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  • The company "Jácara Theatre" staged the children's play "Violet and Pantagruel" (30/11/2012)
    It took place in the theater Sociocultural Center "Jail"
  • The Mayor of Totana moved to Brussels to design the site management plan Argárico La Bastida (30/11/2012)
    The search for financiacón and international promotion
  • The council advises the grant application process for property damage (30/11/2012)
    owners in communities in horizontal property regime or property and belongings after torrential rains of late September debre forward before January 3
  • The study room Sociocultural Center "Jail" is open Monday to Saturday, inclusive (30/11/2012)

  • More than twenty people learn to create your online store (30/11/2012)

  • Uclident, new leader of the First Division of the Football League Amateur Play Fair (29/11/2012)
    In Second Division, Vidalia Agrorizao leader approaches the ECR-line
  • By demanding the extension of aid to farmers and farmers hit by rains that fall outside the Decree issued by the BOE (29/11/2012)

  • The Housewives of the Three Hail Marys involved in activities against Gender Violence (29/11/2012)

  • The "Bicycle Day" takes place this Sunday from 11:00 am (29/11/2012)
    There will be many raffle gifts for participants
  • Andres Garcia wonders if will not do anything but agriculture Councilman PSOE have photos (29/11/2012)
    "agriculture Councilman reaches out to the opposition because we have to go together, when you want"
  • School Totana morning enjoy the musical "Violet and Pantagruel" in Sociocultural Center theater "Jail" (29/11/2012)
    is scheduled for free by the Department of Popular Culture
  • The council is proposing a series of amendments to the draft High Speed ​​Corridor passing through Totana (29/11/2012)
    order not to develop life urban strangle the village
  • Pruning of mulberry trees on public roads after end of Totana under palm (29/11/2012)

  • IV Festival of Choirs and Rondallas to benefit patients who travel to Lourdes (28/11/2012)
    It will take place on Sunday, December 2 at 19:30 in Film Velasco
  • IU considers an "obscenity" that the City € 290,000 cuts in social programs, while humanitarian organizations are overwhelmed (28/11/2012)
    "Programs like Social Integration Resource, stoops to pay 40,000 euros in loans they forgot in government budgets, 2012 "
  • The Department of Sports organized the local phase of Badminton School Sports (28/11/2012)
    It involved the participation of 71 students from different schools of the town
  • The municipality of Totana closed the year 2011 with a deficit of 7.2 million, the PSOE (28/11/2012)
    "The debt to suppliers increased by 12.5 million euros"
  • The artisan market of La Santa resume its work after the holidays (28/11/2012)
    After the last one was held with great success last weekend
  • The council agrees to an official statement to promote active policies to prevent gender violence and its eradication imipulsen (28/11/2012)

  • The Master Swimming Club Murcia performed one of their training facilities in Totana Move (27/11/2012)

  • The PP considered "seized and funny" that the PSOE support to irrigators for the gallery and or assist the agriculture and livestock advisory board (27/11/2012)

  • The Department of Sports presents the four major sports to be held within the program of festivities employers Santa Eulalia'2012 (27/11/2012)
    Leading with Bike Day on Sunday, day 2
  • The mayor is meeting this week with the Director General of the European Economic Committee Company to boost Argárico Reservoir La Bastida (27/11/2012)
    Y create the European Network of Cities Ceramics
  • The council of Celebration encourages neighbors to participate in the first paella contest held on Sunday 2 diciembr (27/11/2012)
    The organization gives the rice, meat, tomato, oil and wood
  • The PSOE football Totana (27/11/2012)
    The PSOE encourages Municipal School Football to continue their work during the traditional wreath to Santa Eulalia
  • The Department of City Services performs a cleaning emergency plan ahead of the festivities of Santa Eulalia (27/11/2012)

  • The Santa Eulalia Totana CC was present in several tests last weekend (26/11/2012)

  • The Socialist Party supports irrigators Municipality (26/11/2012)
    Faced with stiff fines and penalties imposed by the Confederation, the Socialists are committed to work together and find solutions
  • "Totana Stroll" with the Cultural Association "Canico" (26/11/2012)
    The newly created Cultural Association "Canico" has organized a new activity called "Totana Stroll", to be held during the Fiestas de Santa Eulalia
  • Tomorrow marks the second monthly conference of the "Life and Hope" (26/11/2012)
    Organized by the association "Salus Infirmorum" and the Department of Social Care and Citizenship
  • ... (25/11/2012)

  • The PSOE Totana meets with the neighbors San Francisco (24/11/2012)
    ​​ Members of the Socialist executive and Municipal Socialist Group met last Thursday at the clubhouse of the San Francisco neighborhood with neighborhood residents
  • The Medieval Market opens today the program of activities organized during the festivities of Santa Eulalia'2012 (24/11/2012)

  • Totana joins the fight against gender violence, with a silent. (23/11/2012)
    In which we have proceeded to the reading of a manifesto which reminded fatalities this year
  • The Department of Sports organizes Saturday morning local phase of Badminton School Sports (23/11/2012)
    It will be held in the School Room
  • A total of 39 people have been hired under the program of the County Councils (23/11/2012)
    for cleaning and conditioning in the rural roads network Totana
  • The city is adorned with floral decorations for the festivities of Santa Eulalia, thanks to a donation from a local company (23/11/2012)

  • The plenary discussion on Monday to request the authorization to channel ramblas CHS in urban sections (23/11/2012)
    Y AVE modify the project as it passes through Totana
  • A total of 70 school children from schools in phase Totana local Table Tennis School Sports (23/11/2012)
    It is organized by the Sports Department in collaboration with the Table Tennis Club Totana
  • The team Preel rises to third in the 1st division of the Amateur Football League Play Fair (23/11/2012)
    In 2nd division, the team-P.Fuentes B.Juped snatches second place to Agrorizao Vidalia
  • The festival program of Santa Eulalia be distributed from today (23/11/2012)
    in the Office of Tourism and the Centre for Sociocultural "Jail"
  • The Department of Sports has launched the local phase of basketball, handball, football and volleyball School Sports (22/11/2012)
    595 participating schools are schools of the locality
  • The festivities in honor of Santa Eulalia pick a program for all ages that are included in the musical, theatrical, cultural, popular, sports and day fair, among others (21/11/2012)
    It is the most austere celebrations in recent years
  • The Mayor of Totana announced that 3 million euros earmarked to begin work on the project of the new dam Lébor (21/11/2012)
    are contemplated within the State Budget for 2013
  • The popular cross XXV "Constitution Day" was held on December 6 (21/11/2012)

  • IU Totana "Proinvitosa budgets have been reduced by 70% in the last four years" (21/11/2012)
    "The company that manages the Municipal Industrial Estate Totana, reduced their budgets for 2013 to 3.2 million, giving up intervene economic recovery "
  • The PP says that the Reading Center building "Jose Maria Munuera and Abbey" del Parral and the library will not close Paretón (21/11/2012)
    Requests the PSOE not confuse and generate social concern about the functioning of these educational services
  • D'genes involved in the commemorative activities for children's rights (20/11/2012)

  • Young Socialists open Totana local party headquarters as a study room, from next November 26 (20/11/2012)
    "Faced with the imminent closure of the Municipal Library located in the Parral" JST proposed as an alternative for young people to continue their study, the local party headquarters
  • The PSOE with the International Day of the Rights of the Child (20/11/2012)
    The Socialist Municipal Group congratulates Totana schools for their involvement in the International Day of Children's Rights
  • Good performance of the CC Riders in Santa Eulalia Yeti Mountain Bike Trail in 2012 and the Albacete Circuit (20/11/2012)
    took place this weekend
  • The program of the festivity of Santa Eulalia'2012 presents tomorrow (20/11/2012)
    may be withdrawn from Friday in the tourist and cultural center "Jail"
  • Student Center Day "José Moya" visit the archaeological site of "La Bastide" to the latest findings (20/11/2012)

  • The Department of Citizenship and Red Cross participate together in the "Crossing Reyes'2012" (20/11/2012)
    recadudar aims to collect toys and funds to help families with financial difficulties
  • Mock (20/11/2012)

  • On Sunday 9 December will be held in the town of Totana the 3rd edition of Totana Rallysprint (19/11/2012)
    program coinciding with the festivities in honor of Santa Eulalia.
  • Valcárcel Totana visit Wednesday to attend the balancing act of a year and a half in office at City Hall (19/11/2012)
    And having an encounter with militants
  • International Day to Combat Violence Against Women (19/11/2012)
    tear commemorative activities with the opening of the exhibition "It's up, it is up" Spanish Red Cross
  • Successful participation in workshops and games in Balsa Vieja Square to commemorate the International Day of the Rights of the Child ' (19/11/2012)

  • The Local Police identifies a person who had stolen ballots de la Peña Madridista "The Tenth" for special Christmas draw (19/11/2012)
    The sold without authorization
  • The Department of Services comes to pruning and treatment palm weevil with more than three meters high in the avenues of Totana (19/11/2012)

  • The accompanying Totana PSOE in its annual dinner PADISITO (19/11/2012)
    The Parents Association of Mentally Handicapped celebrated its annual dinner Totana
  • CB Totana Chronicles weekend 17 and 18 November (19/11/2012)

  • Juan Antonio Sanchez of Santa Eulalia CC again rises to the podium in the proof of Yeti Mtb Trail Espuña (19/11/2012)

  • The PSOE Totana Ecuadorians accompanies the municipality to act Correa (18/11/2012)
    The Socialist councilor, Belen Muñiz, attends the Accountability of the President of Ecuador in Murcia
  • ... (18/11/2012)

  • ... (18/11/2012)

  • "The General has Totana City Council in 2011 shows a negative balance of 20,405,640.52 euros, almost the same amount of the budget in 2012" (17/11/2012)
    For IU-Greens "is scandalous that the PP government team continue to increase the red city and continue basing the possible economic recovery in a divine miracle "
  • Cleaning the water tank in the Paretón-Cantareros neighbors cause pressure problems in the supply service on 20 and 21 November (17/11/2012)
    The Municipal Water Service is proceeding to clean virtually all deposits neighborhoods and districts of Totana
  • The mayor praised the management of national deputies to the PP by Murcia bonifiquen propose several commoners fees paid by water after flooding in September (16/11/2012)
    Mayors and national MPs show their confidence to be built preventive measures in the wadis of the affected municipalities, including the Lebor
  • The Force Adjustment of Employment (ERE) eventually affect 35 workers of various municipal councils and not 40 as initially proposed (16/11/2012)
    After negotiations with the trade unions during the month of consultation
  • It closed down training programs and training in agriculture, organized by FECOAM and the City (16/11/2012)
    have participated forty people
  • The office of the Municipal Socialist Group reports its schedule Citizen (16/11/2012)
    The Socialist councilors are available to the neighbor at the municipal office in the City Hall with a new opening hours
  • The PSOE opens the cycle "brings" the talk on federalism (16/11/2012)
    More than a hundred people attended the first lecture of the discussion forum proposed by the PSOE totanero
  • Sixth day of the Amateur Football League Play Fair (16/11/2012)
    stressed Uclident team wins in first division, which will hold in the second.
  • The Department of Sports organizes on Saturday November 17 Local Phase Table Tennis Sports School (16/11/2012)
    will be held at the Municipal Sports Pavilion Manolo Ibáñez, from 10 am
  • The municipal ambulance basic life support performed a total of 31 municipal services in sports, festivals, social and cultural rights in 2012 (16/11/2012)
    has saved 10,600 euros
  • Sánchez Méndez: "With the Teaching Authority Act will enforce the professor in response to a demand from society" (15/11/2012)

  • The voluntary payment period tax IBI urban and rustic nature and special characteristics and economic activities for 2012 ends on November 30 (15/11/2012)

  • The Planning Commission meets to report the status of the work of the General Plan Municipal (15/11/2012)
    And the changes in recent months
  • City officials meet with residents of El Paretón-Cantareros to address needs and problems of different management areas (15/11/2012)
    Totana City Council plans to complete work on the new Multipurpose Center of the hamlet in 2013
  • Next Saturday will be a concert of the Band and the Coral Santiago in honor of Santa Cecilia (15/11/2012)
    It will take place at the Centro Sociocultural "Jail"
  • Market solidarity in favor of the Comboni Missionary Sisters of Ethiopia (14/11/2012)
    Supportive Market: Sunday November 18, from 8 am to 8 pm, in front of the Church of Santiago
  • El Pozo Murcia FS will play their third final of the Presidents Cup by winning 2-7 FFRM A ElPozo City (14/11/2012)

  • The incidence and monitoring the general strike in the city of Totana is 13% (14/11/2012)

  • The craftsman Bartholomew finalist Bellón National Ceramics Awards 2012 (14/11/2012)
    These awards will be presented in Madrid by the Secretary of State for Trade later this month
  • Start the course "Workshop of expression and creativity, resources for educators and monitors leisure" (14/11/2012)
    It is organized the Department of Youth
  • IU says, "the dealership's Rubbish Collection Service announced 17 layoffs in the workforce" (13/11/2012)
    "To press and that workers give up their rights, with the complicity of the PP"
  • The secretary general of the Socialist publicly presented the lecture and discussion "Contribute" (13/11/2012)

  • The PP believes "IU again try to create social alarm with basic services" (13/11/2012)
    "wanting to move the situation of Jerez with an ERE and a garbage strike Totana"
  • ... (13/11/2012)

  • The mayor asks the president of the CHS resume Dam project Lébor (13/11/2012)
    in order to avoid damage caused by torrential rainstorms
  • IU: "The concessionaire Rubbish Collection in Totana threatening workers with dismissal if they do not give up the extra payments or hook of the current Collective Agreement" (13/11/2012)

  • The Socialist Party of Totana congratulates the people of Lorca by Paprika Gold (13/11/2012)
    The Association of Rural Women of The Village Raiguero Lorca offers its award
  • The Employment Development Department will operate the Initial Qualification Program called "ancillary activities in Nursery and Landscape" (13/11/2012)

  • They set minimum public services in different areas of the city council, in anticipation of the general strike on Wednesday 14-n (13/11/2012)

  • The Department of Youth, Associations and Educational Centers Totana commemorate the "International Day of the Rights of the Child '" (13/11/2012)
    Held on November 20
  • The religious program of the festivities of Santa Eulalia 2012 will bring together two adopted children (12/11/2012)
    The novena and Mass for the feast of the Patron
  • ... (12/11/2012)

  • On Sunday November 18 Padisito celebrate its traditional food-gala (12/11/2012)

  • ... (12/11/2012)

  • The City and Conservation Authority Industrial Park "The Saladar" constitute a task force, under the advice of INFO (12/11/2012)
    To achieve excellence park
  • The Sixth Meeting of the crews Raiguero held despite inclement weather (12/11/2012)
    was given the "Pimento of Oro'2012" the people of Lorca
  • The Municipal Program for Seniors Gymnastics offered by the Department of Sports began last October with a successful turnout (12/11/2012)

  • Jose Miguel Cano participated in the Regional League in the 1500 free trial held in Pilar de la Horadada (11/11/2012)

  • Successful weekend for CC Santa Eulalia in several of the races (11/11/2012)
    participated in Cehegín, Fuente Alamo and Chinchilla Montearagon
  • The Local Board of AECC Totana collects around 6,000 € at dinner organized last Saturday (11/11/2012)
    460 people attended
  • Caen the first snowflakes in the Region of Murcia in the Rambla de Béjar and The Holy totana (11/11/2012)

  • VI of crews Raiguero 2012 (11/11/2012)
    A year was held the meeting of the Raiguero crews.
  • Migra your directory Totana.com a SUPERWEB (10/11/2012)
    Tires Totana SL Totana.com changes its listing on a website developed with "SUPERWEB"
  • The Raiguero Under the V Meeting held tomorrow crews who organize women's associations (10/11/2012)
    It will serve to honor the people of Lorca
  • Meeting between Totana PSOE, the neighborhood council of Paretón and various neighborhood groups in the district (09/11/2012)
    This meeting is part of the socialist plan to unveil the line of action of the new Local Executive
  • The City Council requested the presence of Totana technical Geological Survey to the surprising appearance of a crack of more than 300 meters long (09/11/2012)
    has appeared between the Industrial Park and the Ciudad Deportiva
  • Civil Protection and local police involved in a fire that takes place in a dryer for paprika pepper Totana (09/11/2012)

  • Socialists propose a motion to the development of an Investment Plan to Improve Water and Sewerage Network (09/11/2012)
    "The poor performance of the water network is due to lack of investment in infrastructure improvement since almost four million euros that were proposed in the 2009 Plan were never invest "
  • Teams "rest" and "hearted" continue leading the 2nd and 1st division respectively of the Amateur Football League "Play Fair" (09/11/2012)
    after the first five league games
  • The Psychosocial Support Service Totana visited by users workshops rehabilitation association Lorca (09/11/2012)

  • The municipality of Totana performed an audit of the energy efficiency of street lighting (08/11/2012)
    to save costs and energy advocate for excellence
  • The Sports Pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez" will host next Tuesday, the 13th, the President Cup semi-Sala Soccer (08/11/2012)
    Between El Pozo Murcia FS and its subsidiary, to benefit the Capuchin FS club
  • The socialistan believes that it is time to appoint a new Ombudsman Neighbor (08/11/2012)
    The Socialist Municipal Group raised a motion in Parliament November to proceed to the calling of elections for the office
  • The PP will submit a motion to the full November (08/11/2012)
    to claim a comprehensive plan to help the self-employed professional group with specific measures of fiscal and financial and membership contributions to social security
  • The PSOE Totana meets with neighbors of the Age High (08/11/2012)
    The Socialists want the new board of the Association of Residents of the neighborhood of Alta was normally constitute forward and undertake their task
  • The Totana Rugby Club plays on Saturday November 10 its first league game at home (07/11/2012)
    It faces CRU Cartagena at 19 am Saturday at the Municipal Sports
  • Young Socialists encourages totaneros Totana and totaneras to endorse the General Strike 14N (07/11/2012)
    "Do not stay home tomorrow if you want a better future for you and those around you"
  • The city and visit CHS areas exactly where the main boulevards of Totana, which would be undertaken reservoirs for rainwater reuse (07/11/2012)

  • Continued during Risk Prevention in agriculture (07/11/2012)
    Offer ASAJA and supply the departments of Agriculture and Employment Promotion
  • The Club Athletics Totana attended the Masters V Roller Trail "Union City" (06/11/2012)

  • The council meets with neighborhood associations to agree on the procedure for self-management of local social centers (06/11/2012)

  • The swimmer totanero Jose Miguel Cano joined the Club MOVE (06/11/2012)

  • Today Tuesday November 6 Totana reaches the "March against unemployment, job insecurity and cuts" (06/11/2012)
    It is organized by the Social Forum of the Region of Murcia and the Platform of People Affected by Mortgages
  • Four new measures will promote the implementation of new business (05/11/2012)
    benefit the development of the hospitality and streamline bureaucratic procedures
  • The mayor congratulated the new board of the Illustrious Cabildo processions Higher Totana (05/11/2012)

  • Andreo Muñoz (NNGG): "The 2013 PGE represent a firm commitment Spanish youth" (05/11/2012)

  • The municipality of Totana figure at 1.5 million euros the harm caused by the torrential rains of September 28 in the municipal public road (05/11/2012)
    Then there is the cost estimate of the work needed to repair damage to municipal buildings amounting to 334,400 euros
  • Civil Protection removed several trees from the driveway and roads (05/11/2012)
    They had been shot down by the effect of the wind storm that hit the town for several hours
  • Pedro Antonio Cánovas takes the podium in Puerto de Mazarrón (04/11/2012)
    CC Riders were very combative Santa Eulalia
  • IU-Green claims that "the Autonomous reduces their economic contribution to Totana 2,284,911 euros in the budget of 2013" (04/11/2012)

  • The College is committed Reina Sofía "SUPERWEB" (03/11/2012)
    Queen Sofía College launches new website, developed with SUPERWEB of Totana.com
  • New Board Illustrious Cabildo processions Higher Totana (03/11/2012)
    was presented and ratified unanimously by the Extraordinary General Meeting held on Friday November 2
  • City officials attend Mass in the Municipal Cemetery souls "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" (03/11/2012)

  • "Poverty Monologues" (02/11/2012)
    The Collective for promoting the lamp, in collaboration with the Department of Popular Culture, Sociocultural Center brings "Jail" on November 6 this activity
  • The second Trail organized by the Department of Sports brings together 25 participants (02/11/2012)
    They enjoyed near the Rambla del Albujón of Urrutias
  • Ten users Occupational Center "José Moya Trilla" Totana represented in the Regional Championship Game Naloncesto Specials (02/11/2012)

  • The association Agora launches a basic computer workshop (02/11/2012)
    in collaboration with the Department of Social Care, Citizenship and neighborhood associations
  • The PSOE in the offering to Memorial Day All Saints (01/11/2012)
    The Fallen for Freedom in Totana remain in the memory of socialists
  • ... (01/11/2012)

  • Arrested on suspicion of theft of weapons, jewelry and mobile phones in a home in Totana (01/11/2012)
    have been recovered two shotguns, jewelry and various mobile phones
  • The traditional Mass in the Animas City Cemetery "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" will be held this Friday, Day 2 (01/11/2012)
    From 17:00 pm

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