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  • 65 large families will benefit from the subsidy in the urban property tax bill for 2008 (30/08/2008)

  • Develop a brochure that contains a number of useful guidelines for parents (30/08/2008)
    Whose children should be incorporated into new school
  • The PP requires an explanation from the Socialist Group on "the disappearance of their council members in institutional representative bodies" (30/08/2008)
    And denounce "their negligence in municipal activity"
  • The Municipal People's expressed "surprise at the sudden concern by IU + LV on the economic situation of the municipality" (29/08/2008)

  • Totana have a Support Center for Victims of Violence (CAVI) (29/08/2008)

  • Develop a catalog of public roads (29/08/2008)
    In an effort to revise and supplement the information contained in the General Plan of Totana, which is currently in the pipeline
  • "First National Meeting of Families, professionals and people with rare diseases" (29/08/2008)
    Totana be developed in the 24th, 25th and 26th October at the training center Permanent exposition of "the Pond"
  • Training Programme for Integration and Intercultural Coexistence (28/08/2008)
    offers training services and Translation and Interpretation, among others
  • The celebration of neighborhoods and districts will continue throughout the month of September (28/08/2008)

  • Request the call "urgent" in the Special Accounts Committee (28/08/2008)
    to study "the economic plight of the City to the brutal decline of Revenue
  • Grant of 12,300 euros for the improvement and equipping of facilities for the provision of services for women (27/08/2008)

  • Course on "Translation and intercultural mediation" of the Universidad Internacional del Mar (27/08/2008)
    be held from 15 to 19 September at the cultural center "Jail"
  • Program Summer Youth 2008 " (27/08/2008)
    About 500 people participated in activities organized during the months of July and August
  • Request the inclusion of the Walas located in El Parral, Jail and Citizen Participation in the Network "CTNet" (27/08/2008)
    In order to improve the Internet connection
  • The PP Totana Pedro Saura calls to "take urgent measures to open court cases against socialist council Totana" (27/08/2008)
    And also against the current secretary general, Alfonso Martínez Baños
  • The service of "Volunteering and International Relations" has managed a stock consisting of 291 people volunteering (26/08/2008)

  • Local Job Center made 600 follow-up of the users registered with the employment exchange and training (26/08/2008)
    During the first half of the year
  • The ORA starts from September 1 (26/08/2008)
    After being exempt from payment for the entire month of August
  • The summer movie ends this week with a screening of the movie "Kun-Fu Panda" (25/08/2008)

  • They will sign a cooperation agreement for the provision of services and programs for equal opportunities (25/08/2008)
    and attention to women victims of gender violence
  • The project RAITOTANA computer courses will resume in September (25/08/2008)
    With new offers training
  • Grant a subsidy to the council of education for the amount of 87,657 euros for the implementation of three projects (25/08/2008)

  • "D'Genes" requesting membership of the European platform for rare diseases "EURORDIS" (25/08/2008)

  • Cebag shows its "unconditional support to President Valcárcel against Totana PP" (25/08/2008)
    Note that "does not preclude injunctive relief and even ask people in the ongoing proceedings"
  • First ATP title for coach Pedro Cánovas totanero in Timisoara (24/08/2008)

  • I Soccer Tournament "Juan Cayuela" (24/08/2008)
    Mazarrón thrashed The Olympic (0-5)
  • The PP Totana complaint that "the president of the local PSOE Cebag and promote the implementation of a media platform to wear down the municipal government and defend their political and business interests" (23/08/2008)
    For its part, the PSOE totanero reported that " Totana Mayor wanted to mount a media platform that was to be his and he was going to be controlled "
  • Campaign Sharpen your school supplies " (22/08/2008)
    Pickup 350 large textbooks and school supplies during the academic year 2007-08
  • The municipality with aid of up to 50% for young entrepreneurs (22/08/2008)
    In order to encourage the establishment of new businesses in the municipality and diversify the local economy
  • Request grants amounting to 20,000 euros for the maintenance and acquisition activities and equipment (22/08/2008)

  • The city of Totana recruited 17 young unemployed (22/08/2008)
    According to several grants from the regional employment service and training valued at 413,505 euros
  • The "Olympic Totana" presents the new uniforms for this season (22/08/2008)
    will soon mark the 50 anniversary of the creation of Atletico
  • The Totana PB PB is twinned with "Jose Luis Nuñez" Tarazona de la Mancha (21/08/2008)
    In addition, it presents the draft agenda of the XXXII Trobada Clubs Advisory council
  • Organize various training courses aimed at self-employed and active workers (21/08/2008)
    be taught from September
  • The "Sign Language Workshop" will begin teaching in September (21/08/2008)
    is organized by the municipality and the association of the deaf "The Unicorn"
  • It authorizes the drafting of the amended draft of the work to proceed with the reform of the existing garden of the Red Cross (21/08/2008)
    will have two areas for playgrounds and a park for seniors
  • Still open the register at one of the activities that require the participation of volunteers (21/08/2008)
    How is the "journey of family life with children in the Sahara", which takes place on Saturday August 23 at Holy
  • The city of Totana shows his "dismay" over the tragic plane crash in Barajas (21/08/2008)
    Y expresses its sympathy to the families and friends of victims
  • The "raitotana" gave a total of 10 courses in the computer room of the vine during the first half of year (20/08/2008)
    With the participation of more than a hundred people
  • ... (20/08/2008)

  • Bus solidarity of the world trobada XXXII clubs FC Barcelona (20/08/2008)
    was officially launched on the esplanade of the Camp Nou
  • "D'Genes" will be the delegation Murcia "Federico" from September (20/08/2008)
    According to D'Genes, this is a great challenge and an honor for this entity
  • I day family life (20/08/2008)
    It will bring together more than 160 Saharawi children accommodated in the Region of Murcia during the summer months
  • The PSOE reaffirms that "The General" has become a placement agency for activists and supporters of the PP " (20/08/2008)
    The Socialist Party denounced" the dark dealings of the municipal government and the General to recruit militants and supporters of the PP, and municipal finance spending "
  • Warn of the "deterioration of municipal services" (20/08/2008)
    According to the Municipal Group of IU + Greens in Totana, "several months without graves in the municipal cemetery, streets and gardens dirtier than ever, without conservation roads .. . '
  • Plan for Prevention and Control Municipal Truancy (19/08/2008)
    municipal service prevention and control of school absenteeism records a total of 168 cases operated in nursery, primary and secondary schools during the school year 2007/08
  • Press release by the association of employers in the construction of low Guadalentín - AEMC (19/08/2008)

  • Cebag denies accusations of Totana PP (19/08/2008)

  • Guarantees to the consumer should be required when hiring the famous "quick credit" (19/08/2008)
    The Department of Consumer Affairs of the City of Totana, through the Municipal Bureau of Information to Consumers (OMIC), has launched an information campaign
  • The Totana PP calls for the resignation of President Cebag, José Luis Hernández (19/08/2008)
    "to stop hiding under the banner of this organization and definitely go to the political world"
  • Request the participation of volunteers (19/08/2008)
    To assist with activities and events organized by various bodies and associations
  • The Socialist reported "dark dealings in the services that The General is providing in Totana" (19/08/2008)
    On the other hand, the PP laments that "the PSOE spokesman in Totana attack on the company's General and his workers because he did not affect the crisis because it charges all citizens "
  • The summer film project tomorrow the movie "Chronicles of Narnia 2, Prince Caspian" (18/08/2008)

  • Today begins the works to solve the problems of water pressure in 23 houses in the street Moratín (18/08/2008)
    In the neighborhood Tirol-Camilleri
  • The works of the first phase of public lighting in a stretch of road Virgen de la Paloma, will begin on Thursday, August 21 (18/08/2008)
    Coinciding with the opening of the festivities in this area
  • Request a grant to carry out the reform of the market hall (18/08/2008)
    In an effort to promote local business sector
  • The PP claims that "José Luis Hernández and Cebag COATO used to promote personal and partisan interests" (18/08/2008)
    "while his friends supported the PSOE and IU in its campaign of demonization of the General Plan"
  • PSOE: "Totana may lose water supply of the Tajo-Segura" (18/08/2008)
    El PSOE claims that in January 2007 warned of the danger of losing the water supply for irrigation PGOU shift to declare most of the area Totana as irrigable land for development
  • Spain Championship Chess clubs Burguillos (Sevilla) (18/08/2008)
    It has been held a year in a row over Spain's championship chess clubs in the province of Seville, in the village of Burguillos, from 13 to 17 August
  • Totana Socialists ask for a meeting with Valcárcel (16/08/2008)
    The spokesman of this political, Juan Francisco Otálora, Valcárcel like to inform "the grave situation in Totana a result of the operation Totem"
  • A total of 30 people will participate in a youth camp to be held from 16 to 22 August in "The Stables" Sierra Espuña (14/08/2008)

  • I was introduced Football Trophy "Juan Cayuela" to be held on 22 August between the Olympic and Mazarrón CF (14/08/2008)
    Totana's Olympic Stadium will this year with a budget of between 90,000 and 100,000 euros
  • The regrets PP PSOE spokesman in Totana "make municipal opposition from Aragon and direct political strategies of the group from their holiday destination" (14/08/2008)

  • Municipal service sign language interpreter services resumes in September (13/08/2008)
    This municipal service sign language interpreter was born with the aim of contributing to social integration of deaf people of Totana
  • Market craftsman in the area of La Santa from the month of September (13/08/2008)

  • The SEF grant 251,000 euros to the City for hiring unemployed workers and a local development worker (13/08/2008)

  • According to the PP, many residents of Totana reported in recent days to the City Council presenting false claims to the General Plan without his permission (13/08/2008)

  • The Socialist Party says that "the PP of Totana try again divert the public attention the case Totem" (13/08/2008)
    Totana socialist group insists "it was falsified not one of the 4200 allegations that dealt with the PSOE in June"
  • They begin the procedures for conducting a study of use of non-potable water for the irrigation of parks and gardens of the town (13/08/2008)

  • Culture recalls the bases of the eighth edition of "Historical Research Award" Alporchones, and increasing their value, worth 3,000 euros (12/08/2008)

  • More than 200 children and youth benefit from the performance of the project "Promoting Education" conducted by "The Candle" during the school year 2007/08 (12/08/2008)

  • IU alert to the danger of layoffs in the heated "to privatization by the PP" (12/08/2008)
    "The privatization of the heated pool is a step in the proceedings without logic that is leading the PP government, a situation that comes too large "
  • Works to resolve water pressure problems in 23 homes Moratín street in the neighborhood Camilleri Tirol (12/08/2008)
    The works will last for the second half of August and have a budget of 34,000 euros
  • The PP says that all indoor workers are guaranteed their jobs and criticizes the policy "alarming and ominous" UI + LV (12/08/2008)

  • The Consitorio studies UCOMUR transfer of facilities to create a "Centre of information, advice, training" (11/08/2008)

  • The City Council will launch in September the recruitment process for the school workshop "House of Nuns" (11/08/2008)
    Through this project, which will last 24 months, will proceed to the procurement by City Council a total of 32 students
  • Inauguration of the rehabilitation works of the Hermitage "Our Lady of the Rosary of Paretón-Cantareros and new parish halls (11/08/2008)
    The opening ceremony was held coinciding with the start of the festivities taking place from this week the hamlet
  • The PP says that IU "again lied" about the school entered in the "La Scale" (11/08/2008)

  • The Youth Council of the City of Totana reports that there are still vacancies for the trip to Ibiza (11/08/2008)
    The trip to Ibiza is scheduled for 28, 29, 30 and 31 August and is an activity organized within the Summer Youth Program 2008
  • New operating rules for the provision of material support services to associations and nonprofit organizations (08/08/2008)
    This service material support is the free loan of audiovisual material, Laptops, PA equipment and camera, among alia, for the development of nonprofit activities
  • Grant to the City of Totana a grant amounting to 12,814 euros for the acquisition of bibliographic to the municipal library (08/08/2008)
    Public Library needs a constant influx of new and old materials output to continue to be important for the community and have an acceptable level now
  • Municipal Voluntary Service promote voluntary action in the different municipal areas and ensure a real and effective participation (08/08/2008)
    The service has already begun conducting a comprehensive study of the different areas of the City of Totana
  • UI Totana request the resignation of Councillor for Education "for his disastrous management on land awarded to Globalis EDUCATIONAL, for the construction of a private school in the La Scale" (08/08/2008)
    "The incompetence Policy Roque Molina is settled by in that it is Councillor of Finance, audited no private calls Juan Morales performed in Brazil, with the motive of the City, paid by the residents, "he added.
  • Grant of Regional Employment Service and Training program execution OPEA "vocational guidance for employment and self-employment assistance" (07/08/2008)
    OPEA Coordination Program is brought from the Local Development Centre located in the Industrial " The Salt marsh, which offers career counseling services, information and advice to entrepreneurs and business owners
  • It authorizes the drafting of the amended draft of the works of the arena of the San Jose area, which will be located next to the neighborhood school (07/08/2008)
    The multisport outdoor track will be built on an area of 1,041 square meters and will be used to practice different forms sports as football, basketball, volleyball and tennis
  • The Public Library of Socio-Cultural Center "The Jail" increases the bibliographic (07/08/2008)
    The library has increased the number of users in 2007 reached a record figure of 45,825 persons, of whom 23,325 were consultations, 10,500 students and 12,000 were for the children's section
  • Friendly match between Deportiva Lorca and CF Hercules Alicante, Second Division A (07/08/2008)
    Will this Sunday at the municipal football stadium "Juan Cayuela"
  • The Ministry of Tourism to the City Council granted 150,000 euros for the management of adjacent areas to the chapel of the Shrine of the Holy (07/08/2008)
    The subsidy is given to the Consistory totanero in two installments: 60,000 euros in 2008 and 90,000 euros in 2009
  • Culture lists thousands of documents in the Provincial Court and former justices of Murcia and Totana (07/08/2008)
    Researchers can access files of historical significance as before the Civil War, among many others
  • PSOE: "The economic indicators in the Region of Murcia is the worst in Spain" (07/08/2008)

  • Free Computer Training from September 15, 2008 (06/08/2008)
    The Department of Women and Equal Opportunities will be organized from September 15 different computer courses through the project RAITOTANA - Network Computer Rooms Totana
  • Work begins on "Reform of the Market Square" to build the new headquarters of the local police units (06/08/2008)
    The refurbishment of Market Square, to build the new headquarters to house police units Local town and have started with a lead time of six months
  • Work begins to repair the wood floor deck of the Municipal Sports Pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez" (06/08/2008)
    The works, which shall be the repair of the roof of the pavilion and the wooden floor, which is a result of leaks found in a very deteriorated, according to the mayor, will be completed by the end of August
  • City officials and church this Sunday inaugurated the restoration of the chapel of Cantareros (06/08/2008)
    The event will take place from 11:30 am, and will be presented during the same video with the restoration process, before to officiate the first religious act upon the actions undertaken
  • IU denounces the situation of "negligence" which is the industrial area of Totana (06/08/2008)
    "The industrial area of Salt marsh, a few years ago was a model in environmental quality, is mired in apathy, by the nefarious work of Industry councilman and spokesman of the PP in Totana, Valverde Queen "
  • UPyD in Totana says that "over 500 people support the Manifesto for Totana common language" (06/08/2008)
    "Within hours, more than 500 signatures"
  • The City participates in a pilot program of simultaneous translation (05/08/2008)

  • Collaboration agreement for the provision of services and programs for equal opportunity and care for women victims of gender violence (05/08/2008)

  • The Youth Housing Office, which provides information and advice on housing, serving a total of 180 consultations during the first half of year (05/08/2008)

  • The PP Totana requires "effective measures" to the central government to curb job losses in this county (05/08/2008)

  • Granted 291,000 euros for the rehabilitation project of the Casa del General Aznar and 25,000 euros for the drafting of the proposed renovation of the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja (05/08/2008)

  • Agreement to co-finance the project in four equal annual "Youth Resource Centre, young space" (04/08/2008)

  • Grants for families totaneras model incorporating a renewable energy installation at home (04/08/2008)
    municipal subsidies amount to 250 euros
  • The autonomous granted 26,719 euros for the equipping of the new kindergarten school that was built in the neighborhood of "El Parral" (04/08/2008)

  • The celebration of the hamlet of La Costera, in Totana, exceeded all expectations in its seventh year (04/08/2008)
    From rock to folk verse, of "Uncle John Rita" through the traditional festivals, sports, dining, joy and fellowship with the perfect fireworks
  • The PSOE de Totana requires the PP to "stop looking for headlines and manipulate the citizens and assume responsibility for the case Totem" (03/08/2008)

  • PP: "The Court of Auditors asked for more documentation to the City of Totana on investigating alleged accounting reach the spokesman for the Socialist municipal Otálora" (02/08/2008)

  • A total of 90 children will participate in two summer camps in the classroom of the nature of "The Stables" (01/08/2008)

  • Hundreds of people take a last farewell at the end of the Policia Local Alfonso Rodriguez Murcia in a mass burial (01/08/2008)
    Totana was natural and had a mean age of 36, was married with a son
  • The mayor meets with neighborhood residents Olympic (01/08/2008)


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