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  • Totana presented at the International Exhibition "Fruit Logistic" in Berlin on Food City project for the Mediterranean (CIAM) (31/01/2010)
    The project envisages an industrial park specializing in the Food sector and seeks to respond to the needs of future development regional sector
  • Closing of the course of social skills (31/01/2010)
    The Mayor and CEO of Pension Program Evaluation and Inclusion of IMAS closed down the social skills course in which more than thirty people have been formed to facilitate insertion socio
  • The Mayor of Totana propose to the plenary of the corporation the appointment of a street Santos Montiel (30/01/2010)
    In recognition of his contribution to popular music traditions totaneras
  • Totana hosts the "First Conference for intercultural dialogue and solidarity" (29/01/2010)
    Organized by the University of Sevilla, through which it aims to create spaces of encounter between the indigenous and immigrant
  • The Mayor presented to the Minister of the Presidency of the main actions envisaged in the Local Strategic Plan "Growing Totana 2013" (29/01/2010)

  • The deadline to register for the Sierra Nevada trip to play the sport of skiing and snowboarding will remain open until February 10 (29/01/2010)
    It is framed in the Adventure Program
  • The movie "Rompedintes" will be screened this weekend at the Cine Velasco (29/01/2010)

  • Blood Donation Campaign Ends Friday 29 January with the blood samples to help with this charitable work (29/01/2010)
    Will Health Center
  • Organize briefings on the revaluation of the Pension 2010 in the Senior Centers of Totana and the Paretón (29/01/2010)

  • Call for a total of 20 scholarships to pursue studies of "solar energy projects installed" in distance learning system (29/01/2010)

  • For IU, "the mayor of Totana each passing day is more nervous and isolated by the Popular Party" (28/01/2010)
    Press conference IU + LV, assessment plenary in January 2010
  • More than thirty students participate in the ongoing "care and proper treatment in the elderly", which opened yesterday (28/01/2010)
    is part of the "volunteer meeting totanero X"
  • Totana Athletics Club will be present in Elche de la Sierra and Almeria (28/01/2010)
    On the other hand, the Feb. 6 will be held the career of "La Paloma"
  • The Department of Women and Equal Opportunities regulates the foundation to honor women totaneras and entities on the occasion of International Women's Day, celebrated on 8 March (28/01/2010)
    The deadline for applications is 1 to February 15
  • The corporate give green light to the technical study and drafting the project for construction in the hamlet Social Local Coast (28/01/2010)
    The Full Council shows its support and solidarity to the workers and the company "El Pozo Alimentacion SA "by the fire in the factory
  • The plenary adopted unaninimidad the establishment and implementation of areas of collaboration with daminificados by the earthquake in Haiti (28/01/2010)

  • José Gómez: "The government just Zndreo Martinez has led to interesting proposals for plenary totaneros" (28/01/2010)
    Socialist councilor said at a news conference the full City on Thursday, which as stated, "contained little relevant issues "
  • A total of eight schools in Totana participate in the opening round regional "Open chess" School Sport (28/01/2010)
    was held in Alguazas
  • The school totaneros good results in the second round table tennis Regional School Sport (28/01/2010)
    was held in Los Alcazares
  • II film series Latino Ministers Air (28/01/2010)
    This Thursday "A touch of cinnamon, starting at 21:45 pm
  • Concert Mr. People's Jukebox + dj shows and fashion hairstyles of Purificación García (28/01/2010)
    29 and 30 January in Latino
  • The Socialists claim that "the CP of Totana has been isolated from the institutions and their own organization" (27/01/2010)

  • They take up their positions the four new ropes Totana Local Police (27/01/2010)
    Among those is the first woman joined the staff
  • The local office of the Association for Rare Diseases in the Region of Murcia D'Genes has welcomed the launch of "Manual of Humanity" (27/01/2010)

  • García Cánovas, "In the PSOE will continue to respect scrupulously the actions and decisions of justice" (27/01/2010)
    From the Socialist Party wanted to appear to make an assessment of the latest news in relation to Operation Totem
  • The local police arrested three people who had stolen material from a company that was later sold cocaine to a dealer (27/01/2010)

  • On Sunday 24 January, the club held its Totana hiker route endearing: the rise to Morron of Espuña (27/01/2010)

  • The mayor meets with the board of the Illustrious Cabildo Processions Senior Totana (27/01/2010)
    for, inter alia, to account for the work being carried from the hall for the completion of the file of the Declaration of Regional Tourist Interest Easter
  • The morning plenary address on Jan. 28 about a dozen proposals (27/01/2010)
    among which the joint motion by all municipal groups to establish lines of cooperation with the earthquake daminificados Haiti
  • Walking in solidarity Rare Diseases quads (27/01/2010)
    took place on Sunday 24 January
  • The Department of Social Welfare files a motion in Parliament (27/01/2010)
    To support and promote the objectives and actions to be taken during the "European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion 2010"
  • Day no surprises in the Amateur Football League "Play Fair" (27/01/2010)
    It keeps the excitement in the top of the league table highlighting the victories of the teams "The Zoot" and Peña Madridista "The Tenth"
  • The Department of Sports organized a day of Volleyball Alevín within the school plays school sport program (27/01/2010)
    With the participation of primary school
  • UI + Councillors Greens raise a motion in Parliament for the provision of new ambulance to the Red Cross station in Totana (27/01/2010)
    "In the past social events and sports, the Red Cross Board of Totana, had to ask ambulance to the cities of Lorca and Aguilas
  • González Franco announces that request additional depositions and court proceedings to Totana # 1 (26/01/2010)
    In order to clarify under investigation as part of "Operation Totem"
  • Sports program for the new season from January to June (26/01/2010)
    includes all the sporting activities organized both by the Department of Sports as sports clubs
  • The Department of Consumer Affairs publishes "Consumer The Orange Pages" (26/01/2010)
    Where is reflected in a quick and easy guide companies belonging to the Consumer Arbitration Board of the Region of Murcia
  • Local Social in the hamlet of La Costera (26/01/2010)
    The Department of Citizen Participation in plenary requested the technical study and writing of the pilot project for Local Social construction in the hamlet of La Costera
  • The councilman of Health inaugurated the lecture series of "I-week healthy eating" (26/01/2010)
    continues this afternoon with a lecture entitled "Overweight and obesity.
  • PSOE: "The EU Presidency Zapatero will promote greater protection for victims of gender violence and terrorism" (26/01/2010)

  • The PP requires the Group Totana Local Socialist PSOE claiming the national early recovery of the Ebro transfer (26/01/2010)

  • The Councillor for Education and Service Diversity Murcia to visit the "Occupational Classroom" (26/01/2010)
    For the work of the 15 students who attend this training method everyday
  • Next Sunday the AMPAS January 31 colleges of Totana organize a solidarity in the Puerta del Ayuntamiento (25/01/2010)
    The collection includes everything that is sold will go to a school building in the city of Bobo in Burkina Faso
  • A thirty students attend the course "Care and appropriate treatment in the elderly" (25/01/2010)
    training offer is framed as the "Volunteer Meeting Totanero X"
  • The mayor kept a meeting tomorrow with representatives of the Illustrious Cabildo Processions Higher (25/01/2010)
    To publicize the work being carried out from the Consistory to record the achievement of Regional Tourist Interest Easter
  • Totana Athletic Club Athletes participated in the International Half Marathon "Villa de Santa Pola" (25/01/2010)

  • The construction of the Olympic neighborhood social center, Pears, El Bosque, Triptolemos and Station are in their last phase of implementation (25/01/2010)
    Social Center is located in the "La Scale"
  • Juan Fco Otálora has asked municipal officials to explain the delay of the works of Plan E (25/01/2010)

  • IU Totana considered "ridiculous" the claim of the Mayor to meet with Secretary of State for the Economy to negotiate the "historic debt" (25/01/2010)

  • ... (25/01/2010)

  • The cycle of conferences "I Healthy Eating Week" will begin on Monday January 25 (25/01/2010)
    will be held in "jail"
  • Start the Campo de Cartagena 2010 Interclub with the stage of The Aljorra (24/01/2010)

  • The Department of Public Works invests 600,000 euros in improving communications under Guadalentín (24/01/2010)
    The road rehabilitation Totana-Ermita Virgen de las Huertas increase driver safety and improve access to housing and agricultural farms located along the route
  • The Mayor of Totana has asked the Secretary of State for Finance and Budget Meeting (23/01/2010)
    To negotiate with the government of the nation's historic debt that the state has with the town of Totana
  • The February 20 dinner will be held alumni and faculty of Colegio San Jose (22/01/2010)
    The objective is to recapture and relive good times in this school of Totana
  • The pottery workshop of Totana "Romero and Hernandez" present "and tile Ceramica Murcia" in New Condomina (22/01/2010)
    be exhibited in the New Condomina Mall until 31 January
  • The Department of Sports opens registration period for the pilgrimage to Caravaca de la Cruz on the occasion of the Jubilee Year 2010 (22/01/2010)
    will be held during the bridge of San Jose
  • The Department of Employment closing two training courses for active workers (22/01/2010)
    have been held in the Local Development Centre Industrial Estate "The Saladar"
  • Starts the execution of the works to replace sidewalks at Santa Barbara (22/01/2010)
    will remain closed to traffic until the completion of the works
  • The Department of Sports and the education community will launch a new sports program aimed at students of all places (22/01/2010)
    Through the activities which take place in the Sport Center
  • The adventure film "Solomon Kane" will be screened this weekend at the Cine Velasco (22/01/2010)

  • The PP claims that "it is showing that the second Plan E is a central Government propaganda program" (22/01/2010)
    "It means more jobs and less self-congratulation"
  • PSOE: "The PP will catastrazo retroactive to 4 years" (22/01/2010)
    Usero Martinez said that "the debt of the municipality of more than 100 million euros Andreo forces to reach into the pockets of totaneros by new taxes or raise existing ones "
  • IU states that "the Mayor of Totana not run 90% of the investments referred to in the 2009 Budget" (22/01/2010)
    The deputies of the Left claim that "positive results in the municipal accounts are to continue to seek loans makeup"
  • "E-town today" has emerged as a new concept of information between the city of Totana and the city (22/01/2010)

  • Totana shows the world the color and splendor of the Holy Week at the International Tourism Exhibition (21/01/2010)
    The Minister of Tourism and Culture, Pedro Alberto Cruz, who has come to FITUR in celebrating the Day of the Region of Murcia has been received at the exhibitor totanero by the mayor and Councilwoman Celebrations
  • Juan Martínez Legs of the Rock "Gertrude" and Quiñonero José María García de la Peña "Millennium", will be announced "Don Carnal" and "The Muse" in the great supper of Carnival (21/01/2010)
    will be held on Saturday 23 January
  • The People's Party submitted a motion in full force to support the claims of the Internet user community (21/01/2010)
    Y set sensible procedures in the network control conformity with the law and social needs real
  • The Social Welfare council closing the course "The care of elderly and dependent persons in the home" (21/01/2010)
    With the awarding of diplomas to those who have participated in it
  • "The Candle" presents the project "Gelem-Gelem: Community interventions in social housing" (21/01/2010)
    It will start on 1 February
  • Tomorrow, Friday January 22 will be held in the Health Center to donate blood samples and work with the charitable work (21/01/2010)
    And the 29th of this month
  • PSOE: "Changes made by the councils aldalde show a confused and exhausted project" (21/01/2010)
    They have also said "Andre is obsessed with not losing the ground of the hall, clinging to power as the only lifeline in difficult situation "
  • The mayor urged the Federation of Peñas Consitución Carnival to this organization (20/01/2010)
    new credit lines will enable and encourage local and carnival
  • Totana participate tomorrow in the International Tourism Fair, Fitur, coinciding with the day of the Region of Murcia (20/01/2010)
    Showing the world the color and splendor of the local Easter
  • More than thirty of hikers made a 12-kilometer route through the beautiful country of Mula (20/01/2010)
    Organized by the Department of Sports
  • The social responsibilities of the meet in Totana Guadalentín (20/01/2010)
    On Tuesday met the secretaries general of the Socialist groups to "analyze the situation of the region and develop common strategies to regain Guadalentín in 2011"
  • Athletes of Totana Athletics Club in the fourth round of the Regional League Cross (20/01/2010)

  • Development Cooperation presented a motion in Parliament to establish lines of cooperation with the earthquake victims in Haiti (20/01/2010)
    Calling upon the cooperation of citizens
  • The "Peña Madridista The Tenth" rises to the top of amateur football league "Play Fair" (20/01/2010)
    After the spectacular starring rout over the past day
  • Second Film Series film and independent contemporary (20/01/2010)
    This coming Thursday at the Latino
  • The Local Strategic Plan "Growing Totana 2013" road map established by the work of the government team for the political year 2010 (19/01/2010)
    With the launching of major projects that will boost the town's economy
  • The Mayor undertook the reorganization of the government team to implement local strategic plan "grows Totana 2013" (19/01/2010)
    Y shape government action to the needs generated by the current economic crisis
  • The council invested more than EUR 12 million in public works in 2009 (19/01/2010)
    Employing over 300 people standing in the city
  • The events planned to commemorate the World Day for Rare Diseases "was held from January 20 to March 7 (19/01/2010)
    They are organized by" D'Genes "and Feder in collaboration with the departments of Social Welfare and Health
  • Totana host first regional Alevín Day School Sports Chess, with the participation of more than 60 students (19/01/2010)

  • The Department of Sports organized a day of multisport prebenjamin, part of the School Sports Programme (19/01/2010)
    With the participation of primary school
  • IU claims that "Martínez Andreo has launched an undercover catastrazo, which is becoming known in Totana, as the Tax Pools" (19/01/2010)
    assert that "thousands of residents are receiving letters from the City Hall, demanding the payment of taxes pools and small works "
  • The Socialists claim that "the town of Totana is Spain with more delays in completing the work of Plan E 2009" (19/01/2010)

  • Totana show the world the color and splendor of the Holy Week in the largest exhibitor in this sector, the international tourism fair Fitur 2010 (18/01/2010)
    will take place from 20 to 24 January
  • This Saturday 23 is presented at the Gala Dinner of Carnival "Don Carnal" to "The Muse" and the illustrator of this edition poster (18/01/2010)

  • The Governing Board approved local health and safety plan for construction of the new Health Centre-South Totana (18/01/2010)
    Located in the urbanization "The scale"
  • The mayor presented a motion in Parliament to support the sector of nuts (18/01/2010)
    In order to implement a recovery plan to maintain aid State Community
  • The Socialists propose to the plenary Totana is a host town for Haitian children (18/01/2010)

  • The past 16 and January 17 I have played the Open Autonomy of the season 2009-2010 (18/01/2010)
    players have participated Totana Table Tennis Club
  • IU branded as "undocumented" Councilman Services, Sergio Lopez, "not knowing the difference between a complaint and litigation" (18/01/2010)
    recalls that "the only complaint filed in recent months by a judge, has been filed by Martinez Andreo two journalists from the newspaper La Verdad "
  • Ya know the names of the Nazarene Pregonera Honor and Easter 2010 (17/01/2010)
    Juan Martínez Fernández "El enterraor" honor the Nazarene, while María Martínez Martínez proclaim the Easter 2010
  • The Department of Industry and PROINVITOSA start up the "Policoche" (17/01/2010)
    To provide an effective alternative to car sharing, optimize travel costs to the industrial zone and contribute to the environment
  • The PP Totana file a motion in Parliament to show their solidarity and support to workers and the company ElPozo Food (16/01/2010)
    For the fire in the factory
  • Fran Murcia visited the headquarters of D'Genes (16/01/2010)
    Former basketball player was very interested in collaborating with the association
  • The "I Healthy Eating Week" includes a series of conferences aimed at raising awareness of the need for adequate nutrition for good health (15/01/2010)
    25 to be held January 28 in "Jail"
  • "The Contentious Court has filed the lawsuit against the adjudication process of landscaping services, presented by IU + LV" (15/01/2010)
    As reported by the council and Comprehensive Maintenance Services of the City, Sergio López
  • Civil Defence Volunteers and local police officers involved in more than a dozen actions caused by the strong wind (15/01/2010)
    With gusts of 100 kilometers per hour
  • The rehabilitation works of the facades of Main Street Triana entering their final phase (15/01/2010)
    are subsidized by the Directorate General of Housing
  • The Department of Sports organized a trip to Sierra Nevada (15/01/2010)
    to play the sport of skiing through a course during the weekend of 13 and 14 February
  • PSOE: "The incompetence of the PP totanero save € 700,000 in the pockets of the totaneros" (15/01/2010)
    Usero Martinez congratulated the citizens group "using the right they have managed to stop the obscene rise of the planned contribution Andreo 2010 "
  • IU: "The PP can not come up the urban contribution in 2010, as approved in plenary session in October, having made allegations by a group of neighbors" (15/01/2010)
    "Martínez Andreo may not increase the contribution by 20% (50 euros per household), as intended, thanks to local initiative "
  • The children's adventure film "Planet 51" will be screened this weekend at the Cine Velasco (15/01/2010)

  • The city of Totana recepcionar starts thinking of urbanization "The Pond" (14/01/2010)
    In order to begin construction of the leisure, recreation, sports and social club
  • The city of Totana, Murcia University signed a cooperation agreement (14/01/2010)
    order to continue training students in foreign universities totaneros
  • Tomorrow, Friday January 15 will be held in the Health Center to donate blood samples and work with the charitable work (14/01/2010)
    Y 22 and 29 this month
  • The school hall to host first day Totana Badminton Championship Sports Promotion of the Region of Murcia School Sport (14/01/2010)
    With the participation of more than 60 school
  • The People's Party claims that "Zapatero cut for the second consecutive year, resources for municipalities" (13/01/2010)
    "that economic suffocation"
  • The Department of Sports organized a pilgrimage to Caravaca de la Cruz (13/01/2010)
    On the occasion of the Holy Year 2010 for the jubilee
  • Counseling of the Presidency and government grants a subsidy to City Hall for an amount of 21,500 euros (13/01/2010)
    For the acquisition of a vehicle to the local police in Totana
  • The Mayor and the Minister of Education, Training and Employment signed an agreement (13/01/2010)
    To ensure continuity and provide the training offer of the permanent center in the municipality Adult
  • The Chess Tournament was attended School Sports participaicón of 30 schools in the city (13/01/2010)
    It was organized by the Department of Sports in collaboration with the Chess Club Totana
  • The Socialist councilor Andrés García Cánovas denounces "the abandonment by the government's road Andre Drylands" (13/01/2010)
    Ensure the council to be more and more convinced that Martínez Andreo is more concerned with "personal problems" to solve the problems citizens
  • IU: "The scandalous Totana unemployment figures highlight the failure of Plan E in its impact on employment and business" (13/01/2010)
    "added to the hateful policies of the PP over the years"
  • Social Policy Counseling begins during 2010 with the conclusion of the Board of Directors of Social Policy in The Santa (12/01/2010)
    Mayor delivers a gift that recalls the conclusion of the Board of Directors of this department
  • More than 90 users of the Residence "La Purisima" receive the visit of Minister of Social Policy (12/01/2010)
    And CEOs, the mayor and council of Social Welfare
  • II film series Latino (12/01/2010)
    On Thursday 14 January at 21:45 in Latino
  • Two new podium for Totana Running Club Half Marathon XXII in "Ciudad de Lorca" (12/01/2010)

  • The Department of Sports organized the local phase of the sports team of School Sport (12/01/2010)
    In the categories of children, youth and cadet
  • The team stumbles "The pachucos" and "Furniture Mondrian" favor a three-way tie atop the Amateur Football League (12/01/2010)
    "Play Fair"
  • The Socialists claim that "Rajoy is a threat to workers" (12/01/2010)
    They say "Rajoy is determined to be the worst possible things for political gain"
  • The Governing Board awarded the works of the steps ensanchanmiento Taibilla Canal in the hamlet of El Paretón (11/01/2010)
    In order to ensure road safety in this area
  • The Athletic Club Totana present in four San Wild (11/01/2010)

  • The Department of Women and Equality provides free downloads of the help guide and information against gender violence through Bluetooth (11/01/2010)
    For people who need to have this document
  • The City Council and the Minister of the Presidency and government have signed a cooperation agreement (11/01/2010)
    To continue providing care services to citizens through the Consistory Desk
  • The Nativity Scene Makers Association Totana "FIR" and the council will be presenting on Tuesday January 12 awards from the XVII edition of the Contest Crib (11/01/2010)
    At 20:30 in the Socio-Cultural Center "La Prison"
  • The Club Senderista of Totana made his first start of this year rising to the top of the Sierra de Callosa (11/01/2010)
    took place last Sunday 10 January
  • The Socialist Party says, "Murcia is the region where unemployment has risen further in 2009" (11/01/2010)

  • Important victory against Eliocroca Totana CADE in Lorca (11/01/2010)
    New CADE 2-4 victory Totana party held last Saturday in Hall 9 Lorca Europe Eliocroca marching against the 4 th in the ranking
  • The council awarded the contract to carry out minor development works of rural roads in the Paretón, Raiguero Raiguero High and Low (10/01/2010)
    by an amount that exceeds the amount of 22,000 euros
  • The patron saint of Totana, Santa Eulalia de Mérida, return on Saturday morning pilgrimage to the shrine if weather conditions permit (08/01/2010)

  • SEF The new office will be opened by the Minister of Education, Development and Employment and the Mayor of Totana, among other authorities, on 28 January (08/01/2010)
    street is located in Calasparra
  • More than 1,200 euros are raised in the traditional Giant Kings Roscón (08/01/2010)
    This year was carried out on behalf of the Spanish Association Against Cancer
  • City officials attending the High Raiguero where Mass was celebrated in the chapel of Santo Domingo (08/01/2010)
    was carried out the "Song of Souls" by the hand of the crew of the parish
  • The Councillor for Citizen Participation provides the website of this department in the City Council Municipal Public Participation (08/01/2010)
    also reports the new ordinance regulating grants
  • Today, Friday, January 8 will be held in the Health Center to donate blood samples and work with the charitable work (08/01/2010)
    And on 15, 22 and 29 this month
  • Continue programming the film for this weekend with the Disney movie "Old Dogs" (08/01/2010)
    will be screened on Sunday 10 January
  • The poor weather conditions prevent the image of Santa Eulalia return to his hermitage (07/01/2010)
    Conclusion of the Pilgrimage on Saturday was postponed to January 9
  • A safety device, comprising more than 60 police, ensure the smooth running of the rising Pilgrimage of Santa Eulalia (06/01/2010)
    The MU-502 road closed to traffic stays on for more than 6 hours
  • FIR Nativity Scene Makers Association and the City will be presenting on Tuesday, 12 prizes of the XVII edition of the Contest Crib (05/01/2010)
    14 artisans have participated
  • The traditional "Auto sacramental de los Reyes Magos" of Paretón be represented in the village tomorrow, Wednesday January 6 (05/01/2010)
    The celebration aims to maintain ancient customs and traditions of the town of Totana
  • Advice to consumers to make purchases during the time of the winter sales (05/01/2010)
    began last January 2
  • Social Welfare is launching a course on "the care of elderly and dependent persons in the home" (05/01/2010)
    training action intended group of people at risk of exclusion
  • The Socialists claim that their works projects for the 2010 Plan E would create more jobs in Totana (05/01/2010)
    The Socialist Group is convinced that "the proposals made totaneros themselves are clearly designed to create work that is Totana "
  • Los Reyes Magos around 24,000 distributed over 32,000 toys and lollipops and trinkets from the floats during the traditional parade (04/01/2010)
    will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, January 5 at seven pm
  • Weekly market is held on Wednesday, January 6 (04/01/2010)
    weekly market on Wednesday, January 6, coinciding with the feast day of the Magi, was held in conjunction with the demands of both merchants and their users
  • On Friday January 8 will be held at the health center to donate blood samples and work with the charitable work (04/01/2010)
    Also on 15, 22 and 29 January
  • The CARM granted to the town of Totana a grant amounting to 15,720 euros (04/01/2010)
    for promotional activities at the local sports
  • The Socialist Party calls an extraordinary plenary meeting to decide which projects should be included in the State Fund for Employment, 2010 (04/01/2010)

  • Hundreds of children accompanied by their parents gave their letters full of despair and dreams of the Magi (04/01/2010)

  • The Three Kings arrive tomorrow Sunday at the Plaza de la Constitution de Totana (02/01/2010)
    To collect personally cards with the wishes and requests of the children of the village
  • The Mass of Christmas carols by the orchestra and Spike Pulse "Ciudad de Totana" and the Choir Amanenecer be held tomorrow, Saturday, January 2 (01/01/2010)
    At seven pm at the Church of Santiago

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