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  • The mayor of Totana goes to the step of last "slow communication" of the PP of Totana (31/01/2017)
    "Follow so you go very well", irons Juan José Cánovas in social networks
  • The Local Development Center will host in February the courses "Auxiliary operations of administrative and general services" (31/01/2017)

  • Finish the first round of the Football League "Play Clean" (31/01/2017)
    The "Creperia Softon" team is the leader of the competition
  • They perform repainting works on the facade of the College of Lébor and other similar actions in other educational centers of the municipality (31/01/2017)

  • The PP denounces that the mayor lies compulsively and shamelessly to the neighbors of Totana (31/01/2017)
    The totaneros do not deserve a "Mayor Pinocchio" that continually deceives them to cover their political frustration
  • PROINVITOSA publishes specifications for the sale of the P-40 and P-41 plots of the Partial Industrial Plan "El Salar IV Phase" (31/01/2017)
    Including existing infrastructures and buildings (ship and fuel pump)
  • The South Zone Day of School Sports Orientation counted on the participation of twenty totanero schoolchildren (31/01/2017)
    Was held in Alhama de Murcia
  • I Regional School Chess School Day in Molina de Segura (31/01/2017)
    The schools of "Santiago", "Tierno Galván", "La Milagrosa" and "Juan de la Cierva" participated
  • Win Totana: "We are still waiting for the PP to explain to the totaneros in what they spent the almost 20 million euros that entered by the Urban Agreements" "There is still the offer of a Public Debate with all the political groups, W (30/01/2017)

  • The execution of works of selective patchwork in different streets of the neighborhoods the Parral and San Francisco (30/01/2017)

  • Remember that it is the consumer himself who must present the claim on the refund of undue payments by soil clauses (30/01/2017)

  • Double victory of the Totana Tennis Club team in the Regional League Inescuelas (30/01/2017)

  • Francisco Cánovas, from CC Santa Eulalia, 3rd m-45 in the second test of the circuit of Alicante mountains in Jijona (30/01/2017)

  • The Totana Athletics Club climbs to the top of the podium at the Cross of Bolnuevo (29/01/2017)

  • ... (29/01/2017)

  • The City Council will tomorrow carry out an institutional recognition to the seven public employees retired in what goes of this legislature (29/01/2017)

  • More than a score of activities make up the program of the Carnaval '2017 of Totana (27/01/2017)
    It will last throughout the month of February and the first weekend of March
  • The Diversi-on Leisure and Diversity Association organizes the "III Education and Emotion Forum" (27/01/2017)

  • PP: The excuses of the councilor of the Treasury are hollow and hollow to make up their dire management and not assume political responsibilities (27/01/2017)
    This is the first time that the City has not had a budget of the current year, which should force the Councilman to leave his chair
  • The Plenary approves the list of clauses governing the new lease of the hotel complex and rural houses of La Santa (27/01/2017)

  • Sports AGENDA 27,28 AND JANUARY 29, 2017 (26/01/2017)

  • D'Genes celebrates nine years of work in favor of Rare Diseases (26/01/2017)

  • The Councilor of Finance demands the PP to provide solutions to the ruin in which he has plunged the totaneros (26/01/2017)
    And leave aside the tension and ridicule
  • Course "Physical conditioning in a group with musical support" (26/01/2017)
    Move will be together with the Local Development Center one of the venues of the training course in "Physical conditioning in a group with musical support"
  • The Department of Finance publishes the taxpayer calendar for the 2017 fiscal year (26/01/2017)

  • The Totana treatment plant will host a demonstration community project (26/01/2017)
    to protect the aquatic environment from sludge pollution from other sewage treatment plants and waste
  • Upcoming Events of the "Doctor Cuentitis" Animation Workshop (26/01/2017)
    The next activities of the program will be on February 13, March 13 and April 17
  • The Popular Group urges Mr. Alcalde and the Councilor for Sports to mediate with the Board of the Totana Olympic so that the club continues in the competition this season and does not disappear (25/01/2017)
    The Municipal People's Group will bring this proposal to the Plenum of Morning
  • New statement from the template of the Totana Olympic (25/01/2017)

  • The Mayor's Office raises a motion of solidarity with the farmers affected by the polar cold season (25/01/2017)
    And requests direct aid for damages caused in the totanero field
  • They will carry out an institutional recognition to the seven public employees retired so far of this legislature (25/01/2017)

  • A total of 330 CEIP students "Tierno Galván" participated last week in the program of Road Education (25/01/2017)

  • Nine Totana students participated in the South Zone Day of Badminton School Sports, (24/01/2017)
    It was held in San Pedro del Pinatar
  • Announcement of the board of directors of the Totana Olympic Club (24/01/2017)

  • The PP will urge the Department of Police and Public Safety to carry out information campaigns and dissemination of accident risk prevention (24/01/2017)
    Pedestrians who carry out any kind of sport through the communication channels of the municipality
  • The plenary debates the amendment of the Ordinance of Internal Regime of the Municipal Cemetery "Our Lady of the Carmen" (24/01/2017)

  • The Treasury Department remembers that this government team had to approve the municipal budget of 2015 (23/01/2017)
    And that forwarded the 2016 budget to the Ministry of Finance
  • The Human Resources Department continues to work in the negotiating tables with the trade union organizations to approve an TOR (23/01/2017)

  • Totana Athletics Club starts the year with new podiums and big brands (22/01/2017)

  • ... (22/01/2017)

  • Totana's squad was sitting during the first minute of today's match in El Palmar (22/01/2017)
    As a protest against defaults that have been suffering
  • The Mayor and Councilman of Services are wondering if the workers of the cleaning service of interiors were not annoyed and worried when the PP left without paying the contract for a year accumulating a debt of 1.2 million euros putting in Risk their (21/01/2017)

  • The mayor congratulates the Nazarene of Honor and Preacher of the Holy Week of 2017 (21/01/2017)

  • Bike Day will be celebrated on Sunday, February 12 (20/01/2017)
    It will end with a Trial exhibition in the Plaza Balsa de la Vieja with gifts raffle, including three bicycles
  • It can be accessed by vehicle until the Forest House of the Alquerías (20/01/2017)

  • The Ministry of Education grants to CEIP "La Cruz" the quality label of educational centers "Seal of healthy life" (20/01/2017)

  • Press conference Spanish Championship of Autonomous Rugby National Teams (20/01/2017)
    Totana will host on January 29 the official matches of regional teams of Murcia and Aragon, corresponding to the Spanish Rugby Championship B in children and cadet categories
  • The PP denounces the discomfort of the workers of the service of cleaning of interiors by the lack of information of the Mayor and the Councilman of Maintenance on the future of the service (20/01/2017)

  • Open registrations for the 2nd Cyclist March "Mobel Sierra Espuña" (19/01/2017)
    It will be celebrated next Sunday March 26 with departure and finish in the Paraje of the Monastery of Santa Eulalia
  • The City of Totana supports the initiative "Solidarios por los hairs", an event benefiting D'Genes and the Francisco Munuera Foundation (19/01/2017)

  • The Minister of Agriculture and the mayor of Totana visit the table grape vineyards damaged in El Raiguero by the snow storm (19/01/2017)

  • They are working on the recovery of the "Alporchón" Historical Research Award, which was last convened in 2008 (19/01/2017)

  • At the moment it continues snowing in the Sierra Espuña of copious form (19/01/2017)
    They ask that it is not tried to accede to the Mountain range for reasons of security
  • Civil Protection recommends not circulate on the RM-502, which communicates Totana and Aledo, from the spot of La Santa in the direction of the deputation of La Sierra (19/01/2017)

  • Civil Protection Totana launches a special notice for snowfall (19/01/2017)

  • Establish from this year the figures of Don Carnal and La Musa infantil (18/01/2017)

  • The implementation of the 4G continues to create problems in the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) signal in some areas of Totana (18/01/2017)
    It is urged to report the incidences to the management entity "arri800"
  • The IES "Juan de la Cierva" participated in the South Zone Day of Tennis School Sports Table (18/01/2017)
    It took place in Lorca
  • The orange level is activated by snowfall of up to 10 centimeters in heights of between 100 and 200 meters in the region of the Guadalentín Valley (18/01/2017)

  • The Plenary will discuss this month the list of administrative clauses of the new lease of the hotel and the rural houses of La Santa (17/01/2017)

  • The Civil Protection Plan is activated against Snow and Cold Waves in the Region of Murcia (17/01/2017)
    before the cold wave that will arrive in the next hours to the autonomous community
  • Propose to dedicate the year 2017 to the figure of the composer and musician totanero Juan Miguel Marín Camacho (17/01/2017)

  • 6 players from the Totana Rugby Club are called by the Murcia rugby U-18 and U-16 teams for the Spanish Championship (16/01/2017)
    Of these, 2 are under-18 and 4 under-16.
  • It opens the deadline to participate in the 1st contest of showcases and premises of Carnaval Totana 2017 (16/01/2017)
    It is intended that in Totana breathe a festive atmosphere of carnival in establishments and premises of the municipality during these dates
  • Win Totana IU: "The economic measures adopted by the Government Team have as their sole objective the stabilization of the disastrous economic situation caused by the PP" "Again the PP attacks the desperate through press releases witho (16/01/2017)

  • The Cabildo destines € 1,500 for the purchase of medicines for Caritas Totana (16/01/2017)
    The brotherhoods and brotherhoods of Totana allocate € 1,500 for the purchase of medical needs for Caritas in the city
  • We already know the clubs selected for the parade of foreign clubs of the Carnival of Totana 2017 (16/01/2017)

  • The settlement of the C-7 road of La Huerta will be imminent (16/01/2017)
    The General Directorate of Highways announces to the City of Totana the imminent settlement of the C-7 road of La Huerta after the damages caused by the rainy season
  • They organize a new course on "Dynamization of children's free time educational activities" in the "La Cárcel" Sociocultural Center (16/01/2017)

  • The operation of the new bar-cafeteria service is awarded in the municipal park "Marcos Ortiz" to "UTE Casa Rino" (16/01/2017)

  • The Aeromodelismo Club of Totana "Maivic" held its annual meeting (15/01/2017)

  • ... (15/01/2017)

  • "The totaneros began the year with the brutal rise of taxes and a government team of the pact totally divided and characterized by its permanent lies" The PP warns that 2017 will be the year of application of the increase of taxes approved (15/01/2017)

  • Delivery of products collected by the Brotherhood of La Verónica to Jesus Abandonado (15/01/2017)

  • The artist totanera Bárbara Rey is designated the "Mask of gold" of the Carnival of Totana of the year 2017 (14/01/2017)

  • Organized the contest I showcases and premises of Carnaval Totana 2017 (13/01/2017)
    It is intended that in Totana breathe a festive atmosphere of carnival in establishments and premises of the municipality during these dates
  • The Municipal Citizens group requests that the motion on single-parent families be implemented (13/01/2017)

  • The Civil Guard uncovers an alleged simulation of crime and fraud that culminates in the arrest of the owner of a company in Totana. They denounced criminal acts that never happened (13/01/2017)

  • On February 5 will take place VII Ruta Solidaria for Rare Diseases, between the municipalities of Totana and Maria (13/01/2017)

  • The flight of doves not destined to the sport practice during the celebration of official trainings and competitions of colombicultura is prohibited (12/01/2017)

  • The City of Totana receives a grant of 19,504 euros from the Autonomous Community to undertake improvement works in the Plaza de Abastos (12/01/2017)

  • The City of Totana processed a total of 43 civil marriages during the year 2016 (12/01/2017)

  • The flight of doves not destined to the sport practice during the celebration of official trainings and competitions of colombicultura is prohibited (12/01/2017)

  • The Department of Roads performs patching work on more than 30 rural roads in the municipality (11/01/2017)
    With a budget of 36,000 euros
  • The City Council grants a subsidy of 14,000 euros to the parish of Santiago to collaborate in the project of musealización of the Tower of the Church (10/01/2017)

  • An economic contribution of 9,600 euros is granted to the Illustrious High Council of Processions to cover part of the expenses derived from the program of activities of Holy Week in 2016 (10/01/2017)

  • Closure of the 5th Days of Sports Against Drugs "Do not stop for your health" (10/01/2017)
    Have you participated in the football team of Peña Barcelonista de Totana
  • The large families of Totana can already apply for IBI bonus of their habitual residence until the end of May (10/01/2017)

  • Temporary transit of persons and vehicles in the Carmona-Cuevas Luenga and Solana areas of Pedro López, in the Sierra Espuña will be restricted (10/01/2017)

  • IV San Silvestre Pistachera "Kasi Ná Trail" (09/01/2017)
    It took place last December 31
  • Win Totana-IU: "The solvency demonstrated by the Mayor generates such anxiety in the PP that lines the ridiculous" (09/01/2017)
    "after seeing how to solve the serious problems created in its stage of Government"
  • The Mayor thanks and congratulates all the bodies, associations and entities in general for their collaboration in the development of the activities of the Christmas, Kings and the pilgrimage program of La Santa (09/01/2017)

  • Totana's Elder Day Center visits the 4th Bethlehem of Solidarity of the Brotherhood of Veronica (09/01/2017)

  • CC Santa Eulalia begins the 2017 season by being present in two events last weekend (09/01/2017)

  • Results national qualifying tournament in Alcobendas (08/01/2017)
    Table tennis.
  • They launch a campaign asking that the Romería of rise to the Santa of Totana be celebrated the first Saturday after Kings (08/01/2017)

  • Day mostly sunny and fresh for tomorrow January 7, day of the Pilgrimage (06/01/2017)

  • La Peña Barcelonista de Totana solidarity with people with intellectual disability and with mental illness of Totana (06/01/2017)
    Day Centers for people with intellectual disability and mentally ill
  • A security and emergency device, made up of more than 50 troops, will ensure the proper development of the pilgrimage from Santa Eulalia to its sanctuary (06/01/2017)
    The road will remain cut to traffic for more than 6 hours
  • ... (05/01/2017)

  • Environment puts in place a special device for January 7 by the pilgrimage of Santa Eulalia in Totana (05/01/2017)
    A total of 15 troops, between brigades and environmental agents, will carry out their control and surveillance work from 06:00 to 21: 00 hours
  • The C7 road of La Huerta will be cut on the day of the pilgrimage of January 7 as a result of the damages caused by the rainy season (04/01/2017)

  • The City Council obtains a discharge of more than two million euros from the debt creditors from urban agreements, loans with financial institutions and other suppliers (04/01/2017)

  • The Cavalcade of the Three Wise Men of the East crosses the main streets of Totana tomorrow (04/01/2017)
    They are going to distribute thousands of sweets, candy and small toys
  • ... (04/01/2017)

  • The weekly market of the parish of El Paretón-Cantareros is held on Friday, January 6, coinciding with the feast of Three Kings (04/01/2017)

  • Win Totana IU assures that "the Mayor definitively unblocks the General Plan process" (03/01/2017)
    "The Autonomous Community must correct the calculation errors committed in 2011 to solve the General Systems deficit"
  • SSMM the Three Kings of the East will collect the letters of the boys and girls of Totana this Wednesday, January 4 (03/01/2017)
    In the municipal auditorium "Marcos Ortiz"
  • The General Directorate of Cultural Property authorizes the basic project of execution and rehabilitation of the source "Juan de Uzeta" (03/01/2017)

  • Fernando Cabrera, from CC Santa Eulalia, finished the year contesting a cycle in Xátiva (03/01/2017)

  • More than 250 people participated in the II Mañanavieja de Totana (01/01/2017)
    It was celebrated with great success in the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja, organized by the Department of Festivities
  • The Athletic Club of Totana dismisses the year participating in several Wild Sanctuaries of the Region (01/01/2017)


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