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  • Totana joins the commemoration of World Day for Rare Diseases "on reading the manifesto (27/02/2010)
    of which have involved members of the association" D'Genes "
  • Cayuela Trini: "The savings measures implemented by the City Council have reduced € 2 million of current expenditure in 2009" (26/02/2010)

  • The people of El Alto Raiguero enjoy the 40 new boxes installed in the village (26/02/2010)
    post will enable the more effective sharing this deputation totanera
  • The criminal investigation unit of the local police arrested an individual Totana of Bolivian nationality (26/02/2010)
    He was in search and seizure
  • Talk-talk "Learning to Be Nazarenes" (26/02/2010)
    It was organized by the Investigation Board of Education and Coexistence of Illustrious Cabildo Processions Senior Totana
  • New Councillor for Employment Promotion and check the status of the works of the Workshop School Casa de Las Monjas I (26/02/2010)
    In whose rehabilitation are working on a total of 32 students
  • More than 200 schools participating in the Orientation Day School Sport (26/02/2010)
    took place in La Santa, organized by the Department of dDportes Club Totana and Guidance
  • The Councillor for Citizen Participation Meets with Residents Association San Jose neighborhood (26/02/2010)
    To meet the new board members
  • The Socialists criticized the absence of Councilman Personal Roque Molina of negotiations with the unions (26/02/2010)

  • The fantasy film "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief" will be screened this weekend at the Cine Velasco (26/02/2010)

  • Today, Friday 26 February, held at the Health Center to donate blood samples and work with the charitable work (26/02/2010)

  • The education of Totana played the second day of inter-phase School Sports in Puerto Lumbreras and Alhama (26/02/2010)

  • IU qualifies the February plenary session as "bland" (25/02/2010)
    "with a mayor on the defensive that he is releasing only a smoke screen to hide the real problems of Totana"
  • The Socialist Party held a press conference to make an assessment of regular plenary February 2010 (25/02/2010)

  • The council will name a street after Santos Montiel (25/02/2010)
    In recognition of his contribution to popular music traditions totaneras
  • The House approved the start of the record of a Cultural (BIC) of the monuments of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Via Crucis de Totana (25/02/2010)
    With the votes in favor of PP and PSOE and the non-IU + Greens
  • The events commemorating the International Day of Women "begins tomorrow (25/02/2010)
    With the screening of the documentary" People of the Lebor women "in a ceremony that will attend the director of the Institute for Women
  • IX international conference of charity and volunteerism UCAM 2010 (25/02/2010)
    The councilman of Social Welfare at the opening of the stand with the association "Salus Infirmorum" Totana involved
  • The Socialists demand the immediate resignation of the Councillor for Youth (25/02/2010)

  • ERDF and D'Genes present at the IX International Fair Volunteer (24/02/2010)

  • Berto Romero in Totana, March 27 at the Cinema Velasco (24/02/2010)
    The well-known comedian, co-host of Buenafuente of laSexta, Totana reaches its hit show "The Apotheosis of Venice"
  • The Municipal People's Government will require the Nation to establish a single pricing in the price of water for all Spanish (24/02/2010)
    "And do not harm murcia as they are doing"
  • New Generations calls the impending advance of general elections for the "dignity" and "disastrous management team Zapatero (24/02/2010)

  • Five totaneras be honored on March 8, the day of the working woman (24/02/2010)
    by its implication in the town society and his personal and professional
  • Municipal Socialist Group Proposals submitted to the commission convened by the mayor (24/02/2010)
    To consider measures to adopt in relation to Chapter I of the budget staff
  • She totanera Maria Jose Martinez participates in an international gymnastics championship (24/02/2010)
    is held on 5, 6 and 7 March in Washington
  • The plenary requested to urge the Post Office leading to more staff the new office in Totana with the creation of one new customer service (24/02/2010)

  • Five Totana Athletic Club athletes participated in the 30th edition of the Marathon of Valencia (24/02/2010)

  • UI Totana requests that the Autonomous Region to audit the municipal accounts (24/02/2010)
    "And saving measures in current expenditure, without compromising the salaries of municipal workers"
  • The council will begin on Thursday, the procedures for the monument of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Cross of Totana is declared of Cultural Interest (BIC) (23/02/2010)
    For the Department of Fine Arts and Cultural Heritage of the Autonomous Community Murcia
  • The Department of Environment acquired more than 2,200 "tribolsas" bags, waste separation for recycling (23/02/2010)
    will be distributed from tomorrow at the weekly market and Paretón
  • "Totana Origin. Quality livestock farming is the new corporate image of agricultural products and livestock in the municipality (23/02/2010)
    through which promote and differentiate beyond regional borders
  • New Generation will celebrate its local Congress in April to renew its Board of Directors (23/02/2010)
    The councilman of Youth, Josefa María Sánchez Méndez, not for re-election
  • The Department of Sport and Paddle Club Totana this weekend organized a course for beginners paddle (23/02/2010)

  • The council convenes a meeting on March 4 to disclose significant financial contributions for the preservation and enhancement of rural heritage in the districts (23/02/2010)
    One of the grants is aimed at improving rural patrician
  • The Brotherhood of Jesus on Calvary and Holy Communion will develop several activities this weekend (22/02/2010)
    On Friday, 26 Via Cruis will take place on Calvary, and Saturday a dinner gala
  • "Chendo" and Real Madrid CF players show support for D'Genes and ERDF (22/02/2010)

  • The students of the "Guadalentín" of the Paretón-Cantareros were the stars of the hilarious parade of Carnival (22/02/2010)
    toured the hamlet totanera
  • The aldermen of the Citizenship Pedanías and lay the foundation along with the village headman (22/02/2010)
    from the action lines in the districts for 2010
  • Group Students School carpentry workshop "Casa de las Monjas I" make a day of living in the hamlet of Alto Raiguero (22/02/2010)

  • Education reports that opens today is the deadline for certifying examinations of the Official Language School (22/02/2010)
    For those who want to master a language and officially certify
  • Press of the Municipal Group Socialist mayor of manifestations of union representatives and municipal workers (22/02/2010)

  • PADISITO last week held its Annual General Meeting (22/02/2010)
    different measures were adopted in order to continue offering its customers the same quality services that have so far been paid
  • Chrono-escalation Great Pedro Antonio and Juan in La Union (22/02/2010)
    On the other hand, Pedro Antonio with the best in the last stage of Lorca
  • CADE Totana 3-4 Defeat at home to the leader CJ Lower (22/02/2010)
    In an exciting and equalized the match played on Saturday at the Pavilion Manolo Ibáñez de Totana
  • The Mayor will propose to the plenary the beginning of the record of a Cultural (BIC) of the monuments of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Via Crucis de Totana (21/02/2010)
    It intends to adopt an institutional statement on joint defense and protection of cultural heritage
  • Decision of the Jury for the awards D'Genes 2010 (21/02/2010)
    The awards are presented at the gala dinner of the "World Day for Rare Diseases to be held on Saturday February 27
  • IU states that "Martínez Andreo lied to municipal workers" (20/02/2010)
    assert that "has failed to pay Social Security tax to meet the February payroll"
  • The PP requires the PSOE de Totana to "publicly and unconditionally support the project's location in our town Ciamar seamless" (19/02/2010)
    "and is left vague speeches and destructive"
  • The municipal government is a work table, comprising trade unions and the three political groups (19/02/2010)
    "to propose specific measures to prevent liquidity problems in the chapter on personal"
  • The council reorganizes the conditions of a total of ten associations and municipal services that had been paying in rent local (19/02/2010)
    "in order to optimize resources and save more than 30,000 euros per month"
  • Users and Service Professionals Day Care for Alzheimer's (SEDA) celebrate Carnival with a costume party (19/02/2010)

  • The construction of the Works and Services Plan 2009 are being carried out mostly by local businesses (19/02/2010)
    to be completed by September in full
  • Programming movies for this weekend in Totana (19/02/2010)
    "Where the Wild Things Are" and "Sherlock Holmes" will be screened this weekend at the Cine Velasco
  • The Socialists require Andreo clarify "what management has been given to the Food City" (19/02/2010)

  • Starts School Sports intermunicipal phase in the categories of children, youth and cadet (19/02/2010)
    With the participation of seven teams from various schools in Totana
  • A total of six schools in Totana participate in the regional chess second day of school sport in the open category (19/02/2010)
    Pedro Romero Moya, the school "La Milagrosa", took first place
  • The renovation of the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja and the new library, included in Plan E projects will be completed for the month of March (18/02/2010)
    Of the 21 projects under the Plan E, 16 have been completed and the remaining 5 will end in the near future
  • The Socialists deplore the "chaotic situation of public health in Totana" (18/02/2010)
    "The PP shows his inability to manage and organizational paralysis with healthcare services increasingly precarious"
  • IU says that "the city of Totana has serious problems to pay the payroll of February" (18/02/2010)
    "The possibility of resorting to more loans are exhausted, while Martínez Andreo municipal coffers has led to a dead end"
  • The PP PSOE blamed Totana Totana and Lorca to block the location of the proposed Mediterranean Food City in the Region of Guadalentín (18/02/2010)
    And he lamented that "partisan objectives have primacy of political and electoral interests of the country general "
  • The events of Holy Week began with the presentation of the poster, magazine and the appointment of the Nazarene of Honor 2010 (18/02/2010)
    A Juan Martínez Fernández "El Enterraor"
  • Athletics Club athletes participated in the XII Totana Half Marathon City of Orihuela " (18/02/2010)

  • "The Muse" and "Don Carnal" along with twenty Peñas de Carnaval Filled with light, color and rhythm Totana streets with a parade of adults (18/02/2010)
    will be held on Saturday February 20 at 16:00
  • Totana Mayor invites citizens to act distinction of "Adopted Son of Totana" "Uncle John Rita" (18/02/2010)
    will be developed on Friday February 19 in the Socio-Cultural Center "La Carcel" at eight-thirty Later
  • The totanera Sandra Lombardo, the school "Tierno Galván", proclaims the regional final runner field through School Sport (18/02/2010)
    women in the youngest category
  • The Senior Center City of Old Town Square Balsa organizes a program that includes more than a dozen trips and outings (18/02/2010)
    will be held until December
  • The national and regional representatives, Alberto Fernández-Garre and Belen Delgado, join forces in Totana (18/02/2010)
    To say "no" to the status Castilian manchego if it harms the interests of Murcia
  • The PSOE Executive Committee states that "not frightened by the attacks and insults of the accused" (18/02/2010)

  • IU complaint that "the local council to remove the dozens of citizen groups that have been ordered to evacuate before the February 28" (18/02/2010)

  • The school mediation project "I-media" launches social competence workshops and potentiation of recess (18/02/2010)
    At school "San Jose" de Totana
  • The councilman of Social Welfare and the board of the municipal center for the elderly have the "Program and Occupational Training activities" (17/02/2010)
    Organized for 2010
  • The "I Open Regional Fisheries Solidarity, the benefit of Manos Unidas, will be held on Saturday 27 February at the Puerto de Mazarrón (17/02/2010)
    is organized by the Club de Pesca de Totana in collaboration with the Department of Sports
  • The PSOE will take legal action against Joaquin Carmona, accused in the case Totem (17/02/2010)
    Attorney General and Public Freedoms PSRM, Joaquin Lopez, said that the Socialists will not tolerate threats or coercion of any "alleged corrupt"
  • The Center for Child Development and Early Totana serves a total of 110 children aged 0 to 6 years and their families (17/02/2010)
    In 2009
  • The Socialist Party expressed its "utmost respect for the judicial proceedings" (17/02/2010)
    "After the new complaint became known yesterday by Mayor of Totana and the Municipal People's spokesperson, the Socialists rejected the insults and tantrums of PP remains take responsibility '
  • The deadline for participation in the "IV children's drawing contest 2010" permenecerá open until March 2 (17/02/2010)
    is aimed at students from 5th and 6th grade, in order to disseminate the values of equality between women and men
  • More than a hundred pieces make up the craft shows that have made users of psychological support (16/02/2010)
    Along with local artisans
  • The PP Totana states that "the appearance of the mayor and popular spokesman in court is meant to revive the media soap opera" (16/02/2010)
    "And the political absurdity generated in this county by Martínez Baños and the local PSOE after the" Operation Totem "
  • The Carnival parade scheduled for this afternoon in El Paretón is transferred to next Friday February 19 (16/02/2010)
    by adverse weather conditions
  • The new SEF Totana office will be opened by the Mayor of Totana and the Minister of Education, Development and Employment, among other authorities, tomorrow, Wednesday (16/02/2010)
    street is located in Calasparra
  • The deadline for parents to apply for school admission for their children in schools permencerá open until 26 February (16/02/2010)

  • Work begins on the street lasts General Páramo (16/02/2010)
    will be remodeled to remedy existing deficiencies and to guarantee the safety of pedestrians and to remove architectural barriers
  • A total of 26 walkers participating in the hiking day for the month of February, which ran for Mula (16/02/2010)
    It was organized by the Department of Sports
  • The Socialists denounced the school community upset over statements by Councilman City Services (16/02/2010)

  • La Peña de Totana Atletico Madrid organized a trip to attend the meeting Almeria CF - Atlético de Madrid CF (16/02/2010)

  • IU: "The absence of the Presidential Adviser on the opening of the local police headquarters, attests Martínez Andreo insulation to the Regional Government" (15/02/2010)
    "Get to a charge of third row, to inaugurate a building that could rescheduled to be present the Minister "
  • Afternoon of Bulls on Sunday in aid of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (15/02/2010)

  • From Wednesday February 17 location changes will be made largely on the weekly market (15/02/2010)
    By reason of the improvement works on the promenade of Avenida de La Rambla de La Santa
  • The water cut scheduled to take place Monday morning, Tuesday, Feb. 16 (15/02/2010)
    Affects the area of the street Juan XXIII, San Antonio and Avenida Juan Carlos I
  • Totana welcomes the inauguration of the "I days for intercultural dialogue and solidarity", organized by the University of Seville (15/02/2010)
    They aim to create spaces of encounter between the indigenous and immigrant
  • A total of 11 schools in Totana participate in the second round regional chess fry School Sport (15/02/2010)
    Organized by the Directorate General of Sports in the Region of Murcia
  • They start school booster sessions (15/02/2010)
    With users of the project "Integration of children and youth rehabilitative or at risk of social exclusion"
  • The Department of Sports organized a day of basketball prebenjamín School Sport (15/02/2010)
    counted with the participation of youth in all schools in Totana
  • ... (15/02/2010)

  • The Socialists are pleased that Zapatero porrogue aid of 426 euros for another 6 months unemployed (15/02/2010)
    "This measure is a tremendous effort given the economic crisis, but also a sign of great social sensitivity, be approved tomorrow and will benefit 500,000 people "
  • The registration period for courses of the new season of activities of the "People's University" will be open from today (15/02/2010)
    As of Thursday 18 February
  • Cotillas Towers close his "Poetic Links" with García Lorca (13/02/2010)
    The literary group "Seed Fund" of Totana staged some of the most popular poetic passages Granada writer
  • Was postponed Carnival parade scheduled for this afternoon, weather conditions (13/02/2010)
    will take place on Saturday February 20 at 16:30 pm
  • On Monday 15 February will be a water cut in the street Juan XXIII, San Antonio and Avenida Juan Carlos I (12/02/2010)

  • The council brings together Housing Jail neighbors to agree on the implementation of the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Area Ceramics and the area of the jail (12/02/2010)
    can obtain grants of up to 50 percent for the rehabilitation of housing
  • The Mardi Gras parades will open the activities of the "cultural programming, which includes various theater activities, ceremonies, exhibitions, and poetry (12/02/2010)
    will be held this weekend
  • Effective Fire-Totana Alhama, in the presence of Civil Protection, Civil Guard and local police, suffocate in less than an hour a fire (12/02/2010)
    It happened in the way of the siphons
  • The PP celebrated on Monday night an information event on budgets and the Status of Castilla-La Mancha (12/02/2010)
    With the presence of MP and Senator Alberto Garre Belén Fernández-Delgado
  • The city of Totana encourage people to use the taxi (12/02/2010)
    order to show support for the productive sector
  • A total of 13 schools in Totana participate in the regional final field through School Sport, held in Cartagena (12/02/2010)

  • Totana Socialists denounced "the manipulation of information service of the mayoral propaganda" (12/02/2010)
    Socialist spokesman in the council states that "the press release issued yesterday by the municipal propaganda deliberately lies"
  • The romantic comedy "It's not easy" will be screened this weekend at the Cine Velasco (12/02/2010)

  • The PP says that "the PSOE totanero Otálora and have demonstrated their political and institutional disloyalty incongruent with the interests of the people of Totana" (11/02/2010)
    "with his stance against supporting the project of the Food City" CIAM "
  • For IU, "the Mayor and the Popular Party in Totana, exposed only vague ideas of Food City Project" (11/02/2010)
    "generating a debate with no real consistency to circumvent the problems of the City"
  • Usero Martinez says, "Valverde and Pagan went on holiday to Berlin" (11/02/2010)
    Socialist councilor city project valued food
  • First study of rare diseases needs socio (11/02/2010)

  • British Volunteers support the learning of English in Totana (11/02/2010)

  • The mayor presented a motion to the plenary session to be granted special honors to the entity "commercial and agricultural Circle" of Totana (11/02/2010)
    public recognition for his career and contribution to the social life of the city
  • Youth keep psychosexual counseling, offering a referral service and personal attention to the youth of the town (11/02/2010)
    Attends an annual average of more than 600 young people
  • The newly created sports website registers an average of more than 3,000 monthly visits during its first two months of existence (11/02/2010)
    The most visited section is the "Amateur Football League"
  • The Carnival of Love in pub Latino (10/02/2010)
    Carnival Night and Valentine's Day this weekend
  • The racing team Mountain Athletic Club debuted as a club Totana Land (10/02/2010)
    In the first round of the Cup Races mountain Valencian federation, which was developed in the Sierra de Crevillente
  • The Socio-Cultural Center Theatre "The Prison" became part of the Pro Circuit for Performing Arts and Music in the Region of Murcia (10/02/2010)
    Promote cultural offerings for senior citizens
  • Full institutional support project of the Mediterranean Food City (10/02/2010)
    formal request to the Autonomous Community for its future location is in Totana
  • D'Genes presents the pilgrimage of Rare Diseases at Caravaca (10/02/2010)
    The registration period is open until February 26
  • Important victory of "the Tenth Peña Madridista" against "Zagal" (10/02/2010)
    In the eighteenth round of the Amateur Football League "Play Fair"
  • Socialist Youth call for the resignation of the Councillor for Youth (10/02/2010)
    "The lack of policy initiatives and zero weight of the Councillor in his administration that has resulted from that Maria Josefa Sanchez Councillor, youth policies have been at least to disappear "
  • The totanero José Luis Sánchez Cánovas, champion in the 2 nd Sierra Godall decrease in Tarragona (09/02/2010)

  • German and Spanish businessmen met at the Berlin International Fair strengths Mediterranean Food City (09/02/2010)

  • ... (09/02/2010)

  • "The Muse" and "Don Carnal" along with the two dozen carnival rocks impregnated with light, color and rhythm Totana the streets of the parade (09/02/2010)
    will take place this Saturday night
  • Chess Team Champion Totana proclaims Regional Fed Cup (09/02/2010)

  • ... (09/02/2010)

  • Social Welfare incorporates the activities of the project "Integration of children and youth rehabilitative or at risk of social exclusion" (09/02/2010)
    Ranging in age from 12 to 16 years
  • The professional users and Psychosocial Support Services Hall made a scheduled departure by train to Lorca (09/02/2010)
    Visit the new Mental Health Center and Casino
  • Martínez Usero: "The Government of Spain spends more than € 250,000 in the settlement of transfer in Totana" (09/02/2010)
    For the councilman "This investment shows that the Zapatero government is firmly committed to maintaining the Diversion"
  • Kick-off "Sports Days to Implement" in the course of "initiation of badminton" held with the participation of a dozen people (09/02/2010)
    are organized by the Department of Sports and Sports Clubs
  • Deadline for parents to apply for school admission for their children in schools (08/02/2010)
    Permencerá open from Monday 8 February until 26 February
  • The president of Totana NNGG states that "young people have lost any confidence in Zapatero" (08/02/2010)
    Y calls for "urgent call to change the future elections looming"
  • The mayor invited the public to act distinction of "Adopted Son of Totana" "Uncle John Rita" (08/02/2010)
    will be developed on 19 February at the cultural center "Jail"
  • The Department of Sports organized a day of basketball games youngest school framed in the School Sports Programme (08/02/2010)

  • The Councillor for Education recommends the PSOE that "before making accusations get to work and know the true situation of the problems" (08/02/2010)
    Trini Cayuela said that "the council has bought a new boiler for the school Deitania to be made final This week "
  • Cajamurcia president, Carlos Egea Krauel, Totana wore the booth at the International Fair "Fruit Logistica" in Berlin (08/02/2010)
    To learn more about the project of the City of Mediterranean Food (CIAM)
  • More than 120 students from different schools in the town participated in the Sport Athletics Day School (08/02/2010)
    qualifying for championship sports promotion in the Region
  • The deadline to register for the Sierra Nevada trip will remain open until Wednesday February 10 (08/02/2010)
    It is framed in the Adventure Program to the Department of Sports for skiing and snowboarding
  • The PSOE complained that "the School District has been nearly four weeks without heating" (08/02/2010)
    For socialists "the incompetence of the Councillor for Education and economic ruin Hall is leading to the CEIP Deitania children, are almost a month no heating in winter "
  • ... (08/02/2010)

  • The council asked the ONCE that the agency take a coupon that illustrates Easter Totana (07/02/2010)
    With the aim of promoting this event nationwide
  • PSOE: "The Executive Committee of the PSOE support, seamless, and appreciates the work done by its Secretary General and his Councillors' (05/02/2010)

  • President of the Autonomous Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, and the directors of Company, Economics and Agriculture totanero visit exhibitors at the International Fair "Fruit Logistica" (05/02/2010)
    Where is releasing the draft of the Mediterranean Food City ( CIAM)
  • The Local Government Board has approved a total of 25 projects to be financed by the second Plan-E (05/02/2010)
    will be developed by 35 companies that will generate about 160 new jobs
  • The Local Government Board approves the extension of the collaboration agreement between the municipality and the association "Golden Age of Peace Messengers" Murcia (05/02/2010)
    For the attention of a total of 15 people affected by Alzheimer's Disease
  • Caritas has received about 200 kilos of food and 70 liters of milk, oil and hygiene products (05/02/2010)
    from the collection of food that council workers and users have been
  • PROINVITOSA opens the filing period for the acquisition of housing for street youth in Colombia (05/02/2010)

  • The Disney animated movie "The Princess and the Frog" will be screened this weekend at the Cine Velasco (05/02/2010)

  • Press conference Lola Cano (05/02/2010)
    municipal political news
  • Submit a motion in Parliament to reject "the delay in pensions proposed by the Government and against cuts in social rights" (05/02/2010)
    This was announced by Councilman IU + Greens Juan Jose Canovas at a press conference, among other issues current municipal
  • PSOE: "The General has given an ultimatum to the town of Totana, raising the possibility of canceling the contract" (05/02/2010)

  • Discordia is preparing the new album Nearly three months after the tour to end "With the sharp tongue" and spending in Murcia an unforgettable finale, Discordia still working on the premises all the items included in i (05/02/2010)

  • The delegation totanera are making available to entrepreneurs and business associations draft Mediterranean Food City (04/02/2010)
    In the international trade fair "Fruit Logistica" in Berlin
  • Activities to mark the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes (04/02/2010)

  • Weekend athletes moved to Totana Athletics Club (04/02/2010)
    will be up to four careers
  • Culture offer a total of 7 courses for the new season of activities for "People's University of Totana" (04/02/2010)
    The open registration period from day 15 to 18 February
  • The City and the Association of Civil Protection Volunteers will sign the extension of the collaboration agreement relating to public safety (04/02/2010)
    To carry out volunteer special services
  • Social Welfare reported the opening of the application deadline for non-recurrent financial support for integration and social protection (04/02/2010)
    Directed to individuals and families in distress
  • According to the PSOE, competitiveness is one of the keys to overcoming the economic crisis (04/02/2010)
    "The Socialist government of Spain proposed a worthy alternative and real Europe that pass through the professional qualification of workers, as opposed to cheap labor other economies "
  • On 6 and 7 February 2010 season opens jet with the first test scoring for the regional championship Murcia (04/02/2010)

  • The PP claims that "the Government of the Nation destabilizes the fall municipal coffers in 2010 to 11% monthly money transfers from State taxes" (03/02/2010)
    "Instead of creating jobs and wealth in Totana"
  • Totana Local Police arrested three individuals who were in irregular situation in Spain (03/02/2010)
    One of them was also charged with a crime of injury
  • A total of 12 schools and 20 clubs will participate in this year's carnival parades Totana (03/02/2010)
    will be held on days 12 and 13 February from half past four pm
  • The Classroom Free Access Local Development Centre renews its equipment (03/02/2010)
    And it offers new services such as administrative management with electronic ID
  • The city starts the administrative procedures for implementing the Special Employment Centre Municipal (03/02/2010)
    To make the employment of people with disabilities
  • Martínez Usero: € 250,000 investment in the Rambla de Los Molinos has already been implemented by the Government of Spain " (03/02/2010)
    PSOE Councillor said that the work arrangement of this important work have been completed in less than three months and have invested € 30,000 in emergency repairs also in the Rambla de Lebor
  • "IV children's drawing contest 2010" aimed at students in grades 5 and 6 primary school (03/02/2010)
    It aims to disseminate the values of equality between women and men
  • Income Tax modules of table grapes this year were lowered by 10% (03/02/2010)
    The Economy Ministry has considered the report by the technical services and lower Totana COAG modules that affect table grapes from 42% to 32%
  • The council will promote the peculiarities of the massive participation of the Easter Totanera the XIX National Tourism and Leisure "Turismur 2010" (02/02/2010)
    In the exhibition of Torre Pacheco (IFEPA) from 5 to 7 February
  • The Mayor of Totana and the president of the UCAM ally (02/02/2010)
    And the foundations of what will be the future campus of the City of Mediterranean Food (CIAM)
  • PSOE: "About two hundred students from fifth grade to Totana laptop will run out" (02/02/2010)
    M ª Carmen Martínez Andreo Belchí requests and education council not to allow Totana run out the implementation of the School Program 2.0
  • Presentation of the first psychological guide for those affected by rare diseases (02/02/2010)

  • "The Artisan Market La Santa" resume its activity from March with the arrival of spring (02/02/2010)

  • Students Classroom Totana Occupational participate in a workshop affective-sexual education (02/02/2010)
    order to provide healthy behavioral habits
  • Seventeenth day of the Amateur Football League "Play Fair" (02/02/2010)
    You have been marked by setbacks of the teams "Transport the Wolf" and "Céser Sánchez The Cubs"
  • Start the training offered this season, organized by the Department of Sports and Sports Clubs, with the introductory course badminton (02/02/2010)
    will be held this weekend during days 6 and 7 February
  • The PSOE requires the president to the manager of the PP to "stop lying to totaneros" (02/02/2010)
    assert that "economic ruin in which it is the Town Council is the sole responsibility of the PP, which has squandered the money of all in the last seven years of municipal waste "
  • The council signed a collaboration agreement with the Red Cross to provide comprehensive care of family violence amounting to $ 3,000 (01/02/2010)

  • Totana participate in the international trade fair "Fruit Logistica" in Berlin, to be held from 3 to 5 February (01/02/2010)
    The present draft of the Mediterranean Food City (CIAM)
  • The Department of Finance reports on the collection periods during the voluntary period of the various duties during the year 2010 (01/02/2010)

  • The Department of Women and Equal Opportunities calls the "Second Short Story Competition for Equality 2010" worth a total of 900 € (01/02/2010)
    The deadline will remain open until 15 May
  • Athletics Club athletes participated in the XI Totana "Vuelta a la Peña de San Blas" in Elche de la Sierra (01/02/2010)

  • 2-4 away win against CADE CD Totana Murcia. (01/02/2010)
    New CADE victory this time against Totana Murcia CD which won 2-4 on their home court of the Prince of Asturias, Murcia last Saturday 30
  • For IU "journey to the Messe Berlin Mayor and City Council tourism and selling only insubstantial smoke" (01/02/2010)
    assert that "the strategic plans Martínez Andreo, failures are counted, costly image campaigns and waste public resources with both hands "
  • The PSOE said that "the city of Totana is ruined" (01/02/2010)
    state that "waste and mismanagement of Andreo and popular in the last seven years, have come to take the institution to economic ruin city "
  • The PP Totana holds the Government of the "untenable position spanning the municipalities" (01/02/2010)
    Complaint that "after six years of socialist Executive, the local government situation is dramatic"

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