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  • Canovas: "The cynicism of the PP regarding the loan with BBVA exceeds all bearable limits on political, bordering the ruin" (31/08/2016)
    The Mayor recalls that there is greater transparency in the history of Totana that exercised by the mayor
  • ... (31/08/2016)

  • Schedule of Citizen Service is restored Town Hall from tomorrow, from 9:00 to 14:00, respectively (31/08/2016)

  • ORA service starts in Totana from tomorrow, Thursday, September 1 (31/08/2016)

  • The Sports Council will launch the program "School Sport 2016/17" during September (31/08/2016)

  • Reading Club resumed meetings with the analysis of the novel "Like Water for Chocolate" from late September (31/08/2016)

  • The next September 5th Tennis School starts Kuore on the slopes of the sports (30/08/2016)

  • The Department of Animal Protection School will offer lectures awareness of Tenure of Pets to schools for the academic year 2016/17 (30/08/2016)

  • The City Council will continue to collaborate with the University of Murcia in training students in foreign universities totaneros (30/08/2016)

  • Continued open until 9 September deadline for applications for the X edition of "Sunday Pelegrin Memorial MTB Gran Prix Bihr" (30/08/2016)

  • A plan of the Autonomous Community provides order and protect Espuña to the increased demand for public and recreational-sports use (29/08/2016)

  • The section "Lost and Found" by Totana.es receives almost 5,700 queries from its operation (29/08/2016)
    It is managed by the Local Police
  • A total of 47 companies submitted their bids for the rehabilitation of the road surface of the road main access to the site of La Bastida (28/08/2016)
    The performance is valued at more than one million euros for cleaning gutters, improving drainage, reconstruction embankments and platform stabilization of the road
  • The Last June members of the Eclipse and Chapas rocks found in a container abandoned a litter of puppies (27/08/2016)

  • The Last June members of the Eclipse and Chapas rocks found in a container abandoned a litter of puppies (27/08/2016)

  • Home Course 2016-17 school tennis tennis club Totana (27/08/2016)
    Next Thursday September 1 will begin a new course of the School of Tennis Club de Tenis Totana
  • Continued open enrollment period the Center for Adult Education "Under Guadalentín" for the next course 2016/2017 (26/08/2016)
    Whose training offer is broad in formal and non-formal lessons
  • Bag employment and training of the Department of Economic Development and Industry reached the figure of 489 active users (26/08/2016)
    Among the professions most in demand by companies are the agricultural, cleaner and waiter pawn
  • The Municipal Library "Mateo Garcia" will serve from Monday, August 29 (26/08/2016)
    After the brief holiday period
  • The Mayor will use all legal means to prevent the implementation of mobile phone antenna on Liberty Street (25/08/2016)

  • Municipal plenary sessions were broadcast live over the Internet from next September under an agreement with the "Integra" Foundation (25/08/2016)

  • The City Council has promoted for the first time, gender-neutral and egalitarian innovative institutional initiatives, such as accession to the Free Cities Network of Women Trafficking for prostitution (25/08/2016)
    The municipal government has also shown its commitment against LGTBfobia
  • The City Council plans to launch from September the Service home help for dependents (25/08/2016)

  • Totana currently has a total of 456 families with Title Large Family (24/08/2016)
    Of which 55 are of special type having five or more children
  • The extent of the Official Language School of Totana taught this year for the first time, the advanced level of English (24/08/2016)

  • The Department of Industry and Economic Development conduct a study to bring broadband to the industrial estate "El Saladar" (24/08/2016)
    Improving network and communications companies
  • The PSOE requires the Congress to urgently sign the agreement to consolidate irrigation Raiguero and Paretón (23/08/2016)

  • Move Next Saturday will give a Master Class of Combat in the Playa de la Ermita in Puerto de Mazarrón (23/08/2016)
    On the other hand, conduct a campus in September for children
  • María González Veracruz meets with farmers affected by irrigation records Raiguero (23/08/2016)

  • He studies analyzing the DNA of dog poop to fine owners who do not prevent incivilities on public roads (23/08/2016)

  • Social Welfare filed in recent months financial support to 85 families in the municipality of Totana who are socially in a more vulnerable (23/08/2016)

  • New podium for Totana Athletics Club Eagles (22/08/2016)

  • Victor Perez second junior in the march II bxm Sierra del Gigante in the parish (22/08/2016)

  • The City Council will ask Commonwealth Taibilla Channel assignment of the former Casa del Guarda-in Cordones- to use collective cultural and social promotion (22/08/2016)
    This measure will respond to the needs of space for conducting promotional activities cultural and social
  • Sports will launch on September 15 the municipal program "Maintenance Gymnastics 2016/217" (22/08/2016)
    In the Municipal Gymnasium "Jail"
  • Social Services is working with a total of 39 families in Totana with unprotected children in the family (22/08/2016)

  • Institutional collaboration between City Hall and SEF allows you to develop several joint actions to promote the employment of unemployed (22/08/2016)

  • They begin the activities of TM Totana Club for the 2015-2016 season (22/08/2016)

  • The mayor accused of being hypocritical, alarmist and irresponsible statement from the Popular Group Rate Cemetery and requires them seriously (19/08/2016)
    "The Plenary agreed to update the price of the graves in the cemetery, loss-making for years at 200 euros of which an annual average of 8 units sold "
  • Citizens interested Totana again to help solve the major problems and needs Raiguero (19/08/2016)

  • The PP claims to Win Totana-IU and PSOE up to 180% rates of the municipal cemetery (19/08/2016)
    "The consequences of the adjustment plan given start to the brutal tax increases and fees approved at the extraordinary plenary session by the leftist coalition "
  • Local Police recorded in the first seven months of 2016 a total of 184 lost objects (19/08/2016)
    reintegrated to their owners 62% of incidents
  • Remember that a number of guidelines for the proper use regulated track Skatepark (19/08/2016)
    It is located in "La Ramblica"
  • Today is the deadline for submission of proposals for conducting training activities in the 2016/17 course "Jail" (19/08/2016)

  • More than 75% of livestock facilities Totana can regularize their status with the General Plan (18/08/2016)
    The Mayor and Councilman Livestock met with the directors of the Association of Ranchers and Health Protection
  • The Department of Economic Development signs several agreements with regional professional organizations (18/08/2016)
    to stimulate the training and employment activity through the Business Incubator (Vivem)
  • They continue to sell bracelets with the benefits the acquisition of defibrillators for sports facilities will be financed (18/08/2016)

  • The program Reading Promotion, organized by the Municipal Library "Mateo Garcia" has had the participation of 2,240 students (18/08/2016)

  • Intense weekend lived Totana Athletics Club (17/08/2016)
    Saturday held the first edition of the race "Run with us" in Mazarrón and Monday it came the ninth edition of the night race Librilla
  • Neighbors and friends in the neighborhood of San Roque joins in living to celebrate the day of its patron (17/08/2016)
    took place last August 16, the feast of San Roque
  • Start the last half of the program "Summer Polideportivo'2016" (17/08/2016)

  • About 900 residents have been affected in recent months by the change of the 9 streets with Francoist references that exist in the street (17/08/2016)
    Cuyo agreement approved in September plenary
  • The City Council will request a grant to the Autonomous Community to restore the Fountain Square (16/08/2016)
    "We hope that the application of this aid will be reciprocated because we have the commitment of the President of the Region, Pedro Antonio Sanchez"
  • The City Council requests the Ministry of Health to be put into operation Health Councils and Area Health District (16/08/2016)

  • More than 150 children participated this summer in the program of work and family reconciliation "Holidays 3.0" (16/08/2016)
    It promotes the Association "El Candil", with the collaboration of the Department of Youth
  • It continues the calendar of celebrations in neighborhoods and districts of Totana scheduled for this summer 2016 (16/08/2016)
    It runs until the first weekend October
  • The Rugby Club Totana training begins tomorrow, Tuesday August 16 (15/08/2016)

  • The "Jail-Training 2016/17" will include a wide range of training activities for all ages and ages (15/08/2016)

  • The Sports Council opens the registration period for Football League "Play Fair" 2016/17, from September 5 (15/08/2016)

  • Cebag asks the mayor and the government team to place in the web of the city council his government program signed on June 5, 2015 and make a public balance compliance one year and two months gestion (12/08/2016)
    As you decide to publish, Cebag public opinion anticipates a copy of the Government Programme 2015-2019
  • The PSOE reminds the CEBAG that the PP left a ruined city hall, discredited by corruption and serious problems of operation (12/08/2016)
    Juan Jose Canovas should know that his duty as mayor is to promote dialogue and understanding instead of the tension
  • Fire CEIS intervene to quell declared in a dump in Totana fire (12/08/2016)
    In the Las Cabezuelas, Totana, where the archaeological site is located
  • ... (12/08/2016)

  • About thirty businessmen and entrepreneurs of Totana receive advice through the "Infomóvil" on your visits to this municipality (12/08/2016)

  • The exercise greater control over the contracts of municipal services is allowing improve their delivery to citizens (12/08/2016)

  • The mayor is committed to a town planning where people come first (12/08/2016)

  • On September 1 begins the 2016/17 season water in the pool Sports Center Move (12/08/2016)
    Now you can make your registration
  • Tolls reward for finding the "Coke" (11/08/2016)
    This is a dog breed dachshund was stolen by Tyrol area of ​​Totana few months ago.
  • Win Totana IU urges the President of CEBAG to review receipts at the rate of garbage paying totaneros reflected and correct their figures (11/08/2016)
    also request to remove insults "incapable, incompetent and useless" who poured exercising as spokesman for Entrepreneurs Under Guadalentín news conference
  • La Peña Totana Barcelonista part in the XXXVII World Congress of Peñas del FC Barcelona (11/08/2016)
    It was held on 10 August in Barcelona
  • The Department of Services 4289.72 euros invested in improvements in infant school "Clara Campoamor" (11/08/2016)
    These actions are the result of the various meetings held with the management team
  • The municipal government shows public revenues on the municipal website under the Agreement Transparency months approved in plenary (11/08/2016)

  • The City Council urges the Council to the pending reform that regulates the management of EI is processed in the municipalities (11/08/2016)

  • The City Council adheres to the draft Virtual Registry Office "ORVE" (11/08/2016)
    to progressively implement a network of common spaces for citizen services
  • The 31st edition of the Subida a LASANTA will take place from 23 to 25 September (10/08/2016)
    Return Championship Mountain Murcia double quotes of the legendary test totanera
  • Cebag confirms that the town of Totana is the most expensive region in the cost per resident of garbage collection (10/08/2016)
    Moreover, transparency Cebag requested but not delay or by inadequate ducts
  • Agreements on remedying deficiencies in the General Plan are available on the municipal website from today (10/08/2016)
    Neighbors can download the document of 178 pages or consult it to answer your questions, in an act of transparency of the City of Totana, highlight Winning from Totana
  • The Polideportivo Municipal "December 6" will host on August 21 the Fourth Conference of continuous swim (10/08/2016)
    An activity that serve to give visibility to people and families living with rare diseases
  • La Peña Totana Barcelonista part in the tournament organized Futgolf Juan Manuel Asensi (10/08/2016)
    It was developed last August 2 at the club Roda Golf
  • Appeal to public awareness in the responsible use of water and moderate consumption during the summer (10/08/2016)
    after a few months so hot and dry
  • The City thanks PADISITO available to provide transportation service that has made users of the Day Care Centers of Persons with Disabilities (10/08/2016)

  • Totana Athletics Club members participated in the XXXII edition of the climb to the Veleta (09/08/2016)

  • The Murcia, parties who use mobile phones more hours a day (09/08/2016)
    The average time spent Murcia hooked to mobile has risen over last year to stand at 4.68 hours a day
  • About 450 people participate in the various activities offered within the program "Totana Summer" in these school holidays (09/08/2016)

  • Committee on Occupational Safety and Health of the City of Totana is constituted (09/08/2016)
    To regulate the rights of consultation and participation of workers in this field
  • The rate of truancy in the town of Totana is slightly higher in teaching Secondary Education in Primary (09/08/2016)
    Although well below the regional average
  • The City participates again in the "Eurydice" program (09/08/2016)
    training to enable young foreigners stay through professional internships
  • Delivered in the Ministry Plan approved at the plenary session of July 28 with the correction of deficiencies made (08/08/2016)
    From this moment, within three months, the Ministry of Public Works and Infrastructure issued a total or partial report for final approval of the General Plan
  • It is awarded to the "Association Project Abraham" collection service on public roads used clothing, shoes and toys (08/08/2016)

  • Totana About 50 families will benefit from a regional grant of 27,717 euros (08/08/2016)
    to develop a support project to cover basic needs of vulnerable families
  • The SEPE grants three projects under the District Councils that will hire 114 workers from October to March 2017 (08/08/2016)

  • The mayor of Totana comes to meet the latest press release of the PSOE on the General Plan and the Convention of Government (05/08/2016)

  • The celebrations of El Alto Raiguero in honor of Santo Domingo de Guzman will be held from today until Sunday (05/08/2016)
    will feature performances of "Marianico The Short"
  • The Socialist Party is the only party that maintains consistency after 13 years (05/08/2016)
    The Executive Committee of the Socialist Group Totana has met to analyze the failure point 7 of the Convention of Government signed with Win Totana in June 2015
  • Vehicles with distinctive "0 emissions" will be exempt from the ORA 2020 in the town of Totana (05/08/2016)

  • Support Services Business Transfer and Point of Care Entrepreneur (PAE) remain available to businessmen and entrepreneurs (05/08/2016)
    Los provide PROINVITOSA and Local Development Office
  • The Guidance and Counseling Service makes a total of 150 steps of information to associations of Totana (05/08/2016)

  • During the last year they have launched a number of participatory structures that underpin the municipal social participation in Totana (05/08/2016)

  • The land-use planning of Totana, adopted in plenary on 28 July, ready to send to the Ministry (04/08/2016)
    "The agreement holds plenary maximum consensus reached in stages with 15 votes out of 21"
  • The mayor continues meetings with members of regional government from this September (04/08/2016)
    to address needs and plan activities to mark new political course
  • Over a hundred and fifty people participated in various training activities offered through the program "Jail-Training (04/08/2016)
    during the period October 2015 to June 2016
  • The Board of Spokesmen shall henceforth compliance with the agreements approved in the Totana full municipal (04/08/2016)

  • More than 500 students of primary and secondary education are trained in drug prevention this past school year (04/08/2016)

  • The Corps Commander of the Air Force General Juan Carlos Giz takes possession of the Headquarters Squadron of EVA 13 (03/08/2016)
    The event took place in the Morrón de Espuña
  • The promotional video of the Parties Paretón-Cantareros 2016 rampaging over 15,000 reproductions in Totana.com in less than 24 hours (03/08/2016)
    After the success achieved last year, residents of the hamlet totanera returned to record a video clip where they lack in mood
  • Family earmarked 118,000 euros for home help for dependent people in Totana (03/08/2016)
    The regional government's goal is to bring this service to all municipalities in the region, which will benefit 2,500 people
  • Closing of the Course Introduction to Cycling Sport Cycling Terra (03/08/2016)

  • The totanero José Carrasco Meroño new vice president of femae (03/08/2016)
    The young high school student is done with the Vice President and also assume the Ministry of Education policy
  • The PSOE ensures that the Municipal General Management Plan is not yet approved (03/08/2016)

  • The City Council signed an agreement with the Ministry of Public Works for the exchange of information related to the housing sector through the geoportal "SIVMURCIA" (03/08/2016)
    The Consistory facilitate, through the Municipal Water Service, consultation and digital download of
  • Remember that you can not make any fire in barbecues enabled in Espuña or camping-gas use for cooking in the bush until October (03/08/2016)

  • The "Mateo Garcia" library again participate this year in the XVII Contest Campaign Reading Promotion "María Moliner" (03/08/2016)

  • Professional CAVI Totana expand the service with a total of nine hours a week (03/08/2016)
    to increase the psychological, legal and social support
  • Launched a video to promote the Festival of Paretón-Cantareros 2016, to be held from 11 to 16 August, in honor of the Virgen del Rosario (02/08/2016)
    After the success of last year, residents of the totanera pedanía again record a video clip where they lack in mood
  • Are encouraged to use the letter of services provided in the CLD (02/08/2016)

  • The City and the University of Murcia agree to establish a permanent headquarters of University Extension in the town of Totana (02/08/2016)

  • The "Press Kit" and the "Agenda Mayor" are the sections which are most interest among users of the corporate web Totana.es (02/08/2016)
    Monograph webs of Sports and Youth Cemetery are the most visited half have in terms global daily
  • The City Council promotes actions of effective equality between men and women in public procurement by including clauses in procedures (02/08/2016)

  • Full gives its approval to the correction of PGMOU approved in the legislature of the PP after a year of prodding the Municipal People (01/08/2016)

  • The PSOE requires support for the conservation of the archaeological site of La Bastida, Totana (01/08/2016)
    Deputy Alfonso Martínez Baños says that it is an international benchmark in the world of archeology, but it must be put in value to also make it a reference in the world of culture and tourism
  • The schedule of guided tours to the site of La Bastida argárico changes during the summer due to high temperatures (01/08/2016)

  • The program "College Volunteer social intervention projects" extend to "educational reinforcement" for the next school year (01/08/2016)

  • The Department of Economic Development recalls that there are new incentives for hiring young beneficiaries of Youth Guarantee (01/08/2016)


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