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  • The AMPAS of Totana schools meet with local authorities to let them get their needs (31/10/2012)
    and meet municipal programs for the new academic year 2012/13
  • The Department of Citizenship advise the Association of Residents of the Age High (31/10/2012)
    procedure for election of the new Board of Directors in this neighborhood
  • The Bishop of the Diocese of Cartagena, Bishop Lorca Planes, gives a lecture at Totana to deepen the Year of Faith (31/10/2012)

  • More than fifty homeowners adjust their graves and cemeteries that were in poor condition in the past year (31/10/2012)
    under the ordinance regulating the Municipal Cemetery
  • A score of students participating in the course "Prevention of occupational risks in the agriculture sector" (31/10/2012)

  • Totana hosts a workshop on "Tools for SMEs in the cloud" and "Web Analytics" (30/10/2012)

  • EEA III organized a day together, targeting Multiple Sclerosis affected, family and friends in Totana (30/10/2012)
    It will take place on Sunday November 4
  • The mayor came to "Uncle John Rita" in the ceremony awards Mayor'2012 (30/10/2012)
    awarded each year the Autonomous Community
  • RNE conducts an interview with the Mayor of Totana to promote Argárico Reservoir "La Bastida" (30/10/2012)
    And the benefits of tourism and crafts Totana
  • The website of the municipal cemetery "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" receives more than 115,000 visitors since it was launched two years ago (30/10/2012)

  • The Valencian PP copy of a proposal calling for a moratorium totaneros socialist debt of banks (30/10/2012)
    The Socialist Municipal Group as proposed in the July plenary session of the PP and the government rejected the proposal
  • Users Psychosocial Support Service visit a mosaic workshop to learn the art Lorca (30/10/2012)

  • Joseph Andreo disputed btt test of Elche provincial circuit of Albacete (30/10/2012)
    CC totanero Running Santa Eulalia was ranked 70th overall and 8th of his categogía
  • "The trail of the lack of job creation in Spain is extended at least through 2017" (30/10/2012)
    As said Dr. José Francisco Bellod in a talk at the Cultural Center and Worker
  • Multiple Sclerosis Association organizes a march Area III walker (29/10/2012)
    It will take place on Sunday November 4
  • Result sports weekend 27 and 28 October 2012 (29/10/2012)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • The Rugby Club Totana lost in his debut match in the 2nd XV League Rugby Territorial with Murcia (29/10/2012)
    The John Oncina accuse his inexperience in his first game in official competition
  • The City Council is about the municipal cemetery "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" for the celebration of All Saints Day (29/10/2012)

  • The council will claim to the CHS more legal cover irrigation wells SAT for those outside the irrigation perimeter Ttrasvase (29/10/2012)

  • The Socialist Party claims that "the mayor uses municipal water to maintain political patronage" (29/10/2012)
    The PSOE will ask at the next full investment plan for the water network and the end of "political commissars"
  • Local Police agents have arrested last night Totana two citizens of Pakistani origin (29/10/2012)
    on suspicion of the crime of robbery with violence and intimidation
  • ... (29/10/2012)

  • Public success in the Craftsman Market St. celebrated on the last weekend of October (29/10/2012)
    Hundreds of people enjoyed the live demonstrations of pottery
  • Young Socialists Totana chosen as the new general secretary Victor rafts cánovas (29/10/2012)
    The socialist youth organization has renewed Totana local address and has elected its new Secretary General.
  • Health Minister's book signing in honor of the City during the V inaguruación Rare Diseases National Congress (26/10/2012)
    is held this weekend in Totana
  • Valcárcel highlights the Government's collaboration with associations of Rare Diseases to advance research (26/10/2012)
    Community President inaugurated in Totana the V National Congress of Rare Diseases, which was attended by the Health Minister Ana Mato
  • PP: "The political ambition and personal interests of Jose Luis Hernandez dragged to all the members of a cooperative totanera shameful issue with statements about the good name of Totana" (26/10/2012)
    The popular Totana considered nothing short of shameful and miserable disqualifications poured on the name of the leader of Totana COATO
  • The corporate give green light to motions to expedite the implementation of business (26/10/2012)
    also reduced 50 percent occupancy rate for the hotel public spaces and expanded aid young entrepreneurs
  • The Department of Agriculture will ask the CHS to expand coverage to legal risks in existing historic Totana (26/10/2012)

  • The House approves construction of a new water tank that supplies the Industrial Estate "The Saladar" and anticipate future developments in the area of ​​La Norica (26/10/2012)

  • IU: "The agreement to COATO disapproval by the House is an attitude typical of the Inquisition" (26/10/2012)
    "While the PP, the institution uses to run vendettas against one of the largest cooperatives in the region, based in Totana, keeps the name of former Mayor Juan Morales, convicted of corruption, several municipal "
  • The PP reiterates that if the unions had accepted worldwide off 15 percent of the salary he would have avoided firing workers (25/10/2012)
    PP president publicly expressed Totana unconditional and seamless management of PP to the Mayor and Government team
  • The atrium of the holy shrine again host the celebration of artisan market which brings together nearly two dozen vendors (25/10/2012)

  • The mayor asks the territorial delegate in Murcia ONCE Reservoir promoting Argárico La Bastida and agriculture totanera in coupons during the year 2013 (25/10/2012)

  • "Educating Family" (25/10/2012)
    The "Family Education" organized by Luis Pérez Rueda College and the Association of Parents of Students of it, aims to develop a series of talks aimed at training parents and people Interested
  • The Minister of Health, Social Services and Equality, Ana Mato, opens this Friday at the V National Congress Totana Rare Diseases (25/10/2012)

  • Civil Protection Volunteers Association to offer advice Housewives of Totana (25/10/2012)
    to act in their homes in case of flooding from torrential rains
  • The Minister of Culture visits the Field Argárico La Bastida (24/10/2012)
    To establish a coordinated work plan in order to value the most important excavation of the Bronze Age in the entire European continent
  • "Unemployment and crisis: prospects for the Spanish economy" (24/10/2012)
    Next Friday 26 at 20.30 hours there will be a talk at the Cultural Center and Workers Totana
  • The PP considers Totana Feijóo victory in Galicia is an understanding of society to reform policies of the Government of Rajoy (24/10/2012)

  • Agenda sports weekend 27 and 28 October 2012 (24/10/2012)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • The Day Care Service for people with Alzheimer Celebrates Anniversary V (24/10/2012)
    with the proclamation of the Queen and living food
  • The second day of hiking program will take place on October 28 (24/10/2012)
    in Carmolí Mount area, beachside of Urrutias (Cartagena)
  • The full City address tomorrow, at the regular meeting of October, extending aid to young entrepreneurs (24/10/2012)

  • Resumption this week the construction of the second Health Center "South Totana" who were paralyzed (24/10/2012)

  • Local Police and Civil Guard have maintained surveillance septiemre actions to prevent theft in the table grape vines (24/10/2012)

  • "Nearly a month of rain and the Way of the charcoal is broken, unmarked" (24/10/2012)
    For IU, "the PP and Mrs. Bedia are demonstrating their ability to manage or no response to the destruction of the rain"
  • The Totana Rugby Club Rugby XV debut against Murcia in the 2nd League Territorial Murcia. (23/10/2012)
    This Saturday at 19 pm in the Stadium Monterromero University of Murcia
  • More than fifteen women held the course "Organic production, horticulture, medicinal and aromatic plants" (23/10/2012)
    Organized by the Association of Family and Women in Rural collaboration with the council
  • The Socialist Party meets with neighbors of San Jose (23/10/2012)
    Neighborhood Association officials moved to the state and socialist demands neighborhood
  • The Municipal IU-Greens met with the leadership of the Confederation of Employers of Lower Guadalentín (23/10/2012)
    to discuss the damage from the rains, state General Plan and the economic situation of the City
  • COATO rule use the mark "Totana Origin" created by the city council as not add positive values ​​to their products or their customers (23/10/2012)
    requires the City Council to focus its energies on supporting or hindering the solution of problems farmers
  • Begin the vaccination campaign against seasonal influenza in health centers in the Region of Murcia (23/10/2012)

  • The Minister of Culture and Tourism Field Argárico morning visit La Bastida (23/10/2012)
    to meet the proposed museum and the archaeological occurrences populated novel
  • The Ministry of Agriculture figure tentatively over three million damage in the field of Totana by torrential rains of September 28 (23/10/2012)

  • The Socialists say the PP "manipulates" data on tax (23/10/2012)
    also consider "Councilwoman Maria Josefa Sanchez Mendez should apologize for giving the media and manipulated information about citizens who pay taxes"
  • Los hearted at first and Rec Line in second division leaders in the third round of the amateur Football League "Play Fair" (22/10/2012)

  • Sánchez: "The data we again give the reason, we are one of the municipalities that do pay less tax its citizens' (22/10/2012)
    The PP councilor ensures that all measures are being carried out within the Council will designed to not raise taxes on residents
  • Until the 30th of November is the deadline to apply for open participation in the Municipal Agricultural Advisory Council and Livestock (22/10/2012)
    contemplates the creation of specialized working comisiiones
  • It celebrates food and brotherly coexistence of members of the Municipal Center Square Senior Balsa Vieja (22/10/2012)
    with which officially begins the activities during 2012/13
  • The council supports the initiative promoted by the company "Eggs Immaculate, SA" to inform citizens of the many properties of this food (22/10/2012)
    to mark the international day of the egg
  • Volunteers perform the proposed university educational support outside school hours to reduce the problems of failure and dropout (22/10/2012)

  • Antonio Costa gets the fourth place in the Championship Offshore watercraft and Spain Copa del Rey (22/10/2012)

  • Chronicles Cadet and Junior CB Totana (21/10/2012)
    Basketball Club 57-66 CB Sierramar Totana Union / EB Salesians Totana Basketball Club 72-90 Cartagena
  • Cánovas Francisco, Santa Eulalia CC, finished 5th in the final classification of the m-40 Open Marathon Murcia (21/10/2012)

  • "Totana Origin. Agricultural and Livestock Quality" (21/10/2012)
    The city wants to incorporate the products marketed by cooperatives Totana Spain and overseas corporate image "Totana Origin. Agricultural and Livestock Quality"
  • Double Team 4-2 loss totaneros (21/10/2012)
    2nd National.
  • The Executive declares Craftsman Area of ​​Interest Totana (19/10/2012)
    The Governing Council, on a proposal from the Ministry of Universities and Research Company, said Totana as 'Area of ​​Interest Craftsman', the relevance of this activity and the special characteristics of their products
  • July 11 Platform Support Public Research CEBAS-CSIC of Murcia presented their demands to the Vice President of Science and Technology, CSIC in Murcia visiting (19/10/2012)
    It is led by the IU-Greens councilor in Totana Pedro Martinez
  • Pérez Domínguez "evidence" PP cuts in the Law Unit (19/10/2012)
    The secretary general of the Socialist totaneros, Andrés García Cánovas, was present at the event
  • They run a workshop to learn how to prepare a resume and a cover letter (19/10/2012)
    Association is organized "Agora" of Totana, in collaboration with the Department of Social Care, Citizenship and neighborhood associations
  • IU complaint that "Iberdrola again cut power to the San Jose State School of Totana for unpaid bills of the City" (18/10/2012)
    require the Mayor to "explanations, quickly manage replenishment and assume power once their responsibilities to students and parents educators "
  • Users Psychosocial Support Service cultural activities as a means of integration in the community setting (18/10/2012)

  • The British TV "Channel 4" fielded a reporter Totana (18/10/2012)
    Assistance to British citizens in their choice of vacation spots and search for properties abroad
  • Communiqué Totana socialist municipal group to the mass dismissal of workers at city hall (18/10/2012)
    "While the mayor hired finger hold and exorbitant salaries among some workers, lacks any moral authority to put 40 families in the pillory and send these forty workers into unemployment "
  • The municipality of Totana presents the Redundancy Employment (ERE) affecting 40 workers of various municipal councils (17/10/2012)
    make possible an annual saving of more than one million euros and will lead to an "immediate" administrative reorganization
  • The Local Development Center hosts two free workshops on "Tools for SMEs in the cloud" and "web analytics" on 30 and 31 October (17/10/2012)

  • The mayor and council of Agriculture cooperatives visit Totana (17/10/2012)
    In order to understand their needs and coordinate training activities, advice and implementation of the corporate image "Totana origin. Crop and livestock Quality"
  • The Community distinguishes Totana as "Township Entrepreneur" to strengthen the creation and enterprise development (16/10/2012)
    José Ballesta notes that "this is the fifth city to receive this recognition, and from the regional government is expected that other municipalities start entering employment generating initiative "
  • Ana Mato moves its commitment to people with rare diseases (16/10/2012)
    The Minister inaugurated next October 26th the V National Conference on Rare Diseases in Totana (Murcia)
  • The Association "Salus Infirmorum" Totana starts in a school of learning in palliative care (16/10/2012)

  • City officials and local women participate in activities organized by AFAMMER (16/10/2012)
    to mark the International Day of Rural Women
  • Health recognizes the 'Health Scientific Interest' V National Congress of Rare Diseases (16/10/2012)
    The congress will be held in Totana from 26 to 28 October
  • It is celebrated the first route of trekking program organized by the Department of Sports with a tour of the Baths of Mula (15/10/2012)
    Participants 31 people
  • The PP will ask the Segura basin construction and channeling prey of Nebor (15/10/2012)
    To prevent the occurrence of floods by the effects of heavy rain and possible reuse flow
  • Raul Guevara regains the "Rise to the Holy of Totana" (15/10/2012)
    Athletics attended by over 360 brokers
  • The Senior Center hosts the exhibition "Homage to chemistry and history" (15/10/2012)
    Developed by the Association of Family and Women in Rural, in the framework of the International Day of Rural Women
  • Tomorrow is projected in "Jail" audiovisual "Living to the end: palliative care for an aging population" (15/10/2012)
    to mark the World Day Care Oaliativos
  • Training day Rural Women in Cartagena Region (15/10/2012)
    The Socialist councilor, Bethlehem Muñiz, AFAMMER accompanies the celebration of the International Day of Rural Women
  • Diplomas are awarded to ten participants basic computer course has been taught in the context of "Project Abraham" (15/10/2012)

  • IU-Greens in Parliament proposing the implementation of a Code of Ethics for the use of surplus food (15/10/2012)

  • On 29 September saw the closure of the league Alicante Brotons Group of crossings in the sea (15/10/2012)
    THE totanero José Miguel Cano was classified 4th in its category
  • PSOE: "It is absolutely necessary and essential that the city and agricultural unions to agree" (14/10/2012)
    "If these agreements are not produced in the difficult times that our farmers are going run a serious risk of staying outside all aid "
  • Piscimant has changed its old website developed with a SUPERWEB (14/10/2012)
    and thus to benefit from the many possibilities offered by this tool, developed by Totana.com
  • UI requires the PP government team to repair, urgently, roads and infrastructure damaged by the rains (14/10/2012)
    "and stop self indulgence or paraphernalia empty"
  • Totana honors troops and security forces involved in emergency work and cleaning up after the floods (13/10/2012)
    in homage to the Spanish flag
  • IU rises to Parliament a motion to build a new tank regulator that supplies the Industrial Zone and Norica (12/10/2012)
    "It's very important to have enough water reserves to an expansion of activity, industrial or livestock in the area and decreased flow in the canal in that area Taibilla "
  • Participation already working on the establishment of the official platform for those affected due to torrential rainstorm of September 28 (11/10/2012)
    It was passed in extraordinary plenary
  • Totana recognize the work of troops and security forces involved in emergency work and cleaning up after the floods (11/10/2012)
    In homage to the Spanish flag to be held tomorrow, Friday October 12
  • IU-green recommendations to the full elimination of the tax on the graves of the Municipal Cemetery, which approved the PP in September 2011 (11/10/2012)
    "for being unfair, outdated and ineffective"
  • The president of the Commission for Health and Social Affairs of the Regional Assembly visit the association D'genes (11/10/2012)
    To work in coordination with the National Federation of Rare Diseases
  • About 40 people at risk of exclusion participate in workshops to enhance their labor insertion through the project (11/10/2012)
    It is developed by the Collective for Social Promotion "The Candle"
  • Officially opens the academic year 2012/13 (11/10/2012)
    It commemorated the 75th anniversary of the Public Schools "Santiago" and "Santa Eulalia" and 25 of "Tierno Galván"
  • The Club Hikers Totana held on Sunday the 7th solidarity march Totana City (10/10/2012)

  • Bedia: "Where was Cánovas the days of floods while the government councilors were coordinating the actions" (10/10/2012)
    "with Civil Protection, Local Police and warehouse workers"
  • About 40 people at risk of exclusion participate in workshops to enhance their labor insertion (10/10/2012)
    The Community collaborates with activities Totana Collective for Social Promotion 'The Candle' Association and Project Abraham
  • The Department of Social Care and Totana Barcelonista Peña awards make drawing contest "Tolerance, do you like the painting?" (10/10/2012)
    Students have participated from different schools
  • IU CHS requires the reconstruction of the bridge over the canal, destroyed by the waters, in the hamlet of Paretón (10/10/2012)

  • The Agricultural and Livestock Advisory Council addresses the consequences and damages morning of torrential rainstorm (10/10/2012)

  • Regional Director Agroseguro visit stricken farms of Totana (10/10/2012)
    He was accompanied by the President of the Farmers Union (COAG)
  • The Brotherhood of Our Lady of Sorrows organizes an open day to see his new throne (09/10/2012)
    It will take place on Friday October 12, from 12:00 to 14:00
  • COAG and 30 other agricultural organizations and cooperatives strongly criticize the mayor's actions in relation to the problem of flooding (09/10/2012)
    are a platform affected and require explanations of why Totana has disappeared from the damage reports submitted to the Regional Government Madrid and Brussels
  • Thousands of fans come together this weekend at the XXVII Rise to Holy Totana (09/10/2012)

  • The Rise to The Holy XVI be held this Saturday, October 13, beginning at 18 h (09/10/2012)
    With a distance of 7.3 kilometers from the Plaza de la Constitution to Atrium Sanctuary
  • Barbecues located in La Santa and SierraEspuña recreational areas and can be used to make fire (09/10/2012)

  • The scientist totanero Pedro Martinez Gomez teaches a series of conferences in Iran invited by the Ministry of Science and Technology (09/10/2012)

  • The Socialists say that over 30% of domestic water flowing through the network in Totana misses to the lack of investment (08/10/2012)
    "Only 70% of water purchases the council of the Commonwealth Totana Taibilla Channel is billed to the neighbors, the rest is lost on the way "
  • Start the course of organic production, horticulture, medicinal and aromatic plants targeting unemployed women (08/10/2012)

  • Results sporting weekend 6 and 7 October 2012 (08/10/2012)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • ... (08/10/2012)

  • Visit the IFOAM director Coato Europe (08/10/2012)
    On October 4, visited COATO Marco Schlüter, Director of IFOAM EU
  • Institutional act of opening the school year 2012/13 in the town of Totana (08/10/2012)
    be held tomorrow at 20:00 am in the Socio-Cultural Center "Jail"
  • The Local Police made more than 750 traffic control and surveillance and safety in schools during the past school (08/10/2012)

  • The Department of Infrastructure reports that redevelopment of CEIP "Regional-Deitania" going at a good pace (08/10/2012)
    to be occupied by early next year
  • Next Friday is celebrated Pilgrimage III "Lebor Romeros" (08/10/2012)
    It has the support of the City of Totana
  • ... (07/10/2012)

  • The government team meets with those affected by the floods to make a common front (06/10/2012)
    In order to get an effective solution to the problems suffered by farmers, ranchers and individuals after the storm
  • All set to host tomorrow and Sunday 7 October the 27th edition of "The Climb Rally Santa" (05/10/2012)
    We bring together more than 40 pilots in Spain
  • The Department of Sports and "Travel Espuña" present a new hiking program (04/10/2012)
    for the last quarter of the year
  • The CHS study the damage in the town of Totana by torrential rains temporary (04/10/2012)
    President of the Hydrographic Confederation of Segura, Miguel Ángel Ródenas, visited this afternoon Totana
  • IU Totana criticizes that "the President of the CHS photo comes to lie to the Ramblas in Totana" (04/10/2012)
    "when in recent years neither he nor the PP, as Director General of Water, have invested a penny in the municipality to Avenues prevent "
  • Mail Art Exchange for Peace Day at the Center "José Moya" Leap Program with Chesapeake (USA) (04/10/2012)

  • The Children Schools socialists concern totaneros (04/10/2012)
    The Socialist Municipal Group requests a plenary to discuss the bad management of infant schools in the municipality
  • The assembly Totana farmers affected by the storm and flooding agreed to adhere to the requests of COAG-Lorca (03/10/2012)
    President of COAG-Totana was supported by 28 organizations and agricultural cooperatives representing more than 2,000 local farmers
  • Agenda sports weekend 6 and 7 October 2012 (03/10/2012)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • The Socialists say Urbaser berates the council more than 10 million euros (03/10/2012)
    require the mayor to explain if you intend to pay Urbaser, "or like their peers, Morales and Andreo, leave the debt for future corporations"
  • On Oct. 12 there will be the Pilgrimage III "Los Romeros Lébor" (03/10/2012)
    Departure is from the house and the arrival Clerio the Hermitage Lébor
  • International Day of Rural Women 2012 (03/10/2012)
    The Department of Women, together with the Association of Family and Women in Rural, Totana organized courses, exhibitions and conferences to mark the International Day of Rural Women
  • All farmers and ranchers affected by the severe storms can drop by Coag Totana (03/10/2012)
    to fill in declaration forms of damage that may have occurred in the affected farms
  • Fourteen young students from the secondary schools involved in Totana Occupational Classroom workshop in the form of cooking and baking (03/10/2012)
    Selebra Sociocultural Center "Jail"
  • The City Council convenes Totana an informational meeting with farmers, ranchers and concerned to account for the grant application process and the temporal (03/10/2012)
    It will take place this Friday at 21 am in "Jail"
  • Civil Protection CEIP removed a tree "Santiago" (03/10/2012)
    It fell to the street as a result of the effects of torrential rainstorm
  • The San Francisco de Asís this weekend celebrates its festivals (03/10/2012)
    with the calendar ending summer festivities in neighborhoods and districts
  • The City Council unanimously approved Totana request special subsidies to various administrations (02/10/2012)
    to offset the damage caused by the storm in this county
  • The councilors of the Municipal People not charge plenary in solidarity with the residents of Totana that have been affected by the floods (02/10/2012)

  • The mayor issues a Proclamation for citizens who have been damaged by flooding officially communicate the damage that occurred in their homes and farms or livestock (02/10/2012)
    This communication should be in the Hall by Friday October 5 (inclusive)
  • The IU-Greens councilors will today with farmers (02/10/2012)
    Support the demands of an industry that, at present, is the engine of the economy and solidarity totanera municipalities of Lorca and Puerto Lumbreras
  • Suffocate a fire on the roof of a four-storey building of the street Juan Antonio Requena (02/10/2012)

  • The Santa Eulalia Totana CC attended Mojácar Pliego and weekend step (02/10/2012)
    On Sunday September 30 tests were conducted two mtb, which was attended by several members of the club totanero, specific tests were in Specification and Mojacar
  • The municipality of Totana extraordinary plenary session held today (02/10/2012)
    to address the request for extraordinary aid to the various authorities to compensate the damage caused by the storm last Friday
  • The PSOE Totana the deferment of the extraordinary plenary session to discuss the flood disaster (02/10/2012)
    so we can collect all the contributions of the concerned
  • The Mayor of Totana appreciates the solidarity of the municipality of Merida brother with this city (02/10/2012)
    after torrential rainstorm
  • There were 175 incidents of emergency after the storm Totana by torrential rains that occurred last Friday (01/10/2012)

  • Interview Ecamisetas.com occasion of its 10th anniversary (01/10/2012)
    Ecamisetas.com, nationally web leader in the wholesale of textile products and advertising, is headquartered in Totana
  • COAG will hold a meeting tomorrow to discuss ocasionador damage by storms and flooding last Friday (01/10/2012)
    It will take place at 7 pm in the Auditorium of Cebag
  • About fifteen youths gather during free time monitor (01/10/2012)
    It is organized by the Department of Youth
  • The artisan market of La Santa was held yesterday with a great atmosphere for attendees thanks to the good weather morning (01/10/2012)

  • The Socialist Municipal Group requires the Mayor to offer opposition worthy agencies to develop their work (01/10/2012)

  • Results sporting weekend 29 and 30 September 2012 (01/10/2012)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • ... (01/10/2012)


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