your own computer (19/12/2012)

  • The employer of Totana, Santa Eulalia, received hundreds of flowers in the traditional offering (18/12/2012)
    Many organizations and groups have also delivered non-perishable food to be delivered to those most in need
  • Tomorrow is going to proceed with the cleaning deposit Norica (18/12/2012)
    As lose water pressure in the areas of Industrial, The Norica and La Huerta
  • This afternoon at 20:00 hours will be offered to businessmen, entrepreneurs, unemployed and interested in a general briefing on the new European funding lines (18/12/2012)
    EAFRD under the program
  • Effective emergency municipal involved in the fire truck, live animal sales in The Paretón-Cantareros (18/12/2012)

  • You can enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in the CEIP Deitania (18/12/2012)
    Both teachers, the concierge, and students of all courses, have helped decorate the entire Center
  • City officials visiting seniors to congratulate Christmas (18/12/2012)

  • New Generations says it is not necessary that offer JJSS PSOE headquarters as study room "to indoctrinate young" (18/12/2012)

  • Christmas Proclamation 2012 (18/12/2012)
    Antonio Campos Canovas, professor and belenista totanero, performs the Christmas Proclamation in the Chapel of the Miraculous
  • We present the Christmas program and Kings of Totana 2012/13 (17/12/2012)
    It runs until early January and includes almost twenty activities
  • The Mayor Meets with European Commissioner for Regional Policy, together with Valcárcel and the mayors of Lorca and Puerto Lumbreras (17/12/2012)
    to claim EU grants to mitigate the effects of floods in the region
  • City officials attending the V Regional Congress COAG-IR in Murcia held under the theme "Agriculture is power" (17/12/2012)
    Miguel Padilla was elected new head of this organization and livestock farming
  • Sports Pavilion hosted a novel activity of Zumba Fitness (17/12/2012)
    More than 250 people attended
  • Almost a hundred people participated in the Walk Popular traditional framed within the program of festivities employer (17/12/2012)

  • City officials inaugurate the Bethlehem Municipal (16/12/2012)
    It comprises more than 400 figures
  • Christmas Dinner of the Association "Amas and householders Same-da" in the hamlet of Paretón (16/12/2012)

  • Victoria of the three teams Totana TM club in games played this weekend (16/12/2012)

  • UI requires the PP to clarify the financing of election campaigns and whether URVISAN received money to fund the election campaign of 2007, as published today by The Truth (15/12/2012)
    "The UCO investigates alleged supply of money from a builder to PP Totana"
  • The Mayor of Totana signs agreement with UCOMUR to promote social economy, employment and local development (14/12/2012)

  • "2nd chance" to return to the labor market " (14/12/2012)
    UCOMUR introduces students of educational programs promoted by the council, teachers, professors and interested the project" 2nd chance "to return to the labor market"
  • The tear Christmas activities this weekend with the opening of the Bethlehem Municipal (14/12/2012)
    And the pronunciation of the opening of Christmas in the Chapel of the Miraculous
  • The wreath to Santa Eulalia and close cultural and sports activities programming Ssanta parties Eulalia 2012 (14/12/2012)

  • The local phase Chess School Sports will take place tomorrow, Saturday December 15th at the Pavilion Manolo Ibáñez (14/12/2012)
    After 10 hours
  • PSOE: "The mayor and council of Agriculture again giving back to the farmers affected by the severe floods of last September" (14/12/2012)
    "With these attitudes demonstrate palpable and leave the little interest that the PP is to farmers "
  • The scientist totanero Pedro Martinez Gomez teaches a series of conferences in Tunisia (13/12/2012)
    funded by the Spanish Agency of International Cooperation for Development (AECID)
  • Santa Claus will visit World Piñatas to collect letters from the little ones of the house (13/12/2012)
    Totana Santa Claus will be on 15 and 22 December from 19:00 to 21:00 hours "Piñatas World"
  • The Department of Sports and Club "Kuore" I organize Tennis League and Winter Local Journeys MINITENNIS II-Bilingual in English (13/12/2012)

  • The Department of Housing reports that collect injury applications in homes by rain until 26 December (13/12/2012)

  • Information session on new lines of European funding under the program EAFRD (13/12/2012)
    will be held on Tuesday, December 18th at 20:00 pm in the Meeting Room
  • In the Sports Pavilion are enabled to collect food items and toys for the Christmas campaign driven by Red Cross (13/12/2012)

  • 150 Totana farmers participating in a rally in front of the Government Office of Murcia (12/12/2012)
    protesting the government's refusal to grant Regional and Central aid for flood victims of Sept. 28
  • City officials meet with associations to address the needs Raiguero this neighborhood council (12/12/2012)

  • Popular Walk takes place this Sunday, the 16th, departing at 9:00 am from the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja (12/12/2012)

  • Psychosocial Support Services receives training through a conference Driver Education (12/12/2012)
    organized by the Department of Public Safety
  • "Commitment and spirituality today" A necessary dialogue (12/12/2012)
    The Cultural Centre and Workers Totana organizes a talk to be held on Friday 14
  • The mayor thanked all sports clubs, neighborhood associations and social groups involvement and collaboration (11/12/2012)
    celebration program in Santa Eulalia '2012
  • Bala Azul - Olympic Totana (0-2) (11/12/2012)
    Georgi and Antonio prolong hot streak with two headers rojiblanca
  • The school La Milagrosa get first place in the local phases youngest basketball and volleyball School Sports fry (11/12/2012)
    Organized by the Department of Sports
  • Public Safety Councilman institutional attends the feast of the patron of the Air Force in the EVA-13, Morrón Espuña (11/12/2012)

  • The Holy Foundation presents its website during the course of the exhibition to the public of the 14th edition of the "Journal of The Holy" (11/12/2012)

  • Totana Spain hosted the Super Judo cadet (11/12/2012)

  • The vicar episcopal area and former pastor of Santiago, Francisco Fructuoso, received the title of Honorary Citizen of Loyal and Noble City Totana (10/12/2012)
    Coinciding with the Mass in honor of the patron saint Eulalia
  • Hundreds of neighbors accompany the image of Santa Eulalia, patroness of Totana, in procession through the streets of the city (10/12/2012)
    coinciding with his saint day celebration in local
  • More than 14,000 people to the patron accompañaron Totana "Santa Eulalia de Mérida" from his sanctuary on Easter to the hermitage of San Roque (10/12/2012)

  • On Wednesday 12 will cut the water supply by the works of the weight-making (10/12/2012)
    lower the pressure in most homes in the municipality
  • Third Edition of Rallysprint Totana, Santa Eulalia holiday (10/12/2012)
    It took place on Sunday December 9 in the vicinity of the hamlet of Raiguero totanera Bass
  • Andres David Ros, National Qualifier Tournament champion table tennis (09/12/2012)
    More than 300 players from all classes took part in the 7, 8 and 9 December in Hall David Santamaría de Guadalajara in the National Tournament Qualifier
  • The "Peña Madridista The Tenth" Totana renamed "The Tenth Peña Madridista, Augustine Herrerín" (08/12/2012)

  • "The Saint" and have a website: lasanta.es (08/12/2012)
    Through this page, created with "SUPERWEB" opens the whole world about Santa Eulalia and the sanctuary, and all the activities around the patron , the temple, and the Foundation
  • The Association "Canico" performs a free route through the town of Totana (07/12/2012)

  • 503 athletes participated in the XXV Popular Cross Constitution Day (07/12/2012)

  • The safety of the pilgrimage of Santa Eulalia down tomorrow will comprise more than 50 personnel (07/12/2012)
    RM-502 road is closed to traffic from five o'clock
  • Two dozen clubs participated in the fifth contest crumbs occasion of the festivities of Santa Eulalia (07/12/2012)

  • Students from schools "Reina Sofia" and "Santa Eulalia" pilgrimages celebrate their children in honor of the patron (07/12/2012)

  • The socialist grouping Totana asks the local president of the PP to "defend pensioners and not justify his party" (07/12/2012)
    "It must be said loud and clear that Rajoy has lied to pensioners"
  • The chupinazo officially started the festivities employers Santa Eulalia'2012 (06/12/2012)

  • The fairgrounds, to the flag to mark the "Day of the carny" (06/12/2012)
    Younger could enjoy all the attractions to 1.50 euros
  • Opens the festivities Totana 2012 with chupinazo from the balcony of the town hall (05/12/2012)
    This year is provided by Ladybird Ros
  • The Popular Cross XXV "Constitution Day" will be held tomorrow in the various categories (05/12/2012)
    To mark the sports program of the festivities of La Santa
  • PP president of Totana reports that "the Government of Spain will go up by 2% despite the pension crisis" (05/12/2012)

  • The mayor holds first institutional meeting with the new president and board of Illustrious Cabildo Higher Processions (05/12/2012)

  • IU: "The labor reform, tax increases and cuts in government Rajoy, continue to rage in Jobs in Totana" (05/12/2012)
    "with an increase of 30 unemployed in November"
  • The Ministry of Presidency will honor the Association of Volunteers Totana (05/12/2012)
    for his help in the emergency management of earthquakes in Lorca
  • The Supercopa of Spain Judo in cadet category, takes place this coming Saturday, day 8 (05/12/2012)
    The Sports Pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez"
  • School Totana colleges participating in the drawing competition and arts "Santa Eulalia and children" that promotes the Foundation's Santa (04/12/2012)
    remains exposed in the Parish of Santiago
  • The Foundation The Saint and the Popular Culture Department organized a photo competition on the figure of Santa Eulalia and its festivities (04/12/2012)

  • The Municipal IU-Greens in Totana sympathizes with Disabilities in the International Day (04/12/2012)
    And read a manifesto in support of the group and their families
  • Totana offers users a mobile application "smartphones" as a tourist guide service municipality (04/12/2012)

  • The Civil Guard and local police arrested five people Totana for stealing a grape farm (04/12/2012)
    have been recovered 1,100 kilograms of table grapes and seized a van theft related agricultural product
  • Twelve students participate in Initial Vocational Training Program on "Activities in nurseries and gardens" (04/12/2012)
    It is taught in the CLD
  • The Socialist Party denounced the serious Totana cuts Disabilities (04/12/2012)
    On the occasion of the Day of Disability, Municipal Socialist Group in the City of Totana believes that "the PP government cuts in disability show antisocial character"
  • The Red Cross Hall and participate together in the "Kings Crossing" (04/12/2012)
    to collect nonperishable food, money or toys for needy
  • Hundreds participate in family in the "Bicycle Day" (03/12/2012)

  • Totana Rugby Club lost in Torrevieja (03/12/2012)
    On November 24 was held in the field of Torrevieja Nelson Mandela, the party belongs to the third round of the second division league rugby land between The Tigers of Torrevieja and El Rugby club Totana
  • They cut the water supply in most of Totana for repairs to the aqueduct Taibilla (03/12/2012)

  • The Classic Car Concentration VIII Totana already become a classic in the program of activities of the festival of Santa Eulalia (03/12/2012)

  • Wounded a local police officer who was struck by a vehicle failing to yield the right in the "La Turra" (03/12/2012)

  • Delivery Spain Championship titles Jetski (03/12/2012)
    The totanero Antonio Costa won the sixth place of the Open de Andalucia jet rally in Nerja
  • Deleted Totana City Council street lighting on the occasion of the festival of Santa Eulalia and Christmas, to save more than 20,000 euros (02/12/2012)
    Only a few simple ornaments placed with low-energy lighting in the streets of the Constitution and Balsa Vieja
  • The Oath ceremony and inauguration of the new President of the Illustrious Cabildo Totana Higher processions will take place tomorrow Sunday (01/12/2012)
    During the celebration of the Mass of 12 in the Parish of St. James the Great
  • The potter Bartholomew Bellon received recognition as a finalist in the national awards ceramic (01/12/2012)
    In a ceremony presided over by the Secretary of State for Trade in Madrid

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