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  • D'Genes has attended during the year 2014 more than 100 weekly direct service users (31/12/2014)

  • Was made by the young artist Emilio Cerezo totanero (30/12/2014)
    [the mural "Miko" Clinical Veterinary Dogo is presented]
  • Their Majesties the Kings of the East collected letters from children in Totana on Saturday and Sunday, 3 and 4 January, in the Plaza de la Balsa Vieja (30/12/2014)
    The Three Kings Parade will take place on Monday, March 5, from 19:00 pm
  • II solidarity breakfast to benefit Caritas (30/12/2014)
    will take place on Sunday January 4 at Café MARTIN'S
  • 72,600 euros to restore the Altarpiece of the Sanctuary of Santa Eulalia de Totana (30/12/2014)
    The Cabinet has approved a grant from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities
  • The totanero countertenor Pedro Pérez will participate in the recording of the CD "Music in the Kingdoms of Murcia and Valencia" (30/12/2014)
    Today give a concert presentation in Murcia city, in the Church of San Lorenzo
  • Kalathos reorders the route "Totana, today to its origins" (30/12/2014)
    This route, which already took place last December 13 with great public, will be held Saturday January 3
  • The Region of Murcia will be on alert for cold Tuesday (30/12/2014)
    While the minimum temperatures fall into the Valle del Guadalentín to almost zero degrees
  • The members of the local police receive a "curious Christmas card" of the mayor (29/12/2014)
    The Stewards considered that "the Mayor once again tries to impose its totalitarian figure instilling fear and the law of silence"
  • The group Na Kasi Trail (KNT) organized the I hangout (29/12/2014)
    It took place on Sunday December 28 at Espuña
  • The City out to tender redesign and maintenance of municipal web pages (29/12/2014)

  • Great attendance to the IV Gala "Innocent" (29/12/2014)
    Was organized by D'Genes and AELIP
  • "The Mayor intends to apply to the local police the Gag Law before being approved" (29/12/2014)
    IU-Greens rejects "openings records or intimidation of officials to conduct a democratic criticism rightly before cuts rights"
  • La Peña Totana Barcelonista attended the VIII regional Trobada of Barcelona supporters clubs in the Region of Murcia (29/12/2014)
    was held last December 13
  • The Study Room, the Socio-Cultural Center "Jail", extends its hours of the weekend at Christmas (29/12/2014)
    Because of university exams in January and February
  • The City Library prepares for Christmas readings performing a specialized selection (29/12/2014)
    And putting Christmas decorations
  • The Christmas Market opened with performances by singers Idol and The Voice (28/12/2014)

  • The Brotherhood of San Juan Evangelista celebrates the name day of its holder (28/12/2014)

  • La Virgen de la Esperanza, patron of merchants and Salus Infirmorum, premieres dress (27/12/2014)
    The blessing took place on December 18, coinciding with his saint
  • Legal services PSOE are preparing a complaint to the prosecutor to investigate and determine whether there is any criminal liability on the issue of municipal vehicles uninsured (26/12/2014)
    For his part, Councillor for Public Safety announces that also present a complaint with the Prosecutor of accountability
  • The Olympic Club Totana on Saturday held a wreath to Santa Eulalia (26/12/2014)
    subsequently held a Christmas meal Club
  • The House approved the free transfer from one plot to the Community Irrigation (26/12/2014)
    To allow construction of infrastructure needed to collect rain
  • The Cake Solidarity Brotherhood of Prayer in the Garden was postponed to January 3 (26/12/2014)

  • Students in the course of Local Tourism Promotion Totana made a tour of the town alumni Employment Workshop Mazarron (26/12/2014)

  • "Amoros rather than investigate and clarify, a possible bid to legalize lawlessness" (24/12/2014)
    Carry plenary this support can have extra administrative and criminal provisions consequences, according to the complaint Bethlehem Muñiz
  • CEBAG features more than 11,500 claims to remedy the Urban Plan of Totana (23/12/2014)
    The level of outrage from residents concerned has increased because they believe that the PGMO supposed expropriation and mortgage, in fact, of their rights as rural land owners or solar or urban dwellings
  • Municipal Authorities Christmas greetings users and professionals of all centers Senior Day, Alzheimer, Mentally Ill and Disabled (23/12/2014)

  • Student Introduction to Music and Guitar School of Music offer two concerts (23/12/2014)
    within the cultural program of Christmas and Epiphany
  • Three daily sessions of the film will be screened "Motadelo and Philemon, against Jimmy's Randy" at the cultural center "Jail" (23/12/2014)
    Friday, 26th;
  • CEDETO holds a Living Christmas Day (23/12/2014)
    To take stock of the actions undertaken during 2014
  • Move organized an exhibition of synchronized swimming (22/12/2014)
    It took place on Saturday
  • The library "Athens" of Totana shared the second and one of the prizes fifths (22/12/2014)

  • The library "Athens" of Totana shared the second and one of the prizes fifths (22/12/2014)

  • Santa Claus arrives in Totana by coach to collect the cards of smaller (22/12/2014)

  • Total full on the performance of the play "Summer at Christmas" (22/12/2014)
    Starring volunteers Association The Gruta- Delegation of Lourdes Hospitality Totana
  • An institutional welcome to the French students who have completed internships in Totana hand IES "Prado Mayor" is performed (22/12/2014)

  • I autonomic season Open Table Tennis (21/12/2014)
    This weekend was raced at the Pavilion José Ortega Chumilla of Yecla the I Open autonomic season the Table Tennis Federation of the Region of Murcia
  • Environment awards the prizes drawing contest "In recycling, you paint a lot" (21/12/2014)
    Contributed seven schools and 170 school
  • Santa Claus come to Totana on Sunday 21 at the Plaza Balsa Vieja from 17:00 with a show full of light and music (19/12/2014)

  • 32,000 euros to present the findings of the site of La Bastida de Totana (19/12/2014)

  • Success Concert "Ana musical group" in the Socio-Cultural Center "Jail" (18/12/2014)

  • The totanera gang "Los Duendes" participate this weekend in several events outside Totana (18/12/2014)

  • Opens the opening date for the submission of proposals for the implementation of activities of social activism during the months of February to June 2015 (18/12/2014)

  • The campaign of surveillance and control of the school bus that takes the local police, promoted by the DGT, is settled in Totana without complaint (18/12/2014)

  • Children's show "The threat of pirate Blackbeard" (18/12/2014)

  • The Municipal Library develops during these days the campaign "Swap your book for Christmas" (18/12/2014)

  • Vox Musicalis offer a Christmas concert "Christmas Lullaby" (17/12/2014)
    will take place on Sunday December 21 at 19:30 pm in the Chapel of La Milagrosa
  • Municipal authorities Christmas greetings to members of the Residence "La Purisima" in Totana (17/12/2014)

  • D'Genes and AELIP enjoyed a day together with associations alicantinas Adibi and Sense Barreres (17/12/2014)
    About thirty people left from Totana to participate in an excursion to Ibi and Petrel
  • Sports organized the first day of Phase Local School Sports (17/12/2014)
    In embodiments of juvenile Volleyball, Women's Basketball Handball Women fry and fingerling
  • Sixty students participated in Phase Local Chess School Sports, reaching a record in the history of this school competition (17/12/2014)
    Was organized by the Department of Sports and Chess Club
  • The City Clerk will be attended on 24 and 31 December in the Head of the Local Police (17/12/2014)

  • The Rugby Club Totana lost unfairly San Javier (16/12/2014)
    The totanero club lost 12-8 against San Javier Squalo in a game of power to power that was decided in the end by refereeing errors
  • The school co Cooperastyle donate part of their profits to D'Genes (16/12/2014)
    Cooperastyle School cooperative is formed by students of 4th of ESO IES "Juan de la Cierva and Codorníu" Totana
  • The Delegation of Lourdes staged on Sunday 21 the play "Summer at Christmas" (16/12/2014)

  • The SAC reports that no service registration documents for other Public Administrations (16/12/2014)

  • Open the deadline for submitting applications for the provision of canteen (16/12/2014)
    For services to Older People, Mental Retardation, Mental Health Alzheimer
  • CEBAG requires the government team of PP and PSOE and IU to extend the deadline for submissions to PGMO ending this week (15/12/2014)
    "The festive character of much of the public exhibition period has prevented thousands of totaneros know the serious consequences The Plan has thousands of rural properties and homes of town "
  • PADISITO held on Sunday December 14 Christmas Meal (15/12/2014)
    In addition, also participated in the Offering to Santa Eulalia
  • This Saturday he will perform a free guided tour of the historic and monumental town of Totana (15/12/2014)

  • About 40 people discover the origin of the City of Totana with Kalathos Association (15/12/2014)
    Route "Totana, today to its origins" was held on Saturday 13th with great success
  • La Peña Athletic de Totana organized a trip to Bilbao for the match between Athletic Club and Córdoba (15/12/2014)

  • The opening of Bethlehem Brotherhood of Jesus scourged will be next Friday December 19th (15/12/2014)

  • Sports developed a hiking trail in the Sierra del Cura (15/12/2014)
    twenty athletes participated
  • Mass will be held in the Chapel of La Huerta on December 25 and January 1 (15/12/2014)

  • They pull bidding works to improve the provision of drinking water in several areas of the municipality (15/12/2014)

  • The turnovers condemn the senior CB Totana (15/12/2014)
    Meanwhile, victory CB Junior Men team Totana in lorca
  • Over four hundred and twelve mysteries figures comprise the Bethlehem Municipal (15/12/2014)
    It was inaugurated on Saturday with performances by Los Amigos de La Habanera
  • Athletes Totana Athletics Club participated in the X Media marathon Torre Pacheco (15/12/2014)

  • ... (14/12/2014)

  • Over 50 Madrid fans traveled to Almería for the match between Almeria and Real Madrid CF (14/12/2014)

  • The totaneras Avatar Internet companies and Alamo Networks renew for another year commitment to quality (13/12/2014)
    management companies "Totana.com", "Murcia.com" and "Superweb" renew their quality certificates UNE-EN ISO 9001: AENOR 2008
  • The Assembly unanimously reelected COATO José Luis Hernandez as President (13/12/2014)
    The cooperative company with more partners and agricultural area of ​​Murcia has completed 35 years
  • Last Friday saw the traditional Christmas dinner of the Association of the Same-da Pareton (13/12/2014)

  • Totana will be present at the VIII Regional Trobada Barcelona supporters clubs in the Region of Murcia (12/12/2014)
    will take place on Saturday December 13th at La Paz restaurant in Sewell
  • Culture publishes a specific brochure to visit the Nativity Trail (12/12/2014)
    is composed of five cribs, living one and the Order of the Magi from the Paretón
  • Activities and events from 12 to 17 December 2014 (12/12/2014)
    Information provided by the Informajoven - Department of Youth
  • Tomorrow sees the local phase Chess School Sports in the Sports Pavilion "Manolo Ibáñez" (12/12/2014)
    is organized by the Department of Sports
  • The IV Fair Christmas and gift Avenida de Lorca starts Friday (12/12/2014)

  • This Saturday is celebrated in Totana the II Regional Schools Rugby Championship "Ciudad de Totana" (11/12/2014)

  • The Bethlehem Municipal will open this Saturday with a performance by The Friends of the Habanera (11/12/2014)
    It is installed in the Exhibition Hall Gregorio Cebrian
  • The Industrial Park "The Saladar" already has a directory that indicates where each company is located (11/12/2014)

  • Many people accompany the image of Santa Eulalia, patron of Totana, in solemn procession (10/12/2014)

  • The Bishop of the Diocese of Cartagena presides Mass on the feast of the patron saint of Totana, Santa Eulalia of Merida (10/12/2014)

  • All kids will enjoy the funfair to 1.5 euros this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (10/12/2014)

  • Fran Rios, our totanera designer based in London, he returns to his hometown to continue seeing brides, mothers of bride, bridesmaids and party (10/12/2014)
    'll be in Totana from 12 to 30 December
  • The image of Santa Eulalia is accompanied by hundreds of neighbors in the procession of transfer of the hermitage of San Roque church of Santiago (09/12/2014)

  • The City Council awarded the management of public service specialized Elder in Residence "La Purisima" to Clece SA (09/12/2014)

  • "This Christmas in Totana, best gift" (09/12/2014)
    Users of Day Centres for Persons with Mental Illness and Occupational Center "José Moya" collaborating with the Association of Dealers in the Christmas season
  • Totana.com redesigns its web (09/12/2014)
    Totana.com is updated according to the new era with a more modern look and designed to adapt to mobile devices
  • More than 13,000 people participate in the pilgrimage down Santa Eulalia of Mérida (08/12/2014)
    From its sanctuary in Sierra Espuña to Totana
  • About a hundred people involved in the Popular March (08/12/2014)
    Was organized by the Sports Department within the Fiestas de Santa Eulalia
  • President of the Community highlights the great devotion to Santa Eulalia of Mérida (08/12/2014)
    The regional chief executive attends the festival of the patron saint of Totana
  • Totana.com redesigns its web (07/12/2014)
    Totana.com is updated according to the new era with a more modern look and designed to adapt to mobile devices
  • The safety of the pilgrimage down Santa Eulalia tomorrow will comprise more than 40 personnel (07/12/2014)
    The RM-502 road will be closed to traffic from five o'clock
  • "Citizens - Party of citizenship of Totana" (07/12/2014)
    was carried out by the Local Board of C's Totana, the official launch party in this town
  • Totana distinguishes the favorite daughter, María García García "Barbara King" with the naming of a street (06/12/2014)

  • The PSOE de Totana denounces the dismantling of public services is holding the mayor of Totana (06/12/2014)
    The socialist candidate ensures that the residence of the Immaculate is at present no doctor to care for those residents
  • Contest Fiestas de Santa Eulalia Migas 2014 (06/12/2014)
    was held at the Garden next to the Fair
  • The Brotherhood of Veronica organized a visit to Salzillo Museum Murcia (06/12/2014)
    will take place on Saturday December 13
  • Municipal Authorities accompanying educational communities of schools "Reina Sofia" and "Santa Eulalia" in the respective school pilgrimages (05/12/2014)

  • The sun and good weather with us for the bridge of the Immaculate (05/12/2014)
    anticyclonic situation which ensures stable weather and clear skies for the next days Torana and practically throughout the Region of Murcia
  • The City Council awarded the title of Favourite Daughter City Maria Garcia "Barbara King" (05/12/2014)

  • "Totana loses municipal towing service" (05/12/2014)
    "The incompetence of the mayor and his government team PP knows no bounds" reported stewards of the local police
  • The meeting of COAG rejects PGOM Totana (05/12/2014)
    According to the President of COAG "We must react to those who want to expropriate property and mortgage thousand totaneros"
  • CEBAG and COAG today opened an office for information about the General Plan of Totana (05/12/2014)
    You will have a schedule of 4-8 pm Monday through Friday except holidays, from today until next Thursday 18.
  • AZURITA SYSTEM, first DIGI Center Spain (05/12/2014)
    Speaking of DIGI mobil operator in Totana is talking about Azurite System
  • García Cánovas: "In the last three years of Government of the PP Mayor of the employment situation has not improved in Totana" (05/12/2014)

  • Totana Athletics Club athletes participated in the XXVII edition of the Half Marathon "Ciudad de Lorca" (05/12/2014)
    As the V 10,600 healthy feet
  • Tomorrow begins the festivities (04/12/2014)
    with Chupinazo by "Barbara King" and the opening of the Fair Day in the Plaza of the Constitution, following his appointment as "Favorite Daughter"
  • The IV Fair Christmas and gift Avenida de Lorca will be held on 13 and 14 December (04/12/2014)

  • There will be garbage collection service every day of the holidays except on Saturday 6th and Tuesday December 9, respectively (04/12/2014)

  • Activities and events from 5 to 10 December 2014 (04/12/2014)
    Information provided by the Informajoven - Department of Youth
  • The Citizen Service (SAC) tomorrow, December 5 will be from 9:00 to 13:00 (04/12/2014)
    To mark the start of the festivities
  • All users of the Day Centers celebrate the Day of the Disabled (03/12/2014)
    With the reading of a manifesto and leisure activities in the Plaza Vieja Balsa
  • A tourist train linking the Fair Day with fun fair and perform special tours to visit the most emblematic monuments (03/12/2014)

  • Registration for the Paella Contest will be held in the Department of Popular Culture and Celebration or "Jail" until next December 5 (03/12/2014)

  • Starts Phase Local Youngsters Handball School Sports (03/12/2014)
    Organized by the Department of Sports City of Totana
  • The local police arranged recommended to use alternative routes in the urban area on the occasion of the festivities of Santa Eulalia (03/12/2014)

  • The mayor meets with new president of "Guadalentin Embark" (03/12/2014)
    To atener the demands and concerns presented by the group of young entrepreneurs
  • ... (02/12/2014)

  • An important fault in the discharge pipe of the tank Virgen de las Huertas supply problems may occur within hours to the users of the area (02/12/2014)

  • Totana City Council awarded the title of chronicler of the City teacher, Juan Canovas Mulero (02/12/2014)

  • The Sports Council organizes Saturday December 6 XXVII Carrera Popular "Constitution Day" (02/12/2014)

  • Foreign residents voting in municipal elections have until January 15 in the Electoral Census Office to request their willingness to exercise the right to vote (02/12/2014)

  • CC Riders of Santa Eulalia dispute the Chaplain Memorial this past weekend in San Pedro del Pinatar (02/12/2014)

  • The Sports Council organized the Local Phase Table Tennis School Sports, who attended school 66 (02/12/2014)

  • La Peña Madridista The Tenth-Augustin Herrerín organized a trip for a meeting Almeria Real Madrid (02/12/2014)
    will take place on Friday December 12
  • The Coral Santiago and the musical group offered its traditional concert "Anthology of Zarzuela" Friday December 5, 2014 (02/12/2014)

  • The People Walk will be held this Sunday, 7th, departing Balsa Vieja Square, from 9:00 am (02/12/2014)

  • Shop Stewards Police deny the answers given by the City Council Public Safety in the municipal plenary session on November 27 (02/12/2014)

  • The First Trophy Figure Skating Friendship brings together more than 150 young skaters from different clubs and Madrid Murcia and Galicia (01/12/2014)
    Was organized by the Club Skate Totana
  • We present the tenth sixth edition of "Notebooks La Santa" (01/12/2014)
    Collect more than thirty articles, studies and reflections concerning the patron saint of Totana
  • The Association of Dealers in Totana start the Christmas campaign with the slogan "This Christmas the best gift Totana" (01/12/2014)

  • The story workshop "Doctor cuentitis", organized by the Municipal Library, this evening will stage the story "Juanillo Bear" (01/12/2014)

  • Children again enjoy the "Day pitchman" this Friday December 5 (01/12/2014)

  • Great victory of CB senior Totana day presentation (01/12/2014)
    Meanwhile, the junior CB strengthens the second position Totana
  • About 600 people participate in the "Bicycle Day" organized by the Department of Sports (01/12/2014)

  • Andres Garcia Canovas was officially presented as Socialist Party candidate for mayor of Totana for the upcoming municipal elections (01/12/2014)


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