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  • Win Totana: The City Council receives a new ruling from the Supreme Court in which it is ordered to pay € 6,759,360 "for two disastrous actions of the PP in 2009 and 2012" (28/02/2019)

  • The mayor accompanies La Musa and Don Carnal in their traditional carnival visit to the residence "La Purisima, together with the Federation of Peñas (28/02/2019)

  • The Queen Sofia School celebrates its IV open day (28/02/2019)
    It took place last Saturday, February 23
  • Mayor Andrés García and former councilor Josefina Gálvez will be the municipal representatives in the new Local Committee of the Spanish Red Cross (27/02/2019)

  • The corporate profile of Totana City Council in the social network Twitter enters the TOP-10 of the most widespread and most influential local entities of the Region of Murcia (27/02/2019)

  • The PP of Totana will ask during the plenary session of February that the City Council adhere to the celebrations for the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Tajo-Segura transfer (27/02/2019)
    Furthermore, it will defend a motion to combat the illegal occupation of homes
  • The Municipal Corporation will tomorrow make a symbolic act of support to the D'Genes Association before the regular plenary coinciding with the World Day of Rare Diseases (27/02/2019)
    The City Council congratulates the Association of Rare Diseases D'Genes coinciding with the fifth anniversary, today, the opening of the Multidisciplinary Center "Celia Carrión Pérez de Tudela"
  • "Since the recognition and gratitude to the Federation of Peñas de Carnaval de Totana" (27/02/2019)
    Juan Cánovas Mulero.
  • The February plenary addresses the joint motion for the commemoration of March 8 on the occasion of International Women's Day (26/02/2019)

  • This next weekend the main parades of the Carnival of adults and children, with clubs and schools of Totana (26/02/2019)

  • Municipal authorities visit the new facilities of "El Torrejón" (26/02/2019)

  • Leo López, ex-footballer and former coach of the Totana Olympiad dies (26/02/2019)
    He was 48 years old
  • Families will be able to apply for a place in the educational centers from March 4 to 15 for the next school year 2019/2020 (25/02/2019)
    The raffle for letters of last name will be made on March 1
  • The V Forum Education and Emotion was developed with great success last weekend (25/02/2019)

  • Disability Day Centers organize the I Adapted Carnival Parade in Totana (25/02/2019)
    It will be held this next Thursday
  • Municipal authorities meet with parents of the users of the Day Center for People with Intellectual Disabilities "José Moyá" (25/02/2019)
    In order to evaluate the new programs and professionals incorporated
  • The CAT is in great shape: Gold in Ultrafondo, participation in the national cross and strong presence in the Air Base (25/02/2019)

  • The mayor summons the two candidates that choose to direct the COATO cooperative to a work table (25/02/2019)
    To look for consensus measures that allow for the creation of a joint list that represents all the affected parties
  • The PP denounces that the government team refuses to give explanations about the lease of the Hotel and Rural Houses of La Santa (25/02/2019)
    "The Rural Houses of La Santa are in a state of neglect and ruin", denounce
  • ... (24/02/2019)

  • This week the works begin to cover 720 square meters of sports court in the School of Early Childhood and Primary Education "San José" (24/02/2019)

  • Award ceremony of the XIX Open Tennis Promises "Ciudad de Totana" (24/02/2019)

  • Coato statement before the events that took place yesterday at the ordinary and extraordinary general assembly (23/02/2019)

  • The Artisan Market of La Santa is once again celebrated, after the Christmas holidays, this coming Sunday, February 24 (22/02/2019)
    And now uninterrupted until the summer
  • The railway suspension of the Cercanías Murcia-Lorca will continue until February 28 (22/02/2019)
    Renfe will maintain the alternative road transport service
  • Red Cross of Totana has started the program ENRÉDATE this week (22/02/2019)
    Consists in the visit by volunteers once a week to people who live alone
  • II Gala Cope Espuña, a joy for Totana (22/02/2019)
    Juan Cánovas Mulero.
  • The Callejón del Guadalentín Street and the Extremadura road are opened to traffic after the renovation of the network and sewage connections (21/02/2019)

  • More than 150 people collaborate with the participative program of Ganar Totana (21/02/2019)
    The formation invites the totaneros to contribute their ideas and initiatives joining the work groups or through the online platform, in a pioneering project to write a participatory program of face to the next local elections
  • "I know myself, I love myself, I respect myself" (21/02/2019)
    CEIP La Cruz recently celebrated the XIIth Health Week
  • Tomorrow the new service of Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV) of Totana is inaugurated (21/02/2019)
    It is located in the IV Phase of the industrial polygon "El Saladar", between Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei streets
  • The BOE publishes the new agreement of the City Council with the General Directorate of Cadastre that will streamline and simplify procedures in this matter in the municipality (20/02/2019)

  • Musical Experience in Northampton with an Erasmus + Project of the IES Juan de la Cierva y Codorníu (20/02/2019)

  • The municipal government requests the Ministry of Finance and the FEMP to take concrete measures to remedy the situation of the consistories in a situation of financial risk, as is the case of Totana (20/02/2019)
    The mayor and the councilor of Finance expose the needs of the totanero Consistory in a work table in which the 11 city councils, administrations and involved entities participate
  • The Municipal Corporation will carry out a symbolic act of support for the D'Genes Association before the next regular plenary session in February (19/02/2019)
    Coinciding with the World Day of Rare Diseases
  • The Children's Plenary of the 2018/2019 academic year is celebrated this Thursday under the title "Totana, towards a more sustainable city" (19/02/2019)
    It will be the third of this term
  • They fix the section of the road of La Huerta at its intersection with the ravine of Los Molinos, at the height of the hermitage of this deputation (19/02/2019)

  • Ganar Totana proposes that recognition be given to the important environmental work of Ricardo Codorniu (18/02/2019)
    Giving his name to any square, street or significant building in our locality
  • The Local Police of Totana begins this Monday a campaign of the DGT of surveillance to vans, trucks and buses (18/02/2019)

  • Tennis Club Kuore de Totana participated in the INICIATENIS Tournament in Murcia (18/02/2019)

  • Carlos and Aurelio, from the Totana Athletics Club, participated in the IV edition of the Vrutrail (18/02/2019)

  • Totana will have 11 polling stations, with a total of 32 tables, for the calls of April 28 (general elections) and May 26 (municipal, autonomous and European elections) (18/02/2019)
    The electoral colleges of the Local of the Parents are incorporated Capuchins and the Adult Education Classrooms of the Instituto Viejo, which replace the "Clara Campoamor" and "Carmen Baró" Nursery Schools, respectively
  • Totana Club Totana TM Tournament Results This weekend the State Tournament took place in Valladolid, in which the 48 best players of each category are seen (17/02/2019)

  • The next theatrical visit to the La Bastida site will be on Saturday, April 13, in two morning shifts (16/02/2019)

  • They carry out pruning and maintenance of the population of palm trees on public roads, parks and gardens (15/02/2019)

  • The fourth day of open doors at the Reina Sofía School will take place on Saturday, February 23 (15/02/2019)
    One more year, the Reina Sofía school opens its doors to celebrate its IV DAY OF OPEN DOORS with an eye on the schooling of students for the course 2019-20
  • Municipal authorities attend the closing ceremony of the XII Health Week organized by the CEIP "La Cruz" de Totana (15/02/2019)

  • Tomorrow the painting exhibition titled "Momentos", by Pedro Mulero Cánovas opens (14/02/2019)

  • Intense weekend at the Totana Tennis Club (14/02/2019)

  • They arrest a man for assaulting, stealing and attempting to abuse a woman after the victim reported the assault (14/02/2019)

  • The Grand Prize of the Carnival of Totana 2019 will take place on Saturday, February 23 (14/02/2019)
    Discover all the details here
  • More than 600 students from five institutes of Totana and Alhama participate in the conference on genetic editing of Professor Lluís Montoliú (14/02/2019)
    It was organized by the Ministry of Education and the Center for Medical Studies
  • Winning Totana will require the European Parliament and the Spanish representatives in that institution to take immediate measures to mitigate the damage committed to the citrus producers (14/02/2019)

  • Completion of the renovation works of the network and sewage connections in the Callejón de la Calle Valle del Guadalentín and the Extremadura road (14/02/2019)

  • The Municipal Library "Mateo García" celebrates Valentine's Day by promoting "blind dates" between readers and books (14/02/2019)

  • The mayor congratulates the "Uncle Juan Rita", the longest living neighbor of Totana and Adoptive Son of the City, on the occasion of his 107th birthday (14/02/2019)

  • Totana hosts this Sunday the Spanish Championship of Autonomous Rugby Teams, with the combined Murcia and Aragon U-16 and U-18 (13/02/2019)
    The matches will be played at the municipal sports center "December 6" at 11:00 and 12:30 hours, respectively
  • The City Council subsidizes the Federation of Peñas del Carnaval with € 7,200 to defray part of the cost of organizing the Carnival for Adults (13/02/2019)

  • ... (13/02/2019)

  • The Civil Guard dismantles a marijuana plantation in a house in Totana illegally occupied by a young couple (13/02/2019)
    Two people have been investigated as alleged perpetrators of the crimes of growing and making drugs, and defrauding electric power
  • The contract for the drafting of the air conditioning project for the CEIP "Tierno Galván" of Totana is awarded (12/02/2019)

  • The Federation of Peñas de Carnaval relinquishes the management of the stands to Padisito to witness the two parades of adults and children (12/02/2019)
    They will be located on Puente Street
  • ... (12/02/2019)

  • The Automobile Club Totana celebrated its already traditional annual gala dinner (12/02/2019)
    It took place last Sunday, February 10
  • ... (11/02/2019)

  • From today, the circulation of trains between Murcia and Águilas is interrupted until February 23 Travelers will have to use the alternative bus service arranged to guarantee their mobility (11/02/2019)

  • Ganar Totana asks the National Government to ban advertising of casinos and online gambling in public broadcasting media (11/02/2019)

  • The CAT was present in the Half Marathon City of Orihuela- Regional Championship (11/02/2019)

  • The Brotherhood of Denial and Exaltation of the Cross will celebrate its Valentine's Day gala dinner next Saturday (11/02/2019)

  • The municipal library has been one of the winners of the XIX Reading Animation Campaign "María Moliner 2018" for its project to promote reading "Travel with us" (11/02/2019)
    The prize consists of 1,706 euros for the purchase of books
  • This Thursday a lecture on genome editing tools is held at Cine Velasco (11/02/2019)
    It is aimed at students of Science and Technology of Totana centers
  • The Local Government Board processes, in its last session, four licenses for the possession of potentially dangerous animals (11/02/2019)

  • The Kuore Totana Tennis School participated in a "PEQUETENIS" day with the youngest of the school (11/02/2019)
    It took place at the University of Murcia
  • They place a banner of the 40th Anniversary of the Tajo-Segura Transfer on the facade of the Community of Irrigators of Totana (11/02/2019)

  • Carrillo: "You have to take into account local artisans, always" (11/02/2019)

  • There are 5,700 visits to the La Bastida site and more than 400 visitors to the Torre Museum during 2018 (09/02/2019)

  • The 2nd National Drag Queens Carnival of Totana 2019 will be presented by Gina Boss (08/02/2019)
    It will take place on Saturday, February 16
  • The Musical Association of Totana organizes a broad and ambitious program of activities for the whole year 2019 (08/02/2019)
    It has the collaboration of the Department of Culture
  • Totana celebrates during the month of March the "Que vivan las mujeres" Festival, with an extensive program of social, musical and cultural activities to commemorate International Women's Day (08/02/2019)
    This year is organized by "Producciones Sáez", and the coordination and collaboration of the Department of Women and Equality
  • Sold out the places for the V Forum Education and Emotion that will take place during the days 22 and 23 of February in Totana (08/02/2019)

  • The 7th French Workshop, free of charge, will take place from February 25 to April 12 at "La Cárcel" (07/02/2019)

  • The Cepaim Foundation organizes in March the course "Interculturality and Strategies for Social Cohesion" within the program "La Cárcel Formación" (07/02/2019)

  • The PP calls on Murcia society to go to the concentration in Madrid "to return the Constitutional order in Catalonia" (07/02/2019)
    The PP of Totana with the PP of Aledo and Librilla, announce that the party makes available to its neighbors "free coaches for anyone who wants to defend the unity of Spain"
  • The Totana 2019 Carnival Proclamation Gala will be presented by Eva Isanta (06/02/2019)
    It will take place next February 23
  • A total of 58 agricultural unemployed contracted this week have begun their work in different areas of the municipality (06/02/2019)
    Corresponding to the second shift of the program of County Councils
  • The agenda of the "Reading Club 2018/19" program continues with the analysis and reading of a work every month until June (06/02/2019)

  • Two contracts of assignment of spaces to entrepreneurs installed in the Business Incubator for a period of six months are extended (05/02/2019)

  • They entrust to the mercantile CEDETO, SL the Service of Conserjería and Notifications of the City council of Totana until the 31 of January of the year 2020 (05/02/2019)

  • The local police arrest a man for an alleged crime of robbery with violence and intimidation (05/02/2019)
    He was armed with a kitchen knife in a multi-price store
  • Participation of the Athletics Club of Totana in the XXII Half Marathon of Almería (04/02/2019)

  • The Town Hall and the Collective for Social Promotion "El Candil" organize an Agricultural Research Assistant Course (04/02/2019)
    It will take place from February 18 to April 11
  • Users of the Municipal Center for Older Persons receive a training talk to prevent cholesterol (04/02/2019)

  • The resolution of the contract of the restaurant bar of the municipal sports center "December 6" and the cantina of the Sports Complex "Valle del Guadalentín" is declared (04/02/2019)

  • The Center for Attention to Gender Violence in Bajo Guadalentín has processed 776 cases since its opening in 2008 (04/02/2019)

  • Juan José Cánovas invites candidates from the rest of the political groups to hold public debates, to present criteria and proposals (04/02/2019)
    Ganar Totana initiates a process of participatory work to create a government project with realistic future objectives and in accordance with the economic situation of the City Council
  • "Looking to the right ..." (04/02/2019)
    Now Totana - Civil Platform - thinks about the mayoral candidate for the Partido Popular, Juan Pagán
  • Juan José Cánovas: "Beyond the jokes and other comadreos ..." (04/02/2019)
    (Works are loves and not vulgar jokes)
  • ... (03/02/2019)

  • They will maintain the opening of the Study Room during the weekends starting in February, responding to the demands of the users (02/02/2019)
    It had been agreed to open this infrastructure only in December and January, coinciding with the university examination period
  • ... (02/02/2019)

  • A collaboration agreement with the Foundation for Health Education and Research of the Region of Murcia (FFIS) is approved (01/02/2019)

  • The new councilor of the Municipal People's Group, Eulalia Hernández López takes office (01/02/2019)
    Replaces Francisco José Martínez Casanova in the position
  • Totana joins the crusade to find, sign and seal the wells and reservoirs in the municipality (01/02/2019)
    Above all, in the Sierra Espuña regional park
  • The CEIP La Cruz brings out his best smile on the "Day of Peace" (01/02/2019)

  • ... (01/02/2019)

  • The municipal park is closed to avoid accidents as a result of the effects of the strong wind (01/02/2019)


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