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  • The Minister of Education inaugurated the new school "The Cross", built in the urbanization "the Ramblica" (28/02/2013)
    The community has invested over three million euros
  • Here are the first snows of winter Espuña (28/02/2013)
    rainfall were recorded up to 60 inches in height from 800 meters
  • Next Sunday will bless the new procesionará throne with which the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Sorrows (28/02/2013)
    It will take place in the celebration of the Eucharist at 12:00 in the Parish of St. James the Great
  • Podium for Regino Rodriguez in the ascent to Slam (28/02/2013)

  • The Department of Sports organized the local phase School Sports Athletics (28/02/2013)
    106 schoolchildren attended different schools in the locality
  • The Department of Sports organized the second round of the local phase of multisport Benjamin School Sports (28/02/2013)

  • They are interested in the development of educational reinforcement project Totana (28/02/2013)
    Intervida Foundation Members and Service to Diversity and Volunteerism at the University of Murcia
  • The Local Government Board awarded the paving of Alhama and Glorieta Street "Alfonso Navarro Martínez" (28/02/2013)
    have a budget of 22,322 euros and will begin in the coming weeks
  • Totana participates in the "XII International Conference of charity and volunteerism Ucam 2013" (27/02/2013)

  • 24 totaneros school participated in the regional final field through Benjamin School Sports and fry (27/02/2013)
    was held in Puerto Lumbreras
  • Opened the deadline for obtaining Graduate in ESO for over 18 years (27/02/2013)

  • Civil Protection gives a talk to the Association of Housewives "Three Hail Marys" (27/02/2013)
    on tips to avoid burglary
  • A total of 35 walkers participated in the route organized by the Department of Sports in the Valley Regional Park and Carrascoy (27/02/2013)

  • They start tendered cafeteria services as municipal centers for self-employment initiative (27/02/2013)
    with the bidding of the social center "Tirol Camilleri"
  • The mayor supports families of Totana in commemoration of World Rare Disease (26/02/2013)
    chaired by the regional chief executive, Ramón Luis Valcárcel
  • Padeldirecto renews its image (26/02/2013)
    Padeldirecto, paddle store online that is succeeding on the Internet, has redesigned its website, developed with "SUPERWEB" and has also made a major renovation of its corporate image both on its website and in the networks social
  • The full discussion the joint motion to support the thirteen priority proposals for 2013 in the social and health in the field of rare diseases (26/02/2013)

  • The Minister of Education and the Mayor of Totana inaugurated on Thursday the new CEIP "La Cruz" (26/02/2013)
    Built in the urbanization "La Ramblica"
  • The artisan market of La Santa starts the new season with a score of exhibitors (26/02/2013)

  • Schools "Reina Sofia" and "Santa Eulalia" participated in the regional final playing fry School Sports Athletics (26/02/2013)

  • Another weekend of competitions with good results for the CC-Planet Bike Santa Eulalia (25/02/2013)
    This past Sunday, February 24 totanero team was present in several tests in the region and in Albacete
  • The Tourism Bureau addresses some current issues (25/02/2013)
    as the new smartphone application "that allows to know all the tourist information Totana"
  • Eggs Immaculate held the second tournament "Ovofull" pitch (25/02/2013)
    took place on February 2
  • Totana hosted the regional final School Sports Guidance (25/02/2013)

  • Tournament Crevillente (25/02/2013)
    Good Totana TM Club participation in the tournament in the Alicante town of Crevillente.
  • Dani Navarro is the winner of the Vuelta a Murcia XXXIII (25/02/2013)

  • Interview ALFARadioTotana (24/02/2013)
    On the occasion of the presentation of ALFA RT, their first album consists of 8 songs, all original compositions
  • It will replace the trees of the Plaza of the Constitution that do not cause other damage to the buildings, and private homes underground (22/02/2013)

  • The artisan market of La Santa again held on Sunday February 24 (22/02/2013)

  • "Preel" strengthens his lead in the 1st Division of the Amateur Football League "Play Fair", after the bursting of "Uclident" (22/02/2013)

  • Users Psychosocial Support Service received a briefing to meet recycling processes (22/02/2013)

  • The Totana Casino will host the screening of "Between Boxes", a photo essay of Caesar Desviat (22/02/2013)
    It will take place on Sunday February 24th at 18:00 pm
  • Regional Park achieves Espuña European Charter for Sustainable Development (21/02/2013)
    to guide the management and development of ecotourism
  • Totana I organized Paddle League to be held at the Ciudad Deportiva "Valverde Queen" from March (21/02/2013)
    It is organized by the "Club Paddle Tennis Vs Evolution"
  • This Sunday 26 February will be a hiking trail in the El Valle Regional Park and Carrascoy (21/02/2013)

  • The PP Totana nominated the "Figure of the retired teacher" for the honor of the International Day of Working Women (20/02/2013)

  • The Local Development Agency of Totana continues with ongoing training through workshops preforming (20/02/2013)

  • It will produce a power outage on Thursday 21 from 8:30 to 12:30 in the area of ​​Avenida Rambla de La Santa (20/02/2013)

  • The mayor would appoint a public space and perform an act permanent institutional set Brotherhoods of Totana (20/02/2013)
    For his contribution and contribution to the dignity and prestige of the Holy Week in Totana
  • The Mayor and the Councillor for Sports awarded the trophy "Marco Pantani" in the Tour of Murcia XXXIII (20/02/2013)
    end in Lorca Castle on Saturday
  • The Piñata Dinner organized by the Brotherhood of "The Fall", will take place next Saturday (20/02/2013)

  • The Association of Housewives and Users "Three Hail Marys" know how women lived at the time argárica (19/02/2013)
    with talks and a visit to the site
  • 12 Totana school participated in the regional final of School Sports Chess (19/02/2013)
    It took place in Lorca
  • Amites-Totana reports are organizing this February for various activities under the "Week of Hope" (19/02/2013)

  • Exhibition deadline for the contest of ideas about the corporate image of the Business Incubator (19/02/2013)

  • The Socialist Party of Totana organizes introductory courses about Internet (19/02/2013)
    are offered free of charge and will run until March 13
  • Propose to consider the creation of an agricultural corridor in the region to enable communication and transport of heavy vehicles (18/02/2013)

  • The day of Phase I Regional School Sport orientation was attended by 29 school Totana (18/02/2013)

  • Strong weekend for the team competitions CC-Planet Bike Santa Eulalia (18/02/2013)

  • The Master Swimming Club Murcia participated in the championships in Spain XIX Winter swimming master (18/02/2013)
    It took place in Barcelona from 7 to 10 February
  • The Carnival Clubs Federation would like to thank the people of Totana involvement to get that shine more strongly carnivals each year (16/02/2013)

  • The site Totana Easter, developed by Totana.com, finalist for Truth website (15/02/2013)
    The winners of the V edition will be announced at a gala on February 28 at the Teatro Romea
  • The Civil Guard detained the alleged perpetrator of a wave of burglaries Totana field (15/02/2013)
    stolen effects have been recovered with a value exceeding $ 10,000 that were in a local buying and selling second hand items
  • We present the poster of the week and the new Nazarene Santa'2013 of Honor (14/02/2013)

  • Totana hosts the regional final of School Sports in The Stables (14/02/2013)
    300 students will participate in all the regions
  • Totana has been selected, along with eight other municipalities in Murcia, to develop an outreach project of the "European Year of Citizens" (14/02/2013)
    to understand the advantages of European policies
  • The pastor of St. James the Greater Totana users visit local day centers for elderly dependents (14/02/2013)
    for the imposition of ashes
  • The Illustrious Cabildo processions Higher Totana issues a statement showing its deep malaise (13/02/2013)
    "before the occurrence, on Shrove Tuesday, a group of people, to disguise simulating components band of drums and bugles Cabildo "
  • Dinner gala Valentine's Brotherhood of Denial (13/02/2013)
    It will take place next Saturday, February 16
  • The City of Totana, irrigators and the CHS study the construction of a dam on the boulevard of Lébor to address future flooding (13/02/2013)
    Ródenas visit the area next to the mayor and deals with the consolidation of irrigation farmers in traditional region
  • The Regional Executive Committee of the Workers' Commissions Murcia passes resolution in support of Juan José Cánovas (13/02/2013)

  • Successful participation in the commemoration of the traditional "dance of the masks" (13/02/2013)
    A plaque recalls that on Calle San Cristobal took place "Dance of the Masks"
  • The council signed an agreement with "University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate" (13/02/2013)
    For certification exams official languages ​​in schools in Totana
  • ... (13/02/2013)

  • IU Totana: "Education Reform PP has increased 11% unemployment in Totana" (13/02/2013)
    "precarious employment and to the brink of destitution hundreds of families"
  • Open Ends XIII Promises Totana City, Grand Prix Tennis Vip (13/02/2013)

  • Mula Mayor preside Tourist Services Association Espuña over the next nine months (13/02/2013)

  • PP president of Totana says the government is the first to legislate against evictions and successfully incorporates the ECI (13/02/2013)

  • The Platform in Defence Research proposes cuts slow Research and maintenance contracts for Young Researchers (12/02/2013)
    It is led by the IU-Greens councilor in Totana, Pedro Martinez
  • Hundreds of people take to the streets for children Carnival 2013 (12/02/2013)
    Has acclimated with rhythm, color, fantasy and joy in the streets of the town
  • The team thrashed Preel Designs team leader Javi and placed in 1st Division of the Amateur Football League Play Fair (11/02/2013)
    In 2nd Division, stressed the Agrorizao prick him away from first place
  • PP president Rajoy says Totana community budgets get more benefit Spain (11/02/2013)

  • Defeat with good taste (11/02/2013)
    The Rugby Club Totana loses at home 14-39 to the XV Rugby Murcia
  • State Tournament 2013 Valladolid (11/02/2013)
    TM Totana club qualified for this tournament Andrew David Ros in the junior category and Domingo Méndez in the category of veterans 50
  • The Federation of Peñas de Carnaval split 17 awards between different clubs participating in the parade this year Extended (11/02/2013)

  • The Civil Guard disables a rifle grenade found on a farm in the town of Murcia Totana (11/02/2013)
    A team of bomb disposal service of the Guardia Civil (SEDEX) defused the projectile found by an individual within a farm property while conducting cleanup
  • Ends a social skills course developed for use in Totana (11/02/2013)

  • Tomorrow "Mardi Gras" made a tribute to the old street dance celebrating the masks (11/02/2013)

  • D'genes celebrated its 5th anniversary (11/02/2013)
    On January 25 the big family reunion D'genes in the Home for the Elderly of Totana to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the association
  • Joseph Andreo up to the podium in Almansa defying bitter cold in a weekend marked by the wind in all races (10/02/2013)

  • The Court returned the case against former Mayor Martínez Andreo and five other defendants to investigating magistrate (08/02/2013)
    The trial should have started on February 4, but the room has agreed to the nullity of the proceedings from the car to trial in agosto'2011, after the defense will claim that they had recordings of phone taps
  • The Day Centres for the Elderly Dependent Totana celebrate carnival (08/02/2013)
    with a party that has not missed the music and good vibes
  • A total of nine schools and 17 clubs will participate in the carnival parades Totana 2013 (08/02/2013)
    are held this weekend
  • Summon the foundation to honor working women on 8th March (08/02/2013)
    The deadline for proposals is February 28
  • Agents Totana Local Police detained two Romanian women (08/02/2013)
    for committing a crime of robbery with violence and intimidation
  • The feast of Our Lady of Lourdes will be held next Monday (08/02/2013)
    Mass will be celebrated in the Parish of the Three Hail Marys to 19.30
  • Local police arrested an individual for an alleged crime of usurpation of civil status that driving without permission (07/02/2013)

  • The Sports Department organizes local phase morning playing fry School Sports Athletics (07/02/2013)

  • The Totana Rugby Club plays on Saturday February 9 with the XV Rugby Murcia B (07/02/2013)
    After 16 hours in the public gym Dec. 6
  • ... (07/02/2013)

  • The school Totana approach the world of folk tales (06/02/2013)
    through the initiative to encourage reading by the Municipal Library
  • The Department of Popular Culture project continues with "The Book Traveler" (06/02/2013)
    again take to the streets more publications related to Totana
  • The municipality of Totana tender cafeteria services different social local municipal Totana (06/02/2013)

  • Carnival Amazonas (05/02/2013)
    This Friday 8 Disco Amazon celebrates Carnival from 23:00 with free admission and a beer for everyone who attends disguised
  • Open registration for the next course of Patchwork, a technique of textile craft with endless possibilities (05/02/2013)

  • IU-Green reports that "during January 2013, 64 people lost their jobs in Totana, reaching 2474" (05/02/2013)
    "The increase in unemployment in Totana brutal during the month of January, shows the failure of the Labor Reform and the need broad agreement at City Hall that systematically denies PP "
  • Four students from the University of Murcia make different practices in municipal negotiated Totana Town Hall (05/02/2013)

  • The Municipal Emergency Service imparted to students in the Adult School a talk on first aid (05/02/2013)

  • Perform work repainting the markings on the street Avenida de Lorca and General Aznar (05/02/2013)

  • Students of Vocational Training Program and nurseries and gardening practices performed in public parks and green spaces Totana (05/02/2013)

  • The Piñata Dinner organized by the Brotherhood of "The Fall", will take place on February 23 (05/02/2013)

  • Cry Totana Carnival 2013 (04/02/2013)
    addition, presented the Golden Mask Civil Protection
  • The council signed an agreement with "University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate" (04/02/2013)
    For certification exams in schools in Totana
  • The Local Government Board approves the contract bidding service salon Municipal Center Senior Balsa Vieja (04/02/2013)

  • JST adds to acts of student mobilization in defense of public education (04/02/2013)
    Totana Young Socialists call on students of the locality to which they support acts convened on 5, 6 and 7 February
  • The Master Swimming Club trains at Totana Murcia to prepare Masters Swimming Championships XIX Winter (04/02/2013)

  • The Department of City Services held in the coming days a special cleanup plan (04/02/2013)
    after the wind storm that hit the region weekend Guadalentín
  • The walker Murcia, Miguel Ángel López Nicolás, 5th in the Olympic Games in London, visited the students of that College Reina Sofia (04/02/2013)

  • Impressive weekend for the Cycling Club Santa Eulalia, Bike-Planet (03/02/2013)
    have been present in various tests of Murcia and Albacete
  • ... (03/02/2013)

  • The Ministry of Culture, the City Council and the Federation of Speleology will value the Cueva de la Moneda, in Sierra Espuña (02/02/2013)
    With visits and activities that promote adventure tourism
  • Musical activities in IES Juan de la Cierva and Codorníu Totana to celebrate the day of St. Thomas Aquinas (01/02/2013)

  • Restaurant Amaro change your old website to a "SUPERWEB" (01/02/2013)
    You will benefit from the many possibilities offered by this tool, developed by Totana.com
  • 19 ° Contest poetry for more (01/02/2013)

  • The delegate of the Government and the Mayor reinauguran rehabilitation works of Civil Guard barracks (01/02/2013)
    after the work undertaken by the damage caused as a result of earthquakes in Lorca
  • The municipality of Totana dedicate a public space to the figure of "Voluntary anonymous" (01/02/2013)
    as public recognition of his charitable work to benefit the community and the general interest of the municipality
  • The Department of Sports organizes local stage today playing Benjamin School Sports Athletics (01/02/2013)

  • Totana hosts this Saturday 2 February the regional phase of Badminton School Sports and guidance (01/02/2013)


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