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  • Totana hosts the end of the tenth stage of the Tour of Spain by Solidarity to Rare Diseases (30/04/2016)
    FEDES, D'Genes and AELIP receive the two athletes who carry out this challenge
  • The introduction of 4G can create problems in the DTT signal in Totana (29/04/2016)
    It has set up a free telephone number 900 833 999, for citizens or residents' associations that have an impact
  • I Songwriters Meeting of the Mediterranean (29/04/2016)
    The Theatre of the Socio-Cultural Center "Jail" welcomes the First Meeting of the Mediterranean Songwriters Friday, May 6, to benefit AFACMUR
  • Celebration was already working on coordinating the calendar of festivals in neighborhoods and districts for summer 2016 (29/04/2016)
    It runs until early October
  • Organize Days of School Awareness Tenure of Pets (29/04/2016)

  • "POLITICAL COMMITMENT AND ACCOUNTABILITY" (Chronicle of a Ruin Foretold) (29/04/2016)
    The mayor commented on social networks Adjustment Plan seen in plenary last night "that was agreed with the PSOE on Tuesday and had positive reports of technicians Municipal intervention "and that was rejected
  • "Long live" she organized a coexistence in the Balneario de Archena (29/04/2016)
    attended by a group of Alhama and Totana
  • The PP says that "the council does not approve the Plan of Adjustment by internal rifts of the two parties in the governing pact" (29/04/2016)
    "The PGMOU and the economic and financial, political cause discrepancies within the government team with paralyzed and blocked the Consistory "
  • Press the PSOE in Totana on the Adjustment Plan (29/04/2016)

  • TM Totana Club will participate in the Championship of Spain Veterans (28/04/2016)
    They will compete from tomorrow until Monday in the Seville town of Tomares
  • Biodanza with Family on Sunday May 8 in Totana (28/04/2016)

  • The first weekend of May will take place the Course Basic Life Support (BLS) (28/04/2016)
    With handling and use of semiautomatic external defibrillators (DESA)
  • Local Phase School Sports Athletics will take place on Saturday April 30 (28/04/2016)
    In the Polideportivo Municipal "December 6"
  • The Community of Irrigators of Totana organized a briefing on the regularization of traditions irrigation water desalination Eagles (28/04/2016)
    It will take place on Thursday, May 5 in El Paretón
  • The Municipal School Board proposes to the Council to start the next school year on September 8 in Education and Primary (28/04/2016)
    and 14 in the case of secondary and high schools
  • COATO present at the International Food Fair being held this week in Barcelona (28/04/2016)
    His stand was visited yesterday by the Minister of Agriculture and Environment of Murcia
  • Activities and events of April 28 to May 1, 2016 (28/04/2016)

  • Students from ESO PMAR of "Reina Sofia" School council meets in its draft edition of a digital newspaper (27/04/2016)

  • Some 30 athletes participating in the hiking trail to the place of Madroñal (Cieza) (27/04/2016)

  • The Municipal School Board will conduct the proposed school calendar for the academic year 2016/17 in the municipality (27/04/2016)
    shall be forwarded to the Ministry of Education
  • Access bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, scooters and cars to the track Skatepark It prohibits (27/04/2016)
    It is located in the "La Ramblica"
  • The City Council changes this week five of the nine streets with street Francoist references (27/04/2016)
    While the rest will be done gradually
  • New podium for Team Santa Eulalia DC circuit in the Southeast obm (26/04/2016)

  • The next May 5 is the deadline for payment of the tax on motor vehicles (26/04/2016)

  • The plenary will discuss the initial approval of the Organic Regulations Municipal Council of Totana (26/04/2016)

  • The team "Preel" champion of the Football League "Play Fair" (26/04/2016)

  • Teach briefings in terms of consumption in the IES "Prado Mayor" (26/04/2016)

  • Day Centres for Persons with Intellectual Disability and Mental Totana City Council held a special day (26/04/2016)
    occasion of the feast of San Marcos
  • The PP will ask the House that display unanimously defense for maintenance of the Tajo-Segura (26/04/2016)

  • Awarded a student of IES Juan de la Cierva in the National Physics Olympiad (26/04/2016)

  • A regional environment ensures that a criminal complaint before the National Court against leaders PSRM-PSOE and the current mayor of Totana is prepared, among others (26/04/2016)
    Juan Jose Canovas out to the passage of this news through social networks
  • Still open until tomorrow the admission process for the academic year 2016/2017 (25/04/2016)

  • One year service is extended collection of abandoned, homeless or stray animals, (25/04/2016)
    And treatment of dead animals and control of feline colonies
  • The Councillor for Foreign and Defense of the Rights of LGBT Collective raises a motion to the House (25/04/2016)
    To establish an agreement and institutional commitment on the International Day Against Homophobia, Lesbophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia
  • The 12th hangout of the Friends of the Mountain "KNT" took place on Sunday (25/04/2016)

  • Jesus Cano: Mariano Rajoy and Pedro Antonio Sánchez meet irrigators Totana (25/04/2016)
    Juan Pagan: The agreement between Acuamed and the Community of Irrigators supply 10 hm3 of water a year from the desalination Eagles to Totana, which will strengthen the irrigable Paretón, the Raiguero and Huerta
  • The supply of desalinated water to irrigators Totana is "a precedent to regularize traditional irrigation" (25/04/2016)
    In his meeting with the Community of Irrigators of Totana, the Minister Adela Martinez-Cacho has valued the agreement approved by the Ministry of Agriculture last week
  • Totana TM Club - Weekend Results (24/04/2016)
    Totana TM 3 - Vegas del Genil 4
  • 3rd PMAR College Students Reina Sofía participate in the VII School Competition "My Digital newspaper" organized by the newspaper Truth (23/04/2016)

  • Condemn the City of Totana to return 1.6 million a planning agreement (22/04/2016)
    Mediterranean Golf Resort complained that the delay in processing the General Plan was not feasible development of the planned urbanization
  • Large audience in the "Totana in the XX: A century of crisis, a present of change" conference, psychologist Alfonso Cayuela (22/04/2016)
    Within the cycle "Totana at the Crossroads"
  • This Sunday, April 24, marks the traditional Artisan Market in Santa (22/04/2016)

  • 12 friends group Hangout Mountain "KNT" (22/04/2016)

  • The Socialist Party claims that the Ministry and the Ministry of Agriculture again left in the lurch irrigators The Raiguero and Paretón (22/04/2016)

  • AELIP looking for 150 volunteers to complete the collection of blood samples (22/04/2016)
    For the study examines whether participants are carriers of the neurodegenerative disorder "Celia Encephalopathy"
  • Totana was the epicenter of educational innovation during the celebration of "II Forum Education and Emotion" (22/04/2016)

  • On May 21, wait Holy (22/04/2016)
    The Department of Sports organized the XX Subida a La Santa, 10th racing circuit test Murcia Popular Running Challenge 2015/16
  • The mayor sends information to the 350 residents affected cards in the first phase of change of the streets with Francoist references (22/04/2016)
    For the process to generate the minimum condition
  • The Hockey Skate Club Totana handed their awards at Holy (21/04/2016)
    On the other hand, the youngest calleron derrorados in the Valencian Federation Cup
  • The mayor believes "very positive" the agreement to increase water supply 10 cubic hectometres to irrigators the municipality (21/04/2016)

  • Win Totana IU says that the Popular Party continues to demonstrate its lack of arguments to attack the government team (21/04/2016)
    "after seeing one after another, problems they were unable to solve in 12 years of misrule resolve"
  • The exhibition hall "Gregorio Cebrian" houses the collection of paintings and sculptures "The acartonamiento of Don Quixote" by Petrus Borgia (21/04/2016)
    will take place from 29 April to 14 May
  • Councilman José María Sánchez Pascual, the Municipal People's Party, has resigned for "personal reasons" (21/04/2016)

  • Totana recorded a tremor of 2.4 degrees without any evidence of damages of any kind (21/04/2016)

  • City officials meet with the Minister of Agriculture Water (21/04/2016)
    To address some issues of general interest affecting this municipality
  • Activities and events from 21 to 26 April 2016 (21/04/2016)

  • The Director General of Trade and Crafts visit COATO (21/04/2016)
    Met the Bioshop shop and facilities that products labeled with the brand "Craft Murcia" are made
  • Local Development Agents and entrepreneurs of the Business Incubator of Totana participate in a seminar (20/04/2016)
    on searching for information for entrepreneurs
  • You can already register for the XX Climb Race Holy (20/04/2016)
    It will take place on Sunday May 22
  • Continues the cycle of conferences "Totana at the Crossroads" (20/04/2016)
    SSTA week starring psychologist and writer, Alfonso Cayuela
  • Some 4,800 water users will benefit from the agreement between ACUAMED and the Community of Irrigators of Totana (20/04/2016)

  • Espuña welcomes more than 300 cyclists Bike City Marathon Totana (19/04/2016)

  • Three new podiums for the CC Santa Eulalia in Totana Bike Marathon and Onil (19/04/2016)

  • The Mayor adheres to the proposal of the IES "Juan de la Cierva" (19/04/2016)
    For the National Education Award to Professor Miguel Cañizares Millán is granted
  • The PP claims that the government team refuses to listen to the neighbors about changing the names of streets (19/04/2016)
    And it will start replacing them
  • The City Council approved a cooperation agreement with PADISITO (19/04/2016)
    For the development of transport services aimed at users of the Day Care Centers of Persons with Disabilities in this municipality
  • RCSC "Valverde Reina" morning hosts a Regional Day Football-7 (19/04/2016)
    Within the program of Adapted Sports School
  • The Walker Club of Totana organized a route to the Sierra de Almenara to climb to the top of Talayón (19/04/2016)

  • Authorize an agreement to supply water to the Community Irrigation Totana from the desalination Eagles (19/04/2016)
    You may distribute a maximum amount equivalent to 10 million m3 / year for the duration of the agreement, provided that it is compatible with the demands of current users plant
  • On April 25, the feast of San Marcos, the SAC schedule will be from 9:00 to 13:00 (18/04/2016)

  • The mayor expresses its solidarity with Ecuador and fellow residents in Totana (18/04/2016)
    earthquake of magnitude 7.8 occurred last weekend
  • The totanero David Alfonso Lopez reached a new podium in Tarancon (18/04/2016)

  • Intense for Totana Athletics Club who participated in various tests Saturday (17/04/2016)

  • Results Club Totana tm - In national 2nd defeat at home against the team Zubia (17/04/2016)

  • The municipal government comes and the change in 5 of the 9 streets with Francoist references plenary adopted in September (16/04/2016)
    While the rest will be done gradually
  • AVIAL offered a talk on "weather intervention of rainproof planes" (16/04/2016)
    It was attended by numerous people
  • Continued solidarity campaign donation of food at the Municipal Library "Mateo Garcia" in exchange for books (14/04/2016)

  • The association "Los Romeros Lebor" celebrates this weekend the April Fair (14/04/2016)
    It will take place on the premises of the hamlet of Lebor
  • It free guided tour "In the heart of Sierra Espuña, live Holy" (14/04/2016)
    It will be held this Saturday, 16
  • Standing informative posters to prevent access by dogs to the playgrounds of the main parks (14/04/2016)

  • Socialist Youth Totana commemorates the 85th anniversary of the Second Republic (14/04/2016)

  • The City Council regrets the death of the former PADISITO founder and president of the UD Paretón, Vicente Sanchez Canovas (14/04/2016)

  • Dies Vicente Canovas Sanchez, Honorary Member of PADISITO (14/04/2016)

  • The Assembly supports irrigators Totana in their demand for water desalination Eagles (14/04/2016)
    PP deputy, Juan Pagan, said that this aspiration will become a reality thanks to the 20 million euros invested by the Government of Spain in building the pipeline that will carry desalinated water
  • Win Totana ensures that another form of government possible, "with closeness, honesty, transparency and accountability of public resources" (14/04/2016)
    "After the first months of legislature, it becomes very noticeable change in attitudes and solvency Team government of the Left "
  • Double triumph totanero Antonio Jose Pallares Navarro pilot in Elda (14/04/2016)

  • The Assembly supports irrigators Totana in their demand for water desalination Eagles (14/04/2016)
    PP deputy, Juan Pagan, said that this aspiration will become a reality thanks to the 20 million euros invested by the Government of Spain in building the pipeline that will carry desalinated water
  • Tomorrow is held at the Casino the second conference of the series "Totana at the Crossroads" (13/04/2016)
    Paid by the chronicler of the city, Juan Canovas Mulero historian and archaeologist Juan Antonio Sanchez
  • Organize a new course on "Installation and maintenance of low voltage electrical installations" in May (13/04/2016)

  • Prizes Story Contest II "Morerica Galán" Delivered (13/04/2016)
    It is organized within the activities Libro'2016 Day
  • The PSOE delivers a working paper on the PGMO to Win Totana-IU (13/04/2016)

  • The Municipal Socialist Group regrets the "new output partisan and populist tone that makes Win-Totana IU Transparency" (13/04/2016)
    As the breach of agreements full and point 23 of the covenant of government
  • Course Basic Life Support (BLS) conmanejo and use of external semiautomatic defibrillators (DESA) (12/04/2016)
    It will take place the first weekend in May
  • The mayor issues a proclamation to sensitize the public of the serious problem plaguing the residents of El Raiguero with disciplinary proceedings enacted by the CHS (12/04/2016)
    Urges residents to attend the Regional Assembly plenary debate next Thursday
  • Order of Civil Merit, posthumously, the Son of the City of Totana, Antonio Angel Martinez Garrido is granted (12/04/2016)

  • The municipal government asked the Directorate General of Water building a new reservoir in the area where it is located today the Camp Bed (12/04/2016)
    in the deputation of the Huerta
  • The Reina Sofía College holds its open day I (12/04/2016)
    It took place on Saturday April 9
  • The totanero David Alfonso Lopez Ruiz handbikes Regional Champion proclaimed (12/04/2016)

  • Launched a video to promote the XIX Bike Marathon BTT "Ciudad de Totana", which will take place next Sunday (12/04/2016)
    From the New Sports Association recalls that the last day for registration is Thursday, April 14 and places are limited
  • Great acceptance of the talk "Totana, genesis of a unique landscape" (11/04/2016)
    Offered totanero geologist, Gregorio Romero, under the "Cultural Totana"
  • The Socio-Cultural Center "Jail" of Totana hosts on Saturday, April 16, the "II Forum Education and Emotion" (11/04/2016)

  • TM Totana Club this weekend parties had teams 3rd National and Regional (10/04/2016)

  • The City Council will ask to be put into operation Health Councils and Area Health District (10/04/2016)

  • More than two hundred people participate in the IV popular walk for Rare Diseases in Totana (10/04/2016)

  • Councilors Win Totana-IU, the only ones who have complied so far with the agreement Transparency adopted unanimously in plenary (10/04/2016)
    The neighbors can consult public revenues of Selectmen Win Totana-IU on the Web Municipal
  • Iracheta: "The PGOM of Totana is neither feasible nor reliable, being under suspicion" (09/04/2016)
    Regarding the problem of heights said: "No building management can be out if legally built"
  • Under the contract is awarded temporary lease coffee bar located in the Hotel La Santa (09/04/2016)

  • Palatability of the day on the recognition of water as a human right (08/04/2016)

  • The admission process for the academic year 2016/17 begins today 7 (07/04/2016)
    And be open until April 26 for preschool, primary, secondary and high schools
  • Organize a new course on "Installation and maintenance of low voltage electrical installations" (07/04/2016)
    begin next May
  • Program "District Councils" 2016 (07/04/2016)
    The deadline for submission of applications starts today and ends next April 21
  • Increases performance by 6.5 points in the Municipal Water Service so far this term (07/04/2016)

  • About 360 students of 6th of Primary Education of the eight schools of Totana participate in the School Olympiad (07/04/2016)

  • Activities and events from 7 to 12 April 2016 (07/04/2016)

  • The mayor comes to meet the latest information on the desalination plant tailings and PGOM Totana (07/04/2016)
    Mix the water with the General Plan Escombreras Totana is "confuse speed with bacon," says social networks
  • Course "Administrative Activities client relationship" opens (06/04/2016)

  • Organize a talk on "weather intervention aircraft rainproof" (06/04/2016)
    will take place on April 15 in the auditorium of the Center for Senior Citizens
  • The program "Book Day" activities extends from 11 to 29 April (06/04/2016)

  • The mayor made a proclamation about the sport of pigeon in the town of Totana (06/04/2016)

  • Tomorrow School Olympiad will take place at the Polideportivo Municipal "December 6" (06/04/2016)

  • The lecture series "Totana at the Crossroads" opens tomorrow (06/04/2016)
    With the "Totana, genesis of a unique landscape" conference totanero geologist Gregorio Romero
  • CEBAG held tomorrow Thursday 7th its 2nd lecture-on Totana PGMO (06/04/2016)
    Intervene Felipe Iracheta, former chief architect and urban planner urban planning section of the region ".
  • "The human right to water Utopia or Reality?" (06/04/2016)
    On 8 April there will be a few days of work in Totana
  • Muniz: "How long will expect the mayor to begin processing a new PGOU consensus" (06/04/2016)
    As reported by regional media, the prosecutor sees evidence of malfeasance in unauthorized by the CHS rezoning and refers the judge a report which it advises investigate separately covered in water development plans tailings
  • Local police takes minutes and paralyzes foreign registered vehicles that perform their activity in Spain (05/04/2016)

  • Cleaned several parcels of municipal property in the urbanization "La Charca" (05/04/2016)

  • Next Sunday will take place in the IV People's Walk for Rare Diseases organized by AELIP (05/04/2016)
    are encouraged to take part in this activity and thereby increase the broad participation last year
  • The talk "Parents also play" will take place next Thursday in "Jail" (05/04/2016)
    It is organized by the Region of Murcia Football Federation and the Sports Department
  • 37 unemployed people improve their skills through training courses waiter / a warehouse and techniques of active job search (05/04/2016)

  • The Highways Agency undertakes to perform the C-8 Las Vinas-Carivete during 2016 (05/04/2016)

  • The 30 ° Rise to Santa is chosen as the best sporting event in Murcia 2015 (05/04/2016)

  • "Refinancing a loan with BBVA saves for 8,000,000 euros totaneros" (05/04/2016)
    "to delete a clause usury signed by the PP in 2010"
  • The CEIP Deitania obtains the 2nd prize in the second edition of Ecological Competition School Gardens (05/04/2016)
    Convened by the University of Murcia and the Organic Farming Council of the Region of Murcia
  • Class youth card users are taught to obtain the certificate of English at the B2 level (04/04/2016)
    From June 27 to July 8
  • This coming weekend takes up the film program with the movie "Alvin and the Chipmunks Party on wheels." (04/04/2016)
    In the theater of Socio-Cultural Center "Jail"
  • Music Therapy in Totana: When music becomes therapy (04/04/2016)
    Last weekend took place in Totana Musicoterapia two interesting activities, both by the music therapist Manuel Sequera
  • Totana City Council adds to the claims on the occasion of the International Day Against Child Prostitution held today (04/04/2016)

  • The Fair VII Oultet of Totana held this weekend in the Plaza of the Constitution (04/04/2016)

  • Totana Athletics Club athletes participated in the First Alhama Trail, which took place last Sunday (04/04/2016)
    also participated in the 44th Half Marathon of Elche
  • ... (04/04/2016)

  • ... (03/04/2016)

  • The City Council endorses the first two contracts with employers that are installed on the premises of the new Business Incubator Totana (01/04/2016)

  • Totana host the "Tribute to Motero" of the XXI Route Mototurística (01/04/2016)
    Sunday April 17 will be held between Murcia and Puerto de Mazarrón
  • Users of the Day Care Centers "Princess Letizia" and "José Moya Trilla" live the annual festival of their particular "Burial of the Sardine" (01/04/2016)

  • Programming the "Cultural Totana", from April to June, offers numerous activities (01/04/2016)
    as painting exhibitions, lectures, musical performances, poetry readings and trips

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