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  • They visit COATO participants at an International Congress on Almond (31/05/2013)
    The delegation was composed of 50 technicians and researchers from 17 Nacionalidade
  • The One-Stop has been suspended today in the SAC of Totana by computer glitches in the program of the Autonomous Region (31/05/2013)
    While respecting the rights of the users deadlines
  • PSOE: "The PP approves budgets crazy solo" (31/05/2013)
    "Despite the proposal of the PSOE, the Mayor is not going to bring them new public exhibition"
  • The study room Jail extends its hours during exam time and enabled a multipurpose room (31/05/2013)
    to respond to as many students
  • The council joins the campaign "The ban on advertising, promotion and sponsorship snuff" (31/05/2013)
    Coinciding with World No Snuff
  • The "Totana Summer" includes a wide range of activities for all ages (30/05/2013)
    The most important are the nature classrooms, summer schools, camps, cultural trips, courses in painting, and photography
  • Enters its final phase implementation of the works of the deposit of the Sierra (30/05/2013)
    will become operational in early July and will supply more than 120 homes in The Stables and Coto de Aledo
  • JST: "the government has lied to students in scholarships cutting more than double what he announced" (30/05/2013)

  • College Students "Reina Sofia" and the IES "Prado Mayor" promote the products of their young companies in the organized Minimarket Murcia (30/05/2013)

  • The nomination official ceremony of the Sports City "Valverde Queen" will be finally on Sunday June 2 (30/05/2013)
    During the veterans match between Olympic and Muleño CF, which will take place at 11:00 am
  • PP Totana The Act says support for entrepreneurs is key to creating jobs (30/05/2013)

  • On 1 Aperibici, Cultural and Gastronomic Walking cycling in Totana, will finally place this Saturday June 1 (30/05/2013)
    was scheduled to take place on April 8 but was suspended by rain
  • The Children's Soccer Tournament XII "Totana City" takes place on 8 and 9 June (29/05/2013)
    Participate Lorca FC, Real Murcia, Elche CF, FC Cartagena, Valencia CF and EF host Totana
  • The Local Police intensify surveillance in compliance with the city ordinance urban hygiene and pet ownership for the inconvenience caused by droppings in public (29/05/2013)
    The City urges pet owners to withdraw droppings public roads to prevent neighborhood complaints and administrative sanctions
  • This upcoming Saturday marks one of the guided tours of the historical and monumental center of Totana (29/05/2013)

  • Ya know the final list of students admitted to the Municipal Nursery School "Clara Campoamor" for the course 2013/14 (29/05/2013)

  • Most traffic accidents recorded in Totana in 2012 were caused by non-compliance and other regulating the priority signaling at intersections (29/05/2013)
    It is clear from the annual report by the Unit and Road Safety Atestados Local Police
  • Users know Psychosocial Support Services units and the operation of the Civil Guard barracks in Totana (29/05/2013)

  • Magnificent results of Totana Cycling Club "101km" and "Sierras de Moratalla" (29/05/2013)
    Cycling Club Members Totana continue their testing schedule in the regional and national territory
  • The PBTotana II participates in the conference "Do not stop for your health", developed in the prison of Murcia I (28/05/2013)
    PC Game between internal Murcia players 1 and a selection of Totana
  • Starting next Saturday, June 1, you can not make any kind of fire in the barbecue enabled in Sierra Espuna (28/05/2013)
    Ni camping-gas used for cooking in the bush
  • Councilwoman City Services attends the opening of the new regional treatment plant fraction of household waste other (28/05/2013)

  • The Hdad of Jesus on Calvary organizes a trip to Guadalest and Callosa d'en Sarria (The Fuentes del Algar) in Alicante (28/05/2013)
    It will take place on Saturday June 8, 2013
  • El Colegio "San Jose" welcomes the talk of the school for parents on "How to help our children with their studies" (28/05/2013)
    by the Department of Education
  • Fourth Day "Tastes of the Region of Murcia" dedicated to the Upper and Lower Guadalentin (27/05/2013)
    has been given by the chefs Eneko Fernandez and Raul Martinez
  • Sports Association Peña The Nine goes to Podium in Los Canovas (27/05/2013)

  • The council of the municipality information about citizens and visitors through the "Municipal Agenda" (27/05/2013)
    can also be found at the information points installed on the street
  • The Socialist Party congratulates Totana Ecuador Consulate for consular services facilitate their compatriots (27/05/2013)

  • The Department of Sports congratulates the CB Totana (27/05/2013)
    by attaining his promotion and the championship in the Second Regional Category
  • Condition the source Roundabout "French" that was damaged as a result of several traffic accidents (27/05/2013)

  • Dozens of people visit the Artisan Market The Holy held this weekend in the vicinity of La Santa (27/05/2013)

  • It reopened to traffic via "The cynical" and "Way of Hondales" at its intersection with the river Guadalentin (27/05/2013)
    by arrangement works pavement, ravaged by rainstorm in September
  • The Sports Council organized a hiking trail along the coast of Cartagena (27/05/2013)

  • The Brotherhood of Jesus on Calvary and Holy Communion will hold elections next June 22 (27/05/2013)
    Opened the deadline for nominations, until June 2
  • The 2nd CB Regional Totana proclaimed champion of the category (27/05/2013)
    ​​ Totana Mirete 75-57 CB Metal Mesh Twin Coaches Archena
  • Juan Daniel Costa and Juan Antonio Sanchez of Santa Eulalia CC achieves excellent results in 2 of the 4 races held this weekend (27/05/2013)

  • ... (27/05/2013)

  • The Rugby Club Totana Regional Championship Rugby Schools (26/05/2013)
    totaneros Twenty players participated in Cotillas Towers
  • Become Your Website as did Vatioled by Superweb (25/05/2013)
    With Superweb can create your website quickly, easily and your taste
  • The mayor thanked the members of the Military Emergency Unit of the great work they have played in the mock (25/05/2013)
    will help improve coordination actions for possible fire
  • The Consulate of Ecuador in Murcia organizes a briefing in Totana (25/05/2013)
    Totana Ecuadorian residents flock Sociocultural Center Jail for his voter registration
  • The School of Dance Manoli Canovas now open for registration for the course 2013-2014 (25/05/2013)
    Psychomotor applied to dance, will be the new principal
  • Why participate in the 101 kilometers from Ronda? (25/05/2013)
    By Ramon Perez Merlos
  • Work continues Patch Comprehensive Plan Rural Roads with performances in the ways that most problems occur (24/05/2013)

  • More than thirty people learn how to be successful at a workshop held at the Centre for Local Development of Totana (24/05/2013)

  • Celebration closes the calendar of festivals in the neighborhoods and districts of Totana this summer 2013, which will run from June to October (23/05/2013)

  • The Department of Sports organizes Sunday 26 a hiking route to the battery of Cañizas-Portman-the Belones (23/05/2013)

  • The mayor receives the Lieutenant General of the Army and to the Government at the base camp of the EMU in Totana (23/05/2013)

  • They run the works of the second phase of sanitation collector deputation of Lebor (23/05/2013)

  • Today in the CLD the training day "Keys to the success of your project" (23/05/2013)
    Through which explain the steps to transform a project into a successful company
  • Emergency Health Services serve and move to 7 injured when two cars collided in Totana (22/05/2013)

  • The Dep Assoc Peña The Pits Nine Snow. (21/05/2013)
    30 riders enjoyed a very good morning Espuña
  • CEBAG leaves the commission for the revision of Totana PGMO (21/05/2013)
    Complaint that "it provides documentation and unfamiliar and suspicious of the efforts of the government team with the Autonomous Region to address the plan and keep planning agreements"
  • Cut to traffic Hondales Road at its intersection with the river Guadalentin (21/05/2013)
    by arrangement works pavement, ravaged by rainstorm in September
  • The parties Municipal Center Senior Totana held from 5 to 10 June, with a wide and varied program of activities (21/05/2013)

  • Municipal School Parents held the talk "Helping children in the studies" (21/05/2013)
    It is celebrated on Thursday at the CEIP "San Jose"
  • The PSOE left the Planning Commission (20/05/2013)
    The Socialist Municipal Group decides to leave the meeting "in the absence of reliable documentation on progress in PGOM"
  • The club lands Totana hiker jumillanas (20/05/2013)
    On Sunday May 19 the club Totana hiker used a new sport, scheduled on your calendar
  • Totana Unemployed persons enjoy a training resource for improving their employability through "Project Work" (20/05/2013)

  • CC Juan Antonio Sánchez Santa Eulalia Spain was proclaimed champion of the deaf cycling time trial (20/05/2013)
    Y route runner in intense competitions weekend
  • The Department of Agriculture reports on regional aid for livestock health protection associations (20/05/2013)
    Planned until next June 5
  • The congratulates Totana Rock Barcelona FC Barcelona winning the title of League (20/05/2013)

  • Active participation of parents in the talk of the Municipal School Parent "Managing leisure and free time with my children" (20/05/2013)

  • Military Emergency Unit performs this next week an exercise instruction Espuña Regional Park (19/05/2013)
    with the simulation of an emergency as a result of a large wildfire
  • The School of Totana Tennis Club in the Madrid Open 2013 (17/05/2013)

  • Press presentation of the new President-Elect and Directors of the Brotherhood Kiss of Judas and Jesus Pierced (17/05/2013)

  • Coato launches new facility to fry almonds and other nuts (17/05/2013)
    With this expansion can be made up to 10 MT / day of almonds fried in order to meet growing market demand abroad
  • Cut to traffic crossing "Canico" (17/05/2013)
    By arrangement works pavement, destroyed by the effect of the storm on the Rambla de La Santa
  • Rugby School continues with workouts (17/05/2013)
    During the months of May and June, school pupils Rugby Club train at the Sports Totana
  • Work begins patching comprehensive plan on rural roads and streets of the town (16/05/2013)
    will be extended in the coming weeks
  • La Peña Totana Atletico Madrid organizes open day to mark the end of the Copa del Rey (16/05/2013)
    It will take place on Friday May 17 at 21:30 pm
  • Held a talk on the use of new technologies and the Internet in the IES "Prado Mayor" (16/05/2013)
    inside the program "School for Parents"
  • The Socialist Group expressed support for fibromyalgia patients Township (16/05/2013)
    Councillors attending socialist manifesto reading ASTOFIBROM and visit the information point in the Plaza of the Constitution
  • The Socialist Municipal Group congratulates the Reina Sofia and Prado centers Mayor (16/05/2013)
    From the Municipal Socialist Group wants to show support for these centers for the promotion of entrepreneurial culture among students
  • Totana marks the International Day of Fibromyalgia (15/05/2013)
    with the reading of a manifesto and user awareness in mobile information point
  • XVI is presented Route Mototurística "For Life" (15/05/2013)
    were held on June 9 and ends in the City Park "Marcos Ortiz" Totana
  • JST branded as "shameful and abhorrent" the motion of PP with which "invite young people to leave the Region of Murcia" (15/05/2013)
    In addition to considering the self-portrait of the failure and inability of the PP to curb youth unemployment
  • The students of the "Reina Sofia" and the IES "Prado Mayor" promote the products of their young companies in the weekly market of Totana (15/05/2013)

  • The Amateur Football Super Cup teams face Preel and Rec Line (15/05/2013)
    It will take place on Thursday May 16th at 21:35 pm in the Municipal Football Field "Juan Cayuela"
  • Hall, AMPAS and booksellers promote initiatives (15/05/2013)
    to create a clearinghouse for textbooks and buy books and school supplies with big discounts for the current 2013/14
  • The Mayor of Totana and the rector of the University of Murcia signed a collaboration agreement (14/05/2013)
    for the UMU students participate in educational reinforcement project is carried out in seven schools in Totana
  • Volunteers from the University of Murcia offer tutoring in schools in Totana (14/05/2013)

  • The college student "Luis Perez Rueda", Julia Marquez won the drawing contest "My people Europe" (14/05/2013)
    was carried out in the framework of European days developed in Totana
  • The talk "Managing recreation and leisure time with our children," this Thursday at 20:30 in the ies "the doe john" (14/05/2013)
    in School Program Parents
  • Movie listings at the cultural center "Jail" in the coming weeks (14/05/2013)

  • ... (13/05/2013)

  • The Socialist Party of Totana appreciates the work done by Juan Francisco Otálora and Jose Martinez Usero (13/05/2013)

  • On Wednesday Totana is commemorated worldwide on fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome (13/05/2013)
    with the reading of a manifesto
  • Raul Guevara wins third straight "Running the Race XVII Rise to The Holy" (13/05/2013)
    More than 320 runners participated
  • The new Board Senior Center-Cantareros The Paretón this infrastructure designed to promote more activities (13/05/2013)

  • Otálora and Usero Martinez presented his resignation as councilors in the city of Totana (13/05/2013)

  • City officials meet with the Neighborhood Association Lébor (13/05/2013)
    to discuss some matters of public infrastructure management
  • PADISITO visited the Pottery Romero and Hernandez to learn more about this tradition in our town pottery own (13/05/2013)

  • This weekend full of victories over the teams table tennis Totana Club (13/05/2013)

  • Raul Guevara, again the fastest in the Holy (12/05/2013)
    The Cartagena Mandarache athlete matures in Totana with a time of 27:10.
  • Today is the initiative "a trade in place" (12/05/2013)

  • Inform businesses of Totana of calls for aid from the Ministry of Industry for the re-industrialization, relocation and industrial competitiveness (10/05/2013)
    It launches advisory service available to the City Council for this purpose companies
  • The seventeenth track meet will ascent of Holy Saturday with more than 300 athletes (10/05/2013)

  • The Holy, also with the Running Challenge (09/05/2013)
    Totana this Saturday will witness the seventeenth edition of the Ascent to the Holy seventh scoring for Running Challenge
  • Several companies are working with "The Candle" in the integration of persons at risk of social exclusion (09/05/2013)
    Twelve people have been training Totana theoretical - practical Assistant Kitchen and Building Cleaning
  • City officials visit the Cave of the Currency in the Natural Park of Sierra Espuna (09/05/2013)
    to initiate steps of the consolidation project of this place
  • Morning trophies are handed local phase School Sports football, basketball, handball and volleyball (09/05/2013)
    At 16:30 hours, in the sports hall "manolo ibáñez"
  • The city of Totana and the University of Murcia will sign a cooperation agreement (09/05/2013)
    to realize the educational support project aimed at children and young people in disadvantaged sociocultural
  • Civil Protection and local police reflective bracelets distributed to pedestrians and cyclists (08/05/2013)
    to increase your visibility and ensure safety in suburban areas and urban
  • Ends the amateur Football League Play Fair 2012/2013 (07/05/2013)
    With the awards ceremony, by the Department of Sports City of Totana
  • Sports congratulates Domingo Mendez (07/05/2013)
    by obtaining the bronze medal in the Championship of Spain XXII Veterans Table Tennis
  • The city of Totana completes the comprehensive restoration of adjacent areas to the Shrine of the Holy (07/05/2013)
    These works, which will allow the establishment of a museum, the house of Santeria, audiovisual room, and gift shops also possible restoration a series of paintings of the seventeenth century
  • The Association of Friends of La Bastida Archaeological Ceramics Organizes Workshop for Young Potters Argárica (07/05/2013)
    will be held on May 18, 2013
  • JST demands the immediate withdrawal of the Act by threatening Wert educational equity (07/05/2013)
    The organization launched a publicity campaign by the institutes and colleges in Totana, to demand the immediate withdrawal LOMCE considering that implements an ultra-conservative and exclusionary model
  • Organize one open house to introduce the Business Incubator is being put in place for new entrepreneurs (07/05/2013)

  • "Salus Infirmorum" act today celebrates its 25th anniversary tribute to the work of volunteers in Totana (07/05/2013)
    It will take place at the Centro Sociocultural "Jail"
  • The IES "High Meadow" welcomes this Wednesday a talk on the use of new technologies (07/05/2013)
    program within the Municipal School Parents 2012/13
  • The Department of Education imparts a program of talks about failure and truancy (07/05/2013)
    First aimed at students of ESO in schools
  • Unicole launches deals for schools in the region (07/05/2013)
    "From www.unicole.es want to launch a model that helps the school community"
  • Institutional reception is performed British students who are participating in an exchange with students from IES "Prado Mayor" (06/05/2013)

  • The local police arrested two youths suspected of several robberies (06/05/2013)
    in several vehicles parked on Avenida Juan Carlos I and the train station
  • Uniformed Rip (06/05/2013)
    www.uniformados.es developed with Superweb, is a new online store related to the world of labor uniformity, safety and security at work
  • The XVII ascent of Totana Santa will be held this Saturday, May 11, from 19:30 am (06/05/2013)
    Departing from the Plaza de la Constitution
  • Sports Olympic Totana congratulated by his stay in the group XIII of the Third Division after a difficult season (06/05/2013)

  • The Club hiker's path made by the Horns Almeces by the Sierra De Ricote (06/05/2013)
    It took place on Sunday May 5
  • The Brotherhood of Veronica organizes a food handler course (06/05/2013)

  • XXII Championship veterans Spain (05/05/2013)
    Bronze Medal in the XXII Domingo Mendez Spain Championship Veterans Table Tennis has been played 1 through May 5 at the Pavilion The Toyo Almeria
  • Ceremony High School Diploma of Honor of Juan de la Cierva IES Joaquín, that of Cabañuelas (04/05/2013)
    took place on Friday, May 3
  • Martin's Cafeteria disclosed in Superweb Internet (03/05/2013)
    cocktail Discover your web www.cafeteriamartins.com
  • Spiced Almonds COATO mediterraneas of receiving the award for best organic product Biocultura Fair 2013 (03/05/2013)
    The award was presented on Saturday in Barcelona
  • The Department of Sports puts an end to the season of the amateur football league Play Fair (03/05/2013)
    With the trophy in the league and the cup, this Saturday, May 4, at 20 am, at the Sports City " December 6 "
  • Weekend Sports Events 4 and May 5, 2013 (03/05/2013)
    Information provided by the Department of Sports
  • The barbecues located in La Santa and recreational areas Espuna saw can be used to make fire until next May 31 (03/05/2013)

  • The canine unit of the Local Police intensifies patrol and combat control retail spaces of the street (03/05/2013)

  • Totana Civil Protection participates in a drill in multiple accident on the motorway tunnel Lorca (02/05/2013)
    to support the health unit of 061
  • Finish the month of April and does so with an intense racing by Athletics Club athletes Totana (02/05/2013)

  • Totana Local Police adheres to the new DGT camapaña the surveillance and control of motorcycles (02/05/2013)
    to ensure road safety for motorcyclists
  • Next Monday is the deadline for payment of the voluntary period tax receipts to motor vehicles in 2013 (02/05/2013)

  • The neighborhood parties Tirol-Camilleri held this weekend (02/05/2013)
    after its postponement due to weather conditions of the past
  • The socialist executive Totana, with activists and councilors attended the demonstration on 1 May in Murcia (02/05/2013)
    Thousands of people attended the demonstration in Murcia International Labour Day

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