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  • Muñiz: "The neighbors must demand that the PP meets asked what" (31/10/2014)
    "It is curious that in a case like the issue related to the inconsistencies in public office have had to be asked again by the UI when full I asked in September "
  • The board reiterates its opposition to CEBAG PGMO Totana as intended approve (31/10/2014)
    upend that CEBAG have reached no agreement can not with any political group, but are open to dialogue with any political or social group affected
  • Andres Garcia signed the socialist ethical code for transparency and against corruption (31/10/2014)
    Among the commitments, that the public office that is charged may continue in office
  • Muñiz: "The imputation of the Mayor's forces absent in the debate and vote on the invalidity of the agreement Raiguero" (31/10/2014)
    "interventions PSOE and IU reveal the same opinion that Muniz has been advocating since the beginning of this matter "
  • Totana hosts the II Regional Ornithological Murciano Competition "Ciudad de Totana" (31/10/2014)
    is organized by the Sports Association Ornithological "Santa Eulalia" this town
  • Back solidarity festival returns FLIPAENCOLORES.COM (31/10/2014)
    Tomorrow, Saturday November 1st will be held the fourth edition of solidarity Festival starring Discord
  • They ask the Councillor of Staff on "Possible incompatibility of Personal Service Hall" (31/10/2014)

  • They ask the Councillor of Staff on "Possible incompatibility of Personal Service Hall" (30/10/2014)

  • They ask the Councillor of Staff on "Possible incompatibility of Personal Service Hall" (30/10/2014)

  • The Mayor of Totana announced that the new Center-South Health Totana come into operation gradually from November 17 (30/10/2014)

  • Municipal Agenda October 31 to November 5, 2014 (30/10/2014)
    Information provided by the Informajoven - Youth Council
  • WE, CEBAG and COAG agreed in promoting agriculture as employment guarantee and question this Urban Plan (30/10/2014)

  • IU urges the Mayor to negotiate the opening of the new Health Centre (30/10/2014)
    "The launch of the new health center will force many families to move and change doctors or close consultations Evening which will worsen Health Care in Totana Town "
  • More than a hundred people involved in the two free workshops on Social Media, Web Analytics and Online Reputation RSS (30/10/2014)
    They were organized by the Department for Employment
  • The Business Incubator hosts the training seminar "Analysis of the Labor Reform," organized by the city of Totana and PROINVITOSA (30/10/2014)

  • Players Club TM Totana in the zonal tournament (30/10/2014)

  • A new course is started in the CDL on "Animal welfare in transport" (30/10/2014)
    What impart professional Agricultural Health Defense Association and Livestock "Santa Eulalia"
  • Begin "I Story" campaign council of La Huerta (29/10/2014)
    Neighbors moving needs for water and road infrastructure;
  • Two third places for Andrés Plazas and Juanan, CC Santa Eulalia racing Elche and Memorial León Sánchez (29/10/2014)

  • A total of 231 euros was raised for the association D'Genes VII Vespaliada "Ciudad de Murcia" (29/10/2014)

  • The Municipal Library is preparing for the holiday of Halloween decoration with the children's section and a selection of readings on this subject (29/10/2014)

  • The Plenary approved the manifesto addressed to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, which is celebrated on November 25 (29/10/2014)

  • More than 2,800 schoolchildren in 4th of ESO 1st Baccalaureate schools across the region participating in the VII Meeting of Students of Religion (28/10/2014)
    was held in Santa Totana under the slogan "Die of Love Santa Eulalia Martyr "
  • November 7 comes in Totana political party "Seat blank" (28/10/2014)
    The Party seeks, as its name suggests, leave blank to get all the seats in those elections this
  • AELIP To jointly organized a cooking workshop "Quick and Healthy" (28/10/2014)

  • The Sports Council launches Phase local male youth soccer program School Sports (28/10/2014)

  • The "Rest" team rises to second place after the third round of the Local League Soccer "Play Fair" (28/10/2014)

  • More than 1,000 partners and affected attending informational meetings about drought and aid for organic farming (27/10/2014)
    last week were held in Fuente Alamo, Totana, Mula, Jumilla, Lorca and Caravaca
  • Rugby Club Totana leader in all categories (27/10/2014)
    The two co-leaders club teams are placed in their respective categories after the day this weekend
  • The artisan market on Santa brings large crowd last Sunday, thanks to good weather (27/10/2014)

  • The hiker Totana Club conducted a route from Las Alquerias to the top of cots (27/10/2014)

  • Great start of Interschool Regional League Club Tennis Team Totana (27/10/2014)

  • The Funeral Mass will be held on Sunday, March 2 at 17:00 pm in the Municipal Cemetery "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" (27/10/2014)

  • The website of the Municipal Cemetery "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" Totana receives an average of about 340 visits daily users (27/10/2014)

  • PP members involved in Totana Murcia 22 Intermunicipal focused on enhancement of the management of municipalities (27/10/2014)

  • The hiker Totana Club conducted a route from Las Alquerias to the top of cots (27/10/2014)

  • ... (26/10/2014)

  • Athletes Athletic Club in Totana partiociparon VIII popular Ferris Wheels Race Route (26/10/2014)

  • Floricultores claim that the City does not give them permission to put the position of special sale flowers for the feast of "All Saints Day" (24/10/2014)
    traditionally settled against the municipal hall on 30 and 31 October
  • Totana this weekend becomes center of reference of Rare Diseases (24/10/2014)
    as part of the celebration of the VII National Congress of Rare Diseases at the national and international level
  • The Blood Donation Center Blood samples made this afternoon at the Medical Center Paretón (24/10/2014)

  • Nearly 3,000 students will gather Religion Tuesday in the sanctuary of Santa Eulalia Totana (24/10/2014)

  • Families of ten autonomous communities participate in the VII National Congress of Rare Diseases (23/10/2014)
    will take place this weekend in Totana
  • The People's Party introduced a motion on measures to alleviate the problems of water deficit (23/10/2014)
    that affect agriculture in the town of Totana a result of drought
  • Activities and events from 24 to 29 October 2014 (23/10/2014)
    Information provided by the Informajoven - Youth Council
  • A total of 175 people involved in training activities offered within the Jail Training Program (23/10/2014)

  • Bethlehem Muñiz: "The neighbors must know both the questions and the responses of their local politicians" (22/10/2014)
    "PP councilors although the law and they do not jump or time or form"
  • The City Council is about to the Municipal Cemetery "Nuestra Señora del Carmen" for the celebration of All Saints Day 2014 (22/10/2014)

  • "The PP is launching propaganda campaigns for neighbors participate in plenary while rejecting initiatives IU-Green" (22/10/2014)
    "As the settlement of the road Mazarrón or drafting a Master Plan for Water and Sewerage" according to reports from IU-v
  • Skate Hockey Club will hold its I Totana tournament between Communities (22/10/2014)
    will be held on Saturday 25 in Totana
  • Proinvitosa and Employment organized on Tuesday 28 organized a talk on "Analysis of the labor reform" (22/10/2014)
    will take place at the Business Incubator Industrial Estate
  • More than four hundred people take part in the VII National Congress of Rare Diseases (22/10/2014)
    will take place this weekend, 24 and 26 October in Totana
  • As of October 26 have to retune the channels of the Digital Terrestrial Television for all brands correctly (22/10/2014)

  • This Sunday, October 26, we celebrate the V Pilgrimage Lebor by organizing various activities (22/10/2014)

  • Students course LOCAL TOURIST PROMOTION already begun to function as tourist group working under the name "Discover Totana" (21/10/2014)

  • Collado Mangueta- Pepper of Alhama (21/10/2014)
    Sunday 19 October, the Walker Club Totana kicked out that following the traditional solidarity march, starts with the program of planned routes for the 2014/15 season
  • Assembly for the election of the Board of Local Citizens Party Totana (21/10/2014)
    will be held on November 7th
  • More than a third of the Totana colleges offer training in Castilian and English to their students and the two schools have bilingual section (21/10/2014)
    The Director General of Educational Quality, Innovation and Attention to Diversity CEIP visit Tierno Galván, the course participated in the past combas program to improve teaching skills
  • IU-v denounced the "grim situation and the abandonment by the PP Villa del Barrio Rocket" (21/10/2014)
    Left Councillors, presented to the House a motion to October to be repaired urgently firm street " offering a Dantesque image "
  • A total of 911 pupils take part in the local phase of basketball, handball, football and volleyball School Sports Program (21/10/2014)

  • The "Preel" team wins the leadership of the Local League Soccer "Play Fair", after defeating the second day of competition (21/10/2014)

  • Bethlehem Muñiz: "I decide to leave the Socialist Municipal Group" (20/10/2014)
    "Upon my request so far spokesman and general secretary of resignation, announce my continued as councilor Totana outside the socialist symbol"
  • The City Council holds an emergency plan for cleaning of roads and ditches through the 117 people hired through the program of the County Councils (20/10/2014)

  • Muñíz: "Apart from the advisory report, the council must explain to the neighbors where they have spent two and a half million euros" (20/10/2014)
    "They're eighteen million euros from agreements that could not be used and no one has justified"
  • Rugby Club U18 Totana makes history in Lorca (20/10/2014)
    New CRT course and go ahead with the promotion of rugby.
  • There are still places available for training workshops on Entrepreneurial Skills, Redes Sociales Reputation Online and Web Analytics (20/10/2014)

  • The three municipal groups approved a joint motion to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (20/10/2014)

  • Associations and Collective Totana can make starting today a tour of the offices of the municipal library (20/10/2014)

  • The Club Athletics Totana attended the popular Carrera III Manos Unidas (19/10/2014)

  • CB 64 Totana - 81CB Begastri (19/10/2014)
    By totaneros fell 64-81 before a CB Begastri who is called to be in the top positions of the ranking
  • Totana can participate in the Citizens' Assembly "Yes we can" (19/10/2014)
    It took place at the Palacio de Vista Alegre, Madrid
  • ... (19/10/2014)

  • Links roses to commemorate the World Day Against Breast Cancer 2014 (18/10/2014)
    The Local Board AECC installed last Wednesday an information table at the weekly market, where it was reported the importance of prevention
  • The city of Totana delivery surveys to schools "Santiago", "Santa Eulalia" and "Tierno Galván" for their anniversaries (17/10/2014)
    and special honorable mention to all schools in the city
  • Totana start the school year with three new cycles of Basic Training (17/10/2014)

  • Day Centre Users José Moya enjoy a day together with users of the Day Centre for People with Intellectual Disabilities Mazarrón (17/10/2014)

  • The totanero cyclist Mario Garcia and wears the jersey of Spain Cycling Champion in Senior category (16/10/2014)

  • Totana City Library adds the use of the new platform for the loan eBiblio Murcia eBook (16/10/2014)

  • Activities and events from 16 to 19 October 2014 (16/10/2014)
    Information provided by the Informajoven - Youth Council
  • Successful participation in Workshop Reading Promotion "Doctor cuentitis" offered by the Municipal Library (15/10/2014)

  • 72 diplomas to participants who have successfully completed the Municipal Training Program for Social Inclusion in the last 12 months Delivered (15/10/2014)

  • Good results for cyclists CC Santa Eulalia in the race Bacons Bridge (15/10/2014)
    It took place last weekend
  • Totana Local Police vehicle features a new loan from the General Directorate of Traffic with breathalyzer (14/10/2014)
    To perform work on road safety
  • Begins Local Football League "Play Fair" with the participation of 204 players drawn into nine teams (14/10/2014)
    is organized by the Department of Sports,
  • The Sociocultural Film Center "Jail" project on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 premiere of "Torrente 5, Operation Eurovegas" (14/10/2014)

  • D'Genes and AELIP raise around EUR100 Square Partnership (13/10/2014)

  • D'Genes users enjoy an introductory workshop to dance therapy (13/10/2014)
    Member of the Association of Rare Diseases D'Genes have enjoyed a workshop introduction to dance therapy
  • Totana will host on October 28 the Seventh Meeting of Students of Catholic Religion of the Region of Murcia (13/10/2014)
    More than 2,500 students participate in 4th of ESO and Bachillerato 1
  • About 100 people participated in the IX solidarity march to benefit Padisito and Caritas (13/10/2014)

  • Successful participation in the fourth edition of the "Square Partnership" which is quoted giving a total of sixteen associations (13/10/2014)

  • On Thursday 16 held in "Jail" the official launch of the School Year 2014-2015 (13/10/2014)
    With institutional tribute to all the colleges and centers the anniversary of "Santiago", "Santa Eulalia" and "Tender Galvan "
  • Homage to the Spanish flag on the occasion of the festival of Pilar (12/10/2014)

  • ... (12/10/2014)

  • The council will hold the official ceremony of "Tribute to the Flag" on Oct. 12, the feast of Hispanidad (12/10/2014)
    will be at 13:00 pm, after the Mass of the Civil Guard
  • UNITED MOVE: In wet move to support ALS patients (11/10/2014)
    Members participating in the Sports Centre Ice Bucket Challenge
  • ... (11/10/2014)

  • On Tuesday the OMEP-14 Online project is presented with a presentation on "Success begins within you: Coaching for success" (10/10/2014)

  • The CLD develops under the Employment Plan, fifteen courses and workshops (10/10/2014)
    for the unemployed, carriers, entrepreneurs and farmers in this quarter
  • The Real Murcia CF to its subsidiary, Imperial is imposed in a friendly that was played at Municipal Stadium "Juan Cayuela" (2-1) (10/10/2014)

  • Muñiz: "Amorós should explain what happens with manual self-protection in municipal buildings" (10/10/2014)
    A point of the second anniversary of the adoption in plenary have been three occasions when the council human resources "do not know, no answer "
  • More than fifty professionals and representatives of socio associations participate in the Training Seminar organized to commemorate the International Day of Mental Health (10/10/2014)

  • Fifteen associations participate in Sunday's Solidarity Square (10/10/2014)
    through which a space to sell, buy and trade items in order to finance itself offers
  • The presentation of the findings from Deposit Argárico La Bastida gathers the scientific community in the National Archaeological Museum (10/10/2014)
    In addition, the Archaeological Museum of Murcia witnessed the presentation at regional level
  • The council held the official ceremony of "Tribute to the Flag" on Sunday October 12, the feast of Hispanidad (10/10/2014)
    will be at 13:00 pm, after the Mass of the Civil Guard
  • Totana host the Seventh Meeting of Students of Catholic Religion (10/10/2014)
    is expected to be a massive game, as in previous editions, which was attended by between 2,500 and 3,000 young people from all parts of the Region
  • The presentation of the findings from Deposit Argárico La Bastida gathers the scientific community in the National Archaeological Museum (09/10/2014)
    In addition, the Archaeological Museum of Murcia witnessed the presentation at regional level
  • Municipal Agenda 9 to October 13, 2014 (09/10/2014)
    Information provided by the Informajoven - Youth Council
  • They start the "County Councils on Employment" program (09/10/2014)
    It will allow to hire a total of 117 people in Totana, from October to March, to combat unemployment and contribute to the development of rural areas
  • The Civil Guard assists two cyclists who suffered a serious accident on the road MU-503 (08/10/2014)
    At the height of the Stables Road
  • "The Frog King" by the Brothers Grimm, inaugurated the Workshop Tales "Doctor cuentitis", set by the Municipal Library (08/10/2014)

  • Municipal authorities inaugurate the course 2014/15 Association Housewives "Three Hail Marys" Totana (08/10/2014)

  • Today the results of the research and findings in the field argáricos "La Bastida" presented in the National Archaeological Museum (08/10/2014)

  • Agents of the local police on foot patrol in the absence of their vehicles lack these compulsory insurance (07/10/2014)
    Monitoring the village and districts has been suspended throughout the day, according to reports from union representatives
  • The Real Murcia CF celebrates its first practice of the week at the municipal stadium "Juan Cayuela", released by the Department of Sports (07/10/2014)
    This Thursday a friendly match will be held at the "Juan Cayuela" at 19:00, with free admission, between Real Murcia and its subsidiary Imperial to be reseeded New Condomina
  • As of October 24 should cease work in the municipal cemetery for the feast of All Saints (07/10/2014)

  • The local police have to immobilize their vehicles because they lack insurance (07/10/2014)
    IU requires responsibilities to the Mayor and the Head of Security "at the seriousness of having patrolling municipal vehicles from October 1 without insurance coverage when required and penalizes citizens "
  • The Minister of Public Works meets VP Etosa (07/10/2014)

  • Works under the N-340 entering the final straight with the installation of road signs and road marking paint (07/10/2014)

  • Discordia acted with great success at Valencia by Ska-p (07/10/2014)
    The next meeting of the group in Totana will be on November 1, which will perform at the festival "Flipa in Colors"
  • Inkeys launches a campaign of "crowdfunding" for the recording of their new album (06/10/2014)

  • 3 Podiums for AD Peña Nine in Almudayna (06/10/2014)

  • Numerous people will attend the funeral mass of PP Totana (06/10/2014)
    was held yesterday in La Santa
  • This Wednesday it may diminish the supply of drinking water in some areas of Totana (06/10/2014)

  • The headman Board reviews the main steps taken in recent months and the main demands in the world (06/10/2014)

  • The City Senior Center "Plaza de la Balsa Vieja" launches for this year 2014-2015 a comprehensive program for over 60 years and pensioners (06/10/2014)

  • The City Council and Caritas Parish of Santiago and the Three Hail Marys signed a collaboration agreement (06/10/2014)
    To develop projects of Social Services and Social Welfare
  • Term to attract college students who want to volunteer in the proposed educational support in the academic year 2014/15 will open (06/10/2014)

  • CC Riders of Santa Eulalia disputed the cyclists race in Pilar de la Horadada road and MTB Villaverde de Guadalimar (06/10/2014)

  • Totana Athletics Club athletes took part in the 4th Half Marathon and 10 km Mazarrón Bay (05/10/2014)

  • A win and a loss to start league (05/10/2014)
    Two games this weekend that left one defeat and one win thus beginning the 2nd division national league club Totana TM
  • The Barcelona supporters clubs of Totana, Alhama and Beniel organized a trip to match FC Barcelona - Sevilla (05/10/2014)

  • 4 opens Saturday morning at the municipal hall Gregorio Cebrian collective sample Murcia painters "positive light" (04/10/2014)
    The opening session will feature a DJ
  • "Illegal dumps are another example of the neglect of the Popular Party of Totana" (03/10/2014)
    Socialist spokesman Andrés García Cánovas has reported this morning at a press conference "the situation of oblivion into which are illegal dumps"
  • Start the fifth edition of the Feria Outlet (03/10/2014)
    Guests can participate in a drawing for a gift certificate and get $ 1,000 in prizes to eat downtown bars
  • Today torn neighborhood parties in San Francisco with an extensive program of activities for all ages (03/10/2014)

  • The city of Totana replaced 6,400 light points of street lighting to improve energy efficiency (03/10/2014)

  • Meeting of the Minister of Development, Public Works and Planning and the Mayor of Totana (02/10/2014)

  • Activities and events from 2 to 5 October 2014 (02/10/2014)
    Information provided by the Informajoven - Youth Council
  • The Highways Agency comes to cleaning gutters in major secondary roads in the districts of Totana (02/10/2014)

  • The Municipal Water Service conducted a search campaign of leaks and improving the efficiency of public drinking water in the village (02/10/2014)

  • Barbecues located in Santa and in recreational areas of Sierra Espuña and can be used to make fire (02/10/2014)

  • Success with beneficial II concert for the protective shelter of Wind (02/10/2014)
    About 250 people enjoyed the concert and collaborated with the joint initiative
  • The Local Police conducted 286 inspections in the special campaign on seat belt and child restraints (01/10/2014)
    In the 35 complaints that are made
  • Works under the N-340 are undertaken at the crossing of Totana, in Avenida Juan Carlos I, during these days. (01/10/2014)
    With causing inconvenience for the road
  • Begins "Polideportiva 2014/15 School" program with a wide range of different sports in schools in Totana (01/10/2014)
    At a price of 5 euros, through municipal bonus
  • La Celia Encephalopathy has been included in the OMIM database online, which lists diseases with a genetic component (01/10/2014)


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