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  • Totana commemorates the International Day of Rare Diseases with the reading of a manifesto (29/02/2012)
    And the realization of a chain of solidarity by students of the College "The Miracle"
  • Agenda sports weekend 3 and 4 March 2012 (29/02/2012)

  • The Old Raft Square hosts the March 11 meeting of the association (29/02/2012)
    Through which provides a space in which they can sell, buy and trade items to self-financing
  • The mayor met with the Director of Public Works and Planning (29/02/2012)
    for further progress in processing to allow final approval of the General Plan Municipal Totana
  • Approving the collaboration agreement to develop the Classroom Occupational Prevention and Control Truancy (29/02/2012)

  • The club Totana hiker made a route from the Azohía to Cala Closed (28/02/2012)

  • Users of Psychosocial Support Services visit the Senior Residence "La Purisima" (28/02/2012)
    to see how the center
  • Students in Initial Vocational Training Program "Auxiliary Services" Esthetics do a fantasy makeup workshop (28/02/2012)

  • The regional television 7RM morning issued several reports on local trade Totana (28/02/2012)
    in order to promote the small local entrepreneur
  • The Local Government Board approves the assignment of sewerage infrastructure to service the water Paretón municipal (28/02/2012)

  • The Executive congratulates PP Chapter of processions and local governments and Murcia (28/02/2012)
    for their commitment and work on getting the title of regional tourist interest for our Easter
  • Manuel Luna and maquila crew present their new CD "For partying" on Friday in "Jail" (28/02/2012)
    "La Banda del Marzipan" act as guests
  • Third straight win of the Olympic (27/02/2012)
    Montecasillas won this time to a convincing 3-0.
  • Firefighters controlled the fire at a pallet factory in the industrial area "The Saladar" (27/02/2012)
    There have been no regrets injury
  • Result sports weekend 25 and 26 February 2012 (27/02/2012)

  • The Municipal School of Parents continues its program of educational talks tomorrow, Tuesday, 28 (27/02/2012)
    With one on "Teaching study: learning to learn"
  • Students of the Infant School and College "Guadalentín" of the Paretón-Cantareros were the protagonists of carnival fun (27/02/2012)
    toured the hamlet totanera
  • Users of Day Centres for elderly visited the parish of Santiago on the occasion of Ash Wednesday (27/02/2012)

  • ... (27/02/2012)

  • Good results for the CC Santa Eulalia in the Murcia Open MTB (27/02/2012)
    And on the provincial circuit of Albacete
  • Spain Championships youngest male teams (27/02/2012)
    With testing of equipment in the youngest category male began on Saturday 25 at the Palace of the Mediterranean Games in Almeria Spain Championships 2012
  • The Easter Totana received the title of Regional Tourist Interest (26/02/2012)
    Pedro Alberto Cruz emphasizes the singularity to be held in the town this cultural event, "which will become a major tourist attraction phenomenon"
  • The alcaldesay the Minister of Culture and Tourism make delivery of the title of Regional Tourist Interest in Easter Totana (26/02/2012)

  • The blood donation campaign II organized by the Illustrious Cabildo was a success (25/02/2012)

  • Alex Navarro supports Rare Disease (25/02/2012)
    The actor, who plays the lieutenant in the series "Red Eagle", will attend the gala dinner organized by the Association D'Genes
  • The Second City Totana Time Trial will take place on Sunday February 26 (24/02/2012)

  • The station Onda Regional de Murcia makes a special program on Friday at Totana (24/02/2012)
    on the occasion of awarding the title of Regional Tourist Interest Holy Week and to promote tourism in the city
  • The corporate give green light to the implementation of actions to attract tourists to the town in the hands of entrepreneurs in the sector (24/02/2012)

  • The House approved the start of the record of Favorite Daughter Maria Francisca Fernandez Ros "Ladybug" (24/02/2012)
    And give his name to a street in the city
  • Communiqué of the Infant School "Clara Campoamor" (23/02/2012)
    School Children "Clara Campoamor" NO participated in the Children's Carnival Parade held on Sunday February 19
  • The UJCE-Totana to the events of Valencia (23/02/2012)
    "For a decent education, quality public"
  • Presentation of the poster, magazine and the appointment of the Nazarene of Honor 2012 (23/02/2012)

  • He closes the course of social skills for employment developed by the group "The Candle" (23/02/2012)
    have participated fifteen people
  • The group Guadalentín Network of Collaborating Entities INFO support the revitalization of tourist routes and online promotion companies (23/02/2012)
    Integra Totana City Council
  • Totana participates in the "XI International Conference on Charities and Voluntary UCAM 2012" (22/02/2012)
    With the association "Salus Infirmorum" and "D'Genes" Totana
  • Agenda sports weekend 25 and 26 February 2012 (22/02/2012)

  • The morning plenary addresses initial approval the ordinance governing the procedure for implementing environmental qualification exempt activities (22/02/2012)

  • Evaluation of the judgment policy of Phase 1 of the "Case Totem" (21/02/2012)
    IU Totana "Valcarcel and PB must assume political responsibilities after the confession of the defendant, Morales, and the judgment of the Totem"
  • The PP of the Region of Murcia says the former mayor of Totana, convicted of bribery, "is not and will not be militant" (21/02/2012)

  • For the PSRM, the decision in "Totem" confirms that grave crimes against the interests of the citizens of Totana (21/02/2012)
    Joaquin Lopez, who understands that many citizens to consider the punishment insufficient, stresses that it has managed to stop a plot political corruption and who have succeeded the rule of law and democracy
  • ... (21/02/2012)

  • Adif initiates the assembly of conventional track on the new railway platform between Totana and Lorca (20/02/2012)
    The works are part of a comprehensive performance of 7.6 km, which includes a new section in the version by the
  • Athletes of the CAT were present at the San Valentin would 2012 and the Race Family Carnival Sunday 2012 (20/02/2012)

  • Good start to the season for Jose Sanchez (20/02/2012)
    Participated in the 4 th DH Godall (Tarragona) getting the victory in its category
  • I coexistence Totana Nazarene Youth (20/02/2012)
    will take place next Sunday, March 4
  • Hundreds of people participate in the children's carnival Totana 2012 (20/02/2012)

  • Result sports weekend 18 and 19 February 2012 (20/02/2012)

  • The mayor will launch a task force to develop strategies to revitalize the tourism sector of the municipality (20/02/2012)
    shall be composed of the socio
  • Fourteen clubs were made with Carnival Awards 2012 during the course of the festival (20/02/2012)
    took place at the fairgrounds
  • The junior team signed Rugby Club a great performance at the Second Cup School (20/02/2012)
    The CRU Cartagena taken back for the second time the championship.
  • 2 national meetings: Terrible February for PBTotana (20/02/2012)
    Peña Barcelonista Totana.
  • Important home Olympic victory of Muleño (19/02/2012)
    Won 0-2 to a direct rival making a very serious game that might end with rout but for the missed opportunities.
  • Juani Florist and has a colorful floral website (17/02/2012)
    Totana.com has created the web for the florist Juani, with its new tool "Superweb"
  • A total of nine schools and 16 clubs will participate in this year's Carnival parades are held Totana this weekend (17/02/2012)

  • The weather forecast for the state agency of meteorology for this weekend carnival in Totana expected low temperatures without precipitation (17/02/2012)
    guarantee parades celebrating the adult and child
  • They carry out work repainting road markings and maintenance in the Avenida Juan Carlos I (17/02/2012)
    From the roundabout on the Boulevard of the pears to the Red Cross building
  • More than thirty parents attended the talk of the school parents' internet safety for our children " (17/02/2012)

  • Users of Psychosocial Support Services visit the exhibition "II Expocarnaval" (16/02/2012)
    to the evolution of carnival in the city
  • Users of Day Centres for the Elderly Dependents celebrate Valentine's Day by reading poems (16/02/2012)

  • It has been extended until Feb. 29 the deadline for registration for the course of Leisure Monitor (16/02/2012)
    will be held from March to May on Fridays and Saturdays
  • To win the Olympic Ahader Murcia, who left to play (15/02/2012)
    The "B" lost at home to one of the colistas, Youth and fell into the "Juan Cayuela" against Calasparra.
  • Agenda sports weekend 18 and 19 February 2012 (15/02/2012)

  • It's open enrollment within the course "Assistant spas and beauty" of 350 hours and free, targeting the unemployed (15/02/2012)

  • The official ceremony of awarding the title of Regional Tourist Interest to Totana Easter takes place on Sunday February 26 (15/02/2012)

  • Successful participation in the joint route II for Rare Diseases (15/02/2012)
    took place on Sunday February 5
  • Students of the College of Early Childhood Education "La Milagrosa" visit the town hall (15/02/2012)
    to know the dependencies within an educational program of knowledge of the environment
  • The mayor congratulated the Uncle John Rita at home for his birthday one hundred (14/02/2012)
    And he gave the parchment attached to the neighboring residents Totana centenarians
  • National Senior third division - CFS Capuchin CADE-9-4 CD El Palmar (14/02/2012)
    CADE-Capuchin recovers overpowering his opponent credit
  • Are now on sale for the bullfight in aid of the AECC (14/02/2012)
    will take place in Murcia on 26 February
  • They resume the work of replacement of water supply systems and sanitation in Calle General Moscardo (14/02/2012)
    is paralyzed by problems with the former winning
  • XIV Half Marathon "City of Orihuela" (13/02/2012)
    Athletic Club athletes participated Totana
  • The herald of the 2012 Carnival carnival revives the ancient customs of the town during the pronunciation of his cry (13/02/2012)
    seven hundred people attended
  • "Equip" is the new blog theme Totana.com (13/02/2012)
    See the news published in the blogs Totana.com
  • The City Council grants the Ministry of Interior about dependencies in the Old Institute for the temporary transfer of the headquarters of the Guardia Civil (13/02/2012)
    while settlement construction continues after the earthquakes of May
  • The Second solidarity campaign promoted blood donation by the Illustrious Cabildo will take place on Friday 24 February (13/02/2012)

  • Investigation Board Training The Illustrious Cabildo a visit to the Day Centre "José Moya" (13/02/2012)

  • Uncle John Rita meets the 100 years surrounded by hundreds of friends (13/02/2012)

  • It is the new Bureau of Commerce (13/02/2012)
    with the aim to collect proposals to revive the business sector in the municipality of Totana
  • Results sports weekend 11 and 12 February 2012 (13/02/2012)

  • The Municipal School of Parents continues its program of educational talks tomorrow (13/02/2012)
    with a school safety for users in internet
  • 2 national meetings: opportunity lost in Bacons Bridge (12/02/2012)
    ATM The Warehouse 4 to 2 Barcelonista Peña Rotana
  • Pedro Martinez Gomez received from the President of the Republic, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the International Research Prize of the Academy of Sciences of Iran (11/02/2012)
    is a researcher at the CEBAS-CSIC and councilor in the City of Totana
  • Check the daily menu of "My Kitchen" on your new website (10/02/2012)
    Totana.com has created the new "Superweb" home takeaway, My Kitchen
  • The council will request the establishment of an Employment Workshop, with various professional specializations (10/02/2012)
    To continue the second phase of rehabilitation of the House of the Nuns
  • The councilors of Environment and Agriculture propose constitute a standing committee (10/02/2012)
    tracking actions to contain and eradicate red palm weevil in Totana
  • Pepi Hernandez star in the cry of Carnaval'2012 (09/02/2012)
    will be held next Sunday at 19:00 pm in the Performing Arts Hall-cinema Velasco
  • The Department of Sports organizes on Sunday, day 12, a new hiking trail along the coast of Cartagena (09/02/2012)

  • Psychosocial Support Services is launching a library in the Multipurpose Center for Disability Totana (09/02/2012)

  • Begin the course successfully support tasks in early childhood education (09/02/2012)
    It is organized by the Department of Social Services, Citizen Participation and Neighborhood Collective
  • On Friday, February 10, hosting a children's magic show (08/02/2012)
    is framed within the celebrations for the World Day of Rare Diseases
  • The II benefit race for Rare Diseases will be held on Saturday 25 February (08/02/2012)

  • Local Police and Guardia Civil arrested a man trying to rob a hotel establishment Lorca Avenue (08/02/2012)

  • Agenda sports weekend 11 and 12 February 2012 (08/02/2012)

  • The Executive congratulated the PP government team for its transparency and firmness in facing the serious problem of economic and financial situation of the municipality (08/02/2012)
    and the measures taken before the economic crisis
  • VII race mountain Sierra del Coto (08/02/2012)
    Magnificent role of Totana Athletics Club athletes in the Sierra Alicante
  • The City exposed to neighborhood associations and local associations of the audit results and measures of the viability plan (08/02/2012)
    While setting includes proposals for savings and initiatives of citizens
  • The mayor meets with Secretary of State Jaime García-Legaz, Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, to present a feasibility plan for municipal (08/02/2012)
    Y study alternative economic and financial performance for the future
  • Totana City will pay tribute next Saturday institutional "Uncle John Rita" to coincide with its centenary (07/02/2012)
    We will inaugurate a square bearing his name in the area Triptolemos
  • Press Release Works Committee and the Personnel Board of the City of Totana (07/02/2012)
    "The Municipal Corporation of the City People's Party of NO PAY Totana January payroll to their workers"
  • ... (07/02/2012)

  • Civil Protection and Fire removed a tin roof that started the wind storm in a house in the street Spain (07/02/2012)
    He forced to cut traffic on several streets of the Age High
  • The mayor and the president of the Irrigation Community come together to set common lines of work (07/02/2012)
    that allow the execution of infrastructure for rainwater harvesting for reuse in the field totanero
  • The city of Totana adheres to the "Testra" disciplinary procedures to notify traffic (07/02/2012)
    This will allow significant financial savings to the municipal coffers by not having to publish notices in the DORM
  • AMITES Totana organized the course "The Art of Communicating Well" (07/02/2012)
    will take place on 9, 10 and March 11
  • The Club Totana Walker made a route through the Sierra de Huetor (06/02/2012)

  • Large paper Totana Athletics Club Half Marathon I "Bay of Mazarron" (06/02/2012)

  • Results sports weekend 4 and 5 February 2012 (06/02/2012)

  • Opens the exhibition "expocarnaval II" which traces the evolution of images of the different rocks of carnival (06/02/2012)
    will remain until 19 February at the municipal exhibition "Gregorio Cebrián"
  • Workers Special Employment Center-CEDETO do a training course on basic mechanics for motorcycles (06/02/2012)
    with the need to expand your career counseling
  • The Local Development Centre launches the second edition of the course "Motivation through personal image (automaquillaje)" (06/02/2012)
    will start on February 21
  • New Citizen service in the parish of the Paretón-Cantareros (06/02/2012)
    As of this week will be offered on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 9:00 to 14:00, respectively
  • The Olympic hit the referee and lost 1-2 (06/02/2012)
    He played brilliant football and suffered an arbitration angered players and fans
  • The Illustrious Cabildo delegationships of Higher Processions continue to work (05/02/2012)
    for the preparation of the various acts performed on the occasion of the celebration of Lent
  • The gala dinner Valentine of the Brotherhood of Denial will take place on February 11 (05/02/2012)

  • The "Espuña IV Tour" will take place on March 31 (05/02/2012)
    is organized by the Walker Club Totana
  • ... (05/02/2012)

  • Intensifies the cooling time until next Tuesday will return a new wave (05/02/2012)
    after having had the first snow in Sierra Espuña and negative temperatures in some spots of Totana over the past two mornings
  • The Mayor of Totana proposes to begin the record of the City Favorite Daughter Mary Frances Ros Fernandez, known as "Ladybug" (04/02/2012)
    And give his name to a street in the city
  • The council held a reception institutional football coach, Vicente del Bosque, who signed the golden book of the city (03/02/2012)
    using their solidarity visit to support sick relatives and rare diseases
  • The activities organized to mark the 2012 Carnival continues this weekend (03/02/2012)
    With the opening of "Expo-carnival", a retrospective of the carnivals of Totana
  • Love, "The Viability Plan is the remedy to the disease that has the City of Totana, their economic situation" (02/02/2012)

  • The House approved the measures contained in the Feasibility Plan (02/02/2012)
    Includes shares should allow municipal utilities to maintain and meet the debt of 84.3 million
  • The Department of Health and Human Services perform pest control work of rodents in different neighborhoods and districts of the municipality (02/02/2012)

  • Luis Perez Rueda CEIP celebrated the Day of Peace (01/02/2012)

  • Cánovas Manoli's ballet works on Thursday at the dinner D `Genes (01/02/2012)
    The national team coach Vicente del Bosque is the image of the campaign this year of the partnership
  • Agenda sports weekend 4 and 5 February 2012 (01/02/2012)

  • The PGMO joint committee is already working on environmental adaptation of the technical and legal aspects of the new guidelines as modified by the House (01/02/2012)

  • Two bronze medals in the championships of Spain cycling track adapted (01/02/2012)
    is played in the Arena Velodrome Palma (Mallorca)
  • The city Parish Caritas gives James an existing hall near the center of local development (01/02/2012)
    intended for food and household storage for later delivery
  • About 40 schools participated in the second totaneros Regional Day School Sports Guidance (01/02/2012)
    Sources was held in the Marquis de Caravaca

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