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  • A new medical center will update the medical services of Totana (28/02/2015)
    Last Friday opened in Totana Eden Medical Center, a private clinic that will provide the municipality of specialists from different areas and has the latest technologies
  • The public library of the Social Center "Jail" takes the name "Matt Garcia" in homage to the first official chronicler of the City of Totana (28/02/2015)

  • ... (27/02/2015)

  • Great Medieval Market immersed for this weekend the streets of the city center of Totana in a feast for the senses (27/02/2015)

  • The multidisciplinary center "Carrion Celia Perez de Tudela" marks one year (27/02/2015)

  • The Federation of Peñas de Carnaval thanks to the development of Carnival 2015, "the best carnival in recent years" (26/02/2015)

  • The "Arm" celebrated its 250th anniversary this year (26/02/2015)
    The Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus has organized numerous events to mark this important event, which begins tomorrow with the opening of an exhibition
  • The plenary discussion today ordinance amending the internal system of the Municipal Cemetery "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" (26/02/2015)

  • The activities encourage reading "Treasure Pirate" with the participation of fifteen groups of second primary education (26/02/2015)
    After the reform, the Municipal Library has resumed program to encourage reading offered to schools Totana
  • The Public Library of Socio-Cultural Center "Jail" take tomorrow the name of the official chronicler, Matthew Garcia (26/02/2015)
    to follow up the whole agreement
  • Second Conference of adapted sports (26/02/2015)
    It took place on Tuesday 24 February and were organized by the "Diversi-on Leisure and diversity 'Association
  • Open the deadline for submitting applications until March 3, for the three jobs under the joint program for Employment and Training which will hire 15 student-workers (26/02/2015)
    Student-workers will be selected by the Department of Employment and Training
  • JSTotana announces its mobilization "against the new attack PP to Education and Public University" (26/02/2015)
    YS encourage youth of Totana to "like us, abet strike and demonstration Thursday in defense of the equal opportunities "
  • The altarpiece of Santa Eulalia regain its original splendor after the restoration work (25/02/2015)

  • They return the original splendor Altarpiece of the Sanctuary of Santa Eulalia (25/02/2015)
    In late March the restoration will be completed with the recovery of gold and polychrome one of the most outstanding works of the eighteenth century in the region
  • "The mayor and candidate of PP, takes pictures and videos with elderly election, while carrying five months without paying the Cooperative Home Care Service (25/02/2015)
    From IU-Green considered irresponsible
  • Totana Local Police arrested a man for an alleged crime of burglary in a bar in the town (25/02/2015)

  • "The PP is still threatening the payroll of workers trash" (25/02/2015)
    The socialist candidate for mayor Andrés García met with workers of the company refuse service
  • Totana host the V Contest "solidarity Bugles and Drums" to benefit the local board of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (25/02/2015)
    take place on the 28th, at 17:30 am at the Sports Pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez"
  • The Socialist Party congratulates the CB Totana by the recognition received in Puerto Lumbreras in favor of women's basketball and equality in sport (24/02/2015)

  • Unemployed people of Totana access to training to improve their chances of getting a job (24/02/2015)

  • El Colegio Luis Perez Rueda host the central act of Rare Disease Day (24/02/2015)
    is held under the slogan "There's a gesture that changes everything"
  • The program trekking Sports Council resumes with a route through the bank of the River Segura as it passes through Murcia (24/02/2015)

  • La Hermandad de Santa María Salomé organizes a day of living in Santa (24/02/2015)
    will take place on Saturday February 28
  • The City Council endorses the annual collaboration agreement with the Illustrious Cabildo Processions Superior (24/02/2015)
    for the development of the activities of Holy Week 2015
  • La Peña Madridista The Tenth / Agustín Herrerín organized a trip to Elche to witness the match between Elche CF and Real Madrid (24/02/2015)

  • The Socialists claim that "the people's party has left the economy and employment" (24/02/2015)
    "The consequence is that we have an unemployment rate of 2.55% above the national average and the legislature have been lost over 550 posts work, according to INE "
  • The Socio-Cultural Center "Jail" takes the screening of films with the premieres of "SpongeBob" and "Fifty Shades of Grey" (24/02/2015)

  • Totana hosted the third round of the inter-phase team sports, for the School Sports Programme (24/02/2015)
    schools participated Reina Sofia and Guadalentin
  • The Shining Path Totana club celebrated the "Arbor Day" (24/02/2015)
    Conducted a circular route around the Morrón de Espuña, which included the planting of native trees
  • Another intense weekend of racing mtb and road to Santa Eulalia CC (24/02/2015)

  • They claim that "the Mayor spends 60,000 euros to a private company to perform an Inventory" (23/02/2015)
    "When in January 2012 stated that he was doing for Municipal Technical no cost"
  • The mayor congratulated the Federation of Peñas de Carnaval for organizing this year "best Carnival in the history of Totana" (23/02/2015)

  • Totana Athletics Club athletes participated in the race "The Valentine 2015" held in San Javier (23/02/2015)

  • Users PADISITO along with some family members and volunteers visited the carnival parade Totana (23/02/2015)

  • On Wednesday February 25th workshop "Advanced Use of Internet" will be held (23/02/2015)
    It is organized by Business and Professional Women of the Region of Murcia
  • The CB Totana receives recognition for the promotion of women's basketball and equality through sport (23/02/2015)
    In basketball I gala Puerto Lumbreras
  • 2015 state tournament Valladolid (22/02/2015)
    Four representatives of the club Totana TM participated in the State Tournament which was played at the Pavilion Pisuerga Valladolid
  • Discover the secrets of Yoga School of Kundalini Yoga "Footsteps" (22/02/2015)
    just launched its web centroyogakundalini.com page by Totana.com with Superweb
  • JSTotana: "The PP belittles women to not attack the wage gap" (22/02/2015)
    consider that "a wage gap of 24% is unacceptable in a society that should seek the goal of real equality between men and women"
  • First parade troupes of the Region of Murcia in Totana (21/02/2015)
    Mula, Mazarrón, Librilla, Sangonera la Verde and booklets along with the rocks of Totana star in the first parade troupes of the Region of Murcia
  • The "Cofrade Blood, Blood Solidarity" campaign was a success (21/02/2015)
    was held for the fifth year
  • People Totana unemployed access training (20/02/2015)
    To improve your chances of getting a job
  • "The Cañico" organizes a guided tour along the banks of the River Segura occasion of the "Flowering Cieza" (20/02/2015)
    will take place on Sunday March 8 and participants will enjoy spectacular scenery
  • The "Cofrade Blood, Blood Solidarity" campaign will take place this trade from 17:00 to 21:00 h (20/02/2015)
    is held for the fifth year
  • Users and Professionals Day Centre for the Elderly Dependents of Balsa Vieja celebrate Carnaval'2015 (20/02/2015)

  • Totana held tomorrow the first carnival parade with the participation of rocks from different parts of the Region of Murcia (20/02/2015)

  • The free visits to La Bastida again resumed after the completion of the refurbishment of the archaeological site (20/02/2015)

  • President of ERDF appear in the Senate and exposes the needs of those affected by rare diseases (19/02/2015)

  • The Committee on Employment of the Regional Assembly discussed in Totana measures and actions that are being developed in the region to combat unemployment (19/02/2015)

  • Totana The Socialist Party regrets the "PP obsession for power" (19/02/2015)
    Meanwhile, "unemployment, debt, deteriorating public services and its streets are unresolved"
  • Municipal officials attending the presentation of the Nazarene of Honor and poster Easter 2015 (19/02/2015)

  • IU accuses RENFE cut public services with the closing of the Sale of Tickets station in Totana (18/02/2015)
    "Since last February 16, RENFE has cleared the services of the railway station in Totana, with the passivity of PP has not moved a finger despite being approved by the full proposal of IU Green "
  • ... (18/02/2015)

  • The Socio-Cultural Center "Jail" welcomes this Friday February 20 comic performance of "Pepe Céspedes" in the cycle "Comicazos" (18/02/2015)

  • Last Sunday ended XV Open Tennis Promises "Totana Origin" (17/02/2015)

  • The City Council and the Association of Residents of the neighborhood San Francisco signed an agreement (17/02/2015)
    For the assignment of the clubhouse of the neighborhood and the revitalization of this infrastructure
  • More than 90 social leisure cultural activities, sports, and make programming "Totana Active" for the months of February and March (17/02/2015)

  • Totana host the V Contest "solidarity Bugles and Drums" to benefit the local board of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (17/02/2015)
    take place on the 28th, at 17:30 am at the Sports Pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez"
  • Good career Francisco Canovas, the CC Santa Eulalia, on the 2nd test XC Open in Tentegorra. (17/02/2015)

  • The three political groups will file a joint motion to the commemoration of International Women's Day (17/02/2015)

  • Citizens Totana calls on residents to submit proposals for the forthcoming elections (17/02/2015)

  • ... (16/02/2015)

  • The Socialist Party of Totana congratulated the Federation of Peñas de Carnaval (16/02/2015)
    By work and effort deployed at Carnival 2015
  • State Lotteries announces a contest to award points mixed sale of the commercial network (16/02/2015)
    Among them one at El Pareton-Cantareros
  • The Department of Sports organized the local phase petanque School Sports (16/02/2015)
    counted with the participation of 48 students from different schools of the locality
  • Tomorrow "Shrove Tuesday" will take place Concentration Masks in Constitution Square, at 21:00 pm (16/02/2015)
    And back to the street parades San Cristobal
  • First meeting Interclub Tennis School Kuore of Totana against the School of Lorca Club de Tenis (16/02/2015)

  • New Podium AD Peña Nine (16/02/2015)
    On this occasion would be in the form of orientation Mountain Bike
  • Juan José Canovas is endorsed as a candidate for Mayor of Totana, with 95% of votes among members and supporters of IU (15/02/2015)

  • Weekend Results Club Totana TM (15/02/2015)
    In 2nd National continues the good run and a new victory was achieved.
  • Hundreds of people receiving Child Carnival 2015 has set rhythm, color and fantasy streets of the town (15/02/2015)

  • The totanera Marcela Crespo, Citizen Council elected CAN Murcia (15/02/2015)

  • Fourteen rocks star in the first carnival parade in Totana (14/02/2015)
    Ha hundreds of people gathered in the main streets of the town
  • Over 200 people wrap up the candidate for mayor of PP (14/02/2015)
    In a ceremony in which he gave prominence to the supporters and members of the PP
  • Hundreds star in carnival parades, adult and child (13/02/2015)
    are held on Saturday and Sunday
  • Students from 3rd of ESO College "Reina Sofía" held a youth full (13/02/2015)
    As a culmination to the study of the teaching unit of the subject of Social Sciences, "Political parties by Totana"
  • Five associations including D'Genes and AELIP, you represent Murcia in the VII International Congress of orphan drugs and ER (13/02/2015)
    is held in Sevilla
  • Andres Garcia has been found after his meeting with PADISITO "lack of Social Policy of the Popular Party" (13/02/2015)

  • Hundreds star in carnival parades, adult and child held this Saturday and Sunday (13/02/2015)
    Hundreds star in carnival parades, adult and child, who held this Saturday, February 14 and Sunday 15
  • Activities and events from 14 to 18 February 2015 (13/02/2015)
    Information provided by the Informajoven - Department of Youth
  • Raimunda Cano Cayuela publishes an open letter to show their displeasure by not publishing an article in the Journal of Holy Week this year (12/02/2015)
    "I find it shameful that I refuse to participate in an annual edition Nazarene that I have as their own"
  • City officials visit the CEIP "The Cross" for the project of "Eco School Garden" which has been awarded the CARM (12/02/2015)

  • More than twenty inches of snow in the higher elevations Espuña (12/02/2015)
    access is cut from Collado Bermejo
  • Caterers organized several activities to mark the Carnival (12/02/2015)
    The most important are the Big Draw Carnival with which participants can win 1,000 euros, the carnival route and partying in the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja
  • The mural "Miko" Dogo Veterinary Clinic, conducted by the young artist Emilio totanero Cerezo, who starred in an Italian publication (12/02/2015)

  • The Employment Development Department is organizing two workshops on Blog Creating and Using Advanced Internet (12/02/2015)

  • CITIZENS in Totana open enrollment period and affiliation for those interested in going into the next election lists (11/02/2015)
    It is open from today until February 20
  • The schools of La Milagrosa and Regional Deitania, regional champions Badminton School Sports (11/02/2015)
    The final was held in San Pedro del Pinatar
  • The socialist candidate Andrés García has presented its five commitments that apply upon arrival for mayor (11/02/2015)

  • The totanero swimmer José Miguel Cano participated in the II Open Swim Master Murcia (11/02/2015)

  • The Federation of Peñas de Carnaval and "Sonimagina" organize II Photo Contest "Carnival Totana'2015" (11/02/2015)

  • The hiker club Totana held this weekend hiker three routes where snow was the main character (10/02/2015)

  • Good results of AD Peña Las Nueve de Totana Open Bike Marathon (10/02/2015)

  • The Multipurpose Room of the Paretón-Cantareros will open on February 28 (10/02/2015)
    Coinciding with the Carnival parade in this hamlet
  • The departments of Education and Health organized a talk on tips for pregnant women and road safety (10/02/2015)
    will take place on February 17 at the Health Centre "Totana Sur"
  • Inter phase begins Team Sports School Sports (10/02/2015)
    The first day took place in Alhama
  • The IES Juan de la Cierva and Colegio La Milagrosa he won second place in the regional final of Chess School Sports (10/02/2015)
    was held in Molina de Segura
  • The PP celebrated the official launch of its candidate, Isabel Maria Sanchez, Thursday, at 20:00 and invites all citizens (10/02/2015)
    take place at the headquarters of the local PP
  • Over two hundred people attended the solidarity V Rare Diseases route that linked Totana and Mary (10/02/2015)

  • José Andreo goes back to the podium in Almansa in an intense weekend of mtb for Santa Eulalia CC (10/02/2015)

  • Start the "Tennis Family" at the School of Tennis Kuore Saturday morning (09/02/2015)
    is an innovative project for tennis family
  • Totaneros Eighteen students participated in the regional final of offroad child and youth cadet School Sports (09/02/2015)
    was held in Puerto Lumbreras
  • The Local Police arrested 9 people for crimes related to road safety and provided aid to more than 150 citizens during the month of January (09/02/2015)

  • 3rd route group of friends Kasi Na Mountain Trail (KNT) (09/02/2015)
    was held yesterday by the Regional Park of Sierra Espuña
  • The Museum of Local Police of Totana participated this past weekend in the first Fair Collectibles Murcia (09/02/2015)
    was held in Puerto Lumbreras
  • The Department for Employment and OMEP organized a training workshop on "Advanced Social Media for SMEs" (09/02/2015)
    It takes place at the Centre for Local Development to develop a work of communication and disclosure of your activity
  • The course "Prevention of Occupational Risks in the workplace: Safe Handling of Tractor" opens (09/02/2015)
    Participate over 20 students in the CLD
  • The athletes Totana Athletics Club participated Sunday February 8 different tests (08/02/2015)

  • The library and study room "Jail" of Totana open to the public tomorrow (08/02/2015)
    Behind the conditioning work and rush painting in both infrastructure during the last two weeks
  • The socialist candidate for mayor Andrés García recalls that "the West variant is another breach of the PP in the last 12 years" (07/02/2015)

  • IU remains open voting process for the election of the candidate for mayor (07/02/2015)
    "The one of the candidates has withdrawn his choice, for personal reasons, is no reason to halt a process to endorse whom supporters IU Totana want as head of the list "
  • Victoria of two teams of Totana TM Club they have played this weekend (07/02/2015)

  • This evening is presented in Totana the Bid "Of course we Murcia" (06/02/2015)
    It will take place at 20:00 in the Exhibition Hall Gregorio Cebrian
  • The Cry of Carnival Gala 2015, which will star Jerónima Guarinos Cermak, will be held this Sunday at the cultural center "Jail" (06/02/2015)
    From 18:00
  • On Sunday it will be the 3rd hangout KNT (06/02/2015)
    betwen the area of ​​Thousand Curves, Fuente Alta and La Abuznel
  • The SEF gives the City a job-training program in the specialty of "geriatric care for dependent people in social institutions" (06/02/2015)

  • The Popular Party says Isabel is not the best candidate for the PP, "is the best candidate for Totana" (05/02/2015)

  • Andrés García calls on the PP candidate for public debate before the election (05/02/2015)

  • The Department of Women and Equal Opportunities opens the deadline of February 20 for nominations for the tribute to women or entities totaneras occasion of International Women's Day (05/02/2015)

  • The audioguide for mobile "Discover Totana" provides the main monuments local attractions (05/02/2015)
    has been performed by the students of "Local Tourist Promotion and Information Visitor"
  • The Muse, Don Carnal and the Carnaval'2015 close Pregonera party users of the Day Centre "Letizia Ortiz" and the Occupational Center "José Moya Trilla" (04/02/2015)

  • Carnival parade will Totana's Day February 21 with the participation of carnival clubs from outside the municipality (04/02/2015)

  • Candidates Open Primary convened by the United Left Totana present their ideas at an Open Assembly (04/02/2015)
    will take place on Friday, February 6 at 20 pm in the Auditorium of the Community Irrigation
  • The "Cofrade Blood, Blood Solidarity" campaign will take place on Friday February 20 (04/02/2015)
    is held for the fifth year
  • The Sports Council organized the Local Phase "Playing athletics" School Sports (04/02/2015)
    It counted with the participation of 41 students youngest category of schools
  • The Delegation of Totana of Lourdes Hospitality organizes various activities on the occasion of the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.. (03/02/2015)
    Will take place on Wednesday February 11
  • Over 700 people attend the Gala Dinner Carnival (03/02/2015)
    where officially presented the poster and Pregonera, and take the witness Don Carnal and The Muse Carnaval'2015
  • End stage local soccer Children, Youths and Young Men School Sports (03/02/2015)
    With the trophy and medals to the best classifieds
  • 10 CR Totana players are summoned by Murcia rugby teams U18 and U16 for the National Championships in Zaragoza (03/02/2015)
    Of these, 4 are U-18 and U-6 16
  • Work continued adequacy of the municipal library, study hall and the hall of the building of the Socio-Cultural Center "Jail" (03/02/2015)

  • La Peña Nine Sports Association in the Open XCO of Torreaguera and Marcha Mtb Moratalla (03/02/2015)

  • The Medieval Market weekend of 27 and 28 February and 1 March will be held in the Plaza of the Constitution (03/02/2015)

  • Weekend intense as for Carerras for Santa Eulalia CC (03/02/2015)

  • The CEIP Santa Eulalia celebrates the School Day of Non-violence and Peace (03/02/2015)

  • Successful weekend for the Rugby Club Totana in all categories (02/02/2015)
    Both seniors and cadets won their matches in their categories on Saturday
  • Female teams of CC Reina Sofía began its journey Totana CB (02/02/2015)
    On the other hand, major victory in the extension of CB Totana to Santomera
  • The PP Totana works with young people to let them participate in local politics (02/02/2015)

  • Victor Garcia of Totana Athletics Club, participated in the III Trail Aljorra-Cartagena (02/02/2015)
    This is the first scoring round of league Mountain Running Race 2015
  • The Call, WIN TOTANA, driven by individuals, associations and United Left starts with a Civic Act made last Friday (01/02/2015)
    Formation Left Open starts a process with two candidates Elementary culminate on February 15
  • The gravedigger of Totana calls to owners of the graves to revise them after the episode of winds (01/02/2015)

  • Defeat of Totana B on Saturday morning at the Sports Pavilion Manolo Ibáñez de Totana against CTM Murcia (01/02/2015)


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