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  • The Rock Barcelona Totana attended the Super Cup final (31/08/2013)
    The party was held in Barcelona on Wednesday August 28
  • Starts School Tennis Club Tennis Totana (31/08/2013)
    Next Monday September 2 will start a new course in the School of Tennis Tennis Club Totana.
  • Complete works Health Center "South Totana" built in the urbanization of La Scale (30/08/2013)

  • Totana has officially 30,549 inhabitants, according to the INE (29/08/2013)
    9,474 are foreigners, representing 31.2%
  • The VII launched in mountain bike "Memorial Sunday Pelegrin" will be held on September 8 at Sierra Espuna (29/08/2013)
    This year, as new, includes a shorter route of 20 kilometers
  • The Artisan Market, every month is celebrated in La Santa, will resume its activity in September (29/08/2013)

  • The City Council and Caritas encouraged to participate in the project's "Bench exchange textbooks" (29/08/2013)
    Through which you are creating a repository of books to be used by other children
  • Civil Protection reports that the orange alert is activated from 18:00 this afternoon and tomorrow (28/08/2013)
    by forecast moderate to heavy rainfall in the town of Totana and region
  • Students of the "Activities auxiliary in nurseries and gardens" made placements Township (28/08/2013)

  • Accompaniment Program for Social Inclusion this year has brought the attention of 37 residents at serious risk or social exclusion (28/08/2013)

  • The Municipal Library extends its services with six computers with free internet access (28/08/2013)
    One of them is fully accessible to people with disabilities
  • Totana represents the Region of Murcia in Spain paddle Championship PADELFORCES (27/08/2013)
    The team consists of a Corporal of the local police a local police a National Police a Civil Guard, a corporal in the Army and Sergeant EA Rv
  • It's open enrollment period of V tournament Paddle "La Dolorosa" (27/08/2013)
    will take place on 7 September at the Tennis Club Totana
  • Descends the accident in the town of Totana in the past year, going from 104-70 accidents (27/08/2013)
    Local Police continues to work on removing blackheads
  • Totana from September provide service day center for people with mental illness in a dependent. (27/08/2013)

  • The Socialist Party has requested the attendance of the council of finance for the economic situation of the city council (27/08/2013)
    The Socialist Party of Totana, along with IU-green, have requested an extraordinary plenary session
  • The council carries out the course "Resources for planning recreational activities, sports and leisure" (27/08/2013)

  • The San Jose parties start this Friday August 30th with a full program of activities, or sports, and children's music (26/08/2013)

  • Good weekend of the Rock The Nine Siles (26/08/2013)

  • Providers who wish to join the third Payment Plan what will be done before the September 6 (26/08/2013)

  • They claim that "the paralysis and reduced services in the city in August, far from saving, produce chaos and inconvenience to neighbors" (26/08/2013)

  • A total of 20 people develop educational practices within the municipal program for Social Inclusion Training (26/08/2013)
    During the first half of 2013
  • A 2.9 earthquake centered in Mazarrón º is felt in Totana (25/08/2013)
    It took place today at 14:33 pm
  • More than 1500 people have been trained in the last two years in courses promoted by the CLD (23/08/2013)

  • IU-Greens reject the attitude "merely revenue-raising" of the Ministry of Agriculture and farmers totaneros CHS (23/08/2013)
    "It puts at risk much of the agricultural production and the economy of the municipality"
  • The Department of Social Services encourages the development of a community mediation project (23/08/2013)
    We studied 26 group units public housing promotion located in the urbanization "El Parral"
  • More than a hundred families of Totana benefit from the subsidized urban IBI (23/08/2013)

  • Briefing on penalties in the field of Totana (22/08/2013)
    attended by about 300 residents and affected
  • PROINVITOSA has completed the updating of the database of the 130 firms in the Industrial Park "The Salt Marsh" (22/08/2013)

  • Social services are rated and derived more than 1,000 people to food programs and other aid from Caritas and Adipsai (22/08/2013)

  • The Department of Social Services maintains a total of 470 active system benefits dependency care (22/08/2013)

  • Organize the 1st day of continuous swimming Move (21/08/2013)
    It will take place at the Sports City "December 6" on Sunday August 25 from 10:00 to 14:00 h
  • The Community Irrigation Totana and the City request the Segura basin recognition and legalization of irrigation irrigated consolidated Totana (21/08/2013)

  • The city of Totana mount a speaker at the second edition of "Handmade" (21/08/2013)
    Hall of traditional crafts and folk culture, to promote tourism, culture and crafts
  • It doubles the number of students in schools in Totana who have received training in drug prevention (21/08/2013)
    Upgrade to 600 primary and secondary students
  • Fifty families benefit Totana and the new municipal home help (21/08/2013)
    Costea in full the council
  • The totanero Jose Miguel Cano participates swim circuit crossings in the province of Almeria (20/08/2013)
    this summer has also participated in several cruises
  • They continue apace redevelopment of the CEIP "Regional-Deitania" (20/08/2013)
    must be completed for the start of next school year 2013/14
  • About 300 people took part this season in the Municipal Program Adult Gymnastics (20/08/2013)
    Offered by the Department of Sports
  • The council is committed to the hospitality industry. (20/08/2013)
    Bonifica 50 percent of the license fees for the occupation of public roads by terraces
  • The Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of the Fall is organizing a night photography and light painting (19/08/2013)
    will take place on 30 and 31 August, taught by Peter J.
  • The Brotherhood of Jesus on Calvary and Holy Supper thanks the San Roque neighborhood associations (19/08/2013)
    and congratulates all citizens by the magnificent and proper development of the summer festivities in the neighborhood
  • Underline the suitability for children constructively advantage of free time during the summer (19/08/2013)

  • The website of the Local Development Office receives over 2000 visits per month (19/08/2013)

  • Create a Unit of Information to Victims of Road Traffic (Uvat) in Totana (19/08/2013)

  • The Olympic Totana will launch the School of Football Base (16/08/2013)
    Open to children between 6 and 11 years who are interested in playing football and belong to a club with over 50 years of history
  • The thirteenth edition of the Big Pond "Grand Prize Panzamelba" will take place on Saturday September 21 (16/08/2013)
    now open within inscription
  • Prior to August 31 should be applied on a mandatory rabies vaccination of dogs, cats and ferrets (16/08/2013)
    For the focus of Toledo
  • School Sports program has had this year with the participation of 1,348 school (16/08/2013)

  • A total of 432 immigrants have been treated by the Municipal Foreign Affairs Information so far this year (16/08/2013)

  • PROINVITOSA completed the construction of four industrial buildings in the UV phase of the Industrial for sale or rent with option to buy (14/08/2013)

  • Municipal Social Services Primary Care intervened with nearly fifty families with operational problems, coexistence and violence (14/08/2013)
    During the first half of 2013
  • Continued successfully for more travel program "Come to the beach!" (14/08/2013)
    It runs until September 3 at the Cala del Pino, and in which participation of more than 200 users
  • The council promotes four measures that benefit and enhance the productive sectors (14/08/2013)
    Help commissioning of new businesses, promote the development of the hospitality and streamline bureaucratic procedures
  • Great success in I Petanque Championship to help people with rare diseases (14/08/2013)

  • The feast of La Paloma solidarity with Rare Disease (14/08/2013)
    Thousands of people participated in the festivities of La Paloma last weekend
  • The Rock Barcelona Totana actually makes one of the illusions of Little John (13/08/2013)
    Juan Jimenez is a small neighborhood neighbor Cartagena de Santa Lucia, who suffers from a rare and serious disease that affects growth.
  • The council develops an innovative program to intervene with the main problems of social and family integration presenting Township immigrants (13/08/2013)

  • The parties Paretón-Cantareros The tear this Wednesday with a wide range of activities for all ages (13/08/2013)

  • Successful completion program youth correspondents (13/08/2013)

  • Extend the application deadline of aid for textbooks and teaching materials and computer for the school year 2013/14 (13/08/2013)

  • PROINVITOSA improves offer for sale and lease-purchase of the last homes duplex in Paretón-Cantareros (12/08/2013)

  • The Youth Council in September launched a course on "Reading activities and creative writing" (12/08/2013)
    It will take place Friday and Saturday at the Centro Sociocultural "Jail"
  • Juan Antonio Santa Eulalia CC gets a new podium for the team totanero in Seron (12/08/2013)

  • The Department of Sports launches Gymnastics Program Maintenance Municipal (12/08/2013)
    Beginning Monday, September 2, at the municipal gym "Jail"
  • The Department of Sports congratulates the new Chairman of the Olympic Totana, Juan Antonio Morales (09/08/2013)
    The Sports Council congratulates the new Chairman of the Olympic Totana, Juan Antonio Morales, after the election of office this week
  • More than 300 people have participated in the Summer Totana (09/08/2013)
    driven by the city with the collaboration of various cultural groups
  • 55 people have developed works for the benefit of the community during the first half of municipal resources (09/08/2013)

  • The festival of "La Paloma", covering the area of ​​Morti, Lentiscosa and Breeches, tear tonight with musical performances (09/08/2013)

  • The city of Totana in September subscribed a collaboration agreement with ATA (09/08/2013)

  • Visit COATO President of ENAC (National Accreditation) (08/08/2013)
    Antonio Muñoz visited COATO 1st time 15 years ago, on the occasion of being Company Prince Felipe Award finalist for Quality
  • The Department of Urban and Regional Planning transacted in the first seven months of 2013 a total of 280 building permits minor (08/08/2013)
    and 113 major works
  • Municipal Social Services Primary Care have been more than 9,000 attentions during the first half of 2013 (08/08/2013)

  • The Department of Social Services congratulates the association "Golden Age Messengers of Peace", which manages the residence "La Purisima" (08/08/2013)
    for his recent European EFQM Excellence certification
  • The council website becomes an essential tool for freelancers and companies (08/08/2013)
    to be able to create a business from your own computer
  • The council plans to undertake more than thirty performances in arranging educational (07/08/2013)
    Looking to start the school year 2013/14
  • The Amateur Football League "Play Fair" has had this season with the participation of 21 teams and 467 players (07/08/2013)

  • The Informajoven recorded more than 700 inquiries in the first seven months of the year (07/08/2013)

  • Youth calls the course "How to create and manage a blog" (07/08/2013)
    will be held Friday and Saturday in "Jail"
  • Canovas: "Avail Payment Plan rather than a triumph of the government team is a failure in Deep Economic Planning" (06/08/2013)

  • The El Pareton-Cantareros held its festivities in honor of Our Lady the Virgin of the Rosary from 10 to 18 August (06/08/2013)

  • García: "The PP Totana once again demonstrates his opposition vocation" (06/08/2013)
    "You should be more concerned with solving the problems of the Spanish and totaneros to be aware of the PSOE"
  • Successfully Concluded youth initiative "Help, I want to be digital!" (06/08/2013)
    Contributors 15 students from the IES "Prado Mayor" and "Juan de la Cierva"
  • The Department of Licensing Activity handles a total of 70 cases in the first half of the year, of which 19 are licenses "Express" (06/08/2013)

  • More than two thousand inquiries have been received in the Office of Tourism Totana in the first seven months of the year (06/08/2013)

  • Friendly was postponed scheduled for tomorrow between the Olympic and Real Murcia CF (05/08/2013)
    The Imperial will who play that game preparation tomorrow, Tuesday at 21:00
  • The PP believes that the constant sacrifices of people in the PSOE to replace outgoing council members of no benefit to the democratic strength of this municipality (05/08/2013)
    As of today they still have no knowledge of who occupied the vacancy left after the resignation of Councilman Jose Gomez
  • Totana receives a total of 340 868 euros through the Employment District Councils (05/08/2013)
    to combat unemployment and contribute to the development of rural township
  • The Center for Child Development and Early Totana serves a total of 104 children during the first half of 2013 (05/08/2013)

  • More than 9,000 people have used the services offered by the public library in the early months of the year (05/08/2013)

  • PP: "Thanks to the good work of the government team has made it possible for 85 groups and associations debt charge that the council had with them" (02/08/2013)

  • The associations and social and neighborhood of Totana start charging for municipal debt to the second provider payment plan (02/08/2013)

  • The Summer School 2013 ends with a trip to the sports center (01/08/2013)
    have participated more than 70 children
  • The Senior Municipal Centres remain open during this month of August (01/08/2013)

  • Will be cut for several weeks at General Aznar, one of the main arteries of access to the town (01/08/2013)
    by works caused by the collapse of the driveway and sidewalk at the height of CEIP "Santiago"

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