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  • PSOE: "The Mayor delay final approval of the Budget 2013 to further indebt the City" (28/03/2013)
    "The PP approves solo tackle debt no more than four million euros to the Commonwealth Taibilla Channel"
  • With two hours to finish the amateur football league "Play Fair" continues the excitement in First and Second Division (28/03/2013)

  • The House socilita 1% strengthening cultural heritage argárico reservoir of "La Bastida" (27/03/2013)

  • City Services held a service and back street cleaning in the routes of the processions of Holy Week (27/03/2013)

  • The plenary addresses motions to set up a National Strategic Plan to Promote Ceramics (26/03/2013)
    Y 1% cultural seek to strengthen the financial condition of the site argárico of "La Bastide"
  • The Department of Sports organized the second round of the FIFA Futsal local phase fry School Sports (26/03/2013)

  • The school Santa Eulalia is proclaimed champion of the local phase of multisport Benjamin (26/03/2013)
    compete in the inter phase
  • The Department of City Facility Management service reinforces the solid waste collection during holidays of Easter (26/03/2013)

  • Six small earthquakes are recorded in a neighboring area between the towns of Lorca and Totana during this time (25/03/2013)

  • The Socialist Municipal Group congratulates the Women of The Raiguero (25/03/2013)
    The Association Begin to Walk The Raiguero organized a talk on the occasion of the International Day of Working Women who participated in the Municipal Socialist Group
  • Excellent results of the CC team-Planet Bike Santa Eulalia in the proof of the Challenger II in Balcones blp (25/03/2013)

  • ... (24/03/2013)

  • Veronica opens a spectacular mural at Home-Home (24/03/2013)
    From Saturday March 23, the House-headquarters Veronica sports a new artwork inside
  • 2nd National: Totana Agrorizao 2 - Recreational Xàtiva 4 (24/03/2013)
    Table Tennis.
  • COATO on the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Spain (23/03/2013)

  • The Local Board of AECC Totana recalls that on Palm Sunday there will be the traditional alms (22/03/2013)

  • Municipal School Alumni Child "Clara Campoamor" held a procession to welcome the Easter (22/03/2013)

  • The local police made a series of recommendations to drivers for traffic normalziación during the holidays of Easter (22/03/2013)
    The weekly market of the Paretón not Friday but held on Holy Saturday, March 30
  • The Autonomous Community authorizes the closure of public facilities and recreational activities in the Easter holidays until 6 in the morning (22/03/2013)

  • Tomorrow, Good Friday, there will be a Mass in the chapel of Calvary (21/03/2013)
    It is organized by the Hdad.
  • The Cultural Association of Totana "Canico" Saturday organized a tour of various guilds (21/03/2013)
    To know the history, traditions and manifestations of the Holy Week in Totana
  • The image of Santa Maria Magdalena will wear this year a new "mantle luffing" (20/03/2013)
    The blanket, which was embroidered by Francisca Cánovas, blessed this afternoon
  • Vigorous activity athletes Totana CAT (20/03/2013)

  • Totana Local Police recovered several drums of diesel, machinery and objects from theft in agricultural areas (20/03/2013)

  • The Brotherhood of St. Mary Salome and Ecce Homo organizes its traditional food (20/03/2013)
    will take place on Palm Sunday in the sale of the Rat Totana
  • Ends the local stage school sport handball (20/03/2013)
    The College Queen Sofia was the first seed
  • The Regional College is Deitania regional champion in the category male juvenile in the regional final of School Sports Badminton (20/03/2013)
    was held in Molina de Segura
  • Great reception attendees of the first talk of the school for parents "The role of parents in the learning process" (20/03/2013)

  • The Socialist Municipal Group Bedia requires "that works properly conclude" (20/03/2013)
    From Municipal Socialist Group considered that "it is very irresponsible of the works council of the way they have concluded the infrastructure of San Jose"
  • Vox Musicalis interpreted in different concerts the play "The Seven Sorrows of Mary" (19/03/2013)

  • The mayor intends to request one percent strengthening cultural heritage of La Bastida Argárico Yacimento (19/03/2013)

  • IU-Greens will present a motion to the March plenary session for the City Council request the amendment of the Bill of Integration Development of Cooperatives and Agribusiness character Associative Entities (18/03/2013)
    "it fully affects the interests of farmers totaneros"
  • The Santa Eulalia CC-Planet Bike racing btt continued this weekend in Lietor and Bullas (18/03/2013)

  • The Totana Easter begins its countdown to the pronunciation of the opening of the hand of Pedro Marín Ayala (18/03/2013)

  • The Socialist Municipal Group congratulates the Cabildo of processions after the Proclamation of Easter (18/03/2013)
    From the Municipal Group encourages the Illustrious Cabildo to continue the work done in recent years to highlight the identity of the Easter totanera
  • The council gives a multipurpose classroom to PADISITO in the former Institute for the development of their activities (18/03/2013)

  • Totana Local Police located the owner of an exotic parrot (18/03/2013)
    It had been found by a passerby on Avenida Juan Carlos I
  • It addresses the tender new cafeteria Lébor Social Center with the residents of this deputation (18/03/2013)

  • Training and Employment reported measures of support for entrepreneurs who have started to stimulate growth (18/03/2013)

  • The Socialist Municipal Group congratulates the Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of Agony for his half-century Nazarene (18/03/2013)
    From the Municipal congratulate the Brotherhood by New Altarpiece contribution to artistic and cultural heritage of the municipality
  • On Friday March 15 was held at the Cultural Center and Workers Totana a talk on the occasion of International Women's Day (17/03/2013)

  • ... (17/03/2013)

  • Agents Totana local police identify two women for the alleged theft of a purse carelessly in the weekly market last Wednesday (16/03/2013)
    Natural arrested a citizen of Ecuador, who was wanted by the security forces for carrying out removal
  • Intermunicipal phase Semifinals School Sports basketball and football (15/03/2013)
    schools participated La Milagrosa, Juan de la Cierva and Prado Mayor
  • UI calls the people to attend the demonstration of "social tide" in defense of the health, education, public services and housing rights (15/03/2013)
    It will take place on Saturday March 16 in Murcia
  • Pedro Marín Ayala pregonará Sunday Easter Totana'2013 (15/03/2013)
    It will take place in the church of St. James the Great
  • Development Councilwoman closure driven activities Family Association and Rural Murcia region that have developed in Totana (15/03/2013)

  • The Department of Human Resources makes a public offering to cover a square replacing a speech therapist (15/03/2013)
    at the Center for Early and intellectually disabled Ateción
  • Attachments fit the new school of La Cruz for pedestrians (14/03/2013)

  • Those entrepreneurs who remove their waste acredieten with an authorized agent may request the rate reduction of waste by up to 40 percent (14/03/2013)
    To implement this modulation in turnover this year 2013 must apply before March 31
  • About 50 walkers enjoyed the show Totana of flowering fruit trees in the output cieza organized by the Department of Sports (13/03/2013)

  • Next Saturday continue the celebrations to mark the 50th anniversary of the Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of Agony (13/03/2013)

  • Colloquium Talk "the other view" The Feminization of Poverty in the Crisis (13/03/2013)
    It will take place on Friday March 15 and is organized by the Cultural Center and Workers in the Framework of Working Women's Day
  • A total of 39 unemployed workers are hired for a quarter in the program of District Councils on Employment (13/03/2013)

  • The Association of Family and Women in Rural done tomorrow, Thursday March 14 workshop on "Separation, divorce and custody" (13/03/2013)
    activiades within the International Women's Day
  • The departments of Education and Social Care are launching a new program of the School Parent (13/03/2013)
    with a first talk at school "Reina Sofia" on aid to children in school and truancy
  • The Reina Sofía School participated in the regional final of School Sport Athletics fry held in Lorca (13/03/2013)

  • It is permanently restored service water supply in the County of El Raiguero (12/03/2013)
    after four days of troubleshooting problems in the overall network in this district
  • ... (12/03/2013)

  • PSOE: "Once again it shows the inability of the mayor and the government team to manage public services" (12/03/2013)
    "Today I suffer directly touches the residents of the hamlet of Raiguero"
  • Report that "the government team Councillors refuse to answer questions from the IU-Greens Group they are uncomfortable" (12/03/2013)
    "breach of the Rules of the City"
  • Work continues to repair the water supply system after drinking in The breakdowns Raiguero produced this weekend (12/03/2013)

  • The Department of Sports organizes a workshop on basic techniques of hiking (12/03/2013)

  • The mayor visited the Health Center "South Totana" in urbanization "The Scale", in order to know the status of development works (12/03/2013)
    Must end in early summer
  • It's open enrollment period to work on personal development groups "Addressing the challenges of life" (12/03/2013)
    It is organized by Amites-Totana
  • Totana program is part of guided tours during weekends (12/03/2013)
    offered by the Department and the network of tourist offices in 25 other locations in the region
  • The Socialists claim to the departments of City Services and Education to explain "why 48 hours after the fire in the nursery Clara Campoamor have not done the cleanup" (11/03/2013)
    "Last Thursday night burned a classroom heating stove center Monday morning and had not been sent the cleaning staff "
  • IU: "Valcárcel sends to the millions of ways to arrange Lorca and Puerto Lumbreras and Totana, the Chief Campos to preside processions" (11/03/2013)
    Totana consider marginalization that has not been taken into account in awarding to fix damaged roads by September rains
  • Totana participates in the days of public awareness about the "European Year of Citizens" which promotes the Autonomous Region (11/03/2013)

  • City officials visiting a traditional snack of homemade desserts made by the Association of Amas and Householders "Same-da" of the Paretón-Cantareros (11/03/2013)

  • The Socialist Municipal Group participates in the March 8 Paretón (11/03/2013)
    The Socialist Municipal Group encourages women of the parish to continue to promote these activities Equality
  • Carrerón of Andrés Plazas, Santa Eulalia CC in Imortal btt Caudete (11/03/2013)

  • The Socialist Municipal Group participates in the celebration of March 8 with the women of Ecuador in Murcia (11/03/2013)
    Dances of different musical groups and provided a framework for delivering tribute to outstanding women in the migrant group
  • ... (11/03/2013)

  • Coexistence March 9, 2013 - Association of Same-da Paretón (10/03/2013)

  • Four women, two groups of workers and templates Residence La Purisima and Santa Eulalia are honored Agricultural (09/03/2013)
    on the occasion of the International Day of Working Women
  • Exhibition "So children are Easter" 2013 (09/03/2013)
    open until March 17 in the exhibition hall "Gregorio Cebrian"
  • The presentation and blessing of the new script-Pennant Flagellation band will take place on March 19 (08/03/2013)
    was scheduled for March 9
  • Develop preventive informative talks at schools ESO (08/03/2013)
    within the truancy program Course 2012/13
  • The schools of La Milagrosa and Juan de la Cierva participated in the quarter-final stage futsal intermunicipal child Cadet School Sports (08/03/2013)

  • A student of IES "Juan de la Cierva" participates in the Second National Congress "Youth and red" (08/03/2013)

  • Local phase begins fry futsal School Sports, organized by the Department of Sports (08/03/2013)

  • ... (07/03/2013)

  • The restoration of the paintings in the annexes of the Holy let you know early entry to the cave that led to the construction of the chapel (07/03/2013)
    The mayor, along with the mayor of Infrastructure, visited the works that will allow the expansion of services at the resort
  • Next Saturday begin the celebrations to mark the 50th anniversary of the Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of the Agony (07/03/2013)
    will be a solemn procession extraordinary
  • The mayor presented a motion to be carried out by the Government of Spain a National Strategic Plan to Promote Ceramics (07/03/2013)
    This proposal will be discussed at the 33 municipalities adhering to the Spanish Association of Cities of Ceramics, chaired the councilor totanera
  • City officials meet with representatives of the residents of El Paretón-Cantareros (07/03/2013)
    to review the current needs of this deputation
  • The Socialist Party of Totana encourages women to particpate in the tribute to Working Women (07/03/2013)
    The PSOE Totana, present in Totana Equality Council, has proposed Agricultural Women of Santa Eulalia for the Tribute in commemoration of 8 March
  • The CHS agrees the fee waiver conduccición waters of the Tajo-Segura to compensate for damage by flooding in September (07/03/2013)

  • The School of Dance Manoli Cánovas launches special promotion going into this spring (06/03/2013)
    Sevillanas, Burlesque, Belly Dancing, Salsa and Ballroom and Latin from April 3
  • The 1-1-2 received a call warning of an earthquake in Totana (06/03/2013)
    The Geographic Institute confirmed an earthquake of magnitude 2.6
  • The Socialist Municipal Group accompanies D'Genes in celebration of World Rare Disease (06/03/2013)
    The Municipal congratulates D'Genes and Feder for his work and dedication to visualize rare diseases
  • A total of twenty walkers participated Sunday in a route that ran through Espuña (06/03/2013)
    It was organized by the Department of Sports
  • The Local Government Board approves the cooperation agreement between the City and the University of Murcia for the establishment of scholarships Erasmus (06/03/2013)

  • The municipal service restored film from the first weekend of April at the Center Theatre sociocultural "Jail" (06/03/2013)

  • The Band of the Brotherhood of San Juan Evangelista gives a concert in the Parish of Santiago (06/03/2013)
    served to present the CD commemorating the twentieth anniversary of the band
  • The City Council Equality publishes the awards on the occasion of the International Day of Working Women (05/03/2013)
    will be held on Friday at 19 pm in "Jail"
  • The image of Our Lady of Sorrows procession will leave on a throne carried shoulder (05/03/2013)
    has been blessed this weekend
  • The Socialist Municipal Group congratulates the Brotherhood of Our Lady the Virgin of Sorrows (05/03/2013)

  • The three municipal political parties approve a joint institutional manifesto on the occasion of the International Day of Women Workers (05/03/2013)

  • Perform maintenance on the tank water regulator "Virgen de las Huertas" (05/03/2013)

  • They perform under the premises and gardening for the acts of the Holy Week in the street (05/03/2013)

  • ... (05/03/2013)

  • City officials attended the presentation of the book "Brotherhood of St. Mary Cleofé and Crown of Thorns" (04/03/2013)
    "175 years of passion Nazarene Easter Totana"
  • "The Socialist Municipal Group supports the Brotherhood of Santa Maria Cleofé" (04/03/2013)
    From the Municipal Group wants to extend its congratulations to the Brotherhood by the incomparable work in events organized on the occasion of its 175th anniversary
  • CC Riders of Santa Eulalia-Planet Bike competitions continued in Albacete and the Bike-Marathon Open Murcia (04/03/2013)

  • PSOE: "When will they put the cards on the table?" (04/03/2013)
    "The conveniante of The Raiguero have asked the City Council Totana the return of more than two million whose whereabouts are unknown and neighbors Opposition Totana"
  • Results of Andres in Spain Championship Table Tennis (04/03/2013)
    Finished Andres David Ros participation in the Championship of Spain which was held in Pontevedra of February 23 to March 3.
  • Many neighbors expressed their devotion to Christ a year of Medinacelli (03/03/2013)
    The image of the Convent was visited by many residents on Friday, March 1
  • Semanasantatotana.com, better associative web site awards Truth (02/03/2013)
    The award ceremony took place on Thursday February 28 at the Teatro Romea
  • The 061 emergency management Murcia received in 2012 a total of 3,010 calls from neighbors Totana (02/03/2013)

  • Health signed an agreement to strengthen the emergency and health emergencies in Totana (01/03/2013)
    Murcia Health Service provides consumables necessary for the new Basic Life Support Vehicle
  • ... (01/03/2013)

  • The House resolved to request the Government of Spain to develop the 13 priority actions contained in the field of rare enfemerdades (01/03/2013)
    under its anniversary year celebration
  • Today opens the admission process of upperclassmen childhood education, primary, secondary and high school for the school year 2013/2014 (01/03/2013)

  • Was extended until March 7 the registration period of the paddle I league organized by the "Club Paddle Tennis Vs Evolution" (01/03/2013)
    will be held at the Ciudad Deportiva "Valverde Queen"

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