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  • "The Path of Water", promoted by the Tourism Espuña Commonwealth, is reflected in a book (30/04/2013)
    as ecotourism route over 80 miles to enjoy Espuña
  • Preel - the pachucos, in the First Division, are the finalists of the Amateur Football Cup Play Fair (30/04/2013)
    Meanwhile, Rec Line - Club de Pescadores are the finalists in the Second Division
  • The Popular Party presented a motion to which is given the name of Julian Muñoz Raiguero Social Center High, who died last week (30/04/2013)

  • About 40 people attend the information day on sustainable use of pesticides in agricultural areas and green (30/04/2013)
    It was held in the plenary hall
  • Begin Reading Club activity in "Jail" with the analysis of the play "The Last Meeting" by Sandor Marai (30/04/2013)

  • The old public library in the village of El-Cantareros Paretón opens every Wednesday as study and reading room (30/04/2013)
    From 17:00 to 20:00 hours
  • XVI March Btt Totana City (29/04/2013)
    On Sunday 28 March was held Btt City deTotana XVI a scoring event Open Bike Marathon Murcia
  • The Cultural Association "Seed Fund" pays tribute to Miguel Hernandez as part of the Book Fair (29/04/2013)

  • Local Police and Civil Guard sets controls increase safety as a preventive measure in rural areas (29/04/2013)

  • April Fair concludes with a success Totana assistants and great atmosphere (29/04/2013)
    In the activities planned in the cabins of associations "Lebor Los Romeros" and Peña Rociera
  • One of the pavilions of the permanent training center in hemophilia "The Pond" will be named for Dr. Manuel Moreno (29/04/2013)

  • Fruits Valdés already have website created with Superweb (28/04/2013)
    Take advantage of the benefits and continuous improvement of this tool developed by Totana.com
  • The act of nomination of the sports city "Valverde Queen" and the match between the CF and the Olympic Muleño Veterans suspended by rain (28/04/2013)
    All events will be postponed to another date
  • Totana students created the "School of Trainers" to overcome the digital divide between adults and adolescents (27/04/2013)
    Young people are over this weekend correspondents youth initiative, teachers and technicians of Youth in the Region
  • The city of Totana becomes the 2nd of the Region to pass the motion unanimously on corporate hospitality to immigrants (27/04/2013)
    Approved unanimously by all local groups as presented in the plenary on April 25
  • "The Romeros Lebor" and Totana Rociera Peña star in this weekend an extensive program of activities of the April Fair (26/04/2013)

  • The Department of Agriculture organized on Monday a seminar on the use of pesticides in agricultural areas (26/04/2013)
    to report new legislation to farmers
  • Postponed to next weekend throughout the program of festivities in honor of San Marcos intended for itself (26/04/2013)
    as a result of weather forecasting purposes
  • Around the World in 80 Days arrives at the Colegio San José in Globe (25/04/2013)
    a hot air balloon made a demonstration for the students of this center of Totana
  • The House agreed to request the amendment of the bill to promote the integration of cooperatives and agribusiness entities associating character (25/04/2013)

  • The quarterfinals Cup Fair Play football fan depararon some surprises (25/04/2013)

  • The mayor gives a side to apply a 50% annual rate in the occupation of the street with tables and chairs to catering establishments in the rate of use or exploitation of the public domain (25/04/2013)

  • The Olympic Totana organizes "Club Day" to coincide with the official ceremony nomination Sports City "Valverde Queen" (24/04/2013)
    will take place on Sunday, April 28 dia
  • Authors totaneros participate in an act of continuous reading on the occasion of the International Day of the Book (24/04/2013)

  • The mayor conveys sympathy and condolence message to the family of village headman of The Raiguero, Julián Muñoz López (24/04/2013)
    Julián Muñoz has died at the age of 52 years
  • The Local Government Board approves the contract start bidding removal service road vehicles (24/04/2013)

  • The Citizen Service will be provided on Thursday, April 25, from 9:00 to 13:00 hours (23/04/2013)
    On the feast of San Marcos
  • The Department of Culture dozens of books distributed in different places of the town within the activity of the "Book Traveler" (23/04/2013)

  • The April regular plenary session will be held this Thursday morning (8:30 am) for the feast of St. Mark (23/04/2013)
    has nearly two dozen cases in the order of the day
  • Active participation in the talk of the school for parents "Motivate interest in reading in our children" (23/04/2013)
    was held last Thursday in the CP "Guadalentin"
  • The weekly market is ahead of May 1 to Tuesday April 30 for the Labor Day holiday (23/04/2013)
    Also, this Sunday April 28 will be held again the Artisan Market celebration of The Holy
  • The Santa Eulalia CC was present in several tests during the past weekend (23/04/2013)

  • Ramon Gonzalez, Arnold Classic Champion Absolute Master, a seminar offered in Totana Nutrition (22/04/2013)
    It took place on Saturday April 20 at the Sports Center Move
  • About thirty people participate in the municipal program for Social Inclusion Training (FORIN) (22/04/2013)
    has allowed their basic training and occupational social
  • On Sunday April 21 the club Totana hiker made a new route programmed into your calendar of events (22/04/2013)
    This time the 40 participants gathered in the resort pond to visit the site of the cave of the coin
  • La Peña Rociera of Totana participates in the April Fair with various activities (22/04/2013)
    is held from 26 to 28 April at the fairgrounds
  • The city of Totana install a communication system auto attendant phone to improve citizen service (22/04/2013)

  • The Rugby Club 2012-2013 season ends Totana (22/04/2013)
    Lose against Squalo Rugby Club 24-49 San Javier for having performed his best game to date.
  • ... (22/04/2013)

  • Local Police and Civil Protection of the device involved in the occurrence resulting vehicle rammed into the Church of Santiago (19/04/2013)

  • The Association "Lebor the Romeros" organizes a program of activities to mark the April Fair in Totana (19/04/2013)
    will be held at the exhibition center from 26 to 28 this month
  • PADISITO participate in a bocce tournament in Murcia (18/04/2013)
    It was organized by Special Olympics and Feaps Region of Murcia
  • JST: "The PP plays confusion with thousands of opponents of the Teacher Corps in the Region" (18/04/2013)
    The socialist youth organization notes that "the disagreement is wrapping this call, being only two months of holding"
  • The AMPA Juan de la Cierva organized a briefing (18/04/2013)
    The LOMCE was the focus of the talk that parents and teachers reported on the impact of educational reform will have on the quality of education
  • The Department of Agriculture organized a conference on the use of pesticides in agricultural areas (18/04/2013)
    to report new legislation to farmers
  • There are still places in the two training courses on "Dynamics with elderly" and "How to create and manage a blog" (18/04/2013)

  • Users Psychosocial Support Services visit the Territorial Delegation ONCE for resources of this organization (18/04/2013)

  • The Sports Council organized the semifinals of the inter-phase of team sports baby and juvenile School Sports (18/04/2013)
    In collaboration with the Department of Physical Activity and Sport in the Region of Murcia
  • The Community extends Totana information campaign 'I, European citizen' to promote youth mobility (17/04/2013)
    They have organized lectures, workshops and audiovisual presentations in different educational and cultural spaces of the town to report on the European Union policies
  • More than 200 schools in Totana schools participate in the activities organized within the "I, European citizen" (17/04/2013)

  • Proinvitosa awarded the contract to build four industrial buildings in the Industrial Estate Phase IV "The Salt Marsh" (17/04/2013)
    whose destination is the sale or lease with option to buy
  • The Department of Sports last Saturday organized a training course called "Basic Techniques Trails" (17/04/2013)
    They enrolled 13 people
  • Occupational Classroom Students of Totana participate in a talk about road safety education taught by local police officers (17/04/2013)

  • The Department of Services and Maintenance performs the work of repainting markings on Avenida Juan Carlos I (17/04/2013)

  • IU-Green: "The Adjustment Plan approved Saturday by the PP municipal debt increases by 1 million euros" (16/04/2013)
    "And the disastrous management evidence by not paying subsidies to associations in the years 2009 and 2010"
  • The neighborhood parties Tirol-Camilleri will be held from 26 to 28 April in honor of San Marcos Evangelista (16/04/2013)

  • Totana City Council introduced draft argárico reservoir of La Bastida National Award Hispania Nostra (16/04/2013)

  • Totana morning hosts the "I, European citizen" (16/04/2013)
    involving over 200 schoolchildren and young students
  • Parent School performs a talk on "Motivating the interest in reading in our children" (16/04/2013)
    It will take place on Thursday April 18 at school Guadalentín El Paretón
  • The Totana Rugby Club plays its last league match (16/04/2013)
    Squalo faces the San Javier on Saturday April 20
  • The Department of Sports organized a hiking trail in the neighboring town of Alhama de Murcia in which 18 athletes (16/04/2013)

  • The PP believes the debate Totana priority for the government is to recreate jobs and growth (16/04/2013)

  • Antonio Costa achieved second place in the first round of the Championship of Spain in Marbella (16/04/2013)

  • Front institutional IES students "Prado Mayor" and Montpellier students who participated in the Spanish-French exchange (15/04/2013)

  • Juan Antonio Sanchez of Santa Eulalia CC again rises to the podium in the bikemaratón of Yéchar (15/04/2013)

  • Successful participation at the second edition of the "fair and square" which gathered a total of twelve associations (15/04/2013)

  • The council honors the Brotherhood of Cleofé and crowning with thorns with a plaque commemorating its 175th anniversary (15/04/2013)

  • Municipal authorities closed down the 37th Assembly of the Regional Association of Hemophilia (15/04/2013)
    in which gathered patients, doctors and people linked to the investigation of this disease
  • More than 250 people engaged in R Solidaire by Lipodystrophies (15/04/2013)

  • Precast Totana internet is already SUPERWEB (14/04/2013)
    The site, which includes self-control, and web mail and online promotion, has been created with "SUPERWEB"
  • ... (14/04/2013)

  • The Cultural Center and Workers organized the colloquium talk "The Totana of the Republic" (report of a 14 April 1931) (13/04/2013)
  • The PP does not understand "how the PSOE and IU have voted against the proposal to repay the debt to the associations' (13/04/2013)
    " opposing the Adjustment Plan for payment to suppliers "
  • The House approved the planned adjustment in the second payment plan providers (13/04/2013)
    It will pay off municipal debt outstanding to 85 groups and associations, totaling € 962,908 to €
  • Totana host on the March 28 April Btt XVI Totana City Edition (13/04/2013)

  • We present the new website of the Association of Relatives and Lipodystrophies Affected www.aelip.org (12/04/2013)
    The presentation took place in the framework of the World Day of Lipodystrophies
  • Totana I host the "Aperibici", a cultural and gastronomic route cycling organized on 28 April by the new partnership "sonIMAGINA" (12/04/2013)
    Among the events of the book fair
  • The Local Police campaign on seat belt use and child restraint systems can control a total of 244 vehicles (12/04/2013)

  • The book fair will be held from Totana April 18 to May 4 at the square of the old raft with an extensive program of activities (11/04/2013)
    ten years after his last celebration
  • The Popular Party presented a motion for protective curbs are constructed wells Espuña and signaled (11/04/2013)
    to avoid accidents to walkers and walkers
  • The whole argárico site and museum of La Bastida already have electricity (11/04/2013)

  • Green IU rises to Parliament a proposal for improvements to the Bill in the Food Chain (11/04/2013)
    and safeguard the interests of farmers
  • The theater programming Sociocultural Center "Jail" is closed until May 19 with nine films that are in theaters (11/04/2013)

  • City officials know the work performed operatives UDIF prevention in Sierra Espuna (10/04/2013)

  • The Cultural Centre organizes chat and Workers Conference "Totana of the Republic" (report of a 14 April 1931) (10/04/2013)
    It will take place on Friday, April 12, at 20:30
  • It commemorates the World Day Lipodystrophies with the reading of a manifesto in front of City Hall (10/04/2013)

  • It reopens the old public library in the village of El-Cantareros Paretón as study room and reading (10/04/2013)

  • PP: "The government approves new housing and land plan that allows easy access and boost growth and employment" (10/04/2013)

  • The street plan of the industrial park "the Rann" has been updated by Proinvitosa (10/04/2013)
    It is available to employers and stakeholders
  • The next April 18 will be presented in Totana free ecommerce platform "Spain Products from Murcia" (10/04/2013)
    Through which offers a catalog to importers of products of business
  • The Civil Guard detained in Totana two people for stealing more than fifty lambs from a farm (09/04/2013)
    The lambs were sold illegally and without any documentation
  • The team Recline is proclaimed champion of the second division on the final day of the amateur football league PlayFair (09/04/2013)
    In the First Division, in the absence of a day, continued uncertainty for first place
  • The official ceremony of nomination Sports City "Valverde Queen" will take place on Sunday, April 21 (09/04/2013)
    during the game between the Olympic veterans and CF Mulenen
  • José Sáez represent the Totana Athletic Club in Paris Marathon (08/04/2013)

  • Antonio Costa will compete in the first round of the Championship of Spain of jet skis next weekend in Marbella (08/04/2013)

  • The Municipal Centre of Sport, Health and Leisure held on 12 and 13 April about open days (08/04/2013)
    On the other hand, presents the new Totana Swim Club, which includes athletes from prebenjamín to junior categories
  • There are still places to attend the training day on basic techniques of hiking (08/04/2013)
    be held next Saturday, April 13
  • Juan Antonio Sanchez of Santa Eulalia CC obtained excellent results in the regional championship adapted cycling (08/04/2013)
    And the criterium Murcia City
  • It presents the initiative "European Days of Crafts" (06/04/2013)
    In the exhibition opens to a pottery company totanera
  • ASBA (Association of Friends of the archaeological site La Bastida) organizes a tour of the Southeastern Prehistory the thousands to the Argar (06/04/2013)
    will take place on April 27, 2013
  • Totana host from 26 to 28 April, the National Assembly XLII Hemophilia Symposium and Medical-Social XX (06/04/2013)

  • The Santiago College is hosting a Gala Dinner on the occasion of his 75th birthday (06/04/2013)
    This event will be held on Friday April 19 at Restaurant Rat Sale starting at 9 pm
  • The Cultural Association "Canico" takes you to Caravaca (04/04/2013)
    The trip will take place on Sunday, April 14
  • The mayor, in his capacity as president of the Spanish Association of Cities of Ceramics, actionable requests the Ministry (04/04/2013)
    to help overcome the crisis domestic ceramics industry trade
  • Friendly tournament twinning 4th fuenmayor-capuchin: CFSCapuchinos 6-1 ADFuenmayor (04/04/2013)
    The CFSCapuchinos took the trophy with authority
  • The artisan market of La Santa will be held on Sunday 7 and April 28, respectively (04/04/2013)

  • The Department of New Technologies on Internet access to citizens (04/04/2013)
    with the launch of two computer rooms in Tyrolean-social centers and Olympic-Camilleri Pears
  • They recorded an earthquake of 4.3 degrees on the Richter scale (04/04/2013)
    It felt ostensibly overnight in Totana
  • The Old Balsa Square hosts on Sunday April 14 the meeting of associations "Solidarity Square" (03/04/2013)
    Through which provides a space in which they can sell, buy and trade items in order to self-finance
  • Continued intense racing by athletes CAT (03/04/2013)
    Being present in several tests within and outside the region and getting a podium
  • Youth launches two training courses on "Revitalization with seniors" and "How to create and manage a blog" (03/04/2013)

  • New Course quarter of Informatics, University Popular (02/04/2013)
    It's open enrollment period Sociocultural Center Jail
  • The Local Board of AECC Totana euros in 2699 collects alms on Palm Sunday last (02/04/2013)

  • PP: "Totana is one of the municipalities in the region to better withstand unemployment enduring an unemployment rate of the total population" (02/04/2013)

  • The deadline for infant schools for the academic year 2013-2014 will be open until May 3 (02/04/2013)

  • Cut to traffic for the next few days the street Alhama by comprehensive adaptation works this way (02/04/2013)
    begin this Wednesday
  • It is charged in the tax period of voluntary motor vehicles of 2013 (02/04/2013)

  • Unicole.es, the online store to serve the school community (01/04/2013)
    It has been created with Premium SUPERWEB shop with custom design
  • A month will broaden the application deadline for the renting of warehouses, offices and nests of Empreas Viviero (01/04/2013)
    Prices range from 50 to 200 euros a month

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