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  • The council endorses the new contract management and operation of public service Totana municipal pool deck for the next 15 years (31/07/2012)
    officially enter into operation in September
  • The choir Vox Totana Musicalis won Villaricos (31/07/2012)
    On July 28 won the Prize of the National Contest of Habanera and Polyphonies held in this town
  • Fifteen young people complete their training as "aesthetic Assistants" (31/07/2012)
    Thanks to a program promoted by the Department of Public Works and Employment
  • The council reminds the public that from August 1 morning and throughout the month will centralize all services in the Town Hall to close the remaining dependencies (31/07/2012)
    in order to save costs
  • The Socialist group feels it is essential that local political parties to agree to solve the "painful" economic situation of the City. (31/07/2012)
    "The consequences of a debt of over one hundred million euros are paying the workers and citizens "
  • Councilman Sports Summer closing the campus for the second half of July (31/07/2012)
    have involved about 200 children and young people
  • The city put several points of free wireless Internet access in public squares and schools (31/07/2012)

  • The parking service is exempt from the payment ORA starting tomorrow August 1st until September (31/07/2012)

  • The Governing Board approved the contract for the Telecare service for care of dependents (31/07/2012)

  • The popular festival held in the Plaza of the Constitution puts an end to the festivities in honor of Santiago Apostle (30/07/2012)

  • Totana Rugby Club ends the season (30/07/2012)
    Pupils of John Oncina, along with a number of rugby greats Murcia, disputed, on Sunday July 29, his last game this season
  • The celebrations in neighborhoods and districts of Totana will continue for most weekends of August and September (30/07/2012)

  • City officials attending events organized by the Association of Innkeepers Totana on his feast Santa Marta (30/07/2012)

  • The Summer Film programming continues this week with the screening of three films in the auditorium of the municipal park Marcos Ortiz (30/07/2012)

  • City officials attending the closing ceremony of the XXIII Hemophilia Training Workshops for children 8 to 12 (30/07/2012)
    52 children have participated from all over Spain
  • Now you can get your paddle in the new online shop created padeldirecto.es Superweb (28/07/2012)
    PADELDIRECTO chose the Pack Superweb Online Store to sell their products online
  • The city of Totana takes over management of the services of water supply and sewerage home (27/07/2012)
    to terminate the contract with the concessionaire
  • The full council approves the proposal that will facilitate preventive management for agricultural workers (27/07/2012)
    And the motion to alleviate the water shortage situation in the area of ​​the Espuña
  • Changing the date of the race Pond Grande'12 (27/07/2012)
    Great Pond popular race "Panzamelba Grand Prix" will be on Saturday September 22
  • The Rugby Club Totana plays the last game of the season (27/07/2012)
    exhibition game between two teams of the Club, which will feature rugby figures Murcia
  • City officials, civil and religious procession accompanying the image of St. James on the occasion of the feast of the patron (26/07/2012)

  • The Mayor of Totana shows employers in the construction of the model region of the municipality's General Plan as "an example of obtaining a common understanding of the city model" (26/07/2012)
    The local councilor has attended the Governing Council Regional Federation of Employers of the Construction of Murcia
  • City officials attending the activities of the Party "Grandparents Day" organized by the nursing home "La Purisima" (26/07/2012)

  • He closes the school year 2011/12 the Centre "José Moya Trilla" (26/07/2012)
    This year has seen a transition in adapting Occupational Service Day Centre, with the expansion of services, programs and health
  • The House for the month of July will discuss tomorrow about a dozen proposals (26/07/2012)
    Between the granting highlighting the adopted son of the city of Totana to Antonio Fuentes Mendez and determination of a new land classification of the place in the Stables General Plan
  • The Mayor of Totana intends to make an institutional recognition of gratitude in plenary Gregory Fish-Beard (26/07/2012)
    By his commendable contribution to the democratic transition
  • More than sixty children and youth participate in the Summer School of Art (25/07/2012)

  • THE PP Totana ensures that a joint motion filed in November council initiative of the Popular Gupo speeds up the request for the Government to extend the closing time of pubs and clubs (25/07/2012)

  • Approval of Plan for Safety and Health at Work continued construction of the second Health Center "Totana south" (25/07/2012)

  • The Local Government awards grants to youth correspondents who worked in secondary education institutions during the past year (25/07/2012)

  • We have collected 3,868 tons of municipal solid waste in the first quarter of 2012 (25/07/2012)

  • The Memorial XXI "Enrique Rosa" Cycling brings together more than a hundred young cyclists across the Region through the streets of Parral (25/07/2012)
    was framed in the festivities of Santiago
  • Morning July 25, the day of St. James pattern is not festive day in this county (24/07/2012)

  • The Initial Vocational Training Programme of "Support Services" Esthetics of the Employment Promotion council continues work placements (24/07/2012)

  • City officials closed down Psychosocial Support Service Course 2011/2012 (24/07/2012)
    attended users, relatives and technicians
  • The Local Government Committee approved the procedure for awarding the management contract to operate the cafeteria in the Tirol neighborhood clubhouse Camilleri (24/07/2012)

  • The Olympic Totana and Imperial Real Murcia B disputed on Friday a friendly (24/07/2012)
    will be held at 20 am in the municipal stadium "Juan Cayuela"
  • The councilors of the Municipal Group of the United Left Green attended the rally against cuts in Murcia (23/07/2012)
    2 buses were chartered from Totana
  • ... (23/07/2012)

  • The mayor meets with the Minister of Health and Social Policy (23/07/2012)
    to address the continuity of some updating and collaboration agreements for the maintenance of social services and programs
  • The team "Real Estate Erik" Lorca was proclaimed champion of "12 Hours of Football 7" (23/07/2012)
    Organized by the Department of Sports in collaboration with the "Club Jupada"
  • He starts the Service Center of Lower Guadalentín Carriers (23/07/2012)
    will offer direct service to over fifty trucks
  • Totana potters children approach to traditional treatment techniques of clay (23/07/2012)
    and become familiar with the development of craft pieces in the "Mud Day"
  • The Mayor of Totana and president of the AECC makes delivery to the mayor of Lorca's recognition as guest city at the National Association (20/07/2012)

  • The conference archaeological research group working in the Oilfield Argárica of La Bastida was a public success (20/07/2012)
    He offered an interesting dissertation on the findings during excavation in recent years
  • City officials attending the commemoration of the feast of Santa Justa and Santa Rufina, patron of potters (20/07/2012)
    This was a tribute to Bartholomew Bellón
  • New Generations of Totana supports the Youth Employment Plan announced by the government (20/07/2012)
    One of the demands of NNGG Totana to advance the resolution of the youth unemployment rate
  • Municipal authorities Olympic Totana congratulate and welcome to the club next season to compete in the group of the Third Division XIII (19/07/2012)

  • I was suspended child proof "Introduction to mountain bike" for children 7 to 13 years, for lack of sufficient registered (19/07/2012)
    was to be held this Sunday
  • The Department of Agriculture will promote a list of people available to perform agricultural tasks (19/07/2012)
    demanded by entrepreneurs in Totana
  • "Did you know that Totana European capital was 4,000 years ago? - La Bastida: The Power of Memory" (19/07/2012)
    The research group working on the archaeological site of La Bastida Argaric explain this afternoon at the Central Jail findings Sociocultural found during the excavation
  • Activities for children, sports, and concerts fill the programming of the festival of Santiago for this coming weekend (19/07/2012)

  • The festivities of the Under Raiguero held on 28 and 29 July in honor of St. James and St. Anne (19/07/2012)

  • The councilman of Promotion and Employment inaugurated the second training course for phytosanitary treatments with pesticides baseline (18/07/2012)

  • ... (18/07/2012)

  • The planned friendly soccer match play on Friday against Real Murcia CF, which served as official presentation of the Olympic Totana is suspended (18/07/2012)
    by problems in the preparation of the template rojiblanco
  • They move 18 seats to the weekly market for the remodeling of the pavements of one of the margins on Avenida La Rambla Santa (18/07/2012)

  • Julian Fernandez Cabrera has died (18/07/2012)
    In its broad and intense career has been a director of several companies and financial institutions (Cajamurcia) and currently Secretary of Cebag
  • Totana Local Police made a total of 42 randomized trials in the special campaign on controlling the rate of alcohol and drug driving that promoted the DGT (18/07/2012)
    Only three were positive
  • The council of Celebration reported suspending the activity of "The Barrotina", despite being included in the festival program (17/07/2012)
    For the sake of saving money
  • Many people attend the Mass of the Patroness of the Municipal Cemetery of Totana coinciding with the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel (17/07/2012)

  • Presentation XXV Urban Mile "Totana City" (17/07/2012)

  • The 12 Hours of Football 7 are held this weekend at the Sports City "Valverde Queen" (17/07/2012)
    The registration period ends tomorrow
  • Tomorrow is the deadline to register for the test I child "Introduction to mountain bike" for children 7-13 years (17/07/2012)
    will be held on July 22 in "The Tamblica"
  • The Department of Agriculture presented the call for aid for the installation of young farmers and the modernization of farms (17/07/2012)

  • The PP Totana commitment to tourism as an asset to generate employment in the municipality (16/07/2012)
    Present the project in the city to the Secretary of State for Tourism Sector in an event
  • Municipal emergency services attend an injured person was an accident on the road towards the A-7 (16/07/2012)

  • The Band of the musical group held a concert Totana in Socio-Cultural Center "The Jail" (16/07/2012)
    as part of the festivities in honor of the patron of Totana, St. James
  • Over forty children have participated in the first half of "Summer Sports" Sports Complex "Guadalentín" El Paretón (16/07/2012)

  • Kick-off for remodeling of the pavements of the Avenida de la Rambla de la Santa (16/07/2012)
    are included in the Plan of Works and Services subsidized by the Autonomous Community
  • Contest "So sings Totana" 2012 (16/07/2012)
    The three local groups "Friends of La Habanera", "Coral St. Cecilia" and "Chorus totanero staged the local contest" So Totana Sing, "framed in the festivities of St. James
  • The CLD is visited by students from the Jose Moya (16/07/2012)
    to know how it is performing the initial qualification program
  • Laura Serrano Antón, translator and intérprerte, you already have website (15/07/2012)
    Laura offers its services through Internet thanks to its new site, with "Superweb"
  • The City Council shows its support Totana consistory of Aledo and solidarity with the Agricultural Transformation Societies (14/07/2012)
    For the problems of water shortage that is affecting producers of table grapes from both municipalities and the Sierra de Espuña
  • A total of 26 children participating in the camp of Nature Classroom in a place called The Stables (13/07/2012)
    It is organized by the Department of Youth
  • About 300 children participated in the activities of the first half of "Summer Sports" (13/07/2012)
    municipal authorities have closed in the Municipal Sports Center "December 6"
  • Opens the exhibition "The Cracks of Time. Current Spanish Art" in the showroom "Gregorio Cebrián" (13/07/2012)
    It is organized by the Association of Visual Arts in the Region of Murcia
  • The totanero Pedro Martinez leads, along with other researchers, the "Committee of Resistance 11-CEBAS Murcia J" (13/07/2012)
    against cuts in public administration and research
  • Kick-off activities of the festivity of Santiago to celebrate tonight's "So Sing Totana" (13/07/2012)
    will be held in the auditorium of the city park "Marcos Ortiz"
  • Civil Protection is concerned about not receiving aid from the Autonomous Region in order to make mobile surveillance Espuña (12/07/2012)

  • Three works of national importance monopolize the sign of the Week Festival of Theatre of Santiago 2012 (12/07/2012)

  • Several families of Totana receive this summer in six host Sahrawi children under the "Holidays in Peace" (12/07/2012)

  • IU-green Totana qualify cuts announced by Rajoy as an unprecedented attack the unemployed, public employees, the economy and democracy (12/07/2012)
    raise a motion to the full City Council to reject the measures
  • Totana Civil Protection warns that the index of risk of forest fires is extreme in the valley region Guadalentín (12/07/2012)

  • "Did you know that Totana European capital was 4,000 years ago? La Bastida: The Power of Memory" (12/07/2012)
    Information session on Thursday, July 19
  • The Agriculture and Water councilor attends the presentation of the information campaign on "50 years of the CAP" (12/07/2012)
    Held in Totana agrarian organization "UPA"
  • Follow the racing activity for CAT Totana (11/07/2012)
    On the afternoon of Saturday 7 July took place the third edition of the popular race Aidemarcha
  • The delegation thanked Lourdes Totana samples received condolences at the loss of Jose Angel (11/07/2012)

  • Totana artisans held in regional centers of handicrafts of Murcia, Cartagena and Lorca course (11/07/2012)
    through which will train young potters
  • The Local Government Board approves the repair and refurbishment of the pumping station of sewage in the industrial area "The Saladar" (11/07/2012)
    With a running sum of 132.651,92 €
  • On Monday 16 July at 20:30 will take place the traditional Mass at the Municipal Cemetery "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" (11/07/2012)
    On the occasion of the onomastics of the Virgin
  • The Tennis Club has champions Totana and social tennis and paddle (11/07/2012)
    Louis Nicolas in tennis and Alberto Rodriguez, Jose Martinez paddle get the win
  • Verano'2012 School provides support for the reconciliation of work (10/07/2012)
    is organizing the collective social promotion "The Candle" and takes place in schools "Santiago" and "Tierno Galvan"
  • The Department of Agriculture reports that environmental agents issue permits for hunting Barbary sheep and rabbit (10/07/2012)
    to alleviate agricultural damage caused by the same
  • On Thursday, July 12 Totana opens the exhibition "The cracks of time, Spanish art in the XXI century" (10/07/2012)
    Included in the "visual arts circuit Region mMrcia"
  • The party in Las Lomas de la Cruz in The Paretón-Cantateros, in honor of the Virgen del Carmen, take place this coming weekend (10/07/2012)

  • The Delegation of Lourdes in Totana feel the loss of one of its youngest members, José Angel of only 22 years (09/07/2012)

  • The I child proof "Introduction to Mountain Bike" for children 7 to 13 years will be held on July 22 (09/07/2012)
    at various circuits in the "La Ramblica"
  • The Department of Sport organizes the 12 Hours of Football 7 (09/07/2012)
    will be held at the Sports City "Valverde Queen" 20 and July 21 within the sporting activities of the Festival of Santiago
  • Local Police Totana adds to the special campaign on the control of the alcohol and drug use at the wheel (09/07/2012)
    this week promoting the Traffic Department
  • Students will have a new study room enabled by special summer months (09/07/2012)
    Social Center Olympic Quarter-Pears-Station-Triptolemos
  • Users of the Day Centre "José Moya Trilla" make a purchase in a store in the municipality to strengthen their skills in daily life (09/07/2012)

  • The socialists demand the mayor to give explanations about the audit that a company has engargado Catalan (09/07/2012)
    indolence also qualify for all, having missed a year since the beginning of the term but have been told totaneros objectively and what are the actual accounts of the consistory of Totana
  • Pottery Romero and Hernandez expects Superweb to its new website (07/07/2012)
    The company has chosen the Superweb totanera Pack Catalog to display their products and services through Internet
  • Morning Mass funeral will be held in memory of Salvadora Garcia Molina (widow of Andres Garcia de la Radio) in its first anniversary (07/07/2012)
    will be held at 19 pm in the Church of Santiago in Major Totana
  • The People's Party raised a motion urging the Government to the planned increase in VAT is not applied to essential goods (07/07/2012)

  • Councilman Staff explained that the personnel actions must be taken for missing monthly € 360,000 to pay payroll (06/07/2012)
    And this situation is "unsustainable"
  • The Department of Infrastructure and Roads requests authorization to Demarcation of Roads to condition the service road access to the Cooperative Deilor (06/07/2012)
    parallel to the left of the A-7
  • As of Wednesday July 18 market stalls will be moved to the top of La Rambla (06/07/2012)
    for the refurbishment of the sidewalks of Avenida Rambla de la Santa
  • The new board of the Olympic Totana presented to municipal authorities (06/07/2012)
    to start a line of joint collaboration for the next season 2012/13
  • The Department of Sport Municipal Sports School Closing Dance (06/07/2012)
    110 students have participated this season
  • Agriculture informs owners of palm trees on the treatment that the city done to prevent the plague of red palm weevil (05/07/2012)

  • More than 30 farmers participating in the course "Prevention of occupational hazards in the workplace: safe operation of the tractor" (05/07/2012)
    has been made free in the CLD
  • Last places available for the course Basic Computer and Internet in the Social Center of Barrio San Roque (05/07/2012)
    the council is organized for Citizen Participation, in collaboration with "The Candle"
  • A total of 266 children already enjoy the activities of the "Summer Sports" such as summer camp and swimming lessons (05/07/2012)
    They are organized by the Department of Sports
  • Feast in honor of Veronica (04/07/2012)

  • The number of unemployed in the municipality of Totana falls in the month of June in 174 people and is situated at stand 2245 (04/07/2012)

  • It organizes a briefing tomorrow (04/07/2012)
    to recruit volunteers that allow for an investigation and prevention of hypertension colesteros
  • Today opens the application deadline for grants through the cafeteria of schools and the first cycle of compulsory secondary education (04/07/2012)

  • The UCAM Murcia CB will make his preseason 18 to 24 August in the municipal sports facilities Totana (04/07/2012)
    second consecutive year
  • You are here grande'12 Pond "grand prize panzamelba" (04/07/2012)
    On Saturday 18 August will take place Grande'12 Pond "Grand Prix Panzamelba"
  • A score of patients participating in the "days for affected VIII inhibitor haemophilia and their families" (04/07/2012)
    were held at the Center for Continuing Education Day and Hemophilia "The Pond"
  • The Socialist Party of Totana criticizes the "inability" of the mayor to the second rejection of the Plan of Adjustment City Council (03/07/2012)
    For socialists "has been more than evidenced incompetence, lack of ideas and initiatives of a local government to which the Ministry of the Treasury rejected a second time a viability plan that is unrealistic and inconsistent "
  • The Association of Parents of Mentally Handicapped Totana "PADISITO" organized a benefit concert (03/07/2012)
    took place on Saturday June 30 at the city park "Marcos Ortiz"
  • The "Mule FS" is proclaimed champion of the tournament "24 hours of football" (03/07/2012)
    It was organized by the Football Club "Totana City" and the Department of Sports
  • The student's initial qualification program aesthetic ancillary services visit Nefer Center Center in murcia (03/07/2012)

  • I was closing the campus "Ball Point" held in Totana over the past week (03/07/2012)
    was coordinated player of Real Murcia CF, Isaac Jové
  • The festival of the village of Vines-Carivete be held this coming weekend, in honor of the Virgen de las Viñas (03/07/2012)

  • The Real Murcia CF will play their first preseason game against the Olympic Totana, in what will be the presentation of all totanero (02/07/2012)
    will take place on Friday July 20
  • The council's main building closed in the evenings during the months of July and August (02/07/2012)

  • Starts tomorrow, Tuesday July 3 Summer Cinema in the auditorium Marcos Ortiz with a screening of the movie "Avengers" (02/07/2012)

  • Opened the registration period for those who want to work through the program of the County Councils (02/07/2012)

  • The Department of Health reminded that from today until August 31 queries Health Center will afternoons to mornings (02/07/2012)

  • The Association of Friends of Music of The Totana Paretón held the closing ceremony of the school year 2011/12 (02/07/2012)
    municipal authorities attended
  • Kick off the summer festivities in neighborhoods and districts of Totana with the celebration last weekend was the celebration of High and Lebor (02/07/2012)

  • Ebony kitchens is another company that has relied on 'Superweb', the tool developed by TOTANA.COM-to create your own web (01/07/2012)
    The 'Superweb Pack Catalog' is the online solution you have chosen ebony
  • The Totana OMIC offers a number of recommendations and advice for dealing with the sales of summer (01/07/2012)
    July 1 start today and continue through August 31

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