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  • The summer movie schedule continues this weekend (31/08/2012)
    with the screening of the film "The Dark Knight" and "The Expendables 2"
  • This year there are festivals held in honor of the Sierra Santa Leocadia (31/08/2012)
    were scheduled for late September
  • The valet parking ORA starts from tomorrow, September 1 (31/08/2012)
    after payment be free throughout the month of August
  • The Municipal Hall "Manolo Ibáñez" takes on 4 September the basketball game between the UCAM Murcia and Valencia Basket (30/08/2012)
    be held from 21:00 pm
  • The festivities of San Jose neighborhood close this coming weekend calendar of festivities in neighborhoods of August Totana (30/08/2012)

  • The 27th edition of the Holy Climb Rally will take place on 5, 6 and 7 October (29/08/2012)

  • A delegation of Chinese businessmen and politicians visit COATO (29/08/2012)
    That morning had attended the twinning ceremony between the city of Murcia and the city of Quzhou China.
  • The school year for students in the College of La Cruz begins at the new school to be built in the area of ​​La Ramblica (29/08/2012)

  • The Department of Women and Equality develop the "relating us OK" aimed at prevention of adolescent girls called toxic relationships (29/08/2012)
    that may trigger in future issues of gender violence
  • Totana exposes their pottery pieces in an international fair in Italy (29/08/2012)
    come together over two hundred exhibitors
  • Enrique Cánovas Ambit, a young First (28/08/2012)
    The young 23-year totanero fulfill his dream of playing this season in Division Honor CD signing for Burela FS
  • The present Totana Olympic team that will compete today in the season 2012/2013 (28/08/2012)
    The team will face totanero Caravaca CF this afternoon at 20:30 pm at the stadium Juan Cayuela
  • Chronic trip to Poland, organized by the Club Hikers Totana (27/08/2012)
    On Saturday August 25 returned from Poland, the 24-member club of Totana hiker who visited for 8 days its corners natural, cultural and historical, more emblematic
  • Begins another year's Tennis School Tennis Club Totana (27/08/2012)
    Next Monday September 3 will begin a new course of Tennis School Tennis Club Totana
  • 25 student volunteers from the University of Murcia will be part of the project "Strengthening education" (27/08/2012)
    tutorials will be given to children who need it most
  • Agriculture reminded that the deadline to access the call for aid for the installation of young farmers and farm modernization ending September 29 (27/08/2012)

  • The City's Family Support increases its demand (27/08/2012)
    a result of the increase in existing social problems as a result of the economic crisis, intervening in a total of 17 cases
  • Flipaencolores, festival solidarity with Caritas (25/08/2012)
    Saturday 8 September 2012.
  • La Peña Barcelonista Totana was present in the first leg of the Super Cup final (25/08/2012)

  • The first preseason game of the UCAM Murcia will take place on September 4 (24/08/2012)
    The UCAM Murcia Valencia Basket will face in the Sports Pavilion Manolo Ibañez Totana
  • The session will give an important step in achieving "paperless City Council" (24/08/2012)
    With the launch of digital document management
  • Six new tourist routes show visitors the attractions of the town (24/08/2012)
    Through Easter, crafts, historic monuments, and Bastida accessible buildings
  • PSOE: "Totana nurseries start the course showcasing current mismanagement of the government team" (23/08/2012)
    "The Department of Education masks the serious problem posed to the municipality a bad allocation of School Children"
  • The municipality of Totana encourages the creation and maintenance of companies led by people under 40 years (23/08/2012)

  • The City and Murcia Health Service will sign a cooperation agreement (23/08/2012)
    to provide public assistance medical transport of Emergency of 061
  • The school Paddle Tennis vs. Evolution start the new year 2012/2013 on 3 September (22/08/2012)
    is held in the facilities of the Sports City and The Paretón
  • More than 300 people have been assessed and referred by the municipal social services for food and other municipal aid by Caritas and Adipsai (22/08/2012)
    from the implementation of this coordination procedure
  • The Youth Council will organize a course of leisure activities and free time to work with people with disabilities intelectural (22/08/2012)

  • The website of the Local Development Office receives over 2000 visits per month (22/08/2012)
    are interested in jobs, employment counseling, subsidies and grants
  • The totanero José Miguel Cano Guerao participated in the 1st swim across Cabo de Palos (21/08/2012)
    took place August 15
  • Is closing a literacy course through New Technologies (21/08/2012)
    twelve unemployed have participated Totana
  • Totana receives a total of 340,488 euros through the County Councils on Employment (21/08/2012)
    to fight unemployment and contribute to the development of rural areas of the municipality
  • The council committed to the hospitality industry (20/08/2012)
    with the bonus of 50 percent of the license fees for the occupation of public roads by terraces
  • 400 people participate in the training activities developed from the Department of Social Care and Citizenship (20/08/2012)

  • The new template UCAM Murcia performed the first training in Totana (18/08/2012)

  • Two totaneros participated in Travesia Muchavista Beach (San Juan, Alicante) (18/08/2012)
    Jesus Canovas Ros and Jose Miguel Cano Guerao
  • More than 40 people have worked in community benefit in Totana in 2012 (18/08/2012)
    under the agreement signed with the Secretariat General of Prisons
  • Denounce the "contempt" of the government team to the opposition in the commission of inquiry into the Municipal Children Schools (17/08/2012)
    Alert the uncertain future of infant schools, as a result of termination of the contract to the company that took over the same
  • The CB Murcia UCAM their preseason starts tomorrow with intensive sessions in municipal sports facilities Totana for 2nd year in a row (17/08/2012)
    It runs until next Friday, November 24
  • The Department of Sports will launch in September the municipal program "Gymnastics for adults" (17/08/2012)
    will be held in the school gym sociocultural "Jail"
  • More than 450 people develop voluntary work in the town of Totana (17/08/2012)

  • The Ciudad Deportiva "Valverde Queen" opens its doors on Monday, August 20 (16/08/2012)
    From today you can make reservations for paddle tennis and soccer fields and football July 11
  • It closed: Summer Camp organized by the Department of Sports (16/08/2012)
    460 children have participated
  • The Youth Council will organize a course Leisure Monitor (16/08/2012)
    begin on September 28
  • Accompaniment Program developed by the Department of Social Care has allowed the inclusion of 53 neighbors (16/08/2012)

  • The woman councilor and Equal Opportunity meets AFAMMER (16/08/2012)
    to implement a protocol development in the municipality
  • The city of Totana involved in the project "European Charter for Sustainable Tourism Espuña Regional Park and its environment", (15/08/2012)
    The project is driven by the Autonomous Community, in order to promote a common local tourism strategy
  • A lot of news for the Big Pond 2012 (14/08/2012)
    With just over a month for the popular race Big Pond "Panzamelba Grand Prix", organized by the CAT, which this year celebrates its twelve edition, are now almost 100 attached to the test, the total of 300 dorsal available
  • The festivities of San Roque neighborhood will take place from 16 to 18 August (14/08/2012)

  • PSOE claims that "The council will have to pay Urbaser more than 12 million euros for the termination of the contract" (14/08/2012)
    According to the Socialists, "says the mayor Urbaser lies and complaint against it"
  • Undertake various actions aimed at improving the employability and living in various housing blocks distributed by the village (14/08/2012)

  • He calls the process of recognition, evaluation, accreditation and registration (PREAR) professional skills (14/08/2012)

  • Specialty Care Center for Women Victims of Domestic Violence has been recorded so far this year 33 new cases (14/08/2012)

  • Festival returns Flipa Colors (13/08/2012)
    will take place on Saturday September 8 with a performance of Discord, Banda Jaleo, stumble, The Jukebox and The Traks
  • Juan Antonio Sanchez of Santa Eulalia CC wins the time trial Serón (13/08/2012)

  • The festivities of the Paretón-Cantareros take place from Wednesday through Sunday in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary (13/08/2012)
    has a large program of activities aimed at all audiences and ages
  • The eight major sports events organized by the Department of Sports consolidated in the sporting calendar Totana (13/08/2012)
    They gathered in the last season to more than 3,000 participants
  • The weekly market is held next week on Tuesday, Aug. 14 (12/08/2012)
    to be on Wednesday 15 holiday
  • Takes effect modifying the municipal ordinance regulating the parking card for people with disabilities (11/08/2012)
    's enjoy the present some 300 residents of Totana
  • The Department of Emergency Red Alert activated by heat wave, with temperatures above 42 ° (10/08/2012)

  • A total of 20 people with problems of social exclusion and poor successfully concluded its participation in the municipal program of training for social inclusion (10/08/2012)
    It aims to enable them to experience and occupational training
  • 7,860 people have used the services located on the premises of the Department of Citizen Participation (10/08/2012)
    during the first seven months of the year
  • Follow summer activity Athletics Club athletes Totana (10/08/2012)

  • The totanero José Miguel Cano participated in the Ninth Voyage Sant Roc - lËstanyo beach in Denia (10/08/2012)
    On the other hand, an intrepid group of Murcia, Cartagena and Torre Pacheco Totana, enjoyed his first bath "full moon"
  • A successful participation in the program of fitness and Aquagym (09/08/2012)
    The Department of Sports has offered this summer at the sports center and sports complex "Guadalentín Valley" in The Paretón
  • You are now launching the second phase of the work of the Collector General Sanitation Lebor (09/08/2012)
    communicate this deputation with the treatment plant totanera Totana
  • The municipal program "School of Parents" highlights the importance of children to spend their free time constructively on holiday (09/08/2012)

  • The Sixth Sunday Pelegrin MTB memorial will be held on September 9 (09/08/2012)

  • La Peña Barcelonista Totana I organize the sports and leisure days "Our Lady of Mercy 2012" (09/08/2012)

  • Registration is now open for the XVI Athletics Career Rise to The Holy (09/08/2012)
    This year will be held on October 13
  • The Tears of St. Lawrence will be at its best from Totana (08/08/2012)
    On Sunday, August 12 has been called all those who wish to see this astronomical event that target after 22:30 h.
  • The Department of Youth organized a course on "Workshop of expression and creativity, resources for educators and monitors of leisure" (08/08/2012)
    start at the end of next October
  • Some 300 secondary school students Totana have received training in drug prevention during the year 2012 (08/08/2012)

  • The Summer Film programming continues this week (07/08/2012)
    With the screening of the film "I have wanted you," "Brave" and "The Dictator"
  • The program of "School Sports" recorded an average participation of 780 students during the past school year (07/08/2012)
    Free Offer extracurricular activities in schools Totana
  • The Department of Urban and Regional Planning procedures on the first seven months of 2012 a total of 374 minor works licenses (07/08/2012)
    170 works and over
  • The council of Aledo Totana and create a common front to solve water shortage problems in wells Espuña (06/08/2012)
    is affecting producers of table grapes from both municipalities
  • The Mayor and City Council of Education meet with the new director of the Regional Centre for Adult Education (06/08/2012)
    to expand training
  • More than 2,500 users participated in the specialized programs offered by the Department of Sports from July 2011 to June 2012 (06/08/2012)
    official season ending in the municipal area
  • The Department of Youth organize three courses during the last quarter within the Training Plan for 2012 (06/08/2012)

  • The parties Morti, Lentiscosa and Breeches in honor of the Virgen de la Paloma will take place from 10 to 12 August (05/08/2012)

  • More than 300 students have participated in public libraries during the past year in various programs and activities to encourage reading and user training (05/08/2012)
    have been counted from January to July this year 11,752 loans and 1,309 renewals users
  • On the 7th of September, I celebrated the memorial "Jose Antonio Valverde Queen" (04/08/2012)
    This is a triangular tournament played on Olympic, Alhama and CF Union
  • The Department of Social Services has handled in the past year a total of 224 cases of access to benefits under the System Care Unit (04/08/2012)
    Y holds a total of 513 active
  • Totana potters produced the exhibition "Water for Life" (03/08/2012)
    will be throughout the month of August at the Regional Centre for Handicrafts of Murcia
  • The Municipal Health Transport Service Totana attended a total of 207 of 061 assistance services (03/08/2012)
    in the first half of the year
  • The House approved the grant of Honorary Citizen of the Loyal and Noble City Totana Antonio Fuentes Mendez (03/08/2012)

  • Students have a new study room enabled by special for the month of August in the Social Center of Olympic quarter-Pears (03/08/2012)

  • The Center for Early Child Development and caters to 113 children from January to June 2012 (03/08/2012)

  • Anike Volunteer reports on the successful development of the construction of a school in Burkina Faso (03/08/2012)
    The total cost of the work amounts to 30,200 euros
  • The Brotherhood of Denial organizes a trip to Madrid to see the musical "The Lion King" (03/08/2012)
    will take place on 25 and 26 August
  • More than 60 children have participated in the Summer School organized by the group The Candle in collaboration with the City (02/08/2012)

  • The patron saint of El Alto Raiguero in honor of Santo Domingo de Guzman held until next Sunday (02/08/2012)
    There will be contests, musical performances and religious events
  • Begin tomorrow the celebrations of the council-Norica Coast (02/08/2012)
    We will extend throughout the weekend with an ambitious program of activities
  • The service door of the barracks of the Guardia Civil during the season will remain open 24 hours a day until the 15th of September (02/08/2012)

  • The municipality saves on current expenditure in the first six months of the year about 1,200,000 euros over the same period of 2011 (02/08/2012)

  • PP totaneros Councillors meet with national representatives and the Regional Assembly (02/08/2012)
    to address issues affecting the municipality and coordinate actions for next political year
  • Top of Mont Blanc for Totana.com (01/08/2012)
    The totanero Juan Antonio Sanchez Canovas, Totana.com team, won the mythical mountain of the Alps
  • In September, offers first municipal program of "Gymnastics for Adults" (01/08/2012)
    bid on the gym is to "Jail"
  • The "Summer Polideportivo'2012" maintains its supply of water and sports activities during the month of August (01/08/2012)
    takes place in the sports center and resort "Guadalentín Valley" of the Paretón
  • The One-Stop Housing Office of the Autonomous Community of Murcia in Totana will serve four days during the month of August (01/08/2012)

  • The Citizen Service Totana Town Hall will be open from 9:00 to 13:30 hours during the month of August (01/08/2012)
    Located in the main building of the High Street Seville

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