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  • The Department of Sports has a "cool" activities program "Summer Sports 2010" for children, youth and adults (31/05/2010)
    will be developed in all the sports facilities during the months of July and August
  • The activities organized to mark the "World Environment Day" will take place on Friday, June 4 (31/05/2010)
    Under the slogan "Many species, one planet, one future"
  • The youth of the town last week participated in a Day of Self-Employment (31/05/2010)
    was conducted in a local cafe
  • The Food City project in the Mediterranean, that is leading the city of Totana, will be presented tomorrow at the regional level (31/05/2010)
    On the Socio-Economic and Strategic Forum, Totana 2010
  • The general budget for 2010 will be discussed at the extraordinary plenary session to be held tomorrow (31/05/2010)
    highlights "the investment effort of the government team with the reduction of staff costs and running the hall"
  • Last weekend, the association PADISITO closed the regional tournament bocce (31/05/2010)
    took place during the months of March, April and May
  • IU claim "abandonment, for weeks, the construction of the Rotunda on the Rambla de la Santa" (31/05/2010)
    describe as "nonsense and sloppy, house mark, orientation and number of walls that support the bridge in a watercourse which have generated floods disasters in the last century "
  • ... (30/05/2010)

  • The Encarna Bodyfitness competitor Mari participated last weekend in the Third Edition of the National Cup in Spain in bodybuilding and fitness (29/05/2010)
    Mari Oliver Encarna Rubio belongs to Club Deportivo Naturalfitness.es
  • Residents of Lebor hamlet this summer will have the first sports infrastructure (28/05/2010)

  • Summer Youth Program 2010 (28/05/2010)
    The application deadline for the Hall of Nature and the Summer Schools will open on Monday 31 May
  • Municipal stadium "Juan Cayuela" will host the Children's Soccer Tournament IX "City of Totana" (28/05/2010)
    will be held on 5 and 6 June, with participation of six teams in the region and the area of Levante
  • The House approved the transformation of local society MIFITO in the Special Employment Centre Totana (28/05/2010)
    With the approval of the pp and the non-iu + greens and psoe
  • The Popular Party regrets the missed opportunity for IU PSOE + Greens to join the final settlement of workers MIFITO " (28/05/2010)
    " After the full negative to unanimously endorse the establishment of a municipal saving money "
  • IU: "The City Council of Totana, with a debt exceeding 100 million euros, extending the template" (28/05/2010)
    "absorb 50 employees of a company that does not pay the bills"
  • More than 200 users of the Municipal Center Senior received local diplomas (28/05/2010)
    Having participated in various workshops offered throughout the year
  • ... (28/05/2010)

  • The city shows its rejection of the measures taken by the Government of the Nation involving cuts in benefits and social rights, among others (28/05/2010)
    With the votes in favor of PP and IU + The Greens and the votes against the PSOE
  • The House approved the project of the Center for Transportation and Parking Guadalentín (28/05/2010)
    On the Partial Plan Industrial Estate Phase IV "The Saladar"
  • City officials will visit the permanent exhibition and spot sale of representative samples of the traditional local crafts and pottery at the Santa (28/05/2010)
    Coinciding with the celebration of artisan market in this site
  • Totana Athletics Club was up in six events last weekend (28/05/2010)
    On the other hand, Sunday May 16 participated in the Carrera Popular de Orihuela - Costa
  • Family action comedy "The super kangaroo" will be screened during this weekend at the Cine Velasco (28/05/2010)

  • Inkeys part in the 2010 edition of festival "Sonorama" Arana de Duero (Burgos) (28/05/2010)
    share the stage with The Planets, Loquillo, Maga, Lori Meyers, Love of lesbian, Zenttric, Sidon, etc ...
  • Municipal authorities inaugurate the conference "Education & Employment" (27/05/2010)
    Set in the "Forum for socioeconomic development and strategic Totana 2010" and addressed to unemployed
  • "The new measures the Central Government and State income Reducers endanger the maintenance of municipal services" (27/05/2010)
    According to the spokesman of the government team, José Antonio Valverde Reina
  • The "MTB Marathon Totana City" will be held on June 6 in Parque Natural de Sierra Espuña (27/05/2010)
    is scoring for the Open of Mountain Biking in the Region of Murcia
  • Totana host the "Youth VI regional championship sports pigeons 2010", with a hundred registered (27/05/2010)
    will be held from May 30 to June 19 at the site of the local Breeches
  • The totanero José Sánchez Cánovas, champion of the 2 nd round of the championship of Spain master descent 40 (27/05/2010)

  • The infant and primary school "Tierno Galván" taught bilingual education in English (27/05/2010)
    From September of next school year 2010/11
  • Tomorrow, Friday May 28 hemodonation end the campaign carried out throughout the month in the town (27/05/2010)
    From 17:30 hours will be held at the Health Center Totana blood test
  • The plenary address for proposals a fortnight ago. (26/05/2010)
    Among which the project of the Center for Transportation and Parking Guadalentín the Partial Plan Industrial Estate Phase IV "The Saladar"
  • The Socialist Party denounced the "new illegalities and irregularities in the Mayor" (26/05/2010)
    Municipal Socialist Group is outraged by the "illegal call" the plenary session in May
  • Antonio Costa gets second place in Alicante and rises to second in the overall F1 (26/05/2010)

  • The cultural program of theater continues with the play "A Doll's House (26/05/2010)
    will be held on Friday 28 May at the Center Theater Sociocultural" Jail "at 21:30 pm
  • The young participants in the integration project are socio basic notions of drug prevention (26/05/2010)

  • The association Housewives "Three Hail Mary" organize a cultural trip to El Berro (26/05/2010)
    will be held on Friday 28 May
  • The Mifito Association announces the second edition of the photo contest "BARRIERS" (26/05/2010)

  • The PP of Totana is mourning the great loss of a member and former deputy mayor of Totana, José Manuel Molina (25/05/2010)
    Stream sympathy and condolences to his family, friends and activists
  • Totana Mayor declared two days of official mourning in the city (25/05/2010)
    On the passing of former councilor of the municipal corporation, José Manuel Molina González
  • The team "Eagles" team thrashed Layouts Javi "by 9-2, in the thirty-fifth day of the amateur football league" Play Fair " (25/05/2010)

  • The equipment of schools, "San Jose" and "Reina Sofía" participate in the regional final school atlestimso (25/05/2010)
    was held in the town of Alhama
  • Organize a workshop on "Psychosocial and family support" aimed at people interested in improving their social and emotional state (25/05/2010)
    It will start on 31 May
  • The Department of Women and Equal Opportunities has finished the realization of children's stories about gender equality (25/05/2010)
    Aimed at children in the schools of the local Municipal Children
  • The Social Welfare council meets with the Advisory Council of Vocational Centre "José Moya" (25/05/2010)
    to address relevant issues in order to improve the operation and services provided to the center
  • IU Totana Mayor accused of "having little respect for the institution" (25/05/2010)
    "to change the time of regular plenary at its whim, not to mention the Opposition Groups"
  • The Social Welfare council delivers diplomas to people who have been trained in the paint and literacy (24/05/2010)
    have been organized by "The Candle" in collaboration with the Department of Social Welfare and the IMAS
  • The Municipal People's Party introduced a motion for the Ayut promote actions to protect biodiversity (24/05/2010)
    framed in commemorating the International Year of Biodiversity 2010
  • ... (24/05/2010)

  • The Cemetery Vestry The Paretón-Cantareros in collaboration with the council published a book to mark the first anniversary of the cemetery (24/05/2010)
    We collected more significant moments of its history
  • The Department of Sports organized a day of volleyball fry (24/05/2010)
    It was attended by ten primary schools in the town
  • The Mayor of Totana Prado IES attends school theater shows in Caravaca (24/05/2010)

  • Begin training workshops for immigrant women (24/05/2010)
    are organized by the Federation of Women of the Murcia Region in collaboration with the departments of Women and Citizenship
  • Pre-registration for the 2010/11 academic year in the extension of the Official Language School in totana end this Friday (24/05/2010)

  • The SAP users and professionals visiting a mall in Lorca (24/05/2010)
    To increase their participation in leisure activities and leisure
  • This week has taken place in Pozo Estrecho the fifth round of cycling schools in the Region of Murcia (24/05/2010)
    The totanero José Ángel García Camacho has gone up to the podium in fifth place in Year 2 promises
  • Park Road Totana Education is among the finalists who choose to be awarded an honorary award nationally (24/05/2010)

  • Proinvitosa launches promotion of public housing (22/05/2010)
    have all the latest news to be sustainable architectural and between which there is a sheltered housing for disabled people
  • The city of Totana is committed to promoting the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems (21/05/2010)
    While reading the manifesto on the occasion of the celebration of International Biodiversity Day
  • City officials and employees of the City perform a wreath to his boss "Santa Rita" (21/05/2010)

  • The PP Totana ensures that "the socialist government has raised taxes three times already with lies" (21/05/2010)

  • Martínez Usero: "The Supreme Court revoked the recruitment of the writing team of PGOM" (21/05/2010)
    says the council that "the court has made clear that the PP committed an unlawful to hire the team that wrote the PGOM"
  • ... (21/05/2010)

  • Day Care Service performs a traditional altar May (21/05/2010)
    have participated in its elaboration of 20 users and professionals and volunteers, who attend daily that center
  • Kick-off training workshops in different Municipal Senior Centers of Place (21/05/2010)
    These are organized by "Social Welfare" under the cooperation of the Social Work CAM
  • Totana performs an information day for the business of the municipality (21/05/2010)
    The Information Day, under the name "Employing people with special difficulties.
  • Presentation of the album "Cats parachute" of mercenaries, in Latin (21/05/2010)
    totanera The band presents its new album, with a live show
  • The athlete Mari Oliver Bodyfitness Encarna Rubio Naturalfitness.es Sports Club competed in the 25 th edition of the National Open Memorial Francisco Yerro (20/05/2010)
    The athlete won an outstanding participation totanera
  • Pepa Guillermo Campra Aniorte and show support for those affected by rare diseases (20/05/2010)

  • The students of the institutes and the College of La Milagrosa participate in the second day of Socio-Economic and Strategic Forum Totana, 2010 (20/05/2010)

  • Izquierda Unida in Totana considered "fireworks and mafia tactics involved information about the differences in the PP" (20/05/2010)
    "to discredit critics Martínez Andreo"
  • Sánchez Méndez: "The inefficiency of the gully Zapatero management families economies totaneras" (20/05/2010)
    "and that all measures taken by his team involving more than 90 percent of the residents of the municipality"
  • The Department of Environment reminds citizens that they can purchase the reusable bag solidarity "LE SAC" (20/05/2010)
    is totally free, and it reduces the environmental impact
  • This weekend Totana Athletics Club will be present in Cazorla, Almansa and Formentera del Segura (20/05/2010)

  • Occupational Center "José Moya" welcomes the 1st mail art exhibition held in Totana who participated in the "mail artists" from 13 countries (20/05/2010)
    be able to visit until 28 May
  • Otálora: "The proposals of the PSOE in Parliament seeking a solution to economic problems and the debt reduction" (20/05/2010)

  • The Development of cooperation or partnership council welcomes the actions taken by the UNESCO Regional Centre in Paraguay (20/05/2010)
    Supported by the city of Totana
  • The deadline for participating in the first edition Business Award "The Saladar" ends tomorrow, Friday, May 21 (20/05/2010)
    It is organized by the Institution of conservation of the Industrial "El Saladar"
  • Tomorrow, Friday May 21 will be held in the Health Center to donate blood samples and work with the charitable work (20/05/2010)
    And on the 28th of this month
  • The water service has been suspended in most of the village (20/05/2010)
    On the occasion of the problems affecting the Commonwealth deposits Taibilla Channel
  • IU claims that "the city of Totana not pay Social Security officials and workers from the first of the year" (19/05/2010)
    "and the debt may exceed the figure of 1,000,000 euros in May"
  • Barca Atlètic and Luis Enrique support rare diseases (19/05/2010)

  • City officials attending the inauguration of the tenth edition of the Annual Forum of the Information Society Murcia "SICARM 2010" (19/05/2010)
    is held in the auditorium and congress center in murcia
  • They start a campaign of energy saving lighting throughout the town (19/05/2010)
    will save about 30 percent in energy bill
  • The Forum for Socioeconomic Development and Strategic Totana continues tomorrow (19/05/2010)
    With the conclusion of the conference "Information and guidance for schools to meet the new demands of the labor market"
  • City officials will present the draft five housing and guardianship for people with disabilities to be built in the street Colombia (19/05/2010)
    In an act that takes place at the local office of the Era Alta Thursday at 20:30 pm
  • The team of "The pachucos" remains a leader in the thirty-fourth amateur football league "Play Fair" (19/05/2010)
    Thanks to the victory won against the team Layouts Javi "
  • Press conference Holidays in Peace (18/05/2010)

  • The municipality becomes the discussion of business opportunities in the region of Guadalentín (18/05/2010)
    With the opening of the "Days to socioeconomic development and strategic Totana 2010"
  • Tax advisors and promoters put on the table the keys to young people to acquire their homes (18/05/2010)
    before the next increase in VAT
  • The Department of Social Welfare intends to "reject the cuts in social benefits and rights imposed by the central Government" (18/05/2010)

  • Press conference on Mifito Totana PSOE (18/05/2010)

  • The school's youngest team, "Reina Sofia" part in the conference quarterfinals of the multi-sport youngest in Abarán (18/05/2010)

  • About fifty people complete their training in paint and literacy (18/05/2010)
    Organized by "The Candle" in collaboration with the Department of Social Welfare and the IMAS
  • The Mayor and Councillor for Social Welfare are presented the diplomas of various workshops launched a project entitled "Labor" (17/05/2010)
    More than thirty people have been formed to facilitate insertion socio
  • Older people enjoy a wide range of activities on their traditional fiestas (17/05/2010)
    from to be held June 13 in the city park "Marcos Ortiz"
  • D'II genes in the days of educational services to students sick (17/05/2010)
    These meetings have taken place in the auditorium of the Hospital Virgen de la Arrixaca de Murcia
  • The PP calls Totana "hack" the measures imposed by Zapatero (17/05/2010)
    "will cause workers who are still paying the consequences of a crisis caused by them," according to Popular
  • Students of 1 and 2 of primary school particpate last weekend in a one-day multisport prebenjamin (17/05/2010)

  • Youth encourages people interested in buying a property before the VAT hike, to attend the round table (17/05/2010)
    will be held today at 20:00 hours in "jail" where experts will clear all doubts
  • Pre-registration for the 2010/2011 academic year in the extension of the Official Language School in Totana is open from Monday 17 (17/05/2010)
    As of Friday 28 May
  • More than 60 youngsters from the school "La Milagrosa" participate in the workshop on volunteering (17/05/2010)
    was given by the Department of Civic Participation in collaboration with groups in the city
  • On Tuesday, 18 opens the forum for economic development and strategic (17/05/2010)
    will be the scenario that will discuss business opportunities in the region of Guadalentín
  • ... (17/05/2010)

  • IU denounces "bungling of the Bureau of Procurement in the works of Plan E 2010" (17/05/2010)
    "So three times have changed companies awarded the contract for the provision of medium voltage network to the complex, with a budget of 188,968 euros "
  • JS Totana asked the institutions to take steps to transsexuality disappears from the catalog of mental disorders (17/05/2010)

  • Raceway hosted the fourth Pueba of cycling in the Region of Murcia (16/05/2010)
    The young driver of Totana, José Angel, just seven years has risen again in third place podium
  • Project of the Center for transportation and parking and installation of a gas pump " (14/05/2010)
    will be built in the industrial" The Saladar "
  • Totana organized the "Forum for Socio-Economic and Strategic Development, Totana 2010" (14/05/2010)
    It encompasses more than thirty conferences aimed at promoting entrepreneurship, training and employment
  • Participants of the "Project integration of immigrant children socio" made an educational visit (14/05/2010)
    The Museum of Science and Water Murcia city
  • Social Welfare provides training workshops have been organized under the cooperation of the Social Work CAM (14/05/2010)
    was carried out in different Municipal Senior Centers in the town
  • The Socialist Party says that "when the former mayor settled the General Plan in six months" (14/05/2010)
    The Municipal Socialist Party spokesman in the city of Totana believes "it is urgent resolution of the General Plan in the town"
  • The deadline for participation in the "Second Short Story Contest for Equality 2010 will end on Monday 17 May (14/05/2010)
    is organized by the Department of Women and is equipped with a total of 900 euros
  • The new portal of Tourism emerges as a window open to citizens and visitors (13/05/2010)
    To publicize and promote the virtues and benefits of city
  • Drama programming continues with the staging of the play "Cabaret's" fucking " (13/05/2010)
    It will run on Friday May 14 at 21:30 pm in the theater of Socio-Cultural Center" La Prison "
  • The Town Planning says, "The General Plan of Totana along with the Master Plan will ensure all municipal services and adequate infrastructure to population growth" (13/05/2010)
    Pallarés reports that "the General Plan has a clause that specifies that the document will be revised when the municipality double the current population "
  • City officials attending the official opening ceremony of the XXVI Mediterranean Agricultural Fair "Fame 2010" (13/05/2010)
    is held through Sunday at the Palace of Congresses and Exhibitions of IFEPA in Torre Pacheco
  • IU Totana support the demonstrations against government action, "which makes the weak pay what they have wasted the powers and responsibilities of the crisis" (13/05/2010)
    Cánovas held a press conference to review the political news of the week
  • Totana joins the commemoration of International Day of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue " (13/05/2010)
    With the reading of a manifesto which calls for the normalization of the disease through research and professional care
  • Totana Local Police and Immigration Group of the National Police, in cooperation with labor inspectors in the municipality stopped seven people (13/05/2010)
    They were in irregular situation in the country
  • Tomorrow, Friday May 14 will be held in the Health Center to donate blood samples and work with the charitable work (13/05/2010)
    Y 21 and 28 this month
  • Deadline for advance registration for the 2010/2011 academic year in the extension of the Official Language School in Totana (13/05/2010)
    will remain open from next Monday 17 May to 28 this month
  • The mayor calls on the environments of the victim and the offender to report cases of domestic violence (12/05/2010)
    Martínez Andreo was speaking at the rally held a sign of silent conviction for the fatal case reported in the Region Murcia
  • The municipality about local resources for immigrants with the launch of new service support "Totana closer" (12/05/2010)
    is conducted through lectures and tours
  • Press conference on the PSOE Totana PGOM (12/05/2010)

  • Final Europa League and Copa del Rey (12/05/2010)
    La Peña de Totana Atletico Madrid, during the final of the Europa League and the Copa del Rey, organizes about open days
  • A total of 24 students of the Vocational Centre "José Moya" make an exit to the town of Lorca (12/05/2010)
    He was framed in the program to diversify the activities of adults with disabilities
  • Students of Elementary and Secondary Education CEIB "Guadalentín" of the hamlet of El Paretón represent the play "The Postman of the King" (12/05/2010)
    was attended by about five hundred spectators
  • Television Murciana "issued a monograph on" Talk "to the resources industry and economic development forecast of the productive sectors of Totana (12/05/2010)
    will be tomorrow, Thursday 13 May, after twelve o'clock
  • The Municipal UI PP requires the Government to "solve the problem with General" (12/05/2010)
    "given the uncertainty of the 110 workers in the company and the paralysis of the Municipal Government"
  • The third phase of the sewerage network of El Paretón - Cantareros benefit and improve the drainage of more than 50 dwellings (11/05/2010)
    It has invested over 400,000 euros
  • The council has the schedule for developing the Municipal Accessibility Plan (11/05/2010)
    seeks greater personal autonomy of the disabled as well as a city with sustainable mobility, creating spaces for pedestrians priority
  • The first Totana Athletics Club's Half Marathon V "Villa de Sewer" (11/05/2010)

  • The Department of Sports, in collaboration with schools of Totana, organized a drawing contest (11/05/2010)
    For the Elementary and Secondary students who participated in this program during the 2009/10 academic year
  • The Department of Economic Development announces the "II competition for entrepreneurs Totana City 2010" (11/05/2010)
    The deadline for submission of projects will end on Friday 21 May
  • The PSOE criticizes "the signature campaign environment to pressure Valcárcel Andreo" (11/05/2010)
    The Socialists claim that "began collecting signatures last week by the stalwarts of the mayor, is a clear pulse for which Valcárcel allow repeat "
  • La Jornada MultiSport Benjamin was attended by ten primary schools in the town (11/05/2010)
    It was organized by the Department of Sports
  • The athlete Bodyfitness Encarna Rubio de Totana Mari Oliver becomes part of the team NATURALFITNESS.ES (10/05/2010)

  • The mayor reports that "thanks to the efforts of the City Council, the Autonomous Region will forward the grant to receive the special employment center MIFITO" (10/05/2010)
    "What will improve the economic situation of the association"
  • IU considered "ridiculous" that "the Mayor convene a special press conference to announce that pays back wages to MIFITO" (10/05/2010)

  • City officials attending the closing Deportivo Futsal Championship (10/05/2010)
    Organized by the Association of Integration and Service to the Immigrant Community of Murcia (ADIPSAI)
  • The Department of Social Welfare is promoting the creation of a Municipal Service Family Mediation in the town (10/05/2010)
    To expedite the resolution of conflicts
  • "The Candle" finishes the training course "child care assistant" (10/05/2010)

  • Genes and FEDER D'Murcia outlet solidarity visit SOS Children's Aid (10/05/2010)

  • The town's schools end stage School Sports intermunicipal successful sports (10/05/2010)

  • A story telling about the children in infant schools the principle of equality between men and women (10/05/2010)
    It was organized by the Department of Women and Equal Opportunities
  • The thirty-second day of the Amateur Football League "Play Fair" stands for the important victory won by "The pachucos" (10/05/2010)

  • Autonomous Individual Championship (10/05/2010)
    was held this weekend in Mazarrón individual regional championship table tennis all categories
  • An environmental project will prevent forest fires and increase the diversity of flora and fauna at the site of the Shrine of the Holy (09/05/2010)
    is worth over 200,000 euros
  • The youth of the town Paretón and interested in the eight homes that Proinvitosa duplex built in the village (08/05/2010)
    In an open day has benefited from the presence of municipal authorities
  • The sports "December 6" will become a high-performance complex (07/05/2010)
    With the installation of natural turf and the covering of the sports
  • Juan Carlos Navarro, Ricky Rubio support people with rare diseases (07/05/2010)
    These big players will help give greater visibility to rare diseases
  • The council asked the Institute for Housing and Land development and investment activities (07/05/2010)
    for construction, maintenance and remodeling of public advocacy in the area
  • The film "Nanny McPhee and the big bang" and "Remember. Live in the moment" will be screened this weekend (07/05/2010)
    At the Movies Velasco
  • Proinvitosa invites the youth of El Paretón and the town to know the eight duplex houses the municipal corporation has built in the village, in open day (07/05/2010)
    will be held tomorrow, Saturday, June 8 from 12 : 00 hours
  • Organize training workshops for immigrant women (07/05/2010)
    will start on 20 May
  • The Agricultural and Livestock Advisory Council agreed to rearrange the Country Fair (06/05/2010)
    first was held in the town last September and had a great success of participation
  • The new sewage works of the Holy completed next week (06/05/2010)
    Multiply by 10 the capacity of existing equipment and allow the use of treated water for irrigation of landscaped areas
  • Proinvitosa awards four modular industrial buildings between 200 and 450 m2 (06/05/2010)
    Built on a plot of the fourth phase of the Industrial "El Saladar"
  • The change of location CAVI (06/05/2010)
    currently serves on the building of the former courts, located on the street Sister Josefa Perez
  • IU says that "since the announcement of Valcárcel, Martínez Andreo is dedicated to making" bowling "in the media, telling his life gossip column" (06/05/2010)
    "The City Council has no budget Totana, the general left on 19 May remain unpaid workers MIFITO and the situation becomes very black for the city "
  • Totana Athletic Club, one of the most active throughout the Region (06/05/2010)

  • Morning Friday, May 7 will be held in the Health Center to donate blood samples and work with the charitable work (06/05/2010)
    Y 14, 21 and 28 this month
  • Tomorrow's Friday closing Awareness Week organized by FAMDIF Disability in the Mall Thader (06/05/2010)
    With the participation of the association MIFITO
  • Start the forest monitoring Espuña to fight forest fires during the summer months (05/05/2010)
    It is part of the plan INFOMUR 2010
  • The Mayor of Totana and the Minister of Social Policy, Women and Immigration signed a cooperation agreement amounting to 175,245 euros (05/05/2010)
    With regard to social assistance and promotion and integration of the disabled
  • The students of the Escuela Municipal de Totana rhythmic gymnastics and Paretón got gold, silver and bronze (05/05/2010)
    In the Interschools Competition held in Pulpí
  • The Department of Economic Development organizes the first edition of the lifetime achievement award from the family business " (05/05/2010)
    The deadline for applications is May 21
  • Volunteers Civil Protection and Emergency Health Services of Totana given a talk to the users of the association of "Amas de Casa Three Hail Marys" (05/05/2010)
    To teach the basics of first aid
  • The College Queen Sofia visits the Club de Tenis Totana (05/05/2010)
    In a scheduled activity within the school day organized by the Tennis club
  • The "XV Route Mototurística Against Drugs" will go through Totana, where there will be a motoalmuerzo in La Plaza de la Constitution (04/05/2010)
    will be held on June 6 and will go from Murcia to Eagles
  • The council together with AEMC promotes a campaign to encourage the purchase of the property before approving the increase in VAT (04/05/2010)

  • The Councillor for Education attended the presentation of the training at the University of Mar (04/05/2010)
    50 courses offer a total of 20 municipalities in Murcia, Ibiza and Alicante, to be held between May and September
  • A total of 15 students participating in the course of the first basketball coach at (04/05/2010)
    is organized by the Basketball Federation of the Region of Murcia, in collaboration with the Basketball Club of Totana and the Department of Sports
  • The voluntary payment period imposed on motor vehicles in 2010 will end tomorrow, Wednesday, May 5 (04/05/2010)

  • A score of pupils from the "Reina Sofia", "San Jose" and "Santa Eulalia" participate in the regional semifinal Athletics (04/05/2010)
    It was organized by the Athletics Federation of Murcia
  • Organize the III art contest for equal Totana 2010 'in the methods of painting and sculpture (04/05/2010)
    is equipped with a total of $ 1,000 in prizes
  • 42 people complete their training in paint and literacy (04/05/2010)
    training workshops has been developed under the project "Gelem-Gelem: Community interventions in social housing Totana"
  • Proinvitosa organizes an open day (04/05/2010)
    To submit to the residents of El Paretón-Cantareros Totana and the promotion of 8 duplex dwellings Avispaos street of the hamlet, to be held this Saturday 8th May
  • The PP Totana reminds PSRM-PSOE spokesman that "nobody knows him better than the meeting in which 150,000 euros was made by the Socialist Party" (03/05/2010)
    "because it is contained in the reports of the UCO"
  • Pedro Andreo Muñoz is elected unanimously, the new chairman of New Generations of Totana (03/05/2010)

  • Development and Employment Service reports on "Take to export" and "Exportaweb Program", launched from the INFO (03/05/2010)
    They provide the necessary keys to companies wishing to boost their image and promote itself abroad
  • Users of the project "Integration of children and youth rehabilitative" visit the tower of the Church of Santiago (03/05/2010)
    And the local police units
  • Users of the Municipal Center Senior Cantareros The Paretón-Field made a visit to La Bastida Argárica (03/05/2010)
    Set in the "program of activities for the 2 nd semester of spring 2010"
  • The Socialist Party believes that "the statements repudiating Andreo Valcárcel tardy and inadequate" (03/05/2010)

  • IU: "With the announcement of Valcárcel, which disregards Martínez Andreo, IU urges political groups and groups to turn the page" (03/05/2010)
    "and resume dialogue, joining forces to push through Totana"
  • The deadline for participation in the "Second Short Story Contest for Equality 2010" will remain open until May 15 (03/05/2010)
    It is equipped with a total of 900 euros
  • Victoria 4-2 in the CADE Totana in the last league game (03/05/2010)
    Victoria 4-2 in the CADE Totana to the Best House in Calasparra in the last league match which was played last Friday at the Pavilion on 30 Ibáñez Manolo
  • The young totanero José Ángel García Camacho takes the podium in second place (03/05/2010)
    On Saturday, May 1 was held in Los Dolores (Cartagena) the third meeting of schools of cycling in the Region of Murcia
  • From Monday May 3 will not be making any kind of fire barbecues and recreational areas in the Natural Park of Sierra Espuña (03/05/2010)
    not use gas for cooking camping in the bush
  • IU Totana activists, along with representatives of workers, attended the demonstration on 1 May in Murcia (01/05/2010)


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