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  • City officials visited the works to replace sidewalks, paving and restoration of services in the streets Barranco, Roden and Virgen del Castillo (29/05/2009)

  • Technology Days on "Catch, Google and communication technology" (29/05/2009)
    It was attended by a dozen people
  • The mayor and members of the government team held a working meeting with the residents of San Roque and Las Parras (29/05/2009)
    ... to meet their needs and report projects launched
  • The Councillor for Education awards prizes comics contest against truancy (29/05/2009)
    ... which involved over 60 students with the delivery of some thirty works
  • Start treatment campaign annual pest control Totana (29/05/2009)

  • It closed the workshop "memory training" at the Civic Center Senior (29/05/2009)
    ... with the presentation of diplomas to about 40 people
  • Mari Carmen Robles gets silver and bronze medals in the sixteenth century Spain Athletics Championships (29/05/2009)
    ... organziar by the Spanish Federation of Sports for the intellectually disabled (FEddi)
  • Effects of Fire Station Totana-Alhama smother a fire in a store broccoli in Totana (29/05/2009)
    counted with the collaboration of the Local Police and Civil Defence volunteers Totana
  • The House agreed unanimously to a motion of IU + LV, urging the Government to reform the Mortgage Law, on behalf of families evicted from their homes because they can not pay the mortgage (28/05/2009)
    Left Councillors filed motions in support of small businesses and shops and a statement against homophobia
  • The PSOE does a rating of regular full-May (28/05/2009)
    The Socialist Municipal Group regrets that "Martínez Andreo use the plenary for a rally, by pandering and hampering the proposals of the opposition"
  • Café Tertulia with Cristina and Crossbow (28/05/2009)
    The Murcia PP candidate for the European Parliament and the Minister of Public Works, among other political figures close to the young "the importance of change in Europe"
  • The House agreed unanimously to extend the hours of study hall during exam time (28/05/2009)
    and conducting the necessary studies for the use of aid for college students to expand the hours of this room
  • Totana tomorrow will be promoted nationally through Intereconomía television show "The water cat" (28/05/2009)
    will be broadcast live beginning at 10 pm in the performing arts room
  • The Volunteer Bus is now in Totana (28/05/2009)

  • The House unanimously approved the implementation of support for employers who hire unemployed SEAPA derivatives (28/05/2009)
    In addition to a series of measures to mitigate the effects of the crisis
  • The municipality and the Ministry of Social Policy, Women and Immigration signed an agreement amounting to 127,439 euros (28/05/2009)
    For the provision of services and programs for equal opportunity and treatment for women victims of gender violence
  • The Sports Council closing the School Sports Programme (28/05/2009)
    Tomorrow Friday 29 May at the Pabellon Municipal de Deportes "Manolo Ibáñez" with the awarding of medals from all five pm
  • Organized by the "I Walk Cycling Child" on Saturday, May 30 (28/05/2009)
    will be held at five in the afternoon at the local fairgrounds
  • Closing the course is "Advanced Computing" with the awarding of diplomas to fifteen students who have completed this training activity (28/05/2009)

  • The Department of Alternative Energy reported public support for the implementation and operation of sustainable energy management projects (28/05/2009)
    Through installations of renewable energy resources utilization
  • The morning plenary address fifteen proposals among which the approval of grants for employers who hire unemployed (27/05/2009)
    ... SEAPA derivatives and a series of measures to mitigate the effects of the crisis
  • Trust in Totana neighbors again a majority support of the PP (27/05/2009)

  • The PSOE will ask tomorrow at the plenary session "where the two million health center" (27/05/2009)
    "That should be completely built and in service for several months"
  • Today, water shortages will occur in areas of the Ramblica, Monte de Gredos, San Francisco ... (27/05/2009)
    ... and a general pressure drop in the town by a fault
  • The Secretary of State for Water and Rural, Josep Pucheu, visit COATO (27/05/2009)

  • On the Municipal Immigration Council examines the impact that the immigrant is taking the economic crisis (27/05/2009)
    ... and is a standing committee to streamline the approach to the problems suffered by this group
  • Psychosocial Support Services organized a tour of the exhibition "Thousands" (27/05/2009)

  • They will present to Parliament a motion to develop policies that enhance the immediate coverage of the basic food needs in emergency social (27/05/2009)
    The plenary will be held tomorrow Thursday 28 May at eight o'clock
  • Training Workshops on "Access to the labor market" and "Healthy Eating" (27/05/2009)
    students attended the Professional Qualification Program and the Classroom Occupational Garden
  • PSOE: "Puxeu ensures that the water supply for the Region of Murcia is guaranteed" (27/05/2009)
    Secretary of State for Rural Water Totana Josep Puxeu participated in a meeting with farmers and business sector
  • To be closing the course of "Basic English", 30 hours, with the presentation of certificates to a total of fifteen people (27/05/2009)

  • The "Bus of Volunteering" Totana visit tomorrow (27/05/2009)
    To report on the volunteer movement to encourage interested parties to register on the stock volunteer and participate in scheduled activities
  • The City will subsidize a large percentage of social security contributions for employers who hire people enrolled in the SEAPA (26/05/2009)

  • The "II Marcha MTB-Marathon Totana City" opens the "Open Cycling " (26/05/2009)
    ... Murcia on Sunday 31 May in the natural park of Sierra Espuña over 350 people registered
  • The City Council and the General Directorate of Cadastre signed a collaboration agreement (26/05/2009)
    ... to strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of cadastral information service
  • The mayor and the government team met with the residents of San Jose High and was (26/05/2009)
    ... to take stock of the activities and services to be launched in these districts for the legislature and explain new projects
  • Talk of the Secretary of State for Water and Rural in Cebag-Totana (26/05/2009)
    Josep Pucheu gave a talk in the auditorium of Cebag on "Water Policies and Agriculture in the Valley Guadalentín"
  • Athletes of Totana Athletics Club attended the 13 th edition of the 101 miles of Round (26/05/2009)
    Y in X Almansa Half Marathon
  • The board of the Neighborhood Association of the Gardens is preparing for the day making a living, to be held next June 6 (26/05/2009)
    One of the ideas proposed has been to celebrate the first Championship Launch Muncial bones Loquat
  • The Deputy Mayor asked the Government to strengthen and intensify the supervision and support of public safety of the Guardia Civil (26/05/2009)
    order to provide solutions to the latest wave of robberies that are plaguing rural areas and the El Raiguero Paretón
  • A total of twenty Totana school participating in the Regional Final in Athletics School Sport (26/05/2009)
    Held at Eagles during last weekend
  • The mobile unit to detect breast cancer, the Spanish Association Against Cancer, will be located opposite the Health Centre. (26/05/2009)
    From tomorrow, Wednesday May 27 to June 5
  • PSOE: "The State Housing Plan in the Region to build more than 12,700 homes officially protected until 2012" (26/05/2009)

  • Today Tuesday May 26 will be held in the Health Center to donate blood samples and work with the charitable work (26/05/2009)

  • Inkeys presented his first album "11 reasons to lose sleep" (25/05/2009)
    The concert took place last Friday at a popular bar Totana
  • The Department of Sports Basketball Club congratulates Totana (25/05/2009)
    For a brilliant promotion to First Division Autonomous
  • IV National Painting Competition Outside "Totana Corners" 2009 (25/05/2009)

  • Employers in the region involved in Totana Guadalentín the business promotion forum (25/05/2009)
    ... to meet new job opportunities related to government contracting
  • Start the School Theatre Festival XVII with the staging of various works until 28 May in "The Prison" (25/05/2009)
    Participating students of the workshops offered by the company "Deltrajín Theatre
  • The elderly in the town will enjoy a wide range of activities on their traditional fiestas (25/05/2009)
    will be held from 8 to 14 June at the Municipal Park "Marcos Ortiz"
  • The PP requires the government to "withdraw its proposal to eliminate the deduction for the purchase of first homes to income exceeding 24,000 euros" (25/05/2009)
    And that "a profound impulse to revive the construction sector"
  • Totana host the "I-Bullshooter Open Darts of the Region of Murcia" during the 5th, 6th and 7th June in the Industrial (25/05/2009)
    ... "The Saladar" with the delivery of more than 7,000 euros in grants and trophies
  • Tomorrow, Tuesday May 26 will be a seminar on "Google and communication technology" (25/05/2009)
    will be held at the Centre for Local Development
  • Antonio Cánovas Lorca "The Poet" user Municipal Psychosocial Support Service, has some of his best poems (25/05/2009)
    ... Ramón Gaya Museum in Murcia
  • José Luis Ríos and José Ángel, the CC Santa Eulalia, among the first to Benijófar (Alicante) (25/05/2009)

  • Totana along with nine other new municipalities in the Region of Murcia will be part of the Public Transport Authority (EFA) (25/05/2009)
    order to provide public transport becoming more modern and efficient
  • Madrid Open 2009 (25/05/2009)
    School Travel Club de Tenis Totana the Madrid Open Tennis
  • ... (25/05/2009)

  • UPyD gave a briefing on the afternoon of Saturday (24/05/2009)
    The event took place on the esplanade of Padre Acosta Street
  • A total of 36 artists are presented to the Competition IV Air Painting "Corners of Totana" (24/05/2009)
    is celebrated throughout the day
  • Zapatero Murcia choose to start the European Parliament election campaign (23/05/2009)
    "The Socialists never give workers and accept responsibility when things go well and when they go wrong," said the Prime Minister of Spain
  • Submitted to the plenary the proposal to start the record of the Golden Shield Award to the City to College "Reina Sofía" (23/05/2009)
    In commemoration of the educational work carried out during 25 years in the city
  • The council congratulates "coated" for winning the Mercury Prize to the Crafts and Fernando Fuentes, Business Development Award (23/05/2009)
    Awards given annually by the Chamber of Commerce
  • Political representatives and members of the PP given the go-ahead to the European Parliament elections with putting up posters in Totana (22/05/2009)
    The head of the list of DB Murcia European Parliament will visit the town along with other regional political leaders
  • Pedro Marset, European election candidate for IU, starred in the party headquarters in Totana an act of pre-election campaign (22/05/2009)

  • Starts in Totana the electoral campaign for European Parliament elections (22/05/2009)
    With the traditional putting up posters
  • The inhabitants of the area of orchards in the county council of Morti, enjoy the new asphalt and nearly three miles of various roads (22/05/2009)
    ... whose budget amounts to 150,000 euros
  • City officials and employees of the City perform a wreath to their patron Saint Rita in the parish church of Santiago (22/05/2009)

  • The PSOE de Totana presents the campaign for election to the 7-J (22/05/2009)
    With the slogan "This game is played in Europe the socialists advocate a progressive change in European politics
  • Work begins on the new municipal library, located in the neighborhood of El Parral (21/05/2009)
    ... whose infrastructure will be completed by the end of the year
  • The Association D'Genes present in the Iron Man Triathlon in Barcelona (21/05/2009)
    The Andalusian athlete living in Lorca, Andres Guerrero Sanchez, carried in this edition of Ironman logo Genes D'Association with which it has agreed to collaborate actively in a disinterested
  • The Socialists claim that "Andreo to confuse the public in its campaign of inaugurations and foundation stones" (21/05/2009)
    Come on mayor's attitude "a political absurdity, with Andre seeks only hang tin medals and take many photos works that have been made because Zapatero has sent money to Totana "
  • The Mayor and Council of Industry and Urban Development held a working meeting with the board of the Association of Young Entrepreneurs Guadalentín (21/05/2009)

  • The mayor and members of the government team held a working meeting with representatives of the neighborhood councils of San Francisco, El Parral and The Ramblica (21/05/2009)
    ... to meet the needs and reporting of projects launched since the Consistory
  • Finish framed regional sports championships in the "Special School Games XXI " (21/05/2009)
    ... for student athletes Occupational Center" José Moya "local
  • The Craft Councillor participates in the General Assembly of the Spanish Association of Towns of Ceramics (AECC ) (21/05/2009)
    ... held in La Galera (Tarragona)
  • Students and professionals from the Escuela Taller "Casa de las Monjas I" visit the "Training Fair IV in the Region of Murcia " (21/05/2009)
    ... held on the Malecon
  • The deadline for submitting applications to participate in the Classrooms of Nature will remain open until next Thursday, May 28 (21/05/2009)
    Nature classrooms are part of the "Summer Youth 2009", organized by the Department of Youth
  • The "Bus of Volunteering" Totana visit on Thursday May 28 (21/05/2009)
    ... to report on the volunteer movement to encourage interested parties to register on the stock volunteer and participate in scheduled activities
  • The PSOE de Totana free chartered buses to go to rally Zapatero (21/05/2009)
    will be held in Murcia on Friday 22 May
  • Opening of Lorca and Totana campaign of UPyD (21/05/2009)
    In Totana Electoral be an information point on Saturday 23 at The Esplanade Father Acosta
  • Presentation of the Application for the European elections in Totana Izquierda Unida (21/05/2009)
    With the presence of Professor Pedro Campos Marset
  • They send the second collection of printed sheets of the most emblematic of the town about 1,000 totaneros abroad (20/05/2009)

  • Opened the Garden of the Red Cross (20/05/2009)
    is the first of the town which has an area equipped with various items for older people to engage in physical exercise
  • The mayor and the government team met with the residents of Lebor (20/05/2009)
    ... to take stock of the activities and services to be launched in the district during the term and explain the new initiatives and projects
  • Deliver diplomas GBV course more than two dozen members of the Housewives Association, Users and Consumers "Three Hail Marys" (20/05/2009)

  • The Competition IV Air Painting "Totana Corners" will be held on Sunday May 24 (20/05/2009)
    ... with the donation of more than 2,100 euros in prize money, in the exhibition hall "Gregorio Cebrián"
  • The Socialists propose that the city get better prices in the electricity tariff for Agricultural Processing Societies (20/05/2009)

  • Ends Successfully "Leather Workshop" by users (20/05/2009)
    ... Psychosocial Support Services with the donation of material from the tannery "Lorca Pelegrín"
  • "The pachucos" proclaim themselves champions of the Amateur Football League "Play Fair " (20/05/2009)
    ... absence of two days to finalize the contest
  • A total of 45 schools in Totana participate in the "Final Regional Aquathlon School" held in San Pedro del Pinatar (20/05/2009)
    ... with excellent results for schools in the locality
  • Coag Totana go together more than 180 Dominga grape farmers interested in the plant action plan for 2009 within the DO Grapes Espuña (19/05/2009)
    Go Totana Coag successfully calls the Special Meeting held on Tuesday 12 May
  • The work of installation of the sewerage network in Lebor optimize the disposal of sewage from the hamlet (19/05/2009)
    The project of these works amounted to 150,000 euros
  • Inauguration of the road works in the council of Las Viñas Carivete (19/05/2009)
    Improve transit neighbors to their homes and farms
  • On Thursday, May 21 may occur in drinking water shortages and Cantareros The Paretón (19/05/2009)
    ... for the construction of a new channel in the municipal area of Alhama
  • Fire in the Consortium go at this time to smother a fire in a warehouse (19/05/2009)
    Located near the highway A-7, at the height of Totana, according to reports from the Emergency Coordination Center
  • Next Friday May 22 departments and municipal services will be closed except the Citizens Advice Service (19/05/2009)
    ... occasion of the feast of Santa Rita
  • Organized by the Forum to promote business, government contracting, client management as " (19/05/2009)
    ... to be held on Thursday 21 May at 19:30 hours in the Socio-Cultural Center "La Prison"
  • The PP Totana requires the Government of the Nation "address in a forceful and immediate local finance reform" (19/05/2009)
    Y "abide by its debt to the municipality"
  • Socialist Youth of Totana complaint "approaches to the right on the lowering of dismissal" (19/05/2009)
    Young Socialists are radically opposed to "measures in recent weeks has been showing the PP on the flexible labor market and its possible reform "
  • Pre-registration for 2009/2010 in the extension of the Official Language School in Totana will be open from May 25 to June 5 (19/05/2009)

  • Occupational Classroom Students participate in various training workshops (19/05/2009)
    ... seeking to report on "Problems of drug dependence and raising awareness of the importance of respecting the" rules of the road "
  • Inkeys previews its first delivery in Totana label (19/05/2009)
    "11 reasons to lose sleep," recorded in August 2008 in Neo Music Box
  • Antonio Costa ranked 4th in F1 in the European Championship watercraft (18/05/2009)

  • Inauguration of the "III International Course of Continuing Education in Haemophilia and other congenital coagulopathies " (18/05/2009)
    ... Training Center" brothers Manuel and Javier Moreno of The Pond
  • The PP supports and adheres to the People's Legislative Initiative in defense of the Tajo-Segura through incorporation into the platform, "We support the transfer" (18/05/2009)
    Juan Jose Salas was appointed representative of the PP in this initiative to support citizen-Tajo Safe
  • Martínez Usero: 2,214,000 euros have already been transferred by the Zapatero government council under Plan E " (18/05/2009)
    Councilman socialist states" have been entered into the accounts of the council for 70% of the money in 19 of the 21 projects presented "
  • New Technologies Councilman visit the Annual Forum of the Information Society in Murcia an exhibitor at a local company (18/05/2009)
    Juan Carrión visited the stand of "Totana.com" and "Murcia.com"
  • PROINVITOSA starts awarding of housing in the urbanization "El Mirador" de Totana (18/05/2009)
    They are located next to the Residence for the Elderly
  • The PSOE de Totana denounces "the particular interest of the rulers of PP" (18/05/2009)
    "That has led to Totana to the tail of development throughout the Region
  • The Development and Employment councilman recalls that the Autonomous Region will allocate more than 6.4 million euros to promote self-employment (18/05/2009)
    And give up to 9,000 euros to the unemployed who become self-employed
  • Members of the Senior Center's "Paretón-Cantareros" visit the Day Care Service (18/05/2009)
    And the exhibition "Los Millares" in the Municipal Exhibition Hall "Gregorio Cebrián"
  • 70 primary and secondary students receive academic support through socio-educational project and a study aid (18/05/2009)
    Launched by the Municipal Service of Prevention and Control Truancy
  • The Club Ciclista Santa Eulalia was present in several tests during the weekend (18/05/2009)
    Specifically participated in tests in Ronda (Malaga), Tarazona de La Mancha (Albacete) and Sewer
  • Tomorrow, Tuesday May 19 will be held in the Health Center to donate blood samples and work with the charitable work (18/05/2009)
    From 17:30 pm to 21:30 pm
  • Totana is hereby established in the local ILP Platform in Defence of the Tajo-Segura (18/05/2009)
    At the same joined other local people
  • Victoria home to about permanence in 3 rd national (18/05/2009)
    On Saturday in San Javier was played the penultimate round of league 3 rd national division between the local San Javier and C.
  • The works of ten rural roads, which have been funded through the Local Investment Fund, have already completed (18/05/2009)
    have had a budget of almost 600,000 euros
  • The government team spokesman gave a press conference to assess the final extraordinary plenary session (18/05/2009)
    also responded to recent criticism of the PSOE
  • The Socialists claim that "the PP appointed head of the campaign to the European Totana a councilman accused" (18/05/2009)

  • We present the "Summer Youth 2009" with more than a dozen (15/05/2009)
    ... activities to encourage youth participation during the summer
  • Totana City Council says that "commitment to local entrepreneurs for the development of municipal works" (15/05/2009)
    "through which promote employment among the residents"
  • The rehabilitation work on San Francisco Street will be delayed by a series of incidents that occurred during the execution of the same (15/05/2009)
    The works are included in the draft Plan of Works and Services (POS) 2008
  • Middle hundred members of the Municipal Center Senior travel to Madrid to participate in the "Saber Vivir" (15/05/2009)
    also conducted a tour of the Spanish capital
  • Special Agents of the Public Safety Unit of the local police and the Research Group of Totana Civil Guard arrested four individuals for burglary and theft (15/05/2009)
    A number of actions taken together
  • A user Psychosocial Support Service, Antonio Lorca, will present a selection of his poems collected in "Poetry Anthology" and "Disappear with Reality " (15/05/2009)
  • A dozen people with the current form of "customer service desk and service companies " (15/05/2009)
    ... than 200 hours
  • The fourth contest of painting outdoors "Totana Corners" will be held on Sunday May 24 (14/05/2009)

  • City officials attending a meeting coexistence La Santa (14/05/2009)
    has had the participation of a hundred professionals, relatives and users of the Services Alzheimer's Day Care and Senior Municipal Center
  • The Socialist Party criticized the delay in building the health center south Totana (14/05/2009)
    Socialist leaders claim that "more than 2 years that the Ministry of Health joined the City Council the total amount of the works and they have not started"
  • More than 150 polling agents representing the PP in the 30 tables spread across the different schools of Totana (14/05/2009)
    next day during the June 7 elections to the European Parliament
  • Murcia Welcomes organized for Saturday May 16 a "Fair Game" (14/05/2009)
    In the City Park "Marcos Ortiz" from 11:30 to 13:30 hours
  • Students Point Child Care "Doña Pepita López Gandía" visit the library and enjoy storytelling (14/05/2009)
    ... within the program of reading promotion conducted from the Department of Culture
  • City officials visited the facilities of the Air Surveillance Squadron No. 13 Espuña (14/05/2009)
    ... occasion of its fifteenth anniversary
  • The mountain club "The Rendrija" and the Department of Sports organized the second edition of "Night Journey " (14/05/2009)
    ... Totana City to be held this weekend and has already registered more than 15 teams
  • Starts campaign against fruit flies that affects the table grape crop (14/05/2009)
    ... with the distribution of baits and insecticides
  • The political groups will create a task force to develop a plan of economic viability of the consistory (13/05/2009)
    through which to draw up a project with more measures to alleviate the effects of the crisis in the city
  • "The municipal government has had to copy proposals of the Opposition in the House Special," said IU + LV (13/05/2009)
    Left Training reports that it has introduced a raft of proposals to tackle the crisis, "which has been partially accepted by the PP "
  • The full council designated by drawing in Totana 270 citizens (13/05/2009)
    will be called as chairmen, members and alternates of the 30 polling stations to be in the European elections on June 7
  • The regular meetings of the Plenary of the Municipal Corporation of Totana is held the last Thursday of each month (13/05/2009)
    At eight o'clock
  • The Socialists complain that "the CP not assist with effective proposals to alleviate the crisis situation of the municipality" (13/05/2009)
    Lola Cano The socialist mayor has appeared at a press conference to evaluate the two extraordinary plenary held this morning
  • Regional fisheries Champions modality Mar-Costa (13/05/2009)
    Ana Martinez in sub-16 and Juan Cánovas in sub-21
  • The Neighborhood Association of orchards urges the council to fix the black spots on several roads in the area (13/05/2009)
    So as to improve the waste collection service
  • The president of the PP in Totana believes that "Zapatero again lost another opportunity to build the confidence you need the Spanish economy out of crisis" (13/05/2009)
    "That he did not recognize"
  • The new site for youth born with the aim of providing a virtual space ... (13/05/2009)
    ... through which visitors will find a wide and varied information about resources and services aimed at young people
  • A total of 212 elementary students benefit from the "Taller de Cuentos" launched by the absence (13/05/2009)
    ... service to give pause to the youngest in the municipality on the importance of education in their lives
  • The deadline for registration for the musical "Saturday Night Fever" in Madrid will end this Friday, May 15 (13/05/2009)
    The trip will take place during the 13th and 14th of June
  • Users of the Service Day Care Alzheimer's (SEDA) start the program (13/05/2009)
    ... weekly departures to stroll through the Park City "Marcos Ortiz"
  • Inauguration of the course of "Basic English", 30-hour run to sole proprietors and workers in active (13/05/2009)
    ... taught at the Centre for Local Development
  • The Club Ciclista Santa Eulalia, combative Memorial Tower Pedro García Zapata Pacheco (12/05/2009)

  • Totana joins the commemoration of International Day of Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue " (12/05/2009)
    ... with the reading of a manifesto
  • Two new podiums for Totana Athletics Club athletes in the half marathon Sewer (12/05/2009)

  • The PSOE gives the starting signal for the European elections on June 7 at the Plaza de Vistalegre (Madrid) (12/05/2009)
    A group of militants and sympathizers of the PSOE in Totana Vistalegre supported its candidate for European elections Juan Fernando López Aguilar
  • A total of 100 families in the town of Totana in 2008 received the "Pequecheque" between 200 and 500 euros of aid (12/05/2009)
    For the schooling of children at the point of care for children
  • The past weekend was held on "III Regional Open Tennis in the Municipal Pavilion of Sports" Manolo Ibáñez " (12/05/2009)
    The event was attended by 200 athletes from throughout the Region
  • The mobile unit to detect breast cancer, the Spanish Association Against Cancer, will be located opposite the Health Centre from 27 May to 5 June (12/05/2009)

  • Students of the Municipal School Children "Carmen Baró" visit the library and enjoy a storyteller (12/05/2009)

  • Great success of the "XX Championship Wildlife Murcia Autonomous Community" held in Totana (12/05/2009)
    ... which included the participation of 28 municipalities in the region and more than 300 attendees
  • La Peña Madridista "The Tenth" equals points to "the pachucos" in the leadership of the Amateur Football League "Play Fair " (12/05/2009)
  • Users Occupational Center "José Moya" end ... (12/05/2009)
    ... water activities developed in the indoor pool of the nearby town of Alhama
  • UI Totana supports the claims of workers ElPozo Food, located on strike (11/05/2009)
    "The cut in wages and rights, as well as layoffs of factory workers, affecting more than 700 families totaneras" say from Izquierda Unida
  • On Tuesday May 12 there will be water cuts from eight o'clock until noon (11/05/2009)
    will affect the upper and middle areas of the town
  • The Institute for Youth in the Region of Murcia City with a grant amounting to 51,585 euros (11/05/2009)
    For the realization of dynamic activities, youth information and advice on housing and employment
  • On Tuesday May 12 held at the Health Center to donate blood samples and work with the charitable work (11/05/2009)
    From 17:30 pm to 21:30 pm
  • The "Business Leadership Forum: Recruitment administration: the administration and client" will be held on Thursday, May 21 (11/05/2009)
    At 19:30 hours on the Socio-Cultural Center "La Prison"
  • It closed the workshop of "Diet healthy and balanced" with the presentation of certificates to all participants (11/05/2009)
    It has been taught in the classroom of the Center for Local Development
  • Voluntary Service and International Relations develops awareness activities with 60 students from the school "La Milagrosa" (11/05/2009)

  • Jose Angel Camacho, the Club Ciclista Santa Eulalia, 6 º 2 ª test in school cycling (11/05/2009)
    took place in Los Alcazares
  • City officials visiting the state of the construction of the new classrooms in the school "Guadalentín" El Paretón (08/05/2009)
    During his visit the Mayor announced that "40 percent of the scale of works and services by the consistory contrataos negotiated advertising exceeding € 200,000 will be for companies that hire unemployed "
  • More than 200 students of the "La Milagrosa" join the commemoration of the "European Union Day" (08/05/2009)
    With the assistance of the representation of the play "Twelve Stars Yellow"
  • The PP Totana says that "the PSOE proposes economic measures are not matured or studied, in some cases are already working, and who just want to erode the public image of the government team" (08/05/2009)
    On the other hand, encourages Valverde PP voters prononer important ideas for the municipality that can be carried out in Europe
  • Students of the Municipal School Children "Clara Campoamor" visit the Municipal Library and enjoy a storyteller (08/05/2009)
    Within "program to encourage reading"
  • The councilman of Deportes will present a proposal in Parliament to support Madrid's bid to host the Olympic Games of 2016 (08/05/2009)

  • The PSOE proposes several measures "to reorganize and try to improve the economic plight of the City" (08/05/2009)
    These "cutting spending for all town councilors'
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine (08/05/2009)
    The performing arts hall Totana screened on Sunday 9 May, the latest film by Hugh Jackman X-Men Origins: Wolverine "in two passes, at five and at seven-thirty Later
  • Volunteer Service and Municipal Relations cards renewed more than 200 volunteer (08/05/2009)
    ... during the months of March and April
  • The course of Reception and Care Public utilities, 200 hours, starting next Monday, May 11 (08/05/2009)
    ... with the participation of fifteen unemployed
  • The program of the Cultural Spring "of Totana continues today (08/05/2009)
    With the performance of the Rondalla and Children and Youth Choir" Villa de Alhama
  • The group totanero "A-Countersong" will act tomorrow on "This Night" 7 (07/05/2009)
    The variety show 7 Region de Murcia, presented by Antonio Hidalgo and Monica Martinez, will begin at 22:00 pm
  • IU considered grotesque that "the City is paying monthly wages of 7,000 euros, when brushed the 2,000 unemployed and several companies are about to close" (07/05/2009)
    Criticism that "all works of Local Investment Plan have been awarded to companies out of Totana "
  • Totana joins the commemoration of the "European Union Day" (07/05/2009)
    By organizing commemorative events will take place in schools "The Miracle" and "Reina Sofía"
  • Totana Local Police arrested a man for an alleged crime of burglary (07/05/2009)
    And to a suspected perpetrator of a crime of domestic violence
  • The mayor is committed to the Neighborhood Council of The Paretón "to begin the expansion of the Sports Complex" Guadalentín ", a multipurpose room, tennis court and paddle (07/05/2009)
    And inking € 60,000 for the asphalt of streets during the 2010
  • The "Open Autonomous III Table Tennis" will welcome participation of nearly 200 athletes from throughout the Region (07/05/2009)
    will be held this weekend, during the 9th and 10th May at the Municipal Sports Pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez "
  • The Socialists complain that "the council has not taken better advantage of the injection of millions received from Zapatero" (07/05/2009)
    They say that "money received has not been invested wisely by the government of Martínez Andreo"
  • More than thirty young people from 1 º and 2 º ESO participate in the "cartoon competition" (07/05/2009)
    is intended to reflect the negative consequences of dropping out of school
  • Organize a weekend of adventure activities like rafting and "canyoning" in the gorges of the Rio Cabriel (07/05/2009)
    On the 9th and 10th May
  • They start a new podiatry service, which will be offered every Wednesday in the physiotherapy room (07/05/2009)
    For members of the Municipal Center for the Elderly
  • Today will be a meeting to form the Commission to collect signatures (Popular Legislative Initiative) for the maintenance of the Tajo Segura (07/05/2009)
    At 20:30, at the headquarters of the Community Irrigation Totana
  • We present the "Employment Resource Guide" which includes a dozen agencies that provide advice and guidance in seeking employment (06/05/2009)
    The Mayor also reported the creation of a financial guarantee fund estimated at one million euros, to endorse the establishment of companies in the industrial park and provide young people acquire their first home
  • The Socialists seek an extraordinary plenary session to address the "difficult economic situation of the municipality" (06/05/2009)
    As Otálora, "the debt could be close to 100 million euros"
  • On Saturday May 9 will take place the second edition of the Carrera del Club de Tenis (06/05/2009)
    is organized by the Athletic Club Totana and framed in Circuit racing
  • It inaugurated the course "Introduction to Computers" 50-hour (06/05/2009)
    will be provided in the Local Development Centre until 25 May
  • EDIS users enjoy the new activities of physical therapy and rehabilitation (06/05/2009)

  • Continue the fight between the teams, "the pachucos" and "La Peña Madridista The Tenth" for the title of champion (06/05/2009)
    With four days to finish the Amateur Football League "Play Fair"
  • On Thursday there will be the screening test of those registered to receive ongoing care and public utilities (05/05/2009)
    The course will begin on Monday May 11 at 9:30 pm
  • The deadline for registering to attend the musical "Saturday Night Fever" in Madrid is open until May 15 (05/05/2009)
    will be held during the 13th and 14th June
  • Journey to Burkina Faso solidarity (05/05/2009)
    In the middle of last April concluded that the club solidarity trip to Totana walker, and the Sports Association of Puerto Lumbreras Andaya had been organized in Burkina Faso (West Africa)
  • AEMC gave the car drawn in the first Fair of VPO (05/05/2009)
    The ceremony took place at the Ford dealer "Marcosta Workshops" in the Industrial Park "The Saladar" and the winner has been Jerónimo Martínez Andreo
  • PSOE: "Andreo breaks his promise to award the work to companies totaneras" (05/05/2009)
    Socialists claim to know the general malaise in the business totanero the way they have been awarded work under the plan Zapatero
  • The government team is working to make this term the residents of "The Pond" to enjoy more local areas (05/05/2009)
    ... Mayor reported to the board members of this urban neighborhood
  • Every Tuesday of the month of May was held at the Health Center blood samples (05/05/2009)
    For donation and help this charitable work
  • The day of the School Sports Cycling City was attended by more than a dozen cyclists (05/05/2009)
    was organized by the Department of Sports and Cycling Club "Nine"
  • The course "Basic Computer and Internet" ends with the delivery of diplomas to fifteen participants (05/05/2009)
    It has been taught in the Classroom Free Access Centre for Local Development
  • IR COAG Extraordinary Totana (05/05/2009)
    Totana COAG IR invites all parraleros grape variety Sunday to attend the Special Meeting to be held next Tuesday, May 12, at 20 hours in the salon Irrigation Community
  • Children of Edutec "Puzzle", "Alvagón", "Parcheesi" and "Colorines" celebrate "Earth Day" (05/05/2009)
    To express its concern and special sensitivity to issues related to the environment
  • Families or individuals with children adopted from other countries may apply for a grant to the Ministry of Social Policy (05/05/2009)
  • Students of the Theatre Workshop of the People's University conducted a preview of the theatrical feature "In the beginning was the end" and "The Confession" (04/05/2009)

  • Request enter the theater of "Jail" in the Professional Performing Arts Tour of Murcia (04/05/2009)

  • Signed a collaboration agreement for the operation of the center early and Occupational Center "José Moya" (04/05/2009)
    The project amounts to 348,233 euros
  • ... (04/05/2009)

  • Totana participates in the Regional Employment Commission composed of the municipalities in the region of Guadalentín (04/05/2009)
    Your constitution has taken place this morning in Lorca
  • They give the council a grant amounting to 521,000 euros for the seven projects for the regeneration of streets, sidewalks and replacement of general services (04/05/2009)
    includes the Works and Services Plan (POS) 2009
  • The PSOE de Totana ensures that "the socialist government restores the migration background" (04/05/2009)
    "While the PP of Totana reduces aid for cooperation and development"
  • Request a grant for the siting of safety barriers in the way of the Canal, the Ermita de la Huerta and Jaboneros (04/05/2009)
    And for the evacuation of runoff in the way of Pastry
  • Jose Angel Camacho, the Club Ciclista Santa Eulalia, 4th in the first test of Schools Cycling (04/05/2009)
    took place last May 1 in Los Dolores (Cartagena)
  • Canto de Los Mayos 2009 (03/05/2009)
    Organized by the Santa Cecilia Chorus
  • The Socialist executive has been involved, as in previous years, the Labor Day event (03/05/2009)
    The demonstration took place on 1 May
  • The municipality will undertake the drainage improvement works at the Shrine of the Holy (03/05/2009)
    order to solve the serious moisture problems suffered by this building and they are causing structural damage
  • Criticize "the delay of 6 years in the works of Urbanization in the Unit of Action The Yesera" (02/05/2009)
    "The works, in a state of abandonment and neglect, are making serious inconvenience for locals and an unjustified delay in the opening of streets and infrastructure, "reported from the United Left in Totana
  • The City Council signed an agreement with the company that develops the great works of the Local Investment Fund (02/05/2009)
    ... to hire these people in emergency situations that benefit from SEAPA

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