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  • On Tuesday September 2 public association of the faithful Courtship of Our Lady of Soledad officially present (30/08/2014)
    The presentation will take place in the Parish of Santiago el Mayor of Totana at 20:45 PM
  • Next week the application deadline for participation is open in V Feria Outlet (30/08/2014)
    will be held from 2 to 5 October
  • The feast of San José tear Friday August 29 with a packed sports, children's activities and musical program (29/08/2014)

  • The VIII MTB Memorial "Sunday Pelegrín" will be held on September 14 Espuña paths, starting and finishing in La Santa (29/08/2014)
    It is organized by the Cycling Club Santa Eulalia
  • The ORA starts in Totana from Monday, September 1 (29/08/2014)
    After payment be free throughout the month of August
  • The artisan market of La Santa is underway in September to Sunday 21 (29/08/2014)
    Not to coincide with the celebration rally
  • Francisca Rios will be in Totana from next Monday until Sept. 17 (29/08/2014)
    Future brides, mothers of bride and bridesmaids can make an appointment and
  • Organize two free workshops on social networks and web analytics and online reputation (28/08/2014)

  • PROINVITOSA has available to entrepreneurs and businessmen modular buildings in the Industrial Park Phase IV "The Salt Marsh" (28/08/2014)
    For sale or rent with option to buy
  • A total of 25 training courses will start in October in the framework of the "Jail Training" (28/08/2014)

  • The partnerships and entities applying Material Support Service provision the council should develop its activities nonprofit (27/08/2014)

  • The enrollment period for the 2014-2015 course of the Municipal School of Music in Totana opens next September 8 (27/08/2014)

  • The Department of Sports will launch in September the School Sports Programme for the academic year 2014/15 (27/08/2014)
    In collaboration with schools and sports clubs Totana
  • Rushing refurbishment in eight schools in the municipality during the summer months (27/08/2014)

  • Tonight the water supply in the area of ​​El Bajo Raiguero be cut for depositing the Chapel of regaining their Spider (27/08/2014)

  • The Santa Eulalia CC was present in Ciudad Real and Ojós last weekend (26/08/2014)

  • The registration deadline for the Local Football League "It Play Fair" 2014/2015 will open on September 8 (26/08/2014)

  • The Department of Social Services and Caritas launch an intranet (26/08/2014)
    To improve the referral of cases requiring support from these entities
  • La Peña "El Pistonazo" Totana gets wet for a good cause (25/08/2014)
    The totaneros involved in Ice Bucket Challenge in a very original way
  • 17 swimmers participated in the second crossing of Totana swim (25/08/2014)
    It took place on Sunday 24 August at the sports center on December 6 and was organized by K38 Emergency Mediterranean and Spain
  • Excellent results of AD Peña Nine last weekend (25/08/2014)

  • Starts School tennis courts at the Club Totana (25/08/2014)
    On Monday September 1 will start a new course in the School of Tennis Club Totana.
  • Two years after the last flood, the CHS will repair the bridge over the Canal, in the Park of El Lomo (25/08/2014)
    IU Totana Green filed a motion and now the BOE announced the tender for the works
  • The Information and Guidance Department of Citizen Participation advises the 382 associations that make up the social fabric (25/08/2014)

  • The library of Sociocultural Center "Jail" reopens its doors today (25/08/2014)
    8:30 hours to 14:00 hours
  • The feast of saint joseph tear this Friday August 29th with a packed sports, children's activities and musical program (25/08/2014)

  • The council promotes measures that help launch new business (25/08/2014)
    Empower hotel development and expedite the paperwork
  • Muñiz: "Another disastrous drafting the General Plan planning on Totana" Muñiz (22/08/2014)
    "Less than a year after the end of the term, the Mayor is unable to approve a General Plan that is of general interest to neighbors"
  • The V La Dolorosa Paddle Tournament will take place on Saturday, September 6 (22/08/2014)

  • The existing roundabout on Avenida Juan Carlos I with the ravine of Pears will be named after the late former president government "Adolfo Suárez" (22/08/2014)
    Accomplishing the whole agreement last March
  • Classes begin the school year 2014/2015 officially on September 8 and end on June 22 in kindergarten and primary education (22/08/2014)

  • Totana host the VII National Congress on Rare Diseases in October (21/08/2014)

  • This coming weekend is the festival of the Virgen de la Paloma 2014 (21/08/2014)

  • The Gymnastics Program Maintenance organized by the Department of Sports will start on September 1 (21/08/2014)
    In the municipal gym Sociocultural Center "Jail"
  • The Field Argárico La Bastida for tourism becoming one of the attractions of the Region of Murcia (21/08/2014)
    With nearly 3,000 visits so far this year, only on weekends
  • The Department of Social Services launched an advisory service for review of non-contributory pensions (21/08/2014)
    who have benefited from the more than 130 people
  • La Peña Madridista The Tenth / Augustine Herrerín presencica organized a trip for the first leg of the final of the Super Cup (20/08/2014)
    attended by over eighty Madrid fans
  • Muñiz: "Urbaser Yahtzee and two great mysteries of the PP in Totana" (20/08/2014)
    "The socialist municipal group must hold accountable the government team for the economic ruin of the City"
  • You can not make any fire barbecues enabled in Espuña or use gas for cooking-camping in the bush until October (20/08/2014)

  • ... (20/08/2014)

  • ... (20/08/2014)

  • The debris of minor works, appliances and other household goods and are deposited in the municipal waste ecoparque commercial (20/08/2014)

  • The CLD advises young people on the Youth Guarantee program (20/08/2014)
    A through which they can get jobs, continuing education, training and practice
  • Social Care has handled so far this year a total of 175 financial assistance aimed at supporting needy individuals and families (20/08/2014)

  • A total of 59 people have developed work on behalf of the community during the first seven months of the year in municipal resources (19/08/2014)

  • The municipality promotes the strategy of networking with social and health agencies of the municipality (19/08/2014)
    By establishing various collaborative framework agreements
  • Tonight will be cut water supply in the area of ​​Pond, La Huerta, El Amarguillo and Los Secanos (18/08/2014)
    For deposits "Virgen de Las Huertas" and "Cot" recover
  • The mayor meets with Deputy Secretary-General Development and Sustainable Tourism (18/08/2014)
    To start Spanish ceramic routes including Totana find
  • Begins preseason Totana Club TM (18/08/2014)
    start training players Totana Club TM to prepare the 2014-2015 season in which the club will have four teams totanero in federated competitions
  • Press Release IU Totana the Court of Accounts (16/08/2014)
    First news of the court of Auditors and the Municipal Council of Totana Groups in the period 1995-1999, the United Left Totana wishes to express to the public the following review
  • "The Court of Auditors confirms conviction for accounting available to all Municipal Corporation of the 1995-1999 term Totana" (15/08/2014)
    submitted by Eva Montserrat Pérez Muñiz Note
  • The Department of Planning and Land Management filed a total of 218 licenses for minor works and 65 major works (15/08/2014)
    In the first seven months of 2014
  • University volunteer participation for the next academic year activities sociocultural dynamics is extended in Totana (15/08/2014)

  • COAG and APESE oppose the disappearance of barbecues and Holy Espuña (14/08/2014)
    Environment Demanded to an immediate solution to odors and severe contamination of soils and vegetation around the sewage of La Santa
  • Works containment wall was rushing in the social center and improved access in the chapel of La Huerta (14/08/2014)

  • Muñiz: "Given the news media socialists demand that the Mayor of the face" (14/08/2014)
    To the socialist mayor "Totana is outrageous that appears daily in the press with more shame to cover" and demands "an exercise of transparency"
  • Continue with intensive cleaning campaign in recreational areas of La Santa (14/08/2014)
    to prevent wildfires
  • About 400 requests for use of municipal social facilities have been made during the first seven months of the year (13/08/2014)

  • Musical performances, games, and sports monopolize the festival program of El Pareton-Cantareros (12/08/2014)
    are held from 14 to 17 August
  • Continued programming summer movie in the auditorium of the Municipal Park "Marcos Ortiz" next week (12/08/2014)
    With the films "The Book Thief" and "12 years of slavery"
  • The Department of Social Services maintains a total of 461 active system performance dependency care (12/08/2014)

  • PADISITO held its summer camp (11/08/2014)
    twelve members attended this partnership with seven monitors
  • They claim that "poor budget and execution of works management course saving 1.2 million are eaten in the City 2013" (11/08/2014)

  • Muñiz, "the complaint before the Office must get the colors to PP" (11/08/2014)
    The Socialist Party demands answers or raise the complaint "is unworkable because a municipality whose debt may exceed 140 million euros"
  • Totana receives a total of 342,463 euros through the County Councils Employment (11/08/2014)
    To combat unemployment and contribute to the development of rural areas with which they will hire 117 people
  • The Socialist Party calls for the smooth running of the Immaculate guarantee (11/08/2014)
    "Although at the time expressed his desire to stay, Messengers of Peace would have trouble collecting the City"
  • One hundred twenty nine people participated in the training activities of Sociocultural Center Jail during the months of February to July (11/08/2014)

  • About 500 primary and secondary students have received training in drug prevention this year (11/08/2014)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the smooth running of the Immaculate guarantee (11/08/2014)
    "Although at the time expressed his desire to stay, Messengers of Peace would have trouble collecting the City"
  • The PP calls to IU spokesman that "it is left to provide miraculous solutions to Totana when, during his tenure, he demonstrated his disastrous management as a political" (09/08/2014)

  • Green IU requires the mayor and the government team that solve the problems of water supply in the Orchards (09/08/2014)
    "The lack of planning for 11 years of government, residents suffer water cuts"
  • The council supports the request of the IES Prado Mayor to build a new classroom building that will house vocational education (08/08/2014)

  • Offer recommendations to those who want to work in the period of French vintage (08/08/2014)

  • The Municipal Support Program Family has been involved with 64 families malfunction, coexistence and violence (08/08/2014)
    During the first half of 2014
  • The Municipal Library promotes various activities to promote reading in which more than a thousand people (08/08/2014)

  • Still open the application deadline for the installation of new entrepreneurs in the Business Incubator (07/08/2014)
    will be free for the first three months
  • The Cultural Association "Canico" vueve to organize a day to enjoy white-water rafting on the River Segura (07/08/2014)
    will take place on Sunday, August 24
  • The council held actions to improve the water supply service in different areas of the municipality (06/08/2014)
    amounting to one million euros in the next semester
  • Continue with free guided tours site of La Bastida argárico during Saturdays 9, 16, 23 and 30 August visits (06/08/2014)

  • The council calls for public awareness on the responsible use of water and moderate consumption during the summer, especially during drought (06/08/2014)
    responsible use of supply with regard to water gardens and pool use is requested
  • Be deleted barbecues recreational area of ​​the Great Raft for security reasons (06/08/2014)

  • The Social Services Center has served 442 people this year in connection with the transaction of business of Aliens (06/08/2014)

  • Water supply in the urbanization "The Pond" will be cut from today, at 21:00 pm, until tomorrow, at 7:00 pm (05/08/2014)
    To complete the recovery of deposits of the Virgin de La Huerta and the cot
  • The feast of San Roque neighborhood held from 14 to 16 August (05/08/2014)
    you're organized by the Brotherhood of Jesus on Calvary and Holy Communion
  • "The residents of La Huerta are without running water and with many shortcomings in the last days" (05/08/2014)
    "The PP once again demonstrates his inability to manage public services" reported from the PSOE
  • Promotion of Employment for October offer training initiatives (05/08/2014)
    "Undertake restoration: Full operational management of the restaurant" and "Technological Development of service management processes"
  • The Summer Cinema continues on 7 and 8 August in the city park with the movie "The Doctor" (05/08/2014)

  • The feast of El Alto Raiguero this weekend is celebrated in honor of Santo Domingo Guzman (05/08/2014)

  • About 350 children and young people have participated in activities organized in the framework of the "Totana Verano'2014" (05/08/2014)

  • The feast of La Paloma in Morti, The Calzona Lestiscosa and held from 22 to 24 August (04/08/2014)
    attractive feature musical activities
  • Two atlelas Totana Club athletes attended the XXX edition of the Ascent of Pico Veleta (04/08/2014)

  • The water supply will be cut from today at 23:00 and tomorrow at 7:00 pm (04/08/2014)
    For the deposit Virgen de Las Huertas recovers
  • About 400 people are enlisted in the employment exchange of the Employment Development Department of the City of Totana (04/08/2014)

  • The calendar of festivities in neighborhoods and districts of Totana continue throughout August and September (04/08/2014)

  • The PP presented a motion to the House in September (04/08/2014)
    To "respect the will of the majority of citizens, so that the head of the most voted in local elections list is guaranteed to be elected mayor"
  • Muñiz: "The dubious municipal ownership of the Sports City puts brakes on Mayor's intentions to proceed with the agreements" (03/08/2014)
    "And evidence mismanagement"
  • More than thirty young people participate in the Archaeological Excavation of the Site of "The Cabezuelas" developed by the association "kalathos" (02/08/2014)
    For the enhancement of this area in order to protect the culture and promote tourism
  • Published the composition of groups of national championships Table Tennis (02/08/2014)
    Totana have representation in the 2nd Division National
  • Children Day Centre "José Moya" closed down the course activities, with an emotional ceremony (01/08/2014)
    who participated in the municipal authorities
  • The Ministry has approved measures to support funding to farmers for drought (01/08/2014)


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