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  • Opening barbecues Ermina of the Spider (31/01/2011)
    The municipality annexes conditioned spaces of the chapel of the spider in the hamlet of Raiguero to turn the area into a recreational
  • Call meeting to former members of the Band (31/01/2011)
    will be held on Wednesday 2 February at 21:00 h at the Academy of Music in Totana
  • Results sporting weekend 29 and 30 January 2011 (31/01/2011)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • First Conference on "hunting, tourism and gastronomy" (31/01/2011)
    will form the basis of the actions that can be carried out for the regional park Espuña become a tourist resort hunting
  • ... (31/01/2011)

  • Municipal Group Questions IU + LV on "new school location Ramblica" (31/01/2011)

  • IU accused of "illegal immigrant and lying to the mayor when evading its responsibility for the location of the new school of the Cross" (31/01/2011)
    "Martínez Andreo lied in his response to the question of UI in the House"
  • Ya know the Nazarene of Honor and the harbinger of Easter 2011 (30/01/2011)
  • The city of Totana starts the record for the appointment of "Chendo" as the Son of the City of Totana (28/01/2011)

  • The corporate give green light to the Golden Shield Award from the City to the Olympic Club Totana (28/01/2011)
    occasion of its 50th anniversary
  • More than 50 walkers participated in the route that the Department of Sports organized by the Regional Park Calblanque (28/01/2011)

  • A total of 773 foreigners vote in local elections on May 22 Totana (28/01/2011)

  • IU complaint that "the PP denied plenary debate on a motion to hold accountable Juan Morales" (28/01/2011)
    "to recover the damages caused to the town of Totana, according to the latest order issued by Justice of the Supreme Court, Julian Perez tempered"
  • Motion IU "Agreement on the council to take legal action to defend the public interest for the sale of plot of Kappa" (27/01/2011)

  • The "Tourist Route for Rare Diseases" will be held on February 6 (27/01/2011)
    Totana to depart from the Sierra de Maria in Almeria
  • The programming of the film continues this weekend. (27/01/2011)
    With the screening of the films Ga'Hoole: The Legend of the guards "and" The next three days "
  • PSOE: "used Carrión Martínez Andreo and the Court of Auditors seeking revenge for Operation Totem" (27/01/2011)
    "The PP Totana spends more than € 30,000 of the town hall in political resentment toward lawyers and Martinez Otálora Baths"
  • Martínez Andreo Sotoca and lay the foundation stone of the College to replace the existing Education Center "La Cruz" (26/01/2011)
    investment exceeds 3.5 million and will house 450 students in two online
  • The Department of Emergency activated from midnight tonight orange alert (26/01/2011)
    By chance of snow from the 1,000 meters
  • Press conference PSOE Totana 26/01/2011 (26/01/2011)
    The PSOE shows the totaneros "Andrea did a nursery in the middle of nowhere and has closed two years"
  • Sports Weekend Agenda 29 and January 30, 2011 (26/01/2011)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • The House debated tomorrow about a dozen proposals (26/01/2011)
    most notably the implementation of a road in the Industrial Park and the beginning of the file of favorite son Miguel Porlán "Chendo"
  • Press conference Totana PP (26/01/2011)
    The PP says that "Martínez Baños Otálora and go to trial next March 15 for an alleged crime to reach the municipal treasury accounting"
  • Municipal sports center and health of Totana start your training program in paddle (26/01/2011)
    with an open day to be held on Saturday 29 January
  • A score of unemployed expand their job training in two courses (26/01/2011)
    have been initiated under the project "Labor, a step towards the employability"
  • The Athletic Club runs Totana rare diseases (26/01/2011)
    participated in the XXII edition of the International Half Marathon "Villa de Santa Pola
  • The PB Totana delivers gifts to over 100 children in the hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca of Murcia (25/01/2011)

  • The investment of 1.6 million school becomes "Santa Eulalia" and "Tierno Galván" and turns them into buildings of educational excellence (25/01/2011)

  • The city of Totana start, along with "Project Abraham", a waste collection system of textile, footwear and toys (25/01/2011)
    help to promote people in social risk
  • Totana City Library has been awarded in the thirteenth edition of the contest to encourage reading "María Moliner" (25/01/2011)

  • The city of Totana announces scholarships for outstanding athletes of the municipality in 2010 (25/01/2011)

  • The sculpture of "The Fall" de Totana participate in the exhibition "Hernández Navarro: Sculptures of passion" (24/01/2011)
    will take place from 5 February to 6 March in Jumilla, coinciding with the 600th anniversary of the Easter
  • The Department of Health collaborates with ASPORMUR in developing a course on prevention of obesity (24/01/2011)
    be given by Dr. Madrid in Totana
  • It has opened the second term of enrollment for secondary education and to test for university entrance (24/01/2011)

  • The snow has begun to congeal from the height of Collado del Pilon, and area 13, Espuña EVA (24/01/2011)
    alert was activated yellow
  • The council will join the commemoration of World Day for Rare Diseases (24/01/2011)
    manifest his commitment to the document entitled "Declaration on equality of opportunity"
  • Results sporting weekend 22 and 23 January 2011 (24/01/2011)

  • Victoria Cartagena Totana CADE 1-5 (24/01/2011)
    table tennis.
  • Next week they dig up the construction of the new school of kindergarten and primary education in the "La Ramblica" (23/01/2011)
    On Wednesday, at 10:30 am, will be the formal ceremony of laying the first stone
  • The PP asks Retegui Totana responsibilities requiring the candidate for mayor of Totana and territorial policy secretary PSRM (22/01/2011)
    "for his complaint in the Court of Accounts
  • The council is promoting a campaign in neighborhoods and districts "to account for municipal management and collect those needs and capable of undertaking projects" (21/01/2011)
    For its part, the PSOE claims that "the PP used the council to do acts of pre-election campaign"
  • Complete works of the new barbecues constructed in the chapel of the Spider (21/01/2011)
    have been done by municipal workers to the Department of City Services
  • Women Councilwoman visit the paint shop of the Association of Working Women Totana (21/01/2011)
    For a new development in local social
  • City officials attending the official opening of the region stand at Fitur 2011 (21/01/2011)
    Where we present the project "water path" itinerary-driven ecotourism Tourism Services Macomunidad Espuña
  • Sports, in collaboration with the Association Charat, organizes from 4 to 6 February, a weekend in Sierra Nevada for skiing (21/01/2011)
    The registration period is open until February 2
  • The Department of Sports organized a new course of rescuing and saving water (20/01/2011)
    be held from February 5 to March 13 at the Center for Sport
  • The Socialist Party mayor of Totana accused of wasting everyone's money (20/01/2011)
    assert that "the cost of the final stage of the Tour of Spain range from 100,000 to 130,000 €"
  • The Sports Department has organized a Seminar on Water Relaxation (20/01/2011)

  • The city of Totana get a mention in the Quality Awards IV Building (20/01/2011)
    In the works undertaken in the resort of La Santa
  • Sports Weekend Agenda 22 and January 23, 2011 (19/01/2011)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • International Tourism Fair, FITUR 2011 (19/01/2011)
    Totana shows the world the charm of the Espuña through the Way of Water, Field Argárica of La Bastida, and betting on sports and cultural tourism
  • Consumption promotes, among the outlets selling electrical equipment, a campaign to collect signatures (19/01/2011)
    order to establish light VAT at 8% and not raise rates again
  • The opening of the exhibition of photography and I award the NNGG Photo Contest will take place this Friday (19/01/2011)

  • ... (19/01/2011)

  • Success in the opening round of the draft in February 2011 Gene D'breathing (19/01/2011)
    More than 100 children participated in the opening round of the draft 2011 Gene D'breath was held on January 5
  • New Generations of Totana demands the immediate resignation of the Government Delegate (18/01/2011)
    After the attack the Minister of Culture
  • The Brotherhood of the Kiss of Judas and Jesus Pierced activities starts its 50th anniversary with a dinner coexistence (18/01/2011)
    will be held on 22 January
  • The city of Totana morning receive an award at the Quality Awards IV Building in the Region of Murcia (18/01/2011)
    In recognition of all rehabilitation and improvement actions undertaken in recent years in the environment of the church of La Santa
  • The Municipal People's Government urges the Nation to develop a third Plan E (18/01/2011)
    used to pay the local government debt to suppliers
  • Press conference PSOE Totana 18/01/2011 (18/01/2011)
    Usero Martínez: "If every time that Andre has said it will lower the salary he had, now would mileurista"
  • Phase Futsal Local School Sports Men in child categories, cadet and youth (18/01/2011)

  • Municipal authorities inaugurate the renovation of the chapel of the parish of Raiguero Low (17/01/2011)

  • The autonomous region has awarded a grant of more than 80,000 euros for the construction of truck parking in the Industrial Park (17/01/2011)
    Construction will begin soon
  • The Community will train over 1,000 people to work at the airport in Corvera (17/01/2011)
    unemployed are eligible for them and improve their employment applicants and the general requirement is knowledge of languages, including English
  • The Socialist Municipal Group condemns the aggression Totana Counselor Cruz (17/01/2011)
    Socialists wish him a speedy recovery and hope the arrest of the perpetrators
  • The Department of Health is working with the Partnership for Prevention and Treatment of Obesity in the Region of Murcia (17/01/2011)
    In the ongoing development of an obesity prevention to be taught by Dr. Madrid in Totana
  • Weekend Sports Scores 15 and 16 January 2011 (17/01/2011)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • Totana hosts a course on computer recycling (17/01/2011)
    Conducted by the National Coordinator of Ecuadorians in Spain and the Women's Association of Totana Cañar
  • The Mayor of Totana shows his rejection of the aggression to the Minister of Culture and Tourism (16/01/2011)
    Y moves its support and solidarity with the regional executive
  • End in 2010 and was one of the most active members of Totana Athletics Club (14/01/2011)

  • The Municipal People's Party submitted a motion in Parliament (14/01/2011)
    to urge the National Government to actually apply to the "Law of Equal Treatment in all the Autonomous Communities
  • Press conference PSOE Totana 12/01/2011 (14/01/2011)

  • Press conference Totana IU 11/01/2011 (14/01/2011)

  • A total of 15 people participated in the course "cold kitchen, semi-cold and warm" (14/01/2011)
    was organized by the Department of Public Works and Employment in collaboration with UCOMUR, leads to specialization in hospitality
  • "The Candle", from the hand of City Hall, developing three computer courses (14/01/2011)
    kick off next week in the Social Center of San Roque
  • About a hundred people have received advice on the Local Development Center (14/01/2011)
    to start a business or get help to promote your business
  • The City rehabilitates the chapel of the parish of Raiguero Low. (13/01/2011)
    The works will be inaugurated on Sunday 16 January to coincide with the feast of San Fulgencio
  • Totana shows the world in FITUR, the charm of the Espuña, the Oilfield Argárica of La Bastida (13/01/2011)
    and its strategic location adjacent to the future Park "Paramount"
  • The Socialist Party demands that suppliers get paid and do not spend money on the Tour of Spain (13/01/2011)
    The Socialists accuse the PP incoherent "yesterday announced austerity budgets and wasteful today announced"
  • It has extended the deadline for submitting applications for immigrants who want to vote until 25 January (13/01/2011)

  • Totana will host on August 22 the end of the third stage of the 66th Tour of Spain (12/01/2011)
    be the only transiting through the Region of Murcia
  • Sports Weekend Agenda 15 and January 16, 2011 (12/01/2011)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • The council reduced by 2011 under the heading of staff more than a million euros to the reduction of jobs (12/01/2011)
    And the extension of working hours for government employees
  • Next week they dig up the construction of the new College of Early Childhood Education and Primary in the urbanization "the Ramblica" (12/01/2011)

  • The 3rd stage of the Tour of Spain 2011 will end in Totana (12/01/2011)
    The Tour of Spain 2011 will be held on Saturday 20th August to Sunday 11 September 2011 and will feature 21 stages
  • Totana will host the January 28 "I seminars on hunting, tourism and gastronomy" (12/01/2011)
    are organized jointly by the Commonwealth Espuña Tourism and the Ministry of Agriculture and Water
  • Now known Don Carnal and Totana Carnaval'2011 Musa (11/01/2011)
    will Damián Sánchez Martínez, de la Peña "Tiara" and Ana Maria Munuera Cánovas, de la Peña Mambo
  • Totana Civil Protection Volunteers participating in the Seventh Conference on Civil Protection in Cehegín (11/01/2011)
    to expand training in rescuing people in distress
  • The Minister of Justice and Public Safety held a meeting today with the Chief of Police Local de Totana (11/01/2011)
    And with one end of Totana Fire Station
  • The council intends to grant the Gold Shield City Totana the Olympic Club to mark its 50 anniversary (11/01/2011)

  • The consumption of drinking water in Totana has fallen by 2.85 percent in 2010 (10/01/2011)
    "thanks to improvements in supply networks and awareness campaigns promoted by the Department of Services", by Sergio López
  • The Socialist Party claims that there are a multitude of lamps that do not work (10/01/2011)
    criticize that "lie to the mayor and six councilors Carrión automatically paid every first of the month, there is no money to change a light bulb
  • The Segura basin opened an office in the Local Development Center (10/01/2011)
    order to provide a new river childcare
  • Those citizens with the right ownership of burial in the Cemetery must update your information (10/01/2011)
    may do so at the Service Office on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10:00 to 14:00
  • You can access the aid of 386 euros for the young unemployed who wish to obtain a driver's license (10/01/2011)

  • Sports Scores 8 and 9 January 2011 (10/01/2011)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • Sub Madrid Tournament Table Tennis (09/01/2011)
    Third: Domingo Méndez veterans 40
  • City officials attending Raiguero Alto where he celebrated Mass in the chapel of Santo Domingo (08/01/2011)
    And he took out the "Song of Souls" by the hand of the crew of the parish
  • Los Reyes Magos fantasy and magic filled the streets of Totana (06/01/2011)
    They give away about 20,000 more than 32,000 toys and lollipops and trinkets from the floats during the traditional Parade
  • A safety device, comprising more than 60 police, ensure the smooth running of the rising Pilgrimage of Santa Eulalia (06/01/2011)
    The road will remain closed to traffic for more than 6 hours
  • The hamlet totanera of the Paretón travels through time to the ancient East with the representation of the "Auto de los Reyes Magos" (06/01/2011)

  • The traditional Three Kings Parade will take place this afternoon from 19:00 pm (05/01/2011)
    Los Reyes Magos distributed over 20,000 toys and more than 32,000 lollipops and sweets from the Coaches
  • Christmas Party School Tennis Club Tennis Totana (05/01/2011)

  • Los Reyes Magos personally collect the cards with the hopes and desires of hundreds of children (05/01/2011)

  • The people of Totana perform their "Safe Shopping" for Kings, thanks to a special security device (05/01/2011)
    through which more than thirty local police officers combed the shopping areas of Totana
  • Immigrants who wish to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming elections can your applications to 15 January (05/01/2011)

  • Sports Weekend Agenda 8 and 9 January 2011 (05/01/2011)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • The Department of Youth opens within the aid of 386 euros (04/01/2011)
    for unemployed youth between 18 and 25 who wish to obtain a driver's license
  • They offer a few tips for buying toys in Reyes (04/01/2011)

  • Amit Totana successfully held its Open Day (04/01/2011)
    took place on 28 December
  • The children who attend English Edutec "Tallinn Space" workshops and activities enjoyed in its Christmas party (03/01/2011)

  • More than 40 youth have participated in the activities of the "Imagine +" (03/01/2011)
    It has conducted a short workshop on racial equality and tolerance
  • The Commonwealth Tourism Espuña meets businessmen in the tourism sector (03/01/2011)
    To make a road map for implementing the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in the management of the Natural Park Sierra Espuña
  • The Constitution Square gala evening dress with gift market (01/01/2011)
    to receive the arrival of the Magi to be installed on Monday from 17:30 pm

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