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  • The Plenary agrees to support the proposed alternative route for the High Voltage Airline of the Totana Adif traction substation, among many other issues (31/10/2019)
    The session began by keeping a minute of silence in memory of the former councilor and pediatric mayor of La Costera-Ñorica, Esperanza Martínez Meseguer, who died last October 5, at the age of 61
  • They agree to sign an agreement with the Kalathos Association (31/10/2019)
    For the transfer of use of some units of the old Craft Technology Center
  • The XII Meeting of Raiguero Gangs is held this Sunday (31/10/2019)
    The Golden Paprika will be delivered to the Civil Guard of Totana and the National Police of Lorca
  • The "Mateo García" Municipal Library begins the activities of the Reading Animation program for the 2019/2020 period (31/10/2019)
    It is offered to the Totana teaching centers
  • It is agreed to initiate the file to hire the assistance of replacement of pavement in the actions of the Municipal Water Service (31/10/2019)

  • Award of the drafting contract and subsidiary execution direction of the property located in San Ildefonso street, corner with Presbítero Rodríguez Cabrera (31/10/2019)

  • Five igloos will be placed in the form of a basketball at strategic points in the urban area of ​​Totana (30/10/2019)
    To participate in the challenge of the glass recycling promotion campaign
  • Totana students collect 480 signatures in a single weekend requesting the opening of the study room on weekends (30/10/2019)

  • The BORM publishes the final approval of the General Budget of the City of Totana of 2019 and the staffing staff (30/10/2019)

  • The "Mateo García" Municipal Library is preparing for the Halloween holiday 2019 (30/10/2019)
    With the decoration of the children's section and a selection of readings on this theme
  • The Councilor for Social Welfare attends the Regional Council on Violence against Women on behalf of municipal entities (30/10/2019)
    Where annual programs and activities in this area are analyzed
  • The traditional Mass of Souls in the Municipal Cemetery "Our Lady of Carmen" will be held on November 2, with morning and afternoon hours (30/10/2019)

  • The mayor meets today with the Director General of Urban Planning and Housing (30/10/2019)

  • The Youth Platform asks municipal political groups to support all those initiatives that benefit youth (30/10/2019)
    Among others, those aimed at creating a space for youth in Totana
  • AELIP will celebrate its "ANNUAL AWARD OF AWARDS" on November 24 in Totana (29/10/2019)

  • The Mayor's Office proposes to approve the imposition of the fee for private use or use of the public domain (29/10/2019)
    of the facilities for transporting electricity, gas, water or hydrocarbons
  • The ordinary plenary session of October goes ahead to Wednesday morning to coincide with the traditional pasted posters of the 10-N elections (29/10/2019)

  • The campaign against the flu begins with the aim of achieving vaccination coverage of 65% of those over 64 and 40% of health workers (29/10/2019)

  • It is proposed to include two new rural roads of the Diputación de Mortí in the Municipal Road Registry (29/10/2019)

  • The mayor advocates control of gambling venues and provides institutional support to associations working in this area (29/10/2019)
    Coinciding today with the National Day without Gambling
  • Many people take part in the solidarity route through Sierra Espuña in favor of D´Genes (28/10/2019)
    Organized within the framework of the ICL Volunteer Week
  • Totana competes in a regional challenge for being the municipality that recycles the most glass, whose prize is the construction of a sports track with recycled glass (28/10/2019)
    The campaign "Encesta glass, we all win" will be developed in 12 of the most populated municipalities of The Region and the objective is to associate the sport of basketball with the recycling of glass containers and the care of the planet
  • It is agreed to sign an agreement with the Association Association Friends of Bethlehem Sale Los Pinos to make the traditional Municipal Bethlehem (28/10/2019)

  • Today opens the deadline for the presentation of candidates for the elections of pediatric mayors, which will remain until November 18 (28/10/2019)
    Interested neighbors must communicate their intention through the Citizen Service (SAC)
  • The Local Police starts today a van control campaign promoted by the DGT (28/10/2019)
    It will last until Thursday, October 31
  • Totana competes in a regional challenge for being the municipality that recycles the most glass (28/10/2019)
    The prize is the construction of a sports track with recycled glass
  • The La Santa Foundation celebrated the 375 years that Santa Eulalia is patron of Totana (28/10/2019)
    The events took place on October 25, 26 and 27
  • The CAT participates in the Valencia Half Marathon and in the 10Km of Santomera, where it obtains a podium (27/10/2019)

  • ... (27/10/2019)

  • The direction of traffic circulation on some roads in the historic center is modified in order to decongest the Constitution Square (27/10/2019)
    And give pedestrians greater prominence
  • The mayor orders the contracting services companies to channel the hiring of personnel through the job boards of the Local Development Center (26/10/2019)

  • This weekend, the Totana Constitution Square will host a new Solidarity Ham Court for the benefit of D´Genes and AELIP (25/10/2019)

  • Members of the new Board of Directors of the Municipal Center for the Elderly presided by Pedro Tudela Rosa take possession (25/10/2019)

  • Approve a grant of 6,000 euros to collaborate in the maintenance and promotion expenses of the Friends of Music Association of El Paretón for the year 2019 (25/10/2019)

  • Access to health benefits of a scheduled nature (25/10/2019)
    The Department of Health raises a motion requiring the Ministry to meet the deadlines established for access to health benefits of a scheduled nature
  • They grant a direct subsidy of 21,581.42 euros for the development of actions aimed at the fight against energy poverty (25/10/2019)

  • The mayor holds an institutional meeting with officials of the Regional Confederation of Business Organizations of Lorca (CECLOR) (24/10/2019)
    To establish joint lines of action
  • Construction work on a pedestrian ford in Santomera street, corner with Pliego street (24/10/2019)

  • The Gymnastics Program for People with Disabilities begins (24/10/2019)
    It is being carried out at the Day Center for People with Mental Illness "Princess Leticia"
  • The "Mateo García" Municipal Library today celebrates Library Day, especially dedicated to children and young people (24/10/2019)

  • Totana celebrates the First Solidarity March "United for ELA" on November 3 (24/10/2019)
    It includes a festive charity and living day in the auditorium of the municipal park "Marcos Ortiz"
  • The General Directorate of Family gives a training action to the staff of the Local Police on the Protocol of Attention to Child Abuse (23/10/2019)

  • The deadline for the presentation of candidacies for the elections of pediatric mayors is from October 28 to November 18 (23/10/2019)

  • Grant a grant of 4,312 euros to the City Council for the drafting of the project of protection and restoration of the Cueva de la Plata (23/10/2019)

  • The municipal contribution of 12,000 euros is approved in favor of the La Santa Foundation corresponding to the 2019 annuity (23/10/2019)

  • Two professors of the IES Juan de la Cierva and Codorníu have participated in an English Course in Dublin through the Erasmus + project (22/10/2019)

  • Very beneficial rain that has left us this episode, as reported by Civil Protection of Totana (22/10/2019)

  • Solidarity and good atmosphere in the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Tajo-Segura transfer (22/10/2019)

  • Dr. Alessandra Gambineri new member of the AELIP advisory committee (22/10/2019)

  • AELIP was present at the 60th Congress of the Spanish Endocrinology and Nutrition Society in Bilbao (22/10/2019)

  • SEEN and AELIP sign a collaboration agreement (22/10/2019)
    The Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition (SEEN) and the International Association of Relatives and People with Lipodystrophies (AELIP) sign a collaboration agreement in the framework of the 60th SEEN Congress in Bilbao
  • Dr. Éva Csajbók From the University of Szeged in Hungary, new member of the advisory committee of AELIP (22/10/2019)
    Doctor Éva Csajbók From the University of Szeged in Hungary, is already a new member of the advisory committee of AELIP
  • The Department of Education urges the Ministry to the construction of the third Institute of Compulsory Secondary Education and Baccalaureate in Totana (22/10/2019)
    The City Council would make available some land with sufficient reserve of equipment and the necessary extension of land in the urbanization La Báscula
  • The first shift of the Agricultural Employment Promotion Program in Totana begins, with the initial hiring of 66 unemployed from November 1 to January 31 (22/10/2019)
    A total of 132 unemployed in Totana will be hired in the framework of the 2019 call , which was developed in autumn and winter
  • They will present a joint motion to demand that CHS and the Central Government construct the channeling and the rolling dam of the Rambla de Lébor (22/10/2019)

  • The "La Santa" Foundation organizes a series of presentations to commemorate the 375th anniversary of the Patronage of Santa Eulalia in Totana (21/10/2019)

  • PADISITO users enjoy a weekend in La Manga (21/10/2019)

  • Another DANA will affect us, but this time it will not cause torrential rains in the southeast, according to Civil Protection of Totana (21/10/2019)

  • A cut in the electricity supply will be carried out for the remodeling of the theater of the Socio-Cultural Center "La Cárcel" on Wednesday, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. (21/10/2019)
    The cut will affect the services of the library "Mateo García ", the study room, the School of Music and the municipal gym
  • The yellow alert is activated in the Region of Murcia for tomorrow Tuesday due to the forecast of heavy rains (21/10/2019)
    The passage of DANA this Tuesday through the Region could leave locally strong rainfall in the eastern part of the community
  • The Ministry of Public Administration wants to open the new fire station Alhama-Totana before the end of this year (21/10/2019)
    The remodeling of the facilities, which began at the beginning of the previous term, have an investment of more than 323,500 euros
  • The CAT was present in 4 mountain races this weekend (21/10/2019)

  • The Youth Platform proposes to turn the José Munuera y Abadía Reading Center into a space for youth (21/10/2019)

  • Two wins and two bulky losses are the results of the four teams of Club Totana TM (20/10/2019)
    Weekend results Club Totana TM
  • The Socialist Municipal Group presents 7 motions to the Plenary of November (19/10/2019)
    They deal with topics on culture, health, education, mobility and sport
  • Heavy rains return to the Mediterranean side (18/10/2019)
    Many media outlets are already reporting the arrival of a DANA next week, "in a few cases dealing with the issue sensationally," according to Civil Protection of Totana
  • The XI Totana Outlet Fair will be held in the Plaza de la Constitución from October 24 to 27 (18/10/2019)
    It has a wide range of exhibitors and products with significant discounts
  • "Commitment, responsibility, rigor and adjustment plans" (18/10/2019)
    Juan José Cánovas
  • The Plenary approves the adhesion to the measures of the Ministry of Finance to group all the formalized credits in a single loan (18/10/2019)
    within the framework of the Fund of Financing to Local Entities
  • The draw is made to elect the 288 representatives that will make up the electoral tables of the next 10N elections (18/10/2019)

  • Now Totana will propose to the Plenary the installation of dog parks in the municipality (18/10/2019)

  • They present a wide and attractive program of set and theatrical visits (17/10/2019)

  • They agree to sign an agreement with the XXI Century Public Association (17/10/2019)
    To develop the Shared Reader Success (EXILECOM) program at the "Mateo García" Municipal Library
  • The procedure for contracting the armsless surveillance service of the La Bastida archaeological site begins (17/10/2019)

  • "In spite of everything ... Today can be a Great Day" (17/10/2019)
    Juan José Cánovas
  • The PSOE of Totana presents its Municipal Management Commission in order to continue working for Totana and socialism (17/10/2019)

  • A cyclist has been injured in an accident on Antonio Garrigues Street in Totana (16/10/2019)

  • The deadline for the presentation of candidacies to elect new pediatric mayors in the seven deputations and the members of the Neighborhood Board of El Paretón opens from October 28 to November 18 (16/10/2019)

  • The exhibition of ceramic works "CeramiCómic" will remain open to the public from October 25 to November 7 in the room "Gregorio Cebrián" (16/10/2019)
    Its promoters are the craftsman Antonio Martínez de Alfarería "El Poveo" and the teacher and artist Vicente Tiburcio
  • They will renew several sections of the sewer network in Obdulio Miralles, Mexico, Murillo and Maestro Aguja streets (16/10/2019)

  • Tomorrow, an extraordinary plenary session is held to circumvent the members of the polling stations for the general elections next November 10 (16/10/2019)

  • The mayor participates in the inauguration of the Day "Trajectory and projection of the Transfer" (15/10/2019)
    It is organized by the Irrigation Community within the events of its fortieth anniversary
  • The new update project of the Tourism web portal of Totana is presented, more visually and informatively attractive (15/10/2019)
    The institutional site www.turismo.totana.es offers a closer and more modern image
  • The cut in the supply of drinking water planned for tomorrow in areas of the San José neighborhood is postponed to Thursday (15/10/2019)

  • "El Candil" holds a breakfast-meeting between businessmen in the area and participants of the AVANZA program (15/10/2019)

  • Several grants are requested from the SEF for the implementation of the training projects "Recording and data and document processing operations" and "English A2", respectively (15/10/2019)

  • The Region celebrates the "I Conference on Erasmus + experiences" (14/10/2019)

  • They will cut off on Wednesday the supply of drinking water in areas of the San José neighborhood for approximately six hours (14/10/2019)
    By connection to the supply service of the works of San Ramón Street
  • They build several jumps or speed bumps on the Camino de la Torreta in order to ensure the safety of pedestrians and residents of the area (14/10/2019)

  • The Benjamín School Sports Local Phase 2019-20 begins (14/10/2019)
    It is organized by the Department of Sports and the teaching centers of Totana
  • The City Council will work on training and employment projects for the integration of people with different abilities (14/10/2019)
    This initiative will be carried out under a collaboration agreement with the company "Eurofirms People First"
  • The Rural Association of Irrigators of the Raiguero denounces "the collusion of the Government of Murcia with the SCRATS" and the "overexploitation of water resources by large agribusiness companies" (14/10/2019)
    The Association of Riparian Municipalities of the Entrepeñas and Buendía Reservoirs attended to a "historical encounter" with traditional irrigators of the Region of Murcia
  • Defeat 5-1 of Framusa B in Mazarrón (14/10/2019)
    Weekend results Club Totana TM
  • Padisito performs a round of talks at the Totana schools (11/10/2019)

  • Pedro Tudela Rosa will chair the new Board of Directors of the Municipal Center for the Elderly of Totana for the next four years (11/10/2019)

  • The mayor of Totana shows his concern about the serious political situation in Ecuador (11/10/2019)
    That affects many residents of this town and their families
  • The versatile artist Alfonso Gallego donates a painting to the City of Totana (11/10/2019)
    In thanks to the exhibition “A walk through the foothills of Sierra Espuña.
  • The mayor raises a motion in support of the proposed alternative route for the 400 Kw High Voltage Air Line, presented by the Platform of People Affected by the Line in La Ñorica and Lébor (11/10/2019)

  • The program "La Cárcel Training 2019/2020" offers this season a total of 7 workshops aimed at audiences of all ages (11/10/2019)
    They will be taught at the Socio-Cultural Center "La Cárcel"
  • The mayor announces the refinancing of 66 million euros of the municipal debt (11/10/2019)
    Under the measures provided by the Ministry of Finance under the compartments of the Fund for Financing Local Entities
  • The PSOE opens its headquarters for students on weekends (10/10/2019)
    "Given the refusal of IU, PP, C's and VOX to enable a study room 24/7"
  • Tomorrow the elections are held for the new Board of Directors of the Municipal Center for the Elderly, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (10/10/2019)

  • The Gymnastics program is launched in the Municipal Centers for the Elderly of Totana and El Paretón (10/10/2019)

  • V OPEN DE PADEL Tennis Club Totana 2019 (10/10/2019)

  • IES Juan de la Cierva y Codorníu organizes this Monday the 14th of October the 1st Erasmus + Experiences Day (10/10/2019)
    In whose program this teaching center is participating
  • Local Police initiate vehicle monitoring controls to verify that they do not exceed the permitted noise limits (10/10/2019)
    In order to reduce noise pollution levels
  • More than a year of waiting for a surgical operation (09/10/2019)
    "The health of the Region of Murcia shines for its nefarious management", denounces the totanero Ismael Baños
  • They study regulating traffic by traffic signaling in the urban section of Mazarrón Avenue (09/10/2019)
    And in the area of ​​the Civil Protection Volunteer Plaza
  • ... (09/10/2019)

  • The new contract for Promotion Activities and Visits to Places of Tourist Interest in the municipality of Totana is awarded (09/10/2019)

  • The Local Phase of the 2019/20 School Sports Hall begins (09/10/2019)
    It is organized by the Department of Sports with the collaboration of schools
  • The Local Development Center hosts the first coordination meeting of the area of ​​Economic and Local Development of the City of Totana (09/10/2019)

  • Success in the Annual ECLIP meeting and the VII International Symposium of Lipodystrophies (08/10/2019)
    A unique event to work for infrequent Lipodystrophies
  • The VII International Symposium of Lipodystrophies had a nutrition workshop (08/10/2019)
    And another of self-care and personal image
  • Professor Martin Wabitsch from Germany, new member of the AELIP expert committee (08/10/2019)

  • New members of the AELIP expert committee (08/10/2019)
    Doctors Rebecca Brown and Elif Oral from the USA, new members of the AELIP expert committee
  • The two lines of research of Lipodystrophies in Spain, present in the Annual ECLIP MEETING (08/10/2019)
    and VII International Symposium of Lipodystrophies
  • AELIP held a working meeting with the international Lipodystrophy associations (08/10/2019)
    Within the framework of the VII Inter-national Symposium and Annual ECLIP meeting
  • On October 9, 11, 20 and 22, reports on Totana will be broadcast on the television program "Here the Earth", on Spanish Television (08/10/2019)
    A production company recorded several weeks ago several pieces about the preparation of pepper cake and the cultivation of totanera squash, ball pepper and table grapes
  • The transfer is renewed for another year from the Municipal Center for Citizen Participation to the Collective for Social Promotion "El Candil" (08/10/2019)

  • Drivers are reminded that parking is prohibited in front of the facades of the City of Totana and the church of Santiago (08/10/2019)

  • The III “Hispanian Race” Obstacle Race is held on October 26 and 27 at the “Valverde Reina” Sports City, (07/10/2019)
    Sw will once again combine fun and improvement
  • "PSOE, PP and C´s allied with Vox to increase their diets by 73% and lower the salaries of the government of Ganar Totana-IU by 19%" (07/10/2019)
    The regional direction of IU-Verdes considers the agreement reached to be nonsense by the opposition in the municipality of Totana
  • About 30 people attend the informative talk about the family foster program for supervised minors, promoted by the Spanish Red Cross in Totana (07/10/2019)

  • The first Sports Sector Council is held after several years without convening (07/10/2019)
    In order to analyze the situation of local sport and the needs of clubs
  • The Psychoeducational Training Course taught by Intergenerational Solidarity at the Local Development Center is closed (07/10/2019)

  • The "Imperdible Concilia" Eduteca serves today at the "La Cárcel" Sociocultural Center, with the collaboration of the Department of Youth (07/10/2019)

  • Winning Totana advises the PSOE to "stop lying in their revenge eagerness to attack the Government Team" (07/10/2019)
    "So far it is the only thing they have done, in addition to raising the salaries by full 74%."
  • The CAT was present at the IV Conference "learning outdoors" and in three tests of our Region (06/10/2019)

  • TOTAN ACTION asks for a serious and constructive political opposition (06/10/2019)
    "The MORRO and DESFACHATEZ shown by the Totanean socialists with their latest press release simply have no name and nowhere to take it"
  • The façade of the Town Hall has lit green during this weekend on the occasion of National Arthritis Day (06/10/2019)

  • ... (06/10/2019)

  • The PSOE describes as "populist" the news that "councilors of the government team" sign " Socialists consider transparency a priority and believe that this measure does not solve the suspense that the city council has in this (06/10/2019)

  • Totana will celebrate again on October 12 the institutional act of homage to the Flag of Spain coinciding with the National Holiday Day (06/10/2019)

  • The City Council conveys its condolences and condolences for the death of the former councilor and pediatric mayor of La Costera-Ñorica, Esperanza Martínez (05/10/2019)

  • Win Totana urges Juan Pagán to explain to the people "a single positive contribution from the PP these first 100 days" (05/10/2019)
    "Not counting increasing the diets to the opposition by 74%"
  • The six councilors who make up the municipal government of Totana will sign and make public their face-to-face schedule at the City Council as a measure of transparency (05/10/2019)
    They will also announce their remuneration on the municipal corporate website every month
  • The renovation works of the San Ramón street sanitation and supply network section will continue over the next two months (04/10/2019)

  • The PP says that Totana has been in a paralysis for 100 days (04/10/2019)
    "Paralysis is the best summary of the 100 days of the Government of Juan José Cánovas and his team," says Juan Pagán at a press conference
  • They approve the collaboration agreement with the Totana Music Group for the year 2019 for € 11,000 (04/10/2019)

  • The Joint Employment-Training Program called "Socio-Health Care for Dependents in Social Institutions" is requested (04/10/2019)

  • CEDETO, SL is commissioned by the Concierge Service in the municipal park "Marcos Ortiz" (04/10/2019)

  • The Local Police attends a childbirth on the street of a baby who came with a cord circular after neighbors gave notice that a woman was desperate for help (03/10/2019)

  • Five candidates finally attend the elections of the new Board of Directors of the Municipal Center for the Elderly of Totana (03/10/2019)

  • The Totana Musical Association Board requests the trade name TOTAN MUSICAL GROUP (03/10/2019)
    Its type is figurative and the classes and products / services or activities requested are education and training
  • The mayor offers a reception to the councilor of Fatao (Mali) (03/10/2019)
    In gratitude for the reception given to the Local Police, which promoted a solidarity campaign to collect school supplies and second-hand bicycles
  • Agenda of the Local Government Board of today October 3, 2019 (03/10/2019)

  • The contract for the educational centers of the Carmen Baró Infant Schools, Mrs. Pepita López Gandía and the Work Life Conciliation Center "Nuestra Señora del Rosario" is extended for another year (03/10/2019)

  • Tomorrow starts the Annual Eclip Meeting and the VII International Symposium of Lipodystrophies in Burgos (03/10/2019)
    It is organized by AELIP
  • The Collective for Social Promotion "El Candil" is awarded the contract to develop the "Making community" program (03/10/2019)

  • Two theatrical visits and one set for the site of La Bastida are scheduled for this fall (03/10/2019)

  • The municipal park "Marcos Ortiz" will be closed tomorrow for the complementary work of applying phytosanitary treatments and insect control (02/10/2019)
    Preventive treatments and insect control are being carried out throughout the year
  • AMETSE starts up the meteorological weather monitoring network (02/10/2019)
    The network, in which fans and public and private entities participate, starts with more than 60 observation points, among which is the Totana Civil Protection station
  • Members of the Municipal Corporation and technicians of the Department of Urban Planning meet at the Work Table (02/10/2019)
    In order to know the status of processing the document of the General Plan of Municipal Planning
  • The Department of Traffic will increase control and surveillance of vehicles that exceed the noise limits allowed in order to reduce noise pollution levels (02/10/2019)

  • The PSOE ensures that its economic management leaves a surplus of 1,244,768.33 euros that will be used to reduce municipal debt (02/10/2019)

  • A new entrepreneur occupies an office in the Business Nursery of the industrial estate "El Saladar" (02/10/2019)

  • Award of the new service contract of the Day Centers for Dependent Elderly People of Totana (02/10/2019)

  • The San Francisco neighborhood parties will not be held this weekend, except for the coexistence of crumbs (02/10/2019)

  • ... (02/10/2019)

  • Premiere with podium for 'Lolo' Aviles in Totana (02/10/2019)

  • Debut of the Benjamín team of the Hockey Club Skates of Totana in the League of the Valencian Federation (02/10/2019)
    Last Saturday, September 28, the debut of the Hockey team of Skates of Totana, category Benjamin, took place in the League of the Skate Federation of the Valencian Community
  • Cánovas: "There is no day in my life that no thanks for our enjoyment of a public and universal health" (01/10/2019)

  • Good weekend for Antonio Andreo and Pedro González in the home test (01/10/2019)
    The CAÑAVATE Team riders shot at a good pace in mythical ascent to the SANTA Sanctuary in Totana
  • AELIP present at the X CREER-FEDER Training School that was attended by HM Queen Letizia (01/10/2019)

  • The Community of Irrigators Transfer Tajo-Segura de Totana is in solidarity with AELIP on the occasion of its 40th anniversary (01/10/2019)

  • Now Totana bets on tourism (01/10/2019)
    The Civil Platform regrets that there was no tourist information point in La Santa, coinciding with the celebration of the Rally
  • The Totana Senderista Club begins the calendar of activities for the 2019/20 season with the XIII Solidarity March held on Sunday October 6 (01/10/2019)
    The activity is organized in memory of José Antonio Cánovas "El Cartero", for the benefit of the Association of Relatives of Children with Cancer (Afacmur) and Caritas
  • Fires in the places and recreational areas enabled in La Santa, intended for the exclusive use of country kitchen, can now be carried out from today until May 31 (01/10/2019)

  • Remember the recommendations and prohibition that exists for the practice of burning of agricultural waste (01/10/2019)
    As well as the exceptional cases allowed
  • The demolition by ruin of the property located on San Ildefonso street, corner with Presbítero Rodríguez Cabrera street will be undertaken in a subsidiary manner (01/10/2019)

  • The Department of Urban Planning enables a schedule for customer service on Tuesdays and Fridays, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., respectively (01/10/2019)

  • Adif awards the contract for the construction of the Mediterranean High Speed ​​Corridor in the Totana-Lorca section (01/10/2019)
    The platform has an execution period of 32 months and a cost of 59.2 million;

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